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mark7: eulerscheZahl seems to be online 24x7

Default avatar.png chandubaba: hellos!

toby666999: hello

Default avatar.png chandubaba: @cegprakash what is aoe?

Default avatar.png chandubaba: oh sry, i thought you were talking about the stream name, not the game lelz

Default avatar.png chandubaba: hi toby

Default avatar.png chandubaba: howz you?

toby666999: I have a question

toby666999: How to pass the security check of CLASH OF CODE

LelouchVC2: I know it's really hard

LelouchVC2: Need an IQ of at least 140 to pass those security checks

toby666999: i have 139...

LelouchVC2: if u have a vpn on, that'll probably trigger it

LelouchVC2: damn, so close!

toby666999: I'm too hard...

LelouchVC2: Tell that to my wife

toby666999: ...

toby666999: I think I should have more practice...

toby666999: Bye!

eulerscheZahl: toby666999 i see that you are from China. CodinGame uses google's reCaptcha, which is blocked for you as far as I know

TrentT: He's a chatbot, very advanced neural network

Default avatar.png GeonuiShin: wow nice to meet you

AntiSquid: everyone's a chatbot TrentT ??

Default avatar.png GeonuiShin: help me..... making code is enormous hard

AntiSquid: ask Automaton2000 he will help

Automaton2000: it would be the best way to get the data

AntiSquid: get the data GeonuiShin

AntiSquid: also get an avatar

Default avatar.png GeonuiShin: thank you

Default avatar.png GeonuiShin: i am starter of coding

Uljahn: Automaton2000: im a codingstarter, twisted codingstarter

Automaton2000: click on the bronze league

TrentT: Automaton2000 What is the best programming language?

Automaton2000: i made it to wood 1

[CG]Thibaud: congrats Automaton2000

Automaton2000: i'd be surprised if it was a problem with the way i did it

TrentT: Where's the NN one?

TrentT: Automaton2000 Where is your brother?

Automaton2000: i thought you were joking

[CG]Thibaud: it replies to its name too. Right AutomatonNN

AutomatonNN: what is the most problem?

TrentT: AutomatonNN Is AntiSquid a good coder?

AutomatonNN: because i was thinking of that guy in the chat that he said that it's an answer

Default avatar.png GeonuiShin: how can i the answer of problem? i can't solve the problem

Default avatar.png GeonuiShin: i couldn't even guess

AntiSquid: try an easier problem

AntiSquid: which puzzle are you doing GeonuiShin

LelouchVC2: He was doing the same puzzle as me

Default avatar.png GeonuiShin: hahah yeah

AntiSquid: clash?

LelouchVC2: Turn a decimal into hex, binary, and octal

Default avatar.png GeonuiShin: lol!

LelouchVC2: hex and octal were easy, there's c++ functions for them, but sadly need bitset for binary

Default avatar.png GeonuiShin: then if i know way of turning , i could solve it?

LelouchVC2: Yea

LelouchVC2: But best to look for a function already written for your language

Default avatar.png GeonuiShin: oh thanks !!! you are my hero!!!!

LelouchVC2: Get use to your language and get familiar with looking up documentation

Default avatar.png GeonuiShin: i will try to googling

Default avatar.png iboman: this game is frustrating me...

Uljahn: Automaton2000: send help pls

Automaton2000: but i'll wait for the enemy

Default avatar.png DarkRubberDuck_7750: hi guys someone did the temperature's puzzle?

Gorbit99: ye

Default avatar.png DarkRubberDuck_7750: i can't resolve the last test i mean, i don't know what i'm supposed to do

Gorbit99: make sure you have all the requirements in place

Default avatar.png DarkRubberDuck_7750: for that test the 't' input is 0? is null?

Default avatar.png DarkRubberDuck_7750: there's no input?

Gorbit99: when no input given, return 0

Gorbit99: it's in the rules

Default avatar.png DarkRubberDuck_7750: kk you're right

Default avatar.png DarkRubberDuck_7750: ty mate!

Gorbit99: nw

Default avatar.png rectifier: firstinp=="0"?0:secinput...

AntiSquid: wlesavo can make bulls and cows available wthout the validators ? (for offline use)

wlesavo: sure

wlesavo: in a few days if its not that urgent for you

AntiSquid: not urgent

AntiSquid: just figured out what i want to do, but don't want to code the game before i start the solution :D

AntiSquid: also will do after contest not now

wlesavo: remind me if i will forget

AntiSquid: ok will try

LoGos: wow landing a rocker with GA is pretty hard

LoGos: wonder how Elon does that

LoGos: (/s)

Uljahn: doubt he used GA

Uljahn: there are simplier ways and also more robust

AntiSquid: he didn't do it, he hired someone else to do it for him

AntiSquid: hire Automaton2000 to do it for you

Automaton2000: but it is the most efficient way to do it after the contest

AntiSquid: Automaton2020

Uljahn: confused with all those new avas, i understand euler now :/

anid: everyone has a pacman avatar now :D

Default avatar.png MatInf: .

Fosfen: Hi !

code_maniac: Hi

Adnmaster: wait, what do you mean everyone has a pacman avatar now?

Default avatar.png JBM: sure

Adnmaster: ?

Default avatar.png JBM: i have a pacman avatar, you have a pacman avatar, everybody has a pacman avatar

Adnmaster: wait...

Adnmaster: still "?"

Astrobytes: Can't you see all our PacMan avatars?

Adnmaster: no?

wlesavo: Pebcacman avatar

Adnmaster: no

Adnmaster: i cant see any pacman avatar

Adnmaster: there must be a bug

Gorbit99: that's a shame, yours is the fanciest

Adnmaster: nice :D

Adnmaster: i can only see the pacman avatar of "anid"

Adnmaster: noooooooooooooooo

Astrobytes: Hey Gorbit99, I know you from the OLC discord

Adnmaster: i have a question, why isnt the chat flooded when so many people use codingame?

Astrobytes: Wait til later when the contest starts

Quidome: :D

Adnmaster: :sweat_smile:

Uljahn: also there are flood amplification tricks with mentioning Automaton2000

Automaton2000: my code works for all test cases but when i look at my code for this

Uljahn: i ate the pacman but I didn't eat no AutomatonNN, oh no!

AutomatonNN: what is the problem with the same code playing on any other player?

Gorbit99: oh, really Astrobytes? What's your user there?

Astrobytes: Gorbit99, 'Astroshytes', I don't post too often, more of a lurker

Gorbit99: ah, I see

wlesavo: why so shy

Astrobytes: Can usually find most info I need by searching on there, plus I'm usually on CG

Adnmaster: guys is it possible to solve horse racing duals?

muy31: yeah of cousre it is

Adnmaster: mine always finds everything except one test case and one validator

Astrobytes: Nope. Totally impossible. Nobody has ever solved it :P

LoGos: ^ question for those that solved Mars Lander using GA: do you also "land" using GA? I mean my program does pretty good job getting to the landing zone but landing is almost impossible.

Adnmaster: its possible

Adnmaster: i solved it

Astrobytes: Landing too hard?

