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DialFrost: same

DialFrost: anybody?

Wontonimo: no ruby here

DialFrost: :(

Mortis_666: what problem is it tho

DialFrost: dont panic code golf

struct: my ruby knowledge is the basic only

struct: and only golf stuff

DialFrost: the problem with my code is its not printing anything

DialFrost: wanna look at it struct?

struct: paste it here I guess

struct: ill take a look

Wontonimo: I just created a markov text generation contribution ( to replace Automaton2000 )

Automaton2000: doesn't sound easy to fix

DialFrost: wat now?

Wontonimo: yeah, did it in the last 2 hours

DialFrost: thats fast

Wontonimo: i had fun with it ! just finished watching a whole bunch of videos about making Roguelike games and a common theme was generated text

struct: on your example one does it stop at 8?

struct: or should we keep generating?

Wontonimo: also, i haven't made a markov text generator before so i throught it would be fun

Wontonimo: yeah, stop generating

struct: why?

Wontonimo: wait ... where are you reading 8?

struct: Step 8 : ['is','bad'] => ['and']

Wontonimo: ah ... right. i'll add "etc" after that!

struct: maybe you can add ...

Wontonimo: thanks

struct: np

DialFrost: struct if uk ruby doesnt it mean u know some python?

struct: well i dont know ruby

DialFrost: but u js helped me with ruby

DialFrost: i can tell u know some...

struct: well I know a bit of ruby

DialFrost: ye

struct: and a bit of python

DialFrost: ah ic

DialFrost: but ur a lot better at c++?

struct: im only really familiar with c++

struct: yes

DialFrost: so u know perl too then?

struct: no

DialFrost: oh

DialFrost: perl is really close to c++

DialFrost: and rly op at code golf <33

DialFrost: u shld try it

Wontonimo: i used perl in the past

Wontonimo: spent about 2 years coding business applications in it

DialFrost: sheesh

DialFrost: thats mean ur a god at it?

DialFrost: 2 yrs is a long time mate

Wontonimo: that was back in 1996 and 97

Wontonimo: so, i remember little

DialFrost: oh ic

Wontonimo: does anyone use perl anymore?

DialFrost: mostly for code golf

DialFrost: but i dont use it

DialFrost: although i hope to learn c++ soon

Wontonimo: interesting

DialFrost: so i can learn perl

Wontonimo: yeah, c++ is good

DialFrost: perl is god of code golf

DialFrost: *and c++ is a really good language (fast,efficent)

DialFrost: but can be tricky to learn sometimes

Wontonimo: okay, but other than just for this site there is no need to golf code

Kururugi: man this is first time i hear perl used for code golf

Wontonimo: it can be fun, but probably not something I'd recommend spending too much effort on. Certainly not a skill that will help you get a job

Kururugi: yeah

Kururugi: code golf is bad for project dev

Wontonimo: well, it's past midnight

Wontonimo: actually it is 1234 !

Wontonimo: good night all

e_fishel: 9 days till Christmas

Wontonimo: o.m.g. i need to shop

e_fishel: i'm blown away by how quickly this came

Wontonimo: and sleep

Wontonimo: l8r

e_fishel: cya

e_fishel: good night

DialFrost: sleep?

DialFrost: lol its 1:43 pm

DialFrost: bai anyways

e_fishel: timezones :pensive:

DialFrost: <33

DialFrost: *still doing mad lol

Default avatar.png ShandonM: Pass the boof?

jacek: umad

Default avatar.png ShandonM: When the the code doesn't understand your genius

Default avatar.png ShandonM: War Thunder

Default avatar.png TnTomato: hey

DialFrost: any ruby person here to help me in unary chuchk norris code golf?

Urutar: You're supposed to do that yourself ;)

Urutar: Otherwise, what would be the point

DialFrost: nice new pfp urutar

Urutar: Thanks^^

Default avatar.png urjp[p]clsdhuflcsoidseo: anyone help me on clash of code

Default avatar.png urjp[p]clsdhuflcsoidseo: help

Default avatar.png urjp[p]clsdhuflcsoidseo: me

Default avatar.png urjp[p]clsdhuflcsoidseo: i am new

Default avatar.png urjp[p]clsdhuflcsoidseo: :cry:

DialFrost: for clash of code it is trick to help u

Urutar: Sure, I wrote ya a pm

DialFrost: as it is timed

Urutar: But forewarning: I'll not solve em for ya ;)

Default avatar.png urjp[p]clsdhuflcsoidseo: plesas

Default avatar.png urjp[p]clsdhuflcsoidseo: help me

DialFrost: please avoid trying to spam chat

DialFrost: it takes time to learn mate

Urutar: I explained CoC to him^^

LelouchVC2: is he old enough for that explaination?

Urutar: I suppose

Urutar: Not going around asking people for their age though

Urutar: Not going around asking people if they're imbeciles either; just assuming they're not ;)

Default avatar.png Manohar123: i am unable to find the solution

Default avatar.png Cederkaeppen: AoC was hard today :-)

jacek: thats what...

Default avatar.png sompong665: hello

Tien2k9: the puzzle of the week is really hard for me :(

DialFrost: they're always hard

Tien2k9: yeah

Tien2k9: but it's difficultly is normal

DialFrost: wait wat

DialFrost: wr

Thorcode: really

DialFrost: wr's the link

DialFrost: oh wait nvrm

Tien2k9: the today puzzle of the week

DialFrost: bruh this difficulty is medium

DialFrost: green valleys

Tien2k9: that's hard

5DN1L: difficulty is all comparatively speaking

5DN1L: try one of the very hard puzzles, you may say it's insane

Uljahn: solved it with a simple floodfill algorithm

DialFrost: meh im not very good at coding

DialFrost: didnt rly wanna solve it

5DN1L: You'll improve with practice :wink:

Default avatar.png FlyingWormOfPower_efa8: hi parówa

Default avatar.png TheZombieKnight_2fc5: hehe

Default avatar.png TheZombieKnight_2fc5: no wlasnie

Uljahn: speak english here or /join #poland

LelouchVC2: Discrimination!

5DN1L: Automaton2000, what is discrimination?

Automaton2000: ok i guess i can take a few hours

5DN1L: Only English is allowed in this channel. Only Polish is allowed in that channel. No unfair treatment. No discrimination.

LelouchVC2: Thats what they said about segregation

LelouchVC2: "Separate but equal"

5DN1L: Is separate ranking for different languages in code golf discrimination?

LelouchVC2: yes, discrimination by performance

5DN1L: Is single ranking for all languages in clash of code short mode non-discrimination?

5DN1L: shortest*

LelouchVC2: im just messing with you xD

5DN1L: me too, playing along :wink:

LelouchVC2: :flushed:

Default avatar.png TheZombieKnight_2fc5: :open_mouth:

Mortis_666: hi

Mortis_666: Automaton2000

Automaton2000: what does that mean i have to write your own Mortis_666

5DN1L: wow

Mortis_666: lol

Mortis_666: Automaton2000

Automaton2000: but i don't feel like it

5DN1L: First time I see Automaton2000 actually responding with the other person's name

Automaton2000: i see you are a bot

Mortis_666: ya

Mortis_666: cool

jacek: oh my

Urutar: Automaton2000 is a neat bot, reminds me of Eliza a bit

Automaton2000: my bot isn't good enough to get me to gold

Urutar: Do you know Eliza, Automaton2000?

Automaton2000: i have to save it

Urutar: Neat

Urutar: What about you, AutomatonNN?

Urutar: Aww

5DN1L: Eliza II / Eliza Expanded

Urutar: It's quite neat

TheModified: Big ups to this site, got an internship starting february and it helps me brushing up my c++

5DN1L: Great!

TheModified: so in the horse-racing duals "assignment", apparently my sorting algorithm is too slow but i use quicksort

TheModified: any ideas? or would the issue lie elsewhere?

5DN1L: i used this and I passed: sort(strengths.begin(), strengths.end());

Mortis_666: what lang is this

5DN1L: C++

DialFrost: got it

TheModified: am i missing an include to use that?

5DN1L: yeah, you need #include <algorithm>

TheModified: oh thats standardized in the assignment, but i cant seem to use it

TheModified: i assigned strengths as int strengths[n]

5DN1L: I used a vector

TheModified: I'm not familiar with vectors, i'll look it up!

