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Wontonimo: hmm, it really looks by the way our bot is behaving that you are using code copied from the internet without even making small modifications to it

traagel: what do you mean lol

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: traagel, you are breaking your mother's heart

JeanpierCalderonPuente: 3 bots

JeanpierCalderonPuente: :v

JeanpierCalderonPuente: 2

hentaisex: hello everyone

hentaisex: i am new

hentaisex: to clash of code

hentaisex: what do i do on this website

5DN1L: first, change your profile pic and account name to some more proper ones

dee_vrma: Hello!

hentaisex: ahh yes

hentaisex: 5DN1L

hentaisex: the same piece of shit you banned me across like 2 platforms

5DN1L: I don't know who you are, but now I've banned you

karburaator: it would've been funnier if you said 3* platforms

5DN1L: i wish i could

5DN1L: i don't even know what the 2 platforms he referred to

Uljahn: Automaton2000: all mods are the same person

Automaton2000: can you create a new puzzle

Jerrasterix: any bashers here ??

Jerrasterix: I have a doubt

Jerrasterix: What's wrong with for i in {1..100};do node cli.js "Life Cycle and Philosophy" $i%14;done;

Jerrasterix: for i in {1..100};do node cli.js "Life Cycle and Philosophy" $i%14;done;

Jerrasterix: Got it to work, Thanks :)

Flaise: Man I hate that syntax so much. :sweat_smile:

Default avatar.png DevK45PhanIT: no

Default avatar.png 118866545621533: get the liberals out of the usa

Flaise: You want things to get better, you ask yourself what you're spending your time on, buddy.

5DN1L: 118866545621533 Please stick to coding-related discussion here, thanks.

Default avatar.png The_Viky: i don't get this question...anybody help me

5DN1L: not sure until we know what your question is

Default avatar.png The_Viky: what is thrust referring to?

Thorcode: bruh

Default avatar.png The_Viky: ohh, i thought u all in the same game

Flaise: The term "thrust" normally refers to force from a rocket.

Thorcode: it just a name

Default avatar.png The_Viky: yeah, uk, that mad pod racing game

Flaise: In any case, Troubleshooting 101: change it and see what happens.

Default avatar.png The_Viky: k

5DN1L: Higher thrust, your pod speeds up; lower thrust, your pod slows down

Default avatar.png The_Viky: ohkk

Flaise: Negative thrust, your pod owes thrust to the bank

Flaise: (I'm kidding)

5DN1L: that is negative thrift :smirk:

karburaator: thrift isn't a thing

karburaator: there's acceleration and inertia

Masterdemon: guys , is there a way for me to check the hidden test case, sometimes i wonder where did i wrong

5DN1L: not initially

Flaise: I tried to accelerate my bank last week but they said no and kicked me out-ertia

5DN1L: Masterdemon You'll have access to the hidden test cases (validators) at higher levels

karburaator: try putting your money somewhere that beats inflation kek

karburaator: 0.01% interest per year amazing lmao

5DN1L: Masterdemon For now, please read the relevant forum threads (if there are any) for a particular puzzle to see if other people face the same issue as you do

Flaise: silver ;D

karburaator: strictly physical :sunglasses:

Flaise: Often it's hard to beat the real world

Flaise: Except when the real world is made out of pain, it's better to just drink and retreat into video games. Because that totally solves everything. Temporarily.

Flaise: Although if it's only temporary, it generally means you didn't do it enough.

Masterdemon: thanks 5DN1L

5DN1L: :)

5DN1L: Flaise going back to coding again, we have

karburaator: i feel u

Flaise: xD A puzzle for every occasion

Default avatar.png LeksoGelekva: aa metkii deda ar mogitynat

5DN1L: LeksoGelekva Please use English in this channel, thanks.

Spiders-Man: Ca va

Spiders-Man: #Fr

Default avatar.png chinnasakthi: okkkk

Spiders-Man: why are yu acting wierd

Spiders-Man: #5DN1L

Spiders-Man: #5DN1L

5DN1L: Spiders-Man, first warning, please stop spamming, or you’ll be kicked out

Spiders-Man: I am not spaming

Spiders-Man: I am riting

5DN1L: Just don't

Spiders-Man: You know even you kicke me out i will be back


Spiders-Man: AND I AM NOT TO OLD

5DN1L: :expressionless:

Spiders-Man: What are you doing

Spiders-Man: #5DN1L

Spiders-Man: N A?KZ

5DN1L: You've been warned.

