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Jerrasterix:, is this the wrong westicles ??

Wontonimo: yeah, he changed his profile recently ... let me see if i can find his old profile


Wontonimo: ^^ that's his original account

Wontonimo: or dummy account

Wontonimo: or hacking account

Wontonimo: idk

Jerrasterix: He is a legend indeed!!

Jerrasterix: he seems to have done all the puzzles CG has

Flaise: Man...

Wontonimo: well, there is an easy way of getting the solutions, so he doesn't actually have to do them

Flaise: Makes me totally question my philosophy of doing it the hard way

Jerrasterix: how ??

Jerrasterix: same Flaise

Wontonimo: don't spoil the site for yourself and go looking for the solutions. just dont

Jerrasterix: I used to when I learnt programming last year....

Jerrasterix: now I am as honest as I can be

Wontonimo: if you want fake internet points, yeah, his way is best. if you want to have fun and learn stuff, his way probably isn't going to get you there

Jerrasterix: I have a doubt, How did my bot went from bronze 30s to gold in botters of galaxy :confused: ??

Wontonimo: oh, congrats!

Jerrasterix: I am still bluffled

Wontonimo: i can't get a break iin that game

Jerrasterix: dude I didn't touch that for months

Wontonimo: nope, i'm still in bronze

Jerrasterix: Mine was just attacking, retreating and buying whatever I could...

Jerrasterix: for Tron battle, did you use Voronoi diagram ??

Wontonimo: yes, but more specifically synchronous flood fill.

Jerrasterix: ohhh,,,, I tried it a couple of days b4

Jerrasterix: Its suiciding...

Wontonimo: your tron?

Jerrasterix: yeah

Jerrasterix: Its moving for some 20 moves and crasjing into itself :(

Jerrasterix: *crashing


Wontonimo: yes, i see

Wontonimo: how are you using flood fill to drive decision making?

Jerrasterix: Nope

Jerrasterix: Class started for me :( , Bye Wontonimo

Wontonimo: later

Jerrasterix: Idk flood fill btw

Wontonimo: here is the puzzle that will help with synchronous flood fill

Flaise: Wontonimo: Fair point about the "fake internet points". I'm here to practice and hopefully present a genuine-looking profile to potential employers.

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: "his way"? What is that supposed to mean?

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: Several french have done more puzzles than me, do they have a "way" as well?

Default avatar.png Iamcarrot:

Default avatar.png Iamcarrot: Can Somebody Tell Whats The Mistake in this

Flaise: Looks like you didn't turn your throttle all the way up.

Jerrasterix: wait boss1 is -2.35 ??

Jerrasterix: WTF ??

Default avatar.png Fira19: i dont think

DialFrost: lmao fewest ppl i've seen online

DialFrost: 3 ppl in chat only

jacek: happy Caturday

DialFrost: :)

DialFrost: anyone here willingly to check something real quick

DialFrost: rly easy qns


DialFrost: im asking this cuz i dont want random ppl stealing the code

DialFrost: and i wont pm ppl without getting their consent first

jacek: Automaton2000 will you look at that

Automaton2000: it's about the fact that you have a good reference

BlaiseEbuth: and people will not accept to help you without even knowing what is it about.

DialFrost: fine its about mad

BlaiseEbuth: *it is

DialFrost: plus all one needs to do is understand wat it means

DialFrost: done

BlaiseEbuth: -_-

Default avatar.png rekaxem: hi

DialFrost: elo

DialFrost: lo

DialFrost: whoops

DialFrost: ello*

Default avatar.png rekaxem: ello

Default avatar.png Maxamas: wagwan my frilla

Default avatar.png Maxamas: drilla*

BlaiseEbuth: And people are supposed to go ahead to try to help you without knowing what language you use, or what league you're in? You know, all this details that can help someone to know if he even could help you ?

DialFrost: thats the thing

DialFrost: u dont need to know

DialFrost: cuz its not mine

DialFrost: its magus's or well from his website

jacek: oO

BlaiseEbuth: And you don't want people to stole the code he shared publicly?

