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Default avatar.png JasonsCool: porn

e_fishel: code golfing mostly sucks

Wontonimo: i agree

DialFrost: anyone can help me with power of thor

DialFrost: in objective c

Jerrasterix: is it still there ?? wasn't swift supposed to kill it

e_fishel: apple created a monster

DialFrost: idk

Jerrasterix: objective C kindaa.....

Jerrasterix: looks like Java on first sight :confused:

DialFrost: lol


Jerrasterix: DialFrost, if you understand anything, use this

DialFrost: thx jerraserix

e_fishel: good night

DialFrost: afternoon

e_fishel: i'm still on the 28th B)

e_fishel: well

DialFrost: :smirk:

e_fishel: maybe it's not so good

e_fishel: whatever

e_fishel: good night xd

Default avatar.png ChickenCoder123: lol

Default avatar.png ChickenCoder123: never thought i would use the pythagorean theroem in coding

derjack: or math in real life

Default avatar.png Silent_exploit: lol

BlaiseEbuth: ngl

ninjadip: sleep, wait to code

Default avatar.png MostafaKadry: hello

Default avatar.png MostafaKadry: who are here

Default avatar.png MostafaKadry: ?

Default avatar.png MostafaKadry: (;

Kisbattya: how to do ascii art problem?

5DN1L: Kisbattya What is your question about that problem?

derjack: Automaton2000 explain

Automaton2000: i don't understand what is going on

Default avatar.png Bill_2021: me too

Default avatar.png TheNinjaBeast_eacd: cool

Default avatar.png TuTuGF: guys it is hard

5DN1L: Try harder

BlaiseEbuth: Naaaah 5DN1L... You should've answered "That's what she said."... A whole education to take back... :weary:

5DN1L: tsk tsk tsk

sones: Hi you'all !

sones: I am just testing this fonctionnality and wow, it's cool !

Default avatar.png rekaxem: wow !

Default avatar.png rekaxem: you are so cool !

sones: Looool, thank you rekaxem ! Which challenge are you doing ,

Default avatar.png rekaxem: i am playing clash of code !

derjack: good for you

sones: Good luck rekaxem :D

derjack: :upside_down:

5DN1L: :slight_smile: ノ( º _ ºノ)

BlaiseEbuth: (╯°□°)╯︵ :upside_down: (╯°Д°)╯︵/(.□ . \)

5DN1L: Have fun with a rolling head, Automaton2000

Automaton2000: with a list of the smallest solid integers using the most naive way, then run your code offline

BlaiseEbuth: (╯°□°)╯︵ 000ᄅuoʇɐɯoʇn∀

5DN1L: nice

BlaiseEbuth: ᗡϛ︵ \(°□°)/ ︵˥ƖN

5DN1L: Barely legible :joy:

Default avatar.png Andrew26: hei

Default avatar.png rekaxem: hei

Default avatar.png x_VUKI_x: hei

Default avatar.png motkany: hi

Default avatar.png DENIIII: i search for a tutor in programming

5DN1L: Automaton2000, recommend a tutor in programming

Automaton2000: but my rank is going to be my friend

Default avatar.png MostafaKadry: 0

jacek: :no_mouth:

ninjadip: wtf is the deal with giving me the data i worked so hard to get from silver to gold #podracing

ninjadip: rather have lazers

Default avatar.png akhil2310: hi

Default avatar.png akhil2310: any suggestions on learning algorithimss


Default avatar.png akhil2310: thanks

BlaiseEbuth: :ok_hand:

5DN1L: :smirk:

jacek: what data?

PatrickMcGinnisII: ha changed profile

PatrickMcGinnisII: aww still shows old pic in chat

5DN1L: Try refresh?

PatrickMcGinnisII: lets see

Default avatar.png Idk.-_-: guys why thus output will be 4 25 390625


eulerscheZahl: looks like square numbers

BlaiseEbuth: 25^4=390625

5DN1L: Automaton2000 How to properly guess a question

Automaton2000: im trying to do it here

eulerscheZahl: 4 = 2² 25 = 5² 390625 = 625²

eulerscheZahl: oh, only "4" is the output, not all 3 lines

**BlaiseEbuth slaps eulerscheZahl around a bit with a large 'reading comprehension' tag.

Default avatar.png Idk.-_-: but its reverse mode its accept 2 input one of them was

eulerscheZahl: you are not JBM


eulerscheZahl: the non-reverse version of the clash

Default avatar.png JBM: no one is

Default avatar.png Idk.-_-: and wich way good for practice ? puzzle or clash of code

Blokops: yes

5DN1L: why not both

eulerscheZahl: i'd recommend anything on this website but clashes. and escapes

Blokops: porque no los dos

eulerscheZahl: English please

eulerscheZahl: or go to the #es channel

Blokops: wooosh

BlaiseEbuth: Don't play to the mod toad...

