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AlkhilJohn.: pront('World!, Hello');

AlkhilJohn.: vois toString() args();


ASM_MOV_INT: google = the answser

ASM_MOV_INT: answer*


AlkhilJohn.: Mpds are gonna get pissed ehhh

AlkhilJohn.: *Mods

AlkhilJohn.: Source code for if-else statement generator


Dren: if True: print(answer) else:prin't(answer)

ninjadip: whats poppin

DialFrost: <33

Default avatar.png PATTRIM: /meg DialFrost

Default avatar.png PATTRIM: Oops i typed it in the wrong place

**DialFrost slaps PATTRIM around a bit with a large fishbot

Default avatar.png **PATTRIM slaps DialFrost around a bit with a large fishbot

DialFrost: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Default avatar.png **PATTRIM slaps DialFrost around a bit with a large fishbot

Default avatar.png **PATTRIM slaps DialFrost around a bit with a large fishbot

Default avatar.png **PATTRIM slaps DialFrost around a bit with a large fishbot

5DN1L: stop there guys

DialFrost: <33

Default avatar.png PATTRIM: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

AlkhilJohn.: funnyn'y

AlkhilJohn.: modn't

AlkhilJohn.: pogn't

AlkhilJohn.: 5DN1Ln't

5DN1L: AlkhilJohn. Continue there and I'll ban you

AlkhilJohn.: What happens when you get banned

AlkhilJohn.: Just asking

AlkhilJohn.: Please don't I just wanna knoq

AlkhilJohn.: *know

5DN1L: You will be sent away from this chat to another world

AlkhilJohn.: there are other world chatrooms?

Uljahn: #world2

AlkhilJohn.: What channel has the most online Participants?

Default avatar.png radioctiv: this one i think

AlkhilJohn.: #Python

AlkhilJohn.: #python

5DN1L: #the_banned

Andrisssd: where can i find something about VS Azure functions to learn syntax?

AlkhilJohn.: i havent been banned lol

AlkhilJohn.: btw are mods real people

5DN1L: You will be if you choose to :smirk:

AlkhilJohn.: are mods real people

AlkhilJohn.: are mods real people

5DN1L: You never know. One mod is a cat.

5DN1L: We don't know what the other mods look like.

AlkhilJohn.: I know you're not

AlkhilJohn.: You're a bot

AlkhilJohn.: im a call u on discord

AlkhilJohn.: to see if ur real

5DN1L: sigh

5DN1L: time's up for you

AlkhilJohn.: no

AlkhilJohn.: pls

Andrisssd: are moders always online?

Tanasittx: idk

N_ani: ok

jacek: you can summon them by spamming

5DN1L: 💯

Andrisssd: why bananas?

jacek: oO

Spiders-Man: 5D1L

Spiders-Man: 5DN1L

Spiders-Man: fr

5DN1L: What's the matter, Spiders-Man?

traagel: spiders i bet

c0d1ngr1ff: i don't have spam in my country to summon mods :worried:

Spiders-Man: Why it great to spam

martmon: Hi, on clash of code mode my ranking is my_rank/344,977 I guess there are not as many players as what is output here, so does anyone know the number of active people playing the clash of code mode every week (or day)?

Default avatar.png E.Fuad_23: shut

5DN1L: Open Sesame Automaton2000

Automaton2000: what is the default ai

5DN1L: AI Baba and the Forty Thieves

TomAlard: Hey, I'm currently working on a bot for Yavalath in C. I saw in a forum post that C++ is compiled without the -O flag. What about C? Will the GCC optimize O3 pragma help? Thanks.

muneer1: Join this

5DN1L: muneer1 please use #clash channel for clash invites, thanks.

jacek: TomAlard you need to add pragmas

jacek: add these lines at top, before the includes

jacek: #pragma GCC optimize("Ofast","unroll-loops", "omit-frame-pointer", "inline")

  1. pragma GCC option("arch=native", "tune=native", "no-zero-upper")
  2. pragma GCC target("rdrnd", "popcnt", "avx", "bmi2")

DavitJanashia1: Hello World!