DialFrost: steal*

DialFrost: actually u have to find it if u wanna see it

BlaiseEbuth: Dude... This site is linked about 50 times one the MPR's forum topic

BlaiseEbuth: *on

DialFrost: and if ur not answering my question then stop

DialFrost: js pm me if u wanna lecture me

DialFrost: instead of filling the chat so no one can see the question

BlaiseEbuth: I didn't see the question either...

DialFrost: very funny if u didnt see the qns how'd u know to "lecture" me hmm?

BlaiseEbuth: "Do someone want to help me with something? I will not give any precision because mean people will steal the code" isn't a valid question... You can insist, correct my english, say me to stop, that doesn't change the fact that people here will not take on their time to help you without knowing if they can before, or even the time that will take.

DialFrost: nice speech

LelouchVC2: Ladies, your both beautiful

LelouchVC2: But I'm not interested

LelouchVC2: I'm sorry

DialFrost: should i consider that a compliment or an insult

DialFrost: ur first line

Default avatar.png rekaxem: why am i getting so many security checks

DialFrost: captcha?

Default avatar.png rekaxem: yes

DialFrost: er idk

DialFrost: depends if u like click submit too many times

Default avatar.png rekaxem: im just playing clash of code

DialFrost: oh

DialFrost: idk

jacek: too much clash oc coding

BlaiseEbuth: The link is even on the game front page :rofl:

Jerrasterix: may I know who in this f**king world gave logical opertaors a lower precedence than equality ??

jacek: oO

BlaiseEbuth: Isn't equality a logical operator?

Jerrasterix: Woops I meant bitwise operator

BlaiseEbuth: Seems logical. No?

wlesavo: yay carebaens legend :slight_smile:

DialFrost: congrats!

Jerrasterix: Congrats !!

DialFrost: btw guys in this code


DialFrost: wat does this.angle mean

Jerrasterix: Not for me BlaiseEbuth

wlesavo: pushed 7 people in the mean time :smiley:

Jerrasterix: you must be feeling happy for that :laughing:

wlesavo: DialFrost the code is for a method of a class, so this.angle is a property of an instance of a class the method is called for

DialFrost: er since this is mad pod racing

DialFrost: is it the angle of the pod?

BlaiseEbuth: Why Jerrasterix? I mean, why 'a&b==c&d' is more strange than 'a+b==c+d'?

Jerrasterix: Its not stranger than it !! That's what I am saying

Jerrasterix: Then why does bitwise have a lower precedence than equality ?

BlaiseEbuth: bitwise produce diversity of values while equality can only be true or false. When the choice of precedence had been made, it seemed more useful to favorise comparison on bitwise operation results rather than use of bitwises on booleans. :shrug:

Jerrasterix: Ohhhh....

Jerrasterix: Thanks for explaining BlaiseEbuth :)

BlaiseEbuth: When in doubt, put brackes everywhere!

BlaiseEbuth: That's the angle you get in input DialFrost btw

DialFrost: ic

DialFrost: thx blaise~

DialFrost: <33

TimothyAlexisVass: Is this the same guy as AlkhilJohn?

TimothyAlexisVass: :joy:

Jerrasterix: ig not

Thorcode: nah

Thorcode: he is a real person

Jerrasterix: well, they seem to be from a korean drama

Thorcode: actually he's from australia

Jerrasterix: What the ??

5DN1L: Wait until you see him:

Thorcode: nah I chatted with him on discord

Jerrasterix: he is a real person

Jerrasterix: but is he like on his pfp

5DN1L: AlkhilJohn, AlkhilJohn., AlkhilJohnStan

Jerrasterix: that's question ??

Jerrasterix: even a mod is spamming :unamused:

5DN1L: it's information provision

5DN1L: letting you guys know two other profiles which copy from the clash of codes bot

Jerrasterix: you can't copy humphh ??

Jerrasterix: Yeah, even I was thinking him as a bot till this morning when he posted a contribution

5DN1L: it's a bit confusing to say the least. but well, at least better than that day the other guy copied MY profile >.<

5DN1L: or i should say, not worse instead of better

Jerrasterix: what did you do

5DN1L: i told Thibaud who took that guy's account off

5DN1L: who then*

Jerrasterix: well by copying , wdym ??

