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Default avatar.png TheBomb: how

Default avatar.png TheBomb: is there a problem not playing csgo

Metanoob: oof

Default avatar.png Warphi: me when i

Default avatar.png Warphi: when i when

LegendaryStone: @anid stealing the solution code from isnt cool :/

LegendaryStone: actually try solve it

eulerscheZahl: and is level 37+ and doesn't need my website. he has direct access to the puzzle list

eulerscheZahl: anid is*

LegendaryStone: then whats the point

struct: euler I found something interesting in stc

eulerscheZahl: easier to search for a given puzzle when you don't remember the title

eulerscheZahl: initially i wrote it while moderating pending contributions. there are often duplicates but i can't find the original anymore

eulerscheZahl: what's interesting struct?

eulerscheZahl: and are you already or still awake?

struct: I woke 1 hour ago

struct: at 5:30

Default avatar.png ChampionCoder: Pls give your feed back:

Default avatar.png FakeClown_557: hi

Default avatar.png YusufEmad04: come suck my dick mother fuckers

Default avatar.png YusufEmad04: red asses

VizGhar: oO

struct: VizGhar did you test the code yesterday?

VizGhar: I've checked it :) Give me few minutes, i'll try to rewrite it

VizGhar: my code without memoization took 6043ms to complete

struct: in cpp?

VizGhar: kotlin

VizGhar: :)

struct: and kotlin passes with that time?

VizGhar: nope... I've sent you time without memoization

VizGhar: with memoization its much faster

VizGhar: I rewrote your solution to kotlin and it's still 4s

struct: ah ok

struct: I also have memoization solution I think

VizGhar: so in java based languages probably memoization is necesity

VizGhar: or maybe just list is slow.. sec

VizGhar: 2.2s

VizGhar: I'll try same in C

struct: C++ cant do it

struct: even with pragmas

struct: takes longer than 500ms

jrke: about what you are talking about?

VizGhar: We are trying to solve Roller Coaster without memoization :)

eulerscheZahl: that sounds ambitious

eulerscheZahl: "Please solve this problem with an O(N) algorithm." as a matter of principle I did it in O(n³)

struct: euler its possible

struct: On some languages only

struct: I think I told you long ago

VizGhar: euler is talking about other puzzle :P

struct: ah, I thought the ambitious part was for you

eulerscheZahl: ambitious = roller coaster

eulerscheZahl: then i got side tracked and talked about a puzzle where I decided to do something stupid

VizGhar: ah ok then... well struct was successful I wasn't. kotlin, c, c++ can't do it :P

struct: I think on js can

struct: I didnt try other languages though

VizGhar: :thumbsup:

struct: Maybe they forgot to change js time on that puzzle

struct: Timeout is higher than 6 sec

jacek: or they think js is shit and needs some handicap

Default avatar.png reindeer: Hi everyone

xXx_KILLER2018_xXx: hewo OwO

Default avatar.png zhoubou: VizGhar I did it in Python without memoization and it passed in less than a second.

Default avatar.png zhoubou: The core of my code is computing cycles. Hmm.. Maybe that is memoization? Idk

VizGhar: yes it is :D

Oursbrun: Does anyone know why I can't see the animation panel??

VizGhar: what is animation panel?

Oursbrun: it's solved, thanks anyway :)

Default avatar.png Kaleab: please no shortest

jacek: oO

Default avatar.png Maxim251:

jrke: refresh page

jacek: w00t

Nixerrr: Hey everyone, it's been a while :scream_cat:

MSmits: hi Nixerrr

Nixerrr: Hi MS, nice to see you're still around :)

MSmits: still kickin

MSmits: are you just saying hi or do you want to try a multi or something?

Nixerrr: Yeah, I want to get back in teh game

MSmits: cool

MSmits: any idea which?

Nixerrr: I've never have an honest try to optimization

Nixerrr: *given

MSmits: oh, plenty of fun ones out there

Astrobytes: long time no see Nixerrr, welcome back :)

MSmits: yeah wb!

