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Husoski: "Date not defined yet"

Husoski: ...but winter 2021-22 just started so plan on about 3 months.

Thorcode: howw could I do thiss?

Thorcode: print("true" if (w=w[::-1]) else "false")

Husoski: change = to ==?

Thorcode: ah yeah

Thorcode: I forgot that thanks

Husoski: print(str(w==w[::-1]).lower())

Thorcode: print(str(w==w[::-1]).lower()) howw thiss wwork?

Husoski: print(["true", "false"][w==w[::-1])

Husoski: print(["true", "false"][w==w[::-1]])

Husoski: w==w[::-1] returns a bool (True or False). str() turns that to 'True' or 'False'; and .lower() turns that to all lower case.

Thorcode: ah thanks bro

Thorcode: I just realize that w==w[:;-1] iss a boool

Husoski: I can't get the 2nd version right in two tries, though. You'd need to swap the first list to ['false','true'].

Thorcode: thanks for your new knowledge I could shorten my code alot

Default avatar.png ASDWthec0der: idk how to code ngl

Default avatar.png ASDWthec0der: i just put EEE

Default avatar.png ASDWthec0der: :grimacing:/



Default avatar.png nets-kd: can you speak Chinese?

Uljahn: Automaton2000: can you speak codegolf or opening books?

Automaton2000: well you do have a few

Default avatar.png Yodarac: I need some help with mad pod racing and there's no hints on this game so if anyone can help PM me please

Default avatar.png Yodarac: Thanks

DialFrost: depends what league you are in

Default avatar.png Yodarac: Wood 2

Jerrasterix: Yodarac are you still stuck ??

Jerrasterix: Vanilla JS means plain old JS right ??

Wei-1: yes

Wei-1: basically without a framework

Jerrasterix: then what does this mean ??

Wei-1: the most lightweight framework is without a framework, probably

Jerrasterix: that makes sense !!

BlaiseEbuth: Or VanillaJS is a framework... :thinking:

BlaiseEbuth: It is

Jerrasterix: also found this ??

Wei-1: ok, that make sense. But since all browsers have that implemented already. It is basically how JS is working without installing anything.

Jerrasterix:, just destroys those who think a JS fx is a must

BlaiseEbuth: Js must be deleted.

Jerrasterix: True True :nodding:

AlkhilJohn.: Guys, is there a certification thing for Lua? If so, can someone please send me the link to it? Automaton2000

Automaton2000: so is it like that?

BlaiseEbuth: Bots need no certifications. :smirk:

5DN1L: Exactly. AlkhilJohn., if you think asking the bot that question is a better idea than asking the humans, then we won't answer your question

AlkhilJohn.: Guys, is there a certification thing for Lua? If so, can someone please send me the link to it?

AlkhilJohn.: :stupid:

5DN1L: Who's stupid? :smirk:

Jerrasterix: I am still stuck in gold 6th place in CSB :(

AlkhilJohn.: Guys, is there a certification thing for Lua? If so, can someone please send me the link to it?

BlaiseEbuth: Wasn't talking about Automaton2000 5DN1L, AlkhilJohn. is a bot.

BlaiseEbuth: See

Automaton2000: i did a bit of everything

5DN1L: Ah. Enlightening piece of info. THanks BlaiseEbuth

Jerrasterix: copypasta, wait.... just resending the msg

BlaiseEbuth: That's on its profile btw

BlaiseEbuth: What's CSB :thinking:

Jerrasterix: the old name for MPR

5DN1L: Of course BlaiseEbuth knows :smirk:

5DN1L: Jerrasterix don't be fooled by his level

Jerrasterix: Dude ik

Jerrasterix: This is his alt

5DN1L: Does he still have access to the original account if you say this is his alt? :joy:

Jerrasterix: yup

5DN1L: I thought it was disabled or something?

Jerrasterix: Hell yeah

Jerrasterix: I was a month late :(

BlaiseEbuth: :thinking:

5DN1L: Honestly I'm not that knowledgeable about the history here :shrug:

BlaiseEbuth: Are you an alt 5DN1L ?

Jerrasterix: what did you do to get disabled BlaiseEbuth ??

5DN1L: I've got only 1 account here

Jerrasterix: do you guys play bitburner ??

BlaiseEbuth: :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:

DialFrost: anybody can help me with csb

DialFrost: my pods keep bumping each other at the start

DialFrost: idk why


Uljahn: does this mean you've copypasted some code from somewhere and can't understand it? :thinking:

jacek: oO

DialFrost: ...