5DN1L: use my profile pic

5DN1L: and use a name very similar to mine

5DN1L: even existed on this chat for a while

Jerrasterix: :laughing:

5DN1L: claiming that he was the real one

Jerrasterix: he went far on that

5DN1L: yeah, he did

5DN1L: luckily it was resolved quickly

Jerrasterix: yup

Jerrasterix: You used MC in CSB??

5DN1L: who, me?

Jerrasterix: yeah

5DN1L: no, i just duplicated my first pod's simplest behaviour for my second pod :joy:

5DN1L: too busy to do anything more complex than that

TimothyAlexisVass: Can I see a clash again after I've done it? It was a pathfinding task and I didn't solve 100% in time. I Want to solve it...

5DN1L: try searching the clash here:


Jerrasterix: you are faster than me :(

5DN1L: bookmarked it :P

Jerrasterix: ohhh lol

TimothyAlexisVass: Found it, thank you

5DN1L: :)

TimothyAlexisVass: Lol, I will be impressed to see someone solve this in 15 minutes, even the author of this one.

5DN1L: is it a dragon one?

Jerrasterix: The deadliest part is it was approved

Jerrasterix: nope a simple one "as per author"

TimothyAlexisVass: Doodler about 4 years ago

5DN1L: i mean there

TimothyAlexisVass: "The mere fact that I solved it, urged me to approve it. One of the toughest clashes ever I think."

5DN1L: oops

TimothyAlexisVass: lol


TimothyAlexisVass: hands up

TimothyAlexisVass: Contributor wrote "I myself barely finished in 15 minutes. So not sure whether its okay..."

5DN1L: i do have a generic code for something like that. not sure if 15 minutes is enough to adapt to the inputs and stuff

Jerrasterix: where did you learn pathfinding algo from ??

5DN1L: Google?

Jerrasterix: like any resource ??

5DN1L: lots of resources on the web

TimothyAlexisVass: DFS or BFS

jacek: he used pathfinding to find it

Jerrasterix: i need both



Jerrasterix: ohhhh you need graphs for both ??

TimothyAlexisVass: Not reallyl

Jerrasterix: idk graphs :(

5DN1L: graphs just a way to connect the dots with lines i think :think:

TimothyAlexisVass: You don't "need" graphs

Jerrasterix: ohhh

TimothyAlexisVass: You can use DFS to find the shortest path from point A to B in a graph structure.

TimothyAlexisVass: You have a bunch of nodes with links to other nodes

TimothyAlexisVass: What is the shortest path from node A to B ?

Jerrasterix: okay how do you get the route from the stack...

TimothyAlexisVass: What do you mean?

Jerrasterix: They say, you have push the starting to stack and keep on pushing the adjacent unvisited nodes to it

Jerrasterix: and you have to do that till you reach the end point

TimothyAlexisVass: What programming language are you using?

Jerrasterix: C#

Jerrasterix: why ??'


jacek: DFS - stack. BFS - queue

jacek: kthxbai

Jerrasterix: I know about stacks and queues

Jerrasterix: okay, the order of points in a stack or queue is the path right ??

TimothyAlexisVass: "okay how do you get the route from the stack..."

TimothyAlexisVass: The stack is the route

TimothyAlexisVass: yeah

Jerrasterix: okay, I messed up on understanding that one :P

Jerrasterix: Thank you everyone

TimothyAlexisVass: You can generate an array of all possible paths

TimothyAlexisVass: and then draw conclusions based on that for example, which one is the shortest

Jerrasterix: :+1:

TimothyAlexisVass: I need to learn pathfinding better myself obviously because I didn't solve this clash. :)

Jerrasterix: dude no one solved that one

Jerrasterix: I once had it for clash

TimothyAlexisVass: But apparently, the author barely did too :D

Jerrasterix: everyone 0%

TimothyAlexisVass: I think, if I had more experience with DFS, I could have solved it easily.

TimothyAlexisVass: especially with itertools

5DN1L: I think you need BFS for shortest path

Jerrasterix: do you write a Node class to represent the nodes ??