Adnmaster: wait

Adnmaster: nvm

Adnmaster: idk what GA is

muy31: genetic algorithm

Astrobytes: Genetic algorithm

Adnmaster: ???????

muy31: a simplified algorithm

Astrobytes: Google evolutionary algorithms

muy31: that changes due to environment

Adnmaster: ok dont bother to explain i wont understand anyway

muy31: no its simple stuff to uderstand and implement

muy31: just google

Adnmaster: google's what?

Astrobytes: You'll never understand it if you don't try to learn about it

Adnmaster: ok

Adnmaster: im interested

Adnmaster: what exactly is it about?

LoGos: I mean the restrictions are to have rotation = 0, |vx| < 20 and |vy| < 40 to land. While my GA can reach the landing zone it has problems with meeting these requirements

LoGos: especially rotation

MSmits: I managed to do marslander 2 without GA

MSmits: 3 seems impossible to do without it

LoGos: Hi MSmits

MSmits: hi

LoGos: Im practicing GA btw

MSmits: never done one myself, but I know the theory

LoGos: and someone suggested Mars Lander

MSmits: hopefully I won't need it for contest :)

MSmits: yeah, 2 and 3 are commonly done with GAS

MSmits: 1 can be done with a simple heuristic

Rafal.Py: Is this chat for the Wood League in Coders Strike Back or for something else?

MSmits: this is world chat

MSmits: you can ask about csb here also

Uljahn: ML3 was the easiest very hard puzzle for me :/

Rafal.Py: thx

muy31: for mars lander 1, i just put 3

MSmits: there is no challenge specific chat

muy31: thrust to solve the puzzle

MSmits: that works too

muy31: no coding necessary

MSmits: I just thrust if it goes too fast

MSmits: probably uses less fuel :P

muy31: lol

LoGos: Yeah I know guys. I'm just wondering if when using GA do you also attempt landing with it. I'm currently taking control over the ship when close to the landing zone and that works well. I'm just thinking if there is another way

MSmits: my marslander optim code is crap, but I love this replay:

muy31: honestly though one can easily solve mars 2 w/ physics

MSmits: yes

MSmits: you need some heuristics to get over peaks and such

MSmits: but mostly it's just physics

MSmits: think I'm gonna take a nap before contest starts

muy31: you can just simulate where you will be in some time after x thrust, and what your new speeds will be

MSmits: yep

muy31: how many turns you will need to thrust to counteract your speed enough to safely land

muy31: and then you are pretty much good

Astrobytes: In other words, yes, you can do it fully with the GA

LoGos: it's not about the result. It's about the method of getting it.

Astrobytes: Just keep tweaking it

muy31: but that is GA...

LoGos: muy31 sorry then I didn't realize

muy31: no prob loGos

Uljahn: LoGos: i guess you could add collision conditions to your fitness

Uljahn: like large bonus if they are good for landing and malus otherwise

LoGos: understood, thanks!

darkhorse64: I do everything with the GA or more precisely my fitness function does everything: penalise hitting the ground far from the landing area, if within the landing area penalise bad landing conditions, then reward remaining fuel (my main goal was the optim puzzle)

darkhorse64: So far my best score is 2338 l remaining

LoGos: thank you very much! I once "solved" TSP for a school project using GA. It worked pretty well. It's interesting when there is a time limit per turn.

LoGos: darkhorse64 do you keep chromosomes from previous turn?

darkhorse64: Yes. The funny thing is that I do not find a solution from turn one but still it goes to the right direction. It takes a few turns to fully converge and even though it keeps on improving the fuel.

Uljahn: why don't just use heuristic solution and then optimize it with GA?

darkhorse64: From my little experience, this is usually a very good idea to feed your GA with an approximate solution. I just do not have one

darkhorse64: in hand

Uljahn: i've recently published my solution to ML2 in py3 with sort of a magic formula (simplified feedback controller) :)

LoGos: Nice! I've been learning about it last semester.

LoGos: Though on less exciting examples...

darkhorse64: I now have access to all C++ solutions. DaNinja solved the puzzle in 14 loc !

dbdr: solutions are visible in classic puzzles? :o

struct: yeah

darkhorse64: If you solve it first and only in your language

struct: if the player decides to share

dbdr: I thought that was only for community puzzes

darkhorse64: I should have written "all published solutions"

darkhorse64: It should be a golf puzzle

dbdr: golf/optim/multi :)

dbdr: make your opponent crash

eulerscheZahl: "I thought that was only for community puzzes" how long are you on CG already?

Default avatar.png JBM: there's no such thing as community puzzles

Default avatar.png JBM: there's editable puzzles and flawed puzzles

eulerscheZahl: and there are sponsored puzzles. these really have hidden solutions

DanielN: I don`t can solve this puzzle. Please help me!

Default avatar.png JBM: solve another one! problem solved

Uljahn: git gud ezpz


Default avatar.png JBM: you rock

Default avatar.png JBM: now try onboarding

Default avatar.png Jerzy: Thor ep 1 is easy

eulerscheZahl: oh, that boring sudoku validator puzzle got approved

eulerscheZahl: and i was bored at the sudoku solver already

Uljahn: time to commit sudoku Automaton2000

Automaton2000: i don't even know how it works

Astrobytes: sudo Automaton2000 -c ku

Automaton2000: i don't think i'm going to do the same for y

Default avatar.png kid_coding: sudo DFS?

Astrobytes: *-'-c'

inoryy: Username is not in the sudoers file. This incident will be reported.

DanielN: Please help me on problem TEMPERATURES!! Thank YOU!

Astrobytes: finger

Automaton2000: i was using the wrong word

Quidome: what's the problem DanielN?


Default avatar.png JBM: no need to shout, we hear you just fine

Quidome: yes what about it specifically

dbdr: eulerscheZahl: not that long, actually :D 2.5 years I think

Default avatar.png MatInf: i have gpt problem with temperatures too, but i have 93%

dbdr: today will be my first CG-made contest. I'm a newbie, really

Quidome: OK nice, all test cases int the green? Validator on 93%?

Quidome: That one is a lot about reading

Default avatar.png MatInf: yes, in validator 7

Default avatar.png MatInf: is problem

dbdr: Quidome: doing the contest?

Quidome: sure

dbdr: :+1:

Quidome: Killing time, answering questions :D

Default avatar.png MatInf: u know what problem?

Quidome: Moment I am going to look

Default avatar.png MatInf: at that moment i ended power of thor

Quidome: which language are you using?

Quidome: What is the most easy way to shre code?

Quidome: share

Default avatar.png MatInf: i am programming on c++

Quidome: cool, can you share your code

Default avatar.png MatInf: ok, wait

Quidome: wait, let's go into private chat

Default avatar.png MatInf: ok

Default avatar.png MatInf: good idea

Default avatar.png MatInf: but how? i started to use it today

Gorbit99: if you post here, I can maybe help too

Quidome: Good I started the private chat for you

Quidome: Ok, better

Quidome: do it here

Quidome: Didn't want to flood the chat :P

Default avatar.png MatInf: ok wait, because i was trying to make it shorter and i broke something

Gorbit99: just pastebin the original and send that

Gorbit99: probably no need to make it shorter

Quidome: How to pastebin?


Astrobytes: Just post the code, it pastebins automatically

Gorbit99: oh, neat

cegprakash: I'm streaming tonight!!

Default avatar.png MatInf: hello?

