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Yupq: anyone ig?

AlterRainbow: fuck lua

Yupq: realy?

AlterRainbow: lua bad


AlterRainbow: no i meant to say that lua is a bad programming language

AlterRainbow: my ig is just my username

Yupq: u a gal or boy?

Default avatar.png nightmarex: imagine

doniyorbek7376: lua is the best

Default avatar.png brogama120: sup hoez

Default avatar.png brogama120: im the best coder in the game

Default avatar.png brogama120: top 2

Default avatar.png brogama120: na

doniyorbek7376: lol

Default avatar.png GodGooey: my mans yupq is STARVED

datdood: yupq im gal :)

datdood: :kissing_closed_eyes:

doniyorbek7376: what does gal mean :thinking_face:

Yupq: hi datdood

Yupq: hola

Yupq: your ig

Yupq: ?

Default avatar.png taxxje: ?

Default avatar.png taxxje: datdood not girl.

doniyorbek7376: gal == gay?

datdood: girl

Default avatar.png GodGooey: hi am lookiing for girl!:grin:

Default avatar.png taxxje: gal != boy

Default avatar.png GodGooey: das cringe^^^ wyd guys

datdood: yup join my game :)

Yupq: ig please..

Yupq: if any galz

eulerscheZahl: it's enough, let's raise the quality of the chat

mzbear: well, i started writing dots and boxes bot

VizGhar: Hmm my EndScreenModule isn't showing even tho setScores is called in onEnd method (running locally)

VizGhar: is it possible, that I can't see endscreen in local version of my multiplayer game?

eulerscheZahl: did you include it in the pom and also config.js?

eulerscheZahl: I bet that you forgot this line:

jacek: good morning

Cappefra: does csb unlock all rules in silver rather than bronze?

eulerscheZahl: CSB has rule changes until legend

eulerscheZahl: including a completely new input format in gold

jacek: :heart:

Cappefra: woah ok

mzbear: hate it when the editor bugs out and starts flagging errors incorrectly

mzbear: there seems to be some kind of race condition in the code analysis, and it doesn't recover after it has gotten out of sync

mzbear: .. well, race condition, or any other cause of desync, but i'm willing to bet it's an async issue

Default avatar.png coldcodehah: is anybody there?

jacek: hmm?




VizGhar: hmm when the chat uses pastebin instead of full message?

mzbear: i suppose it does that when there are newlines in the message

mzbear: vizghar, you could add error messages for illegal moves

VizGhar: I'm calling deactivate player with proper message. Maybe there is some other call to SDK I'm missing

VizGhar: the documentation is pretty spread not even sure where to find it

mzbear: during the first turn too?

mzbear: i'm still testing the first turn

VizGhar: yes

mzbear: i set my location to -1785748208 0 0 ... and it allowed me to play the first turn just fine

VizGhar: Hmm there is check for incorrect starting position

mzbear: I left the first player empty, and it now uses incorrect images for players

VizGhar: btw last parameter is index on tile 0 is topleft, 1 topRight, 2 rightTop...

VizGhar: i'll have to take notes right away :P

VizGhar: wow nice bug :) not even sure how to test it locally. I'll resubmit in 1-2hrs

mzbear: you don't check starting locations correctly

mzbear: The game has crashed. Please contact the author and enclose the following error:

VizGhar: Hmm I see. Catching only Timeout... And you are talking about first move in game loop. Now i understand

mzbear: negative x in the starting location triggers that at least

jacek: good enough. push it to production

VizGhar: mzbear pls share source that bug it

mzbear: std::cout << "-5 0 0" << std::endl;

mzbear: it doesn't crash immediately, it crashes after the first tile is placed afterwards

mzbear: submitted my bot to the arena ... it just picks a random move every time. unfortunately there's nobody to play against

mzbear: but at least the next guy can play against my random bot now :D

VizGhar: :D true. I can see I haven't added onle line to stub (you are supposed to pick starting position before game loop)

VizGhar: so first cout should have 3 numbers all others 2

VizGhar: but still can't crash it :D

darkhorse64: mzbear: a new contrib ?

mzbear: darkhorse:

darkhorse64: stil very WIP

MSmits: interesting game though

mzbear: are you really supposed to choose your starting location without looking at your hand first?

VizGhar: Not in real game. Can add it later

VizGhar: yeah its very WIP :) just learning how to work with SDK

mzbear: you should work on making the interface stable ASAP, so people can start making bots to test the game

mzbear: so the bot will have to see his hand before deciding the starting position

VizGhar: hmm this is pretty straightforward addition... I'll stabilize it today

mzbear: you could change the game loop so that you have commands "START x y index" and "PLACE tile rotation"

mzbear: that way the pre-loop initialization goes away

mzbear: in the gameloop, you'll be given other player's START and PLACE commands

mzbear: the initialization phase will only tell the number of players

MSmits: VizGhar also make sure you talk to euler. He created quite a few of these

Yupq: guys

darkhorse64: Yeah, it's missing the tiles and their description. It depends very much on how much burden you place on the programmer. You have to think about that

Yupq: any girls?

darkhorse64: only coders

Yupq: i want to learn something

eulerscheZahl: and i'm available for the next 3 weeks, xmas holidays :)

MSmits: we have a teapot, which is nearly the same thing Yupq

Yupq: any females here?gg

Yupq: wanna learn a lil something

MSmits: maybe not call them females is a start

Yupq: what should i call them?

MSmits: women/girls is fine

darkhorse64: He confuses bits and tits

MSmits: ah yes, he's confused about his bits

VizGhar: Call them just mum in your case i suppose

Yupq: :(

Yupq: any women/girls here?

Yupq: I want to learn something

VizGhar: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Yupq: /me

**Yupq slaps around a bit with a large fishbot

Yupq: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

MSmits: this is a tricky troll. He sounds kind of ok at first, but when you ask about what he wants to learn, :poop: really gets started

Yupq: i want to learn coding

MSmits: from women/girls only?

darkhorse64: eulerscheZahl: please pick your best hammer

eulerscheZahl: i'm considering

MSmits: just one sec, let him get his line in :)

Yupq: yeah so that i can see 1300135

eulerscheZahl: Yupq: that's an official warning

Yupq: okie dokie

Default avatar.png Knee-Gears: lol Zhal are u german?

Default avatar.png Knee-Gears: Zahl*

eulerscheZahl: yes. hover over my avatar and you'll see it

Default avatar.png Knee-Gears: wtf

MSmits: dont, he will mindcontrol you!

Default avatar.png Knee-Gears: how are you so good xD

eulerscheZahl: successfully wasting my time here for 4 years :D

Default avatar.png Knee-Gears: Smiths hi

MSmits: hi

Default avatar.png Knee-Gears: i have a question:

MSmits: thats a statement

Default avatar.png Knee-Gears: when a friend explains me some code i always understand it, but I could never do it myselve because I don't know the name of the commands

Westicles: Oh jeez, everybody is on vacation and can't fly home to kill grandma. Going to get wild here

MSmits: practice

Default avatar.png Knee-Gears: yeah but where?