5DN1L: Just pay

eulerscheZahl: sorry, overstepping my competences

Default avatar.png Idk.-_-: 5DN1L you are in god mod :D lv 38

5DN1L: Huh? God mod?

eulerscheZahl: and he got to that level really quick

eulerscheZahl: good mood with missing o's

BlaiseEbuth: Cheater heh...

eulerscheZahl: no, not implying any of that

5DN1L: :shrug:

Default avatar.png Idk.-_-: y im typing fast and missing some .....

Default avatar.png Idk.-_-: :()

BlaiseEbuth: What JBM came do here btw eulerscheZahl?

eulerscheZahl: i admit i was initially suspicious (too many other users ruined my faith in honest work)

Assasint: #Clash

eulerscheZahl: but i told thibaud to check before promoting him to mod to which he agreed. now 5DN1L is a mod, so for me the case is closed, sorry for distrusting you at first

BlaiseEbuth: If you're not honest you don't need to work... :smirk:

5DN1L: It's understandable eulerscheZahl

5DN1L: Fine by me

eulerscheZahl: great :)

Assasint: What are you talking

Default avatar.png Idk.-_-: lv 55 :no_mouth:

BlaiseEbuth: Except if tibo is accomplice...

5DN1L: who's tibo

Uljahn: :sweat_smile:

BlaiseEbuth: Too far in the negation 5DN1L... You're spotted.

eulerscheZahl: not sure if you are kidding or not. Thibaud is pronounced like tibo

5DN1L: i was suspecting that a few seconds after i typed that question :P

eulerscheZahl: French spelling, glad I chose Latin in school

BlaiseEbuth: Sibawoo?

Assasint: What a heck guys

Assasint: Are you hetre

Assasint: To treat

Assasint: Kids

Assasint: I am a aldult

BlaiseEbuth: Anyway. Since he doesn't work, he's de facto not honest and so suspect.

Assasint: What did you say

**PatrickMcGinnisII would abuse mod

Assasint: What why do you pick that name

eulerscheZahl: his parents did

Assasint: really

jacek: wednesday, so theres frog :thinking:

Assasint: I dind't know

BlaiseEbuth: Feast time! :yum:

jacek: :frog: feast?

jacek: :nauseated_face:

Assasint: :point_right_tone4: feast

BlaiseEbuth: :french_bread::wine_glass::flag_fr:

Assasint: Whis feast

e_fishel: hello

PatrickMcGinnisII: 103 notifications, i haven't logged in for awhile

e_fishel: woah

Wontonimo: hey Patrick

Wontonimo: hey e_fishel

Wontonimo: oh, look, a bunch of regulars are on

e_fishel: am i a regular?

PatrickMcGinnisII: been a few weeks for me, holidays have been .... interesting

Schwase: whats a CG pro account?

PatrickMcGinnisII: happy to do a puzzle today

Wontonimo: I think the pro account is for recruiters Schwase

Schwase: oh yikes

Schwase: i was hoping i could get it for free if i did like a survey or something and then i could play the coding escape puzzles i never got to try

Schwase: rip

e_fishel: is there such a thing as a clash of code addict?

Schwase: alec man

jacek: oO

Blabbage: lol

e_fishel: alright

e_fishel: good bye

Blabbage: bye

Default avatar.png bayo: I am begginer around here I love programming especially in python any advice

e_fishel: make a project

e_fishel: how about a discord bot in python

e_fishel: :|

e_fishel: that's all i got

Default avatar.png bayo: Good idea thanks.

e_fishel: have fun

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: bayo, try an easy puzzle and ask a series of 100 questions that Wontonimo will answer

Schwase: python has totally ruined me

Schwase: i used to know java

jacek: oO

jacek: easy puzzles: the descent, power of thor, temperatures

e_fishel: don't use python for every single thing you can think of

Schwase: explain?

e_fishel: don't put python inside the software of a blender

e_fishel: use c++ instead

aetrnm: Evening chat!

aetrnm: Is there a way to speed up battles in puzzles?