Default avatar.png Lonely_Master: hello

Default avatar.png Lonely_Master: i'm new at coding what first thing i have to do?

5DN1L: Hello

5DN1L: Do you know any basics of any programming languages?

Default avatar.png Lonely_Master: i dont know any programming languages

5DN1L: In that case, you have to look around the internet and pick one first. Learn the basics. Then come back here to practise.

karburaator: dont pick at random, start with python

karburaator: simplest syntax

karburaator: and dynamic typing

karburaator: you're welcome

Default avatar.png its.Arsh: wowowowowowowowwowoow

5DN1L: its.Arsh What is it?

jacek: school holiday

Q12: :laughing:

artcypher: hello

artcypher: how to console log without answering in javascript/typescript?

5DN1L: you refer to the default code

5DN1L: the default code tells you how

DialFrost: evening guys

DialFrost: quick qns is there a way to remove the int main{} in c++

artcypher: thanks, skipped reading the comment

traagel: you can't have a program without main in c++

traagel: short answer

DialFrost: ic

Default avatar.png Lonely_Master: where i can learn python?


Default avatar.png Lonely_Master: thank you

Default avatar.png Crowns_x: does this work?

5DN1L: this chat works

Default avatar.png Crowns_x: oh

HoriMiyamura: Hallo gayz

HoriMiyamura: *guys

HoriMiyamura: well can there be new multi?

HoriMiyamura: I mean official multi?

5DN1L: Wait until next year when Thibaud comes back and you can ask him again

HoriMiyamura: oh

HoriMiyamura: I hope I don't see Escape again :(

jacek: :(

Uljahn: guess if enough people ignore escape event, CG staff will notice it

jacek: :rofl:

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: going to be big changes next year

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: when you buy a company, you wait a few months then get rid of all the embarrassing stuff

Uljahn: Automaton2000: sayonara

Automaton2000: yeah i'm pretty sure my bot is good

HoriMiyamura: The problem with Escape is that there are more non-tech guys in the event, but then later ..., I don't think it is good for active account

HoriMiyamura: is there any other sites that compete on AI?

HoriMiyamura: well why is it too silent here?

jacek: holidays :santa:

jacek: but still there are quite a few multis here

humanbeethoven: ho

eulerscheZahl: soon RAIC will take place again (announced for february)

eulerscheZahl: but they are more strict about cheating than CG

dbf: my RAIC t-shirt is in the post office, but too much people there today :(

wlesavo: dbf mine also already in post office, just in time to congrat me with kutulu legend :smiley:

Default avatar.png SametCekin: hello

eulerscheZahl: i haven't heard about mine yet, but it has to enter the EU which takes time

jacek: through poland eh

eulerscheZahl: no, through the gas pipeline

jacek: :rage:

eulerscheZahl: i can finally troll again

eulerscheZahl: i don't have to pick up my tshirts at the post office, they send them directly to my house

eulerscheZahl: or back to Russia if i'm not home when it arrives and they don't figure out how to push it into the mailbox

eulerscheZahl: story of my kotlin heroes tshirt, i still don't even know how it would have looked like :(

wlesavo: :smiley:

HoriMiyamura: I am not sure if I can get any price in RAIC

Default avatar.png noCapCaptain: What's everyone's typing speed in wpm?

Default avatar.png noCapCaptain: Bet y'all pros be damn quick!

jacek: wpm?

HoriMiyamura: word per min?

jacek: oh my

5DN1L: Automaton2000 what's your speed in wpms?

Automaton2000: you can do it for the sake of it

jacek: sake eh

ninjadip: i have siri code for me

Default avatar.png noCapCaptain: feel free to crack open this website called "keyhero" if you wanna find out and have some fun hahah

ninjadip: is it a key generator

ninjadip: cause that would be an awesome name for one

ninjadip: "oh man! this program needs a key, and I just want to try it first" "no problemo! KeyHero is here!" lmao

Default avatar.png noCapCaptain: hahaha they gotta hire you for marketing

ninjadip: just have to decide if the mascot is like a giant key or a person with all the keys, or some kind of sentient floating numbers thing

jacek: i think i got this atari go thing, now the ko rule is left

Default avatar.png CyberShiva: hi

Default avatar.png CyberShiva: im new to coding game

Default avatar.png CyberShiva: i joined clash game

Default avatar.png CyberShiva: it was amazing...