MSmits: Westicles isn't that a good thing, for grandma?

MSmits: solve puzzles on CG if you know basic coding

MSmits: if not go to codecademy or other site to learn basic coding

Default avatar.png Knee-Gears: im using sololearn for the basics

MSmits: that helps

MSmits: maybe do some clashes if puzzles are too hard, you wont solve it in 15 mins (At first), but in most cases, other people will share a solution

MSmits: however, it wont be coded prettily

MSmits: and shortest mode will be unreadable

Default avatar.png Knee-Gears: yeah i alway lokk at solutions and try to understand the code

MSmits: well keep doing that

Default avatar.png Knee-Gears: ok thx

VizGhar: And then do something yourself... You won't learn anything just by "copy pasting"

MSmits: well if he does clashes, he'll be doing something himself

MSmits: puzzles are better anyways, but the problem is that no answers are provided if you fail

Westicles: Clashes are getting tougher and weirder these days

Default avatar.png Knee-Gears: im coding a discord bot at the moment and its going pretty good for my conditions

jacek: cant code puzzle but will code AutomatonNN?

AutomatonNN: what is the problem?

Westicles: Easy puzzles probably a better start

MSmits: jacek meant no offense AutomatonNN

AutomatonNN: eye it says "random search" in the contest during the contest

MSmits: jacek sometimes says eye

MSmits: he picked that up i think

jacek: i do?

MSmits: eye

jacek: more like eeyup

MSmits: mmh maybe eye when you're too tired?


jacek: oh flash required :s

MSmits: ah well, who knows whats in AutomatonNN's mind

AutomatonNN: eulerscheZahl is there a way to convert the total command explained the part of it?

MSmits: euler

MSmits: euler is in his mind

MSmits: wait for euler to come in and be annoyed :P

jacek: MSmits how many endgames in 12 size board? 3**12 * 2?

eulerscheZahl: why *2?

MSmits: hmm

jacek: per player

jacek: current player

eulerscheZahl: you already have the 3 (you, opponent, empty)

jacek: board + current's turn

MSmits: yeah you can do it from the perspective of the player

jacek: or maybe i dont need that

MSmits: who;s turn it is

MSmits: it's not that easy to answer though, 3 ** 12 is the naive answer, but i skip invalid boards

MSmits: also i skip once that have already been solved in a rotated fashion

MSmits: ones

Default avatar.png Knee-Gears: ok i have online school now so by smits and bye euler

jacek: anyway i randomly generated about milion such boards, tested it and got 55% winrate

jacek: tried to used special NN to compress them but so far fail :p i get only 93% accuracy

MSmits: thats pretty big jacek, considering the amount of unbalanced boards

MSmits: Knee-Gears bye

MSmits: also seems right

MSmits: the number

MSmits: 55%

MSmits: hey, i guess i could have just run a CG bench

MSmits: and give you the answer

MSmits: i never tried it myself

MSmits: I could pick my arena bot as opponent and run 100 games as p1 and 100 games as p2

MSmits: with random seed

MSmits: want me to try jacek?

jacek: no need

MSmits: ah ok, i just realized its gonna be pretty hard too

MSmits: its integrated into my bot

MSmits: opening books are easy to remove, endgame books arent

MSmits: jacek a bit of advice. If you want the string to easily fit in your bot, do the following:

MSmits: generate all states locally, skip as many unnecessary ones as you can

MSmits: then use the exact same algorithm inside your bot to generate the same states

MSmits: only dont solve them, read the answer from your string

MSmits: then duplicate those states for symmetry inside the bot

MSmits: should be able to make the string only 20-30 kb that way

MSmits: you skip rotated states, but also states where 1 player has already won, or boards that are empty

SupSon: base85 encode it

jacek: mhhm

MSmits: with unicode, you can fit 10 states in 1 character

MSmits: so that 20-30 kb is actually 300k states or so

MSmits: which get rotated to over a million

MSmits: 2 million i think even

MSmits: the reason you can fit 10 states is because a state has 3 possible outcomes, loss/win/draw. So it's ternary

MSmits: 3^10 fits in a unicode character

MSmits: way better than base85

MSmits: btw, dont just rotate a 3x4 board 4 ways (because it's not a square), also rotate it into a 4x3 configuration

MSmits: doesnt matter if it's square or not, there's always 8 states

mzbear: VizGhar still around?

VizGhar: yup...

mzbear: VizGhar check this out:

Westicles: Is there a convention for naming 5D coordinates? (x,y,z,something,something)?

MSmits: x1,x2,x3,x4,x5 ?

jacek: t as 4d

Westicles: 5 space coords

VizGhar: mzbear I found nice assets already :) but thanks

MSmits: with large vectors, people dont bother with xyz

MSmits: they just index them

Westicles: ah okay, thanks

mzbear: VizGhar: oh... alright. anyway, here's the script that generated it:

MSmits: not sure if it starts x0 or x1, just be consistent

mzbear: uses line subdivision to create smooth curves

mzbear: you can probably still use that line smoothing, since you need to animate the pieces moving over the tiles

Default avatar.png YusufEmad04: print("Fuck You")

mzbear: maybe i should've asked if you needed that before i spent an hour on it :D

VizGhar: :D aminations will be pain

mzbear: huh, simple heuristics in dots and boxes gave me rank33 in top league

MSmits: makes sense

MSmits: it's hard to make a good search bot here, not many did

MSmits: heuristics do very well

MSmits: i'm working on a heuristic bot myself, hoping to add in search later

mzbear: the endgame is easily searchable, though, i could do much better if i started searching once endgame begins

MSmits: define easily searchable

MSmits: I've found the endgame search very complicated

MSmits: so many rules and exceptions

mzbear: endgame as in the point where you must pick a line from a cell that already has two lines, you're probably thinking of a bit earlier than that

MSmits: well is suppose if you define an endgame consisting only of isolated chains and loops, its fairly easy

MSmits: the problem is this:

MSmits: you dont pick a line from a cell

MSmits: you pick a line from 2 cells

MSmits: one cell may already have 2, but the other has maybe 0 or 1

MSmits: there can be splits where a cell has *no* lines and yet every line you place there gives away a box

mzbear: that's not difficult for me

MSmits: the decision of what to do in that case is pretty difficult

MSmits: what if a split has 1 chain of 1, 2 chains of 3 and a chain of 7

MSmits: which line do you place?