Nixerrr: Thanks!

Nixerrr: No sleep till legend, obviously :point_up_2:

eulerscheZahl: hey Nixerrr. someone reported an issue with your cultist war game recently

Nixerrr: Yeah, that's what prompted my return.

eulerscheZahl: we should report bugs more often then

Nixerrr: They've withdrawn their comment since then

eulerscheZahl: when have you been here the last time? there must be something you've missed

Nixerrr: I think I've missed a lot of things. I think I logged in sometime in the summer but I don't think I've been active this year at all

eulerscheZahl: we have a quest map now, is that new to you?

eulerscheZahl: go and solve the puzzle of the week, i've been told it's a nice one :P

jacek: its monday isnt it

Nixerrr: Why not :) Yeah I've seen the quest map

eulerscheZahl: oh, right. it's no longer potw :(

Nixerrr: I don't even know what language to use. It's been such a long time. Maybe I should start learning something new, like Rust


jacek: euler says its nice puzzle

Nixerrr: Or maybe I should learn D :skull:

eulerscheZahl: the troll character is taken by jacek already, try something else

Nixerrr: What's your character, Euler?

jacek: pepe the frog


Westicles: praise kick

eulerscheZahl: my role is obviously the one of AutomatonNN's lover

AutomatonNN: eulerscheZahl is the best pathfinding to the teacher to be a police with the same code but it's a bi

darkhorse64: Shared love, isn't that beautiful ?

jacek: AutomatonNN where is love in this

AutomatonNN: at least i have to be so mad

darkhorse64: 9 upvotes on my negative comment for Adding Coc: there is an uprising riot against goofy CoC

jacek: hmm?

Nixerrr: Adding CoC to what?

darkhorse64: Adding is the name of the CoC

Nixerrr: Ah ok, gotcha'

darkhorse64: That was unclear

struct: print(a*3+b*3) or something like that

jacek: "I would suicide if i'd decide to play a CoC and get this problem :))"

jacek: well there is one coc just to print the input

jacek: though it is for shortest mode

jacek: no one approved the blockout yet

jacek: too many dimensions?

eulerscheZahl: takes time to write a solution and review the game properly

Astrobytes: I've not written anything for it yet

Astrobytes: same for tric trac's game, and recurs e chess

jacek: i mostly done chess. left is its castling ~

Astrobytes: and jrk e's, and the fencing one

eulerscheZahl: brilliant idea: create such a puzzle during twitch livestream. that might increase the review rate as you can partially do so while watching

Astrobytes: jb m did live puzzle creation, the Goro want chocolate one iirc

jacek: jbm? jrke? reCurse? trictrac? what's with the space, man

eulerscheZahl: i'm talking about SDK contributions. probably more interesting to watch

Astrobytes: ah

eulerscheZahl: as it's still mostly, statement is a little aspect only

eulerscheZahl: mostly coding*

Astrobytes: jacek the pingmaster extraordinaire strikes again

eulerscheZahl: contrib page is getting flooded, hard to find anything of interest :(

eulerscheZahl: e.g.

jacek: they should filter out the cocs

eulerscheZahl: 30 days passed, barely any comments

struct: Well we can barely reject a puzzle

struct: at least for coc

eulerscheZahl: yes, hard to justify a rejection, even the one where darkhorse64 got the upvotes for the hostile comment

eulerscheZahl: (which i upvoted too)

Astrobytes: well, at least euler nominated himself for a live SDK coding session.

eulerscheZahl: did i?

Astrobytes: Not really but I'm going with it

darkhorse64: hostile is a bit harsh. I just said it has little value

eulerscheZahl: and now you deleted your comment?

eulerscheZahl: or did i open the wrong one?

Astrobytes: it's still there, I upvoted it a few minutes ago.

eulerscheZahl: me too. now i dont see it anymore

eulerscheZahl: lost in contributions


eulerscheZahl: ok, bad click from my side

darkhorse64: Confusing print(2*input()) with print(3*input()+3*input()) ?

