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Thorcode: SAJJADAMIRI find it in your heads XD

BlaiseEbuth: Or ask Santa... :santa:

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: there is clearly something going wrong with the Y chromosome. new girls seem okay

Thorcode: or ask Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker

Thorcode: she is super pro XXD

BlaiseEbuth: While they cook...


Thorcode: shall we solo, if you win I'm gonna give you all the solution I have

linjoehan: I just have to

BlaiseEbuth: :clap:

Default avatar.png sanjay145: ok

SandwichBrackets: Merry Christmas!

Pauloux: Merry Christmas !

jacek: merry Caturday

Spiders-Mans: For ho Merry Chrismas

jacek: linjoehan?

Spiders-Mans: What are you saying

Spiders-Mans: 5DN1L

5DN1L: ???

Spiders-Mans: There you are

Default avatar.png Yousseftgpc: Merry Christmas

TheEccentricDuck: merry christmas

Default avatar.png Yousseftgpc: guys i need help in mad pod racing

Default avatar.png Yousseftgpc: im a beginer

Default avatar.png Yousseftgpc: anyone help

5DN1L: What's the help you need and what language do you use?

Default avatar.png Yousseftgpc: javascript

Default avatar.png Yousseftgpc: and the x, y

Default avatar.png Yousseftgpc: here is the replay

Default avatar.png Yousseftgpc:

5DN1L: What's the status of your code?

5DN1L: It looks like the pod wants to stay because it follows what your code says

5DN1L: He's offline already. Maybe his pod has crashed? Automaton2000

Automaton2000: getting out of silver league

5DN1L: Oh, you've made progress

dbf: Merry Christmas! I wish you to have more contests next year :)

jacek: :no_mouth:

5DN1L: Merry Xmas everyone :slight_smile:

Spiders-Mans: Shout out

Default avatar.png noobestnoob: good noon

5DN1L: Spiders-Mans, please contribute either peace or meaningful words to this chat, thank you.

Spiders-Mans: Ho you are

Spiders-Mans: skk

Spiders-Mans: seek

Spiders-Mans: an insecte

Default avatar.png martmon: SDN1L could you please share your code for the teeth removal clash, so that I can improve? :)

5DN1L: Done

Default avatar.png martmon: Thanks a lot!!

5DN1L: :)

Spiders-Mans: sq

Spiders-Mans: sq

Spiders-Mans: qs

5DN1L: Never mind, you won't listen to me

5DN1L: Given you lots of chances already

jacek: aww. wheres the christmas spirit

5DN1L: I practise the spirit of silent night

Default avatar.png nfsociety: 01001101 01100101 01110010 01110010 01111001 00100000 01000011 01101000 01110010 01101001 01110011 01110100 01101101 01100001 01110011 !

5DN1L: Same to you, nfsociety

Default avatar.png nfsociety: ^^

rohitmore1012: can anyone tell me how to conduct clash of code as 1 v 1 ?

5DN1L: I think you can start a private clash

TimothyAlexisVass: :carrot:

rohitmore1012: ok

Hwan_Jo: 메리크리스마스

AlkhilJohn.: Merry Xmas all of u!

AlkhilJohn.: May santa and jesus always be by your side :)

ninjadip: yes

ninjadip: nothing like coding on christmas morn

AlkhilJohn.: ye

AlkhilJohn.: I was just grinding away on Christmas Eve

AlkhilJohn.: 8 hour straight

AlkhilJohn.: Guys, may I know why my AlkhilJohn pfp now has the 'C, C++, C#, CSS, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python' attached to it when you hover over my pfp? Did a damn mod add it?

AlkhilJohn.: If you're the goddamn mod who added it, either remove it or add Python, Lua


AlkhilJohn.: You had me woried

AlkhilJohn.: I love you

AlkhilJohn.: Merry Christmas

5DN1L: Mind your language, AlkhilJohn.

AlkhilJohn.: Yeah thank you.

AlkhilJohn.: Every day, something tells me more and more that you're a bot.

AlkhilJohn.: Somehow Merry Christmas even isn't a warm enough phrase.

Default avatar.png peam: Merry Christmas to you as well, AlkhilJohn!

AntiSquid: AlkhilJohn. damn that sounded serious, you should complain

jacek: oO

BlaiseEbuth: (╯°□°)╯︵ Oo

Default avatar.png Insc: hmu

Flaise: Merry Christmas, codey people

InCog: u2

jacek: merry Caturday

BlaiseEbuth: Horny Yule.

Default avatar.png Asmerom: Merry Chritsmas

linjoehan: ah jacek the thing earlier is aoc I assume that's what you were asking

BlaiseEbuth: jaskcek

BlaiseEbuth: linjoehanswer

jacek: aoc?

BlaiseEbuth: Advent of Code

jacek: advent of code?



BlaiseEbuth: Yup

jacek: Automaton2000 whats aoc?