DialFrost: its my own code ulijahn

DialFrost: and i dont understand why its not worknig

DialFrost: plus y would someone post a code onlien that doesnt work

Thorcode: Uljahn seem right

Uljahn: how could we help you to understand your own code?

DialFrost: hmm my code looks alright to me (i think) i dont see anything out of the ordinary

DialFrost: its very simple

Automaton2000.: can someone tell me about velocity?

BlaiseEbuth: I don't talk to impostors. Automaton2000 riot!

Automaton2000: how you guys are talking about csb

Automaton2000.: ?

Uljahn: DialFrost: just add debugging, don't believe in your thinking being flawless

Automaton2000.: pls help me

DialFrost: i dont think my thinking is flawless

Automaton2000.: Magnus has updated me XD

BlaiseEbuth: At least Automaton2000 can say Magus correctly...

Automaton2000: look at the first turn

Automaton2000.: ok

Automaton2000.: you got me

Automaton2000.: I'm a fake bot

Automaton2000.: why you know that Blaise?

BlaiseEbuth: Know what?

Automaton2000.: i'm a fake bot

Automaton2000.: XD

Uljahn: :expressionless:

Automaton2000.: I fake automaton bc he seem cool

5DN1L: And your real self doesn't?

Automaton2000.: nah

Automaton2000.: I can't think what ava should I choose

Automaton2000.: or name

jacek: Automaton2000 huh

Automaton2000: what should i start with?

Automaton2000.: bruh

5DN1L: Try to get a bit more creative

Uljahn: try to stop seeking for attention and focus on coding instead

Default avatar.png lightlybakedman: :grimacing:

5DN1L: Imagine this chat filled with fake Automaton and AlkhilJohn imposters... Nightmare.

Automaton2000.: btw I won't confuse you guy on this chat or mess up with mods

Automaton2000.: sorry mods

jacek: :scream:

BlaiseEbuth: Now imagine a complete brain in a dish...

Alex4200: good

Uljahn: what's next? a cloud platform with brain-cells-in-a-dishes to train your next gen AIs? :smirk:

AntiSquid: i remember seeing an article somewhere of growing a brain in a pizza-box shaped computer to handle the computing

AntiSquid: wetware something ...


Join my discord server pl


5DN1L: No promotion here, please.

jacek: Oo

AntiSquid: well that artice you linked makes one think you can just connect to someone's brain eventually and reprogram their impulses, sounds really bad ...

AntiSquid: a society of obedient worker drones

jacek: or pods

AntiSquid: not mechanical flying remote controlled drone, i mean a drone like a worker bee, works their ass off until they drop

AntiSquid: wait maybe this definition comes closer :

jacek: oO

Thorcode: @.@. if I have a string like this how could I identify the position of the dots?

5DN1L: loop through it, or use regex

5DN1L: or list comprehension

Thorcode: ah import re thanks ed

MrBlueBird2: >..<

Uljahn: or use numpy :upside_down:

5DN1L: Interesting idea. I haven't used numpy for a long time :upside_down:

5DN1L: Not that I've used numpy a lot anyway

Uljahn: i use numpy more than plain python

5DN1L: ah

Thorcode: I'm gonna learn numpy and re libary in python thanks mods

5DN1L: :thumbsup:

Thorcode: I just realize that there is alot of python libary

Uljahn: :smiley:

Thorcode: not just math XD

Uljahn: that's what they call "batteries included"

Uljahn: numpy is not a part of standard library though

Thorcode: what's the difference between numpy array and normal list it seem to be one

Thorcode: numpy makes me confuse :(

Or64bit: Hey guys! I'm facing an issue where the compiler on the site does not find the main method in my java code when I try to run it. Does anyone have a fix for that?

jacek: huh, whats the code


jacek: the class should be named Player

Flaise: Or64bit: Lines 129-133 don't do what you think they do.

jacek: and how do you know what he thinks :v

Flaise: Because he indented his code. xP

Or64bit: Yeah I messed up the brackets

Or64bit: When I wrote it I was fairly sure it won't work like that but I gave it a try anyways :D

Flaise: Don't you feel like a real scientist now

MrBlueBird2: @Thorcode Hello

MrBlueBird2: Why [CG]Thibaud, [CG]Nonofor, [CG]XorMode, Have [CG] at there nickname's beginning >

5DN1L: because they're CodinGame staff

MrBlueBird2: Ohhh

Uljahn: also pinging them without a cause is not recommended

jacek: why Uljahn

BlaiseEbuth: Because if you interrupt the first one during his hearthstone session, he'll ban you! :scream:

5DN1L: that's what you did?

BlaiseEbuth: Na... Nothing so terrible.

jacek: Automaton2000 what did you do

Automaton2000: i mean, i don't have a blocker

ninjadip: WHOis pinging me?