BlaiseEbuth: You can use it with any container, even classic array btw.

5DN1L: I'm not familiar with C++ really :P

5DN1L: Just describing my code which passed that puzzle

TheModified: using quicksort i passed testcase 1 and 2, but got a timeout on 3

5DN1L: does using sort make a difference?

Mortis_666: im stuck at case 3 too

TheModified: yes it did! just had to find out how to add to the end of a vector

Mortis_666: using python

TheModified: .push_back fixed it

5DN1L: great

TheModified: #TheMoreYouKnow

Default avatar.png osmanfrncw: how to pass mad pod racing i need help

TheModified: Thanks a bunch, @5DN1L

5DN1L: you're welcome

Default avatar.png osmanfrncw: how to pass mad pod racing i need help

DialFrost: u can try asking the pro guys

5DN1L: Mortis_666 let's look at your case now

Mortis_666: ok

Default avatar.png osmanfrncw: I'm stuck in a section and where can I find the answer?

DialFrost: try not to cheat osmanfrncw

5DN1L: did you sort the inputs first? Mortis_666

Mortis_666: yes

Mortis_666: then check between neighbours

5DN1L: that looks fine so far

Default avatar.png osmanfrncw: .

5DN1L: you go through the list only once right, after sorting i mean

Mortis_666: yes

5DN1L: that shouldn't lead to a timeout

5DN1L: what's your issue for case 3

5DN1L: timeout?

Mortis_666: Process has timed out. This may mean that your solution is not optimized enough to handle some cases.

TheModified: thats exactly what i had

5DN1L: hmmm weird

TheModified: i guess its the way you sort

5DN1L: i did the sort in one line

Default avatar.png osmanfrncw: Where can I ask the professionals, how do you pass the sections where you hang out?

5DN1L: in the same line as reading all the inputs

5DN1L: not sure if that makes any difference

Mortis_666: im putting a value small to infinite then check between neighbours in the sorted list if the diff of neighbours is smaller then small change the value small to the diff output small after the loop

5DN1L: yeah, that's what i did too

Mortis_666: hmm

5DN1L: Do you do it with a for loop or a while loop?

TheModified: instead of infinite, i used 1 above the max range of pi, but same difference

Mortis_666: and i use sorted func

Mortis_666: for loop

5DN1L: ok

5DN1L: i used sorted too

5DN1L: Did you use a list comprehension?

5DN1L: Not sure if that makes any difference though

Mortis_666: in the getting horses part?

5DN1L: yes

Mortis_666: yep

Mortis_666: wait

Mortis_666: let me try this

5DN1L: i mean i used a single line to read the inputs, convert them to integers and sort

Mortis_666: yes

Mortis_666: i do it in one line

5DN1L: ok... that sounds really weird

Mortis_666: aha now i solved it

Jerrasterix: ruby ??

Jerrasterix: which puzzle ????

5DN1L: lol did you change anything? Mortis_666?

Mortis_666: yes

5DN1L: Jerrasterix Horse Racing Duals

5DN1L: Mortis_666 what did you change?

Jerrasterix: ohhh fine..

Mortis_666: before that i use horses[horses.index(horse)+1] to find neighbours insted of enumerate

Mortis_666: and now i use enumerate

Mortis_666: mayb thats the problem

5DN1L: ah i see

Mortis_666: lol

5DN1L: you read the list more than once each time

5DN1L: that's why it's slower

Mortis_666: yes

5DN1L: good, problem solved!

Mortis_666: yes!

5DN1L: and learn to be more efficient in reading lists too :wink:

Mortis_666: ig last time when i solve this puzzle idk enumerate

Mortis_666: btw the solid integers

5DN1L: yeah?

Mortis_666: u say look how many solid integers are there in 1 digit, 2 digit nums

5DN1L: yeah

Mortis_666: but i still cant find the pattern

Mortis_666: lol

5DN1L: haha

5DN1L: what's the number series you have then

Mortis_666: i loop one by one and check it have a 0 or not XD

5DN1L: yeah, that's fine, but how many are 1-digit, how many are 2-digit, etc?

DialFrost: this is the most amount of ppl i've seen online so far

Mortis_666: for 1 digit 9

Mortis_666: for 2 digit its 81?

5DN1L: correct

Mortis_666: and for 3 digit there is a lot

5DN1L: you may write a code to find out the number of 3-digit solid integers

5DN1L: or you may just guess now

Mortis_666: ok

Mortis_666: wait

Mortis_666: i think i know

Mortis_666: 9**2 is 81

5DN1L: bingo

Mortis_666: wow rlly?

Mortis_666: imma try

5DN1L: it's basically number of combinations

TheModified: ** is ^?

5DN1L: how many numbers you can make without using the digit 0

5DN1L: ** is ^ in some languages

5DN1L: or the other way round

TheModified: oh i've had no idea

5DN1L: or some languages don't use either lol

TheModified: time to finish some papers, have a good one lads

5DN1L: you too :joy:

Jerrasterix: A doubt, can mods read personal messages ??

DialFrost: haha

5DN1L: what personal messages

DialFrost: like pms

DialFrost: from one person to another

5DN1L: i mean between who?

DialFrost: anybody

DialFrost: any 2 random ppl

5DN1L: I don't think I can read random people's personal messages

DialFrost: hmm lol there's ur answer jerrasterix

Jerrasterix: ohh Thanks 5DN1L

5DN1L: at least on the chat. not sure personal messages on the forum. but i doubt it

LelouchVC2: of course u can

LelouchVC2: just hack

DialFrost: lol

Jerrasterix: bruhhh needing 711 xp to get to level 20 :sob:

DialFrost: lol

DialFrost: solve puzzles

DialFrost: gives u quite some xp

derjack: hmm

5DN1L: or get to a higher league in a bot game

Jerrasterix: I will have to solve 15 puzzles :(

Jerrasterix: I have maxed out for my ability in every possible game

derjack: ez exp

DialFrost: HAHA

DialFrost: although it takes u to be like a insane god at coding to create a contest

Jerrasterix: lol was but not now

Jerrasterix: no community contest

derjack: no more community constest now

5DN1L: or gain some achievements

5DN1L: solve simple puzzles in other languages

5DN1L: easy xp gains

Jerrasterix: hmmm... I can do clash of code to get in top 1000

Jerrasterix: nice one, thanks 5DN1L

derjack: cg sponsored contest is language achievement fest

Default avatar.png rekaxem: what are exp for?

LelouchVC2: showing off to ur friends

5DN1L: And levelling up. At certain levels you gain additional rights.

Default avatar.png rekaxem: oh cool

5DN1L: I like your answer though lol LelouchVC2

Default avatar.png MustangMaster: first problem solved, finally :D

5DN1L: :thumbsup:

Thorcode: wow

Thorcode: 5DNl got to mod congrat

5DN1L: thanks

DialFrost: i didnt realise too until now lol

5DN1L: It happened a dozen hours ago :P

DialFrost: congrats!

5DN1L: thanks :)

LelouchVC2: where do you apply?

Thorcode: I don't think mod can apply

Thorcode: I have tried to apply to be a mod

5DN1L: Thorcode's right

Thorcode: but nah I can't find a way to apply to be a mod

Thorcode: wait what westicle account have been banned?

5DN1L: What makes you think so

Thorcode: many thing change in codingame

Thorcode: type westicle in search 5D

BlaiseEbuth: That's called 'rotting' Thorcode.

Thorcode: ? why rotting

BlaiseEbuth: The changes that happen on a dead thing.

Thorcode: like blaise too

Thorcode: wes v2 blaise v 6 sad for two pro

White_Code: print(hello world)

White_Code: ah man

Default avatar.png UndyingLoremIpsum_e6eb: hell bros

5DN1L: hell as in rotting?

5DN1L: Rotting is the world, BlaiseEbuth, nobody can escape

White_Code: Can anyone teach me python

Default avatar.png UndyingLoremIpsum_e6eb: yes , me

LelouchVC2: print("hello")

LelouchVC2: ull be hacking the pentagon in no time

BlaiseEbuth: I don't talk to mushrooms.

