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UZUHAMA: Hello wold

Default avatar.png ChickenCoder123: eval(rm -rf /)

Default avatar.png jaialser66: I CANT EVEN SOLVE a level easy problem

UZUHAMA: Easy is not easy

unkowone: system discord


Flaise: Well I think the easy problems are easy. ...But I've been coding for many years. `-`

unkowone: bruh

UZUHAMA: The validators for Unary is just TERRIBLE

UZUHAMA: How am I supposed to know what's wrong with my code?

UZUHAMA: The last validator is just nonsense

Flaise: Go through the instructions more slowly, step by step. Are you printing inputs and outputs to stderr?

UZUHAMA: what is stderr


UZUHAMA: I have to get 100% at code to view the solution

UZUHAMA: How am I supposed to know what's wrong

UZUHAMA: sigh...

Flaise: Your standard error stream. You print the final output to standard-out and you print debugging info to standard-error

UZUHAMA: I don't think I'm doinng that

UZUHAMA: Since the rest of the validators are working just fine

Flaise: If you don't know what stderr is then you're not. What language are you using?


Flaise: System.err.println("message"), if I recall correctly

Flaise: Try it and it'll show up in your console

UZUHAMA: It shows up

UZUHAMA: But it's not affecting the validaors

UZUHAMA: What the heck?

Flaise: No, it's a debugging tool

Flaise: stderr doesn't affect the validators



Flaise: Do you think you understand the instructions well enough to write the correct answers by hand?


Flaise: Then what you do is you use stderr to print intermediate values so you know what your code is doing throughout its execution. Then you have an idea of what went wrong.

UZUHAMA: So put stderr everywhere


Flaise: Sure, it's a start! Eventually you'll notice something amiss and can fix it.


ZXC01: hi

DialFrost: halo

Default avatar.png Jackson_E: hi

Default avatar.png goku192: hello there!

jacek: ohai

unkowone: everywone

unkowone: see

unkowone: the disocrd code I found it

jacek: i only know celestia code

unkowone: discord need to use the email birt

Default avatar.png Mike_Oxlong: my dog die

Default avatar.png djslime2: epic

Default avatar.png Mike_Oxlong: >:( wai men?

Default avatar.png GiveMeAJob: wh

Default avatar.png djslime2: i eat dog

Default avatar.png GiveMeAJob: wai you eat cotton pickers

Default avatar.png Mike_Oxlong: i eat yor cat

5DN1L: First warning, don't spam here

Default avatar.png djslime2: no memes in general guys

Default avatar.png Archy1232: she shong chai, chiling dilling

Flaise: OMG! omgomgomgomg I finally solved the Mars Lander optimization. I did it once with an if-ladder bu that's fuel use is not very optimal. This time I did it with some trigonometry and the trajectories are smoother.

Default avatar.png 5AMO7: who tf cares

jacek: so, you used math? :scream:

Default avatar.png Mike_Oxlong: meth?

Default avatar.png Archy1232: meth????

Default avatar.png 5AMO7: Meth

Default avatar.png djslime2: meth?????

Default avatar.png GiveMeAJob: jessie

5DN1L: If you guys continue to spam, you'll be kicked out

Flaise: Yeah, I actually used that SOH CAH TOA thing from math class so many years ago. Didn't even have to look it up. :O

Default avatar.png 5AMO7: wdym spam

Default avatar.png djslime2: sorry admin me so sowwy

Default avatar.png Archy1232: oki :)

nicola: :eyes:

Urutar: Congrats Flaise :D

Default avatar.png 5AMO7: :eggplant:

Default avatar.png StrixTheTeemo: wsp

nicola: Stop spamming.

unkowone: everybody in here can be freinds to me on the discord

Default avatar.png djslime2: im not a spam

Default avatar.png StrixTheTeemo: y kick

Urutar: It's in the rules.

unkowone: sir yes sir

Default avatar.png GiveMeAJob: mods how to make group chat for hot milfs

Urutar: Spamming and other disruptive behaviour leads to kicks and bans

Flaise: Urutar: Thanks! It took /3 days/ to figure it out. :sweat_smile:

unkowone: yes sir yes

unkowone: no spamming

5DN1L: Automaton2000, hopefully peace for a while here after 3 have been kicked out

Automaton2000: i assume that if you say so

5DN1L: Yes, please assume that

Urutar: :D

5DN1L: Urutar Thanks for that explanation on disruptive behaviour while I was busy typing the kick commands lol

Urutar: Np :)

Urutar: It annoys me aswell, and I can eventually do something about it, so yeah

5DN1L: :thumbsup:

Default avatar.png Mike_Oxlong: nigga

5DN1L: One more kick there

jacek: imagine when christmas break starts ~

5DN1L: Let's close our eyes and pretend nothing is broken...

jacek: truly, a mod material

djslime2: our table is broken

5DN1L: And you've been kicked

Default avatar.png Archy1232: oh no

5DN1L: oh yes

Default avatar.png Archy1232: our table

5DN1L: Archy1232 do you want a kick too?

Default avatar.png Archy1232: no daddy

Default avatar.png StrixTheTeemo: ok

Default avatar.png StrixTheTeemo: anyone wanna play leauge

KakaDookie: hello

jacek: leauge?

KakaDookie: lets play league

KakaDookie: i main big chungos teemo

KakaDookie: guys do you support bldm

5DN1L: If you guys continue to misbehave, it'll be banning instead of just kicking

KakaDookie: oh no daddy

KakaDookie: daddy chill

BigChunkus: o shit please no ban

5DN1L: now stop saying nonsense here

Default avatar.png Archy1232: how do i complete easy loops?

Chonkus: anybody up for a game of clash of codes? :)

KakaDookie: ok can you help withThe Collatz Conjecture


Chonkus: join

5DN1L: Mike_Oxlong use the /clash channel for clash invites

5DN1L: #clash

Chonkus: ah ok thanks :)

BigChunkus: it says it doesnt exist pls help

5DN1L: type /join clash

BigChunkus: ok ty

White_Code: can anyone help me with mad pod racing

Urutar: Anyone up for a #clash ?

5DN1L: White_Code: What kind of help do you need?

White_Code: I don't understand how to do this thing , how to move the pod

Urutar: You write the coordinates for each pod (atm probably just one) each round

Urutar: And then it moves in that direction

Urutar: And include thrust

Urutar: So for example print("500 500 100")

HXavS: public is fine

Urutar: Where 500 are X and Y respectively

5DN1L: Thanks HXavS :)

DialFrost: anybody free rn to check out my code in mad

DialFrost: its literally moving at speed 10 half the time

5DN1L: And why's that DialFrost?

DialFrost: idk

DialFrost: i added angles

DialFrost: but it messed it up somehow

5DN1L: Add debugging in your code.

5DN1L: See how the speed varies

DialFrost: and i still have the same problem as before of the bot turning the wrong way for 1 turn before turning back round

5DN1L: Same method - debugging to see why the code behaves so

DialFrost: howw tho

DialFrost: it js does it naturally

DialFrost: idk y

5DN1L: No, your code dictates how your pod moves

5DN1L: Add debug code, see how the variables change each turn, see in which turn the variables go wrong

DialFrost: err

HXavS: 5DN1L out of curiosity. for the clash of code. there is an advantage depending on the language you chose to use in short mode due to limitations of how language operate. i.e. Some languages require more char for min program. Is that something Codingame are thinking about weighting or trimming chars for non disposable characters

Urutar: Hm, maybe you have a print line somewhere in there?

Urutar: Which makes your execution "lag beind"?

HXavS: for instance python print() vs c# Console.WriteLine()

5DN1L: HXavS yes indeed some languages have an advantage over others. but it also depends on how fast you are and how good your competitors are

Kururugi: you need python/ruby knowledge to complete the shortest code//code golf ones

DialFrost: nah

HXavS: Yeah, but for the short mode with 15 min games I have found that there are just some char limits I can't beat due to char limits.