5DN1L: Good :)

ninjadip: yes its so fun

ninjadip: i'm new as well

ninjadip: right now i'm hooked like a madman on this pod racing, talk about how to make coding fun

jacek: coding? fun? oO

ninjadip: except rewriting this drift steering calculation better

ninjadip: fun, not fun

Miki09: Should I report when i saw someone cheating in clash?

ninjadip: ugh

BlaiseEbuth: What's "cheating in clash"?

eulerscheZahl: python compression?

Miki09: they posted solution

Miki09: in chat

BlaiseEbuth: :scream:

ninjadip: think of it asa clue

ninjadip: because they already won

ninjadip: lol

eulerscheZahl: that's not allowed indeed. maybe mods know what to do in such a case

Miki09: coc2662412

eulerscheZahl: #coc2662412

ninjadip: oh brother..

Miki09: I havent seen it in chat and i lost :(

BlaiseEbuth: O'brother? You're a man of constant sorrow?

eulerscheZahl: oh wait, why is there a mod badge at my nick?

ninjadip: more melancholy

BlaiseEbuth: Weekly chat crash heh...

eulerscheZahl: didn't i promise to kick blaise if i should regain power?

BlaiseEbuth: Yeah! Hit me!

eulerscheZahl: i left CG discord, can someone file a bug report?

ninjadip: i'll take a hit too

Q12: I'm working on "CGFunge Prime" and I have to say it's really fun:grinning:, thank you eulerscheZahl for this!

eulerscheZahl: you're welcome. sadly i failed to test more numbers, so top solutions don't actually check for primes at all

eulerscheZahl: i think miller-rabin would have been the way to go otherwise. or a list of all primes on stack

eulerscheZahl: up to sqrt(n)

Q12: yeah

Q12: I am solving it in the simple way. starting from Math.min(the number itself, highest number I can reach before 3000) and going down in the loop until 2 (included) checking every time if it can be divided

Q12: what I love about this puzzle is that you also need to structure your code to optimize more the speed

eulerscheZahl: my first approach was starting at i=2 and increasing until i*i > n

eulerscheZahl: doing trial division at each step. got a score > 100k with this

eulerscheZahl: initially it was intended as a puzzle just to pass all tests. but during review it was suggested to make it an optim

Q12: The points are the total number of actions you did in all testcases?

eulerscheZahl: yes

BlaiseEbuth: I thought a little about it but didn't found a simple way to hardcode validators in less actions than my legit solution...

eulerscheZahl: binary tree

eulerscheZahl: is n > 4000? no is n > 500? yes is n > 1200?

eulerscheZahl: and optimize the tree in a way that it split up evenly (for the validators provided)

eulerscheZahl: you can also group some numbers when there a some primes without a non-prime in the middle

eulerscheZahl: i wrote a program to generate an optimal tree and then manually fitted it into the grid

eulerscheZahl: was a bit of a fight to get it in the 40x30 area

BlaiseEbuth: Yeah that's what I did, but my try wasn't satisfying. But I didn't tried a lot...

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: yeah, that was a great puzzle. a shame you don't plan to generate more IP for them

eulerscheZahl: :D

eulerscheZahl: topcoder regularly hosts optim contests, maybe i'll suggest a game one day. but currently i don't even have an idea for a game

eulerscheZahl: maybe topcoder would even give a small recognition in return, no idea

Default avatar.png jbollman7: Any tips for Unary? I have C and CC done but it expects a 0 prefix for binary representation of "%".


5DN1L: jbollman7 Because the puzzle statement states 7-bit for each character

BlaiseEbuth: RTFS!

5DN1L: ^ his advice to you, jbollman7

BlaiseEbuth: The better advice of all...

eulerscheZahl: 5DN1L is no new, he doesn't even know what "pulling a ceg" means :(

eulerscheZahl: that's equivalent to not reading the statement, making assumptions, then asking questions that are clearly answered and getting mad when you reply to read the statement

Uljahn: cegmemes

5DN1L: :joy:

eulerscheZahl: it has a prune array at least. but no GAimax

Flaise: lol

BlaiseEbuth: ngl

eulerscheZahl: the birth of a CG meme

Default avatar.png jbollman7: TBF looking at hex 2 binary conversions on the web, you get consistently different answers

eulerscheZahl: but you want ASCII to binary

eulerscheZahl: which language?

Astrobytes: lol, that chat log, fun times :rofl:

BlaiseEbuth: Good ol' time...