5DN1L: Ah, this is a puzzle to practise path finding too:

Jerrasterix: Thanks

5DN1L: In python for simple pathfinding I don't need any node class. Just simple dictionary

Jerrasterix: I am doing

Thorcode: how to make a program check the element next to each other in a list that lower or higher than each other?

5DN1L: apparently i can't see that link of yours Jerrasterix

Jerrasterix: hmmm strange why ??

5DN1L: maybe it contains your code in progress?

Jerrasterix: I got this link from forums

5DN1L: oh really

Jerrasterix: yeah

Jerrasterix: Its a training puzzle

BlaiseEbuth: Quit the IDE and share the puzzle page link

Jerrasterix: now not there in CG

5DN1L: yeah some training puzzles were gone

Jerrasterix: This is remains of it

BlaiseEbuth: Thorcode ?

Thorcode: what?

BlaiseEbuth: Don't understand your question.

Jerrasterix: found the link


5DN1L: nice

Thorcode: ah i solved it

BlaiseEbuth: Wut? Never saw that before

5DN1L: I should try to look for the other training puzzles then. Maybe they still exist.

5DN1L: I know there are a few of them


Thorcode: it just a puzzle from another website

Jerrasterix: from where ??

Jerrasterix: thorcode ??

Thorcode: I'm training on codewar

Thorcode: I'm kinda trash when asking that question

Jerrasterix: wait does codewars have path finding algo question ??

5DN1L: why not

Thorcode: it have alot

Thorcode: I'm training 2d array I'm kinda suck in that part

BlaiseEbuth: Pretty old thing...

5DN1L: the training puzzles hidden on CG:

Jerrasterix: I can only find 1 pathfinding algo in codewars

Jerrasterix: I will give it a try

BlaiseEbuth: How did you hear about it 5DN1L? You readed all the forum from the start? ^^

jacek: not so hidden anymore eh

5DN1L: some other forum threads mention that post :P

5DN1L: the evolution of CG or something like that

5DN1L: it's stilll hidden in the sense that you can't search it in the usual way

Jerrasterix: but only 2,... disappointed

BlaiseEbuth: Well... Even already beeing there at this time, I didn't know about it... :sweat_smile:

5DN1L: it's kind of an experimental thing i guess

BlaiseEbuth: Aborted thing...

BlaiseEbuth: I'm so old... :older_man:

5DN1L: You don't age

Thorcode: Finally after a month my python3 certification is better than >99%

BlaiseEbuth: 99% of the pros are better than >99% of the pros...

Thorcode: Ps(a month ago my score are 10%)

jacek: participation medals eh

Overbed: gm

Overbed: 5DN1L weren't you not mod a few days ago?

TimothyAlexisVass: a = [[2,'aaa'],[1,'aaa]] a.sort()

TimothyAlexisVass: print(a)

5DN1L: Overbed, right, I wasn't a mod a few days ago

TimothyAlexisVass: expected result: [[1,'aaa'],[2,'aaa']]

Overbed: how do you even get mod?

TimothyAlexisVass: I got some error

5DN1L: Automaton2000, how do you even get mad?

Automaton2000: oh and i have a project to work on the game

Overbed: Automaton2000, how do you get mod?

Automaton2000: only if i can do anything

Overbed: ?

Default avatar.png lakaoe: [[2,'aaa'],[1,'aaa']]

5DN1L: missing a quotation mark

Default avatar.png lakaoe: [[2,'aaa'],[1,'aaa']] (solved)

Overbed: how to put spaces inbetween words for output in python

Overbed: not every letter/number

5DN1L: words=['abbb','fdf','fdffd'] print(" ".join(words))

Overbed: i did something like for i in e: if i in w and i in e and i in t:

Overbed: w+=i

Overbed: print(" ".join(w)) but that printed all numbers seperated

5DN1L: w is a single string?

Overbed: i had w=""

5DN1L: after your for loop, it's still a string

Overbed: but i cant add .split() can i

5DN1L: you can if it is correct to do so

Overbed: where?

Overbed: w=w.split()?

5DN1L: before you print your final output perhaps?