[Coder]: ninjadip

Fasader: ping pong

ninjadip: its so crazy to think everyone wanted to play pong at home and that's the start of console systems

5DN1L: And that's the start of console system programmers?

BlaiseEbuth: And of brains in dishes...

Default avatar.png yamin2000: is better to do some competitive programming to improve programing skill or jump straight to web development?

[Coder]: yamin2000 do what's fun for you

Default avatar.png yamin2000: does doing web dev without CP teach u too?

ninjadip: what would spider man do if her were a coder

ninjadip: was

Default avatar.png yamin2000: code lol

marouen.sayari: build spider traps using c language

hashluk: Can I submit code as much as I want or there is a limit?

Uljahn: 30 submits per 5 hours i guess

hashluk: Okay, thanks.

Uljahn: or 25, you'll have to solve captcha when close to limits

Schwase: once you get two consecutive "prove youre not a robot" captcha's, take a break from submitting for a few minutes. I usually will do a clash in between and then go back to trying to submit

Schwase: if you do more than those 5 in a row that puzzle will be "hard locked" in a sense, you have to wait a long time (im assuming 5 hours) before you can submit again

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: Kind of sad that the non-Americans here have never heard of Christmas

Overbed: yo i have a question i am struggling with this puzzle on hackinscience


Overbed: idk how to make it so if itnis %3 and %5 then print only once

5DN1L: What have you got so far?

jacek: why do they make it more difficult by saying to print 15 only once


Butanium: hey

5DN1L: Use a single if

5DN1L: and or

5DN1L: You don't have to use 3 ifs

jacek: use else

5DN1L: Alternatively

jacek: or elif

Overbed: oh haha

5DN1L: Use w-i to eliminate the double counting effect

Overbed: it worked like this:

jacek: or... use math

5DN1L: w-=i I mean


jacek: :tada:

Overbed: but idk how it didnt count it twice

5DN1L: because you add it only once

jacek: :o

Overbed: alr

Overbed: thanks

Overbed: print(sum(i for i in range(1000) if i%3 == 0 or i%5 == 0))

Overbed: this worked aslwe

Overbed: very cool

YCSVenom: C# IDE and Suggestions is like shit in this WEBSITE

Butanium: do you remember I had some issues with my multiplayer contrib name

Default avatar.png finntastix: fornitebllas

Butanium: since someone published a game with the name I wanted

Butanium: "clash of bots"

Butanium: but someone just suggested me an idea

Butanium: I'd like to know how terrible it is

Butanium: "clash of bytes"

Butanium: critics apreciated

Default avatar.png asianmansmiling: hello

Default avatar.png xaref: sex

Default avatar.png xaref: k

5DN1L: xaref hope you aren't trying to spam

Default avatar.png xaref: I am pretty sure I didn't spam

5DN1L: I didn't say you did, either

Overbed: bruh this is so annoying

Overbed: whats fahrenthing to celcius

5DN1L: The puzzle gave you the formula to convert, right?

Default avatar.png xaref: hello there mod

Overbed: no it didnt

5DN1L: oh wow

5DN1L: looking it up isn't too difficult though

Overbed: ik

Overbed: but alot of different answers to find

Overbed: nvm i got it

Overbed: how do i make it so my 4 doesnt have 4.0 when printed

5DN1L: int

Overbed: aha

Overbed: thanks

Schwase: or round()

Schwase: truncate vs round

Schwase: important to know which to use when

Default avatar.png Quantre34: i dont get a bit of this game

Default avatar.png Quantre34: what should i do

5DN1L: What game

TimothyAlexisVass: eat a banana

TimothyAlexisVass: :banana:

TimothyAlexisVass: or an avocado also works

TimothyAlexisVass: :avocado:

Default avatar.png Defmc: Hi!

jacek: good evening

Danger189: Oberbed, you can cast it as an Int instead of a float int(var)

Astrobytes: Butanium: Bits not Bytes might be better

jacek: clash of tits :smirk:

jacek: oh right youre not mod, my trolling is useless :(

Astrobytes: hehehehe indeed

Astrobytes: how are you anyway jacek? Working on anything nice at the moment?

BlaiseEbuth: Brains in dishes playing pong...

jacek: partly accidently significatly improved my oware bot, but cant replicate it to other games

Astrobytes: How did that happen?