DialFrost: the gods of code golf

DialFrost: are c objective c and perl

DialFrost: ruby can be gd as well

5DN1L: then pray for your competitors to achieve <100% so your longer code still wins :P

Kururugi: lol

Urutar: :D

Urutar: Yeahhhh about that

Urutar: I was in a private clash, only java allowed... :rolling_eyes: I was the only one with 100%, the rest had ALL 0% (all 6 of em)

Urutar: Really sadresult

HXavS: Kururugi, yeah but as for wanting to practice one language in a moment over another is discouraging. Just saying that codingame code read Console.WriteLine() as a statement worth 1 char as well as print in python to even the playing field

5DN1L: It won't happen, HXavS

5DN1L: Different languages have their different advantages

HXavS: Figured it would, was just a thought

Kururugi: Sadly it wont

Urutar: What about using static System.Console; and then Write/ReadLine?

HXavS: wouldn't

ShandonM: :hamburger:

Urutar: Yeah, such is life sometimes

5DN1L: The languages which don't shine in code golf may shine in bot programming games in terms of speed and performance

HXavS: Urutar I have used that trick in the past

ShandonM: Here have a Burber

Urutar: :D

Urutar: Yay, Burbers.

Urutar: ;)

ShandonM: Coding all comes down to the coder

HXavS: :100:

ShandonM: Happy coder = happy code

HXavS: unhappy coder = spaghetti

ShandonM: I want Spaghetti. Guess I have to get depressed

HXavS: well If I have to read someone elses spaghetti I will be

ShandonM: :sob: = :spaghetti:

ShandonM: I wanna just make my War Thunder replacement game

HXavS: if(mood < happy) { return :spaghetti:

HXavS: }

ShandonM: ifelse (:hamburger:

ShandonM: Burger fixes all bugs

Kururugi: borgar!

ShandonM: Sorry I mean *Burber

HXavS: try(){

ShandonM: list(Burber, Spaghetti)

ShandonM: Mindset

HXavS: Catch(exception ex){



ShandonM: int main

ShandonM: int N;

ShandonM: scanf(Burber##);

5DN1L: ok guys, enough random code

ShandonM: Sorry trying to order a virtual Burber

HXavS: Haha

ShandonM: int Menu

5DN1L: ShandonM won't happen in this chat, please stop

ShandonM: Nooo!

5DN1L: yes, if you don't stop, you'll be kicked out

HXavS: Virtual I was thinking of implementing some api or a curl request function auto that orders delivery

HXavS: 5DN1L Fair

ShandonM: Sorry sorry

ShandonM: Basically: Scan for Burber, If have Burber = order

ShandonM: Cause I'm hungry boys

LelouchVC2: Kururugi !

ShandonM: If see burger. I order

5DN1L: If see one more line of that, I kick

LelouchVC2: what is a burger but something between 2 buns

LelouchVC2: and what are better buns than a womans'?

ShandonM: @5DN1L sorry it wasn't a code

5DN1L: I don't care whether it's code or not. I'll kick if it's spam

Uljahn: just /join #burber and do what you want there

ShandonM: Lmao

LelouchVC2: What's next? #coding if you wanna talk about programming!

jacek: and #fr for friends

HXavS: Wait. this is my first time in chat so /join #channel creates a chanel?

Uljahn: read /help

HXavS: perfect was about to ask for that

5DN1L: Uljahn do you know where I can get the chat id? I can't find the faq this points me to:

BlaiseEbuth: 7 last digits of your profile url in revered order 5DN1L

ShandonM: Gonna head out and play some War Thunder

ShandonM: See ya

ShandonM: :hamburger:

LelouchVC2: War Thunder..

5DN1L: ah thanks BlaiseEbuth

ShandonM: Yes War Thunder

ShandonM: Do you guys ever forget to switch languages?

ShandonM: Happens a lot for me

DialFrost: er

LelouchVC2: Yea, I'll be speaking giberish and forget to speak english

DialFrost: i only code in 2 languages

DialFrost: so nope

DialFrost: or speak*

DialFrost: both 2 <3

ShandonM: Well in World language yes I forget I'm speaking Western Russian or Japanese

LelouchVC2: Checaslavisionara

ShandonM: And Code I either forget I'm on Java and C

LelouchVC2: I'm disgusted

ShandonM: and all the C's like C++

HXavS: c#

ShandonM: Yeh

LelouchVC2: C# > Java

LelouchVC2: C++ > C

ShandonM: Python = Dead

ShandonM: I'm dead

LelouchVC2: Hotel > Trivago

ShandonM: 5 > 6

ShandonM: I broke math

DialFrost: wonder wat the mods are thinking about this :D

ShandonM: What the hell are these idiots talking about

ShandonM: But we are Smort idiots

5DN1L: I'm watching :smirk:

LelouchVC2: mods are actually just bots

LelouchVC2: you see?

LelouchVC2: You mention and they post like automation3000

ShandonM: Nah the mods are like Super Humans infused with code

ShandonM: They ARE code

LelouchVC2: bots arent code?

ShandonM: Nah they aren't

ShandonM: :neutral_face:

ShandonM: See bots share a similar structure as their cousins the blts

ShandonM: *BLTs

ShandonM: See Bot's are Bacon, Onion. and Lettuce

ShandonM: Also GN

LelouchVC2: Yes yes, idk how i didnt see this before

LelouchVC2: good night 😂

LelouchVC2: @5DN1L

LelouchVC2: <3

ShandonM: PS: followed you Lelouch

LelouchVC2: a bit stalkerish

LelouchVC2: but alright 0-0

ShandonM: It's not stalkerish if it's with consent

LelouchVC2: 😳

LelouchVC2: Consent... given <3

ShandonM: Niiice

Urutar: Alright, this got weird quickly

Uljahn: use DM guys or get a room :smirk:

Urutar: Or both

Urutar: :D

ShandonM: The room would be too cramped

ShandonM: And this is my serious final SEE YA

ShandonM: GN

DialFrost: gd afternoon u mean ^^

WillChang: /me

**WillChang slaps around a bit with a large fishbot

**WillChang slaps around a bit with a large fishbot

WillChang: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

WillChang: Hello Automaton2000

Automaton2000: i had to test it with an array

WillChang: Hello AutomatonNN

WillChang: Hey Automaton2000

Automaton2000: a bit harder to get

WillChang: what? Automaton2000

Automaton2000: so you have to beat the silver boss ?

WillChang: no Automaton2000

Automaton2000: dont even have a good scoring function

WillChang: rubbish Automaton2000

Automaton2000: of course, it will be like that

5DN1L: WillChang, don't flood the chat

WillChang: OK

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: round1 of the CP diff watch


darkhorse64: A massive blood bath with an interesting nick [Cheater] SihardeOussama

**WillChang slaps around a bit with a large fishbot

BlaiseEbuth: Blood baths are good for skin.

darkhorse64: Only for Erzebeth Bathory

BlaiseEbuth: For everyone who dare try it.

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: No XP subtracted, so I guess they can go legend again and get double XP?

darkhorse64: Like many cosmetic products, it's largely overrated

BlaiseEbuth: I use it myself and I'm fully satisfied.

darkhorse64: They can also get their account deleted [solved]

BlaiseEbuth: Deleted account stay. They're just anonymised.

darkhorse64: The owner can still access them ?

BlaiseEbuth: Nope.

darkhorse64: Talking to an expert ...

BlaiseEbuth: But xp and cp are still there.

BlaiseEbuth: Yeah...

BlaiseEbuth: My original account

NlcknameAlreadyTaken: taiwan is a country

darkhorse64: What matters is bragging rights.

BlaiseEbuth: Hm?

Default avatar.png DaddyYanky24: :baby_tone3::baby_tone3::baby_tone3::baby_tone3::baby_tone3::baby_tone3::baby_tone3::baby_tone3::baby_tone3::baby_tone3::baby_tone3::baby_tone3::baby_tone3::baby_tone3::baby_tone3::baby_tone3::baby_tone3::baby_tone3::baby_tone3::baby_tone3::baby_tone3::baby_tone3::baby_tone3:

5DN1L: No spam please

Default avatar.png DaddyYanky24: when

Default avatar.png DaddyYanky24: baby

Default avatar.png DaddyYanky24: :older_woman_tone3:

5DN1L: DaddyYanky24, Warning, please don’t spam the chat again, or you’ll be kicked out

Default avatar.png DaddyYanky24: I am not spamming???