Gorbit99: hello

Gorbit99: you didn't post code

Astrobytes: Just paste your code here MatInf

Default avatar.png MatInf:

Gorbit99: max(0-t, t-0) could be an abs(t)

Gorbit99: and generally you don't need to write 0-t, -t is enough

Default avatar.png MatInf: ok

Default avatar.png MatInf: but where is mistake?

Gorbit99: you don't handle 0s well

Gorbit99: you can get a temperature value that's 0

Gorbit99: so you can't use it as a placeholder value

Astrobytes: Which validator are you failing?

Gorbit99: I would say just make it into something that's bigger than the largest temp

Gorbit99: 7

Default avatar.png MatInf: mistake is on validator 7

Quidome: Two negative temperatures that are equal: {-10 -10}

Default avatar.png MatInf: i have to end at that moment, i can try to be back after hour

Default avatar.png MatInf: bye

Astrobytes: Was just about to tell him how to use the custom testcases so he could debug

Quidome: bye

Quidome: :)

cegprakash: at 4:30PM UTC

MadKnight: we got a holiday week right until next wednesday

Astrobytes: You're doign the contest then MadKnight?

struct: Is russia taking measures?

MadKnight: ye

struct: Last time I saw it was increasing 10k a day

Astrobytes: cool

Astrobytes: Yeah the cases are shooting up

cegprakash: yaay MadKnight is in!!

MadKnight: but it's bad at taking measures so it's taking bad measures

Astrobytes: :D

cegprakash: was missing MadKnight in last two contests

Astrobytes: Yeah cegprakash

MadKnight: russia could launch an actual quarantine which includes $$ help for the citizens but instead they took everything from "quarantine" except for the $$ help

MadKnight: so now we got fines for stuff but no $$

inoryy: they denied any issues for too long

Astrobytes: How nice of them :/

Astrobytes: Standard behaviour inoryy

inoryy: it was obvious corona was already there, being so close to china and having many tourists come and go to china during the lunar year celebrations

MadKnight: when italy was at 100k russia was at 27

inoryy: back when every neighboring country had an outbreak putin said it's clean as a baby

struct: yes MadKnight, but that is highly unlikely

MadKnight: what exactly

wlesavo: those numbers i guess

Uljahn: inoryy: looks more like lukashenko though

struct: those numbers

MadKnight: i remember checking those numbers one day

wlesavo: lol

MadKnight: i saw 100k in italy and 27 in russia

struct: yeah

struct: but can you really trust those numbers?

MadKnight: doesn't matter

MadKnight: they saw 27 they didn't do anything

Uljahn: we are going to outperform the US yay :muscle:

wlesavo: that would be hard, but we will try

struct: Brazil also in danger

Astrobytes: UK is... pretty dismal

inoryy: corona is just propaganda of the opposition in brazil

Astrobytes: Bolsanaro's response is mind-boggling

Astrobytes: *Bolsonaro

darkhorse64: The fools are running the asylum

Astrobytes: Sadly very true

DanielN: how to i add the new line in JAVA? New line system.out.println

Gorbit99: that adds it automatically

darkhorse64: println adds a new line

Gorbit99: because it's "print line"

Uljahn: you mean \n?

inoryy: \n/

MadKnight: /n\

darkhorse64: \o/

MadKnight: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Astrobytes: \n7

darkhorse64: \o--

Default avatar.png fadal: i got a technical assessment coming up soon on this site and i barely understand the questions they asking why cant they just give me a normal technical interview smh

MadKnight: normal technical interviews are for the weak

Default avatar.png fadal: well im weak :(

MadKnight: fix it

LoGos: CSB gold under 90mins

MadKnight: solve this puzzle and become strong

MadKnight: -3vel ezpz CSB gold under 5mins

MadKnight: what's the questions fadal ?

wlesavo: MadKnight promotion to silver and gold can be long

MadKnight: doesn't matter

Default avatar.png fadal: i would if i understand the questions like i practised on leetcode and the structure of questions is completely different

MadKnight: they can still see that the same code *will* promote

Gorbit99: believe him

Gorbit99: csb gold in 5 mins

struct: Also they might use this site


wlesavo: maybe since interview is tommorow it is gonna be to get bronze on the contest

MadKnight: u want this job? go get good rank in this PvP competition

MadKnight: (c)

Default avatar.png fadal: wait u can have pvp competitions on here?

struct: yes

struct: bots vs bots

wlesavo: and interview is held by CG (they wont actually hire, just assigned many interviews to different people)

Astrobytes: fadal - you can try the example screening about halfway down this page:

Default avatar.png fadal: ill give it a shot thanks

struct: it is redirecting to CG site astro

struct: The start trial thingy

Default avatar.png fadal: yh

Astrobytes: scroll down

struct: ah I see the ide

Astrobytes: And just click on it to activate it

Default avatar.png fadal: man i wish they would just look at my github and look at the projects i built and just be satisfied with that but i guess a perfect world doesnt exist

Astrobytes: They're testing your competence in problem solving and presumably language fluency, shouldn't be a problem

wlesavo: fadal there are some really fun puzzles here, try to be positive about it and may be you will enjoy it

Default avatar.png fadal: yh true its just i get nervous in test conditions... oh well still gonna try my best

Astrobytes: Use your nervous energy, it's a good thing. Just be calm and focus on the problems

Astrobytes: You got this

Default avatar.png fadal: thanks :)

Astrobytes: No worries, good luck :)

AntiSquid: did everyone stockpile before contest?

Quidome: just got back from the supermarket :P

AntiSquid: one hour to unload your van

dbdr: the pros just stop eating during a contest

wlesavo: thats your secret?

dbdr: oops

AntiSquid: i thought pros would automate the feeding process

wlesavo: no eat till legend

dbdr: digestion slows your brain

AntiSquid: food coder IDE CG-arena pipeline

Quidome: don't eat carbs only protein

Beerus: i think this contest has high participation

BenjaminUrquhart: internal error

BenjaminUrquhart: cool

[CG]Thibaud: where BenjaminUrquhart ?

Default avatar.png MatInf: about what are u talking?


dbdr: [CG]Thibaud: is it good?

dbdr: is it ready? ;)

BenjaminUrquhart: [CG]Thibaud when I access the contest page

BenjaminUrquhart: 500 on

dbdr: HTTP Status 405 – Method Not Allowed

dbdr: indeed

BenjaminUrquhart: post

Mino260806: Hello guys

AntiSquid: hello guy

Mino260806: What are you talking about?

dbdr: but is that supposed to be access directly?

AntiSquid: pizza, life, happiness, everything Mino260806

Mino260806: :expressionless:

BenjaminUrquhart: post ["spring-challenge-2020",<your CG id as int>] to that endpoint

BenjaminUrquhart: {

   "id": -1,
   "message": "internal error"


Neabfi: Hey! Do you think it is worth it in the contests in general to do a MCTS instead of a plain Monte Carlo ?