Default avatar.png Assasint: 5DN1L

eulerscheZahl: wait, Astrobytes is not a mod?

Default avatar.png Assasint: Yes he not

Astrobytes: I see no badge on you

eulerscheZahl: ?

Default avatar.png Assasint: really


eulerscheZahl: i'll try ctrl+F5

eulerscheZahl: test

eulerscheZahl: unmodded, caching issue :D

Astrobytes: :rofl:

eulerscheZahl: also tried to kick you without success

Default avatar.png Assasint: 5DN1L

eulerscheZahl: Assasant

Default avatar.png Assasint: 5DN1L

eulerscheZahl: Assasant

Default avatar.png Assasint: What

eulerscheZahl: nothing, really. just pinging for no reason

eulerscheZahl: Assasant

Default avatar.png Assasint: My name is assasin

Default avatar.png Assasint: Where is 5DN1L

eulerscheZahl: another caching issue i suppose

eulerscheZahl: on mouseover you are Assasint

eulerscheZahl: one day you might become Assaslong

Default avatar.png Assasint: 5DN1L ruing my life

5DN1L: ruling or ruining?

Remus_: Assasant on my screen

Default avatar.png Assasint: stop talking

Default avatar.png Assasint: SO BAD

5DN1L: yes, it's bad, I have to give you the first warning now

5DN1L: stop spamming or out

Default avatar.png Assasint: Shot out

Default avatar.png Assasint: :laughing:

Default avatar.png Assasint: :laughing:

5DN1L: sayonara

eulerscheZahl: nice, you've caught up to some CG classics already

5DN1L: :)

Assasint: 5DN1L

5DN1L: kick seems so useless

Assasint: Yes it is useless

eulerscheZahl: we lack an option between kick and ban

Assasint: And what

eulerscheZahl: and bot contests

Assasint: What is with you

5DN1L: Don't harass the users here or you'll be banned

Astrobytes: Yeah, a customisable timed temporary ban would be handy

Astrobytes: /ban user -t 180 etc

5DN1L: Agreed

eulerscheZahl: /ban BlaiseEbuth -t 666

Astrobytes: :grin:

BlaiseEbuth: Why? :(

zakacat: Merry day after boxing day

BlaiseEbuth: You're not eulerscheZahl. You're Tibo impersonating him. :angry:

eulerscheZahl: i never shared a public key so that I can prove the opposite now :(

BlaiseEbuth: I knew it. You did it again! :rage:

WipsDev: Searching for a Remote Job with c# !!

eulerscheZahl: so you want to write a web crawler in C# and scan job portals?

Astrobytes: heh heh

Illedan: lol

WipsDev: that is a good one !!

eulerscheZahl: on a more serious note: unlikely that this chat will help you get one. or even the CG website in general, they are focused on France

ninjadip: who's mom?

WipsDev: Damm frenchs ...

Illedan: You can move to Franch though

eulerscheZahl: it might however help to mention that you are active on websites such as CG, github, stackoverflow, ... when applying. just to stand out and get the edge over other candidates

WipsDev: yes, that´s why i am working on Vox codei 2. To have something to show to a recluiter

WipsDev: i mean, i have a dev job, but i am searching for a better one

zakacat: I lived in Franch once

VizGhar: I'll be looking for new job too :P I hate leaving my colleagues behind, but there are offers paying twice as much...

WipsDev: And how can be that twice ?

VizGhar: I'm from slovakia... I just need to look abroad and voila :D

WipsDev: hahahaha that looks not too much ..

Default avatar.png Ose: I'm back

VizGhar: yeah... not much effort. but still... I like it here

WipsDev: that´s true. I also don´t like to move away

Default avatar.png Ose: Guys are you listening

Assasint: M

ninjadip: im peepin

Default avatar.png Ose: What?

Default avatar.png Ose: I don't Understand

ninjadip: use your viddies real proper like

Default avatar.png Ose: Beats me

Default avatar.png Ose: 5DN1L?

Default avatar.png Ose: Are you here?

ninjadip: no, clockwork orange

5DN1L: Why me?

Assasint: Beat me

Assasint: mwahhh

Default avatar.png Ose: I FINALLY WENT a little bit fast at clash of code

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: I bet a wolf would eat a cabbage if he was hungry enough

zakacat: doubt it

Default avatar.png Ose: Maybe I Said It Too soon

5DN1L: No worries, keep trying

Assasint: Mwahhhhhh

5DN1L: Assasint Have you finished?