TomAlard: Thanks jacek, maybe I can crack top 10 now :)

Manchi_o6o7: Is there anybody who could help me out with exception handling in C++

Manchi_o6o7: How can I throw an exception if there isn't a << operator overloaded for a specific object

ninjadip: i hate exception handling

ninjadip: you have to over load it

Manchi_o6o7: but if I want to manage it in runtime

Manchi_o6o7: it should just print out the exception, and delete the object

Default avatar.png Angecide: does anyone have the link for the site that archives CodinGame chat, such that you could go back and read old messages?



Default avatar.png Angecide: :thumbsup:

Flaise: lol ninjadip

Flaise: Also, Merry Christmas adam, everyone! (You know, like the opposite of Christmas eve? Get it? :O )

Default avatar.png thomasgodoi: is there any way to just watch people doing clashes? I'm not that good enough but I would love to watch people results

5DN1L: I think you can only watch them if they stream

traagel: i'm at the top of gold leaderboard but i didn't get promoted, what's wrong?

5DN1L: You need to wait for the timer to count down to zero

traagel: yeah it did.. i waited 5 hours

traagel: and now it set a new time for another 5 hours

5DN1L: What does it say now?

traagel: Those better than the Boss will be promoted to Legend League at 23 H 28

traagel: it was 17 H 28 or something before, which was 16 minutes ago

5DN1L: oh :thinking:

5DN1L: wait again, if it still doesn't work, please raise a bug on the forum or in discord

traagel: another 6 hours :joy:

darkhorse64: Are you stronger than the boss ? I mean better ranked

traagel: yeah

5DN1L: yes he is

5DN1L: his score is greater than the boss's

darkhorse64: Yes, looks like a bug

Default avatar.png YaShuHee: Hello, what is the Python3 interpreter version of thepuzzles ?


Default avatar.png YaShuHee: Thanks :)

5DN1L: :)

69razer69: the clashes are getting worse

Spiders-Man: This is shit

Spiders-Man: a have win 300 clash of code

BlaiseEbuth: -256 :p

Spiders-Man: You have lose 256 CLASH OF CODE

Spiders-Man: # 5DN1L

Spiders-Man: Hello guy

qpi: Hi everyone :v: first contribution over there hope to read your feedbacks soon :innocent:

Spiders-Man: Good for you i don't have a contribution

Spiders-Man: What is you're code of you're contribution

qpi: You can find it on the bottom of the page i think

Spiders-Man: I try and it not work


5DN1L: Eyren24 please use #clash channel for clash invites, thanks.

Default avatar.png kanteer: need help with the mad pod racing 2nd boss

5DN1L: Yes? What type of help?

Default avatar.png kanteer: it's about the angles and stuff and i'm confused how to do if else statements

Default avatar.png kanteer: i'm on typescript btw

5DN1L: ok, what have you got now

Default avatar.png kanteer: i was thinking of just doing an if else statement similar to one in lua but that seemed to not work

Default avatar.png kanteer: i tried to translate the code but yea

Default avatar.png kanteer: so idk if it's something to do with console.log(); or not

5DN1L: what is that console.log code you have now

Default avatar.png kanteer: console.log(nextCheckpointX + ' ' + nextCheckpointY + ' 100');

5DN1L: Is the same code used to get past Wood 3 League?

Default avatar.png kanteer: console.log(nextCheckpointAngle > 90, nextCheckpointAngle < -90, ' 0')

Default avatar.png kanteer: i forgot what league i'm in, but it's the second lesson

5DN1L: ok

5DN1L: your second console.log code seems wrong

Default avatar.png kanteer: that's what i'm trying to fix

Default avatar.png kanteer: because i think i have too many arguments

Default avatar.png kanteer: well

Default avatar.png kanteer: for the nextCheckpointAngle

5DN1L: You don't output the angle or the condition of the angle to console.log

Default avatar.png kanteer: i see

Default avatar.png kanteer: so what do i do?

5DN1L: You're only allowed to output X, Y, thrust

Default avatar.png kanteer: i see

Default avatar.png kanteer: so how do i get it to calculate the angle?

Default avatar.png kanteer: does it have something to do with the const nextCheckpointAngle: number = parseInt(inputs[5]);?