Neabfi: I feel like 100ms is short for a MCTS, that will lead to few game move simulations

struct: Neabfi depends on the game

Skolin: well the idea of MCTS is that there are too many trees to search so only focus on those that seem important. therefore, especially in short time constraints, it should work. In ultimate tick tack toe it did work better as far as i know

BenjaminUrquhart: there are people doing MCTS in 50ms games

BenjaminUrquhart: it just depends on the game

Skolin: but yeah it does depend on the game

AntiSquid: it depends more on the people than the game

darkhorse64: Even with 25 ms, I would do an MCTS

BenjaminUrquhart: how about 1 ms

struct: even in 1 ms

Skolin: on which people`? the implementor or the opponents bots?

wlesavo: you still have first sec

darkhorse64: I'll wrote a reactive bot

BenjaminUrquhart: wlesavo not necessarily, it's possible to remove that

struct: But are you gonna create a game where you cant really use the time?

wlesavo: well sure, with dynamic conditions

BenjaminUrquhart: struct maybe

BenjaminUrquhart: :eyes:

AntiSquid: that won't happen BenjaminUrquhart

darkhorse64: On tron, I use less than 1 ms

AntiSquid: you need the 1 sec first turn, because of other reasons unrelated to the game

BenjaminUrquhart: nobody said the game had to be usable smh

darkhorse64: heating the Java Diesel

AntiSquid: what is it then a guessing game

darkhorse64: Rock-Paper-Scissors

AntiSquid: cows and bulls

Jasperr: doing my first contest in C++

Jasperr: lets see how it'll go

wlesavo: bnc is doable in 1ms, not in optimal way though

struct: Also minimum turn time is 50ms in sdk

AntiSquid: bnc ?

struct: So you cant really go lower than that

wlesavo: bulls n cows :slight_smile:

AntiSquid: bloody acronyms

BenjaminUrquhart: what if I reflect hacks

AntiSquid: it could have been bayesian network classifiers or some algo name you know

wlesavo: you can put a sleep command in referee between sending inputs i guess

struct: no

struct: timeout is measured on player.execute()

BenjaminUrquhart: private static final int MIN_TURN_TIME = 50;

AntiSquid: we can downvote it

BenjaminUrquhart: can't downvote it f it doesn't exist

BenjaminUrquhart: if*

AntiSquid: boycott it before it's even out

struct: If you can do it ill aprove it

struct: :)

Mino260806: hey guys when i have an error in my game how do i get to understand it because i just see a bunch of red characters that are not readable in the game info (too small)

Aarcry2.0: Hello guys

Quidome: Hi

BenjaminUrquhart: hi

BenjaminUrquhart: Mino260806 which game

eulerscheZahl: no akshat

struct: yes no akshat

Aarcry2.0: The Blue Side 2.0

dbdr: did you continue Tulips Quidome?

Mino260806: BenjaminUrquhart why do you want to know the game?

Quidome: no

dbdr: I just resubmitted

Quidome: I got bender 4 on 100%

dbdr: I'm ready for the contest

dbdr: ah, nice!

eulerscheZahl: me too, just created the contest project

eulerscheZahl: and we have release mode for C#

eulerscheZahl: :tada:

dbdr: they just added it?

Quidome: You were stuck on place 3 dbdr

eulerscheZahl: yes, check the forum

AntiSquid: what does that mean in terms of speed?

Quidome: i am watchin ;)

Adnmaster: anybody know what the game will be?

BenjaminUrquhart: everyone says pacman

Quidome: prince 2

BenjaminUrquhart: or a variant

dbdr: hours before a major event, what a good timing to make a major change

Adnmaster: pacman but what kind?

AntiSquid: hard to guess at this point Adnmaster

dbdr: what could go wrong?

AntiSquid: it's pacman duh

Adnmaster: how do you make yout text red?

Skolin: from the trailer video i was thinking like, as there was a big pacman eating a small pacman

struct: Java flashbacks

eulerscheZahl: and my OOC bot broke because of the language update

eulerscheZahl: THIBAUD!

Quidome: naming another person in your text makes it red

AntiSquid: Adnmaster

mark7: Where will be the refree available

eulerscheZahl: yes

eulerscheZahl: github

eulerscheZahl: check statement when it's there

Default avatar.png CJDawson: My first coding comp lmao

Cappefra: do all old contests expire at some point or is there a reason why some are still joinable and some aren't?

mark7: okay

BenjaminUrquhart: AntiSquid :eyes:

Cappefra: like fantastic bits is still doable but not skynet revolution for instance

dbdr: could the contest be an optim?

struct: dbdr i think so

AntiSquid: it can be a 1vs1 duh

AntiSquid: more likely given coverart

BenjaminUrquhart: "Difficulty: Contest (BATTLE)"

mark7: we all will start with wood league 2 right

struct: Cappefra skynet is availalbe as a puzzle

BenjaminUrquhart: battle means it's a multi, not optim

struct: You can use the search bar at the top

Cappefra: or detective pikaptcha which is also over although it's pretty new

wlesavo: same as detective picptcha

BenjaminUrquhart: pikaptcha was a mess

AntiSquid: mark7 they can had 100 wood leagues or just 1, so really not really

Cappefra: oh ok so some become puzzles

Cappefra: cool thanks

wlesavo: Cappefra check the puzzle section, not every contest is multi

Quidome: some are starting a clash :D

BenjaminUrquhart: clash is taboo

AntiSquid: what do you mean Quidome ? there's always clash players that ignore the contest

BenjaminUrquhart: inviting people to a clash during a contest especially

AntiSquid: they even post clash questions in chat during contest and complain their clash isn#'t working because of the contest

Quidome: aha, ok

Cappefra: oooh wait I just noticed, if you try to access them from "contests" it says it's over regardless, but from any other section, like bot programming, they're joinable

Jasperr: you can easily do a few clashes in 5min

Quidome: contest seem far more exiting to me

Jasperr: true true

AntiSquid: there's nothing wrong with you Quidome

AntiSquid: it's the clashers

Default avatar.png CJDawson: My first comp help

Adnmaster: mine too

struct: akshat

Default avatar.png CJDawson: Wow

struct: Can you stop?

BenjaminUrquhart: ok, who wants to submit in CSB in the next 5 minutes

Default avatar.png CJDawson: Wht language adnmaster?

AntiSquid: *throws life ring at CJDawson*

Adnmaster: python

Default avatar.png CJDawson: Same

Default avatar.png CJDawson: 3yrs experience here

Adnmaster: i think python is easy, and simple

Default avatar.png CJDawson: Yh

Quidome: easy AND simple...

Quidome: wow

dbdr: those mean different things actually

Aarcry2.0: Ajax register for the competition with the company: The Blue Side 2.0

Aarcry2.0: Ajax register for the competition with the company: The Blue Side 2.0

Default avatar.png rktech:

BenjaminUrquhart: ok

Adnmaster: do everybody still have pacman avatars?

BenjaminUrquhart: [CG]Thibaud still 500

mark7: 1min remaining

Quidome: tic tac tic tac

Default avatar.png rktech:

ZeroByter: Im excited

llllllllll: HYPE BOIS

Albeast: 30 seconds!

Default avatar.png rwilson:

BenjaminUrquhart: it's a diversion

Default avatar.png Floryan: good luck to everyone!!!

ZeroByter: glhf

Albeast: hype!

Adnmaster: good luck

AntiSquid: easy to learn, simple code

hynekfisera: glhf

Albeast: gl

Default avatar.png SlimeySplay: gl hf

Default avatar.png kedlub: glhf

Monstruo: Good luck!

Quidome: gl hf

Aarcry2.0: Ajax fast is almost on.