Default avatar.png Ose: I nearly play the event every day!

Assasint: Yes

Default avatar.png Ose: And My Speed Increases A Little

Default avatar.png Ose: Is anybody listening

5DN1L: No, we can't hear you. We just read what you've typed

Default avatar.png Ose: Because you'll be sorry when I am super fast if you don't isten

5DN1L: :rolling_eyes:

Default avatar.png Ose: Just kidding

Default avatar.png CatboyCodes: ?

Default avatar.png Ose: 5DN1L?

Default avatar.png Ose: Not Again

Default avatar.png CatboyCodes: ???????????????

5DN1L: Ose This is a public chatroom. Just leave your messages here and let anyone who want to respond to you do so

Default avatar.png Ose: ok

JulienBrouille: is there any place i can learn the basic of a language overhere^

5DN1L: You may try:

5DN1L: But for the basic stuff, I suggest you learn from other sites first. This site is mostly for practising

JulienBrouille: thanks

Default avatar.png CatboyCodes: what does Validator mean in new contribution?

5DN1L: Validators are the hidden test cases.

Default avatar.png CatboyCodes: oh ok

Default avatar.png CatboyCodes: so it is not required?

5DN1L: They are required. And they should be different from the test cases.

Default avatar.png CatboyCodes: k

Default avatar.png CatboyCodes: thx for letting me know

5DN1L: :)

Default avatar.png Ose: I am never first in clash of code I literally train everyday

Default avatar.png Josiah120: never first never first

Default avatar.png Ose: Josiah you were just behind me

Default avatar.png Josiah120: I were a noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooob

Default avatar.png Ose: don't call yourself that we are hero's

Default avatar.png Josiah120: yaay

Default avatar.png Ose: Just we need to improve by getting first

Default avatar.png Josiah120: maybe bye :money_mouth:

Default avatar.png Josiah120: ok ok ok

Default avatar.png CatboyCodes: what does Stub generator input and Generated stub mean?

Default avatar.png Ose: :nerd::innocent::sunglasses:

5DN1L: CatboyCodes: more on test cases and validators -

5DN1L: Stub generator -

Default avatar.png CatboyCodes: k

Default avatar.png Ose: Josiah knows a lot of coding is just he joined here too early

5DN1L: Good, learn from each other

Default avatar.png Josiah120: ok

Default avatar.png Ose: Yes

Default avatar.png Ose: We shall all learn together

Default avatar.png CatboyCodes: yes

Default avatar.png Ose: That's why never give up

Default avatar.png Ose: :ok_hand:

Default avatar.png Josiah120: I know what you are going to say because we are right next to each other at home ose

Default avatar.png Ose: Uhhhhhh

Default avatar.png Ose: :sweat_smile:

Default avatar.png Ose: So I nearly gave up on clash of code

Default avatar.png Ose: NOW I WILL NEVER

Default avatar.png Josiah120: okkkkkk

Default avatar.png Josiah120: /me

Default avatar.png Ose: :zzz:

Default avatar.png Josiah120: /me

5DN1L: Erm... Ose? You've finished 3 clashes so far?

Default avatar.png CatboyCodes: why is it saying: Mismatch with the stub generator input: Invalid value. Expected: 'A positive or negative number'. Received:

Default avatar.png Ose: I feel too tired to explain that

Default avatar.png Ose: Actually Josiah can fix that

5DN1L: That means the types of inputs your stub generator expects to receive are different from the types of inputs actually provided by the test cases, CatboyCodes

Default avatar.png Ose: Josiah said something diffrent

Default avatar.png CatboyCodes: so what changes do I have to make

5DN1L: make them match

Default avatar.png CatboyCodes: so 21 and 21?

Default avatar.png Ose: That what Josiah said

5DN1L: i mean make the types match

Default avatar.png CatboyCodes: oh ok

Default avatar.png Ose: :thumbsup_tone4:

Default avatar.png CatboyCodes: can I have an example?

Default avatar.png Ose: 3 and -3 my brother said he's a master at maths

Default avatar.png Josiah120: :joy:

Default avatar.png Josiah120: what?

5DN1L: There's an example in the link I gave you earlier, CatboyCodes

Default avatar.png CatboyCodes: k

Default avatar.png Josiah120: did i

Default avatar.png Ose: Josiah, you never know what happened in the past

Default avatar.png Josiah120: Ok, I am a master of maths but why?

