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eulerscheZahl: Happy Caturday

Default avatar.png JBM: how is ur nyan

eulerscheZahl: i understand 50% of the words

Default avatar.png JBM: need more coffee

Sat0u: what is nyan?

jacek: nyan nyan

Default avatar.png Sina_Abbasi: nyan cat

WINWINWIN: Is it caturday now?

eulerscheZahl: yes

WINWINWIN: What exactly is caturday?

eulerscheZahl: the day between Friday and Punday


dbf: :smiley:

Default avatar.png AndroidTS: hi

Default avatar.png Dodo12131: hey there

emigr2k1: jang jang

Default avatar.png gmanohar21: please be my friend

Default avatar.png gmanohar21: hello anyone

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: hi

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: does anyone know how to get base location in platinum rift 2?

eulerscheZahl: at the beginning of the game there's only 1 zone with you as a owner. same for the opponent base

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: thanks


Default avatar.png TheZombieLoremIpsum_cd2: hi

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: eulerscheZahl what's that codingame pastebin thingy?

eulerscheZahl: write more than 5 lines and it gets a pastebin

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: wow

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: i didn't know about it, thx

Nerchio: imagine if you could hide clash of code invitations inside a pastebin

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: hmm...

Astrobytes: Morning

Default avatar.png AggYz: morninh

WINWINWIN: Everyone still focussed on PR2?

Nerchio: euler LUL


eulerscheZahl: 1. I should not win this game 2. I should win it earlier

Nerchio: 1. yes 2.yes

Nerchio: but you going by my HQ was funny

eulerscheZahl: i prioritize exploration

Nerchio: commit depends a lot on if you get terrible imbalanced maps at the start

Nerchio: where you have guaranteed draws :p

eulerscheZahl: we need leagues

wlesavo: it would be nice to have legend open with re curse as a gold boss :slight_smile:

Astrobytes: wlesavo, I see we disagree on the definition of 'nice' :D

wlesavo: :smiley:

Illedan: I like the idea

struct: Wont it be too strong?

struct: I never played pr2 so i have no idea

eulerscheZahl: he's first for a reason

jrke: which pathfinder can i use in PR2

eulerscheZahl: a blue one

Illedan: FloydWarshall

eulerscheZahl: on that mapsize? you got to be kidding

Illedan: Works :)

Illedan: Uses at most 650 ms

Illedan: :D

eulerscheZahl: ok, not what i expected :D

eulerscheZahl: won't work with python

Astrobytes: What's the largest known map?

Astrobytes: *seed

eulerscheZahl: the spiral i think



Illedan: Thought it was this?


Illedan: :D

Illedan: LOL

Illedan: If I set platinum on a level too high, it goes into internal error

Illedan: xD

eulerscheZahl: well done :D

Astrobytes: lol

Illedan: :D

Illedan: I can even give each player 999 units to start with

Illedan: Makes me timeout :(

Astrobytes: 218.413 ms on spiral, 304.433 ms on second. Not-very-well optimised BFS. Figured it'd be better than F-W

eulerscheZahl: sure it is

Default avatar.png JeremieBelpois: k

Nerchio: leaderboard stuck again? :P

Astrobytes: Aye

Astrobytes: For a while now

Nerchio: ;(

Default avatar.png BigSumo: How can I remove shortest challenges from my options?

PatrickMcGinnisII: hey I'm on the leaderboard with my old BS code

Default avatar.png sayantan_2005516: i need help

Default avatar.png sayantan_2005516: anyone up?

Default avatar.png gmanohar21: i need friends

Default avatar.png sayantan_2005516: i am unable to understand problem statement

Default avatar.png sayantan_2005516: can anyone help me with any tutorial or links?

Nerchio: im not sure if its fault that PR2 is an old game but java times out sometimes at the start of the match and it doesnt happen in IDE

Alshock: sayantan_2005516we can't know what you don't understand from that statement, what are you trying to solve in the first place? What's confusing?