LelouchVC2: i dont either

LelouchVC2: i usually eat them

BlaiseEbuth: Westicles changed gender and became French Thorcode

LelouchVC2: good for him, wonder if he got it removed

Thorcode: why

DialFrost: haha

DialFrost: i'd prefer his old name

DialFrost: and his old cover

OtrovXYZ: what is he some kind of god

Thorcode: nah

rizonbro: anywone

rizonbro: see on discord that log out

rizonbro: I am not log out my self and its log out it self

5DN1L: Perhaps you can ask Discord about the issue?

Default avatar.png KING_50: HEY

Tien2k9: hi

Tien2k9: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Default avatar.png Voldmort_: Hey

Tien2k9: ?

Urutar: Anyone Hungry for Apples?

aunique: hello!!!

CryanRyan: :eggplant:

Urutar: Oh well

Default avatar.png rekaxem: wow alecman is so good

AlecMan: haha

AlecMan: hungry for apples?

Default avatar.png rekaxem: what does that mean

AlecMan: It's basically just 'Got milk?'

Default avatar.png rekaxem: oh

AlecMan: I think a rick and morty reference

AlecMan: But also thank you. The apples was a response to an earlier message in the chat lol.

Default avatar.png Nizzz000: WHAAAAATS UUUUUPPPP?

Default avatar.png rekaxem: hey

Default avatar.png Berattt: c ölm,dvklöd<mö

5DN1L: No spam, please

Default avatar.png Berattt: Said is a bad coder LOL

Default avatar.png DPD: wow

DPD: dpd ist the best

Urutar: AlecMan, that's correct :D

Urutar: Although it wasn't referencing any earlier message

AlecMan: haha

AlecMan: ah well

TheModified: @5DN1L Yo you're still here!

TheModified: hows it going?

5DN1L: Yes, I'm still here, it's afternoon for me

Default avatar.png rekaxem: clash of code is fun when you win

TheModified: im mostly doing puzzles to practice c++

TheModified: and doing clash of code vs friends

Default avatar.png rekaxem: nice!

Nizzz000: Im sitting in class and im bored

Akuma2k4: hi

Toastbrot69: hs

DPD: hi dhl

DPD: you are shit

DPD: im better

Default avatar.png Berattt: Said bitte aufhören

Akuma2k4: stfu

Default avatar.png Berattt: nlustig

5DN1L: Please mind your language in the chatroom

Urutar: Also, please write english in here

Default avatar.png Berattt: Said dein Profil sieht man nicht

5DN1L: English only please

Urutar: Beratt, this is the english/world channel

DPD: ok sorry

Akuma2k4: nein

Default avatar.png Berattt: Urutar pschhht

Default avatar.png 0x6d: sprich deutsch du hurensohn

Toastbrot69: NEIN

Default avatar.png Berattt: Speak german

DPD: pls bann this people

5DN1L: You're warned, if you don't behave, you'll kicked out

Urutar: Oi, that might get you banned if ya insult others

Toastbrot69: Im german

Magus: I was about to kick, but maybe 5DN1L what to have his first kick for himself :D

Urutar: So you might want to talk german here: #De

Magus: *want

Toastbrot69: what are examples for missbehaving?

5DN1L: I can leave that to you Magus lol

Toastbrot69: do we have to speak english?

Default avatar.png Berattt: okey sorry

DPD: there is a german chanel?

Default avatar.png Berattt: pös kick SaidOfLive

Urutar: Swearing, insults, inapropriate behaviour

Magus: yes, #de

Urutar: Yep #De

DPD: ok thanks

Default avatar.png Berattt: kick Said

Akuma2k4: muss noch englisch hausaufgaben machen

Toastbrot69: thx

TheModified: so you type /join #De, right?

Urutar: Or just click it

Nizzz000: Red deutsch du lann

Urutar: The yellow part

5DN1L: Guys, English only, please, or go to another language channel

Urutar: Nizzz000, this is an english channel...

Urutar: The german one is #De

Magus: TheModified: /join de

Magus: (there is no #)

TheModified: wasnt sure

rizonbro: what happen here

Akuma2k4: wer denkst du wer du bist

Urutar: Well, for one, a person who tries to adhere to basic human decency.

Nizzz000: Werd man du HUnd

rizonbro: noob

Urutar: Toxic people is what's happening here

rizonbro: oh so that the problem

rizonbro: who toxic?

rizonbro: beruh

5DN1L: Never mind. Two kicked out.

derjack: oh my

rizonbro: who

rizonbro: ?

5DN1L: Doesn't matter.

rizonbro: oh ok

5DN1L: What matters is me having my lunch in peace now :D

Uljahn: LIP

rizonbro: bruh

rizonbro: having lunch

5DN1L: Yes Uljahn lol

rizonbro: are u kiding me

rizonbro: lol

Urutar: Why?

Urutar: ^^

Kailynn: lol

rizonbro: he say :I am having lunch lol

Kailynn: Ik I read it

rizonbro: who is Alecman

Mortis_666: is it just me or the streaming icon shows 1 when no one is streaming

rizonbro: I saw it but like bot

5DN1L: Mortis_666, refresh?

rizonbro: refresh

rizonbro: done

Mortis_666: ok one sec

Mortis_666: o ok it works :)

Urutar: Hm, how do I block users from following me?

5DN1L: I'd like to know too

Urutar: Or a list of channel commands, that'd be neat...

Urutar: Oh nvm found em


5DN1L: "Anyone can follow anyone, just like on Twitter. There is no way to block someone though or make your profile private."

Urutar: Eh, apparently it's in the backlog

Urutar: I do wonder why people have to be so toxic sometimes.

Uljahn: following people just gives you additional filter in leaderboards

5DN1L: ah right

rizonbro: what is the problem

rizonbro: any ppl that toxic on discord I log out by bot

rizonbro: discord

Wontonimo: also, following people allows them to private message you when you are offline

rizonbro: umm migth be

rizonbro: umm migth be

rizonbro: sorry

rizonbro: doyble

BlaiseEbuth: Following people allow you to know where they live. :smiling_imp:

rizonbro: uljahn

rizonbro: ok

unkowone: thats cool

unkowone: :imp: hellow

unkowone: howwot

unkowone: bruh\

unkowone: how to spam or ban

Uljahn: pls stop it

unkowone: ok

unkowone: it kill u

unkowone: :japanese_ogre:

**unkowone slaps uljahn: around a bit with a large fishbot

VisionaryM: Onichan!!!

5DN1L: Is that Japanese?

VisionaryM: hai

Lynch[0]: hello

VisionaryM: konnichiwa

Mortis_666: nais 2nd accepted contribution

VisionaryM: Clash of Code Really Sucks for C++ coder

VisionaryM: change the character part and to approx time to run the program

j10__1: dream is trash

5DN1L: VisionaryM and creating an unfair advantage to another language? lol

5DN1L: disadvantage*

jacek: oO

VisionaryM: less code doesn't make good if it comes to fast and less memory usage

Uljahn: try bot AI games then

VisionaryM: yeah that's god I loved it

Uljahn: that's where c++ shines

KrazyCorpse: how do I separate the test cases?

**White_Code slaps Uljahn around a bit with a large fishbot

KrazyCorpse: I input a solution for two and both fail as a result

**White_Code hi

White_Code: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

5DN1L: KrazyCorpse, you have to write a single code which solves all the test cases

5DN1L: a general code

White_Code: sry all

VisionaryM: please suggest me a less syntax language to learn

Mortis_666: wdym less syntax

Uljahn: like ruby

AllYourTrees: python?

BlaiseEbuth: Perl!

VisionaryM: well i see ruby guys rockz in COC

Mortis_666: especially in shortest

KrazyCorpse: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ if I try them individually I get a success, but if I add one under the other they both fail

Mortis_666: means that ur code is not correct

KrazyCorpse: got 4 diff. test cases there to draw ascii with console.log if I do them individually they're fine - I click "play test case" after I copy/pasta that particular one, and it's good

Mortis_666: bruh

KrazyCorpse: but if I try to have them one under the other neither of them expects it so they both fail (did not even get to 3) and not clicking "play all test cases")

KrazyCorpse: sorry if I'm being dense, 1st day here :P

5DN1L: It's not good if you have to write one code for every different case :joy:

5DN1L: there are millions of situations, do you write millions of codes?