Default avatar.png Josiah120: what?

Default avatar.png Ose: You said

Default avatar.png Josiah120: okokokoko

Default avatar.png Ose: So I follow

Default avatar.png Ose: Deal

Default avatar.png Josiah120: ok

5DN1L: Ose and Josiah120, please stick to coding-related topics here, thanks. Or create a chatroom for yourselves

Default avatar.png Ose: Sorry we were just trying to make Josiah notice

codergautam: alert("g")

codergautam: .$<%$5

Default avatar.png Ose: You joined in clash of code eariler

Default avatar.png Ose: You were third you did well

Default avatar.png Ose: I always have mistakes in my code

Default avatar.png Ose: Nobody helps me

Default avatar.png Ose: Not even my brother because he is so buy doing some stuff

Default avatar.png Ose: Bye

artcypher: guys can recommend game to do beside coders strike back (mad pod)?

Default avatar.png Ose: Mad pod I completed

Default avatar.png Ose: Maybe I can help you with the code

Default avatar.png Ose: But not now

artcypher: no, i need game recommendation, something as good as mad pod

Schwase: search race is pretty similar to map pod

Astrobytes: why not continue with CSB and try to get legend?

jacek: :notebook: :soccer:

artcypher: yea still trying on csb, also wanna learn about pathfinding and other things

jacek: pathfinding eh

Astrobytes: Pathfinding (and other useful stuff):

jacek: code of kutulu?

Astrobytes: ^ good choice

jacek: or game of drones hm? or ghost in the cell?

Astrobytes: depends if they want a grid or not I guess

jacek: grid? like on paper?

Astrobytes: :rolling_eyes:

jacek: apparently when you crash referee its a draw

Astrobytes: which game?

Astrobytes: oh, Atari Go 9x9

jacek: who approved it then :unamused:

Astrobytes: Not I

AntiSquid: Approved by trictrac dbdr field3

AntiSquid: so much for the "unique enough" rule, since there are 2 GO games

NewNewb: Is this a decent place to learn to code or should I start with basic knowledge?

5DN1L: You should start with basic knowledge

NewNewb: Where would y'all recommend learning?

slbfan33: youtube

Default avatar.png Ose: I'm back guys

Default avatar.png Ose: And I finally went a good grade with Josiah's help

jacek: :tada:

Default avatar.png Ose: :punch_tone3:

Default avatar.png Ose: :thumbsup_tone5:

ninjadip: UDEMY

Default avatar.png Ose: the clashes now are easy

ninjadip: EFFF YEA :)

ninjadip: finally gettin promoted to gold league, finally got the math right for the drift factor

jacek: -3vel?

Default avatar.png Ose: You could be very lucky when you get to gold league

ninjadip: what do u mean

ninjadip: i got to rank #2 in silver

Default avatar.png Ose: You nearly promoted to gold league you said

ninjadip: all the way from #22000 after fixing that math

ninjadip: i am getting promoted, already announced

Default avatar.png Ose: wow

Default avatar.png Ose: ok

ninjadip: was over complicating it... i deleted like half of my code. and now i'm golden

Default avatar.png Ose: Good job!!

Default avatar.png Ose: :innocent:

ninjadip: i still wonder if 90 degrees is the ideal cutoff for angle to thrust

ninjadip: oh man i'm soooo pscyched!! i've spent hours the past 2 days trying to figure out why the drift correction wasn't working right

Default avatar.png Ose: hmm

ninjadip: and now it seems obvious

VizGhar: jacek solved Ko-Rule? :P

Default avatar.png Ose: Okay.

ninjadip: the only thing i could really add would be to target other players to purposefully knock them out the way with shields instead of a defensive shield strategy that i have now

Default avatar.png Ose: Well I'm going to do another clash

ninjadip: lets go

jacek: VizGhar eeyup

VizGhar: :thumbsup:

jacek: for now the bot is so inefficient

jacek: meh at some point the game effectively ends and both players can only pass

jacek: the referee should cut this

Default avatar.png Ose: bye

VizGhar: This is mentioned in rules jacek: The game does not end after both players have passed (the game ends after 80 turns)

VizGhar: Not sure what is the reasoning tho

jacek: on higher leagues its 200

jacek: as i understand in normal go 2 passes is the end

jacek: reasoning could be so 2 dumb bots wouldnt finish the game one after another

VizGhar: ah... yeah I'm in wood3... this rule isnt updated

VizGhar: I believe this game can be done using NNs...