5DN1L: yes

5DN1L: it's given to you

5DN1L: you don't have to calculate it yourself

5DN1L: for now, at least

Default avatar.png kanteer: oh okay

Default avatar.png kanteer: i thought it was telling us to calculate the code

Default avatar.png kanteer: and make the AI work out where the next checkpoint is

5DN1L: The puzzle statement tells you what inputs are provided to you

5DN1L: and what outputs are expected from you

Default avatar.png kanteer: i see

Default avatar.png kanteer: but how do i get those outputs in my code?

Default avatar.png kanteer: im confused on how to set the code up to work like such

5DN1L: Outputs include X, Y and thrust, ok? X and Y have been given to you. The only one you have to think about now is the thrust

Default avatar.png kanteer: ok

5DN1L: and I think there is a hint somewhere in the puzzle statement, telling you how thrust is set would be optimal

Default avatar.png kanteer: so it give me the x and y output, but i now need to add the thrust onto that?

Default avatar.png kanteer: ok

5DN1L: Can you find it?

Default avatar.png kanteer: do i have to make code or just edit it

Default avatar.png kanteer: i'm not 100% sure, i tihnk so, but just to be safe, where is it

Default avatar.png kanteer: because i think i have it i'm just not sure

5DN1L: I can't see it now because I'm past that league :joy:

Default avatar.png kanteer: daw

5DN1L: But it should say something about the angle being >90 or <-90

Default avatar.png kanteer: yes i see that

Default avatar.png kanteer:

Default avatar.png kanteer: this is what it says

5DN1L: Yes, that's what I meant

Default avatar.png kanteer: yeah

5DN1L: So you have to write that into the code, using TypeScript syntax

Default avatar.png kanteer: i see

Default avatar.png kanteer: so i use an if statement, correct?

5DN1L: correct

Default avatar.png kanteer: ok

Default avatar.png kanteer: i'm not 100% sure how to write an if statement but let me write one rn

5DN1L: Yes, take your time

Default avatar.png kanteer: ok i'm confused

Default avatar.png kanteer: i'm getting a lot of errors when writing the if statement

5DN1L: what type of errors?

Default avatar.png kanteer: it's just red underlines

Default avatar.png kanteer: if nextCheckpointAngle > 90 or nextCheckpointAngle < -90

Default avatar.png kanteer: this is what i have rn

5DN1L: oh, that's not how if statements are written in TypeScript

5DN1L: the hint is just psuedo-code

Default avatar.png kanteer: oh

Default avatar.png kanteer: i see

Default avatar.png kanteer: so let me figure this out rq

5DN1L: ok, please do. convert the pseudo-code into TypeScript code

Default avatar.png kanteer: confused on how

Astrobytes: RTFM ;)

5DN1L: What's RTFM?

Astrobytes: read the f'ing manual

5DN1L: oh ok

Astrobytes: ;)

5DN1L: just googled it lol

Default avatar.png kanteer: bro i'm not reading a manual lol

jacek: or use python

5DN1L: kanteer goggle TypeScript if else statement syntax

Default avatar.png kanteer: i'd rather use typescript since roblox-ts and godot-ts exists

5DN1L: google*

Default avatar.png kanteer: ok

Astrobytes: kanteer: CG is kinda for people who already have a basic but firm grasp on programming, you can still learn on it but you're gonna have to look and follow some language tutorials

Default avatar.png kanteer: i see

BlaiseEbuth: 5DN1L

5DN1L: I did!

Astrobytes: BlaiseEbuth: he did lol

BlaiseEbuth: I know.

BlaiseEbuth: But it was a wonderful opportunity to do an rtfm into lmgt \o/

5DN1L: I should save that link for future use

Astrobytes: lol Blaise

Default avatar.png kanteer:

Default avatar.png kanteer: this look right or no?

Astrobytes: 5DN1L: yep, that and the 'how to ask a question' page are really handy

5DN1L: kanteer looks closer now, but still not quite yet

Default avatar.png kanteer: what am i missing

5DN1L: you're required to console.log X, Y and thrust all in one line

5DN1L: so you have to set thrust beforehand

5DN1L: you don't console.log it beforehand

Default avatar.png kanteer:

Default avatar.png kanteer: this is my code rn

BlaiseEbuth: Both conditions do the same...