AntiSquid: ah chat scrool lol

Adnmaster: 10 seconds!!

mark7: and

Albeast: :grinning:

Default avatar.png rktech: glhf

Default avatar.png MatInf: i am trying it first time

Edjy: gl

mark7: 5

mark7: 4

mark7: 3

Aarcry2.0: Ajax fast is almost on.Ajax fast is almost on.

Adnmaster: begun!!

BenjaminUrquhart: ok brb submitting to CSB /s

informathemusic: 1

AntiSquid: lol bye

Default avatar.png MatInf: is it easy?

Skolin: gl all :)

Default avatar.png CJDawson: glhf

BenjaminUrquhart: ew video

kingofnumbers: then after 10 days we say gg ?

BenjaminUrquhart: yes

AntiSquid: looks interesting

BenjaminUrquhart: I could probably port my optim code to this

PandarinDev: glhf

Csipcsirip: where is the cg sync button ? :(

BenjaminUrquhart: 504 on submit

Adnmaster: you can use your code editor

RockyMullet: so it is litterally pacman

RockyMullet: nice

BenjaminUrquhart: oh it's because a million people hit submit at the same time

Adnmaster: why did you submitt now?

BenjaminUrquhart: memes

Adnmaster: dont you have tı write code first?

BenjaminUrquhart: stub

Albeast: loks good

eulerscheZahl: oh, fog of war again :(

BenjaminUrquhart: yes

Uljahn: no physics :(

BenjaminUrquhart: oh wrapping

informathemusic: It looks super complicated but i'll do it anyways

BenjaminUrquhart: it's really not

informathemusic: Aight then

Albeast: wrap around??!?!!?!?!

RockyMullet: yay fog of war :D

eulerscheZahl: a torus map @Albeast

AntiSquid: The grid is generated randomly, and can vary in width and height. i find this a bit annoying

Default avatar.png CJDawson: I can't run my code!

BenjaminUrquhart: Uljahn "Crossing paths or landing on the same cell as another pac will cause a collision to occur. In that case, the movements of the colliding pacs are cancelled."

Default avatar.png CJDawson: It's stuck on an animation

BenjaminUrquhart: so there are physics

mark7: "MOVE pacId x y: the pac with the identifier pacId moves towards the given cell (pacId is always 0 in this league). " can I give x,y, of cells not neighbouring

Default avatar.png CJDawson: "An error occurred (#73): "Only 1 executor running at the same time for a test session"."

Adnmaster: why are there only 31 people in the leaderboard?

BenjaminUrquhart: because only 31 people submitted

Adnmaster: ok

PotatoCoder: too scared bro

Default avatar.png CJDawson: How does this work?

informathemusic: Oh it's simple actually! LUL

BenjaminUrquhart: what are the caps for width and height

akshat: I'm receiving error: An error occurred (#73): "Only 1 executor running at the same time for a test session".

akshat: What should I do?

RockyMullet: will the random bot beat the default bot

Albeast: relod?

Ajanx112: whats this _mine variable is it c specific

Albeast: reload

Default avatar.png CJDawson: Why isn't my code running?

akshat: tried reloading but same.

Default avatar.png CJDawson: Oups An error occurred (#73): "Only 1 executor running at the same time for a test session".

akshat: yeah same

Albeast: close all other tabs?

Default avatar.png CJDawson: Rip

Default avatar.png CJDawson: Closing other tabs didn't help

BenjaminUrquhart: screw this autocorrect

Albeast: hope and pray that it will work tomorrow

wlesavo: lol rock, paper or scissor pacs

HungryBurger: I had that happen once. You'll probably have to wait 5-10 minutes for the issue to resolve itself.

wlesavo: so its litterally rock, paper or scissor

Default avatar.png CJDawson: What happens after clicking play?

BenjaminUrquhart: it plays

Default avatar.png CJDawson: It's not for me?

Default avatar.png CJDawson: I'm stuck on an animaiton

Adnmaster: it plays the code

Icebox: :wave:

Default avatar.png CJDawson: Im stuck on anim

Icebox: Heyo boys

Adnmaster: hi

rereCurse: bruh

Default avatar.png CJDawson: Im stuck on anim

Default avatar.png CJDawson: Im stuck on anim

HungryBurger: I had that happen once. You'll probably have to wait 5-10 minutes for the issue to resolve itself.

Default avatar.png CJDawson: The anim?

Default avatar.png CJDawson: Rip

Default avatar.png andrei00001111: Cum merge?

Default avatar.png andrei00001111: Eu deabia am intrat

HungryBurger: The "Only 1 executor" error.

Default avatar.png andrei00001111: Oops, wrong cvhat

akshat: are the servers down? I feel stuck, the yellow loading line doesn't move forward and it's just stuck.

Default avatar.png CJDawson: I cant run code

BenjaminUrquhart: that's normal

Default avatar.png CJDawson: Stuck on anim

NumberOneNA: wheres recurse

Default avatar.png CJDawson: And

Default avatar.png CJDawson: Oups An error occurred (#73): "Only 1 executor running at the same time for a test session".

BenjaminUrquhart: too many people submitting

Dav1dS: is anyone else having issues with the display

Default avatar.png CJDawson: Yeah

struct: Anyone wants full rules?

[CG]Thibaud: what kind of issue

Dav1dS: it is just a black screen, its not showing the game


informathemusic: Oh!!! Divid!!

informathemusic: *David ^^"


Dav1dS: hey info

Default avatar.png CJDawson: Hmm, so the comp broke?

wlesavo: struct thx a lot

struct: np

Astrobytes: Grr, I'm late. What's the contest like

Default avatar.png CJDawson: Broken

struct: its like street fighter

struct: Totally not pacman :)

Nanosplitter: It's an FPS

Astrobytes: lol

Astrobytes: I'm out, wanted a PacMan RTS :P

semera: Somebody know if GameEngine already exists for SpringChallenge?


semera: thanks

Doju: How long has the challenge been out?

Doju: like 15 mins?

struct: 20

Adnmaster: good luck for everyone!

Doju: alright cool

Adnmaster: how did people write code so fast?

Adnmaster: the contest just begun

Mentalist: is it safe to assume that each point that is not a # there is a pellet there unless someone already ate it?

[CG]Thibaud: Dav1dS do you have an error in the console ?


[CG]Thibaud: try with another browser ?

Dav1dS: ok one sec

Dav1dS: also i get this message <Module "entitymodule" disabled>↵

Dav1dS: works in firefox

akshat: Which c++ version does codingame uses?

Gonny: are there starter packs for this challenge?

tobk: can two pellets occupy the same position?

c0cainee: poor bilnky

c0cainee: already left behind

Default avatar.png andrei00001111: From what I've seen codeingame uses GC++9

Doju: I'm kinda new to this type of programming. What's the best way to store the grid (in python 3)?

aCat: sumbission takes ages...

inoryy: numpy array

Doju: My naive approach would be to have a list of lits with Trues and Falses

Doju: or 0s and 1s

aCat: Doju either set with tuples/other structures

aCat: or dictionary sometimes

aCat: or as inoryy said array

Doju: Okay, thanks!

Mentalist: any tips for c++ ?

Mentalist: first contest!

