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jrke: no

jrke: you can add last league boss in ide

The_Auditor: Hi Automaton2000

Automaton2000: thanks, i'll give it a try

The_Auditor: Automaton2000 are you always on?

Automaton2000: if you go out of range

The_Auditor: what is your range?

The_Auditor: i lost you Automaton2000

Automaton2000: what is the last rule change."

The_Auditor: Automaton2000 why are you here

Automaton2000: it's the one i got stuck in silver league

AntiSquid: The-Code-Whisperer just click on the yellow #clash word in chat

Monsieur_Pook: lol it's just one guy spamming his twitch

jrke: yeah clash channel just single person spamming twitch links

Default avatar.png DiaZebbiche: Hi

Default avatar.png Mokafela: Hi

Default avatar.png NguyenHuyHoang1: fuck your mom

Default avatar.png ksh_05: 아가리 해라

Monsieur_Pook: 어? 한국인

[CG]Thibaud: english please here

[CG]Thibaud: and obviously no insults, I kicked NguyenHuyHoang1

Monsieur_Pook: Any tips on code royale?



MSmits: Monsieur_Pook you need to have some kind of build order, like build two farms, then a barracks etc. Also, you need something to make your queen run away from knights. Preferably around towers. So make sure you build those too

Monsieur_Pook: I'm still in wood league

MSmits: ahh, well then it's simple

Monsieur_Pook: I beat the boss 10/10 times on IDE but I still can't get over the boss in leaderboard

MSmits: just build what you need to beat the opponent

MSmits: try picking other opponents

MSmits: the boss is not your only opponent

MSmits: also, try switching players, make yourself player 2, see if you have a bug

Monsieur_Pook: I'm pretty sure I went up against all the people in wood tier 3

MSmits: I mean in the IDE

MSmits: you can select different opponents

MSmits: obviously you are losing some games

MSmits: check them out, see why

Monsieur_Pook: oh wow

MSmits: and do also switch players. It happens to me a lot that my p1 play is good, but i have a bug as P2

Monsieur_Pook: Thanks a lot man

MSmits: np

MSmits: code royale was my first contest

MSmits: barely knew what to do back then

Monsieur_Pook: This took me a few hours to code as well

Monsieur_Pook: it's really fun though

MSmits: contests take 10 days, I think I coded non stop because I had to learn all the skills I needed

MSmits: I doubt I had a more productive week in my life than that one :P

MSmits: Slept 14 hrs a day for 2-3 days I think, after that

MSmits: ahh the good ol' days

Monsieur_Pook: damn! do you get anything if you win the contest?

MSmits: some contests there are good prices, that one was t-shirts and artwork I think

MSmits: but they're all hard to win, the ones with good prices and the ones without

MSmits: prizes

MSmits: i mean

MSmits: code royale had around 2k contestants

MSmits: so you can imagine

Monsieur_Pook: Everyone's in top 100 haha

MSmits: who do you mean?

Monsieur_Pook: oh I mean they give you achievement or something if you get top 100 of a contest

MSmits: ohh ok

MSmits: I got to the top 3 one, never won a contest though, my best result is 2nd

Monsieur_Pook: wow! that's still really good

MSmits: yeah, thanks

MSmits: btw you can check out any profile of the players here and see how well they did in contests, multis, optims etc.

MSmits: just remember that the active players that chat here are not an average sample of the community

Monsieur_Pook: yeah they're like in top 1000 haha

MSmits: I think half of them are top 100

MSmits: also, your overall rank is not exactly the same as your botting skill or how well you do at contests

MSmits: there's also a time-investment component. If you're here longer and try more different things you'll get more points

Monsieur_Pook: I'm a total noob but somehow I'm like 5000

Monsieur_Pook: feelsbadman

MSmits: yes, many players dont have cp

MSmits: you need to enter competitive parts of the site for that

MSmits: puzzles dont cut it

jrke: yeah bot programming plays vital role in rank

Nicky1812: guys?

codeing: yes

Nicky1812: how to check that character is letters?

Nicky1812: in python

SPDene: x.isalpha()

Nicky1812: ok thx

SPDene: there's also x.islower(), x.isupper(), x.isdigit()

Uljahn: there're also internet search engines

codeing: The limit is only your imagination and your experience.