Default avatar.png sayantan_2005516: i am confused in the statements. in hackerrank , i am getting all the problem statemets..but in this site, i am confused

Default avatar.png sayantan_2005516: do you have any tutorial links?

eulerscheZahl: on CodinGame you get a list of problems here:

AntiSquid: sayantan_2005516 which problem, what part of the statement is confusing, etc etc, can only reiterate same questions as before as you weren't clear where you are stuck

Default avatar.png sayantan_2005516:

Default avatar.png sayantan_2005516: this problem

AntiSquid: and that is somehow more difficult than hackerrank?

AntiSquid: min( abs(a), abs(b) )

Default avatar.png sayantan_2005516: not difficult.. its not understandable

AntiSquid: min( abs(a), abs(b) )

Default avatar.png sayantan_2005516:

Default avatar.png sayantan_2005516: this one

AntiSquid: bubble sort

Default avatar.png sayantan_2005516: n^2 time complexity

eulerscheZahl: "not understandable" how did 160k users solve it then?

wlesavo: one of my teachers used to say you dont have to understand the subject to be able to teach it

Astrobytes: If he's used to hackerrank, unless it's an exceptionally dry problem statement with zero 'story' it might confuse him I guess

Default avatar.png VincentPinet: bad teacher no donuts

AntiSquid: found the solution sayantan_2005516


AntiSquid: i don't see how hackerrank was easier to understand Astrobytes :/

Astrobytes: What I meant AntiSquid is he expects the problems in a particular format, most likely. Input, expected output, constraints.

Astrobytes: No 'fluff'. It confuses certain kinds of people

Xcalibre: hi AntiSquid what is the significance of the red dot in ur profile picture?

AntiSquid: that's where the milky way is

WINWINWIN: I dont see a red dot :/

Xcalibre: oh i see

Default avatar.png VincentPinet: stories are confusing


Illedan: It's working :tada:

Astrobytes: What? Your improvements?

wlesavo: or SR NN

Illedan: I wish wlesavo :(

Illedan: Will work on that later today

Illedan: My rewrite into local structure instead of the hacky code I had in the IDE. Doing PR2

Illedan: And I added some improvement

Illedan: some tracking and better Linq

Astrobytes: Nice. Jumped a few ranks I see

Illedan: 15 until glory

Astrobytes: :D

Illedan: (for me to be in range of dropping euler)

Astrobytes: hahaha

Illedan: :smiling_imp:

Astrobytes: Nice goal :P

Illedan: Marchete was too far away

Astrobytes: lol

Illedan: I would rather want to focus on my NN

eulerscheZahl: uncool

inoryy: you're doing NN for PR2, Illedan?

eulerscheZahl: for search race

Illedan: ^

Astrobytes: He's doing an EDA for PR2

Illedan: eda?

Astrobytes: Euler Dropping Algorithm

Illedan: :P

eulerscheZahl: meanwhile i dropped the game itself

Astrobytes: You made a GDD

eulerscheZahl: game dropping drop?

Astrobytes: *decision

dyc3: Hey fellas, could I get another set of eyes on this bug I'm having?

Astrobytes: Just post your question and/or code, someone will help out if they can dyc3

dyc3: Sometimes, my code doesn't read all the lines in code a-la mode. This is my code:

Astrobytes: this might be another flush issue

Astrobytes: Try adding flush=True to your print statements

Astrobytes: (I didn't check your code but it's a common issue)

Astrobytes: *properly

eulerscheZahl: can phase be something else than 0 and 1?

dyc3: but this happens when reading the input. When this bug occurs, it reads everything but the last line of input

eulerscheZahl: flush the error stream

eulerscheZahl: trust Astrobytes

dyc3: ill try it

eulerscheZahl: def log(x):

   print(x, file=sys.stderr, flush=True)

dyc3: ...that fixed it

Astrobytes: :)

dyc3: thanks

Astrobytes: np

dyc3: thats so frustrating though, I spent a good 4-5 hours debugging this

wlesavo: i wonder how many time was consumed by this flush issue across all the users

Astrobytes: Don't be put off asking for help sooner, sensible questions get answered ;)

wlesavo: around 1-2 hours for me as well

Astrobytes: CG were supposed to be doing something about the buffering/flushing no?

dyc3: I asked yesterday but nobody responded. It was kinda late tho

Astrobytes: Yeah, best to pick a time when a lot of Europeans are on lol

Astrobytes: Also, sometimes stuff just gets lost in chat

wlesavo: are you on lol

Astrobytes: I'm in standby mode, not on, not off :P

wlesavo: i mean on lol sounds like on drugs

Astrobytes: Ah, nah you'd say "on it" :)

wlesavo: true

wlesavo: so are you?