5DN1L: You are

Default avatar.png DaddyYanky24: when

Default avatar.png WinterSoldie: Hello

Default avatar.png DaddyYanky24: hello winter

Default avatar.png DaddyYanky24: what is your absolute favourite programming language

DialFrost: anyone here willing to help me on mean max?

DialFrost: or mad

Default avatar.png DaddyYanky24: :baby_tone3::baby_tone3::baby_tone3::baby_tone3::baby_tone3::baby_tone3::baby_tone3::baby_tone3::baby_tone3::baby_tone3::baby_tone3::baby_tone3::baby_tone3::baby_tone3::baby_tone3::baby_tone3::baby_tone3::baby_tone3::baby_tone3::baby_tone3::baby_tone3::baby_tone3::baby_tone3:

5DN1L: bye for now

DialFrost: stop spamming

5DN1L: kicked out

DialFrost: <33

resty-daze: what's your problem DialFrost?

Boocester: :japanese_ogre:

DialFrost: my problem is that im stuck in wood 1 league

DialFrost: bot programming is kinda made so its abit easy to get past wood

DialFrost: but apparently not

Boocester: worse than div rivals

Default avatar.png Dragon15609: wintersoldi the user told me to type pee pee poo poo. This was just something I was dared to do, however i do truly wish to be a friendly member of this community and hope you all a pleasant day.

DialFrost: so i was hoping that someone might look at my code and see why its so bad

5DN1L: Dragon15609 Hope you can operate your brain on your own

Default avatar.png Dragon15609: *WinterSoldie no wintersoldi

Default avatar.png WinterSoldie: Dragon be trippin

resty-daze: you can try starting with

Default avatar.png Dragon15609: Thank you 5DN1L, I know that I should have refused however he did dare me, but that is no excuse.

5DN1L: Indeed

Default avatar.png Dragon15609: hah

Boocester: whats going on :joy::joy::joy:

resty-daze: simple version to ~ gold: thrust towards next check point - 4 * speed. DialFrost

Default avatar.png WinterSoldie: hi

Default avatar.png WinterSoldie: gentlemen

Default avatar.png Dragon15609: Also does anyone know how to extract and output individual string variables from an array for beginners? I don't mind if it is a long operation.

Default avatar.png WinterSoldie: i moderate r/funny

Default avatar.png WinterSoldie: I do not

Default avatar.png WinterSoldie: It was Dragon

5DN1L: Dragon15609 Try googling. Different keywords are used in different languages.

Default avatar.png Dragon15609: oh yeah I should have specified that I was talking about C#

Default avatar.png Dragon15609: I've looked it up a few times but every time it uses tons of processes and terms that I don't understand, so i was just wondering if there was a simpler way to do it.


Default avatar.png Dragon15609: Thanks, that's a ton of help

Default avatar.png Dragon15609: That wasn't sarcasm, it's hard not to sound sarcastic over text

5DN1L: I didn't sense any anyway

Default avatar.png Dragon15609: ha

Default avatar.png ManeatingVampire_5869: do you like miss Oriol ?

Karimit0: No personnaly I didn't

Karimit0: I don't like any teacher they are all trhe same but they are two exceptions

Lynch[0]: hello

Default avatar.png Gr1m_Reaper: hi hi here

DialFrost: halo

Default avatar.png Army1802: hello :)

DialFrost: good evening guys

DialFrost: or morning for others

Milanovich: Good day

Default avatar.png Army1802: its 11am in france haha

DialFrost: lol

Default avatar.png Army1802: im in class :/

Default avatar.png Army1802: Are you doing anything special haha

Milanovich: CodinGame version of hearthstone :D

Default avatar.png Dragon15609: It's 10:24 in england

Default avatar.png Army1802: ahh i see

Default avatar.png Army1802: personally its my first time on this site

Default avatar.png Dragon15609: Same

Default avatar.png Army1802: are you in class ?

Default avatar.png WinterSoldie: yeah

Default avatar.png WinterSoldie: Dragon logged off

Default avatar.png Army1802: oh alright lol

Default avatar.png Army1802: wish i could do the same lmao

Milanovich: what are you studying?

Lynch[0]: hello

Napsta: hello

Default avatar.png pas_moi: g

Default avatar.png pas_moi: gg

Default avatar.png pas_moi: g

5DN1L: pas_moi I hope you aren't trying to spam the chat or trying to get kicked out

Lynch[0]: how ya doin

Uljahn: Lynch[0]: we are practicing coding here, for random talks go to #random

DialFrost: im doing bad

DialFrost: <33

5DN1L: DialFrost You need more practice before ranking high

5DN1L: Especially in debugging

DialFrost: mhm

Karimit0: I'm so bad it's crazy

Karimit0: :disappointed:

Uljahn: it takes time to git gud

5DN1L: What's the issue, Karimit0 ?

DialFrost: Karimit0 u have not done enough on this website to get a substantial ranking to show how good you are yet

DialFrost: *like wat Ulijahn said

DialFrost: :)

5DN1L: DialFrost comment not that appropriate :smirk:

Karimit0: Thx guy

Default avatar.png rekaxem: hello!

5DN1L: hello rekaxem

Default avatar.png Petit-Pain: hello world

Default avatar.png dragon_3: hi

Default avatar.png pas_moi: ggg

Default avatar.png Army1802: encore toi

Default avatar.png dragon_3: I don't no

Default avatar.png Petit-Pain: salut army

Default avatar.png Army1802: oh re

Default avatar.png pas_moi: pk on n'est ban

Default avatar.png Army1802: il a créé un groupe privé

Default avatar.png aroufgansta: salut

Default avatar.png LonelyChild_8991: bonjour je voulais m'excuser pour avant

5DN1L: wow I was just looking away for a few minutes...

DialFrost: haha

5DN1L: English only please

DialFrost: but technically ur name isnt enligsh 5DN1L

DialFrost: <33

5DN1L: kick DialFrost

5DN1L: oh failed to

DialFrost: nonononono syrsrysry

Firestormninja: wat

KING_50: tf

Default avatar.png UserUNP: helo

Flaise: Good morning peaples

Illedan: *evening, but still good

Flaise: Good evening peaples in far corners of the erth

Astrobytes: Illedan: evening? :P

Astrobytes: good day to all

Astrobytes: yay we lost our badges :D

Illedan: Good 14:00 then?

Illedan: Nice

Illedan: :D

Illedan: No longer mod

Astrobytes: "afternoon" :P

Illedan: :tada:

Flaise: Yay...? Those badge things were heavy, huh?

Astrobytes: hehehehe

Illedan: They made the chat load every user online

Astrobytes: It's a weight off the shoulders for sure

Illedan: Now chat is fast

Illedan: And life goes on

Astrobytes: yep!

Illedan: I can go back to reading binance api documentation

Astrobytes: work project?

Illedan: Ish. Just trying to find a way to get crypto closing prices with 1 min interval instead of 5 min avg

Astrobytes: gotcha

Illedan: Found it :D

Illedan: I had to use the 24hr Ticker :/

Astrobytes: :tada:

Illedan: Oh well. It works. Next problem

AntiSquid: i see bitcoin crashing

Illedan: I'm not trading BTC

Illedan: Too slow moving

AntiSquid: was an indirect question which coins you use :P

Illedan: CTXC atm

Default avatar.png rekaxem: i like difficult clashes

Default avatar.png rekaxem: because solving it means winning

AntiSquid: whatever i used to check seems to go down atm

Illedan: I'm autotrading. Can't use personal ideas on crypto

darkhorse64: Don't lose your shirt

BlaiseEbuth: Astrogrunt, squaddilledan o/

Illedan: darkhorse64, I need my shirt since I lost my house

darkhorse64: your CG T-shirts, I mean

darkhorse64: Kidding ?

Illedan: yee

Illedan: :P

darkhorse64: Relieved, then

Astrobytes: Hey BlaiseEbuth and darkhorse64 :wave:

darkhorse64: hey Astrobytes

BlaiseEbuth: \o

darkhorse64: No sport today for me. Two hours playing badminton yesterday is enough for me

BlaiseEbuth: Illedan & AntiSquid do you really earn something trading cryptos ?

Illedan: I do

Illedan: But I started autotrading yesterday

BlaiseEbuth: hm...