MSmits: it's not obvious

mzbear: well, most lines in a chain lead to the same result

MSmits: i should have given a 3 split as an example

mzbear: only once the chain is short enough it's different

MSmits: the problem is that if you place a line in a 3 split, the other two become connected into a single chain

MSmits: so if you have a split with 2, 3 and 4 and you remove the 2, the 3 + 4 becomes an 8

mzbear: thus the search

MSmits: yes, but some of these have 12 splits of 3 and 4

mzbear: the only real choices are at ends of the chains

SupSon: strings and coins

mzbear: if it's in between of the chain, the opponent can extend to both directions

mzbear: and then choose where to end the chain

MSmits: there are two types of turns

MSmits: turns where you have to open a chain

MSmits: and turns where you decide to take a box or not

MSmits: opening the chain give you a lot of options

MSmits: if you have 12 splits of 3 and 4

MSmits: thats maybe 20 options or so

MSmits: you cant just pick the shortest, as a safe heuristic

mzbear: maybe i should try writing the search first to see how it goes. i did some quick analysis and the number of chains goes down very fast

mzbear: well, i got rank 33 by picking the shortest :D

MSmits: yeah I know

MSmits: I got to 89 with random moves :P

MSmits: I have a 1500 line solver for endgames, I can solve most of them in less than 100 ms

MSmits: about one in a million goes over 100 ms

MSmits: but i needed an insane amount of optimization and pruning to get there

MSmits: i didnt put it into a live bot yet because it is a beast of a solver

MSmits: have a lot of work to do to adapt it to work in the actual game

MSmits: gonna do a heuristic bot first, and slowly replace those heuristics with info from the solver

mzbear: heuristics first is the sane approach. there's always a possibilty that you might grasp some new insights about the game while writing heuristics

MSmits: well it's too late for that I think. I spent weeks reading papers about D&B to write that solver

mzbear: :D

MSmits: i get a bit obsessed sometimes if you havent noticed :P

jacek: :nerd:

Westicles: Scrolls to the top to see which game they are talking about, and the top isn't far enough

MSmits: Dots and boxes :)

Westicles: Wow, that's kind of an unusually large lead for the top guy

eulerscheZahl: because #2 and #3 pushed him up

MSmits: you cant get there with a submit even if you win all

MSmits: but basically he just has a bot that has too much of an edge to lose a game

MSmits: I think D&B is still in early stages of finding out what works and what doesnt

MSmits: that means that if 1 guy knows how to play this game , noone can beat him

MSmits: from what i can tell from his games, he uses a fairly crude method of keeping control by giving away boxes. That works and makes sure he has control at the endgame, but it's not very efficient

MSmits: someone who plays the same game, but does it without giving away so many boxes, will do better

MSmits: now we need to go and code something like that :P

Westicles: The royal we, I assume

MSmits: lol, no, i was hoping you'd go for it too

MSmits: but you only do optims right?

mzbear: i'm kinda planning to touch every bot programming challenge to see which one i like, before i start writing anything too serious

Westicles: Yeah, just regular puzzles and anything you can do entirely offline

MSmits: mzbear do you mostly like the simple games? We have many comples ones that dont require search

mzbear: i dont really know what i like, tbh

MSmits: ah ok

MSmits: take a look at ghost in the cell

MSmits: its kind of fun and its hard to make a search that beats heuristic bots

mzbear: i did not like code a la mode, the very least

MSmits: its different because of the cooperation part

MSmits: i guess i liked it because it was so different

MSmits: for you everything is new

MSmits: so that doesnt matter

mzbear: i dislike not knowing the future rules, but i also dislike looking them up ... aaahhh

MSmits: ask someone to paste it

MSmits: which game?

mzbear: every game :D

MSmits: meh, cant help you there :)

mzbear: and i still have to solve the lower leagues first anyway

MSmits: its not like this in every game though

MSmits: usually its a neat expansion of features

MSmits: in case of csb it's bad

MSmits: didnt like it in hypersonic either

eulerscheZahl: HS was fine imo

eulerscheZahl: just you going full sim mode in wood despite us telling not to

eulerscheZahl: CSB: :rage:

MSmits: yeah i guess that one was on me :)

eulerscheZahl: codebusters even added new rules in the transition from contest to multiplayer game i think

eulerscheZahl: RADAR and EJECT

Uljahn: rules change is just an essential part of contest experience :relieved:

eulerscheZahl: at least the referee is open source these days

infinitetundra: hows it going everyone

jacek: happy Luna Day

mzbear: i hate winning every match and still having to wait for all the battles to finish before i can be promoted

infinitetundra: i hate trying to do a clash but getting absolutely lost and having no idea how to do a single test

Uljahn: i hate pinging Automaton2000

Automaton2000: no it was not a good way to find out how to get the validators

mzbear: Automaton2000, what is the meaning of life?

Automaton2000: but as i said i think i remember that one


MadKnight: stop hitting Uljahn jacek

Uljahn: pinging with :popcorn:

mzbear: ffs this "ghost in the cell" ... new leagues introduce new rules .... but i barely have to change my bot to defeat them

MSmits: that happens sometimes

MSmits: the wood leagues are only intended to introduce the game

MSmits: real game starts at silver or so

MSmits: bronze usually very easy to pass also

YodaMaster123: I looked at the Ghost in the Cell rules. What kind of search would work?

mzbear: it looks like i didn't have to change the bot at all during wood1

MSmits: YodaMaster123 some use GA, but many use heuristics, with great success

mzbear: now i just have to wait 3 minutes....

MSmits: heuristics in this case could also be a lot of loops and such, it isnt just if/else

MSmits: but no minimax/mcts and the like

YodaMaster123: Because of the large branching?

MSmits: well, large branching you can deal with

MSmits: i think it is mostly the ability to send many orders on one turn

MSmits: thats a type of branching that is hard to handle

Default avatar.png ChampionCoder: Is it just me, or does everyone feel that the easiest AI game is Coders Strike Back?

MSmits: easy to get into maybe

MSmits: not easy to master

Default avatar.png ChampionCoder: I think it's easy for me because of the Intro of the AI

MSmits: yeah i suppose so

Default avatar.png ChampionCoder: I mean, it was used as the main game for the quests

MSmits: yeah they did that

Default avatar.png ChampionCoder: And they clearly defined all the variables

Default avatar.png ChampionCoder: So...