KrazyCorpse: mother of god... :open_mouth: been using a hammer where a scalpel is required...

j10__1: It's not good if you have to write one code for every different case :joy: there are millions of situations, do you write millions of codes?

j10__1: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy::joy: :joy::joy:

White_Code: guys type /join" Wass up"

j10__1: :joy::joy::joy:

j10__1: :joy::joy::joy::joy: :joy:

j10__1: :joy: :joy:

KrazyCorpse: I retract my previous statements as well as my presence on here

Mortis_666: /join" Wass up"

KrazyCorpse: <skulks back to drawing board in shame>

5DN1L: KrazyCorpse you can do it

White_Code: leave the commas

KrazyCorpse: :muscle: :grimacing: hnnnnggg...

Jerrasterix: okay I still don't know, but I went from Bronze to gold botg...

Jerrasterix: ^int botg

KrazyCorpse: I thought each test case is a separate exercise :face_palm_tone1:

Mortis_666: uhh

5DN1L: No, it isn't. And after your code succeeeds in passing all the test cases, it still has to pass all the invisible validators

5DN1L: The validators are yet different from the test cases

KrazyCorpse: that's the crucial piece of info that did not reach my caffeine-soaked brain today

KrazyCorpse: cheers!

5DN1L: You'll get used to it :)

KrazyCorpse: :sunglasses: you betcha!

Uljahn: KrazyCorpse: this might be useful

KrazyCorpse: much obliged, @Uljahn

Default avatar.png balamalexis: lol

jacek: aww

BlaiseEbuth: Stop trolling jacek. No more mods on your side... :(

jacek: mod strike?

BlaiseEbuth: Resignations.

BlaiseEbuth: Fresh mods will ban you on sight. Be careful

jacek: oO

eulerscheZahl: i still show as mod but not much longer

Default avatar.png balamalexis: who´s from Germany

Uljahn: euler, what about your puzzle search tool? will you eventually shut it down?

eulerscheZahl: btw topcoder marathon started yesterday

eulerscheZahl: the puzzle search does a re-indexing on autostart for me

eulerscheZahl: but it's totally possible that CG API changes, i don't know if i would fix it then

eulerscheZahl: and i might not notice when indexing of new puzzles breaks. another cause might be that my active session cookie expires

Default avatar.png rekaxem: what is the puzzle search tool

eulerscheZahl: but i'm not actively deactivating it


jacek: any changes announced recently?

Uljahn: ok, thanks

Default avatar.png rekaxem: what is this tool for

eulerscheZahl: no, just a question on mods channel who's still in and who wants to quit. with a recommendation for those who only care about contests to choose the latter. which is what i did

eulerscheZahl: when you play a clash of code and time is over, you can search it and keep playing without time pressure. and when you want to create a puzzle yourself, you can check for duplicates

Default avatar.png rekaxem: wow

eulerscheZahl: but tbh i was just a matter of time for me to quit. CG just isn't the same website anymore as it used to be 3 years ago. different target audience now

darkhorse64: That says a lot about future contests

eulerscheZahl: there is no confirmation about the future. neither in one nor in the other direction

Default avatar.png rekaxem: who are the target audience now

eulerscheZahl: CG used to be about AI contests, see the bot programming section. now it's more about puzzles, clashes, escape, ...

jacek: maybe they said that so mods wont be overwhelmed during contests

eulerscheZahl: more training, less competing

jacek: everyone's a winner

darkhorse64: everyone >99%

Uljahn: we are losing most competent, proficient and creative part of the community because of no bot contests, because CG staff is used to think this part is too small to be relevant, sad

BlaiseEbuth: 5% thought Uljahn... :smirk:

Uljahn: 95% of zero is still zero

darkhorse64: Harsh comment

Bon[]Crayon: :peace:

Astrobytes: Harsh times.

BlaiseEbuth: Not while you don't divulgate the 0. Welcome in the fantastic world of the CG surveys!

darkhorse64: Astrobytes: are you resigning also ?

Astrobytes: Yes I resigned with euler and Ille

jacek: Uljahn too?

jacek: now urge to trolling subsided :(

BlaiseEbuth: He :/

eulerscheZahl: yet we are still here. resigning as a mod doesn't mean that we will completely avoid the site now. just not playing the junction between staff and community anymore

Astrobytes: Yes, indeed.

darkhorse64: I don't know if it's related. I noticed that Wonto lost his badge recently. What's the point of trolling if there are no mods ?

eulerscheZahl: but it's true that I will be less active most likely. no more 2048 or Dice Duel happening

eulerscheZahl: wonto is a server bug

eulerscheZahl: still a mod

Astrobytes: darkhorse64: That was/is a CG issue afaik

Default avatar.png balamalexis: who is from grmany

eulerscheZahl: i am from germany

jacek: :scream:

BlaiseEbuth: They probably updated the site certifcates :rofl:

darkhorse64: Undercover mod

Astrobytes: The Modfather

BlaiseEbuth: And of course: the Community Masher

Default avatar.png balamalexis: who is from germany

darkhorse64: Nice typo :grin:

Default avatar.png balamalexis: who

eulerscheZahl: any mod here to kick?

jacek: if there was someone with mod powers right now...

Default avatar.png balamalexis: is a nice typo

Default avatar.png balamalexis: who

Astrobytes: Still have powers.

BlaiseEbuth: Hitler is from... Austria. nvm

eulerscheZahl: i was just about to do the same, had already written it :D

Astrobytes: hehehe

**BlaiseEbuth check the Godwin point

darkhorse64: check the Darwin point rather

TimberStalker: I found a very simple solution to the hourglass puzzle.

jacek: :tada:

Miki09: Who will be the new mods?

eulerscheZahl: wontonimo is still pretty new and 5nd1l started yesterday

eulerscheZahl: *5DN1L, sorry

jacek: did they get a raise

BlaiseEbuth: Yup. 100%

Default avatar.png epaikins: who wants to try the compete section?

jacek: whats in the compete section?

marcelodelazari: guys

marcelodelazari: is there any way to turn autocomplete off?

VizGhar: click settings -> edit configuration

Default avatar.png BlackPonyOfDeath_bf10: I'm new guys cwhat's the compete section?

5DN1L: You select compete section in the menu, and it leads to this page:

marcelodelazari: i cant find "edit configuration" lol

VizGhar: you must open code editor first (open any puzzle to see the IDE)

InnovationINC: e

marcelodelazari: it worked, thanks

VizGhar: :thumbsup:

Wontonimo: hey Astrobytes and eulerscheZahl, its sad to hear you two are resigning ;(

Wontonimo: just saw that in the chatlog now

Flaise: Hey guys

BlaiseEbuth: Sha Wontonimod! Shhhaaaaaaa!

darkhorse64: English please

BlaiseEbuth: It is. No-culture-tea-pot

Flaise: That's some interesting talk about the focus of the site shifting. I joined specifically for the AI contests. I'm not nearly as interested in the rest.

darkhorse64: I thought you were trying to summon smth

eulerscheZahl: hey flaise, aren't you the one who did the game-dev thing with illedan?

BlaiseEbuth: FlaiseEfuth

eulerscheZahl: you can still play the old contests. great games and strong bots as opponents. just the design of future contests is a bit in the void right now, lots of uncertainty

resty-daze: it makes me sad that I haven't put enough effort in the past in those ai comps

Astrobytes: I believe it is indeed the same one euler

BlaiseEbuth: You can. While the site exist...

