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Default avatar.png zile151:

markyy: when do I lose points

Allis: Any time you lose, I think?

jrke: when you lose any clash you will lose points and if you win then you gain points

markyy: does losing mean not being in the first place?

Allis: I think it'd be better if it were the TrueSkill of whom you beat minus the TS of whom you lost to, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

Default avatar.png zile151: "Unbalanced games, for example, result in either negligible updates when the favorite wins, or huge updates when the favorite loses surprisingly."

Default avatar.png zile151: So it does depend on who you beat, but a loss always decreases your rating

markyy: do I always lose points if not in the first place?

jrke: no

jrke: maybe if you are below total players in clash/2

Rogogomogofl: Guys, how to enable the QUEST MAP display on the home tab?

Default avatar.png zile151: "we’ve released a first version of the quest map (new home page) for all users until now. (all new users will have it or not according to a A/B test)."

Default avatar.png zile151:

Default avatar.png zile151: so maybe you got unlucky with the randomization

Default avatar.png Vin_Wang_: this platform is fun

ripcode: whats up fellas

tutubalin: Without A/B test I can say that quest map is a great feature and really helps new users to explore vast possibilities of CG

tutubalin: I'm not so new user, but quest map teased me to Optimization section which I have been ignoring for a long time

jacek: and apparently quest map made clash haters do some clashes

wlesavo: that was the most amusing part of quest map

Gorbit99: I would love to see some stats about coc plays after the quest map was released

[CG]Thibaud: we've just removed the A/B testing on home page FYI

DomiKo: top3 :grin:

tutubalin: :thumbsup:

jrke: nice work in samegame DomiKo

jrke: :thumbs_up:

FinnWerner: :v:

DomiKo: got 3639 in case12 :D

jacek: good for you

MSmits: nice one

inoryy: what's the website with CG logs again? I really should bookmark it..


inoryy: thanks

Tiramon: what kind of almost blank wiki is that ... and what are the usefull informations on that page?

Tiramon: most usefull part i see it the list of tools

Agade: Someone started a wiki? Nice

inoryy: well from my question it's kind of easy infer website's main use :P

Default avatar.png ruasd: hi guys !!

Gorbit99: hey

Default avatar.png ruasd: i want to set up a website

Gorbit99: Tiramon as far as I understand, it's a searchable chat log

Default avatar.png ruasd: do anyone want to help ?

Tiramon: don't see any logs on that page ...

Tiramon: oh yes found the link on that page

Tiramon: and Gorbit99 i wasn't wondering on the stuff linked on that wiki ... just about that wiki

Tiramon: wow that really has some content of logs

Default avatar.png IgnacioGb: hi, is there any way to do block comment in python?

jacek: put in """ """

jacek: 3x "

Default avatar.png IgnacioGb: haha thanks

Default avatar.png IgnacioGb: oh i just discovered it

Default avatar.png IgnacioGb: ctl + #

Default avatar.png IgnacioGb: or ctl + ç idk i have german keyboard

Default avatar.png euneun: hi

Gorbit99: hey

Tiramon: ok guess that should be enough for wood 1 in coders of the realm 1v1

Gorbit99: this dots and boxes game is fun

jacek: using any search yet?

Gorbit99: just a simple "if this box has 2 edges, avoid it like the plague, if it has 1, fill the remaining, otherwise, just choose at random"

Gorbit99: but this seems effective

jacek: so do i

Gorbit99: only got 2 second places sofar

Gorbit99: both from you

Gorbit99: ok, now I got one from the boss

Gorbit99: got a promotion too

jacek: \o/

Gorbit99: at 2x2, it's not really a real challenge, more like random luck

Gorbit99: jesus, wood 1 is a big stepup

jacek: and of course tric is 1st

Gorbit99: ofc

Gorbit99: let's see where this bot puts me in wood 1

Gorbit99: seems to be in the middle

Gorbit99: as I see it, what you really want is one of two scenarios, if it will be your turn when all the boxes have 2 edges, then you want a closed off area of 1 tile, or at least an area with less possible boxes than another one, so you can put in a line there and the enemy then needs to put one inside the larger area, making you win

Gorbit99: but if it's your enemy's turn, you want the exact opposite, possibly just one gigantic section

Default avatar.png JJJJJJtendingtoinfinite: neymar

Tiramon: oh it's really called dots and boxes ... just wanted to ask what game you are talking about ;) didn't knwo the english name for that game

jrke: where can i find D&B refree?

Gorbit99: I assume inside the zip

Gorbit99: where it was submitted

dbdr: would be nicer to have a public repo

jrke: ^Yeah

jacek: and reveal the boss?

jrke: Then it will easier ;)

jrke: will be easier*

Gorbit99: The boss is in there afaik

Tiramon: and yes wood 2 isn't that hard even with doing stupid moves because i don't watch neighbour boxes

jrke: i don't know why when i remove one bug i gives me bad result :(

jrke: hey tiramon welcome in wood 1

Tiramon: yeah ... now i'm punished for ignoring the state of neighbour boxes ...

Gorbit99: oh right

Gorbit99: that's my issue

Gorbit99: thanks tiramon

jrke: im also punished

Tiramon: still a good score for ignoring that ;)

Tiramon: hm that looks like a fun game to train a NN for ... but i guess the weights will be to much for CGs limit

jacek: NNs eh

AntiSquid: how's your machine learning journey going Tiramon ?

jrke: can you tell me what Nueral networking do?

Tiramon: finished my udacity course .. but got distracted by other stuff

Tiramon: jrke .. atleast you got a positive score

AntiSquid: jrke imagine a polynomial math function ...

AntiSquid: you try to find a function that predicts what you want to know

jrke: Tiramon when i entered wood 1 my first submission ended at -4.5

Tiramon: and you form that function like you train your brain by positive and negative feedback to the algo

jrke: so it trains our algo that what is working good or bad

Tiramon: you try to create a polynomal function to approximate if a game state is a good or a bad state so you can really fast choose which action to take next

jrke: ok

Tiramon: and you got an algo to do so ... thats the NN

Tiramon: training takes forever using a trained NN is fast as hell

mesavitae: Anyone else finished the Flood Fill Example puzzle, and believe the rules are contrary to what is happening?

Uljahn: how so?

mesavitae: well i misread one part thought it said it couldn't have the same IDs, but the last puzzle did.

mesavitae: 1. Each tower has an I.D., which is not '#', '.' or '+'. So first rule implies + is not a tower, but then later you're expected to treat it as a tower and to flood the map with it

Tiramon: ok simple 'don't do shit in neigbours' should be done

Tiramon: definitely better

MSmits: ... lawn?

MSmits: ... car?

MSmits: what are you not :poop: ing in Tiramon?

wlesavo: MSmits new multi, or an old one i never saw, dots and boxes

MSmits: is that Sokoban?

MSmits: oh

MSmits: that one

MSmits: kamertje verhuren

MSmits: I know the game

wlesavo: la pipopipette

MSmits: that's gross wlesavo

Astrobytes: In this instance I have to say the French sounds better than the Dutch :P

MSmits: the Dutch name translates to renting rooms

MSmits: I would enjoy this game, but work to do unfortunately :(

MSmits: Have to prepare classes and such

Astrobytes: Plenty time! Oh you're back full-time now

MSmits: hardly full time, but yeah in the sense that all classes are physical

Astrobytes: You have my condolences, I don't agree with the situation at all

MSmits: thanks, we'll see what happens

Astrobytes: Indeed.

MSmits: I'll refer to story of 2 guys running away from a bear

MSmits: if you know it

Astrobytes: The old kids fable?

MSmits: One guy says: "We'll never outrun this bear". Other guy says: I don't have to, I just have to outrun you"

Astrobytes: Oh, different one

Astrobytes: Quite

MSmits: so I don't have to avoid getting infected

MSmits: I have to avoid getting infected before others and the school closes again

wlesavo: lol

Astrobytes: Yes, that's the only way to play it.

Default avatar.png COdeC: same here in secondary school lol

MSmits: of course there is the hope that it goes well, but I just don't see it

wlesavo: we will never out run the bats

Astrobytes: I can't see it either.

MSmits: I don't blame my school btw, they do what they can

MSmits: i blame a combination of dumb fellow Dutch people and the governments handling of this part of the pandemic

MSmits: they did ok before, but I think they made a mistake now

Astrobytes: No it's government to blame

Astrobytes: Yes, and the general public too.

Washier: Today is the first day you can legally buy(sell) cigarettes(tobaco products) in South Africa since March 23. A lot of people were angry, even non smokers complained because loss of income. Think most governments are going to make mistakes in this whole thing. Europe not that bad a place to be me thinks

Tiramon: covid is the cause they blocked selling cigarettes ?

Washier: yes.

dbdr: if people stopped smoking for 5 months, aren't they most delivered of the addiction by now?

Washier: Our govt decided it increases your risk

Washier: no, the illegal market flourished. prices were high tho

Tiramon: trumps bleach idead was worse ... but not by much ...

DomiKo: There is bug in description in Dots and Boxes. "string playerId; // The ID of the player. 0=first player, 1=second player."

DomiKo: but Id is A or B :(

dbdr: I think it's true that smoking does inscrease the risk of transmission

dbdr: the decision is still a question of course

dbdr: some countries ban public smoking

Washier: probably does. but our neighbours Botswana was the only other country in the world that also banned it. rest of the smoking world disagreed


dbdr: spanish region banned it too

dbdr: probably others, was the first hit

Washier: that's smoking in public places. also not allowed here for years. we banned cigarettes. you were not allowed to buy them. black market exploded.

dbdr: including the street

dbdr: but yes, different from banning in your own homes

MSmits: if you've already wanted to quit for years but didnt manage to, a ban like that can do the trick for you

Washier: street no, but of course that's hard to enforce here. restaurants, malls, any building, not allowed to smoke here. i smoked in an Egyptian airport once, security said it was ok.

MSmits: people who really want to quit, are not going to go through the trouble of black markets

Washier: MSmits, you are right. But if you've ever been addicted to the sutff you would not say that

MSmits: many people I know have been addicted and stopped

Astrobytes: Yeah, it's a tough one to kick.

MSmits: all it takes is a strong enough motivation

Astrobytes: Only vaping helped me.

MSmits: a ban to make it illegal might increase motivation enough to quit

MSmits: for some

Astrobytes: No. Bans create black markets. Prohibition is rarely suitable.

MSmits: of course they do, and they create crime too

dbdr: I think ban in public places is a good compromise

Washier: ok, sorry, with black market i should add, i bought mine in the parking lot at the shops. most people did. took the market about 1 month to develop, in which time I nearly quit. but alas.

MSmits: but that doesnt mean there arent less people addicted

dbdr: dutch guy advocating banning of a drug, he orinoy ;)

MSmits: smoking is already on the decline

Washier: its a stupid ban. should add alcahol was also banned. but most people agree with that.

Astrobytes: There's been a cigarette black market like that in the UK for years. They put the prices up of real cigs and everyone buys the ones from under the counter instead

dbdr: *the irony

MSmits: I'm not advocating for it dbdr, i think banning is a bad idea

MSmits: I am just discussing the consequences

Washier: of course everyone skips the sin tax.

MSmits: and I think one of them is reduced number of smokers

Washier: so govt loses billions

dbdr: right, just teasing

MSmits: kk :)

Washier: original thread was govts handling it baad. i wanted to assure people my govt is way up there :)

Astrobytes: :grin:

MSmits: my government is actually handling it quite well mostly

MSmits: listening to science

Washier: very

Washier: yes.

Astrobytes: Oh Washier, will send you some metal with great drums later btw ;)

Washier: our govt cited non peered reviewed studies to support smoke ban

Washier: will do 'stro

MSmits: remember when smoking companies would do the opposite?

Astrobytes: Indeed

MSmits: citing non peer reviewed studies to support that smoking is healthy, studies done by scientists on their payroll

MSmits: payback is a ...

dbdr: pretty sure paid scientists also reviewed...

Astrobytes: Still happens with big pharma drug trials

MSmits: lol, well thats worse dbdr

dbdr: then that business inspired and moved to keeping some doubt over climate change

Astrobytes: ^

Washier: <brain explodes>

MSmits: seems to me that branch is now redundant

MSmits: politicians dont need proof of anything anymore

Washier: very true

Astrobytes: I think they moved on to 'causes of climate change'

dbdr: this is a good read if you have the time: also beautiful presentation

Astrobytes: saved for later

MSmits: same

dbdr: :+1:

Astrobytes: Currently prepping for an MHRA inspection

Washier: good luck

Astrobytes: Should be fine. Only GDP and the client is in good shape. Just gotta make sure all the i's and t's are dotted and crossed so to speak.

Gorbit99: damn, this bf pow is very limiting, no wrapping and modulo 256?

Default avatar.png JBM: not even modulo

Default avatar.png JBM: then again you're only asked to implement, not to code with it

Gorbit99: thankfully

Default avatar.png JBM: so it's not as much of hindrance as it appears at first sight

Gorbit99: well, right here it's just a check

Gorbit99: welp, got it

KyawMyotun: how to find racetrack

KyawMyotun: wrong chat

Default avatar.png Memo12334: does anyone know the challenge shadows of the knight

Default avatar.png Memo12334: nvm

jacek: when this will be on CG

sparky: :fearful:

Gorbit99: when you code it

sparky: you just have to take the king in the past, or in a parallel universe, or something..

Gorbit99: I mean, codewise, I doubt it's that different, because it's literally just 2 more dimensions

reCurse: Would be more interesting to add a 960 + bughouse variation instead IMO. Beats opening book and reusing existing engines/evals (probably)

reCurse: Oops I meant crazyhouse

sparky: yeah, also suicide chess

reCurse: I find it boring :p

jacek: so... shogi?

reCurse: Slightly inspired yes but still more related to chess.

reCurse: Still familiar but with very different execution

reCurse: And gives a whole new meaning to trades

reCurse: More complexification than simplification :)

jacek: how long typical game lasts though

reCurse: Likely under 200 turns per player

reCurse: Or whatever the limitation is, I forgot

reCurse: Looking at games of top players on games, duration seems similar to regular games, maybe even shorter

Astrobytes: struct was gonna do 960 at one point but promptly disappeared instead

reCurse: I think 960 doesn't solve reusing the existing theory/evaluation

reCurse: Crazyhouse however I think remains underexplored in comparison

reCurse: So combining both? Yes please

Astrobytes: Sounds interesting for sure

eulerscheZahl: where is my struct? :sob:

Illedan: Deleted again?

jacek: not in java, thats for sure

eulerscheZahl: no, just ghosting

AntiSquid: just tried bughouse, i hate it .

AntiSquid: pawn dropped out of nowhere onto the board

AntiSquid: check the king and once i move king i lose knight ... wow

jacek: you should anticipate deeper

AntiSquid: kind of lame, you can just drop anywhere a piece, any time

Andriamanitra: well no

Andriamanitra: there's strategy behind it, you don't want to give your opponent pieces to drop

AntiSquid: lost 1, won 1, still lame :/

AntiSquid: maybe it's ok for bot games

jacek: so you wouldnt like shogi would you

AntiSquid: the 2v2 makes it kind of random imo

Laminator: dollars, quarters, dimes, nickels, pennies. Screw that reverse

Gorbit99: AntiSquid it quickly changes, if it makes it better?

Gorbit99: -?

Gorbit99: oh, that was an hour ago

Zm4j: hello, I am not experienced with this site, can someone tell what does this message mean. Warning: your code did not read all available input before printing an instruction, your outputs will not be synchronized with the game's turns and unexpected behaviour may occur.

Gorbit99: every game turn you get input

Gorbit99: this means you haven't read it all

Zm4j: in the game i am solving now, in game loop there is just one input and that is in the first 2 lines, why does it not read it all?

Gorbit99: which game?

Zm4j: skynet revolution e1

Gorbit99: have you read everything before that too?

Zm4j: i did, I saved it all in an array and then worked with it

Zm4j: test 1 works fine

Zm4j: second one passes but i get this message

Gorbit99: make sure you don't accidentally print more than 1 thing at once

Gorbit99: and that you haven't deleted the STDIN syncing line, if there was one

Zm4j: thanks, ill try to fix it

Zm4j: i solved it, thanks mate

Default avatar.png AlexZotz: i dont understand how to debug in this editor

Counterbalance: All that's available there is printing to STDERR.. for real debugging you have to use an offline IDE

Default avatar.png AlexZotz: i mean the codinggame editor tells me to write a debug message in the console like this " // To debug: Console.Error.WriteLine("Debug messages...");"

Default avatar.png AlexZotz: but if i do exactly this: Console.Error.WriteLine($"Enemy HP is: {Enemy.HP}")

Default avatar.png AlexZotz: i get nothing

Counterbalance: In the 'Console output' on the left-bottom of your screen, there's a pulldown

Counterbalance: it says 'Game information, ..' or something. Make sure "Debug (errors stream)" is also enabled.

Default avatar.png AlexZotz: it works not in loops

Scarfield: maybe you have a bug before the error print

Counterbalance: try to put Console.Error.WriteLine("Hello!"); right before you print the command for the turn - does that show up?

Default avatar.png AlexZotz: There is not error

Default avatar.png AlexZotz:

Default avatar.png AlexZotz: just a simple foreach

Hankdane: If you are running a puzzle or game with multiple turns, make sure to select the turn where you print the message.

Counterbalance: you're doing Console.WriteLine("test") instead of Console.Error.WriteLine("test"). The referee uses "test" as a command, which is probably wrong and terminates your program.

Hankdane: C#? Console.WriteLine writes to stdout, not stderr.

Hankdane: Ah, Counterbalance beat me to it. :)

Default avatar.png AlexZotz: its also dont work with Console.Error.WriteLine("test").

Default avatar.png AlexZotz: nvm i make a break here, i think this i not my art to learn programming

Default avatar.png AlexZotz: thx for your effort, have a ncie evening

Counterbalance: It takes a while.. try again later after your break!

Gorbit99: I fixed my freaking altgr problem with monaco vim

Gorbit99: now I just have to get the cg devs to use my version of monaco-vim instead of the original

Default avatar.png zio47: i print

Default avatar.png fabulus: ?

Default avatar.png fabulus: show your code

Schwase: i finally did the stupid bfs puzzle jeez im so lazy

Schwase: 100% on easy puzzles tho

Rugged: just doing this while in class

Rugged: lo

Rugged: l

awoogaawooga: bruh

awoogaawooga: this mf used 2 for loops

awoogaawooga: and beat me

awoogaawooga: doing this before i jack off

awoogaawooga: .

awoogaawooga: .

awoogaawooga: .

IfIHadATail: O.o


ayomusky: wtf

ayomusky: . . .

ayomusky: .

ayomusky: .

Default avatar.png DarkLlama_cdac: Hm?

Default avatar.png DarkLlama_cdac: I'm having some issues trying to solve the Fastest puzzle in C++. Could anyone give me any tips?

Zm4j: ill look at it now

Zm4j: try transforming every time into seconds, then find min value and then turn it back and print it into original form

Default avatar.png DarkLlama_cdac: Thank you!

DaNinja: or just sort the strings

zedd3v: yo

zedd3v: why tf do i pass all the tests

zedd3v: and then i submit my code and get 75%

PatrickMcGinnisII: zedd3v your logic is flawed somehow, some condition isn't met

PatrickMcGinnisII: DarkLlama_cdac so, tired of tiktok ?

zedd3v: i got that ostrich clash

zedd3v: idk if you ever had it

zedd3v: but im sure my logic isnt flawed

zedd3v: and i didnt hardcode anything

PatrickMcGinnisII: ostrich weight?

zedd3v: yea

zedd3v: r=readline g=r() print(g=="F"?~~(r()*1.2):g=="M"?r()/1.2:"UNKNOWN")

PatrickMcGinnisII: did you truncate or round?

zedd3v: yea

zedd3v: and it passed all of the tests

PatrickMcGinnisII: It's probably in the trucation...hmm typecast to (int) prolly easiest

zedd3v: idk

zedd3v: scuffed website

PatrickMcGinnisII: (int)r*1.2

PatrickMcGinnisII: test it

zedd3v: yea i had to round the second equation aswell

zedd3v: but that test didnt show up

zedd3v: idk

zedd3v: weird

PatrickMcGinnisII: validators and test cases are different... sometimes designed to find common flaws

PatrickMcGinnisII: some are evil, but not so much in clashes

zedd3v: yea but dumb to approve solution lmfao

zedd3v: and then give you 75% when you submit

PatrickMcGinnisII: play SameGame, 45 lines of code and you can be in top 30

PatrickMcGinnisII: 'nite ya'll

PatrickMcGinnisII: don't forget to blink, pc screens are mfers

Default avatar.png TheRedMakerMan: hey, is anyone out there to help me with Scrabble

Default avatar.png TheRedMakerMan: nevermind, im going to bed, maybe i can get something solved tomorrow

jacek: good morning

VoHung: good morning