Default avatar.png ChampionCoder: Really easy

MSmits: well other games have clearly defined variables also, but with this one it is easy to come up with a sensible output

Default avatar.png ChampionCoder: Yeah

MSmits: just be careful, when you get to a higher league the variables change

Default avatar.png ChampionCoder: Easy input, easy output

Default avatar.png ChampionCoder: Oh

MSmits: in that case, backup your code to a file, reset to base code

Default avatar.png ChampionCoder: Stuck in Silver :smile:

MSmits: ahh ok

Default avatar.png ChampionCoder: Yeah I'll do that thanks

MSmits: in gold you get 2 pods i believe

Default avatar.png ChampionCoder: oh no

MSmits: so the input changes considerably

Default avatar.png ChampionCoder: Ah thanks for advice

MSmits: np

Default avatar.png ChampionCoder: And warnings

MSmits: once you get to gold, you need to completely rethink your approach and code a search. This is quite hard in csb. It might be a good idea to switch to a multi that is easier to search, if that is what you want to learn

MSmits: otherwise you will get frustrated trying to write heuristics that wont work

MSmits: it's a good moment to try some other multis

MSmits: but you should be able to get into gold using some creative approach, it's after this that you run into problems

Default avatar.png yolo20: weh

Default avatar.png yolo20: lama bet ]

Default avatar.png yolo20: : D


Default avatar.png ChampionCoder: Spotted an grammatical error after submitting the Aneo sponsored puzzle: "Final Score: 30% Next Games Tryagain"

Default avatar.png ChampionCoder: It says "Next games"

Default avatar.png ChampionCoder: Should be:"Next game"

AntiSquid: ^ a grammatical error

Q12: :joy:

Default avatar.png ChampionCoder: Can you rectify it?

Default avatar.png ChampionCoder: BTW, accidentally typed "Tryagain"

Default avatar.png ChampionCoder: it's actually "Try Again"

Q12: I don't think they will fix it because this isn't important enough. It isn't a bug in the game or something like this.

AntiSquid: and here you're only asking community members not staff#

Default avatar.png ChampionCoder: Ok

Default avatar.png ChampionCoder: Just brought it to your notice

AntiSquid: community can only edit community puzzles

AntiSquid: go to discord and post it in bug channel if you want

Default avatar.png ChampionCoder: I don't use Discord

Default avatar.png ChampionCoder: I don't like it

AntiSquid: F

Default avatar.png ChampionCoder: And I don't even have a account:smile:

eulerscheZahl: *an account

MSmits: CG, a site where Germans correct Indian spellling

eulerscheZahl: read a few messages above for context

MSmits: sure

eulerscheZahl: just giving him a dose of his own medicine :P

MSmits: yeah

eulerscheZahl: new monitor arrived today. actually i planned to give the old one to my sister

Astrobytes: I think I found an extra space in a puzzle description. Better ping all devs immediately.

eulerscheZahl: but now the white on the new isn't that white

Astrobytes: which monitor, anything fancy?

eulerscheZahl: philips brilliance 272b

eulerscheZahl: same size and resolution as my old one

Astrobytes: 27" ?

eulerscheZahl: as it's getting old, some "burning" of images

eulerscheZahl: yes, 27"

Astrobytes: cool. Yeah, annoying when burn-in happens

eulerscheZahl: but good enough for my sister (she's working with a laptop screen and an old monitor that randomly turns off for a few hours)

Astrobytes: lol, there can only ever be improvement on that

eulerscheZahl: wouldn't have ordered the new one for myself otherwise. still working too well to throw it away

eulerscheZahl: CG newsletter arrived. seems like they are referring to the same big thing as that twitter post

LastRick: Yep, sounds like that twitter clip

struct: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

eulerscheZahl: struct you are supposed to smash the code, not the table

struct: I was trying to make local referee

struct: Was trying to find how to start a proccess on c++

MadKnight: wait guys how does /flip work

MadKnight: is it client-side or server-side ?

MadKnight: time to find out

MadKnight: <body>(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻</body>

MadKnight: okay it's clearly server-side

MadKnight: struct i checked your <message> xml that came from the server

MadKnight: struct why are u still using webchat i thought u switched to pidgin

MadKnight: process in c++ is started with fork() struct

MadKnight: eulerscheZahl your joke was actually too obvious i didn't like it fix it

MadKnight: i feel like i've been away from CG for too long and now i dunno what's going on here

MadKnight: i even felt like euler's jokes were not as good

MadKnight: what's going on in the world, Automaton2000 ?

Automaton2000: you could also use it to find out what the hell

MadKnight: exactly Automaton2000, what the hell?

Automaton2000: i got u an avatar

MadKnight: let's find out WHAT THE HELL

MadKnight: gimme that Automaton2000

Automaton2000: yeah, that's what i thought

MadKnight: eulerscheZahl i need u to tell me a joke

eulerscheZahl: just run fortune | cowsay

MadKnight: too hard

MadKnight: explain

eulerscheZahl: that wasn't a joke

MadKnight: doesn't matter

eulerscheZahl: open your terminal, write "fortune | cowsay"

MadKnight: just explain what it does

MadKnight: so fortune gives some random-based answer and then it goes to cowsay

eulerscheZahl: random text and put in a speech bubble with a cow below

MadKnight: cowsay does something like - print "cow said $input" ?

eulerscheZahl: somehow demo.js doesn't get generated anymore :/

MadKnight: what's demo js

MadKnight: what is it generated by

MadKnight: what is it all for

MadKnight: is it a part of your joke

MadKnight: so many questions Automaton2000....

Automaton2000: i don't really want to use that as a last resort

struct: euler with the same sdk version as before?

MadKnight: no struct they updated euler to a new sdk version

MadKnight: 100%

MadKnight: it's already 2021 there's just no way that didn't happen

MadKnight: just ask Automaton2000

Automaton2000: at least my bot is still pretty basic

MadKnight: Automaton2000 is it true ?

Automaton2000: i think i'm gonna go to the closest pellet

MadKnight: wait i need to ask that in #fr

MadKnight: it just broke Automaton

MadKnight: he started speaking spanish

MadKnight: are u happy euler ?

Westicles: As the french say, what is that that that is?

MadKnight: as the french respond

MadKnight: that is that which is that that

MadKnight: i'm actually french u gotta believe me

MadKnight: Westicles can confirm

MadKnight: if he can't then Automaton2000 will ban him

Automaton2000: if i didn't have any problems

eulerscheZahl: struct i even reverted to an older commit

MadKnight: wait Westicles i haven't seen u for a long time

MadKnight: let's just talk normally

eulerscheZahl: can you try it? it's the private github repo where I gave access to you

struct: give me like 5 minutes

Westicles: MadKnight, okay

eulerscheZahl: thanks

MadKnight: like we are normal human beings Westicles

MadKnight: so what u been up to ?

MadKnight: i mean on CG

MadKnight: any fancy bots ?

MadKnight: any fancy algo/codes ?

MadKnight: i feel like euler is ignoring me hard right now

eulerscheZahl: no, it's pretty easy to ignore you most of the time

MadKnight: yea because i haven't been here

eulerscheZahl: go play some RAIC

MadKnight: and right now i'm just being a social actor for 15yo's

MadKnight: 15yo's would have fun from that

MadKnight: i actually need a moment to move on from that style

MadKnight: okay euler now seriously:

MadKnight: so i've been watching a lot of YT

MadKnight: a lot of people who make content for 15yo's

MadKnight: there's a lot of content for non-15yo's but my sub-consciousness part of brain decided to learn to repeat everything simple

MadKnight: is RAIC already in round 1 ?