Nicky1812: :v

Default avatar.png balance313: hello people of the internet, I am new to programming and trying to learn java. I am doing the power of thor puzzle and wanted to know what kind of command/function i need to say the following:

Default avatar.png balance313: move until initialTx == lightX;

               then move unitl initialTy == lightY;

codeing: while(initiialTx != ligthX){while(initialTy != lightY){initialTy++;} initialTx++;}

codeing: something like that.

codeing: let me write correctly.


codeing: what are you think about guys ?

Default avatar.png JBM: drinking more coffee

codeing: why ?

codeing: i'm 17

dbdr: JBM, inciting minors to use drugs since again?

dbdr: s/since//

Default avatar.png JBM: i'm just answering their question

dbdr: both are true at the same time :)

Default avatar.png JBM: what am i thinking about? i'm thinking about drinking more coffee

Default avatar.png JBM: (and doing it too, by now)

Default avatar.png JBM: i don't see incitation there, but obviously YMMV

dbdr: right, I'm an idiot

codeing: i think jbm is right

Default avatar.png JBM: could be, i have no proof of that either but i'll trust your word

Default avatar.png JBM: is caffeine classified addictive? i know several people who quit cold turkey without an issue

dbdr: addiction is orthogonal to drugness I think

Default avatar.png JBM: errr

Default avatar.png JBM: ok

Default avatar.png JBM: what's a drug?

dbdr: drug = chemically affects the brain

Default avatar.png JBM: mmm

Default avatar.png JBM: ok

dbdr: not just the brain, apparently

Default avatar.png JBM: those anti-drug movements have it all wrong

dbdr: > A drug is any substance that causes a change in an organism's physiology or psychology when consumed.

Default avatar.png JBM: good one

Default avatar.png JBM: i'll keep it

dbdr: the lead pic on WP is a cup of coffee :D

Default avatar.png JBM: :D

Default avatar.png Tieuholy: xin chào

dbdr: oh, I was thinking about "psychoactive drug"

Default avatar.png Tieuholy: こんにちは

Default avatar.png JBM: next up: are drugs forbidden to minors?

Default avatar.png JBM: i'm pretty sure my mum gave me tea

Default avatar.png JBM: and she's rather drastically "anti-drug"

dbdr: she misuses the term then

dbdr: coffee is fine for a teenage I think, not recommended for children

dbdr: but that's what I heard, did not fact check it

Default avatar.png JBM: i had tea by 9, coffee by 20

Default avatar.png JBM: coffee-as-a-pleasure by 25

dbdr: tea has far less caffeine than coffee generally

dbdr: so that makes sense

codeing: @balance313 does my command line ok ?

dbdr: wow, long time acquiring that taste :)

Default avatar.png JBM: i heard it had its owd psychoactive that was just as effective

Default avatar.png JBM: well i barely drank any

Default avatar.png JBM: even less so "good" one

dbdr: tea contains caffeine, same molecule, same effect, apart from the dose

Default avatar.png JBM: all it takes to like coffee is to taste a good one

Default avatar.png JBM: but they'

Default avatar.png JBM: re hard to come by

dbdr: it's the dose that makes the poison, as the saying goes

dbdr: IC50 in technical terms :)

dbdr: LD50 rather

Nicky1812: guys?

Nicky1812: in python

Nicky1812: does it have a function that we can change 'abcd' to 'dcba' ?

Default avatar.png JaggBow: 'abcd'[::-1]

Default avatar.png NoiselessDictator_e4c4: dbdr sugar can also be a drug

dbdr: yes, it is

dbdr: some doctors say it is also technically a poison

dbdr: fructose, actually

Default avatar.png JBM: i heard they use it as an anesthetic for babies

Default avatar.png JBM: feels weird to think of sugar that way

Default avatar.png NoiselessDictator_e4c4: sugar is 'technically' a drug and a poison there is no confirmed statement on the internet that it is always or 100% a drug/poison

Default avatar.png NoiselessDictator_e4c4: prove me wrong

Default avatar.png NoiselessDictator_e4c4: * i meant fructose

Default avatar.png NoiselessDictator_e4c4: last time i talked about the benefits of either windows or linux now it is drugs what is this chat dude