jacek: more likely by CNNs

VizGhar: maybe. I've only started reading some papers so I know very little about any types of NNs

VizGhar: So far only trying to understand ANNs. Those are pretty easy until I hit the backpropagation/learning

jacek: so, MLP

jacek: understanding NNs is one thing. training them and using them in useful situations is the another thing

VizGhar: I know :| but not sure where to start... I'll probably just use it 100-200 times using some python -> tensor flow tutorial and then try to understand the training process

VizGhar: I'm a bit scared of linear algebra used by pros. I need something inefficient first

jacek: to be frank i dont use algebra much, at least not in theoretic way. i just write for loops to mulitply some arrays until it works :v

VizGhar: :D yeah... to that is tutorial I'm looking for

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: I notice Euros tend to know more abstract algebra than we Americans. Which is very unusual on any topic, you must have three years of it in middle school or somethig

VizGhar: I basically read: Neuron sums weighted inputs and produces output applying some function (sigmoid / ReLU) on the SUM. So I look into code and there is some (for me) crazy matrix multiplication

VizGhar: Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker yeah I've had Linear algebra in HS and Uni, but nobody was able to show us real applications

VizGhar: So after 9 years out of Uni... well...

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: Oh, we are better at linear, I was thinking rings and groups and all that

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: :P

VizGhar: aha. I didn't get you. yeah we are more "abstract based" :D

jacek: i have WIP for nns

VizGhar: wow jacek, looks helpful. tnx

jacek: ah image uses w11, w21 while code uses w1,w2,w3...

VizGhar: Thats something I'm able to figure out. Yeah so that is the code for absolute idiots. I need that :D

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: Didn't Marchettte make a NN for dummies for one of the problems? Been meaning to try that

VizGhar: and finally seeing those (from beginning) mysterious biases

jacek: ok, updated. i think its correct

VizGhar: You think it's published Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker ? I'd try to find it

jacek: marchete made functional nn tutorial for oware

jacek: a0 style


VizGhar: :thumbsup:

VizGhar: NNs are my new year's resolution :)

jacek: mine is 1920x1200

VizGhar: :nerd:

jacek: as for biases, it took me quite some time to realize they are trained just like normal weights except the 'input' is always 1

jacek: interesting. when i submitted that crashing code, only the non-crashed battles are visible

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: Has there been any more leaderboard cleanup? Seems like that is going to be a very slow unfolding drama

Astrobytes: heh

Astrobytes: remains to be seen if the other games are 'cared about' enough

jacek: what game

Astrobytes: GitC

jacek: whats wrong with it

jacek: is this euler dupes detector?

Astrobytes: Nothing, leaderboard was full of copied github bots, it got cleaned up

Astrobytes: Yes

Astrobytes: But there were at least another 4 games that were terrible...

Astrobytes: GitC is someones favourite game you see

____Z_X_C____: help

____Z_X_C____: how come this code doesnt work?

____Z_X_C____: n=input() print(n.translate({'9':'0','8':'1','7':'2','6':'4'}))

____Z_X_C____: ????

____Z_X_C____: help

ninjadip: i don't understand, it's not translating right

____Z_X_C____: ?

Wontonimo: you need to use the unicode num instead of '9'or '7'

Wontonimo: use ord('9') to get it's unicode number

ninjadip: hey wontonimoi@

ninjadip: i got to the gold level today, i got that drift calculation all figured out and took out half of the other code that was over complicating everything

Wontonimo: nice

ninjadip: yeah, felt good to that math without any help from ppl or the internet

ninjadip: that debug mode helped me figure it out, thanks for showing me that

Wontonimo: ____Z_X_C____ try this print(n.translate({ord('9'):'0',ord('8'):'1',ord('7'):'2',ord('6'):'4'}))

____Z_X_C____: thanks

____Z_X_C____: i tried already

____Z_X_C____: clash ended

Wontonimo: cool ninjadip , really great feeling when i solve something myself

ninjadip: i already have a strategy to try in the gold level, almost like tag lol

Wontonimo: ah, your gold bot is broken

ninjadip: but need to take a break from pod racing and sit on my spoils

Wontonimo: do you want help fixing that?

ninjadip: no, it's broke on purpose, i just pasted my old code and the new auto generated code together, i'll sort it out later

Wontonimo: cool

ninjadip: just submitted it to save it

Wontonimo: you have access to previous submits in the history

ninjadip: oh i don't know how to do that

ninjadip: i just did it old school lol

Wontonimo: check it out

ninjadip: i saw the reload and thats it

Wontonimo: i've started to save my work locally also using git

ninjadip: i'm going to try this code golf thing

Wontonimo: yikes

ninjadip: i need more practice at parsing to get faster and not have to think so much about it before i write it

ninjadip: is that what this is about?