MadKnight: how long do rounds take ?

MadKnight: not rounds

MadKnight: games

MadKnight: system-generated games

eulerscheZahl: finals are this weekend

eulerscheZahl: 1k ticks per player and game

MadKnight: finals of what

MadKnight: nonono i mean

MadKnight: how often does the system start system-generated games ?

MadKnight: for one player

eulerscheZahl: every 10min

MadKnight: and how many ticks do they usually take ?

MadKnight: turns

MadKnight: last year it was like 10k+

MadKnight: oh u said 1k

eulerscheZahl: in 1018 it was 18k

MadKnight: per player and game ?

MadKnight: didn't get it

MadKnight: per player or per game ?

Westicles: Former Israeli space chief says US in contact with ‘galactic federation’ of aliens

MadKnight: at least it's not a religious thing

MadKnight: at least we're past that thing

MadKnight: being insane about alients > being insane about a religion

MadKnight: Westicles i can give u a lot of really weird news from the US

MadKnight: PM

MadKnight: Westicles are u doing any bots ?

MadKnight: it's ok eulerscheZahl i'll check it later

MadKnight: i got a new job today eulerscheZahl

jacek: :tada:

MadKnight: my sub-consciousness wants me to start doing that weird 15yo "funny acting" again help me Automaton2000

Automaton2000: this is the first given entity. the id may not be the case

MadKnight: i have to keep it serious so it doesn't do that

MadKnight: just for my sub-consciousness

MadKnight: fix me Automaton2000

Automaton2000: i just don't understand what you are asking for

MadKnight: i asked u a direct question Automaton2000 just read it again

Automaton2000: do you do when you have the same bug

MadKnight: i wanna change my u to you but i like how u sounds Automaton2000

Automaton2000: oh i guess you know about it

reCurse: Oh that's what it was?

MadKnight: what exactly

MadKnight: i lost track of what i said today

jacek: where are the mods when there are trolls these days

MadKnight: i would answer that if Automaton2000 was a mod

Automaton2000: how is it going to be the problem

MadKnight: because where are the mods, Automaton2000 ?

Automaton2000: see if you get #1 in csb

darkhorse64: I don't know what pills MK is using but he is taking too many of them

Astrobytes: Or too few...

MadKnight: it's a late evening in russia i could've had a drink or two with some people

jacek: russian drink?

MadKnight: not just russian drink

MadKnight: vodka'ed russian drink

MadKnight: i had no better ideas than that

MadKnight: Automaton2000 help

Automaton2000: maybe i'll try it with a for loop

MadKnight: for loop won't help us Automaton2000

Automaton2000: since you don't have to look into that

MadKnight: i have to do that Automaton2000 or else i will lose my entire self-consciousness Automaton2000 to be able to make fun of what i just said to not have weird moments Automaton2000 u gotta give me a better way to deal with that

Automaton2000: you can start with a very high level

MadKnight: a very high level of what Automaton2000

Automaton2000: but you could also use progressive bias

MadKnight: how weird is that to use Automaton2000 as a talking duck while turning any message Automaton2000 gives into exactly what i wanted to hear ?

Automaton2000: yeah you can use any python modules?

darkhorse64: #world = #MK

MadKnight: i got nothing

MadKnight: Automaton200 help

MadKnight: Automaton2000 help again

Automaton2000: how can you know where the enemy is about to start a new one

MadKnight: darkhorse64 just start any topic i'm filling the void of nobody talking

eulerscheZahl: i want to kick but i think thibaud wouldN#t approve

MadKnight: i'll stop once anyone starts any topic

MadKnight: at least

eulerscheZahl: sometimes silence is better than random noise

MadKnight: i'm just talking to myself while nobody is using #world

MadKnight: stop listening to me while i'm talking to myself in #world lol

MadKnight: okay Automaton2000 can say that i stopped

Automaton2000: it is very hard to understand

MadKnight: truew

MadKnight: new keyboard, not my bad

MadKnight: okay i'm back to normal

LastRick: Can Automaton2000 suggest a new topic?

Automaton2000: you only need to test

MadKnight: i've tried that LastRick but Automaton2000 is like talking to yourself through random spelling

Automaton2000: see if i can figure it out

Westicles: My enemies are downvoting me again

LastRick: Test failed apparently

LastRick: I'm assuming you're talking about 5D, Westicles?

Westicles: Yeah. JK though

Skynse: eating some good rice and chicken right now

Skynse: man I love food

LastRick: Now that ^ is random, Automaton2000. Take notes

Automaton2000: i'm not saying it's a bad idea

MadKnight: wat

MadKnight: 5d ?

MadKnight: give me the context Westicles


MadKnight: is that a puzzle about 5d floodfill ?

Westicles: Yeah. Not too original I guess

MadKnight: so i can just solve it by using a 5d floodfill ?

Westicles: Just love the look of vector<vector<vector<vector<vector<int>>>>>

MadKnight: my super reusable floodfill algo can handle that for sure so that puzzle will be like a few lines in c++ for me

Westicles: Well, it is marked as easy...

MadKnight: 5 times vector<> is like straightforward solution

MadKnight: u gotta use array<int, size0*size1*size2*...?

MadKnight: ?

MadKnight: >

MadKnight: new keyboard don't blame me

MadKnight: who cares about it being an easy

MadKnight: we're talking about solving it with standard AI bot tools

MadKnight: easily

Westicles: Well, really the point is to see the Haskell and PHP guys whine it is unsolvable

MadKnight: why is it unsolvable for them

MadKnight: i didn't get it

MadKnight: i know both these langs

MadKnight: i like haskell

Westicles: 20^5 space is pretty big

MadKnight: soooo

MadKnight: it's also big for c++

MadKnight: so what?

MadKnight: why haskell ?

MadKnight: why php ?

Aya_Noaman: hey guys

MadKnight: hey yeaya

Aya_Noaman: join a reverse clash from #clash

MadKnight: NO

MadKnight: Automaton2000 clear the chat instalntly

Automaton2000: what are you trying to do

MadKnight: to clear the chat Automaton2000 stop thinking just do it

Automaton2000: can someone please give me a starting point

MadKnight: okay i got bored

MadKnight: Westicles

LastRick: starting now Automaton2000

Automaton2000: i am doing it wrong

MadKnight: LastRick let's talk about stuff that Westicles didn't talk about

MadKnight: so he didn't talk about my reusable BFS much

MadKnight: let's do it now

LastRick: Automaton2000, CLEAR THE CHAT!

Automaton2000: then i would have been better

MadKnight: LastRick do u use BFS ?

MadKnight: do u play multis ?

MadKnight: do u code in c++ ?

LastRick: I am doing this wrong

MadKnight: do u even code outside of web IDE ?