Illedan: I'll buy myself a new tshirt with the 5 $ I earned :joy:

BlaiseEbuth: Yeah! :no_mouth:

Illedan: Aaaaand It's gone. Shirtless christmass

Uljahn: Automaton2000: buy high, sell low :relaxed:

Automaton2000: how to print to stderr

Illedan: Automaton2000 Console.Error.WriteLine("text");

Automaton2000: when you submit your code

Illedan: :(

Thorcode: Automaton2000 how to buy a shirt with 1$ then sell with 100$

Automaton2000: i was using the wrong language

5DN1L: Automaton2000 knows it is stderr to buy high and sell low

Automaton2000: still not sure i can

Illedan: Maybe I should sell an NFT of me with a shirt to fund a new shirt :thinking:

BlaiseEbuth: Totally doable with underwears...

TimothyAlexisVass: >:(

eulerscheZahl: finally I can tab-complete without double-checking or typing all but the last letter

BlaiseEbuth: Not before?

eulerscheZahl: hard to get the right one sometimes, when there are so many users in the list. reduced options are a blessing

BlaiseEbuth: List isn't the same for mods? Didn't noticed...

eulerscheZahl: mods see everyone online, now i'm back to those who are chatting + online mods

Flaise: Yay...?

struct: ill have to ask for a raise

BlaiseEbuth: Collabo...:angry:

Flaise: oooh, there's a user list button at the bottom. I literally did not know that until I checked just now. xD

eulerscheZahl: and moderators see everyone online - so a few hundreds

eulerscheZahl: which is a pain when you want to tab-complete a nickname

BlaiseEbuth: Hundreds? Where are the 100k active users? :o

eulerscheZahl: anyways, going for a walk and then back to topcoder marathon

AntiSquid: blaise no comment on earnings, but you got to look at crypto from a different perspective and see all the benefits it brings

resty-daze: wow you're playing topcoder

Flaise: Why can't tab-completion just be restricted to the active users. It doesn't have to be tied to the users you can see online if it's useless with that many users.

BlaiseEbuth: AntiSquid: can you develop?

AntiSquid: what do you mean

AntiSquid: develop assets ? :joy:

BlaiseEbuth: What are these perspectives and benefits?

AntiSquid: ah "elaborate" you mean

AntiSquid: well first of all you have a new way of trading and the way you trade

BlaiseEbuth: Hm... Probably.

AntiSquid: my main reason is inflation

AntiSquid: i am surprised there's no gov controlled crypto considering all the digital vax passports out there ...

BlaiseEbuth: I don't trade so I don't see what's the difference with classic currency trading... :thinking:

AntiSquid: trade includes buying stuff

BlaiseEbuth: :confused:

Kira_Repaer: could I get some help with boss 2 on Mad pod?

AntiSquid: i'm out bye

5DN1L: What kind of help do you need?

wlesavo: pushed 5 people in Galleon Wars legend :smiley:

5DN1L: nice

Default avatar.png Nandita: I am able to beat the boss 3 in mad pod racing but my League remains the same. Do I have to have 1st rank in Arena too

5DN1L: Yes, you have to above the boss of that league

5DN1L: to be*

Default avatar.png Nandita: oh :(

Mortis_666: 5DN1L the solid integer puzzle my way now is converting n to base 9 and it pass 1 2 3 4 case and fail 5 6 7 8 9 case lol

5DN1L: because it's not purely base 9 conversion :smirk:

Mortis_666: ya i know

Mortis_666: if it is 9 it will be 10

Mortis_666: lol

5DN1L: Generate a list of the smallest solid integers using the most naive way, then run your code to see if your code generates the same list to check where the bugs are

Mortis_666: ok

Es_Sm: hi

Mortis_666: hi

Default avatar.png Zarchi: hi

Es_Sm: omggggggggggg guyssssssssssss do u know how to programmeeeeeeeeeee

5DN1L: First, fix your keyboard not to repeat your keys for so much

Es_Sm: that was my friend, sorry

5DN1L: Whatever, just don't repeat the same behaviour

Mortis_666: lol

Default avatar.png ProMikeSundays: xd

5DN1L: that was my cat, that was my friend, that was my fish, that was my mouse

Es_Sm: exactly

Mortis_666: that was my hand

BlaiseEbuth: That was you.

5DN1L: whatever that was, that was none of my business :shrug:

Mortis_666: Fun fact: is hard when is medium

5DN1L: yeah, some classification gets screwed up

Mortis_666: how u pass the last few test case at

Mortis_666: is hard


Mortis_666: wow

Mortis_666: thats complex

5DN1L: Exact cover can be used to solve a couple of puzzles on CG

5DN1L: Of course you can also use recursion to solve sudoku

5DN1L: google and you can find some relevant explanation

Mortis_666: thx

Mortis_666: the only field that i am better then u is collaboration lol

5DN1L: :)

Mortis_666: :)

Mortis_666: btw im thinking of creating a classic puzzle but im still trying to find the solution lol

5DN1L: oh, that's a puzzle indeed heehee

Mortis_666: wtf my puzzle is set as private and it has 2 viewa

Mortis_666: views*

Mortis_666: 😱

Mortis_666: i didnt share the link to anyone

5DN1L: :shrug: not sure how that works

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: Mortis_666, you viewed it twice

Mortis_666: my view is also counted?

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: yep

Mortis_666: i exit and view it again and it is still 2

Default avatar.png rekaxem: it takes time to update

Mortis_666: ok

codergautam: how to win clash of code

codergautam: help

Default avatar.png rekaxem: oh

Default avatar.png rekaxem: i think

Default avatar.png rekaxem: you need to train your speed

codergautam: ok

Default avatar.png rekaxem: by playing more

nervus: just keep playing

codergautam: k

Default avatar.png rekaxem: does anyone wanna play clash now

codergautam: i n a match

Mortis_666: me

TimothyAlexisVass: sure

Default avatar.png rekaxem: oh were in the same match

sugam: anyone good at pandas? I am stuck at one problem and I could really use some help.

Wontonimo: what's the problem?

BlaiseEbuth: :panda_face:

Astrobytes: All I know is that they like bamboo shoots

NlcknameAlreadyTaken: [Random Linked Item]

eulerscheZahl: it would be a major security flaw if this would work

NlcknameAlreadyTaken: y

BlaiseEbuth: Yeah. That could compromise the security of this chat where mods right and ban can be changed by an update of the site certificates, wich can be read without account...

eulerscheZahl: if i should accidentally regain my powers, i'll kick you for this critical message ;)

Astrobytes: :rofl:

NlcknameAlreadyTaken: i will remind you

BlaiseEbuth: I'm not anymore sensitive to this kind of things...

BlaiseEbuth: I really love the "Banned nick replacement feature" of the chat. There was another good one earlier. :grin:

eulerscheZahl: banned nick replacement?

eulerscheZahl: what's that

BlaiseEbuth: A 'feature' of the chat. Under certain (unknown) conditions, When an user is banned

BlaiseEbuth: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

eulerscheZahl: then the previous messages of that user change the author name?

eulerscheZahl: (at least on chat reload)

BlaiseEbuth: Yup. For the CM's one

eulerscheZahl: :joy:

eulerscheZahl: the bugs i make at work aren't half as funny

e_fishel: :pensive:

e_fishel: :expressionless:

e_fishel: :neutral:

e_fishel: wait

e_fishel: why is that not a face

Astrobytes: you forgot _face

e_fishel: :neutral_face:

e_fishel: indeed

Astrobytes: no need to thank me or anything

e_fishel: ok…

BlaiseEbuth: SarcAstrobytes

Astrobytes: :innocent:

AksharV: hi

AksharV: I'm new here

AksharV: :grinning:

5DN1L: hi, we've all been new once :)

Eff82: Is testcase 05 in "What's so complex about Mandelbrot?" wrong? My solution is 1 iteration less, and the actual tests pass 100%

Eff82: Failure Found: 123 Expected: 124

5DN1L: probably not wrong, if i remember correctly, it's easy to get precision issues in that puzzle

Eff82: well I'm not going to import numpy, to get better precision ,than python float :)

b0n5a1: Mandelbrot schmackt gut !