Astrobytes: Only prescription ones :D

Astrobytes: I'm not sure 'recreational' pharmaceuticals and coding go hand-in-hand lol

eulerscheZahl: robo suggested to modify the python template or the way how python is executed. Thibaud added it to the bugtracker

eulerscheZahl: that's the last thing I heard

Astrobytes: Hm. Another "wait and see if it happens"

eulerscheZahl: we have .net core with release mode now

eulerscheZahl: didn't think it would happen, yet it's there

Astrobytes: True.

Default avatar.png hem123: question i generally tend to use dataframes to store data retreived by for loops

Default avatar.png hem123: is there any other trick that might be far more efficient

MostComplicatedUsername: I have no idea what that means

MostComplicatedUsername: Actually, i probably do, I just don't know it by those words

eulerscheZahl: same

Astrobytes: google sez pandas

MostComplicatedUsername: sez pandas?

MostComplicatedUsername: hmmmm suspicious

Astrobytes: (says)

MostComplicatedUsername: I got something about a python library

Astrobytes: I googled it. Google said pandas.

MostComplicatedUsername: oh

eulerscheZahl: i get a dance tshirt

MostComplicatedUsername: lol

Astrobytes: For dataframes?


Astrobytes: sez = "non-standard spelling of ‘says’, used in representing uneducated speech."

jrke: oh man made -350 in -17 in PR2 after 4 hours of coding

Astrobytes: But you were 400-and-something before the contest jrke

jrke: now 449

jrke: now its +

jrke: last update was of 501

jrke: dunno how i went back

jrke: i forgot everything about PR2 and rewrited everything with a working sim

Astrobytes: thibpat's leaderboard updates every 30 minutes

Astrobytes: CG leaderboard is current

jrke: ya

jrke: my current rank 450 and thibpat leaderboard 501

jrke: going to do some homework of my school bye

Astrobytes: bye jrke

jrke: bye Astrobytes

AntiSquid: thibpat's leaderboard is faster than CG's ?

Astrobytes: lol

MostComplicatedUsername: Well probably didnt update yet


Astrobytes: He got a new toilet?!

Astrobytes: Or...?

AntiSquid: i guess it's just a pic of his cat staring at him when he wants to shit ?

AntiSquid: check carpet, there's a cat

Astrobytes: Ah lol, didn't expand the image. Cute cat!

jrke: can i create my alt id also

jrke: on CG

AntiSquid: why are there protests all around the world, what are people demanding ? :/

AntiSquid: it happened in US, it's an americuhn issue

jrke: vaccine for corona maybe ;)

Astrobytes: well jrke, there's a jrke1 already from India

jrke: thats not me

jrke: i also saw him also messaged him but no reply

Astrobytes: Well, it's technically not allowed, but a lot of people do have alts. Don't use them in competitions though.

jrke: K

eulerscheZahl: i deleted my alts

Astrobytes: I've only got one, not used it for a while

Astrobytes: Only used it for testing before switching algos on CSB and Oware

eulerscheZahl: for me it was kutulu in the contest preparation

eulerscheZahl: then csj joined the testing team, is reaction was something like "so many toads"

Astrobytes: lol

Astrobytes: where is csj anyway, didn't see him around for a bit

jrke: eulerscheZalh are you taking part in this contest?

eulerscheZahl: not a contest

jrke: oh yeah

eulerscheZahl: and no

jrke: K

Astrobytes: I see how PR2 is an improvement on PR1, PR1 doesn't look particularly enjoyable.