Astrobytes: lol

Westicles: I offered to help him make a good one, but we had communication problems

eulerscheZahl: you are on the other extreme regarding difficulty, so a coop could work :thinking:

struct: 2*pi

Westicles: The one I was going to use actually got approved...

jacek: and puzzle of the week is done \o/

Westicles: Did it generate any real interest in 2048? I didn't see much snake talk this week

eulerscheZahl: old leaderboard:

jacek: push random bot, get potw quest [done]

eulerscheZahl: so seems like Regulus with 22M points is the highest from the new wave

jacek: was 130, now is 598

eulerscheZahl: 598 as in 414

eulerscheZahl: the 598 is those who kicked "play my code", not necessarily submitting

eulerscheZahl: so almost 300 new players. but few of them who tried for more than a few minutes it seems

eulerscheZahl: while the rating (stars) didn't change significantly

jacek: right, forgot to 1-star it, as always

eulerscheZahl: not sure if all of the 1 star reviews understood the game

eulerscheZahl: and some haters are normal

Westicles: Answer is up, 1 star hated it

jacek: weird seeing fox being last

jacek: how you can get not 100% o.O

eulerscheZahl: crash

Westicles: Start out hardcoding and get bored

alenic: I did some improvement on 2048, I used sequential beam search with snake heuristic, I reached 15M for now ! I let go the hardcoding solution for now :)

jacek: :tada:

alenic: But how can I reach 52M ? :joy:

jacek: well, its not random if you know the seed

alenic: yes, I use the information seed also, maybe some problem on the beam search...

jacek: woo new puzzle of the week

jacek: finally over of the last one

VizGhar: :tada:

Default avatar.png DJSchaffner: does anyone know if you can somehow perform something on a variable and check if the variable changed without using a temporary variable? (python3)

Default avatar.png DJSchaffner: by "something" i mean a calculation :D

VizGhar: if you want to check whether something changed, you have to have some reference value to compare it with ;) so you most probably need temp var

Default avatar.png DJSchaffner: i was counting on some weird contraption with the walrus operator or similar but unlucky :D

VizGhar: idk what walrus operator is, but it sounds too heavy :D

Default avatar.png DJSchaffner: bascially something to assign a value to a variable while comparing it with a value

Default avatar.png DJSchaffner: if (a := 2) > 1: "this is always true"

Default avatar.png DJSchaffner: stuff like that

Default avatar.png DJSchaffner: ':=' being the walrus operator

Default avatar.png Toby75: A question to the puzzle of the week. I was having trouble with the last test case.

Default avatar.png Toby75: The test case says that the result for the last number (11123159995399999) should be 11123333333333333. But why?

VizGhar: 1 < 2 < 3

Default avatar.png Toby75: sure

VizGhar: you timeouting?

Default avatar.png Toby75: The input is: 11123159995399999 And the output should be: 11123333333333333. Why not 11123359999999999

SPDene: you have to find the smallest growing number greater than 11123159995399999

SPDene: 11123359999999999 isn't smaller than 11123333333333333

Default avatar.png Toby75: I see

VizGhar: yup find smallest :) I haven't solved it yet, but paper should be your friend for this one

Default avatar.png Toby75: My code says that test cases 1 to 4 are correct, but somehow the last one crashes all lmao

VizGhar: beauty of coding :D

Default avatar.png DJSchaffner: anyone here < 200 characters in with python?: D

jacek: Toby75 you mean timeout?

VizGhar: Or maybe he is trying to store it as a number :)

Default avatar.png Toby75: jacek yeah

VizGhar: well... optimize then. Is there something valuable for you in forum?

Default avatar.png Toby75: I dont think so

jacek: use your brain

Default avatar.png Toby75: I used it lmao

Default avatar.png Toby75: it is trash

VizGhar: wow :D so help us to help you... how'd you implemented it?