5DN1L: kanteer, do 3 things: 1. move the if before console.log, 2. instead of console.log, assign the values to thrust instead, 3. instead of console.log a fixed thrust value, console.log the "thrust" variable

5DN1L: (for 2, i mean inside the "if"s)

5DN1L: The logic is like: In each turn, check the angle to decide the thrust, then output X, Y and thrust.

Default avatar.png kanteer: ok

5DN1L: Refer to the pseudo-code again

5DN1L: You should write a code similar to that

Default avatar.png kanteer: ok

Default avatar.png kanteer: im confused

Default avatar.png kanteer: i think i did something wrong?

Default avatar.png kanteer:

dee_vrma: Hello

5DN1L: kanteer ah, much closer now

BlaiseEbuth: You have to console.log only once per loop turn kanteer

jacek: oO

5DN1L: now try to update your code with the if-else if-else syntax

Default avatar.png kanteer: BlaiseEbuth i'm confused on what you mean by that

Default avatar.png kanteer: are you saying i only need one if statement?

BlaiseEbuth: With your current code, if one of the if is true you'll print a first time, then a second time with the final console.log

Default avatar.png kanteer: ok

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: For all you kids out there, programming is one of the first jobs that will be taken over by AI

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: In a few years CG will be a site to rank AI for employers

5DN1L: OK mommy, when I grow up, I want to become an AI !

eslam3bed: Sure mom, just make sure to sleep good, and keep your things worm :wink:

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: Sure, but first take out the trash. That'll be good practice for the jobs that are left

5DN1L: take out the bed and sleep on the trash... ok, got it!

eslam3bed: hahah sweet as trash could be :kissing_smiling_eyes:

jacek: Automaton2000 whats is the meaning of this

Automaton2000: i see a lot of time

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: OMG another BFS puzzle

jacek: everypony likes graphs

BlaiseEbuth: everypony? :thinking:

MerryChristmas: is the codingame 2012 contest available as a puzzle?

MerryChristmas: or any of the older contests?

BlaiseEbuth: Yup.

MerryChristmas: so 2012 contest was just the Medium puzzle "Stock Exchange Losses"?

MerryChristmas: what a time it must have been to be alive!

jacek: nowadays we have only escape ones :unamused:

Default avatar.png CSHARPDEV: Hi

jacek: ohai

Majeck: MerryChristmas back then, contests were who could submit a working solution first

Majeck: Also

Majeck: Merry Christmas MerryChristmas

MerryChristmas: Happy Christmas to you too, Majeck!

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: what is a living room dwarf?

Majeck: A mirror usually

Default avatar.png Ose: Beats Me!

Default avatar.png Ose: So.....Hi Guys!

Default avatar.png Ose: Wasup

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: We are trying to translate the #fr making fun of Wont's new puzzle

Default avatar.png Ose: Oh Ok.

Default avatar.png Ose: I competed In 5 Clash of Code events and I was not lucky.

5DN1L: What's unlucky about them?

Default avatar.png Ose: Uhh. I am Not fast

5DN1L: Then it's about your speed not about your luck :D

5DN1L: Speed can be improved

5DN1L: Luck cannot

Default avatar.png Ose: Ok Bro your right

Default avatar.png Ose: well going to participate in another one good luck and I will come back tomorrow!!!!

5DN1L: :thumbsup:

Default avatar.png jkrs: :thumbsup:

AntiSquid: :thumbsup:

Uljahn: :thumbsup:

VizGhar: :thumbsup:

BlaiseEbuth: (╯°□°)╯︵ :thumbsdown:

jacek: c-c-c-combo breaker?

Majeck: Automaton2000 :thumbsup:

Automaton2000: next contest will be a good idea.

Majeck: I'm supposed to be in a clash but the webpage crashed

Majeck: What do?

5DN1L: Go to the link if you still have it, otherwise, cry in peace

jacek: no one supposed to be in clash

Astrobytes: jacek: too late for that now

jacek: :rage:

Wontonimo: "Speed can be improved Luck cannot" - 5DN1L :thumbsup:

5DN1L: :D

Astrobytes: lol, very profound :D

Wontonimo: which puzzle are they making fun of Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker ?