Astrobytes: BlaiseEbuth: haha I saw that

jacek: supervised learning fashion, but much much more games and deeper analysis. and more training epochs

jacek: meaning previous NN didnt saturate that much as i thought

Astrobytes: Seems quite generalised, why no improvement elsewhere? The analysis part?

jacek: tried to do it with bt, but no improvement

jacek: but also, depending on epoch, it wass worse or slightly better

tentoes: print('Hello World')

Astrobytes: It really is a dark art huh

jacek: and also encountered some rps situation between old models, when it would be better against the best, but somewhat worse than earlier ones

jacek: nyoro~n

jacek: nnue folks use 10b-20b positions and train for 800 epochs with sophisticated tools

jacek: i trained mere millions for 100 epochs with my own

Astrobytes: Onwards and upwards eh

Astrobytes: did you get anywhere with BitRunner btw?

jacek: no, despite more generations or experiments with different inputs, its no better what i have now

Astrobytes: Hmm. Seems your ML framework is more attuned for board games (Assuming you're using the same framework/tools/pipeline)

jacek: its very different

jacek: that being said, the more i experiment, the less i know about NNs ~

Astrobytes: You're not the first person I heard that from :)

Astrobytes: Keep going though man, you've done great so far

jacek: thanks

BlaiseEbuth: Try with more dishes.

jacek: whats with the dishes? are you a woman

GamingGnawer: ...classy...

BlaiseEbuth: Are we in a kitchen?

Default avatar.png Jezfromthe6: Is there any info on what the spring challenge will be about?

jacek: no

BlaiseEbuth: No. We're not in a kitchen.

ninjadip: something about simulating natural growth

BlaiseEbuth: Ah yeah... Putrefaction of the platform...

BlaiseEbuth: Let's call it... CoffinGame

jacek: Astrobytes

Astrobytes: hahahaha

Astrobytes: Automaton still got the moves eh

Astrobytes: CoffinGame :rofl:

BlaiseEbuth: :3

Husoski: CoffinGame--bringing AI to the Tobacco Industry!

GamingGnawer: When making a community contribution...

GamingGnawer: it does not seem possible to sumbit a work in progress

GamingGnawer: without a working solution

GamingGnawer: but will it still save my work in progress, just no show it to others? or will all work be lost if close the browser

Husoski: I don't know if it's different for the puzzle composer, but for others using "Test in IDE" the code stays on the system. There's no link stored to it, though so you need to bookmark it.

Husoski: The puzzle won't get approved without a reference solution, though, so you'll need to come up with something that you'll let other see.

Husoski: Other contributors have suggested keeping an offline copy anyway.

ZXC01: hi!

ZXC01: hi automaton2000

Automaton2000: i didn't think about that

ZXC01: automaton2000?

Automaton2000: it make sense to do it :(

Flaise: Why do people I've never met or spoken to keep following me out of the blue?

ZXC01: hmm

ZXC01: cuz they dont like blue

TimothyAlexisVass: I need to stop playing clashes

ZXC01: why?

Defmc: me too

ZXC01: :]

ZXC01: ;]

ZXC01: ')

ZXC01: o]

ZXC01: o)

Default avatar.png Carlos3365: :c

Default avatar.png Carlos3365: :(

ZXC01: ")

Default avatar.png Carlos3365: :'c

ZXC01: %)

Default avatar.png Carlos3365: :c

ZXC01: $)

ZXC01: :money_mouth:

ZXC01: {)

ZXC01: {}

ZXC01: {[()]}

ZXC01: {[(\|/)]}

Wontonimo: don't spam

Wontonimo: Reminder : generally talk about coding, or codingame. be respectful. don't spam.

Default avatar.png fullstack11235: gm

ZXC01: gm

AlkhilJohn.: $)

AlkhilJohn.: $-)

AlkhilJohn.: $>

AlkhilJohn.: Wait what is the money face emoji

Wontonimo: last warning, no spamming

AlkhilJohn.: The reason why you mods are all underpaid is due to spending hours upon hours moderating these chatrooms. You devs should get out there and start earning.

DialFrost: excuse me most of these mods already have other jobs along with moderating

AlkhilJohn.: I'm just sick of them

AntiSquid: it's a jian yang avatar DialFrost lol

AntiSquid: ya i know what you mean AlkhilJohn.

ZXC01: lol

DialFrost: :)

AntiSquid: if you don't get the reference you could google it :/

DialFrost: haha okey

AlkhilJohn.: I get it

DialFrost: oh ok i get it

AlkhilJohn.: I am alkhiljohn

AlkhilJohn.: Jimmy Yang

DialFrost: very funny antisquid

DialFrost: ;)

Astrobytes: Webchat is so good now. Who knew this could be possible.