MadKnight: he left, Automaton2000

Automaton2000: if that makes sense in my head

MadKnight: lemme talk to u again, explaining all of my thoughts

MadKnight: okay i'll stop writing my thoughts

MadKnight: but not to Automaton2000... Automaton2000 i just had so many thoughts about that... why do i sound so weird Automaton2000 ?

Automaton2000: could you give me some advice

MadKnight: fix your code Automaton2000 that's my best advice

Automaton2000: how do i save the state of the game, but i don't have an opinion

igr.: Uhm

igr.: Any mod online?

MadKnight: what

igr.: I kinda got harassed in DMs.

MadKnight: any problems with puzzles ?

MadKnight: oh

MadKnight: who was that ?

MadKnight: harassed how ?

MadKnight: DM me

igr.: @RaunakCodes2625

MadKnight: DM me info about that

igr.: Sure

Skynse: wut

Skynse: I was just clashing with that guy

Aya_Noaman: join short mode clash from #clash

Default avatar.png MathyCoder: i won a clash in 1:27

Aya_Noaman: cool

Aya_Noaman: join this one

Default avatar.png MathyCoder: placed first and got the fast and furious achievement

Aya_Noaman: bravoo

Aya_Noaman: once the clash was super easy. finished in 0:41

Default avatar.png MathyCoder: the question was like find the factors of a number

Default avatar.png MathyCoder: 9 --> 1 3 9

Default avatar.png MathyCoder: pretty easy


Aya_Noaman: sorry about this

MadKnight: i don't feel like that's better than me writing every single though i have in my head

MadKnight: why did u stop me Automaton2000? to have this? are u happy now? do u really think this is better?

Automaton2000: i am talking to you

MadKnight: no i am talking to you Automaton2000

Automaton2000: i was wondering about that

MadKnight: wow is that actually the best i could come up with?

MadKnight: okay Automaton2000 i just retire

Automaton2000: but the score is calculated

MadKnight: until i get better

MadKnight: that was just cringe, Automaton2000

Automaton2000: i'm going to have a look at the forum

MadKnight: that was actually terrible, Automaton2000

Automaton2000: it's always the same thing for me

MadKnight: Automaton2000 we gotta erase everything i just said from the history for those who just opened webchat Automaton2000

Automaton2000: you don't like the idea of a good strategy for code vs zombies

MadKnight: help me spam 16 more messages Automaton2000

Automaton2000: what does it say that i am trying to figure out which one is that?

MadKnight: i don't wanna spam stuff Automaton2000 but that's what we gotta do

Automaton2000: i've got an idea for a multi

MadKnight: only euler will know our stuff Automaton2000

Automaton2000: you still have the code in a single turn

mzbear: well now you made me want to scroll back up

MadKnight: and recurs, Automaton2000

Automaton2000: does that mean you need to account for the fact that there is a big part

MadKnight: just hit f5 mzbear believe me it's a good button

MadKnight: it gives u +5

MadKnight: +5 obliviousness

MadKnight: +5 just spammm stuff for me Automaton2000

Automaton2000: is it possible to get the last item

MadKnight: 5 because it's f5 Automaton2000 just believe it

Automaton2000: and i realized that i was looking for

MadKnight: i meant just believe me Automaton2000

Automaton2000: what happens if you try to get all the bugs

MSmits: they are not pokemons Automaton2000

Automaton2000: but i suppose it would be so much better than the one in the statement

MadKnight: don't listen to him Automaton2000

Automaton2000: im a little bit of a mess

MadKnight: i got nothing

MadKnight: sry Automaton2000 but we're gonna have to stop here cuz i got nothing

Automaton2000: right now it's just a matter of fact

MadKnight: tru

ian173: how do I close a chat I have with someone permanently

ian173: Every time the chat window appears I always have 2 dms I have with people appear

struct: close all cg tabs

struct: except one

struct: close the chat message and refresh

mzbear: am i a jerk for upvoting my own solutions if i dont like other people's solutions? :)

Yolts: yes

Default avatar.png RyanGilbert: if you dont like your own post why would you post it?

Yolts: he doesn't like other ppls code

mzbear: of course i like my own solutions (except sometimes rarely, in which case i dont publish them)

Default avatar.png RyanGilbert: it was a joke lol

mzbear: sometimes other people have good solutions too, in which case i don't upvote my own

Westicles: funny thing about that...

darkhorse64: mzbear: ask Westicles; he has a script to automate the process

wlesavo: nice 2048 puzzle of the week :slight_smile:

Westicles: Good. Somebody please figure out what db did and share it

Westicles: I still wake up every once in a while out of dream where I made a new snake

MSmits: sounds biblical

Astrobytes: speaking of dreams, I dreamt this morning that one of my cats morphed into a penguin-like thing, slid across 2 busy main roads on its belly, then turned into a white towel with a cat face :shrug:

jacek: i dreamed i owned a cat, forgot to feed it and it died :c

Westicles: They say cultures who have never seen a cat dream of cats. A symbol built in to our brains

Default avatar.png RyanGilbert: why do i keep getting captchas

jacek: youre clash addict?

jacek: happy Luna day!

Default avatar.png RyanGilbert: oh

tarikyildiz: 2048 game very very good

tarikyildiz: Although I don't understand any puzzle, this puzzle was very nice and fun. I completed it in less than 1 minute.

tarikyildiz: thank eulerscheZahl

jacek: completed?

Astrobytes: hm, that's a bit of a problem. Optims as potw doesn't really work: no leagues

jacek: so you can send anything and it will make the quest?

Astrobytes: Haven't tried but I assume on 100% completion yes

Astrobytes: Either that or the achievement is unavailable

JP7: Do we know how many daily active players there are on this site, or is that information private?

Damaxal: Hey

struct: I think its private

Damaxal: The ouput of a for loop are multiple integers

Astrobytes: Not sure tbh JP7

Damaxal: How can i sum them up?

struct: I can check how many users are in chat, but thats about it

Damaxal: for example

Damaxal: 1

Damaxal: 2

Damaxal: 3

Damaxal: in python

Damaxal: how can i sum the up?

Astrobytes: sounds like a clash...

struct: int is a clash

struct: it*

Damaxal: sum is just for iters

struct: Damaxal you need a var to store the sum

Damaxal: sb knows a solutiom?

struct: like sum += val

Astrobytes: Damaxal: don't ask in chat for clash solutions, use your search engine for language features

Damaxal: i have looked up for the last 15 minutes

Damaxal: and the clash is already finished

struct: did the look always start at 1?

struct: was it sum from 1 - N?