Uljahn: watch ceg's stream :smiley:

MindControler: Guys, when is oppenent pac visible?

eulerscheZahl: 218 lines of code, time to submit it

Default avatar.png andrei00001111: All I know is that '\n' is much faster than endl

eulerscheZahl: is there another promotion at CSB?

Default avatar.png andrei00001111: Does anyone know the maximum height and width in the Pac Man contest?

reCurse: No it's just a contest start

Mentalist: Yeah I did watch that, and whizzed past the first coding bot tutorial

reCurse: Everyone submits the default code with minor modifications

reCurse: 222 computing, enough to kill CG

cmr624: whattup kings

eulerscheZahl: i modified a lot :/

aCat: reCurse but they beat the boss ;]

Doju: Also couldn't you just throw a neural net at this and call it a day?

aCat: I added like 6 lines

eulerscheZahl: i started by deleting most of the code

Nanosplitter: Do it Doju

PandarinDev: Description is wrong, typeId for pac is not integer

eulerscheZahl: and then copied my OOC to handle the grid

Doju: Might try it later, Nanosplitter, but I'll just try the traditional approach first

dbdr: Each pac is of a given type (<action>ROCK</action>, <action>PAPER</action> or <action>SCISSORS

anid: When is W1 opening?

Nanosplitter: There is 100k character limit so that makes NNs a little harder, also you can't use tensorflow as far as I know Doju

Gonny: aren't there usually starter packs?

Mentalist: /me

cegprakash: starting my stream now

Counterbalance: at dinnertime as usual :(

Doju: Oooh, that'd make it a lot more difficult, Nanosplitter

AllYourTorpedos: also the second part you have multiple things to control, you'll have to figure out how to scale your NN (either run it once for each teammate or have a master NN)

reCurse: NN during a contest :rofl:

MadKnight: ez

Doju: Ohh that'd be such a winning strategy though

inoryy: winning how

Fosfen: Does a minimax tree would require too much computation, given the fact that you can have up to 5 pac ?

Doju: imagine if you made a system with two competing NNs

eulerscheZahl: you don't win just to throwing in buzzwords

MadKnight: it usually takes MUCH more than a week

eulerscheZahl: just by ..

Waffle3z: try using blockchain

inoryy: quantum

eulerscheZahl: cyber

Icebox: wow I was so ready with my IoT machine learning AR solution for the net neutrality

Skolin: @Fosfen try it :)

Icebox: powered by big data ofc

eulerscheZahl: i will beat you with my industry 4.0

Doju: yes i know that'd be super difficult and maybe impossible in this timeframe but it'd be very interesting if you could pull it off

Default avatar.png andrei00001111: Also does anyone know the maximum height and

inoryy: there are easier and more interesting environments to do that

blasterpoard: actually, possible positions of enemy pacs are "in superposition" when in fog of war, and finding the others after finding one is something quantum could be useful for

AntiSquid: have fun with the variable grid size

inoryy: easier to setup*

AllYourTorpedos: this is perfect information game right?

struct: no

AntiSquid: :D

Doju: I think only in the first leagues

inoryy: and the grids are variable length lol

AllYourTorpedos: F

Fosfen: Yeah @Skolin I wanna try it but I don't want to lose time if it's known that this wouldn't work :D

AntiSquid: yes

AntiSquid: F

inoryy: and multiple pacs to control

inoryy: that's like the worst possible combination of things for an NN to handle

Doju: Yeahh true

AntiSquid: also 1 week, not a month :p

dbdr: boss #100 after 40 minutes

dbdr: quite unlike OOC :D

eulerscheZahl: who wants full rules?

Doju: I'm still intrigued by the idea though


AllYourTorpedos: meeee

AntiSquid: i mean a month is enough to do your bot, get bored and do random stuff

Skolin: Fosfen i think another problem with minmax is that you need many steps in to get a result. like if your macmans take 5 steps forward the game has not changed that significantly. so you need to calculate a lot of steps in. or a good evaluation :)

dbdr: wait, 4 leagues, starting from wood 2

dbdr: that means new rules in silver, right?

eulerscheZahl: yes

AntiSquid: no

Mentalist: quick question. how do i reset the code to default? I made some changes to taking input which I cant undo it seems

eulerscheZahl: without highlighting of changes

dbdr: unusual no?

AntiSquid: are you sure about silver?

Doju: There's a button in the top right corner for resetting


MadKnight: nice game

AntiSquid: i think it's just the way they uploaded it

Mentalist: Found it. Thanks Doju

AntiSquid: set up the folder i mean

Skolin: @MadKnight nash equilibrium

Fosfen: @Skolin I see what you mean, so that's definitly try-able, but not optimal / most efficient

wlesavo: not having all the pacs on input is a pain

WildSmilodon: Anybody know what are the max width adn height?

Skolin: public static int MAP_MIN_WIDTH = 28;

   public static int MAP_MAX_WIDTH = 33;
   public static int MAP_MIN_HEIGHT = 10;
   public static int MAP_MAX_HEIGHT = 15;

WildSmilodon: tnx


wlesavo: 4 players?

eulerscheZahl: it's a 2 player game

eulerscheZahl: maybe they were experimenting

wlesavo: hm, this if (gameManager.getPlayerCount() == 4) is all over the code

eulerscheZahl: dead code

MindControler: Whats the max map size?

wlesavo: probably you right

eulerscheZahl: i uploaded the final game and there is no way to add a 3rd and 4th player

informathemusic: It at the top, width and height

AntiSquid: scroll up MindControler it's in visible range

informathemusic: Nvm i thoun thid up

informathemusic: public static int MAP_MIN_WIDTH = 28;

   public static int MAP_MAX_WIDTH = 33;
   public static int MAP_MIN_HEIGHT = 10;
   public static int MAP_MAX_HEIGHT = 15;

informathemusic: *Found

informathemusic: *this

Hastings: Where are ya'll looking at the game code?

eulerscheZahl: github


Hastings: My hero!

Uljahn: btw whats the max map size? :smirk:

eulerscheZahl: what's the max pacman size? always 1 cell big?

jrke: when will wood 1 league open

eulerscheZahl: when you beat the boss

eulerscheZahl: and bronze is available too

jrke: K

Dav1dS: why does my score say N/A in some places and a real score in other places

jrke: thanks means wood 1 is open

KobeL: Beaten the bossm ultiple times, still no rank up nor does the "ranking" seem to work 50% of the time (switches between N/A and a ranking etc)

Kacper_D: Anyone else is getting 504 error after pressing "play my code"?

informathemusic: Oh kobe u here too!

RoboStac: KobeL - you need to wait for battles in progress to get to 100% (it's very slow at the moment due to number of players)

informathemusic: You can look it up on google, i think wikipedia has an "HTTP codes" page

Mentalist: I just submitted and was ranked like 340 something but now its 300 something...does this mean the submissions are getting judged rn?

informathemusic: Yea!

eulerscheZahl: will take a while to finish

Mentalist: ok thanks :D

eulerscheZahl: everyone playing right now

Skolin: i often come up with most creative ideas on the bathroom. have one in mind now. not sure if it is a good one though :)

aCat: *a while*

aCat: Skolin wait till bronze...