AntiSquid: wasn't csj streaming clash of code with viewers recently? think it was mention on discord Astrobytes

eulerscheZahl: PR1 depends too much on the first turn

eulerscheZahl: especially with more than 2 players it's a mess

eulerscheZahl: and in fullscreen you don't even know which bot is which player

eulerscheZahl: no names in the replay

Astrobytes: Didn't notice AntiSquid

eulerscheZahl: me neither, haven't saw him in a while

Astrobytes: And yeah, even just a cursory look at the game made me a bit apprehensive about doing it

eulerscheZahl: but i muted the streaming channel on discord

Astrobytes: lol

eulerscheZahl: my filtering

jrke: bye gn everyone

Astrobytes: gn jrke, cya tomorrow

jrke: ya

jrke: bye astrobytes

Astrobytes: lol eulerscheZahl, no memes eh

AntiSquid: gn jrke

eulerscheZahl: luckily that meme channel is persistent now. not this random friday anymore that i had to mute each week

eulerscheZahl: and pings still work, even when the channel is muted

AntiSquid: i didn't get the logic behind that, why delete it after friday ...

Astrobytes: Yeah, that was pretty odd

Astrobytes: Perhaps it was light relief for all those devs who push to procution on Fridays

Astrobytes: *production even

Default avatar.png b0bR0zz: Hi

AntiSquid: Non

Default avatar.png b0bR0zz: what a cool site

Default avatar.png b0bR0zz: love it

AntiSquid: then welcome to CG, enjoy your stay and get an avatar! :D

Astrobytes: Randomly talking French AntiSquid?

AntiSquid: i occasionally say no to new people saying hi

AntiSquid: really old habbit

AntiSquid: habit *

Astrobytes: In a variety of languages or just French?

Astrobytes: I might have said 'nee' in this case

Default avatar.png b0bR0zz: got an avatar

AntiSquid: reminds me of rockymullet's avatar :p

Astrobytes: Yeah his is a Bob Ross photoshop job lol

MostComplicatedUsername: i give up

MostComplicatedUsername: pr 2 is impossible

Astrobytes: Why? What are you struggling with?

MostComplicatedUsername: I know what I want to do in concept, but I have no idea how to actually create it

Astrobytes: What concept do you want to implement?

MostComplicatedUsername: First I want to store all the visible cells in a list

MostComplicatedUsername: Then I find the ones with the most platinum

MostComplicatedUsername: Then I check if there are pods adjacent, if not, then I move pods closer

MostComplicatedUsername: And I do the same for the enemy base

WINWINWIN: python is probably the best language to implement that for

MostComplicatedUsername: Im using python

WINWINWIN: sorted(zones, key = lambda x : x.platinum)

Astrobytes: As long as your graph structure is OK none of that should be an issue

pb4: eulerscheZahl : why u no like BR2k48 :'(

pb4: (only multi filtered in your screenshot :no_mouth:)

Astrobytes: You can filter cells that are yours, then filter their neighbours by platinum or whatever. The visible cells are the cells surrounding a cell with a unit on, as well as that unit's cell @ MostComplicatedUsername

Astrobytes: Shocking isn't it pb4 :)

MostComplicatedUsername: Ik that astro... I'm struggling with actually moving the units around

MostComplicatedUsername: Not having coords is annoying

Astrobytes: In what way? It's pretty straightforward no? Move x units from a to b

MostComplicatedUsername: Yeah but I have to check if they're linked

MostComplicatedUsername: Annoying

Astrobytes: What are you using for your graph?

MostComplicatedUsername: Graph? I'm just storing info in lists

MostComplicatedUsername: Like, for the linked zones

Astrobytes: "The game is played on a continent that is shaped using hexagonal zones. Links between zones are provided at the start of a game as a graph."

MostComplicatedUsername: Yeah

MostComplicatedUsername: Im just storing all the zone 1s in a list

MostComplicatedUsername: And zone 2s in another

MostComplicatedUsername: Then I use a loop to match them when I want to use it

Astrobytes: Have you heard of an adjacency list?