**b0n5a1 is already away...

b0n5a1: o/

5DN1L: Eff82 read some of the discussion on the forum about that test case:

eulerscheZahl: *schmeckt :P

eulerscheZahl: Aneo was a prime example of precision problems

eulerscheZahl: but that one's deleted now

Astrobytes: no real loss, wasn't particularly interesting

eulerscheZahl: i agree

eulerscheZahl: the great dispatch was much more painful

b0n5a1: oops yes, schmeckt :joy:

eulerscheZahl: still much better than my French

eulerscheZahl: salut, je m'apelle Ralph

b0n5a1: ^^

Astrobytes: heh heh

BlaiseEbuth: Be careful Astrobytes, Ralph eat cats.

Eff82: 5DN1L thanks, abs(r) + abs(i) > 2 vs. r*r + i*i > 4 solved it

Astrobytes: BlaiseEbuth: That was ALF not Ralph

5DN1L: Eff82 :thumbsup:

BlaiseEbuth: Same with a R

Astrobytes: :expressionless:

BlaiseEbuth: I'm trying to be inclusive with you, old guys, by using old ref' you can get, and you annoy me with details... :unamused:

Eff82: Is there any way, to see which puzzles I haven't solved in a specific language? I know I can see my solutions for a specific puzzle, but it would be nice to have a way, to select a language, and have the puzzles solved state on the puzzle list page

LelouchVC2: u guys must be really old

BlaiseEbuth: option 7 Eff82

Astrobytes: Yeah LelouchVC2, euler is older than me and Blaise combined.

Eff82: BlaiseEbuth cool, ty

BlaiseEbuth: I go on my 6022 years but I'm young in my head.

Astrobytes: bite my shiny 68010

BlaiseEbuth: Lier.

LelouchVC2: jesus

BlaiseEbuth: Nope.

LelouchVC2: o my bad

LelouchVC2: i meant satan

BlaiseEbuth: :imp:

LelouchVC2: well, i just lost all of my code

LelouchVC2: happy birthday

willdrinkyourblood: lmao

willdrinkyourblood: wait is this chat for the entire site?

LelouchVC2: yes

willdrinkyourblood: only 9 people?

LelouchVC2: that might be the people who are talking in the chat

willdrinkyourblood: oh ok

Astrobytes: only moderators can see everyone

BlaiseEbuth: And NSA.

willdrinkyourblood: :|

LelouchVC2: NSA has been spying on me for a while, they want to know how I pick up chicks and they dont

Astrobytes: because you hang around in henhouses waiting for eggs to hatch and they don't? :smirk:

LelouchVC2: 100%, i pick those chicks up and hear them chirp ;D Then they think im their mother

willdrinkyourblood: now they know

Astrobytes: :hatching_chick:

LelouchVC2: They'll never know my tru secret 0-0

BlaiseEbuth: I just pick the eggs and cook a cheese omelette.

Default avatar.png alr8al: im nop in coding

Astrobytes: which CPU arch?

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: you must be desperate, trying witty banter with the hoi polloi

Astrobytes: lol, as opposed to...?

Scarfield: Desperobytes

Astrobytes: hey Scarfologist

Scarfield: oi

Astrobytes: :punk:

Astrobytes: darn

Scarfield: xD

Astrobytes: how's it going?

Scarfield: all good, but maybe looking into another lockdown soon

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: since my transition #fr is open all the time. much more elegant there

Scarfield: how bout you? still no development with your back issues i guess=

Scarfield: did you use to be Mr. GloriaZindlebocker?

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: a lady never tells

Astrobytes: Not much really no, lots of dehumanising interviews with government welfare departments though, nice additional stress.

Astrobytes: Yeah, the situation over here is nuts right now. Can't see this crap going away for some time at this rate.

Astrobytes: Scarfield: that's Westicles

Scarfield: oh lol, was a pun at his "since my transisition" :p

Scarfield: transition*

BlaiseEbuth: Scarpun

Scarfield: yea welfare stuff sucks. am searching for a job myself, and am obligated to show up 5 days a week for 2½hrs at a "job center", have been told to stay home if we have any covid symptoms, stayed home a couple of times because of having a cough. apparently they have told my union i might not be fit for work, since i have some 2 day duration sick leaves..

Astrobytes: fs

Astrobytes: *ffs

Astrobytes: I have similar but bi-weekly (cause medical issues) and via video call

BlaiseEbuth: Don't search a job. [solved]

Scarfield: talked with my union today, she immediatly closed the case, and literally sighed when i told her i wasnt informed by job center, or asked why i called in sick

Astrobytes: heh, sounds just as incompetent and dysfunctional as here. I feel weirdly comforted.

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: I'm with Blaise. Drink wine until the money runs out, then drive off a cliff Thelma and Louis style

Scarfield: im happy its weekend now, i would have a hard time not telling the idiot at job center, that he is a fekking idiot

Default avatar.png Overbed: hello i was making this code but i ran into some problems

Default avatar.png Overbed:

Scarfield: im more a beer or whiskey guy

Default avatar.png Overbed: so i have to make it so every 4 numbers so like 8 = 2 i have to print that

Default avatar.png Overbed: 12 = 3

Default avatar.png Overbed: 16 = 4

Default avatar.png Overbed: 15 = 3

Default avatar.png Overbed: i have to print the amount of times the 4 is in the input

Default avatar.png Overbed: how much 4s it takes

Default avatar.png Overbed: python btw

Scarfield: the % gives you the remainder, you can use range(start, end, increment)

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: Hey, that's the dutch guy who is buddies with Paul Cooijmans

Default avatar.png Overbed: bro :skull:

Default avatar.png Overbed: so what function can i use for it

Default avatar.png lakaoe: n = int(input()) s = (n // 4)


Scarfield: im not entirely sure what you want it to do, can you link the puzzle?

Default avatar.png Overbed: it is a private coc

Default avatar.png Overbed: Here are the constraints: 1) The robot can jump up to 4 tiles at any point (say current tile is 2, then the robot can reach 3, 4, 5, 6 tiles in the next jump). 2) The destination is at Nth tile. 3) Assume Robot is on 1st tile.

Scarfield: oh missed your comment Astrobytes, yea im convinced the people who work at these places, only work there because they cant get work anywhere else, generally at least

Scarfield: Overbed and return the number of turns needed?

Default avatar.png Overbed: yes

Default avatar.png Overbed: Input Given N, the number of tiles. Output Print the minimum number of jumps the robot needs to reach his destination.

Scarfield: same code except inside range

Scarfield: range(1,n,4)

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: this clash seems less private than usual

Scarfield: range(start, end, increment)

Default avatar.png Overbed: for i in range(0, n):

Default avatar.png Overbed: waht do i add

Default avatar.png Overbed: increment

Default avatar.png Overbed: whats that

Default avatar.png Overbed: oh i got it

Default avatar.png Overbed: nvm


Default avatar.png Overbed: what

Default avatar.png Overbed: i got 75 %

Default avatar.png lakaoe: my round doesnt work or something

Scarfield: might need to do range(1,n+1,4) the stop probably isnt inclusive

Default avatar.png lakaoe: is there a thing named round_up

Scarfield: ceil()

ShakeDatBunda: math,ceil

ShakeDatBunda: math.ceil

Stormyy: can you guys confirm that bitwolf, tychkorg, etc are bots lmaoo

ShakeDatBunda: yep

ShakeDatBunda: they officially stated it as wekk

Overbed: bitwolf is always only

ShakeDatBunda: well

ShakeDatBunda: somewhere

ShakeDatBunda: I remember reading it

Overbed: olnine

ShakeDatBunda: that they do add bots sometimes to lobbie

ShakeDatBunda: *lobbies

Scarfield: there are official coc bots, if too few players join, the bots join to let the clash continue

Stormyy: okok lmao thansk

Scarfield: np :)

Scarfield: you are not the first (nor the last) to wonder

Overbed: ailure Process has timed out. This may mean that your solution is not optimized enough to handle some cases. Scarfield

Overbed: 912345699 is too much ig

Stormyy: optimizing is no fun

Overbed: bruh thats evil

Overbed: how do i even optimize that


Overbed: a golfer/

Scarfield: dont use range, i just wanted to give you an answer similar to your starting code

Scarfield: when using range like that 912345699 / 4 is a lot of iterations

Scarfield: you could divide n with 4, and if the result has a non zero decimal.. what then? :p

Overbed: oh smart

Overbed: does % mean how much times something is in it like 10%3 = 3?