Default avatar.png Toby75: well my first suggestion was checking every number... what is obviously stupid and slow

Default avatar.png Toby75: then I thought it would work somehow like this...

jacek: is you have number 12313243.... then the next one is 12333333...

jacek: check out the first digit which is smaller than previous digit

VizGhar: yup... key is to find first smaller digit then required in sequence

VizGhar: + edge cases (ending with 9)

Default avatar.png Toby75: I got it

Default avatar.png Toby75: thanks to your help

Default avatar.png Toby75: It was kinda frustrating because I suck at maths

Westicles: 'maths'. that is never gonna stop sounding weird

Default avatar.png Toby75: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

jacek: math, not even once

Default avatar.png Soniro: hello micka

Default avatar.png andrecab: hi, can someone tell me if it is possible to read the content of a file in some url or my pc to the codingame IDE?

AntiSquid: no

therealbeef: isn't it?

therealbeef: sounds like the sync feature

struct: it is possible with an extension

struct: by file you mean a file with code right?

Default avatar.png andrecab: not code but some values of a Q table for example

struct: then no

jacek: youd have to hardcode it into code

Default avatar.png Alanj-Jones: Hi

Default avatar.png andrecab: ok, that makes training outside of the IDE impossible i guess

Default avatar.png andrecab: thanks for the response!

struct: no, some people managed to do it

struct: they just store it in the code

jacek: how big is your q table? the code can have 100k characters

Default avatar.png andrecab: around 3million floats so even more chars

jacek: oh

Default avatar.png andrecab: i'll use that on my pc for fun and maybe if I can reduce the size enough i'll hardcode it to the IDE

therealbeef: you can still use it to 'test' your other solutions against, especially in mutliplayer

struct: Here is an article of someone who did it for CSB

Default avatar.png andrecab: very nice! thank you

ReversableCode: Does anyone know the test case behind the validator 1 regarding the puzzle of the week?

ReversableCode: a similar test case would be appreciated

struct: 0>number<10

struct: is in that range

ReversableCode: Thank you

Default avatar.png ArhanMisra: join the stream

KishoreP: how do u play bronze games?

Default avatar.png ByronNg: is clash of code struggling rn to process my answers

Default avatar.png ByronNg: or is it me?

Default avatar.png Marin01: yea same

Default avatar.png ByronNg: aight kool

Default avatar.png AI_says_hi: It's alway around this time

Default avatar.png ByronNg: time to go hang out with my 10/10 hot girl friend i guess

Default avatar.png tecrado: it got better now

Metanoob: hey

Skynse: sup

Jasperr: aye aye

Metanoob: what puzzles are you practicing at the momentfolks?

Default avatar.png AI_says_hi: Logically reasonable inequalities

Metanoob: nice I see it's about graphs, haven't tried it yet. How do you find it so far?

Default avatar.png AI_says_hi: I have an idea how to solve it but I doubt it's a very smart one ^^

Metanoob: haha good luck and mostly have fun :)

Default avatar.png AI_says_hi: thanks :)

Default avatar.png AI_says_hi: u too with whatever puzzle

Metanoob: Thanks! I keep browsing, there are many good puzzles here... I'm going with easy ones to reach lvl20 and participate more in community puzzles

Default avatar.png ArhanMisra: join stream

Default avatar.png OmarDouille: no

Default avatar.png OmarDouille: you stream on twitch ?

Default avatar.png ArhanMisra: yeah

KishoreP: yoo

KishoreP: some one please freakin answer my question

KishoreP: how do I play bronze and silver games

SeraphWeddUltimate: Only bot programming games have leagues so try playing them. An easy started would be "Coder Strike Back"

Default avatar.png GriM: Doesnt't mean anything to anyone, but I just solved "The Descent" and boy does it feel good!

Default avatar.png GriM: Excited to see what's in store next

Default avatar.png Crying_Waffle: bruh this shi broke

Default avatar.png Crying_Waffle: anyone here wanna play csgo faceit?