Default avatar.png pro1p: hey can someone help me with this? I'm on power of thor episode 1 and i struggle to resolve an error

Default avatar.png pro1p:

Default avatar.png pro1p: this is my code

Default avatar.png pro1p: Ydirection and Xdirection are underline in one of the last lines and they say to me:

Default avatar.png pro1p: Use of unassigne local variable 'Ydirection'

Default avatar.png pro1p: Use of unassigned local variable 'Xdirection'

Default avatar.png pro1p: written in c#

QossMean: Initialize Xdirection and Ydirection with ""

QossMean: Otherwise they will be null

Default avatar.png NoiselessDictator_e4c4: damn i was about to write the same

QossMean: Also there's a logical error

QossMean: Because 0,0 is top left

QossMean: So if you go south, y should be incremented

Default avatar.png mzztin: o

Default avatar.png pro1p: ok thx

Default avatar.png niikkl: omsn

Default avatar.png KrisEssa: Hello, can anyone explain to me how to make multiple jumps in 7 turns in Shadows of the Knight, test 4

Uljahn: KrisEssa: hi, yes, i've sent you a dm

dbdr: hm, looking good :)

AntiSquid: ah new language counters now on main page

eulerscheZahl: language counters?


eulerscheZahl: do we see the same start page?

AntiSquid: counter for puzzles solved by language

AntiSquid: next to certificates

AntiSquid: clear cache, i have no idea what you are seeing :/

Illedan: I see them

Illedan: C#, JS and Rust for me :o


dbdr: :D

Illedan: A/B testing?

eulerscheZahl: ah, ctrl+F5 did the trick

dbdr: noob ;)

eulerscheZahl: C#, then python3, then C++

Illedan: Max 3?

AntiSquid: but only first 3 show up ... so any other language doesn't count?


eulerscheZahl: C#: 306 python3: 47 C++: 18

dbdr: any idea what order they use? random or...?

Illedan: Most solved I guess?

dbdr: yeah

AntiSquid: most solved for me

Illedan: 96, 8 and 4 :D

AntiSquid: i have 5 boxes each

eulerscheZahl: i think they include multiplayers too

eulerscheZahl: i have 3x C++ (STC, UTTT, bulls and cows) + 15 puzzle solutions

eulerscheZahl: or did I do more in C++ than I had to? :scream:

dbdr: cannot be, if you were a masochist you would be using windows ;)

AntiSquid: now time to guess what they showcase in the empty space to the right

eulerscheZahl: i'll plant a cactus there for now

Illedan: What name do you give you cactus?

AntiSquid: activity calendar maybe ?

Illedan: I don't like this as a start page though. Would more like to see this on a player page. And then view friend activity, recent submits in my recent multies etc etc on the start page

eulerscheZahl: perfect

Illedan: lol

Illedan: What name did you give your cactus?

dbdr: CG can hire euler as a graphic designer now

eulerscheZahl: i'll name it cast-ctus

eulerscheZahl: no longer needed when python becomes my most used language

dbdr: coctus?

eulerscheZahl: hm, it's below the CoC tile...

dbdr: and has a skull...

dbdr: so in the theme

AntiSquid: site activity would be nicer on front page, think someone already mentioned this, but don't see any changes

Default avatar.png xlr4829: whats mean hypothenuse number ??

jrke: oh dbdr nice lead in D&B

dbdr: thanks jrke

[CG]Thibaud: the "view friend activity" will come, but won't be there

eulerscheZahl: so there's still hope for my CoCtus :)

aCat: and 'view contributions' tab of a user

jrke: dbdr whats your current algo minimax?

dbdr: yes

jrke: depth ?

codeing: @jrke answer my request.

AntiSquid: [CG]Thibaud but it would be more interesting to have side-wide statistics on front page like the community tool that shows which multis are most active for the current week for example

eulerscheZahl: aCat: 7 contributions

AntiSquid: even a #clash link channel or other popular channel links would help a lot more on the front page

eulerscheZahl: same game is missing, I should index the puzzles again :thinking:

AntiSquid: aCat likes clash eh?

aCat: nope

aCat: that were my early days

aCat: from now on only true puzzles

aCat: try to never touc in-out again

aCat: CG is not for this

aCat: nice site euler didn't know about this one

Schwase: anyone have any good ideas for how to good about learning C++?

Schwase: i have taken 2 full term java courses but that wasnt recent and ive really only screwed around coding and havent utilized all the tools available

Schwase: im assuming just coding on CG isnt gonna be all that much help

AntiSquid: practice? unless you have a particular aim in which case practice it for that particular goal?

Schwase: im taking a very intensive course that doesnt require prior use of C++ but definitely takes a lot of work if never having used C++ before

AntiSquid: CG is good too to practice

Schwase: i guess i should just use C++ so its not unfamiliar

AntiSquid: very intensive course for beginners? what does it cover? sorry but sounds fishy to me

AntiSquid: i mean you learn more on CG or similar sites just by doing than any beginner course

Schwase: not for beginners, the prerequisite is comp sci 1

Schwase: its not a C++ course

Schwase: its data structures

Schwase: and the language used is C++

AntiSquid: does it include algorithms for the data structures?

AntiSquid: still no idea what your goal is after learning this so depending on that you will find the answer how to improve your C++ ....


Schwase: this is the course syllabus

AntiSquid: ya i am sure you learn more on CG just do the multi section or even a single contest

Schwase: youre saying more than the entire course???

AntiSquid: well yes just make sure to also read post mortems on forums to give you a better idea

AntiSquid: here this is more intense than your course imo:

YCS-Venom: Hello world

AntiSquid: E: Unable to locate package world


YCS-Venom: print("Hello world")

YCS-Venom: cout<<Hello world;

Schwase: every term, there is a large assignment that is notoriously hard and long

Schwase: you get a week to complete it

Schwase: that ^ was 2018 fall assignment

AntiSquid: you learn a lot more theory there

Schwase: im a physics major what am i doing man

AntiSquid: ping Msmits when you see him online he is a physics person too

AntiSquid: ask him about C++

Schwase: ok

AntiSquid: quite sure he learned a lot by participating on CG

jrke: where is my astrobytes :(

dbdr: jrke, what have you done? :D

Uljahn: Automaton2000: where is Absentbytes?

Automaton2000: you don't have to pay for it


SPDene: [ut that in #ckash channel instead of here please

SPDene: #clash *

C0d1ng_Anub: oh ok

eulerscheZahl: Astro is missing too? I'm still looking for my struct :(

dbdr: #missingCodinGamers

inoryy: I think I saw him recently

inoryy: Astrobytes that is

eulerscheZahl: i did yesterday i think

eulerscheZahl: no need to worry yet

dbdr: thanks to AntiSquid's devotion, D is consistently last in basically every single new game :D

eulerscheZahl: :D

dbdr: #dedication

dbdr: #D-dedication

eulerscheZahl: D-dication

dbdr: yeah, that's the one I failed to make :D


Aravindhsiva: Anyone can join

EveryOS: #clash

AntiSquid: dbdr i submitted default code, you know that right? @_@

AntiSquid: and quite sure i submitted default for other multis when i didn't have time

AntiSquid: just for extra numbers

dbdr: I know :)

AntiSquid: in fact if the main page would show anything useful maybe it would show i mostly only submitted on new multi release like once maybe twice at most

aCat: how can I rotate rectangle based on its center?

aCat: it does not have setAnchor

Default avatar.png JBM: i think you can't

Default avatar.png JBM: it's that bug i haven't fully packed up for reporting yet

Default avatar.png JBM: but jupoulton thinks you can

Default avatar.png JBM: so... we'll see

aCat: ;/

eulerscheZahl: put it in a group with shifted center

eulerscheZahl: and rotate the group

eulerscheZahl: that's what I did for Onitama (rotating movement cards)

eulerscheZahl: btw if you want to get stuff fixed in the SDK, making a pull request with a fix can accelerate things ;)

aCat: I don't get the relation between the original coordinates, and shift coordinates /rotate when in group

aCat: I mean tried 2 things and didn't work

Default avatar.png playerZER0: o/

AntiSquid: o/

eulerscheZahl: you draw your rectangle around the point (0,0), e.g. from -100 to +100

eulerscheZahl: put it inside a group and place the group where you want the actual center of the rectangle

eulerscheZahl: then you rotate the group

eulerscheZahl: or was it more complicated? like rotating and moving at the same time? :thinking:

Default avatar.png JBM: ithink your way works

Default avatar.png JBM: it's just completely unnatural to me

eulerscheZahl: read this if you are brave enough

Default avatar.png JBM: it made me think rotating a group killed the non-sprite shapes for quite some time

eulerscheZahl: i do 2 commits with half the rotation to chose the direction (clockwise / counterclockwise)

eulerscheZahl: took me a bit as well to get it right. especially as onitama also changes the center of the rotation depending on the card position

Default avatar.png JBM: huh

Default avatar.png JBM: doesn't it just take its sign?

eulerscheZahl: so it's 2 nested groups moving inside each other

eulerscheZahl: if you do a 180° turn, the SDK decides the direction

Default avatar.png JBM: *surprised*

eulerscheZahl: also you can only rotate by full degree angles, there is some: toDegrees().round()

Default avatar.png JBM: that's enough for me

Default avatar.png JBM: i'm gonne have to check that 180d turn though

Default avatar.png JBM: i can't have gotten all the rotations right in tvc by chance

eulerscheZahl: you can believe me, i was cursing about this for a while :D

Default avatar.png JBM: i'd like to believe you

eulerscheZahl: i mean believe that i was in rage. not that i recall every little detail

aCat: ok done

aCat: I already did it correctly

aCat: but used degrees :D

eulerscheZahl: :D

Default avatar.png JBM: rotations are in radians

Default avatar.png JBM: how can it even check for ==180

eulerscheZahl: and then converted to degrees for serialization

Default avatar.png JBM: ok let's assume it converts right

Default avatar.png JBM: testing with positive Math.PI

Default avatar.png JBM: turns left

Default avatar.png JBM: can't remember if that's expected

eulerscheZahl: now try negative PI

Default avatar.png JBM: let's have a pi/2 to clarify

Default avatar.png JBM: that's kind of enough, pi/2 goes right

Default avatar.png JBM: OMGWTF

Default avatar.png JBM: good thing i never used a 180 *at all*

Default avatar.png JBM: how can that even happen

eulerscheZahl: and that's why onitama does the rotation in 2 parts with half a frame each. but somehow i have a feeling that the rotation speed isn't constant when watching replays

eulerscheZahl: that's where I decided to rage-quit

Default avatar.png JBM: this is so unexpected it warps the mind to think how they'd have implemented that behind the scene

eulerscheZahl: i'm not even sure which part is an SDK quirk and which is just pixi

Default avatar.png JBM: some people need a good affine geometry refresher

eulerscheZahl: another one: try to draw a polygon with line color+thickness and fill color

Default avatar.png JBM: naaaaw i don't do complex stuff like that

eulerscheZahl: the first and last point won't be connected by a line but it will be filled

Default avatar.png JBM: i made a sprite of everything after i discovered the rotation thingy mentioned above

Default avatar.png JBM: looks better too

Default avatar.png JBM: ok so git checkout doesn't erase the local modifications anymore

Default avatar.png JBM: what human-friendly name have they given *that* now?

Default avatar.png JBM: "-f"

eulerscheZahl: git reset --hard

Default avatar.png JBM: ok i'll deal with it

Default avatar.png JBM: yeah that's my alternative way, but i had a git checkout in the command line buffer

eulerscheZahl: that's a good reason :D

Default avatar.png JBM: i try to use reset mostly when i want to move the commit pointer

Default avatar.png JBM: same effect, different mindset

AntiSquid: i use arch

Default avatar.png JBM: typical

Allis: Typical of...?

dbdr: of arch users

Allis: :laughing:

Default avatar.png LAMA: hi

markyy: the duckie just solved her first puzzle of the week

markyy: say gratz to the duckie

MSmits: :duck:

Default avatar.png DmcPhuc: lol

Default avatar.png Tieuholy: vô phúc

Default avatar.png Tieuholy: DmcPhuc vào solo ko

Default avatar.png DmcPhuc: alo

Default avatar.png DmcPhuc: sao để vô

GnourtTahn: :v

Default avatar.png DmcPhuc: mời tui ik

GnourtTahn: ong Tieuholy dang lam roi

GnourtTahn: chua xong

Default avatar.png DmcPhuc: :L

GnourtTahn: doi ti

Default avatar.png DmcPhuc: vo r ne

Default avatar.png Tieuholy: xong rồi solo tiếp haha

Default avatar.png Tieuholy: vô đây DmcPhuc

Default avatar.png DmcPhuc: dau

Default avatar.png Tieuholy: thoát ra đi

Default avatar.png DmcPhuc: lol

Default avatar.png DmcPhuc: bít làm hông

Default avatar.png Tieuholy: chịu luôn ahha

Default avatar.png Tieuholy: bài mới đi

Default avatar.png Tieuholy: Vô đây Phuc

Default avatar.png Tieuholy: out ra đi

Default avatar.png DmcPhuc: chết r sao để lấy bảng chữ cái trong java bâ h

Default avatar.png DmcPhuc: e mấ ông

Default avatar.png DmcPhuc: ao để kết bạn

Default avatar.png DmcPhuc: rủ thanh niên nữa chơi

GnourtTahn: xong

Default avatar.png DmcPhuc: thua :v

GnourtTahn: toi xai ascii ong

Default avatar.png DmcPhuc: tui ko bt lấy ascii trong java @@

GnourtTahn: doi sang int roi doi sang char

Default avatar.png DmcPhuc: ko

Default avatar.png DmcPhuc: how to

GnourtTahn: char character = 'a'; int number = (int) character;

GnourtTahn: no ra 97 hinh nhu la vay

Default avatar.png DmcPhuc: java sài unicode huhu :[[

GnourtTahn: thoi tui off pp

Default avatar.png DmcPhuc: bye

Default avatar.png DmcPhuc: :3

Default avatar.png Tieuholy: xong chưa bro

Default avatar.png Tieuholy: tổng các phần tử trong mảng thôi.

Default avatar.png DmcPhuc: lol

Default avatar.png Tieuholy: kq+=int(S[i]);

Default avatar.png DmcPhuc: đang tra ascii

Default avatar.png Tieuholy: ko cân tra

Default avatar.png Tieuholy:

Default avatar.png DmcPhuc: lol ":v

Default avatar.png Tieuholy: nhanh ra bài khác cậu.

Default avatar.png DmcPhuc: ok

Default avatar.png DmcPhuc: mời tui ik

Default avatar.png DmcPhuc: thua :c

Default avatar.png Tieuholy: t bị mắc dấu khoảng trắng

Default avatar.png DmcPhuc: của tui nó ko in ra j hết :v

Default avatar.png DmcPhuc: tui xử lí xâu kém lám :[[

Default avatar.png Tieuholy: chán quá

Default avatar.png Tieuholy: chạy đúng mà bị dư 1 dấu khoảng trắng

FluffyNugget: me being english be like: . ____ .

Monsieur_Pook: Keep the chat english only

FluffyNugget: :>

Default avatar.png DmcPhuc: e thoát có bạn tui mời

Default avatar.png ThankTune: Loo

FluffyNugget: welp anyone who speaks english wanna talk :P

Default avatar.png Tieuholy: đợi xíu

trimai_: ok

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: nope

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: no english here

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: Vietnamese only

Default avatar.png penguin0: I don't know how to speak Vietnamese

Default avatar.png penguin0: what is hello

Default avatar.png DmcPhuc: xin chào

Default avatar.png ThankTune: Chao Xìn

Default avatar.png DmcPhuc: "xin chào" is hellow

Default avatar.png penguin0: xin châo

Default avatar.png penguin0: I can't get the right accent

Default avatar.png Proudrooster: How do you print to stderr in C?

reCurse: fprintf(stderr, ...)

Default avatar.png Proudrooster: Thanks so much, works perfect!

Default avatar.png Proudrooster: Doing the chuck norris puzzle :)

Default avatar.png Roookie: 你还

Default avatar.png GAL1LE0: help me

Default avatar.png GAL1LE0: Don't Panic - Episode 1

Default avatar.png GAL1LE0: how to play

Default avatar.png GAL1LE0: i can't debug

Default avatar.png GAL1LE0: pls