Scarfield: no

Overbed: what does % do then

Scarfield: its the remainder, so 3 goes into 10 3 times 3'3 = 9, the "remainder then is 1

Scarfield: 10%3 = 1

Overbed: ohhhh

Overbed: so what thingie is for checking how much something is in the number

jacek: hm?

Overbed: how can i check how much 3 is in input

Default avatar.png lakaoe: print((n * (n - 1)) // 2)

Overbed: nvm

Stormyy: lol division

jacek: lol math

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: Where's that FAQ I've been asking for with minimum requirements to code?

jacek: this?

Scarfield: - woking keyboard - working pc - working screen (preferably)

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: 125 IQ for bots, 90 for clash. Proficient in English and math through arctangents

Default avatar.png lakaoe: how to print 15 for every 1 in input

Default avatar.png lakaoe: for example

Default avatar.png lakaoe: 3 = 45

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: it can be done with atan

Scarfield: eh ?

Default avatar.png lakaoe: in python

Scarfield: like add 15 for each input?

Default avatar.png lakaoe: like

Default avatar.png lakaoe: for a variable

jacek: print(15) [solved]

Default avatar.png lakaoe: thanks

jacek: or 15*n :?

Default avatar.png lakaoe: wow

Default avatar.png lakaoe: im so stupid

Scarfield: it really was that xD

jacek: huh

**Astrobytes is so glad he's free of mod duties now

Scarfield: oO

jacek: thats why im not trolling

Scarfield: didnt notice

jacek: :rage:

Default avatar.png lakaoe: :rage:

Scarfield: btw watched dark city that got recommended here a few weeks ago, was a great movie

Overbed: how to check if number is uneven like 1 3 5 7 9

Scarfield: you can easily google that ;) but you could use %

Wontonimo: print( x not in [1,3,5,7,9])

Overbed: yes sorry thanks

Stephen20: if number%2 == 1

Stephen20: checks if the remainder is 1

Stephen20: which means it's odd

Overbed: tysm

Astrobytes: Scarfield: I found another Danish movie but I forgot the name, it was good. I have it written somewhere and will try to find it lol

Overbed: i am dumb

Overbed: so

Wontonimo: another way is like this

Wontonimo: x != (x//2)*2

Scarfield: lol astro, a few keywords, i might know it

Scarfield: hey Overbed, you are learning, not dumb :)

Wontonimo: being the only mod online is lonely ;(

Overbed: well Scarfield that might be true but that was just really easy to figure out

Wontonimo: I just joined the club then the club members left

Scarfield: how many mods left?

Scarfield: figuring that stuff out, is an aquired skill mostly i would say. thats why i told you to google, instead of giving that answer straight up

Wontonimo: 3 in the last 3 days. xkcd would have something to say about the future trend, and that by this time next year will be at -353 mods


Scarfield: who other than astro?

Scarfield: lol wonto

Wontonimo: euler

Wontonimo: Neuman , Illedan ... okay 4

Scarfield: has something happened recently, havent been on much

Scarfield: or contest drama?

Wontonimo: it's that something hasn't happened. no multi competition, so lack of engagement i'm guessing

Wontonimo: i don't really know

Overbed: #### # ###### ## would be pretty easy to just count them up but i need to count them up but only if they are connected so how do i do that i tried googling but didng work

Overbed: like 4 1 6 2

Wontonimo: first thing to do is try and do it with pen and paper

Overbed: what

Scarfield: yea, this will send a clearer message than the mod strike, but im afraid it wont help

Wontonimo: come up with a step by step repeatable process that you would do Overbed

Overbed: you mean what kind of code?

Wontonimo: and prove to yourself it would work by writing it down on paper

Scarfield: ^ great advice

Overbed: so i create code then write on paper

Overbed: sorry i dont get it

Wontonimo: in english (or whatever lang) and then doing it on paper

Scarfield: find a method, figure out to code method

Wontonimo: make instructions for a child to do it

Overbed: why

Wontonimo: that's how we solve these things !

Wontonimo: we are teaching the child (aka computer) to do things, but it is super literal

Wontonimo: if you can't explain to yourself how to solve the problem you will NOT be able to code a solution

Overbed: you have to count how much #'s are in the input and then count that up if the #'s are connnected

Overbed: is this good

Wontonimo: thanks Scarfield :D

Overbed: and then print it

Wontonimo: okay, now, what does it mean that "#" are connected. break that problem down

Wontonimo: can you express that in a way that is painfully obvious to translate into if/else code

Overbed: if the "#" is literally connected or against another "#" without something inbetween like a " "

Overbed: can i do this with just if/else loops?

Wontonimo: i can

Overbed: do you use for loops in this if/else loop?

Wontonimo: as a reminder a = "hello" print(a[1]) will print "e"

Overbed: let me put this clearer: do you need to use for loops to solf this problem

Overbed: solve*

Wontonimo: no

Overbed: bruh the private coc ended

Wontonimo: oh, didn't know it was a private Clash

Wontonimo: let me know next time

Overbed: why?

Scarfield: you can use for loops, there is always different ways to solve something. when we are vague in answers, its because we want you to solve it yourself, not because we wanna be rude

Wontonimo: I will drop everything I'm doing and code it for you so you can advance and collect fake internet ranking

Scarfield: xD

Overbed: ..?

Scarfield: im usually ready to help others learn, i certainly got a lot of help here, and want to pay it forward. but you will not learn anything, if we just give you the answer straight away

Scarfield: so expect hints, not solutions :)

Wontonimo: Kidding aside. I'm not a fan of clashes and the timed test. I'd be happy to help a little on puzzles like these

Overbed: yes i get that

Overbed: i get that i dont get the solutions

Astrobytes: Scarfield: Not sending a message, we did that already. Just not actively being part of it since we can't in good conscience

Astrobytes: Still gonna be aroudn though :)

Astrobytes: *around

Astrobytes: and no bitter feelings to anyone either

Wontonimo: hey Overbed , so here is a solution in pseudo code

Wontonimo: count = 0 for index in range 1 to length(input)-1

Overbed: what

Overbed: is that even python

Wontonimo: if input[index] == "#" and input[index] == "#" and input[index] == "#" then

Wontonimo: increase count by 1

Wontonimo: no,

Wontonimo: it is pseudo code

Overbed: oh

Scarfield: makes sense Astrobytes, its still a great site, but i wouldnt put in the extra effort either. i didnt even wanna do it ealier :p

Wontonimo: again, i'm not going to code it for you

Overbed: yes yes yes

Wontonimo: does the pseudo code make sense ?

Overbed: yes it does

Wontonimo: cool !

Wontonimo: glad to see

Overbed: but idk if it will add " " to the solution tho

Wontonimo: ??

Wontonimo: wdym

Overbed: the input is ### #### ###### and the output must be 3 4 6 then

Overbed: with spaces inbetween

Wontonimo: oh, i made a mistake

Wontonimo: if input[index-1] == "#" and input[index] == "#" and input[index+1] == "#" then

Overbed: that why i couldnt solve it

Wontonimo: ah, i see

Astrobytes: Scarfield: yeah, well we stated our intentions previously, we're people of some integrity and principle so it would be wrong to do otherwise

Wontonimo: that is a different question than i thought

Overbed: ah

Scarfield: its because something inside " " is a string

Wontonimo: so do you see how the pseudo code i wrote will not solve your problem?

Astrobytes: (not that I question any other mods integrity lol, a few of us just made our intentions to quit clear previously)

Overbed: yes

Wontonimo: okay, the code is very close to doing what it is that you need

Overbed: well is psuedo code even a language or just to formally like say something

Wontonimo: give it some think

Wontonimo: pseudo code is to real code what pseudo diamonds are to diamongs

Scarfield: oh yea, if you said that, it would be empty words not to own up to them

Scarfield: im just sad we got here honestly

Overbed: wontonimo i dont get it

Overbed: what psuedo code is

Scarfield: its a way to explain how to code something, without actually coding it

Wontonimo: thanks Scarfield, i was struggling to find the words

Overbed: oh like that

Scarfield: :muscle:

Astrobytes: Scarfield: yeah I know, it is what it is though, nothing we can do

Scarfield: move to france, apply for job at CG, RIOT!