MostComplicatedUsername: ?

eulerscheZahl: yes

Astrobytes: Right, you know how you store cell neighbours for each cell in a grid?

MostComplicatedUsername: No

MostComplicatedUsername: Probably

Astrobytes: Wow, ok

MostComplicatedUsername: I have to create a list for each cell?

MostComplicatedUsername: Then store cell ids of neighboring cells in it?

eulerscheZahl: class Cell {

   List<Cell> neighbors;
   // ...


eulerscheZahl: do you have something like that?

Astrobytes: ^

MostComplicatedUsername: no

Astrobytes: Do it

MostComplicatedUsername: I just look at the lists of linked zones to check if they're neighbors

Astrobytes: Then when you read the links in the first turn, cell[link1].neighbours.append(link2) cell[link2].neighbours.append(link1)

Astrobytes: or whatever it is

eulerscheZahl: so you have: class Link { Cell A, Cell B } List<Link> connetions; ?

MostComplicatedUsername: idk what that does

MostComplicatedUsername: I just have 2 lists

MostComplicatedUsername: 1 for cell #1

MostComplicatedUsername: And another for cell #2


eulerscheZahl: sounds slow

MostComplicatedUsername: And I just match the indices

MostComplicatedUsername: or indexes?

MostComplicatedUsername: idk

WINWINWIN: indices

eulerscheZahl: there are 2 common ways: the list from above and the matrix

WINWINWIN: use a dictionary, lot easier

eulerscheZahl: boolean[][] connected

MostComplicatedUsername: Yeah but I'm bad with dictionaries winwinwin

MostComplicatedUsername: Like, I can't use them

Astrobytes: I hardly every use a matrix for most things tbh, then again I don't do much CP

eulerscheZahl: i usually go for the list as wel

eulerscheZahl: l

Astrobytes: MCU, all you need to do is have a Cell/Zone class, that has a list with the cells/zones directly adjacent to it

MostComplicatedUsername: I have a solution, thanks astro

Astrobytes: :)

Default avatar.png LunaticGamer: do cto of coding game usually visit people's linked profiles?

AntiSquid: are you asking if you can get a job through CG ?

MostComplicatedUsername: There is a big yellow button labeled "JOBS"

MostComplicatedUsername: Wonder what it's for

MostComplicatedUsername: what is this map lol

Scarfield: Its for a guy names Steve

Scarfield: named*

Astrobytes: MCU Turn on Debug Mode

Astrobytes: lol Jobsfield

Astrobytes: o/

Scarfield: :wave:

Default avatar.png AggYz: hi

Default avatar.png HansonSin: hiii

Default avatar.png hjhjhjhjhjhjhjhj: hi

Default avatar.png hjhjhjhjhjhjhjhj:

Astrobytes: Don't post clash links in chat hjhjhjhjhjhjhjhj, people will join if they like. Feel free to ask for people who want to clash though :+1:

Default avatar.png hjhjhjhjhjhjhjhj: k

Illedan: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Default avatar.png hjhjhjhjhjhjhjhj: no u

Illedan: 20 min of debugging a state. And I was looking at the wrong player

Default avatar.png hjhjhjhjhjhjhjhj: rip

HansonSin: Oof

Default avatar.png OpenAl: wood 1 Coders Strike Back, how do I use boost in python?

Tiramon: same as in any other language OpenAl You can use 1 acceleration boost in the race, you only need to replace the thrust value by the BOOST keyword.