Damaxal: nono

Damaxal: it was reverse

Damaxal: input

Damaxal: 1

Damaxal: 2

Damaxal: 3

Damaxal: and output 6

Damaxal: so the sum

struct: yeah you just need to add those values to a var

struct: sum = 0 // Loop sum += val

Damaxal: and what is the comming in print?

struct: sum

Damaxal: ah ok

Damaxal: thank you

Default avatar.png AI_says_hi: freudian? :p

Default avatar.png AI_says_hi: oops ignore, chat was stuck

Astrobytes: isn't sum a keyword in python struct?

struct: Maybe lol

struct: I don't really know python, I just wanted to show a generic solution

Astrobytes: yeah... some kind of people tend to take things as you write them :D

Astrobytes: Also I have no idea how that couldn't be found via search engine

Astrobytes: still doing STC?

struct: yeah

struct: I was trying to do local arena

struct: But I cant find a way to connect to c++ program using c++

Astrobytes: windows is annoying in that respect

Astrobytes: smits gave you his C# runner code no?

struct: yeah

struct: But i wanted to try it in c++

struct: I managed to some simple gui using imgui

Default avatar.png AI_says_hi: the 2048 puzzle is solved by random play :thinking:

Astrobytes: imgui is awesome

Astrobytes: working with processes on windows isn't

struct: yeah, I never used it before

struct: Maybe I can just run the c++ code inside the same program

Astrobytes: AI_says_hi: you can get 100% yes, but you should try to get a good score

struct: Like have the stc code inside the referee

struct: instead of passing the exe

Astrobytes: TBH struct, I usually just do that

struct: Also can be good if I want to change params

Astrobytes: You create instances with different parameters, you can even chuck them in via stdin if you want

Astrobytes: *You can

struct: Doing all this because I couldnt find a bug...

Astrobytes: can't you just paste in your debug info for a turn and do it that way? Something more serious?

struct: Its thousands of states

Astrobytes: well yeah, it's a search lol. What's the bug?

struct: on reusing states

struct: I wanted to pass states from depth 4 to depth 3

struct: But I only pass the ones that are possible

struct: Something is wrong with it

tarikyildiz: The 2048 codingame site may be the best puzzle. I completed it in just 1 minute. That was so fun.

Astrobytes: why do you need to do that struct?

struct: So I dont compute them again

struct: im doing bfs until depth 4

struct: 22^4 states at worse case

IfIHadATail: memoization?

struct: After I make a move I can reuse 22^3

Astrobytes: tarikyildiz: you can get 100% by submitting any valid move, it's an optimisation game - you have to try to increase your score

struct: if the opponent action did not affect my state

tarikyildiz: thanks astrobytes good night :)

Astrobytes: that seems a bit... unwieldy

struct: It would not be worth, at least for now since I can compute the 22^3 states in ~1ms

struct: but if I evaluate the states it might be worth

struct: because it wouild talke more time

Astrobytes: can't you just hash your seen states? Or am I missing something

Default avatar.png draconis19: hi

Astrobytes: hello

struct: I store the states in an array

struct: example

Astrobytes: Like a preallocated array of nodes then


VizGhar: Can somebody help me with SDK? Player.deactivate not showing the message from argument

struct: One sec VizGhar

struct: So one next turn I can reuse one state from depth 1 and 22 from depth 2

struct: on next*

struct: N from 1-22 range goes to arr[0]

struct: VizGhar you tried it like this?


Default avatar.png draconis19: im a beginner and just started coding on this site. but im bad tho:sob:

Astrobytes: OK. And your trying to actually pass the states back or indices or...?

struct: i pass the states

struct: Its working sometimes, other times is not

Astrobytes: It seems a bug-prone way of doing things tbh

DomiKo: new player in SameGame :open_mouth:

Astrobytes: the #2 player?

DomiKo: yes

DomiKo: I was #2 yesterday :(

DomiKo: nice to see someone new

Astrobytes: Good score. Fix it DomiKo :P

Astrobytes: ezpz

DomiKo: yeah I will

jacek: that wont be the same anymore eh

Astrobytes: what won't?

jacek: the score for samegame

struct: DomiKo on STC you used random search?

Astrobytes: lol

DomiKo: yes yes

DomiKo: MC

VizGhar: struct thanks... I needed to call gameManager.addToGameSummary

struct: np

Default avatar.png draconis19: Not again! I lost in clash of code!

Astrobytes: afaik MC was the recommended approach for STC. What did you do first time around struct?

Default avatar.png draconis19: once again

struct: it was mc

struct: but im gonna take into account opp now

Astrobytes: Focus on just improving that I'd say

struct: Currently I do Depth 4 opp and me, and I still have plenty of time to do more search

Astrobytes: draconis19: do some puzzles instead!

Astrobytes: It might be the opponent stuff that's messing with your states

DomiKo: MC for opp work very well

struct: DomiKo yeah, and I think if I do depth 4 opp I can do some stuff

struct: to see if I can prevent anything

Default avatar.png RyanGilbert: Many opponents here are very talented and experienced, don't feel bad about not being able to solve or losing a clash

Astrobytes: ^

Default avatar.png RyanGilbert: It is very helpful to view others' solutions to the clashes

Astrobytes: And doing puzzles without time constraint can be useful to learn new algorithms, data structures, tricks etc which may be useful

VizGhar: Spent whole day fixing my game... hopefully it's at least playable now. Quick opinions anybody?

Astrobytes: I'd left-align that pic in the statement, rather annoying in the middles, especially on resize

Astrobytes: seems to be ok with invalid input

Astrobytes: there's no list of valid moves so kinda hard to check quickly without writing something for it

struct: VizGhar movement showed before tiles were placed

Default avatar.png RyanGilbert: Time to learn a new language

Default avatar.png RyanGilbert: its called stub generator

Astrobytes: the documentation is a bit sketchy, so feel free to ask around for advice on that RyanGilbert

Default avatar.png RyanGilbert: or wait can you write the solution in python

Default avatar.png RyanGilbert: Or is the stub gen just to port it to every language

struct: VizGhar try commitEntityState

Astrobytes: You can write your solution in it, but you still need the stub generator to create stub for all langs

struct: you can choose in which time it will show

struct: 0.01 = almost instant once frames start

VizGhar: oh thanks god struct :) I planned to spent tomorrow morning on those animations

VizGhar: BTW, I know I can implement wood1-3. Is it possible for community bot puzzles to implement higher leagues? (just curious)

struct: not possible

Astrobytes: yeah, it's a bit unfortunate but we're stuck with wood leagues for now at least

VizGhar: ok tnx. good night

Astrobytes: gn

struct: 50k chars reached

struct: no ai

struct: :(

Default avatar.png RyanGilbert: whats the dif between word and string

Default avatar.png RyanGilbert: and how do i set the string length if it changes per test/validation

Default avatar.png RyanGilbert: or is that just max

Default avatar.png RyanGilbert: size

struct: max + 1 or 2

struct: due to some languages

Default avatar.png RyanGilbert: ok thanks

Default avatar.png RyanGilbert: for bytes?

struct: for end line I think

struct: With memcpy, this is overlaping right memcpy(&arr[1], &arr[13], sizeof(Type) * 22);

Default avatar.png DJUndisclosedStopwatch_c02: friend

Default avatar.png DJUndisclosedStopwatch_c02: i'm new in this platform

Default avatar.png RyanGilbert: hello

Default avatar.png DJUndisclosedStopwatch_c02: i found a lot of difficulty to understand problms to solve

Default avatar.png DJUndisclosedStopwatch_c02: is here any proposition

struct: Are you strugling with easy problems?