Astrobytes: hahaha, lol, I don't wish them any ill

Scarfield: seriously though, i was surprised so few voiced their concerns with the contest on the forum. we are the <5%

Astrobytes: there was a lot of dissent on the discord

Astrobytes: But it was successful enough for CG to pursue so :shrug:

Wontonimo: and now it isn't really even CG anymore. it's whatever company bought them

Astrobytes: Plus with the CoderPad thingy

Astrobytes: ah yes, Wontonimo is now eulering me

Astrobytes: :D

Astrobytes: (beating me to typing the same/similar answer)

Scarfield: lol

Astrobytes: I think they started to change direction prior to that, but I guess that was due to ongoing negotiations or plans or whatever. Not my company lol, I wish them luck with it all though

Scarfield: sure, a business is a business. no animousity from me either, im just getting old and dont like change :p

Overbed: is learning python for beginners not good in codingame? and if it isnt good can you tell me where to?

Wontonimo: yeah, i have some links for you... just a sec

Wontonimo: this is a good ad-free playground

Scarfield: this site requires some basic knowleadge, but its great for improving!

Wontonimo: and here is a walkthrough of common patterns !

Overbed: ahh thats really sorted out for beginners ig

Wontonimo: yeah

Scarfield: but as wonto said, the easy puzzle section is better than clashes to learn. no time pressure, and hints for what to know to solve a puzzle

Wontonimo: a leaning pattern that I've used and i've seen others use is as follows:

Overbed: i am doing this temprature easy puzzle but its already too hard for me so yeah xd

Scarfield: 1: steal underpants 2: ... 3: profit

Wontonimo: on day 1 , start on the easiest puzzles you can find slowly do more and more complex ones until you run out of free time

Overbed: well i kinda know for loops and stuff but is that really enough to even complete 1 puzzle?

Wontonimo: on day 2 and 3 etc , spend half your time redoing the hardest puzzles you've been able to complete

Overbed: redoing?

Overbed: why

Scarfield: Overbed just a tip if you havent noticed. on there is the "external ressources" links

Wontonimo: without using any references or googling or looking at your old answers

Overbed: ah

Overbed: ill do that probably then

Overbed: overbed on the grind tmrw

Overbed: i am so funny

darkhorse64: Win some time, write a MCTS right away and start chatting with other AI freaks

Overbed: MCTS?

Scarfield: xD

darkhorse64: MonteCarlo Tree Search

Overbed: what the heck is tnat

Scarfield: a pretty advanced algorithm, that you will be able to do if you keep at it ;)

Overbed: can you give an example?

Scarfield: its used to determine a promissing choice/move in a game

Overbed: basically AI programming?

Scarfield: yup

Overbed: aha

Wontonimo: yeah, it can play games really well. here is an example of it in action

Overbed: how do you even code that...

struct: well first you need to sim the game

struct: sim = simulate

Scarfield: oi structo

struct: So you need to write the engine with the rules of the game

struct: hi Scarfield

Overbed: yes

struct: after having the engine you really only need to implement the mcts

struct: tutorials make it seem harder than it is

Wontonimo: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Wontonimo: it was hard for me

Overbed: do you guys know an ez puzzle?

Overbed: that you think a beginner can solve?

Scarfield: temperatures is one tbh, or thor

Overbed: power of thor?

Wontonimo: if you had trouble with counting "#"s, then no. Even the 'easy' puzzles here are hard.

struct: How long have you been programming for Overbed?

Scarfield: yes überbed

Overbed: then hackinscience is good to go?

Astrobytes: darkhorse64: hahaha

Wontonimo: are you really dedicated to python? If would consider javascript then I'd say look up "the coding train" on youtube. There are fantastic videos there !

Wontonimo: they do a lot of intro to programming videos

Default avatar.png GhostCodes: hi

Scarfield: i love that guy!

Scarfield: coding train that is xD

Overbed: struct it's hard to count but if you would say literally i probably have like i think probably something like 15 hours maybe but those hours werent always spent well ig

Wontonimo: if python is going to be your thing , look for a *free* course online that goes over the very basics : if/else , loops , arrays , functions

Wontonimo: possibly just a youtube video

Overbed: Wontonimo I want to create a game like 2048 by the end of my school year and i thought python would be the best option for it since its ig pretty ez? to learn and it can make a game like that but i really dont know what coding languages can create that

Overbed: but i think i am far from creating a game rn

struct: 15 hours is probably to little to start on this website

Wontonimo: you can probably create one by tomorrow using

struct: also you can play 2048 here


Overbed: you can code with python in scratch?

Wontonimo: here is a video from coding train in how to make tic tac toe. it has so many of the same pieces as 2048

struct: you can even look at the source code if you want to check how the author sets the seeds

Wontonimo: hey struct. just to put Overbes skill in perspective, they had a hard time turning this string"## ### #####" into this count 2,3,5

Overbed: yeah i really suck xd

Overbed: i couldnt even do it in the end

struct: well its normal to suck at the start

struct: you wont learn how to code in 15 hours

Overbed: but you can create a game in scratch with python?

struct: I dont know, I never used scratch

Scarfield: lol

Overbed: i thought u could only use javascript in scratch

Scarfield: sure, but isnt javascript better for making games?

Scarfield: oh i thought you meant "from scratch" xD

Overbed: is javascript better for making games?

Scarfield: i dont know, but i think so (?)

Overbed: can python create fps games and can javascript?

Scarfield: thats a step up from 2048 :o

Overbed: lol ik

Overbed: i dont believe creating something like minecraft or something is easier than creating 2048

struct: I dont think you need to focus too much on the language

Astrobytes: have you made text-based games? tic tac toe?

Overbed: i havent made any games or something

Scarfield: didnt smitsi make something like that for his students?

Scarfield: text ttt that is

Astrobytes: yeah but was a lil more advance iirc

Astrobytes: *advanced

Scarfield: ah

Overbed: but what do you guys think? what coding language should i learn thats easy to learn and you can create 2048 with it?

Overbed: i cna create it with python

Overbed: ig

Astrobytes: I'll be back tomorrow. Have fun all :grin:

Scarfield: gn :)

struct: gn

Overbed: gn

struct: both python and js have lots of resources

Overbed: whats easier to learn

Overbed: for a newbie

Scarfield: i would say python, but i dont know js xD

struct: no idea

Overbed: Scarfield do you do C# or python cz how did you learn to program

Overbed: i have a very hard time deciding how to learn python

Scarfield: i had a 3 week course of python during my education. started CG, then learned c++ for faster computation

Overbed: how did you learn python just problems to solve or someone just saying the different functions for things and then solving problems?

Overbed: i have no teacher so i need to learn it with google

Scarfield: got explained one simple subject at a time; for loop, list, etc. then had assignments where more and more where needed to solve them

Overbed: did the teachers make the puzzles?

Scarfield: yes, i found CG after finishing because i wanted to learn more

Overbed: how much experience did you have when joining CG

Scarfield: python or javascript i cant tell you honestly. from the videoes i have seen on youtube bu creators making games, javascript is much more used. but the link wonto gave you ealier is good for learning the basics, and you can definately find a good video on youtube to get aquainted with the basics of any language :)

Overbed: is coding fun when you are very good at it

Scarfield: 2 weeks teaching, 1 week of writing the exam script

Overbed: education = universe or what

Overbed: was it a course at a universe

Scarfield: yup

Overbed: you see i am only 13

DialFrost: morning!

Overbed: and my school doesnt do anything at all with programming

Scarfield: if you have the interest, you can definately do it, there are younger people on here

Overbed: only a select few of people are allowed to do something called "prisma project" where you select something that you want to learn thru the time of the year and its lame how we all have to figure it out ourselves and there aint nobody to help us or something

Overbed: its also lame how most of the people just use it to learn spanish or something in my opinion

Overbed: but our school is a pretty high level ig so they expect way too much from us

Scarfield: there is a teacher from netherlands on here, his nickname is Msmits, he will surely help you, if you see him on here, make sure to ask him :)

Overbed: how old is he?

Scarfield: hmm

Scarfield: 40-50 maybe, i dont know

Overbed: whattttt he is 23rd??????????

Scarfield: yup

Overbed: he does C# the most but he also does python 3

Overbed: aha

Overbed: when is he mostly online?