Tiramon: so instead of

Tiramon: 9885 3657 200

Tiramon: you output 9885 3657 BOOST

Uljahn: print(x_target, y_target, "BOOST") something like this i guess

jimmyjansen93: Im not sure if it is different in python, but in JS it should be "BOOST"

jimmyjansen93: Speaking of which, anyone got ideas for bumping implementation? I am not sure how I can use bumping to my advantage

Uljahn: there are some links on the landing page of CSB

jimmyjansen93: Ahh missed those, thanks

Uljahn: magus's article could be useful when you're in gold/legend

jimmyjansen93: I will be promoted to silver in couple minutes

jimmyjansen93: but interesting reads anyway

Default avatar.png OpenAl: @Tiramon, how do I output BOOST only once in the loop and how do I choose an optimal time?

jimmyjansen93: @openAI you can make a boolean outside of the loop and set it to true once you have boosted

When the best moment to boost is... that would be up to you to decide. I simply "BOOST" when I have a certain distance from the checkpoint where I feel I optimally use the boost

jimmyjansen93: And ya I know I am no Tiramon :D still useful info I would say :p

Default avatar.png OpenAl: thanks Jimmy!

Default avatar.png hjhjhjhjhjhjhjhj: thanks Jimmy!

Default avatar.png OpenAl: how do I implement said boolean? I can't just say: if i_have_boosted:


Default avatar.png OpenAl: I know figuring it out is the whole game, but a man can only bash his head against a brick wall for so long!

HansonSin: i just create a boolean variable before the while loop

Default avatar.png OpenAl: do I have to define "has_boosted" as a function that can return true? is that what you mean?

HansonSin: i define a = True before while loop and in the while loop:

Default avatar.png OpenAl: oooohhhhhhhh! thanks so much HansonSin!

HansonSin: :smile::smile::smile:

jimmyjansen93: @OpenAI indeed set the boolean outside of the loop. I did `let hasBoosted = false` all the way at the top and then checked `if (!hasBoosted && <condition to boost>)`

jimmyjansen93: keep in mind that I write JS and not python, but same principle applies

jimmyjansen93: I think I should go sleep, this will otherwise consume my night... things get a lot more complex at silver >_<

HansonSin: ?

Default avatar.png OpenAl: lets goooooo! Thanks Jimmy Jansen! Your contributions to computer education will have massive impact!

HansonSin: isn't it morning right now?

Default avatar.png OpenAl: you are the man Jimmy!

jimmyjansen93: its 1:11am here

jimmyjansen93: and you are most welcome @OpenAI

Default avatar.png DragonJ: ugh I hit the boost case to much what should I do?

Default avatar.png OpenAl: 7:17 here in NYC, passionate protesters outside my window!

jimmyjansen93: Use what I described above, a global variable that you check before executing the boost

Default avatar.png DragonJ: when thrust is 300 but you are out of boosts...

HansonSin: 7:17am here in Malaysia, didnt sleep for the whole night:tired_face:

Default avatar.png OpenAl: Hanson! You need sleep! You don't want to be richest man in the graveyard!

Default avatar.png DragonJ: I need to print a thrust of "tableflip"

HansonSin: i'll sleep after i've promote to sliver league

Default avatar.png DragonJ: or a I LOST SO FLIP THE TABLE button

Default avatar.png OpenAl: why do i get "at not in a function on line 23"

for the line "print(str(next_checkpoint_x) + " " + str(next_checkpoint_y) + " BOOST"):"

Default avatar.png DragonJ: probably some commented code or () hidding in your code

Default avatar.png DragonJ: but also could be a scope issue

HansonSin: Oh yeah im sliver league now:laughing:

Default avatar.png OpenAl: WOOOOO!!!!!!

jimmyjansen93: ayy goodnight gents, will be back tomorrow to go for gold

HansonSin: i finally can sleep nowww:sleepy:

HansonSin: bye everyone

Default avatar.png OpenAl: wooo! see you then Jimmy and Hanson!

Default avatar.png OpenAl: thanks for all the help!

DemoNemo5: i dont get the prompt haha

Default avatar.png DragonJ: how can I get a thrust of greater than 100 when out of boosts?

Default avatar.png DragonJ: because my code keeps running max speed and it isn't beating the boss who is going 97!

Default avatar.png DragonJ: 99>97 right????