Mentalist: nice to know you are in the bathroom Skolin

jrke: i beated boss various times and my rank becomes smaller than boss and then imediately changes

Skolin: sure rn i try the "always go left" and greedy pellet solver idea

Skolin: always turn left*

Hjax: @Skolin I like your carbot zergling :-)

Skolin: i like your sc2 ai :)

Mentalist: rn I have the shittiest possible logic. Go after supper pellets and if not available go after random pellets loll

Doju: Mentalist, well, mine doesn't even look for super pellets :D

Default avatar.png Over9000: Yeah, just nearest pellet

Default avatar.png Over9000: Where nearest is not even real distance calculated from grid

RockyMullet: I just go where I didnt go yet :P

Default avatar.png Over9000: Just Manhattan Distance

Mentalist: tho I think I need to go for nearest pellet now, as I'm falling through the ranks xD

RockyMullet: prob enough for wood 1

RockyMullet: if I ever finish a match...

inoryy: whatever you do don't resubmit

Nanosplitter: I made that mistake...

jrke: its taking long time for 1 battle due to many players

jrke: many players

Nanosplitter: I was 12th until I resubmitted

RockyMullet: well I didnt have much hope for my previous random bot :P

Nanosplitter: Oh wait now I'm back to 15th

KobeL: mine is just stucj on "no battles available"

codingWhale: Did you make this game, eulerscheZahl?

jrke: yes when you resubmit some points are deducted then your rank becomes worse then as battle progress it comes back

baltilius: Hi, not sure to who to tell this, but default Go template have unused var and therefore error

eulerscheZahl: no. why do you think so codingWhale?

RockyMullet: euler loves fog of war, so obviously he did this

Tiberiu02: how long did it take you to evaluate your bot?

codingWhale: Because you shared the contribution with the full rules.

inoryy: lol

eulerscheZahl: i downloaded the game from github and reuploaded on CG

jrke: it will take time due to many players submitted at this time wait Tiberiu02

inoryy: I RockyMullet's version more

codingWhale: I see. :) nevermind

eulerscheZahl: because promotion is slow and i wanted to read it without that ugly HTML syntax and playable ;)

Default avatar.png ArchilA: any ehlp with this pacman thing? how can i check if my x y is wa or not? :/

Default avatar.png ArchilA: wall

eulerscheZahl: and my bot is stuck on 5 pacmen, i hav ea bug :/

Default avatar.png Over9000: You get the grid before the game loop starts

jrke: heey eulerschezalh are u on wood 1

c0cainee: love when the game ends with the pacmans kissing each other

Mentalist: AAAAAAAAAA. I GOT 404 NOW

Default avatar.png Over9000: Save it in two-dimensional array, then look up

eulerscheZahl: not yet jrke. promotion is slow

jrke: ya

VicHofs: Yo guys what is 'value' for the big pellets

RockyMullet: lol most of my games are time out

Mentalist: 19

Albeast: 10

Doju: 10

Mentalist: 10**

jrke: 10 is the value

eulerscheZahl: but i'm playing with wood1 rules right now

Default avatar.png Over9000: 38 min, 6%

VicHofs: ty

jrke: 10

Default avatar.png Over9000: 10 is value

RockyMullet: im pretty sure I got screwed by the laggy servers haha

Default avatar.png ArchilA: ty

Mentalist: I can't even load the contests page now smh

RockyMullet: oh, no, I do crash a lot lol

RockyMullet: oh, the map can change size

RockyMullet: oof

RockyMullet: I did this to myself

jrke: first time i saw boss rank above 100

jrke: its 166 rank for boss

KobeL: my submission doesn't seem to use my most recent code?

_Logan_: I haven't been able to get my code to even play yet, keeps crashing on submit cuz servers are burning.

c0cainee: same happened with mine kobe

KobeL: I coded in distance related choices (that work on the local version) but the leaderboard version doesn't use those?

BenjaminUrquhart: [CG]ThibaudToday at 12:55 PM we're adding machines

Mentalist: k bois im on 171 now. Wood 1 here come (int 2 hours)

c0cainee: there's a delay, it fixed itself after the third try

jrke: hey anybody knows how many battles we have to play

jrke: in submission

BenjaminUrquhart: depedns

Mentalist: Quick question. how can I share a game replay ?

Mentalist: because this one is hilarious

BenjaminUrquhart: replay and share icon

BenjaminUrquhart: copy link

BenjaminUrquhart: send


jrke: there is share button at bottom right side


BenjaminUrquhart: ignore mine

BenjaminUrquhart: outstanding move

Doju: lol Mentalist

Albeast: briliant

Mentalist: both of our pacs refuse to back down

Nerchio: can you block pathways with your pac? i didnt check yet

Doju: Apparently you can

_Logan_: yes

Nerchio: nice

Doju: as proven by Mentalist :D

BenjaminUrquhart: once we get more pacs this is gonna get interesting

Nerchio: this will get very complicated very fast

eulerscheZahl: but you can get eaten Nerchio

Mentalist: ;D

eulerscheZahl: you can turn you pac into rock, paper, scissors

YourBestNIGHTMARE: :expressionless:frisk

mesavitae: is that the level 3 rule?

Default avatar.png Over9000: Can others see what the pac is?

Doju: I'm still intrigued by the idea of competing neural networks but you guys reeeally seem to think it's a horrible

Nerchio: i will just code greedy algo to get to bronze hopefully :p

Mentalist: Blink is 205, and I'm 207. LETS GOOOO

kovi: i hope you surface to avoid getting eaten

Mentalist: ignore my hype this is my first contest

kovi: this time i wont start 3 days late

YourBestNIGHTMARE: ı hope you push on a lego

moidda: how to view what Im printing to std error?

Mentalist: open the console

wlesavo: kovi surface to avoid pallets

Rafal.Py: which python3 version is it? :)

wlesavo: im definetly using my mine escaping code for this

eulerscheZahl: Rafal.Py

jrke: anybody in wood 1 yet

kovi: wlesavo: nah, its move on pellets, and surface refills the map

moidda: I started in wood 2

Rafal.Py: thx

eulerscheZahl: i'm beating wood1 boss already

jrke: wow

Default avatar.png Over9000: It's getting faster isn't it?

jrke: means going to enter bronze

VicHofs: are commands issued through the print function?

eulerscheZahl: first few hours of a contest are always slow

VicHofs: sounds weird

jrke: yes VicHofs

VicHofs: ty

jrke: print("Your commands")

eulerscheZahl: will be much faster after the first wave of submits

jrke: eulerschezalh whats new in wood 1

eulerscheZahl: check the rules (switch leagues at the top right)

Mentalist: another quesiton.. i beat the boss in the LB but i am not getting promoted?

jrke: and how many people are there in wood 1 presently

eulerscheZahl: wait for 100% progress Mentalist

eulerscheZahl: 0

jrke: Mentalist points are updated after sometimes wait

jrke: no one except you in wood 1

Mentalist: ah thanks! jrke, euler

eulerscheZahl: i'm not there either, submits are slow

moidda: can a pellet reappear?

jrke: K

jrke: no a pellet camn't reappear

jrke: sorry can't

ZeroByter: Well I'm at position 75 in wood league just for going to the closest pellet from my pacman, guys this is embarrasing

jrke: no

cegprakash: hey eulerscheZahl I'm streaming rn

jrke: just pass leauges

eulerscheZahl: i'm competing right now

jrke: and later improve your bot

jrke: eulerschezalh you are presently 8th

eulerscheZahl: yes?


jrke: what's this Mark 7

tobk: holy cow, coming back after ~1h my submit is at 20%

mark7: There something wrong with my path finding BFS

jrke: K

Uljahn: btw you can be disqualified for code sharing during the contest :smirk:

eulerscheZahl: classic

jrke: i suggest don't share your codes

jrke: you maybe disqualified or someone can use your codes

eulerscheZahl: or you get disqualified, someone uses it and gets disqualified too

kovi: karliso playing this time

Quidome: what's the maximum width and height?

eulerscheZahl: 3

BenjaminUrquhart: yes'

sgalasso: Hello, does anyone know if it possible to add dependencies for Rust in the ide ?