Overbed: w=w.split() just for the print

Default avatar.png lakaoe: how do i make a code not only print the sum of one line but both lines

Default avatar.png lakaoe: xxxxxxxxxx 1111111111 0 10

5DN1L: what do you mean lakaoe

Default avatar.png lakaoe: like

Overbed: we are in private coc

5DN1L: xxxxxxxxxx is not a number?

Default avatar.png lakaoe: i got a program that counts how many digits in input

Default avatar.png lakaoe: but i have to do both lines

Default avatar.png lakaoe: and

Default avatar.png lakaoe: xxxxxxxxxx 1111111111

Default avatar.png lakaoe: and the output is 0 10

Overbed: he wants to count the numbers in a sentence

Overbed: like

Default avatar.png lakaoe: but its only printing out 10

Overbed: araw23576 = 5 wu4634 = 4

Overbed: print is 5 4

5DN1L: isdigit

Default avatar.png lakaoe:

Default avatar.png lakaoe: i have this

Overbed: why the w+=0

Default avatar.png lakaoe: but its only printing ow many digits in the last line

Default avatar.png lakaoe: thats when there are no digits overbed

5DN1L: is your identation wrong

Default avatar.png lakaoe: idk whats wrong

Default avatar.png lakaoe: but its only printing how many digits in the last line

Default avatar.png lakaoe: i have to do the first line to

Default avatar.png lakaoe: too

5DN1L: your code doesn't do the below for loop until after it's finished the reading for loop

5DN1L: i think your indentation is wrong

5DN1L: (and identation is spelled wrong, sad)

Default avatar.png lakaoe: how do i fix that/

Default avatar.png lakaoe: ?

Default avatar.png lakaoe: its private coc btw

5DN1L: push that indentation to the correct position?

Bon[]Crayon: Hi Automaton2000 !

Automaton2000: or maybe you just need to find some way to get crypto closing prices with 1 min interval instead of ...

TimothyAlexisVass: How do I get 2 space separated integers from input in Ruby?

5DN1L: you've picked up that line fast, Automaton2000

Automaton2000: i just don't like it

Thorcode: Automaton2000 where is AutomatonNN

Automaton2000: i would not be in the right way to do it

BIPIN_THE_KING: hellllooooo

BIPIN_THE_KING: anyone there

Default avatar.png lakaoe: me

Flaise: Yaaaaaaaaaaaay got my first legend achievement

5DN1L: :thumbsup:

TimothyAlexisVass: What was it?

TimothyAlexisVass: :trophy::regional_indicator_f::regional_indicator_l::regional_indicator_a::regional_indicator_i::regional_indicator_s::regional_indicator_e::trophy:

Default avatar.png lakaoe: waod

TimothyAlexisVass: waod?

Default avatar.png LordMoopCow: ello

TimothyAlexisVass: o/

Default avatar.png LordMoopCow: What is your guys controller like

Flaise: lol

Flaise: TimothyAlexisVass: It was the Babylon Tower achievement. AKA: The "can't make up your damn mind" achievement.

TimothyAlexisVass: I have no idea what that is

Flaise: 100% score on a puzzle on 15 different languages

TimothyAlexisVass: oh

Flaise: It was interesting to learn in more detail the languages I've only barely dabbled in before.

Default avatar.png Vienkk: where is my history clash?

Default avatar.png mussie: ;

Default avatar.png Vienkk: Where is my Participations?

5DN1L: What do you mean Vienkk?

Default avatar.png lakaoe: Mismatch with the stub generator input: Input not read entirely (6)

Default avatar.png lakaoe: what does this mean

5DN1L: That means your stub generator reads fewer variables than your specified inputs probably

Default avatar.png lakaoe: how do i add a variable in the stub generator

5DN1L: are you making a contribution?