Snef: path > spd

Default avatar.png DragonJ: would shielding increase my speed or what can I do to boost with no boosts

Snef: shield disable your thrust for 4 turn

Snef: and you can only use your boost one time

Snef: after that you have nothing left than just using your thrust


Snef: look how you miss checkpoint at the end

Snef: you should fix thoses things

Default avatar.png DragonJ: If I cant fix it with thrust how should I fix it

Snef: you can fix it with thrust

Default avatar.png sidinfinity: what is X0, Y0

Snef: you just didn't make it

Default avatar.png DragonJ: I have 4 factors that determine my thrust and the main problem is I cant thrust at what my code says to.

Default avatar.png DragonJ: 104,105,106 without using boost

Snef: even with boost you can't thrust 104 405

Snef: 104 / 105 etc

Snef: it's not a problem

Snef: it's the rules

Snef: the problem in the replay i linked is that you miss checkpoint

Snef: you won't fix that with more speed but with smarter thrust management

Default avatar.png DragonJ: so more angle control? I already have set that on full going any more would cause worse overshoting

Default avatar.png OpenAl: i beat the comupter but its not promoting me. thoughts or ideas?

Snef: it would do with angle control

Snef: OpenAl you have to be ranked above the boss at the end of the submit

Snef: DragonJ but a smart angle control, maybe not just if angle < X

Default avatar.png OpenAl: okokok got it thx!

Default avatar.png DragonJ: Snef currently I have an equation I used to get into silver which I dont want to change much.

Snef: DragonJ then stick to silver :D

Snef: if you want to improve you have to consider updating what you've done and udnerstanding you haven't done it perfectly

Snef: missing a checkpoint = you have things to fix

Default avatar.png DragonJ: would ignoring angle entirely possibly help with my thrust problem?

Snef: you really are asking if ignoring data would improve ????

Default avatar.png DragonJ: yes

Snef: how can ignoring things would make things better

Default avatar.png DragonJ: semi,ignoring

Default avatar.png OpenAl: only one way to find out!

Snef: try outputing thrust = 100

Snef: you will see it's shit

Snef: the more you use data the more you can do advanced stuff

Default avatar.png DragonJ: currently I am using 3 distance equations and using them for thrust but angle is being overfocussed on

Snef: i could sum it as : currently you are missing cp

Snef: your code is like if angle > 90 thrust = 0 else thrust between 85 and 100 depending on the angle and distance

Default avatar.png DragonJ: yes I am gonna try ignoring angle and see how it performs

Snef: spoilet it'll be worse

Snef: spoler*

Snef: spoiler**

Snef: just stop trying random things

Snef: start thinking

Snef: if angle is 45 and dist = 3000 and thrust would you output ?

Snef: -and +what

Default avatar.png DragonJ: currently I have dist=3000 dist=100 dist=1500 which should I use?

Default avatar.png DragonJ: or should I use all

Snef: i asked you a question dont ask me back

Snef: you have to understand why you should output thrust = 0 or 50 or 100 or whatever

Snef: you can't just try random things and hope you do well

Snef: i mean you can, but it wont' be great

Default avatar.png DragonJ: lol I fixed it now I beat the boss

Snef: and you won't learn anything

Snef: go submit then

Default avatar.png DragonJ: I wasnt factoring the velocity in well enough

Snef: it seems you want answer to your problem but you don't want to learn why you are performing bad

Snef: that's sad

Default avatar.png DragonJ: now my code is optimal but it I still need to handle those edge cases ugh

Snef: you code isn't optimal

Snef: you think it is

Snef: but it isnt

Snef: how old are you btw ?

Default avatar.png DragonJ: 21

Default avatar.png DragonJ: can you help me find those edge cases of my updated code

Snef: i tried to help you understand why you had problems

Snef: like with the replay i sent and asking things but you didn't want to answer and listen to that

Snef: i won't parse replay and tell you all your mistakes

Snef: there is limit to kindness

Default avatar.png DragonJ: ok leaving for now... than

Default avatar.png Sovereigner: lmao, snef seems like an ass

scareware047: yoo

LelouchVC2: 11 and a half

Default avatar.png Kadim: Why is there no paste item in the context menu? How can I add?

MostComplicatedUsername: Sovergeigner he's not, he's just tired of helping