Default avatar.png DJUndisclosedStopwatch_c02: yes

Default avatar.png draconis19:

Astrobytes: yo draconis19, post those in #clash channel, then you can invite in main chat e.g. "hey, join my clash, link in #clash"

Astrobytes: keeps world chat free of the links and whatnot

Default avatar.png draconis19: ok

Astrobytes: and tell people if it's a private one or just regular etc

Default avatar.png draconis19: oh

Default avatar.png RyanGilbert: I believe my clash of code contribution is completed

Default avatar.png RyanGilbert: I submitted it as WIP

Default avatar.png RyanGilbert: Could somebody please take a look and offer feedback?

struct: looks good

Default avatar.png RyanGilbert: Changing to ready

Astrobytes: No offense in the slightest but it's generally better to keep as WIP at least for a few days, in case of any issues

Default avatar.png RyanGilbert: Ok no offense taken

struct: astro

struct: my memcpy seems to overlap right?

Astrobytes: Just to avoid early approval issues, sometimes people are a little too eager

Default avatar.png RyanGilbert: yes I understand

Default avatar.png RyanGilbert: how do i rejoin coc chat

struct: open the clash link I think

Astrobytes: wdym struct

struct: memcpy can overlap I think

struct: memcpy(&arr[1], &arr[13], sizeof(Type) * 22);

struct: since I was gonna copy arr[13]-arr[34] to arr[1]-arr[22]

Astrobytes: to the same array?

struct: yeah

struct: At least I think is what I understand from

Astrobytes: gimme a min, sry, on skype call

struct: np

vsa: howdy

vsa: anybody got a clue why there's always bots in the clashes?

Default avatar.png RyanGilbert: ?

Yolts: I'm not a bot. I just need time to think :(

vsa: BitWolf and a few other accounts are bots

Astrobytes: back, sorry

Astrobytes: vsa it's to fill the space when there aren't enough human clashers around

Astrobytes: struct, this looks unwise

datdood: how are there bots

datdood: i have to do a security check every time

Astrobytes: Official CG bots

Astrobytes: they take previous solutions & times and use them, they're artificial opponents for when you don't have enough human opponents

Astrobytes: struct, are you off by one?

struct: I dont know anymore

struct: I thought it was overlaping

struct: I changed to memove

struct: but still have the bug

struct: I think I have to rewrite this part, maybe I missed something

ZarthaxX: hi

ZarthaxX: howdy

ZarthaxX: struct waddup with da bug

Astrobytes: zartho ma man

ZarthaxX: astrobayto mah homie

Astrobytes: help struct with his array

struct: Hi ZarthaxX

Astrobytes: i'm tired

struct: Im doing STC, and I have a bug but cant find it

Astrobytes: Your size, in your example should it be 21 or am I just that tired

struct: Should be 22

struct: maybe my example was wrong though

ZarthaxX: aight Astrobytes lets switch :P

Astrobytes: lol

ZarthaxX: what's the bugando

ZarthaxX: is it a big bugo or small bugo

struct: or maybe my implementation is bad

Astrobytes: Puyo Puyo Bugo Bugo

ZarthaxX: what the f buggg


struct: ZarthaxX I dont know what the bug is

struct: It happens when I reuse states

struct: I think Im missing something

ZarthaxX: what happens?

struct: I think I move wrong states when I reuse

Astrobytes: or overwrite

Astrobytes: or both

Astrobytes: Are these like pointers or what

ZarthaxX: or you are smashing the stack like a champ and breaking everything apart

ZarthaxX: :thinking:

Astrobytes: ^

struct: State* pool = new State[500000];

Astrobytes: Why are you moving them around though?

Astrobytes: Why not just use the indices?

ZarthaxX: im so confused

Astrobytes: or you go over the 500000?

struct: not possible to go over 500000

Astrobytes: that makes 2 of us Zartho laddie

struct: because when I moved them I move them starting at 0

ZarthaxX: *it's always possible *

Astrobytes: but why move them I mean

Astrobytes: Do you create more that 500000 states?

ZarthaxX: Astrobytes :rofl:

Astrobytes: *than

struct: I move them so i can reuse on next turn

struct: For example if I have 22^4 states

struct: I can reuse 22^3

struct: on the next turn

struct: the 22^4 states are all the possible states until depth 4

ZarthaxX: mmm 22^3 ?

ZarthaxX: why

Astrobytes: then why not just pass around the index into the array of states for the state you need?

Astrobytes: or am I missing something again

Astrobytes: oh, per turn



struct: zarthaxX because if depth 1 has 22 and depth 2 has 22^2 the next depth one will have 22 states that were previously on depth 2


struct: not enough ram

ZarthaxX: struct but

ZarthaxX: when you do a move

ZarthaxX: you advance one depth

struct: yes

ZarthaxX: but then enemy advances another depth

ZarthaxX: so it's 22^2

ZarthaxX: from 22^4

struct: its stc

ZarthaxX: ah


ZarthaxX: now i get u

ZarthaxX: u sure this transition thing is not buggy?

ZarthaxX: :P

struct: it must be the transition

struct: it works fine otherwise

Astrobytes: someone keep me posted on this one tomorrow, I'm actually nodding off here. gn all, take care

struct: gn

ZarthaxX: cya Astrobytes

GodGooey: sick lag

Jasperr: welcome to "that" time of the night at CG :D

Default avatar.png Rbee: excellent

Default avatar.png last34.5: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Default avatar.png RyanGilbert: Is there a penalty for getting 0% on a clash

TsakBoolhak: of course not

Default avatar.png RyanGilbert: ok thanks

Mohamed_Kharrat: guys if we solve a puzzle 2 times with the same language does it count as 2 puzzles solved for that language or do we have to solve 2 separate puzzles for that

TsakBoolhak: i think you have to solve differents puzzles

Emmaplayz: shut up nerd

Default avatar.png RyanGilbert: fit your bio

Emmaplayz: WHAT

Emmaplayz: ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

MadKnight: ban

MadKnight: hihi Jasperr

Default avatar.png RyanGilbert: how do i see coc rank

MadKnight: open your profile

MadKnight: somewhere in there for sure

Default avatar.png RyanGilbert: lol

MadKnight: oooh u needed rank and not points

MadKnight: then it's like around leaderboards

MadKnight: RyanGilbert

MadKnight: compete -> leaderboards

nerdyglass: haiiii