Default avatar.png lakaoe: yeah, its for my nephew that wants to start coding python a bit

Default avatar.png lakaoe: so i made a code where he has to solve it using if, else function

Default avatar.png Vienkk: I played 3 games but I can't find my code history

Default avatar.png lakaoe: you cannot find your history i think Vienkk

5DN1L: I agree with lakaoe

5DN1L: lakaoe

Default avatar.png lakaoe: thanks

5DN1L: :)

Default avatar.png lakaoe: i got it, thanks

5DN1L: great

TimothyAlexisVass: Today I learned math.hypot() in Python :D

Uljahn: :tada:

jacek: oO

Default avatar.png Ukraineboi86: where can i go to learn c++

TimothyAlexisVass: Try :earth:

NotANick: You will use ISO/IEC 14882:2020 pdf's for c++ standarts you can find free versions on that pdf in everywhere and they are not illegal they are just incompleted(like beta but %99 completed) versions

jacek: 2020? i barely use c++11 features

NotANick: yes but its standart

NotANick: and everyone already use minimum c++11 in their projects

BlaiseEbuth: I'm sure you still can find companies who works on older versions.

jacek: like CG

Lambert_W_Function: gaming

Rddevelop: given a puzzle all the 12 testcases pass but after submitting the testcase nº 12 fails and i have no clue why

Rddevelop: any idea?

jacek: validators are different from test cases

jacek: so youre solution isnt generic enough

Default avatar.png Klaus_404: hey guys :)

5DN1L: Automaton2000 404!!!

Automaton2000: and there is the original name, the new name, and the user's aproximative name...

Rddevelop: yeah i understand that but the testcase that failed is called "random small number" so i was hoping there was a way to see the input that the testcase used

Flaise: You can print that to stderr

Rddevelop: my bad i meant validator, testcases passed but a validator failed afterwards

Flaise: Oh you mean when you click submit

TimothyAlexisVass: It happens...

Rddevelop: yeah

Flaise: Unfortunately, they can't share those because it would defeat the hard-coding protection

5DN1L: Better test your code on all the small numbers offine

Flaise: I had a Clash of code give me a 50% or something on the validation after all tests were green in the IDE. I was miffed.

Rddevelop: yeah i ll do that

5DN1L: For some puzzles it's easier to test offline. I know it's difficult for some other puzzles and that's frustrating. nothing can be done about that except to seek help and be more patient to go through the code again and again

TimothyAlexisVass: hhmmmmm

TimothyAlexisVass: Can't connect to recaptcha

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: we usually just share the validator if someone is stuck on just one

jacek: "we"?

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: we helpful frenchwomen

Astrobytes: (shared in private message ofc)

TimothyAlexisVass: Frenchwomen?

jacek: whats frenchwo?

Rddevelop: actually i want it yeah, i message you

5DN1L: helpful frenchwomen will get more private messages from now on :D

jacek: Automaton2000 message me a solution

Automaton2000: but if you use visual studio

Rddevelop: guys

Rddevelop: some1 remember the river ll puzzle?

Rddevelop: so the validator that was failing is 40, its expecting a YES, but 40 is never a meeting point of a single river besides himself

5DN1L: {7, 14, 19, 29, 40, ... }

5DN1L: Exactly the example given in the puzzle statement

Rddevelop: yeah

Rddevelop: i mean

Rddevelop: i should get some sleep XD

5DN1L: :smirk: good night

Rddevelop: yeah finally 100%, lets just say that i have no clue how it passed 91% tests with the error i found

5DN1L: :tada:

TimothyAlexisVass: -_- -_-

Default avatar.png TheProGremer: hello

danieeeeeeel: last christmas

danieeeeeeel: i gave you my code

danieeeeeeel: but the very next day

5DN1L: you gave me a bug?

Majeck: you handed it in late?

danieeeeeeel: thiiiiiiiiiiis year

danieeeeeeel: to save me from tears...

Default avatar.png ardacera: im a terrible programer i should die

5DN1L: That reason is not good enough

BADSUGAR: I just don't understand the simplest exercise haha

5DN1L: is it something on this website?

BADSUGAR: Oh yeah, I'm trying to understand the first pod race

Default avatar.png ardacera: i am not even enough for finding a valid reason to die. Ohh god!

danieeeeeeel: start using javascript

BADSUGAR: Yeah I'm using Javascript because it's the only language I have "seen" so far

BADSUGAR: I'm more used to the syntaxe. But I'm still clueless on how to make this darn pod move


jacek: the tutorial should tell you

jacek: is this the one with nextCheckpointY +" " + nextCheckpointY?