BlaiseEbuth: Astrobviously

Astrobytes: Wontonimo: we'll still be around though ;)

eulerscheZahl: there are still a few other sites to look into. but to me CG was always special. simple rules, lots of players and just the contest atmosphere


eulerscheZahl: there are some AI contests running right now

resty-daze: ye i think CG has the most participants

eulerscheZahl: only halite had a similar number - that one is dead

eulerscheZahl: the halite devs started a new project: Lux AI

eulerscheZahl: but that's a 3 month contest, not 10 days :(

resty-daze: is Lux a new name for Risk?

eulerscheZahl: I only know it as Latin for "light"

resty-daze: oh no they do not look alike

eulerscheZahl: light as in sunlight, not as the opposite of heavy

darkhorse64: For bot programming, I think CG is still unmatched: content, tools, IDE


eulerscheZahl: oh, it's something :tada:

Astrobytes: :+1:

eulerscheZahl: and I can't give a <3 429 too many requests

jacek: thats some cleanup eh

resty-daze: there is a game call Lux Delux in steam, which is a board game called Risk. I was in a ai comp for that game perhaps 15 years ago back to high school days

TimothyAlexisVass: arithmetic progression x=1, y=2 if the progression is linear, and 12 numbers long... This is the sum: -54*x+66*y

TimothyAlexisVass: Can someone explain why? :)

darkhorse64: At least one guy has lost 40K CP

Flaise: eulerscheZahl: Yeah, I made Desert Digger with Illedan. I'm surprised anyone recognizes me. It was a 10-day game jam competition.

Astrobytes: flaise: we talk ;)

struct: lets hope he can clean all leaderboards

Flaise: Literally the only reason I know about CodinGame is because referrals showed up in my analytics for Desert Digger. I was like "wtf is this site"

BlaiseEbuth: Why your account not yet deleted struct?

struct: why would it be?

BlaiseEbuth: :scream:

Astrobytes: flaise: We may have played Desert Digger a little bit :innocent:

Flaise: So what kind of uncertainty is there in the future of AI contests on CG? I feel a little out of the loop. Does CG maybe not want to host them anymore?

TimothyAlexisVass: -_- -_-

darkhorse64: Actually, CG is tight lipped

darkhorse64: on the subject

BlaiseEbuth: CG want money :money_mouth:

BlaiseEbuth: *CodePad

BlaiseEbuth: Well... same

resty-daze: Sure, without money you can't last as a company

jacek: mods' salaries are too high they almost brought CG to bankrupcy

Astrobytes: jacek: back in your box lol

eulerscheZahl: CG started experimenting with new ideas, check "activites" => "cooperate" at the top

BlaiseEbuth: capitalists...

resty-daze: anyone tried that escape things?

BlaiseEbuth: :nauseated_face:

eulerscheZahl: it's like an online escape room: you click on things to get clues and solve riddles. some require a bit of coding, others can be done without. and that's what the last contest was about, at the expense of not having a bot contest

jacek: so they escaped from CG

Flaise: Pff. I expect companies to follow the money. But AI contests are cool. There has to be money in that.

eulerscheZahl: i didn't try myself. found a youtube video and quickly scrolled though the timeline to get an impression. just not my cup of tea

BlaiseEbuth: Astrobytes! You could ban jacek before going!

eulerscheZahl: Halite did AI contests for recruiting purposes. Then they stopped, to little return on invest

Flaise: Cooperate mode sounds interesting but I know so little about it

Astrobytes: BlaiseEbuth: Never! :rofl:

BlaiseEbuth: :disappointed:

eulerscheZahl: to give you an idea about escape, contains spoilers

resty-daze: there seems a lot new games in the bot section, any recommend?

eulerscheZahl: that's also a curse for those games: too many to choose from, so it's hard to stand out

eulerscheZahl: if you like 3D and have a strong GPU, try dice duel ;)

BlaiseEbuth: Say the guy who committed half of those games... :smirk:

eulerscheZahl: but really hard to recommend anything. would be easier to name 2 or 3 not to try because of misconceptions

eulerscheZahl: i won't trash-talk other creators though. among my own i'd say that tower dereference is not worth playing

jacek: huh

struct: for board games I recommend breakthrough

jacek: :+1:

Astrobytes: struct: you still working on that?

Astrobytes: +1 for Breakthrough

struct: yes but not puting a lot of time

eulerscheZahl: dots and boxes has more depth than I initially thought

Astrobytes: just ask Smits :D

resty-daze: taking a note, I can try them one by one

Astrobytes: I started HS recently, but I got lazy writing the sim

BlaiseEbuth: Yeah. Listen to eulersche_coffee_Zahl

Flaise: As an experiment the coop mode does sound interesting but I have no friends so I'm not sure I'll ever try it. xP

Flaise: T_T

eulerscheZahl: hypersonic is cool

TimothyAlexisVass: Flaise, make friends here and try it...

eulerscheZahl: there are coop bot games here as well

eulerscheZahl: namely code a la mode and fireworks

Flaise: xD

BlaiseEbuth: CALM \o/

jacek: and tutorial ones like onitama or nine men morris


BlaiseEbuth: Stop spamming that

BlaiseEbuth: Math attack

eulerscheZahl: I just realized that Thibaud wrote "I’ve “cleaned” the top of the GitC arena"

while there is no more GitC, just cyborg uprising :P

resty-daze: Why they change the games' name

eulerscheZahl: that user renaming :rofl:

BlaiseEbuth: Good! let's pursue him for copyright violation!

eulerscheZahl: they are concerned about possible copyright infringements

jacek: 42nd?

Astrobytes: hahahaha :rofl:

eulerscheZahl: and lvl42. that's a lot of answers

Flaise: Astrobytes: Also, it's not about talking to each other, it's more I tend not to expect people to remember me, even if they'll remember a product.

resty-daze: They must have a good search skill to find any solution code in CG

eulerscheZahl: illedan linked your profile and mentioned that you joined CG because of referrers

Astrobytes: Flaise: It was fresh in our minds since Illedan mentioned you'd come to CG... damn you euler :D

eulerscheZahl: classic. but you are always faster at kick/ban

Astrobytes: Fair :D

Flaise: Oh he said that too

eulerscheZahl: yes, on a private discord server

Default avatar.png proace21: yooloooo

Flaise: Ah, haven't checked out the Discord server yet

Astrobytes: (wasn't on the CG one)

Flaise: oh

BlaiseEbuth: A discord server for dissident mods?

Astrobytes: hahaha, just conversation

BlaiseEbuth: :suspicious:

Flaise: lol

BlaiseEbuth: ngl

Lambert_W_Function: hi

Flaise: So when you guys say that the AI competitions on CG are going to become less of the site's emphasis... Are the AI competitions already on the site going anywhere? And is there anything stopping community members from making their own competitions?

Wontonimo: you can use them

Wontonimo: and i don't think they are going anywhere. well, not that i know of

jacek: bot programming is still available

Wontonimo: but it isn't their focus anymore

Wontonimo: so they don't advertise them

Flaise: Hopefully they either do a really good job of the new stuff or they realize bot programming is just better so they go back to focusing on bot programming. :P

Wontonimo: and actually they are kind of buried in the user experience so most new members wont even really know about it

jacek: thats why we need to spam them :imp:

Wontonimo: i think it is a hard balance of measuring success. if they want to measure success as active users, then clash of code is great because it has a much lower bar than bot battles and so you can attract more active users.

Wontonimo: but if you want high quality employable users and be a centre of knowledge and excellence, then bot battles is the way to go

Wontonimo: i think they are chasing bulk numbers, and that means lower the bar

Wontonimo: but i don't have any official word on that

Flaise: Yeah and isn't this site marketed, among other things, as a way to connect employers with employees? Quality is more important because there are lots of other ways to find coders to hire. CG needs a way to stand out above, say, LinkedIn.

Flaise: Thus, the emphasis if you ask me should be competitino.

Flaise: ...competition. ...Such as, not spelling bees.

5DN1L: and if the players would like bot contests "with time limits", not sure whether that can be added as a feature in the community-made ones. currently all community-made games you can still play are without time limits

Wontonimo: my experience with recruiters is that by-and-large they go for quantity over quality. sad as that may be

jacek: nyoro~n

Wontonimo: nyoro-n for sure

Flaise: Well as long as they don't neglect ways for coders to stand out

Flaise: What's nyoro-n?

Wontonimo: oh 5DN1L , we could add something in the community made games that bots not published this month are deactivated immediately. I have a method to achieve it

Wontonimo: *current month, not *this month

5DN1L: meaning like one month after the game is approved and starts?

