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NeoJex: so happy to finally do 50 code clashes

White_Code: I just did 100

White_Code: I am clash of code addict now

ZXC01: lol

TeslaRam: hi can i reset my Mad Pod Racing progress?

ZXC01: no

ZXC01: use anothere acccount

TeslaRam: thank you

Thorcode: mad pod race is so hard

Thorcode: for reaching legend XD

resty-daze: most game are hard to enter legend

Thorcode: do you know how mpr caculat the next checkpointangle

resty-daze: does it have that parameter?

Uljahn: most probably with atan2

DialFrost: :)

DialFrost: nope

DialFrost: u can ig but idk how if u use atan2

DialFrost: im using something else

Default avatar.png Automaton2000.: you mean numpy?

5DN1L: Automaton2000, why would somebody want to name himself/herself after you?

Automaton2000: do they give you an idea of what you were saying

Default avatar.png Automaton2000.: ?

Automaton2000.: yeah

Automaton2000.: can someone help me with mad pod race?

5DN1L: Ask Automaton2000 to help you

Automaton2000: i see where i end up

Automaton2000.: how to ask him?

5DN1L: Just mention his name and ask

Automaton2000.: thanks buddy, what is the badge next to your name

jacek: my oh

5DN1L: it's a mod badge

Automaton2000.: nice

Uljahn: just hover mouse pointer over it, also works with avatars

Automaton2000.: thanks, can someone tell me how the mad pod race could caculate the next checkpoint dist?

Automaton2000.: some input in mad pod race seem awesome

Automaton2000.: this site seem awsome

Default avatar.png VirtutisBlack: Does this site work with firefox?

5DN1L: yes

willdrinkyourblood: can confirm

Default avatar.png VirtutisBlack: Hmm, in /learn/loops, I have nothing showing after STATEMENT

5DN1L: try refreshing?

Default avatar.png VirtutisBlack: Yea, did a cache clear too

5DN1L: Could we see any screenshot?

Default avatar.png VirtutisBlack: sure, where do I post pic

5DN1L: Please post the link to the pic

Default avatar.png VirtutisBlack:

5DN1L: yeah, no statement should be there lol

5DN1L: statements are for individual puzzles or games

5DN1L: choose the puzzles below

Default avatar.png VirtutisBlack: Yep, that works

5DN1L: good :)

Default avatar.png MichaelDu26: hello every one

Default avatar.png tsagaanaa: hello

Jerrasterix: "the pod's facing vector" what does this mean in CSB ??

qpi: what does CSB stand for ?

Uljahn: CSB == MPR

qpi: :sweat_smile:

Uljahn: qpi:

Default avatar.png Klaus_404: guys what is compiler mean ? :)

qpi: ok thx

jacek: Automaton2000 what is compiler

Automaton2000: i thought about it and i am pretty sure


Default avatar.png mussie:

Jerrasterix: WTF ???


Jerrasterix: and this article was factchecked by another idiot 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

5DN1L: Google search "swift was recently released by apple to make" -> 385 results

Default avatar.png n0thing: Why im so stupid??? X(:disappointed:

5DN1L: Because you don't realise you aren't that stupid in fact?

Default avatar.png oldtroll: Guys, can i go back somehow to last clas of code?

Default avatar.png oldtroll: To check the results etc

jacek: you can go back to results in notification

jacek: but not the clash itself

Default avatar.png oldtroll: but I didn't receive any notification on the last clash :(

jacek: is it finished?

Default avatar.png oldtroll: hm, not sure about that, but it should be, I managed to eat 2 sandwiches in the meantime

5DN1L: That depends on how quickly you eat your sandwiches lol

Default avatar.png oldtroll: well it also depends on other factors, but im rather slow eater

5DN1L: Search your notifications. It should be there. If not, refresh and search again.

Default avatar.png oldtroll: oh, right, it was about page refresh, thanks!

5DN1L: :)

Default avatar.png oldtroll: funny thing, from the last clash one could claim that people coding in java/javascript know maths and people coding in Python/C knows how to quickly code slow loops :)

Viloo: why can't we see solutions after the clash. That would help a lot

5DN1L: You can, if the other players are willing to share their code

Miki09: Anyone can pls help me with the lucky number?

Miki09: I got 66% because my python code is too slow

IamFish: honestly, the most efficient way is just using a lookup table. As in just storing all the lucky numbers within the constraints in a list. Don't know how much you'll get out of that though haha

jacek: use faster computer

Miki09: thank for the advise :D

Miki09: *advice

Jerrasterix: correct me if I am wrong, DFS and BFS are both the same, except we use queues in BFS and stacks in DFS

Jerrasterix: > Google search "swift was recently released by apple to make" -> 385 results

5DN1L wdym by it ??

5DN1L: meaning probably many are just copying and pasting

5DN1L: as the same opening sentence appears over many websites


Jerrasterix: 5DN1L, i didn't mean that, did you read the 2nd line ??

5DN1L: hmmm?

5DN1L: you mean fact check? has there been any fact check at all?