Scarfield: he teaches python

Overbed: oh

Overbed: for free?

Scarfield: not this late, but during the afternoon

Scarfield: as a teacher on a highschool, teaching python among other things

Overbed: so he works at a college there? wow cool i didnt think the Netherlands would have colleges there just teaching computer stuff

Overbed: idk why i thinked that

Scarfield: they dont i think, its just one of the subjects he teaches as far as i know

Overbed: oh

Scarfield: but he is very skilled, a good teacher, and speaks your language :)

Overbed: whats the thing called for colleges that teach something like engineering?

Overbed: there are bachelors in the netherlands where you can learn computer science

Overbed: can you even go to 1 if you dont have a lot of experience?

struct: universities?

Scarfield: i have no idea, i just know he teaches python

Overbed: universities yes

struct: i dont know what system the Netherlands uses

struct: I dont know it is over there

struct: but here you dont need a lot of experience

Overbed: wow there is literally one in my city

Overbed: cool ig

Overbed: maybe if i am interested i might go there in a few years

Overbed: Print the 10 first square number, one per line.

Overbed: what does this mean?

struct: print from 1 to 10 all the square numbers

struct: so 1*1

struct: 2*2

struct: 3*3

struct: and so on

Scarfield: 1^2, 2^2, 3^2.. dammit

Scarfield: anyway im off, gn folks :)

struct: gn

Overbed: oh like that thats ez

Overbed: gn

Overbed: i see alot of people use something like:

Overbed: import watuawutahthuat

Overbed: but here i used from math import functional

struct: they are called packages

Overbed: yes but are there different ways of importing them?

struct: the way you showed will only import functional I think

struct: instead of everything in math

Overbed: import math

struct: yes

Overbed: would import everything in the package math?

struct: i think so

Overbed: how do you download such packages

struct: im sure google can answer that better than me

struct: "how to install packages in python"

Overbed: thats probably true

Flaise: How about the "pip" package manager

Overbed: radius = 6.283185307179586 def circle_perimeter(radius):

    return radius

Overbed: returns 100

Overbed: if it is circle_perimeter(100)

Overbed: how to fix this

IamFish: huh?

Overbed: i really dont know

IamFish: call the global variable radius


Overbed: wdym

Stormyy: lol

Stormyy: what are you trying to do

Overbed: hackinscience puzzle

IamFish: the variable you store your radius in (6.28...) is overwritten by the radius inside your function

Stormyy: ^

Overbed: how do i fix that

IamFish: don't use the same name for the two variables

Stormyy: change variable names

Overbed: what

Stormyy: ..

IamFish: call the first variable r or something

IamFish: instead of radius

Overbed: ahh i got this and it worked

Overbed: r = 6.283185307179586 def circle_perimeter(radiu):

    return radiu * r

Stormyy: yes

Stormyy: you can keep the name radius though

IamFish: is that how you calculate a perimeter though? perimeter is just the circumference right?

Stormyy: yes

Stormyy: i dont think thats how you calculate perimeter

Overbed: well

Overbed: idk

Stormyy: its r^2*PI

Overbed: it was the puzzle

Stormyy: that wouldbe the radius

Stormyy: i mean

Stormyy: the circumference

IamFish: yeah, according to the puzzle just multiplying it is the right way so idk lol

Stormyy: also is it just me or does r look like tau

Overbed: ight imma go to sleep

Overbed: gn yall

IamFish: nighty

Stormyy: oh TAU*r works as well

Stormyy: you're correct

Stormyy: gn lol

IamFish: ooooh lmao

IamFish: 2*pi hahah

Stormyy: yeah lol

pardouin: there are 4 different ways to import something

pardouin: import math ... math.pi

pardouin: from math iimport pi ... pi

pardouin: from math import * ... pi

pardouin: import math as m ... m.pi

IamFish: from math import pi as p

IamFish: 5th one

pardouin: ^^

pardouin: yes it works, just tested it

e_fishel: hello

IamFish: yeah, i'm a bit of a prodigy8)

IamFish: ello

pardouin: can be useful whe you import somthing like combinations_with_replacement

Stormyy: yes

Stormyy: i have no clue how python works

Wontonimo: hey struct, what have you been working on lately?

Default avatar.png sneezydrag0n: hey Wontonimo, you there?

Wontonimo: ah, i'm back

LelouchVC2: Struct is here?

Wontonimo: sneezydrag0n , what up?

LelouchVC2: struct ! friend ol' pal!

quasi_ubique: I'm working on a code golf problem, but ruby lang is removing leading zeros from a binary number, causing me to get a wrong answer.

ZXC01: Unary?

LelouchVC2: yea, code golf is stupid sometimes

quasi_ubique: Yeah

ZXC01: o

quasi_ubique: 37 in binary is 100101 but also 00100101

quasi_ubique: :/

Jerrasterix: make it a string and add leading zeros

Jerrasterix: That's something every language will do

Jerrasterix: not just ruby

quasi_ubique: Should I make them all 8 digits long? I'm not sure how much is should do

Default avatar.png .Nickname: 8 binary digits is a maximum base-10 value of 256

Jerrasterix: what does the question say ??

Default avatar.png .Nickname: if that is sufficient, then yes

Default avatar.png .Nickname: 11111111 == 256

quasi_ubique: Problem is here: Will try with 8 digits then

Jerrasterix: for chuck norris, it need be a 7bit binary

Jerrasterix: so check if your string length is 7

quasi_ubique: It was 6 digits, that

quasi_ubique: that's why I was confused

Jerrasterix: if not add (7-length) times '0'

quasi_ubique: Thanks all, I should've looked closer to see it said 7 bit ascii. Padding fixed it.

Flaise: Hey, anyone know how to code in Go? I'm having trouble figuring out how one would instantiate a heterogeneous collection.

Flaise: I'm using the built-in List object and the compiler is telling me I add and remove elements of type interface{} so is that kind of like Object in C#/Java?

Flaise: er, wait.. I figured it out. My code that was supposed to be adding the objects wasn't. lol

Wontonimo: you are a wizard Flaise ! wiggle those coding fingers

Flaise: :P

Flaise: Got one more language to do before I get the legend achievement

Wontonimo: and it will be your first legend achievement

Flaise: Yep. Gonna get a little popout notification. "Achievement Unlocked: Can't make up your damn mind!"

Wontonimo: you want a totally new lang?

Wontonimo: or do you need one more puzzle in c++ ?

Flaise: I used to language-hop so much years ago. Now I've settled on a few.

Wontonimo: you know it can be the same puzzle and get credit for different langs

Flaise: I need several more in C++ for that achievement. My next puzzle will be a language I haven't done yet. Probably F#.

Jerrasterix: C based languages ??

Wontonimo: he's done them all

Flaise: Yeah, I did that with the Horse Dual thing because I left behind an achievement that wanted me to use Bash, of all things. o_O

Jerrasterix: yeah, I saw that, just asking if he settled for C based langs

Jerrasterix: I didn't type out the full question :P

Jerrasterix: silly me

Wontonimo: you can use bash to paste your c++ solution to a file and then compile and run that file

Wontonimo: that's what i did

Jerrasterix: you did C# right ??

Flaise: I think the languages that originated indirectly from C are the most useful, generally. And Python. Python is nice to code in.

Jerrasterix: then VB.NET

Flaise: Wontonimo: Did you really? xD

Jerrasterix: can we do that C# too ??

Flaise: I'm thinking I'm going to use F# as the last language for the achievement

Wontonimo: yeah, westicles got me onto that sort of thing for those oddball languages

Wontonimo: he's made a commandline callout for every language

Flaise: Isn't D a C-based language?

Jerrasterix: yeah

Jerrasterix: you could do D

Wontonimo: that's how he has 570+ puzzles solved in every language.

LelouchVC2: How many Ds we talkin here

Jerrasterix: if you C++, its just a walk in a different park

Flaise: lol I guess automation is better than doing stuff by hand... o_O

Flaise: I've never used D actually. One of the few big languages I haven't touched.

Flaise: The low level languages have always felt a tad intimidating before I started Rust.

Jerrasterix: That's low level language...

Jerrasterix: :wink:

Jerrasterix: wait 570+ puzzles :astonished: