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markyy: why do you want to disable the intellisense

Gorbit99: it's not just me, basically most people want to in certain cases

Gorbit99: especially coc players

Gorbit99: it blocks your keypresses and sometimes makes you insert random stuff you didn't want

WINWINWIN: Like when you use python, name a variable p

WINWINWIN: then when you press enter to go for next line, suddenly its print

Default avatar.png NoiselessDictator_e4c4: hi

Default avatar.png NoiselessDictator_e4c4: why do I have a weird random name like this

Default avatar.png NoiselessDictator_e4c4: lol

Gorbit99: Seems like cg is randomly generating names if you didn't set one up yet

Default avatar.png NoiselessDictator_e4c4: i already have an acc but im too lazy to log in

Default avatar.png NoiselessDictator_e4c4: guess im the noiseless dictator for now

Gorbit99: WINWINWIN exactly, I believe in ruby it's something like q or s or whatever creating a 20 character long thingy

Gorbit99: no, you're NoiseLessDictator e4c4

Default avatar.png NoiselessDictator_e4c4: :)

Default avatar.png NoiselessDictator_e4c4: no im NoiselessDictator_e4c4

Gorbit99: sure, but I didn't want to highlight the message for you

tutubalin: when I worked on CGFunge problem, editor always wanted to add <?php

Default avatar.png NoiselessDictator_e4c4: Gorbit99 .

Default avatar.png NoiselessDictator_e4c4: whaz

tutubalin: Gorbit99 how did you manage to disable autocomplete?

tutubalin: also, is it still available with Ctrl+Space?

Gorbit99: I made a forum post about it, but in short, I called a function incorrectly, setting the autocomplete provider for null (gotta love js) and making each call relying on it afterwards invalid

Gorbit99: I believe it isn't

Gorbit99: I also made a tampermonkey script btw, you can install it if you go to the forum post

Default avatar.png NoiselessDictator_e4c4: whats your favourite coding language

Gorbit99: depends, for what purpose?

Default avatar.png NoiselessDictator_e4c4: idk lets say for websites

Gorbit99: I don't code websites

Default avatar.png NoiselessDictator_e4c4: what do u code then

Gorbit99: actual programs and challenges here

Gorbit99: my actual main lang is C++, but I code in ruby on here

Gorbit99: tutubalin to answer your question, you can p

Default avatar.png NoiselessDictator_e4c4: (gotta love js) did u mean javascript

Gorbit99: tutubalin to answer your question, you can bring up the popup, but it will be completely empty

Gorbit99: yeah, and I meant it sarcastically

Default avatar.png NoiselessDictator_e4c4: oh ok

Gorbit99: I called a function with no arguments, that usually takes 2

Gorbit99: because javascript can't have errors, otherwise it will suck

Default avatar.png NoiselessDictator_e4c4: ok

Default avatar.png NoiselessDictator_e4c4: im currently learning html, css, js, java, linux

Gorbit99: that's a lot to learn all at once

Default avatar.png NoiselessDictator_e4c4: i mean i go to school which has them as a subject

Default avatar.png NoiselessDictator_e4c4: oh and php i think is coming next year

Gorbit99: ahhh, I'll be learning java next semester

Gorbit99: "learning"

Default avatar.png NoiselessDictator_e4c4: i hate java tbh

Gorbit99: I'll be teaching java to my classmates after the class completely fails them

Default avatar.png NoiselessDictator_e4c4: im more like a js guy

Gorbit99: only thing I ever used it for is minecraft spigot plugins :)

Default avatar.png NoiselessDictator_e4c4: sameee

Gorbit99: but if you want to write games for codingame, you have to use it

Default avatar.png NoiselessDictator_e4c4: yeah ik

Default avatar.png NoiselessDictator_e4c4: im so bad tho

Default avatar.png NoiselessDictator_e4c4: i feel like server programming and websites are a lot easier for me

jrke: i am trying bender 2 i have doubt in starting the bender is in room 0 right

jrke: or in room[0]

A.Safarkhon: hallo

A.Safarkhon: chi=o;jknsdjcjsd

jacek: indeed

jrke: yeah certificates :) :)

AntiSquid: certs don't value much though in my experience

AntiSquid: either degree for entry level or have projects / on the job experience matters a lot

jrke: are they useful for me cause im in 9th standard so maybe it will be helpful for me

AntiSquid: i guess? it shows you have interest ... guess it's good if you look for work experience / internship ?

tobk: Those certificates feel kind of out-of-place, IMHO (not only visually as they only fill the left side of the home page)

CyberLemonade: what is the deal with the certifications?

WINWINWIN: Show that we like computers?

AntiSquid: you can skip school now CyberLemonade, congratulations on your achievements


CyberLemonade: weeeeee

WINWINWIN: CBSE CyberLemonade?

CyberLemonade: ISC

Default avatar.png AggYzz: guys what is the best way to get the middle of a list

Default avatar.png AggYzz: like the expression

wlesavo: is it a general discussion or CG come up with certifiates?

CyberLemonade: they did

CyberLemonade: in the home screen

AntiSquid: int(len(2)/2) ? AggYzz

Default avatar.png c0nc4c: anyone have experience on this?

AntiSquid: lent(list) *

wlesavo: cant find on site, hm

AntiSquid: geez can't type

Default avatar.png AggYzz: lel

CyberLemonade: wlesavo home page

Default avatar.png AggYzz: what if the list is odd


CyberLemonade: AggYzz odd lists have a centre

CyberLemonade: evens don't

Default avatar.png AggYzz: i meant of ot os even

CyberLemonade: then what do you want? average of both or any one?

wlesavo: oh, ok, ctrl+f5 solves the problem, had an old version of home page

AntiSquid: +1 / -1 AggYzz adjust according to prefefences

Default avatar.png AggYzz: ok

Default avatar.png AggYzz: ty

CyberLemonade: lemme quickly apply to MIT using these certificates

WINWINWIN: :D IIT is the main issue now, I thought that you were one of the poor guys stuck

CyberLemonade: well I'm not giving IIT

CyberLemonade: got KVPY

jrke: wow kvpy nice....

CyberLemonade: ty

WINWINWIN: which science?

CyberLemonade: maths or comp

WINWINWIN: Maths then no ISI?

CyberLemonade: yeah I'm giving ISI and CMI

WINWINWIN: Good luck

CyberLemonade: thanks

AntiSquid: did you read the certificate descriptions?

CyberLemonade: yeah, why?

AntiSquid: algorithms one implies you did image manipulation on CG :/

CyberLemonade: music scores :joy:

AntiSquid: :/

tobk: All the mouseover-texts on the certificates are a bit odd, e.g. the "coding speed" one is about "complex problems", yet you get if for solving a few CoCs...

AntiSquid: try your solution on actual image files, see how far it gets you

CyberLemonade: let's not talk about that

CyberLemonade: besides like tobk said, CoC certifies almost nothing

AntiSquid: why not?

CyberLemonade: it won't do shit

CyberLemonade: that's why

AntiSquid: blender, photoshop, using game engines ...

AntiSquid: some ML for style transfer

CyberLemonade: hmmmmmmm

CyberLemonade: I still don't think I'll get anywhere, I pretty much depended on the sharp edges and all

jrke: oh there are fun commands also

jrke: lemme try

**jrke slaps cegprakash around a bit with a large fishbot

CyberLemonade: how dare you

jrke: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

**jrke i like Csb

Default avatar.png c0nc4c: ┬─┬ノ( ◕◡◕ ノ)

Gorbit99: does somone use firefox here?

Gorbit99: with greasemonkey preferably, but not necessarily

Tiramon: i use chrome with tampermonkey which uses the same scripts as greasemonkey ... so no to your questions, maybe i can help anyway

Gorbit99: well, I would appreciate some testers for my no-autocomplete script

Tiramon: not sure what that script would do ... but ok ...

Gorbit99: but I got a notice already that it doesn't work on firefox

Gorbit99: well, it disables the autocomplete popup in the ide here


Tiramon: why don't you just right click in the editor -> Language configuration -> Enable/disable code completion support

Gorbit99: where would this be?

Tiramon: oh it's not there for all languages ...

Tiramon: java has it js doesnÄt

Tiramon: doesn't

Gorbit99: where is this?

Tiramon: Right click in the editor .. and sometimes there is an element below 'Command Palette'

Gorbit99: ah, nice

Default avatar.png c0nc4c: pog i did my first puzzle

Gorbit99: anyways, this does that for all languaes

Default avatar.png c0nc4c: :pog

Gorbit99: good job

Tiramon: hm interesting ... seems to be only available in java ...

Gorbit99: try my thing, if it works, it would be grrat

Tiramon: if i do ctrl + space it now returns no suggestions instead of usefull suggestions ... still no idea why i would want to disable it

Default avatar.png JBM: cuz it gets in the way

Gorbit99: it's quite a requested thing

Tiramon: never hat that problem ...

Gorbit99: next thing I'll try to disable will be autopairs

Tiramon: *had

Gorbit99: Tiramon I assume not a big coc player :P

Tiramon: not much coc and if i do it i still had no problem with completion

Gorbit99: my solution works for all languages btw

CyberLemonade: am I overthinking or is detective pikaptcha E2 pretty complex?

Tiramon: guess overthinking... later episodes are worse

Tiramon: EP3 i a bit complicated because of the mobius part

CyberLemonade: I still can't deal with wall follow :(

Tiramon: what is your problem CyberLemonade?

CyberLemonade: I don't know, how do I follow a wall?

Uljahn: click follow ezpz

Tiramon: it simply you have to choose what direction to walk next depending on your current facing

Tiramon: so if you follow the left wall you will try the directions in the following order when facing up LEFT, UP, RIGHT, DOWN

Tiramon: and take the first route that is not blocked by a wall

Marchete: "Coding speed" Bronze level

Marchete: nailed it :D

Tiramon: and if you create such priority lists for all your facing directions the problem should almost be solved ;)

Illedan: :D Marchete

CyberLemonade: thanks Tiramon, silly me

Tiramon: as i said probably overthinking ;)

PatrickMcGinnisII: someone named Anonymous is screwing up the Best solutions < > clicker

PatrickMcGinnisII: Anonymous retains the name of the previous coder


PatrickMcGinnisII: Is there some anonymity setting?

PatrickMcGinnisII: I actually tried 50! combinations on Target Firing, finally figured out what a dummy i was being

S_viper: hi

PatrickMcGinnisII: 8:28am, I'm out, glhf

CyberLemonade: PatrickMcGinnisII wow

eulerscheZahl: well done, lightning slow Marchete :D

Default avatar.png AmjadALRE: :smile:

jrke: does anyone having all 5 certificates of legend

Default avatar.png NoiselessDictator_e4c4: have*

Prince349k: bruh

Default avatar.png NoiselessDictator_e4c4: had to

Default avatar.png pythonFan-arch: hello am new here

Default avatar.png pythonFan-arch: is this platform for puthon beginner

Default avatar.png NoiselessDictator_e4c4: no but for python

Prince349k: anyone plays valorant?

Default avatar.png NoiselessDictator_e4c4: yes

Prince349k: k

Prince349k: idk why i asked

Prince349k: nvm

Default avatar.png NoiselessDictator_e4c4: me neither lmao

Default avatar.png NoiselessDictator_e4c4: whats ur mai

Default avatar.png NoiselessDictator_e4c4: main

Default avatar.png pythonFan-arch: im stuck at loop the descent :/

Default avatar.png NoiselessDictator_e4c4: copy paste the solution thank me later

Default avatar.png pythonFan-arch: ahahahha

Default avatar.png pythonFan-arch: :joy:

Default avatar.png NoiselessDictator_e4c4: you already a lot higher rank than i am what did u do

Default avatar.png NoiselessDictator_e4c4: almost 200k ahead of me

Default avatar.png pythonFan-arch: im just learning and try to figure out the sollution

Default avatar.png NNTTai: hello :)

Default avatar.png pythonFan-arch: hello :D

AntiSquid: darpa dogfight final event LIVE

Marchete: top players from CG constests can beat them with a crappy laptop and some cheetos

Default avatar.png Ak47aman: hii

MSmits: not a fan of cheetos ;/

dbdr: Marchete: sure we can

dbdr: now how do we get the funding?

BenjaminUrquhart: theft, clearly

eulerscheZahl: online scam

eulerscheZahl: i'm a Nigerian prince btw

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: john brzenk

eulerscheZahl: a Nigerian toad I mean. you have to kiss me first

dbdr: I rather meant the prizes

dbdr: with our cheap laptops we don't need funding

dbdr: eulerscheZahl, you already prepared the way for 3d viewer for such dogfiht multi on CG

eulerscheZahl: so the rest will be a breeze. step in and do it :)

dbdr: could be teapots shooting tea at each other

dbdr: less war-themed

eulerscheZahl: the teapot already has some kind of cannon modeled

eulerscheZahl: spilling tea on each other

dbdr: we need such commentators for CG contests

wlesavo: tonight i realized that ^ is not the same as power in c++ and easily got +40k in sg. i basically scored solutions as ^2, surprised that even worked somehow

dbdr: :D

dbdr: in optim you typically keep the best thing you found

dbdr: so any search will find somewhat good results

eulerscheZahl: but the ^2 is part of the score computation

dbdr: it won't return stupids results like a bad multiplayer search would

eulerscheZahl: so the score is either 0 or 1 per group

eulerscheZahl: it will try to find as many groups of size 3,5,.. as possible

dbdr: ah ok

Scarfield: uneven groups ftw

eulerscheZahl: aka odd :D

Scarfield: xD

Default avatar.png jojogay: btw i use arch

Scarfield: 3 syllables > 1 syllable

wlesavo: well at least it worked better than random choice

eulerscheZahl: is that the no one - absolutely no one meme?

eulerscheZahl: no one: absolutely no one: jojo: i use arch

**eulerscheZahl is using Ubuntu

Default avatar.png jojogay: obviously

dbdr: If I understood that dogfight contest, I think they had a ranking step then the semi-finals are #1 against #4 and #2 against #3

dbdr: that makes for more dramatic end of a contest than watching a leaderboard during hours :D

eulerscheZahl: sounds like a weird mode

eulerscheZahl: something you would do in real world but not for bot fights where you can run lots of battles at almost no cost

dbdr: it's the same in tennis for instance, or world cup, or many sports

dbdr: yes, it's probably less accurate but more interesting to watch

eulerscheZahl: but these sports are real world. teams get exhausted and have limited timeframes

dbdr: though it has implications related to RPS

dbdr: especially if you allow agents to learn between matches

Zm4j: how to see my country ranking, not world ranking

dbdr: you can improve against that specific opponent

eulerscheZahl: as a contestant i would be pissed

wlesavo: as a contestant i would be one :slight_smile:

wlesavo: would not

wlesavo: damn

Scarfield: in the leaderboard the is a colomn for contries, you can choose "same as Zm4j"

dbdr: *witchcraft

Scarfield: there is a *

dbdr: I think considering the spectacle aspect would be an interesting move for CG

dbdr: something like e-sports

eulerscheZahl: our japanese competitors did that

dbdr: how?

eulerscheZahl: streaming how they play one of their games after another, manually opening them :D

dbdr: oh ok

darkhorse64: leapfrog race in sg with wlesavo and yurkovas

eulerscheZahl: nah, i'm out

dbdr: one problem is, while you are competing and writing code in a short period, not much time to watch others

darkhorse64: You are out of reach for the moment ...



eulerscheZahl: let be guess: you'll be watching it

eulerscheZahl: but get a life insurance first

dbdr: in case my mind blows?

eulerscheZahl: yes. and you head explodes

dbdr: I'll put on a helmet

eulerscheZahl: dbdr watching Rust con

dbdr: good way to go

tutubalin: i found some Rust video on YouTube and it doesn't look mind blowing.

Default avatar.png JBM: so rust's a killer queen?

dbdr: there's post on r/rust about "watch me kill my enemies" or such about once a week :D

dbdr: someone developed an AI to detect them automatically, for fun

wlesavo: darkhorse64 leaphorse game :smiley:

AntiSquid: wtf rick roll contribution, Automaton2000 ban JBM unless he gets an avatar

Automaton2000: let me see if i could have done better

eulerscheZahl: at least the teapot contribution tells you exactly what to expect :P

eulerscheZahl: i think JBM fooled all of us

MSmits: :musical_note: never gonna give you up :musical_note:

Default avatar.png JBM: hey, the html5 contribution is perfectly clear what to expect

Default avatar.png JBM: who's leading the score, btw? still dbdr?

dbdr: what score?

Default avatar.png JBM: the "html5 contrib" score

dbdr: what is that? :D

Default avatar.png JBM: lemme get you a link

Default avatar.png JBM: mmm not sure that's a leaderboard link:

Default avatar.png JBM: you own that one

Default avatar.png JBM: totally in front of jacek

dbdr: yep :D

dbdr: anteriority I think

Default avatar.png JBM: oh i found *the* replay where he beats you

Default avatar.png JBM: try seed=46532418652, you left

Default avatar.png JBM: him right

Default avatar.png JBM: provided you're both deterministic, that is

dbdr: are there winners?

dbdr: or is this a metaRR

AntiSquid: what's the score based on ?

Default avatar.png JBM: same alg as the teapot

Default avatar.png JBM: ...for now

AntiSquid: 9 / 11 wins why am i not first? :p

Default avatar.png jcal1: hello

Default avatar.png jcal1: anyone can help?

Default avatar.png jcal1: react or angular? :/

Default avatar.png JBM: y not both

eulerscheZahl: rectangular

AntiSquid: because there's no point having both

Default avatar.png Nodius08: sucks

Default avatar.png Nodius08: to suck

AntiSquid: jcal1 depends on your approach

Default avatar.png Nodius08: jk nope

AntiSquid: and preferences

Default avatar.png Nodius08: ily all

AntiSquid: not best introduction Nodius08

Default avatar.png Nodius08: yeah sorry about that

AntiSquid: why not vue jcal1 ? :p

AntiSquid: there a 3rd option now

AntiSquid: jcal1

Default avatar.png jcal1: yeah

Default avatar.png jcal1: in my country there is only react and angular:D

AntiSquid: i am sure they use jquery too

AntiSquid: at least .

Default avatar.png jcal1: maybe some legacy code

AntiSquid: what are you building anyway?

aCat: how to update your tests in solo game?

aCat: I'm sending new export package but tests are still the same

AntiSquid: real fighter pilot vs AI coming next AI is winner of the DARPA dogfight challenge lol

AntiSquid: expecting 10 - 0 or something weird like that

jacek: my bot script for little golem sent a move :tada:

TheScore: Has someone solved the temperatures problem in c#?

jacek: in java. but the idea is the same

AntiSquid: this is a D community for most part

wlesavo: lol 2/11 submit in RR

eulerscheZahl: aCat just updating the testX.json should be enough

eulerscheZahl: at least it was in the past

aCat: it didnt work

aCat: but

aCat: i made export with tastace removed

aCat: and the upload correct

aCat: ok,, new puzzle in town coming :joy_cat:

eulerscheZahl: the one you invited me for?

aCat: yep

aCat: I'm keeping your PR as valuable code

eulerscheZahl: jump point search

aCat: but didn't use it - as I had more problems with textures later in the game

aCat: initial issues were minor ;p


eulerscheZahl: yeah, just found and opened it

TheScore: I solved the temperatures problem with 80% score.. just the validators 1 and 12 aren't correct

TheScore: and idk what to do .. some help?

eulerscheZahl: your link to part 2 is wrong aCat. obviously it should be

wlesavo: i would vote for hard

Scarfield: what if you get temperatures -1 and 1?

aCat: :-)

aCat: nice try euler

aCat: thanks wlesavo

aCat: code is theoretically simple, but requires reading, and understanding the publication

eulerscheZahl: i haven't even really started reading yet. you are too fast wlesavo

aCat: and ok, being honest, not SO simple ;p

TheScore: how can i know what validators want from me ? :((((

Default avatar.png JBM: to think the only obstacle to getting RR replay URLs is just to get it approved

Default avatar.png JBM: oh wait

Default avatar.png JBM: i just got a crazy evil idea

eulerscheZahl: refused

Default avatar.png JBM: better than that

AntiSquid: TheScore read statement carefully

AntiSquid: did you look at negative numbers?

DanielAndersonGames: There are 3 test cases I don't understand the reasoning behind for the Medium Community puzzle "Guessing digits". Would anyone possibly be able to lend a hand?

Default avatar.png BkDevDude: hi

DanielAndersonGames: Hi BkDevDude.

Default avatar.png BkDevDude: i just finished the introduction path, what should i do next?

TheScore: @AntiSquid you mean that I should limit the numbers to be bigger than -273 or something??

DanielAndersonGames: @BkDevDude I think it depends. How much programming experience do you have?

Default avatar.png BkDevDude: im doing a clash, idk what to do really

dbdr: AI trouncing human pilot

aCat: start with some easy codingame puzzles

aCat: the one with graphics

AntiSquid: ya pilot does no damage lol

Scarfield: AI not even gonna take dmg by the looks of it :o

Scarfield: just do the top gun move, it works every time

AntiSquid: TheScore watch this: then read statement, stop overthinking the problem, just attention to detail @_@

DanielAndersonGames: @BkDevDude I agree with aCat. Easy puzzles with graphics is probably the best starting point.

Default avatar.png BkDevDude: ok

TheScore: Thanks @AntiSquid, I also solved the problem <3

Astrobytes: interesting aCat, I didn't know there even was a JPS+

aCat: nice you found this interesting Astrobytes :-)

aCat: the algorithm is really cool

aCat: and speedup is amazing

darkhorse64: My only complaint would be that jump points are not defined but, after reading a few times the reference paper, I realize this cannot be summarized easily. You gotta read the f* paper !

Astrobytes: Just glanced at the paper, yes indeed the results are pretty damn good

Astrobytes: Reading sorted for tomorrow then

aCat: there was also recent (2 years ago IJCAI) even more preprocessing speedup

aCat: but then preprocessing take ages ;]

Astrobytes: lol, trade-off eh

aCat: maybe n future I will add more pathfinding stuff

aCat: (it's grade for games, where you offline prepare maps, and then ship with uperfast pathfinding)

aCat: *great

Astrobytes: *superfast :P

aCat: *uber should be ;p

darkhorse64: Keep on pouring knowledge :grimacing:

aCat: yeah, D*Lite could me nice as puzzle

aCat: I would finally understood how it damn works :D

aCat: I organized seminar a few years ago dedicated only to pathfinding algorithms

aCat: some algos were extremelly straiogtforward, some were nice

Alpoc: is it possible to have methods?

aCat: ?

Astrobytes: Methods where Alpoc?

Scarfield: Method Man

Astrobytes: & RedFieldMan

Default avatar.png Memo12334: hi is anyone online who knows BFS

Alpoc: using the built in editor. inside the main game loop.

Astrobytes: Sure, define them outside the loop Alpoc

Default avatar.png Memo12334: when u first used BFS , ya just read theory and could implement it ur self?

jacek: pathfinding? i know a certain game that would utilize pathfinding

aCat: hi jacek

Astrobytes: Memo12334

Alpoc: Im getting an error that its not defined. Its outside of while true:

aCat: hmm, some inside joke?

MSmits: jacek, that would be xmas rush right?

MSmits: or kutulu

MSmits: I have no idea what else

Default avatar.png Memo12334: wow looks good alrdy astro, thanks very much

Scarfield: he made the paper soccer multi einCat

MSmits: ohhh of course :P

aCat: I know, but didn't get the relation

Astrobytes: Take your time to understand it Memo12334, there's interactive examples and lots of code/pseudocode

jacek: oO

Scarfield: if its not my little pony, assume its a reference to paper soccer from theCek

Astrobytes: lol, too true

Scarfield: xD

Astrobytes: Have you considered changing your nick to EcksDee Scarfield? :P

Scarfield: had to look it up, kinda like the idea tbh

Scarfield: had to restrain myself from typing it again, and also just now

jacek: :F

Astrobytes: :D

**Astrobytes quietly ecks dees

Scarfield: xD

Scarfield: what can i say, i laugh easily

Astrobytes: EasilyAmusedField

**Astrobytes waits for it...

Scarfield: ... am really focused on not doing it .P

Astrobytes: hahaha

Scarfield: * is not sure how this works

Scarfield: xD

Scarfield: argh

Astrobytes: dear oh dear

**jacek not into IRC eh

Astrobytes: /me

**Scarfield its done

Astrobytes: Today: you learned.

Astrobytes: (minus that : )

jacek: :expressionless:

Scarfield: yes, and i feel very educated right now

Astrobytes: I heard there was a pony in distress jacek

Scarfield: ^

Astrobytes: Princess Ponyname from Ponyplace

jacek: i dont care about princess ponyname

jacek: princess Luna is my waifu

Astrobytes: lol, send help

Astrobytes: Anyway, I'm out. See ya's tomorrow

aCat: bye

Scarfield: cya

aCat: good night

Astrobytes: gn

jacek: this chat getting catty

Uljahn: :smirk_cat:

aCat: not so much - this cat also gets sleep

Scarfield: this little piggy went to the market

aCat: be nice here and validate my puzzle ^^'

jacek: cat sure do sleep a lot

WhiteGlove: need a hint for the bulk email generator

WhiteGlove: is regex a good aproax?

WhiteGlove: approach*

jacek: i used regex

WhiteGlove: I'm struggling now with multiple parenthesis options but I think I have it

BenjaminUrquhart: weegex

WhiteGlove: I'm going to go group by group but still not sure how to manage to save the results

WhiteGlove: sup, Benjamin, long time no see

BenjaminUrquhart: do I know you from somewhere?

WhiteGlove: long time ago we chatted on another puzzle

BenjaminUrquhart: ah

WhiteGlove: with eulerzhal too

WhiteGlove: Im stuck at the second test of bulk email

Default avatar.png matmozaur: 2313312

Default avatar.png matmozaur: run

Default avatar.png matmozaur: sadasd

BenjaminUrquhart: WhiteGlove what's your approach so far

Hjax: BenjaminUrquhart is alive!

BenjaminUrquhart: am I

Hjax: pretty sure

BenjaminUrquhart: ok yes

WhiteGlove: Shall I share it here?

BenjaminUrquhart: I took a hiatus after the spring challenge

BenjaminUrquhart: sure I guess since it's not working

Hjax: the spring challenge hurt me, but ive done a bit of othello since then

BenjaminUrquhart: nice

BenjaminUrquhart: Whi


BenjaminUrquhart: WhiteGlove hi

BenjaminUrquhart: ok

WhiteGlove: there u go, hope Java is alright, mate

WhiteGlove: with this I can pass test 1

WhiteGlove: but my brain is overcomplicating everything

BenjaminUrquhart: what's your actual code

WhiteGlove: that one

WhiteGlove: I made some stuff but waaay to ocmplicated, I'm trying to work something around

WhiteGlove: based on what I shared

WhiteGlove: I just want some hints

BenjaminUrquhart: looks fine to me

WhiteGlove: but not entirely sure how to manage the String build answer

BenjaminUrquhart: you have the choices, now you just need to follow the instructions in the description for how to choose them

BenjaminUrquhart: I replaced the entire match with the choice

BenjaminUrquhart: template = template.replaceFirst(Pattern.quote("("+group+")"), choice);

WhiteGlove: :O

WhiteGlove: hold up

WhiteGlove: what do u mean by "group"

WhiteGlove: the whole parenthesis?

BenjaminUrquhart: the whole thing in parenthesis

BenjaminUrquhart: the return value of

WhiteGlove: That is what I have in mind... now to the test

WhiteGlove: When in your mind works wonders but your hands can not replicate...

WhiteGlove: btw, why replace first and not plain replace?

BenjaminUrquhart: in case there happens to be more than 1 place those choices are used in the string

WhiteGlove: ok, now it only works for the first optoin :D

WhiteGlove: step by step brother

WhiteGlove: but still doesnt pass test

PatrickMcGinnisII: hmmm... i never played with java matcher... this regex worked for me in php... '/\((.*?)\)/s'

WhiteGlove: it's not the regex tho

WhiteGlove: "\\(([^)]+)\\)"

WhiteGlove: I'm currently using this in Java

WhiteGlove: it works for me

WhiteGlove: My problem is more logic than lack of tools

PatrickMcGinnisII: ahh... so you have to split the choices and then string replace

BenjaminUrquhart: yes

PatrickMcGinnisII: it easy in php

BenjaminUrquhart: apparently I used this for some reason: "\\(((?:.|\\s)*?)\\)"

PatrickMcGinnisII: I never did so much string manipulation in java

BenjaminUrquhart: I swear half of the string manipulation functions in java take regexes as arguments

WhiteGlove: yep

PatrickMcGinnisII: regexs are slow and weird, i use them on cg from time to time, but I used it more when doing PERL

BenjaminUrquhart: perl is a regex

Alpoc: PERL, im so sorry you have to use that XD

PatrickMcGinnisII: I was doing perl when I was 25...hmmm 24 years ago

Alpoc: That makes sense

WhiteGlove: Benjamin, can I ask you help with the groups?

WhiteGlove: when my code finishes, correctly, with the first parenthesis.. it fails on the second

PatrickMcGinnisII: the new puzzle Dungepns and Maps is fun

WhiteGlove: problem solved

WhiteGlove: bug*

S_viper: hi

S_viper: :clown:]

S_viper: this game is fun :innocent:

WhiteGlove: G'night fellas

S_viper: ?

S_viper: i dont know what you said


Pyhesty: apogey bk-01 coding

Pyhesty: i8080 processor

Zm4j: how do i send private message to someone on this site, and not do /.msg

BenjaminUrquhart: go to their profile iirc

Zm4j: there is just follow button

BenjaminUrquhart: follow, then message

Zm4j: there is no text button after i follow the guy :/

Counterbalance: should be a 'private message' button here, zm4j:

Laminator: Not sharing my code to that reverse. That was garbage lol

TheSpiffiest: whaaa. Ha. I just saw you can use numpy in python

TheSpiffiest: That simplifies things

Default avatar.png tssw: :thumbsup:

TheSpiffiest: Nice work, thanks for sharing code. :)

TheSpiffiest: I was actually thinking how easy that would be in R

volkarion: I've been struggling hard core with A*...... I am missing something and all the research I'm doing keeps making it worse... is there any thing you have used that has helped?