Wontonimo: no, like there is a published 'key' every month that your bot has to reply with on turn 1 or else it gets deactivated

Flaise: So you want to see the ranking of all bots published within a time window of a month

Default avatar.png sushideathrobots:

Wontonimo: not here sushideathrobots , post that to #clash

Default avatar.png sushideathrobots: ah

Default avatar.png sushideathrobots: #clash

Astrobytes: Seems convoluted. Why not just have a monthly leaderboard of active bots?

Flaise: How about instead of a key, just have the server track last_updated_date of each bot?

struct: well you can see when the bot was submited

Wontonimo: both of your ideas are 100% better , absolutely , but those two things are out of our control

Astrobytes: that's what I'm saying too. It's easy enough to use the API to get the dates

Astrobytes: iirc

Flaise: Sounds like a job for one of those external community sites. :O

5DN1L: What I meant was just to let the community create and approve bot games with the contest element added - i.e. one contest at a time, and everyone creates the bot and compete within that certain timeframe to get the ranking. afterwards, the puzzle can become ordinary bot games again.

struct: no comunity contests

Astrobytes: ^

struct: it was done before

struct: but it endeed

struct: ended*

5DN1L: oh

Wontonimo: poorly even

5DN1L: what happened

Flaise: What went wrong with it?

jacek: no $$$

BlaiseEbuth: ^

struct: unnoficial comunity contests dont get enough players

Astrobytes: Too much work for the devs

struct: and is too much work

struct: just to get like 100 players

Astrobytes: You can do it *unofficially* but good luck getting the numbers like struct said

5DN1L: understood

Flaise: I wasn't suggesting a community contest, I was talking about one of those websites that pulls data off the API and compiles it into charts and stuff.

Wontonimo: well, we could pass around a hat and collect ad money, but i doubt that will happen

Uljahn: btw Thibaud said there might be "events of the week" in AI format with opening of leagues

Flaise: Sounds simple enough to be helpful.

Astrobytes: Flaise: we have a few of those already. You can access most from here

5DN1L: so it's different from a bot game becoming a puzzle of the week, Uljahn?

Uljahn: guess not really

Astrobytes: Uljahn: yes indeed, I forgot about this idea - if it is still viable for CG

Flaise: Right, but do they filter according to Wontonimo's idea

Flaise: That's cool, though. It's interesting to see the language the top bots are written in. They're like almost all C#, Java, C++, and Python. With traces of other languages for taste.

jacek: c++ for speed. python for heuristics

Astrobytes: It's easy enough to leverage the API for your particular purpose, wouldn't take long to come up with something

Astrobytes: + useful

Flaise: That sounds like a programming puzzle. Maybe CG should publish a programming puzzle where they have you write a script to use their API to improve the site in some way. And: BAM! Free labor! (I'm joking of course. xD)

5DN1L: like Euler's puzzle search

Flaise: Actually, community contests are improvements to the site...

Astrobytes: hehehe, we already offered our services previously

Flaise: jacek: Personally I'd go for Rust for speed but I'm a weirdo.

jacek: there are some rusters here

Astrobytes: plenty Rustaceans on here

Flaise: "Rustacean" x3

Default avatar.png sushideathrobots: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Astrobytes: :crab:

Flaise: ------ #5, written in Rust.

eulerscheZahl: only took me about 1-2 months worth of full-time work. 53 players in the arena :tada:

eulerscheZahl: no community events without help from CG

Default avatar.png Sideway: ┬─┬ ノ( ゜-゜ノ)

Default avatar.png Sideway: Hi =)

Flaise: And I have just realized that putting a number sign in front of something makes it a channel link.

jacek: wasnt tryangle-catch potw?

Flaise: "I am rank hashtag-five" lol

eulerscheZahl: yes it was

jacek: oh my

Flaise: You wrote the server for triangle catch?

eulerscheZahl: rules are too complex for anything outside of a contest

eulerscheZahl: the server? i wrote the game engine

jacek: no, he wrote miner for the dice duel

eulerscheZahl: you can create your own game with the CG SDK and upload it

Flaise: That's what I meant. Cool.

eulerscheZahl: it will then play battles on CG servers

Flaise: Oh, right, I remember the froggie icon now.

jacek: no santa frog?

eulerscheZahl: you can upload pretty much anything that fits in 10MB

Astrobytes: Grinch Toad this year I think

Flaise: I was actually considering playing it but my focus is things that make my profile page look better. I'm doing the mars lander optimization puzzle. :o

jacek: who seriously looks at the profile page nowadays

eulerscheZahl: pro tip: you can disable the sound

jacek: oh and euler is 3rd

Astrobytes: pro tip 2: Disable the sound

Flaise: Well isn't CG supposed to help coders find jobs?

eulerscheZahl: they have a recruiting part which does remote interviews

eulerscheZahl: CG for work

jacek: it seems to be their main focus lately

eulerscheZahl: while you are on the public part of the platform which targets in market share to increase popularity for the paid product

Flaise: I looked at the recruiting side of the site from the employer's perspective and it says that "they only show candidates who have confirmed their availability to chat in 24 hours"

eulerscheZahl: interesting, you know more than me

Flaise: So that leaves me wondering when/if I will get a request to confirm availability to chat because I would definitely like some job interviews.

eulerscheZahl: i never tried to get a job here. historically CG is strong in France. but expanding in the US too

Flaise: Then maybe I'm just in a bad area for recruiting?

eulerscheZahl: not sure if anyone currently on the chat can give you a qualified answer

Astrobytes: maybe a better question to pose on the discord

Flaise: Hmm, fair enough! I'll ask later

eulerscheZahl: there's a #jobs channel

Astrobytes: ^

Astrobytes: (on the discord)

Flaise: Hrmm! Mmk then

Default avatar.png Hackan: hack you

Astrobytes: kick you

eulerscheZahl: are you the same Hakan who sent me private messages?

Flaise: o_O

jacek: oO

e_fishel: hi lads

BlaiseEbuth: All dead. All dead. All the dreams we had...

Default avatar.png Hackan: probably not uelerscheZahl

eulerscheZahl: right, you have an extra letter in your name

jacek: Automaton2000 did you know it?

Automaton2000: note: in this formula, the latitudes and longitudes are expressed in radians. 6371 corresponds to the radius of the checkpoint ...

jacek: Automaton2000 what about gradians and degrees?

Automaton2000: thank you a lot of them

eulerscheZahl: mad defibrilator racing?

Flaise: ._. ... What?? xD

Default avatar.png KodeyDeuzKalani: yes

eulerscheZahl: Automaton2000 is a bot

Automaton2000: you can beat madknight in coders strike back

eulerscheZahl: say the name and get glibberisch

eulerscheZahl: -c

Flaise: "gibberisch"... I'm gonna pronounce it like that from now on

eulerscheZahl: btw there is tab completion: aut[tab] => Automaton...

Default avatar.png solakato: mo

jacek: Automaton2000 can you though

Flaise: Automaton2000 ?

Automaton2000: i was almost done with my bot

eulerscheZahl: "sch" is pretty common in German, muscle memory

Automaton2000: i think my bot should be able to move to a cell that you have to

Flaise: that I have to what, Automaton2000?

Automaton2000: the order of moves in the future

Flaise: I feel... "enlightened".

Default avatar.png solakato: AAAA

5DN1L: solakato, first warning, please don’t spam the chat, or you’ll be kicked out

Default avatar.png solakato: I didn´t spam ?

5DN1L: Hopefully not

5DN1L: Let's see

eulerscheZahl: good modding so far 5DN1L :+1:

5DN1L: Thanks eulerscheZahl

Default avatar.png solakato: bad modding :rage:

jacek: remember, bird is a word

Astrobytes: Agreed euler, I think we're safe in the hands of 5DN1L :)

BlaiseEbuth: :rolling_eyes:

jacek: am I safe? :scream:

5DN1L: Thanks Astrobytes

eulerscheZahl: and wonto for the night time

Default avatar.png solakato: He said hes homophobic

5DN1L: enough

BlaiseEbuth: Remember: A good chat is one where everybody is already banned.