Wontonimo: nope

Wontonimo: it is about writing code that uses the fewest characters as possible

ninjadip: haven't read it all yet, just sitting there, while i am really enjoying my new headphones for christmas. maybe next christmas i'll get that new dac i want

ninjadip: oh

ninjadip: i'm bad at that

ninjadip: so this will be good practice

Wontonimo: let me see if i can find an example

ninjadip: I have painfully taught myself to be only as concise as would be clear to the next person

____Z_X_C____: aa

____Z_X_C____: i forgot how to caculate percentage

____Z_X_C____: interval = input()


____Z_X_C____: ????

____Z_X_C____: help

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: first step to code golf is to realize you can do this

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: import os;os.system("ls -l")

e_fishel: what is that

____Z_X_C____: something in python

struct: he is making system calls

struct: to solve the puzzle

____Z_X_C____: o

jacek: oO

struct: jacek online at this time?

struct: o.o

jacek: struct did you know what happens when referee crashes

struct: to the game result?

struct: i have no idea if its handled as a draw

jacek: in the arena there will be no games

struct: oh

Default avatar.png OrsosAdam: Am I the only one, who only played clash of code from the whole codingame so far? :sweat_smile:

struct: Dont think so OrsosAdam, it might not be very active around this time though

Default avatar.png OrsosAdam: Nah, I am having fun :D

struct: but jacek did you have any more questions related to that?

jacek: no, just bragging

jacek: made PR in github but i think the guy wasnt online for long time

struct: well anyone can reupload I think

struct: does it have bosses?

jacek: no in github :(

struct: but in arena it has?

struct: jacek when you press download in the contribution you will get the bosses

struct: I guess he forgot to make it not downlodable

jacek: where? i dont see it


jacek: oh

jacek: how you tell me when im in wood1 :rage:

Default avatar.png OrsosAdam: Any one of you knows why that sometimes 100% goes down to a lower percentage after submit?

Default avatar.png OrsosAdam: My 100% answer went to 25% after submit and I have no idea why...

struct: probably poor test cases

Default avatar.png OrsosAdam: There are different testcases after and before submit?

struct: yes

Default avatar.png OrsosAdam: :joy: :joy: :joy:

jacek: did you hardcode your solutions!?

Default avatar.png OrsosAdam: @jacek I did no such thing sir! Even the accusation feels offending!

Default avatar.png OrsosAdam: I never once in a lifetime hardcoded a solution, nor will I plan to.

struct: ill ban jacek, such offences are not tolerable

Default avatar.png OrsosAdam: Thank you! Much apprecitiated. May my honor shall be restored!

Default avatar.png OrsosAdam: I just hope such accussation doesnt reach my dear mother. Her heart wouldn't handle it well...

jacek: Automaton2000 did you bitboard the go

Automaton2000: not easy to do in the first 1s

Astrobytes: even I'm still online

Astrobytes: tbf though I just checked CG after going for a pi55

jacek: pi55?

jacek: ohhhhh

Astrobytes: you work it out

jacek: Automaton2000 what's pi55

Automaton2000: i wanted to have a lot of cases

Astrobytes: lol, gonna eat a sandwich or something, maybe one more whisky catch you guys later

struct: hi

Astrobytes: and bye ;)

struct: :'(

n0b1e: Hi guys how do you relieve body fatigue due to long coding sessions?

Default avatar.png Quillup: Is there a way to create your own test cases?

n0b1e: Yeah quillup :) run some on your ide after copy pasting code copying parameters etxx

Default avatar.png Quillup: So not on the website

n0b1e: not that i know of

n0b1e: test cases can change after submit and hard coded solutions do not work its test cases unique and given by codingame

Default avatar.png Quillup: Ok, I just started and I am doing ascii art and I don't understand how my logic is solid for all the examples except "all of the uppercase letters" It would be so much easier to debug if I could test other things

skotz: in the lower-right there's a "custom" tab that'll let you

Bertinator: guys any idea on how to get started on a big coding project

struct: Quillup you can debug

struct: you can print to stderr

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: click custom in the IDE