Jerrasterix: I have marked it now

5DN1L: ah that

5DN1L: Objective-C = C# yay

Jerrasterix: I died laughing :rofl

Jerrasterix: :rofl:

Jerrasterix: If it was C, mistake acknowledged, but referring a lang by their rivals :laughing:

Miki09: I cant find aneo sponsored contest anywhere

5DN1L: Removed

Miki09: Why?

5DN1L: Sponsor finished i guess

Miki09: Ok

Jerrasterix: :sobL

Jerrasterix: :sob:

Jerrasterix: I was planning to do that

Jerrasterix: I lost 100xp :(

5DN1L: oh, is the achievement still in the available list?

Jerrasterix: it is !!

5DN1L: and clicking it leads to 404?

Jerrasterix: 1 min

Jerrasterix: it doesn't have a link anchored to it

5DN1L: ah right

5DN1L: an achievement which can never be obtained again

5DN1L: grab all the achievements while they last!!!

Jerrasterix: We have one more tooo

Jerrasterix: community contest thing for 2500xp

5DN1L: another bug report then? :P

Jerrasterix: that too is unachievable now!!

Jerrasterix: I did for aneo now

5DN1L: i saw that

Jerrasterix: added

5DN1L: now let's wait for the response for who-knows-how-long :P

Jerrasterix: where are BFS preferred over DFS ??

jacek: when you want the shortest fast

Jerrasterix: Thanks jacek

TimothyAlexisVass: Have you learned it yet Jerrasterix?

willdrinkyourblood: "Index was outside the bounds of the array." "at Solution.Main on line 26" THERE IS SEMICOLON THERE WHAT

willdrinkyourblood: i do not understand

willdrinkyourblood: my compiler is fine with the program, why doesn't this work here

jacek: its not compilation error

jacek: your array is too small

Flaise: Good morning

DavitJanashia1: good morning? where do you live?

BIPIN_THE_KING: good morning? ????? its good night for me bruh

Flaise: Just a tad west of the sun, evidently

BIPIN_THE_KING: i am from india

BlaiseEbuth: Sun? What is that?

Flaise: BlaiseEbuth: Big scary ball of nuclear fusion that exists outside of the walls. Don't go out there; it'll burn you.

Flaise: I mean, come to think of it

BlaiseEbuth: :scream: That's for this kind of things I never go to the surface.

Flaise: I've never actually SEEN the sun.

Flaise: Yeh know, when I go outside, I don't look straight up into the sky. So for all I know, the light could be coming out of a flying spaghetti monster.

jacek: oO

jacek: not rick roll

BlaiseEbuth: :ok_hand:

Flaise: Holy crap the cryptography puzzles are satisfying to finally figure out.

jacek: double rot13?

BlaiseEbuth: :3

Erolei: Sandman, it's a german shepherd puppy. My boy when he was only about 6 weeks old

5DN1L: :thinking:

Erolei: wrong chat oops

jacek: oO

BlaiseEbuth: :dog:

Default avatar.png Pargol: how is action Count action looks like , i can't understand why its' length is 7?

**BlaiseEbuth starts searching the context, lost, once more...

5DN1L: Automaton2000, do you have anything of length 7?

Automaton2000: could the validators in the repo not have been in a convenient format ffs...

BlaiseEbuth: :smirk:

5DN1L: Pargol, I can't understand either, can't help you. Neither can Automaton2000

Automaton2000: yeah that's a good idea

balamalexis: bro why

5DN1L: Pargol, this should be useful to you, though:

jacek: :upside_down:

Default avatar.png Pargol: in othello game , i got difficulty on understanding what the input actionCount action looks like and why its length is 7, can anyone help me with that?

darkhorse64: It's the number of legal moves

jacek: as the statement ( :scream: ) says: actionCount: the number of legal actions

jacek: hmm, in the statement next line is "Next actionCount action: a string representing the action.". A typo i think :?

jacek: ahh, its ok. just weirdly phrased :?

Default avatar.png Pargol: can you bring me an example for that because i still don't understant

jacek: what language?

jacek: besides, the generated code should handle that

jacek: where do you get 7? first turn has 4 possible moves

jacek: first inputs


Default avatar.png Pargol: in the c version of the code that it get us at first the string that it get has length of 7, the things that you get is the thing that i thought it would be but it still just have 2 length.

jacek: generator stub works differently for C i think. 7 is just the 'suggestion', the maximum. action will be always 2 length. action is available move, like "e6" mean you can put stone in square e6

Default avatar.png Pargol: thank you for your helps

jacek: :tada:

Flaise: jacek: I just checked the video. That is ridiculously adorable.

jacek: :scream_cat:

Flaise: :smiley_cat:

rodrigoregex: JOAO

Default avatar.png oldtroll: what happens when time runs out during clash?

TimothyAlexisVass: You will submit

Default avatar.png oldtroll: thing that is written on the screen? or the last tested one?