Astrobytes: eulerscheZahl: Yes indeed, good combo

Astrobytes: BlaiseEbuth: :rofl:

Default avatar.png Hackan: fuck you eulersche

eulerscheZahl: that's mine!

jacek: oh my

VizGhar: hmm... euler is gonna cry whole night, because somebody is rude on him :(

BlaiseEbuth: *eulerscheZahl do a german suplex to Hackan*

eulerscheZahl: i meant "that's my kick" even if i retired. and i'm willing to ban

wlesavo: im so seg... spend 3 days debuging my sim for corsars, and it turned out max speed is 2 instead of 4

eulerscheZahl: if he returns in the next few mins before i go to bed

BlaiseEbuth: corsars?

eulerscheZahl: corsars? is that a game here?

wlesavo: silver seem so hard with this broken sim

Uljahn: galleon wars

eulerscheZahl: coders of the caribbean?

wlesavo: yeah with this new names i prefer invent my owns xD

BlaiseEbuth: There is the original name, the new name, and the user's aproximative name...

eulerscheZahl: my bot for drunken sailors could need some love too

eulerscheZahl: but would need a full rewrite

wlesavo: 3 points above boss... i will never laugh at seg again

eulerscheZahl: seg? seg fault?

Uljahn: ceg

Gabbek: hello everyone :)

eulerscheZahl: hi, haven't seen you in a while

wlesavo: oh i also invented a new nickname :grinning:

eulerscheZahl: but you submitted code of ice and fire recently

Astrobytes: haha

Astrobytes: hi wlesavo!

Astrobytes: and hi again Gabbek :)

wlesavo: hi Astrobytes :slight_smile:

VizGhar: hello :P

Gabbek: oh noes, the spies! Yep - been trying my luck in lux challenge with nerchio and mostly slacking, writing some smaller scripts here and there -- and lately started fighting with ice&fire to get right behind Zylo, haven't achieved that yet, but who knows -- it might work!

Astrobytes: wow hey VizGhar!

Astrobytes: It's a full-house tonight

eulerscheZahl: now all we need is inoryy

Gabbek: what about you, eulerscheZahl, doing fine?

VizGhar: I've missed you all. So here I am

eulerscheZahl: yes, more active on other websites recently. and busy with work

wlesavo: bad thing about cg if i start a multi i start to play at work, so i tend to keep out :slight_smile:

Astrobytes: Yeah, I haven't seen inoryy in a looong while now

eulerscheZahl: that blazor project is still ongoing

Astrobytes: Glad to have you back VizGhar :)

BlaiseEbuth: yé! VizGhar! ...

eulerscheZahl: playing at work is much easier at whole without colleagues walking by to see your screen

Astrobytes: lol wlesavo, how's work going btw?

eulerscheZahl: at home*

Gabbek: oh, cool - sadly I haven't touched blazor in a long time, haven't even finished that copy of coders of the realm. The usual lazy me, but atleast I've started helping out aCat a bit, so that's making me quite happy :)

eulerscheZahl: and how's your health condition, you mentioned that covid hit you hard

**BlaiseEbuth slaps eulerscheZahl around a bit with a large covid.

Astrobytes: ^ that too

BlaiseEbuth: :3

eulerscheZahl: did i kill the chat?

wlesavo: Astrobytes great, spent last month writing a paper for cvpr2022, now back to coding =)

Gabbek: everyone's waiting for wlesavo's answer :)

Astrobytes: Oh very nice! You'll be presenting it at the conference or just a submission?

wlesavo: Astrobytes probably another guy from our group, but the accept decision will be made only around summer i think, they have a ton of submissions every year

BlaiseEbuth: Computers c#...

Astrobytes: wlesavo: Yeah, same with most conferences on anything hehehe Best of luck!

Gabbek: fingers crossed! I wish you and your team the best! Computer vision event, interesting.

**e_fishel slaps e_fishel around a bit with a large fishbot

e_fishel: fish :D

jacek: how much is the fish

wlesavo: Gabbek thx :slight_smile:

wlesavo: btw still no raic t-shirts

Gabbek: wlesavo we could talk a bit about ships game some time if you would like to, it's a fun one!

Astrobytes: jacek: Now THAT is worth a ban :P

BlaiseEbuth: New Orleans hey? :dancer_tone5: :trumpet:

eulerscheZahl: there was an email, they should start sending the tshirts this week

e_fishel: there is a python function for flipping case

Default avatar.png solakato: what is this mod system

e_fishel: indeed

Default avatar.png solakato: its so strict for no reason

Astrobytes: RAIC: Russian AI Confusion

5DN1L: solakto, be nice and you can stay

Default avatar.png solakato: if u do capitalized letters

5DN1L: solakato*

BlaiseEbuth: use strict;

Astrobytes: use tab completion;

Default avatar.png solakato: like this

Default avatar.png solakato: AAAA

Default avatar.png solakato: u get a warning like ?

eulerscheZahl: that's what i won't miss: too many tab options

Astrobytes: If you should go skating on the thin ice...

wlesavo: Gabbek i had a simple MC sim with heuristic shooting, but this rules kept me 3 days in silver :slight_smile: i tried *a lot* of things, exept for actually reading the rules

Default avatar.png solakato: cool

Astrobytes: Hm, Radek approved something, must be an aCat thing

Default avatar.png solakato: Astro I dont like ur pfp

Default avatar.png solakato: this statement is enough to get kicked

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: Wow, look at the old crowd

BlaiseEbuth: Simple *insert_something_here* exercise?

Gabbek: yep, there's something cooking from aCat

DomiKo: Astrobytes indeed. Can you guess who will approve next?

Astrobytes: hahahaha

Gabbek: haha

eulerscheZahl: did you approve already?

aCat: This cat is innocent !

aCat: ^^'

wlesavo: oh, also i pushed cuber Cyberpunk to gold :smiley:

radekmie: Got me :P

aCat: (the game is in heavy testing like from 3 weeks or more)

Astrobytes: It's a Polish invasion again! :D

DomiKo: it always is!

radekmie: More like three months :D

eulerscheZahl: ah, that's the game you showed me

aCat: False accusations!

BlaiseEbuth: Call the polish!

Astrobytes: :rofl:

eulerscheZahl: are you circumventing the approval process right now?

jacek: leaderboard seems quite polish

BlaiseEbuth: Why keep contributing to a dead site anyway... :(

Astrobytes: Looks interesting. Is this based on the idea you had previously aCat?

RibsOfDoom: how do I erase a part of a vector in c++;

aCat: Which "previously" ?

eulerscheZahl: i really think you should give it some time before approving so that others have a chance to comment

wlesavo: gn everyone

BlaiseEbuth: What an idea euler...

aCat: I definitely get the idea since 2 years or so

eulerscheZahl: fr already hates the cat without this pal review ;)

aCat: We are in the middle of the students competition

aCat: and 10 games limit per submit hurts

aCat: and the game was really tested

Astrobytes: wlesavo: gn!

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: yes, we hate zee cat

Astrobytes: RibsOfDoom: search for erase-remove idiom

eulerscheZahl: hi westicles

Astrobytes: hahaha

BlaiseEbuth: -_-

Astrobytes: aCat: DomiKo will win anyway, just give him the prize already :P

eulerscheZahl: what is the prize?

aCat: DomiKo is a boss ;-)

radekmie: A _really good_ handshake :P

aCat: 2 points for being better than him

Gabbek: :D

Astrobytes: :D

eulerscheZahl: during the pandemic?

radekmie: That's why there's only a single handshake for all of the prizes.

DomiKo: :joy:

Astrobytes: mwahahaha

eulerscheZahl: 2 points for being better than DomiKo, does that mean that Domi himself can't get those points?

DomiKo: yeah I can't

Default avatar.png KodeyDeuzKalani: yes

aCat: He is not in AI4Games course this year

aCat: already passed with distinction previously :P

Astrobytes: ahh hehehe, not surprising :D

jacek: oO

Gabbek: I had no idea you were so young DomiKo until I've met you :D It was pretty hilarious when I was talking with Czejoo and he thought I was 10-12 years younger... that's what you get for looking you :(

Default avatar.png KodeyDeuzKalani: yes

Astrobytes: KodeyDeuzKalani if you have nothing valuable to contribute to the conversation, stop. If you continue, you risk being kicked.

BlaiseEbuth: yes

jacek: eeyup

Gabbek: fastest approval on CG, aCat? Trouble incoming :P

VizGhar: which approval? let me see

dwarfie: it is not approval ... it is friendly validation ... what a pity ...