Wontonimo: I've got several new puzzles on the go

jacek: try some puzzles on the chess

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: the new one... goat and cabbage

Wontonimo: what's their beef? I read through the fr channel and couldn't see anything related to that puzzle.

Default avatar.png JKing: What does the "I've faced issues with this clash." check box mean?

Wontonimo: I left it on the contribution board in WIP for 2 weeks, then submit for 2 weeks. IF people can't bring themselves to comment in that time and just wait till after it is approved then they suck

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: in that case, they said it was very nice

Wontonimo: I replied to every post on it

BlaiseEbuth: C'mon, nobody serious still go in the contib section...

5DN1L: JKing Check box means you can check it or leave it

Default avatar.png JKing: Specifically "I've faced issues with this clash" though?

5DN1L: Literal meaning?

Default avatar.png JKing: Yes

Default avatar.png JKing: What happens when I check this box?

Uljahn: karma of the clash decreases

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: It gets put on the agenda of next shareholders meeting

Default avatar.png JKing: So if it's a reverse with insufficient test cases to get a unique pattern... means I didn't like the clash so mark it as I faced issues?

5DN1L: If many people downvote a clash, it'll get removed

Default avatar.png JKing: So pretty much just an upvote/downvote, and the clash creator can read their feedback to see why it's being downvoded?

Default avatar.png JKing: Thanks!

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: feedback goes to CG only

Uljahn: and those who approved it will be punished (not really)

Flaise: I know the conversation was an hour ago but I think established casinos may take issue to the comment that luck can't be improved. ;)

5DN1L: casino... coding-related... ah here it is...

5DN1L: or this

Flaise: Perfect. It's almost as though we have a puzzle/AI competition for every occasion.

Flaise: *watches example replay* What the hell did I just watch... :O

5DN1L: :joy:

5DN1L: it's a chip-eat-oil world

Flaise: When the chips are down, there's only one solution: CANNIBALISM! AAAAHHHH

jacek: oO

Husoski: Clash of Code bots are sharing code now??? What's up with that?

Schwase: yo theres no forum for haunted manor but one of its test cases definitely violates the constraints of the puzzle

jacek: Automaton2000 do you share your code

Automaton2000: ok i think i want to get banned

5DN1L: Schwase there is a forum thread for Haunted Manor. In fact, 2

5DN1L: Husoski Did they get 100%? What code did they share?

Astrobytes: That's normal. The bots take solutions from previous submissions, including whether or not they shared their code.

UZUHAMA: Hello world

Schwase: 5DN1L i found it

5DN1L: :ok_hand:

Husoski: 5DN1L Yes, 100% shared.

Astrobytes: Husoski: See my previous post

5DN1L: I haven't met a bot scoring 100% so far :joy:

Husoski: Astrobytes Normal? I've never seen (noticed) it before last night.

Astrobytes: It's normal for them to do whatever the submission they are using did

jacek: i also havent seen normal Astrobytes

Astrobytes: jacek: :rofl:

Husoski: That's over 2000 clashes of "not normal" for me.

Astrobytes: Fair enough, it is what it is. Feel free to contact CG for an explanation.

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: On of the 13-year-olds copied a bot name, maybe it was him

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: *one

Schwase: i have seen plenty of bots share their code

5DN1L: Oh, yes, check whether the bot's name ends in a dot

5DN1L: that's not a bot

Husoski: Nope. Checked for that. These are the real ones.

5DN1L: real not-real person bot :joy:

Schwase: i specifically remember a bot finishing a clash in a virtually impossible amount of time and just wondering how

Schwase: and i just checked their code

Schwase: it was the right answer but just like, why

Schwase: *it was shortest mode

Husoski: Alkhiljohn and Natchood each shared 100% solutions in JS and Rust, respectively

Husoski: I don't think the script kiddies are writing Rust.


Schwase: only me and the bot were nice enough to share our code

Schwase: smh

Schwase: bots > people

Schwase: oh i see, they didnt share their code

Schwase: that is weird Husoski

Flaise: All of my friends are bots.

Flaise: Bots never judge, for they be incapable of judgementation.