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: You could lose on the first move...

Schwase: optimize your code?

MACKEYTH: Schwase Python is a lot better than Java for code golf.

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: code golf is judged by language, so doesn't really matter

MACKEYTH: I've been fighting with Don't Panic and I can't seem to get my Java solution under 400 chars

MACKEYTH: So many variables to read...

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: huh, my DP in java is actually java

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: is this still the shortest?

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: import java.util.*;interface Player{static void main(String[]a){code}}

aetrnm: What is code golf? Is it a mode?

aetrnm: I am new to codingame, don't judge ^^

VizGhar: It is game mode - Activities -> Compete -> Code Golf You have to write solution in least amount of characters

VizGhar: anticoding :)

VizGhar: and welcome aetrnm

Schwase: "new to CG", is lvl 17

Schwase: hmmmm

Default avatar.png Dv4s1on: This challenge just didn't make much sense.. Just deleted all of my whitespaces, comments and declared single letter variables and wrote all of my code just in one line

Default avatar.png Mixo_the_gamer_123: how to do anything lol there is literally no tutorial if there is where is it i just want to learn how to code games

VizGhar: this is no site to learn how to code games

VizGhar: Dv4s1on which language?

VizGhar: you can minimize your code by looking for codegolf tips for your language. Another tip is to ignore as much inputs as possible. You can also exploit how the testcases are made. For example in power of thor there are only 3 directions used in final test case

e_fishel: is there any way to visualize clash of code replays?

ninjadip: i think learning how to code the AI in pod racing can help someone learn how to do it in their own game

Manchi_o6o7: Is there anyone who could share 10 minutes with me to help me with some OOP project. Just to check the ideas.

DialFrost: morning guys

Litorax: night

DialFrost: anyone can tell me why math.abs doesnt work in lua

____Z_X_C____: bruh how many language mus t you use?

DialFrost: all

DialFrost: <33

Rob-G: HTML is only language you need

Astrobytes: French is useful.

DialFrost: haha nice astro

Astrobytes: regarding Lua math.abs... I see no reason why it shouldn't work

Astrobytes: It's not a language I like but on testing with print(math.abs(-2)) I get 2

DialFrost: i used math.abs in an if statement

Astrobytes: most likely a logic error on your part then

DialFrost: hmm

DialFrost: looks fine to me

DialFrost: do u want me to send

Astrobytes: paste it here

DialFrost: if (math.abs(t) < math.abs(min) or (math.abs(t) == math.abs(min) and t > min))

Astrobytes: paste it all if you can please, there is no context here


Astrobytes: you need to rethink that logic a lil bit

Astrobytes: what are you trying to solve anyway?

DialFrost: its kinda obv

DialFrost: the puzzle temperatures

Astrobytes: No, it's far from obvious, I solved that years ago.

Astrobytes: You are not storing your temperatures outside of that loop

Astrobytes: and where is min?

DialFrost: eh

DialFrost: whoops

Astrobytes: and you will print n times in that loop

DialFrost: it works now

DialFrost: thx astro sry lol

Astrobytes: all good

Astrobytes: just remember, if something doesn't work, blame yourself first before blaming the tools

DialFrost: hmm

DialFrost: i knew smh was wrong at firts

DialFrost: cldnt find out y

Default avatar.png H2u:

Default avatar.png shankes: best of luck

Default avatar.png rekaxem: #clash

Default avatar.png rekaxem: sorry wrong chat

Wontonimo: you will suffer for your insolence rekaxem !

Wontonimo: well, probably not.

Default avatar.png rekaxem: :scream:

Default avatar.png mainman: is it possible to reset a league to start coding again?

Wontonimo: nope. you are stuck

Wontonimo: ah rats, rekaxem is level 12. I can only ban people below level 10

Wontonimo: - stole Struct's joke. actually i can ban anyone

Default avatar.png mainman: oh might need to create a new account to start all over again

Default avatar.png rekaxem: why do you want to do that though

Wontonimo: i'm just kidding rekaxem. sorry if it scared you

Wontonimo: i know, these CG accounts are sooo coveted

Default avatar.png mainman: worked on Cyborg Uprising 8 months ago and forgot all the rules and wanted to recode from scratch

Wontonimo: no, don't do that mainman

Wontonimo: the early levels usually just suck anyways. it's great you are at a higher level already