BlaiseEbuth: You'll be prompted to choose between both.

jacek: i dont know, i never run out of time during clash ~

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: Oh joy, another caesar puzzle approvved

Default avatar.png oldtroll: jacek, i try to learn other languages during shortest clashes, because java is not the best option there ;)

BlaiseEbuth: Is it anywhere?

Default avatar.png oldtroll: in classroom it's one of the best options I believe (and thats my level)

Default avatar.png oldtroll: and if you mean fastest/reverse clashes, for me it is in both

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: The next time they try to sell the company, someone will figure out 10% of the IP is caesar and rot13

jacek: hm

jacek: and they will patent it

wlesavo: Hey, im trying to reproduce eulers downloading and it seems that they removed loginSiteV2 request, and loginSite requires some kind of captha code, is there any known workaround for using the api being logged in?

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: He updated his NS python script

wlesavo: oh, thx, ill check there

wlesavo: yay it works, thx

Flaise: oldtroll: Mmyep. Java is not good for code golf. I recall it being basically the opposite of that when I used it. :P

Flaise: Personally, I don't like code golf challenges because Ruby is always going to be the winner. I don't want to practice Ruby but I want to place well anyway, so I always use Python and nothing else on Clash of Code.

rodrigoregex: code gold challenge "print hello world". Java: System.out.println("hello world"). Python: print("hello world")

rodrigoregex: golf*

Flaise: Ruby: puts "hello world"

rodrigoregex: Impossible use Java in code golf

Flaise: Sometimes I wonder what kind of coder Ruby must have been made for, seeing as it came out /after/ Python. I like almost every aspect of Python slightly better than Ruby. Clearly it wasn't made for me, so who?

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: Isn't every new language by some autistic guy who takes issue with something nobody else cares about?

Scarfield: it was made for someone annoyed at losing golf challenges

TimothyAlexisVass: I think Ruby is related to PErl

TimothyAlexisVass: Perl*

rodrigoregex: @Scarfield that is true ahahhaha

Flaise: Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: ...xD Well I mean, I used to hate Java's anti-codegolfness but then I started using C and C++ and learned what it was a backlash against.

Flaise: Now I still don't want to use Java but at least it makes sense.

Wontonimo: there is a discussion going on in about coordinate system. My understanding is that on CG coordinates are supposed to have 0,0 in the upper left corner

Scarfield: thats is the standard ye

BlaiseEbuth: Standards are like hearts: made to be broken.

Wontonimo: I can't find that standard anywhere ... remember reading it but can't find it. Anyone able to share a link?

Flaise: It's somewhere in here

e_fishel: hello lads

Scarfield: hi

GamingGnawer: how do you use initializer lists with fixed size arrays?

ZXC01: hi!

GamingGnawer: Like int x[5]; Foo(int xin[]) : ???

ZXC01: ?

GamingGnawer: I'm making a class in c++ and want to pass a fixed size array to the constructor

ZXC01: o i use python sry

LordMoopCow: Are the angles in pod racer in degrees or rads?

GamingGnawer: degrees i think, but i also think it says in the description

DialFrost: mroning

DialFrost: morning*

Default avatar.png Sideway: good night :')

Flaise: lol

Flaise: Coding goes all around the globe

Andrew_OHara: debugging is a huge hassle

GamingGnawer: just neve make misstakes ;)

Andrew_OHara: That would be great, except instructions aren't always clear and complete, so I need to debug to see how it actually behaves. I can't do print debugging Im too stupid to keep up

GamingGnawer: everyone makes misstakes and the better the coder the more complicated they are to fix :P

GamingGnawer: why can't you do print-debugging?

Dren: what languiage are you using

ShivaHaze: is ECMAScript 6 used for the coding challenges?

ShivaHaze: regarding JS

Dren: probably

ShivaHaze: aight ty

Andrew_OHara: I can't do print debugging because it just confuses me. i need to be able to stop, inspect, then move on one line a time. I'm using either python or c# right now

Dren: I mean with python I usually write a function to make it more simple

Dren: that only prints stuff to stderr with whatever parameters are most suitable for the problem

Flaise: Perhaps just learn to do print-debugging? Don't limit yourself by saying you can't do something just because it feels like a challenge.

Dren: ture

Dren: *True

Dren: sorry can't spell booleans

GamingGnawer: that is easy to debug atleast ;)

Dren: I'll just write bool(1)

Flaise: ew >_<

Dren: well rather str(bool(1)).lower()

Dren: a short and simple way of saying 'true'

Flaise: repr(bool(not 0)).kill().me_now()

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: Huh. They changed the name (and link) of the number spiral puzzle?

Thorcode: hi I just finish the "blub or bilibo challenge" this is the link: can someone tell me tips of using loops and how to break a loop

Flaise: o_O Most languages have a `break` keyword to end a loop early. Is that what you're talking about?

Thorcode: try the puzzle flaise

Thorcode: I know that most lang have a break func to end a loop

Flaise: I may eventually but I'm working on other stuff now.

Thorcode: thanks for your attention Flaise

Default avatar.png zzzdsj: you are welcome.

Mr_BlueBird: Hello, Please follow me on