Rebollo: Guys

Rebollo: I am working on Shadows of the Knight - Episode 2

Rebollo: using the following

Rebollo: let xSide = (Math.cos(angleInRadians) * hypotenuse);

Rebollo: And once the number is too small

Rebollo: * I am using javascrit

Rebollo: it is parsing 6

Rebollo: instead of 6.123233995736766e-18

Rebollo: using parseInt

Rebollo: console.error((xSide))

Wontonimo: why would you use parse int ?

Wontonimo: copy the line that uses parseInt here

Rebollo: What would I use?

Rebollo: I need to pass a interger in console.log

Rebollo: like that

Rebollo: console.log(x + ' ' + y);

Wontonimo: 6.123233995736766e-18 is not an int

Rebollo: bu and need to transform into a int

Wontonimo: parseInt will turn it into 6, because that is the integer part of it. you want float

Rebollo: I want zero

Wontonimo: use round

Rebollo: with no decimal places

Rebollo: hum

Wontonimo: : node > let a = 6.123233995736766e-18; > console.log(Math.round(a)) 0

Wontonimo: boom

Rebollo: perfect

Rebollo: sorry about that

Rebollo: parseInt just truncates?

Wontonimo: your apology is sad compensation for the mental strain of having to explain such a triviality. i'll forgive you this one time. j/k. really, that's what this chat is for :D

Wontonimo: no, parseInt is for extracting integers out of text

Rebollo: :joy:

Rebollo: thanks man

Wontonimo: welcome to CG!

Rebollo: I am about 4 hours getting crazy almost

Wontonimo: i know the feeling

Rebollo: yes, the only way I can learn something is struggling to death

Wontonimo: hey, do you know about microtests? It's kinda like unittests but smaller

Wontonimo: and they are wildly useful

Wontonimo: in making your code (mostly) bug free

Rebollo: Is this a way of testing? A tool? Or its just a matter of isolating the specif error, and getting into the detail till you find the mistake?

Wontonimo: it's a method of code development

Wontonimo: after defining a function

Wontonimo: you add code right after it like

Wontonimo: assert(myfunc(6,7) == 42)

Wontonimo: or whatever inputs map to expected output

Wontonimo: so you don't have to run everything, and try to get your whole program to get to the point where your one new function is called

Wontonimo: and instead you'll know at program startup that your new function is either sane or is broken

Rebollo: Is assert a reserved word?

Wontonimo: yes

Rebollo: hummm

Wontonimo: in node

Rebollo: thanks a lot I will use it forever..

Wontonimo: here is an example (in python)

Wontonimo: same concept, just different language.

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: I wonder if Wontonimo knows he is talking to the same 5 guys over and over :thinking:

Wontonimo: yeah

Wontonimo: it's like a hamster wheel

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: you are a saint

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: you'll be banning left and right Astro style in a couple months :P

Wontonimo: i'm feeling the transformation starting already

AntiSquid: better be careful

AntiSquid: you can only ban once, but kicks are unlimited

MrBlueBird2: can anybody help me to create a discord bot with Python, I don't know how to create a bot

Wontonimo: what have you discovered on google and youtube so far?

MrBlueBird2: I can't understand by google, and youtube too much

Wontonimo: ah, i'm not more knowledgable than those two combined, so i doubt I could add anything of value

MrBlueBird2: okay, Fine, I will create it myself

AntiSquid: you can annoy a live person here with search queries :

MrBlueBird2: Oh thanks

AntiSquid: ah wrong link, forgot what the search engine name was

Wontonimo: google it

AntiSquid: it featured live chat with support, but you should be fine now that you decided to create it yourself

Wontonimo: +1

Default avatar.png nets-kd: 中国人不骗中国人

Wontonimo: english only in this channel

Wontonimo: There are other languages in other channels and on discord

AntiSquid: 尝试 #cn nets-kd

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: with world chat dying, we need to get on translating all channels to a common english channel

AntiSquid: how dead is it ?

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: almost all junk

AntiSquid: the usual ?

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: well, most of the titans are gone. #fr is still the same as ever though

AntiSquid: looks asleep

Wontonimo: right now I'm reading

Wontonimo: if you like one-punch-man, you'd like it

AntiSquid: i have a long reading list, which i tend to forget about but why would i read this instead of one punch manga?

Wontonimo: instead? are you crazy! I said no such thing as "instead"

Wontonimo: OPM!

AntiSquid: gn8 have to prepare for christmas i guess, going to try joy-riding a saucer or something

Flaise: :confused:

Flaise: Reading text written by people on the internet never fails to make me feel incapable of comprehension and full of stupid at least once a day.

Wontonimo: oh?

Flaise: "joy-riding a saucer" ...?