BADSUGAR: Yeah it's this one

5DN1L: y-coord + y-coord

5DN1L: is

5DN1L: wrong

Default avatar.png AmineACH51: Hello


BADSUGAR: I don't understand haha, i wrote something that doesn't move my pod but I still completed the race :joy:

BADSUGAR: from clueless to abuse haha

jacek: you wrote the X + Y?

BADSUGAR: Hm not the numnbers

BADSUGAR: Am I suppose to write words or numbers :joy:

5DN1L: depends on whether you want fixed values or variable amounts

5DN1L: and BOOST is the only word command you'll need

5DN1L: it can be used once only

5DN1L: at this stage

BADSUGAR: I can't even make the pod move in any direction, even when I write the checkpoint coords

BADSUGAR: I'm not boosting soon haha

5DN1L: in which league are you now?

BADSUGAR: How do you check this ?

5DN1L: look at the top bar

BADSUGAR: It just says Mad Pod Racing

5DN1L: And next to that?

BADSUGAR: Nothing :)

5DN1L: Does your url include "ide"?

BADSUGAR: yes sir

5DN1L: How curious :joy:

BADSUGAR: I'm resetting the game haha

5DN1L: Did you even receive any message telling you that you've been promoted, the rules have been updated, that sort of things?

BADSUGAR: Not at all

5DN1L: Meaning: you've made no progress probably :smirk:

5DN1L: That's why I can't find you in the leaderboard

5DN1L: I guess

BADSUGAR: Ok I'm making progress ..


5DN1L: :clap:

BADSUGAR: It was a space missing somewhere I guess

5DN1L: That could happen, yeah

BADSUGAR: Wood 3 finally! :D

5DN1L: Wood 3 is the starting league

BADSUGAR: Yeah but I understood, now I'm ready to fight my way up :D

BADSUGAR: I'm not that stupid :joy:

5DN1L: Of course not :)

5DN1L: Newcomers need time to get used to the interface

BADSUGAR: Yeah it's just that I typed the good thing pretty early but I placed two ' ' without any space inbetween. The log returned that a ) was missing and from this attempt I went to far. I tried adding new console.logs, get rid of the newCheckpoint const etc

BADSUGAR: I tried basically everything haha

5DN1L: and you figured it out finally


5DN1L: :tada:

BADSUGAR: Thank you for the help and the time you spend on my case :pray:

5DN1L: You're welcome :)

5DN1L: jacek also helped

BADSUGAR: True, thanks Jacek too!

BADSUGAR: You guys are amazing

5DN1L: :blush:

Default avatar.png JBM: yeah we are

TimothyAlexisVass: -_-

Default avatar.png Darkblade5641: i'm trying to implement the trigonometry feature for better hitting the checkpoints. anyone know a direction? i'm just not sure how to integrate the sin and cos functions properly...

Default avatar.png JBM: go west

skotz: for csb? iirc magus had a good postmortem. might find a link in the forum

DialFrost: morning guys

Default avatar.png Darkblade5641: if speed is prev_distance - distance, and i store distance into prev_distance after this calculation, how do i make this work in python? anyone?

Default avatar.png Darkblade5641: i tried to store as None when initializing, but then there's a type conflict with the subtraction

DialFrost: idk mate sry

DialFrost: although im working on csb too <33

Default avatar.png Darkblade5641: awesome! what league you in?

DialFrost: gold

Thorcode: wwood 2

Default avatar.png Darkblade5641: Silver

Default avatar.png Darkblade5641: are you using trig?

Default avatar.png programer53: how do you code

Default avatar.png programer53: kjn

TimothyAlexisVass: I code with fingers on keyboard

AlkhilJohn.: Damn it

AlkhilJohn.: Shit

AlkhilJohn.: Hacking codingame is hard

AlkhilJohn.: I tried hacking my username and rank and stuff to that of AlkhilJohn

AlkhilJohn.: Too many network requests and nodes and stuff

AlkhilJohn.: I changed all data stores to empty disctionaries

AlkhilJohn.: But I couldn't change my IP and id to that of AlkhilJohn

AlkhilJohn.: lmao

Flaise: Yeah I code with fingers on keyboard too.

struct: AlkhilJohn. you need to step it up

struct: not even the image is the same

AlkhilJohn.: I know