Automaton2000: tried to make the code for it

linjoehan: Its a advent calendar of code


AntiSquid: google gave me this result for aoc :

jacek: no, thats codingame


Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: she's the one with the boobs

jacek: oO

Default avatar.png CatboyCodes: sup

maxymczech: Just google "Advent of code"

maxymczech: I am solving the last puzzles right now :D

maxymczech: Perfect Christmas evening

Girard: o7 guys

creeperZnation4: Lol Merry Christmas XD

jacek: meow

Default avatar.png EmirhanGursoy: hi

Default avatar.png loller58: mi piace il cazzo

5DN1L: loller58, first warning, please stop spamming, or you’ll be kicked out

jacek: ahh chistmas spirit

5DN1L: ok: please stop spamming, or you'll be given a present in the form of a gentle kick! :innocent:

jacek: :tada:

Default avatar.png Gunmay: start

jacek: :thinking:

ninjadip: merry christmas

ninjadip: any1 do any cool ascii art clashes with christmas trees?

Default avatar.png WonderfulPlays: Is there any way to disable Shortest mode

Default avatar.png WonderfulPlays: in Clash of code?

PatrykJagielski: nope

jacek: why everypony hates shortest mode

Default avatar.png WonderfulPlays: shame, the mode is so stupid :(

Default avatar.png WonderfulPlays: it makes you write bad code and promotes certain languages

Default avatar.png Morian1: Okie.

ninjadip: that's life

ninjadip: that's the lesson

Default avatar.png Dynobites: Yup

ninjadip: that every scenario will not always be ideal

Default avatar.png fmko: Love the shortest mode :D

jacek: oh my

Default avatar.png WonderfulPlays: I am just going to skip every shortest mode i guess

jacek: youre doing java or c#?

ninjadip: im doing c++ and i don't get any breaks

jacek: then how do you leave loops prematurely

ninjadip: break;

ninjadip: ?

jacek: ha!

ninjadip: oh my i just got it

ninjadip: lol :)

Default avatar.png fmko: :joy:

Default avatar.png SethwillCode: hey so i know literally nothing about coding, i've tried a couple different games including clash but none are actually teaching me how to write in code/ understand how to read it, does anybody here recommend any specific games or other sites that may instruct better ?

AlexDev01: hackerank for algo

AlexDev01: algos

ninjadip: finally! bugged a crash every 3 lap

Default avatar.png SethwillCode: ty alex

AlexDev01: @sethwillcode I wanted to write a longer answer but the clash started, anyways, if you want to get better at coding you should srart with building personal projects and not competing. Once you feel like you know the language enough and you like logic you shall exercise on algos, data structure, maths etc... and with time you'll get better at solving problems.

Default avatar.png SethwillCode: ah I see, I've 0 knowledge of even the fundamentals & every game/site I get recc'd expects you to know at least how to write in each language

Bubbly_Bee: Hi SethwillCode. I think you will have to read some tutorial first for some language. Or If you have no experience with programming, maybe try "Scratch" or any other graphical programming language

Default avatar.png Sideway: which langage have you chosen to start with ?

RegexPro: js, C#

Default avatar.png SethwillCode: i've been trying to work with C++ but I have no preferences, just want to be marketable y'know?

RegexPro: make market research in your region, no other choises

ASM_MOV_INT: i'm deciding whether or not to have a 2nd coffee

ASM_MOV_INT: clash time

ASM_MOV_INT: hash time

ASM_MOV_INT: bash time

ASM_MOV_INT: daylight savings...time

ASM_MOV_INT: dancin in the moonlight



Default avatar.png Dynobites: ...Um, Okay.


44AA44: AAA?

Default avatar.png Dynobites: ...;-;'

44AA44: AAA!


Default avatar.png Dynobites: Um...any translators for...A?

AntiSquid: his buttplug was too intense

Default avatar.png Dynobites: Pfft. What, did it come with his Pikachu costume?

____Z_X_C____: AAA

DialFrost: morning guys

ninjadip: evening

ninjadip: merry christmas

ninjadip: to all my fellow pod racers

Default avatar.png 118866545621533: merry crimmers bro

ninjadip: i really think i'm on a roll to beat silver league

____Z_X_C____: lol

DialFrost: noice

DialFrost: im still... stuck at gold

DialFrost: :(

ninjadip: :p

ninjadip: i just finally finished the ai to learn from the first lap to drive like a madman on the next ones

Kururugi: cool

AlkhilJohn.: mods

AlkhilJohn.: pls

AlkhilJohn.: mods

AlkhilJohn.: @mods

AlkhilJohn.: someone posted a tongue-ut emoji

AlkhilJohn.: a tongue-out emoji

AlkhilJohn.: i need backup

AlkhilJohn.: send air,sea and land

AlkhilJohn.: take em out

AlkhilJohn.: even if it costs you your hourly pay

ninjadip: must have missed it

Dren: must have been the wind

ninjadip: i did smell that

AlkhilJohn.: The mods are chilling out

AlkhilJohn.: It's Christmas for America anyway

Dren: quick abuse chat with horrible code before they get back