Schwase: they real do be incapable

Husoski: Others can't see the shares on CoC result links, Schwase. Only those in the clash are supposed to see it

Schwase: makes sense

Husoski: What doesn't make sense is showing somebody else's code on a later clash to people who weren't in the original.

Schwase: huh? im not sure i understand what you mean by that

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: There are secret things like the JS and Ruby version of exec(unicode). They could get leak out

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: or more generally golf tips I guess

Schwase: so?

Schwase: the point is so people can learn

Schwase: i always share my golfed code, idc if someone learns how to golf better

Flaise: Another point is to compete, which necessitates people doing their work in relative isolation.

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: I'm just speculating why he might care :P

Schwase: hmmph

Schwase: i definitely wish there was more code golf puzzles on here, you can only golf the same puzzle for so long, ya know

Flaise: What do you like about Code Golf?

Schwase: the nice thing about code golf is that it makes you work on one puzzle more than just what it takes to get the right answer

Schwase: which in my opinion is very fun and one of the better ways to improve at a specific language

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: the best part is when people find out what the top guys are doing and whine about cheating

Schwase: shortest mode doesn't force you to learn while youre doing it, so you don't really ever improve without doing it on purpose

Schwase: doing code golf puzzles makes you figure out how to improve your golfing abilities

Schwase: Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker you're absolutely right. There's no room for moral grandstanding when there's a leaderboard. The way to win is to get the best score. PERIOD.

Flaise: Yeah, if you're gonna compete then just compete. lol

Astrobytes: The bots are there to help you 'enjoy' and 'have fun' with clashes when there aren't enough other clashes. If that sucks, leave clashes with bots in [solved]

Astrobytes: *clashers

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: Well, if the bot is sharing your code from some previous clash that doesn't solve it...

Astrobytes: I stopped caring about any of this on 15th Dec

Default avatar.png kanteer: gah

Default avatar.png kanteer: help

DialFrost: ?

Default avatar.png kanteer: what am i doing wrong?

Default avatar.png kanteer: typescript btw

Default avatar.png kanteer:

DialFrost: okey nvrm cant help lol

Default avatar.png kanteer: xd

Astrobytes: kanteer: follow that code by hand and write out what might happen according to your current logic.

Default avatar.png kanteer: confused on what i gotta write tho

Default avatar.png kanteer: i can't find my mistake

traagel: is it sufficient to report a bug on discord or do i report it somewhere else too

DialFrost: schwase bullying everyone in coc

ninjadip: i've been debgging/tweaking adding to this AI in mad pod for hours.. ugh

ninjadip: when will it all click? lol

Thorcode: hehe

Thorcode: schwase is good

Thorcode: right?

Thorcode: I'm gonna solo Schwase

DialFrost: orh

Wontonimo: hey ninjadip , aer you still working on mad pod racing?

Wontonimo: I can give you a hand if yo ulike

Thorcode: he do that pod well wonton

Thorcode: his code is clean

Thorcode: even though I don't really understand his c or c++ code

Wontonimo: hey kanteer , the code you shared will prrint twice each round. That will make your pod get out of sync with the input and effectively react to old data.

Wontonimo: only output once per turn

Wontonimo: he is still aiming at the checkpoint, not slowing down ahead of time, not drifting, not attacking. lots of things can be added.

Jerrasterix: Good morning Guys!!

Jerrasterix: ohh hello Wontonimo

ninjadip: ty wo

ninjadip: just saw that

ninjadip: yeah i'm working on it, but i don't think i have much left

traagel: can you look at other peoples code in games ?

Wontonimo: nope

Wontonimo: but you can look at how their bot behaves and get a lot of info from that

traagel: Any estimate for the ranking fix? I was asked to do it for a job interview and wanted to impress :sweat_smile:

Thorcode: wana

antiwonto: nothing more impressive than being num 1

traagel: i wanna keep adding features but im afraid a new iteration will be worse so i dont want to risk it :joy:

Wontonimo: you can always re-submit your old code. it is saved in the "history" on the left

traagel: i know but the ranking is a bit rng

traagel: and it takes 45 minutes to run

antiwonto: which multi traagel ?

traagel: huh?

antiwonto: which game, which bot battle traagel ?

traagel: mad pod racing

traagel: or coders strike back