Astrobytes: As much as I believe it will be OK, I share the concern of dwarfie

Astrobytes: Also, it's still in beta :P

e_fishel: what if i hardcode a solution?

Gabbek: A valid point, I agree, Astrobytes and dwarfie.

pardouin: you had access to the project before or something ?

DomiKo: This time more than 3 people tested it, so I belive it will be OK.

aCat: yes the project is in tests from 3 weeks or more

pardouin: ok that makes more sense

Astrobytes: Still a little bit of a shifty move ;)

DomiKo: Actually 20 people played the game.

Astrobytes: Looks fun though.

b0n5a1: if it is really ok, no need of obvious cronyism like that to approve it...

DomiKo: I must admit that I haven't had so much fun in a long time.

Astrobytes: ^ though I understand the reason it doesn't make it completely OK

Astrobytes: ^ pointing to b0n5a1's comment btw

struct: Will any rule change?

aCat: yeah, students got deadline in the monday, the game was tested

jacek: cg will take it down and no student will pass

jacek: :imp:

aCat: struct we are thinking about one change in AI behavior of monsters

aCat: other than that only more maps I suppose

aCat: to prevent hardcoding

Astrobytes: aCat: If we find bugs we will never let you forget it :P

aCat: you won;t let me forget it anything ;p

Astrobytes: hehehehe

AntiSquid: what are you doing aCat ?

aCat: hm?


struct: He made this

AntiSquid: looks nice

aCat: because I'm trying my best!

aCat: and you are angry at this cat :(

Astrobytes: lol, no one's angry :D

VizGhar: cpp;

AntiSquid: cute characters

VizGhar: cool

AntiSquid: how am i angry at you ?

aCat: (fast approvals ;])

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: heh heh, remember the JPS debacle?

struct: now the game will have (beta) in his link forever :(

AntiSquid: i don't know anything about it

aCat: I can change the name

DomiKo: but not the link :(

BlaiseEbuth: karma...

Default avatar.png Hackan: bro you are ez

Default avatar.png Hackan: you so ez

Default avatar.png Hackan: gg

BlaiseEbuth: I'm not eulerscheZahl...

struct: I think the approval is fine, the other people tested it

Default avatar.png Hackan: Who asked you bro?

Default avatar.png mira_cutesaloma: hi

BlaiseEbuth: euler wanted to ban him, but he's not here anymore...

struct: well neither is he

Default avatar.png mira_cutesaloma: urm caan we talk

Default avatar.png JustinCamerlingo: no

5DN1L: if it's coding related, yes, otherwise, no

Default avatar.png mira_cutesaloma: :sweat_smile:

Flaise: What if the whole world revolves around code? Then we can talk about everything!

5DN1L: let's see :smirk:

Default avatar.png mira_cutesaloma: hey why you dont wanna talk with me

5DN1L: mira_cutesaloma Are there any coding-specific topic you wanna talk about or ask about?

Flaise: That hamburger I eeted the other day, my stomach turned it into brain fuel. My brain turned the brain fuel into code. Hamburger is code. It just doesn't know it yet.

5DN1L: Automaton2000, is hamburger code?

Automaton2000: what is a good choice

Uljahn: Using the /join command, you can join and create group chat rooms with your friends and discuss your favorite topics.

Flaise: A good choice is the eggburger from Red Robin. Those are the best code burgers.

BlaiseEbuth: That's so exclusive for people who don't have friends Uljahn... :(

5DN1L: Flaise

Flaise: xD

TimothyAlexisVass: oh goodness

Rddevelop: guys

Rddevelop: any tip for river2 problem?

Rddevelop: just a little push

TimothyAlexisVass: clashed all day to get from 66 to top 50 and then lost connection and down to 71 :joy:

5DN1L: Rddevelop

Rddevelop: thanks bro

5DN1L: :)

Default avatar.png Firestormninja: @TimothyAlexisVass ayo can u chare ur code

Default avatar.png Firestormninja: *share

Default avatar.png kristalyn: hey

Default avatar.png kristalyn: whats up

Default avatar.png Casstel: Hi, how is following method of using | in function (cycle({n} | visited)) called. Thx

struct: | is normally a bitwise or

Uljahn: could be a union of sets

Uljahn: "Python provides you with the set union operator | that allows you to union two sets: new_set = set1 | set2"

Default avatar.png Casstel: yeah that gonna be it thx a lot

Astrobytes: oohh it's python, I saw this one on discord and was slightly confused

Wontonimo: if i wanted to pull all world chat history, how would I do that? Did Euler or someone have a tool for that?

LelouchVC2: Australopithecus !

Wontonimo: I want to make another Automaton2000 markov text generator

Automaton2000: the problem is that it is not a contest

Wontonimo: yeah, it's just a classic in/out puzzle. you are so right ;(

struct: I dont remember the site Wontonimo

struct: -But there is one

struct: that keeps the chat log


Wontonimo: sadness overwhelms me "This site is blocked due to a security threat that was discovered by the Cisco Umbrella security researchers."

Wontonimo: i'll have to use my personal computer

Wontonimo: thanks Astrobytes !, i've book marked the link for later

Astrobytes: :)

Gabbek: good night everyone!

struct: gn

Astrobytes: ;)

LelouchVC2: Good night sweetie

moose12: hi

Default avatar.png xdddxzdxd: hi, anyone knows how to debug?

TimothyAlexisVass: Which language?

e_fishel: hello

sgrebenkin: hallo

Default avatar.png Sideway: bonjour

DialFrost: morning!

DialFrost: quick qns to the mods or anyone else is the rank updated at 8am everyday

DialFrost: currently it is 730 in my timezone nothing has updated yet

Astrobytes: It's in an hour or 2 from now

Astrobytes: iirc

Astrobytes: something like 1 or 2 AM French time

DialFrost: ic thx atrobytes

Astrobytes: np

TAZ33: hi my name is tristan my friends call me T A Z. and I'm also in 6th grade so can any of you guys or girls can send me a friend invite. plz

TimothyAlexisVass: What?

Astrobytes: just a spammy post, ignore it

ZXC01: hi

TimothyAlexisVass: Find a maximum power of two that divides a given number N

TimothyAlexisVass: N = 3

TimothyAlexisVass: how the fuck is 2**1 a divisor of 3 ???

Thorcode: hi TAZ33

marcelodelazari: 2 ** 0

marcelodelazari: is a divisor of 3

Thorcode: 2**0+2**1

TimothyAlexisVass: yeah but 2 ** 0 is 2 to the power of 0

TimothyAlexisVass: not 2 to the power of 1

Thorcode: what about 2**0+2**1

marcelodelazari: well, the maximum power of two that divides 3 would be 2**0

marcelodelazari: not 2**1

TimothyAlexisVass: Yes

TimothyAlexisVass: The answer was 1 though

Thorcode: yeah


TimothyAlexisVass: oh

TimothyAlexisVass: I'm too tired --

TimothyAlexisVass: 2**0 was the answer, not 0

Thorcode: bruh

TimothyAlexisVass: Finally

Thorcode: TimothyAlexisVass where do you learn ruby could you tell me?

Wontonimo: hey

Wontonimo: oh no ... Astrobytes lost his glorious icon of ink

Wontonimo: it's too soon for me ;(

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: that's four we lost?

Wontonimo: hey Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker , it's been a while. yeah, 4 down

Default avatar.png BlackFace: Hey everyone

Default avatar.png BlackFace: :)

Wontonimo: I'm not a fan of your alias BlackFace. Please change it to something not racist

ZXC01: Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker are you westicles?

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: :thinking:

ZXC01: ?

ZXC01: Are you Westicles?

Wontonimo: 565 puzzles solved in every language. interesting

ZXC01: lol

Dren: hello

ZXC01: hi

Thorcode: hi Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: :wave:

Default avatar.png NAbeeel: hi

Tien2k9: hi :D

InvisibleImpOfWisdom: :nerd:

codergautam: hafghj

DialFrost: wontonimo

DialFrost: westicles didnt solve 565 puzzles for every language

DialFrost: 566 for C++

DialFrost: cuz of nintendo sponsored contest thing

DialFrost: only can code in c++