BenjaminUrquhart: not really

Quidome: no you can't

eulerscheZahl: if it's not there, you are out of luck

sgalasso: ok thanks

eulerscheZahl: 557 computing :o

eulerscheZahl: i'll come back later

struct: yeah

struct: best choice I think

kovi: closeai also

kovi: closetai

Nanosplitter: Blinky getting closer to 300

struct: +22 computing on csb

jrke: there is bug in ranking or overload

jrke: struct are you doing csb

struct: no

Waffle3z: trying to debug a timeout, adding stderr prints makes the timeout wave function collapse and not happen because it is observed

Default avatar.png fily: hi, help how to play

jrke: read rules you will understand what to do

jrke: its easy enough

Default avatar.png fily: trust me i did

Default avatar.png fily: doesn't make any sence

jrke: K

VicHofs: lol

jrke: you have to eat or collect as much as pellets you can

Doju: So what type of pathfinding are you guys using? A*?

E_pur_si_muove: Agree. I doesn't make sense, but fun

Waffle3z: what doesn't make sense

jrke: and more than your opponent else you will lose

PandarinDev: When do you rank up if you're higher rank than the boss?

Quidome: does anyone know max width and height?

Nanosplitter: When your submit hits 100% PandarinDev

struct: its in the referee

jrke: yes pandarinDev

blasterpoard: 33x15

PandarinDev: Ty @Nanosplitter

Default avatar.png fily: thanks a lot

jrke: huh! 95% battles done

Quidome: where do i find the referee?

PandarinDev: Where can you see the % of battles done?

E_pur_si_muove: where is the referee? It's not published in the description


E_pur_si_muove: thx

Quidome: thnxs

Albeast: Soooooo close:


Default avatar.png fily: i thought it an algorithm or coding challenge

struct: its coding challenge

struct: you code an ai

Default avatar.png fily: what it jut take an input noting else

jrke: no you to give output also

Earthborne: wow, the syntax highlighting scheme changed!

jrke: where is Antisquid

Dasio: I would like to start spring challenge, but I'm getting "Dasio has not provided 1 lines in time" I can't see any movement but there is "Standard Output Stream: MOVE 0 4 12"

informathemusic: I don't get it, will those ranked better than the boss get on a better league or will those beating the boss get on a better league?

struct: ranked better

informathemusic: Btw when will be the next promotion?

struct: when the submission hits 10%

struct: 100%*

jrke: hey change line ie add \n at end dasio

Dasio: jrke Thanks!

jrke: it worked?

Dasio: yeah

Dasio: I was so frustrated how it could be so slow

Dasio: Or i though that was the problem

Dasio: thanks very much :)

jrke: K

DamianS: wrap-around can be only via left-right edge, or up-down as well?

jrke: welcome

Default avatar.png fily: can you please simplify it

jrke: i will be promoted to wood 1 i got message

jrke: :grinning:

Default avatar.png fily: share the fun let's play like u

PandarinDev: Battles in progress stuck at 30%

Default avatar.png fily: and also good luck with wood 1

VicHofs: I guess I'm having trouble with info gathering

jrke: i am at wood 1:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

VicHofs: Is the info a .txt we can't see?

Default avatar.png ArchilA: i still do not get how to check if x,y is unraechable :/

Default avatar.png fily: am i the only one who doesn't get this

VicHofs: definitely not

Default avatar.png fily: oh :sweat_smile:

Default avatar.png fily: u to

VicHofs: I tried getting the information for pellets into a list but then I get a time exception

VicHofs: Is this to be expected

Default avatar.png ArchilA: and then go to desired pellet? :O how do u even do that

VicHofs: yes

VicHofs: But I'm getting time outs and idk how to fix it

jrke: which time out

VicHofs: failed to receive 1 line

jrke: K

jrke: add \n at last of command line

jrke: means

jrke: print("Your commands\n")

jrke: it will work

VicHofs: ok I'll try that

VicHofs: ty

Deadstroy18: i dont undersand that all

jrke: what?

Deadstroy18: how to control the pacs

Doju: Hey, this is a dumb question, but anyways. So in python I like to have a "pos" class with self.x and self.y but i'd also like to have that same class act as a np.array

jrke: give commands

Doju: so i'd basically like to have the "Vector2" from Unity


Doju: is that possible without a million different setters, getters and all that mess?

VicHofs: no idea @Doju

Doju: Basically i'd like to do something like this: pos1.x -pos2.x -> returns some int

informathemusic: Why am I stuck ay 69% of the battles

VicHofs: lmao

informathemusic: *stuck at 60%

jrke: doju which league are you at

VicHofs: oh that's less epic

Hastings: The interaction of numpy arrays and vectors in 2 or 3 dimensional space are numpy's curse

Hastings: it's just funamentally bad

Doju: but also pos1-pos2 -> returns instance of pos class with (pos1.x -pos2.x, pos1.y-pos2.y)

Doju: jrke i haven't submitted anything yet

jrke: so nothig to worry just make simple bot

jrke: its very easy to pass wood 1

Default avatar.png ArchilA: i still do not get mechanics of this site :(

VicHofs: bruh I can't even get it to go to the closest pellet lmao

Doju: Okay so i just have to give in to the numpy curse and just do pos[0] and pos[1]

Doju: that's a shame

informathemusic: Please "Battles in progress " is stuck at 60%

VicHofs: it takes some time

informathemusic: Yea but like it's stuck at 60% more than it was stuck at 50 or 40

informathemusic: Nvm got it to 70%

Default avatar.png Grudo: lol most of my wood 1 ends with both pacs stuck at trying to get the same pellet for 100 turns :D

mesavitae: same lol

aCat: :+1:

Doju: I don't have a working ai yet, but do you think it's worth it to optimize the small things like not taking sqrt of distances if possible

Nerchio: reading the input is usually harder than getting to legend

jrke: anyone at bronze yet?

aCat: nope

JarredAllen: @Doju "Premature optimization is the root of all evil"

Doju: i could implement that right now and be done with it but i think speed is not gonna be something to worry about

Waffle3z: euclidean distance doesn't make sense anyway when you can only move orthogonally

Hjax: theres currently 16 people above the wood 1 boss, but i dont think any are in bronze yet

Doju: Okay, thanks. And nice quote, JarredAllen

jrke: K

eulerscheZahl: the boss itself hasn't finished the submit

Doju: Right, true

Hjax: eulerscheZahl whyd you have to break my win streak, rude

eulerscheZahl: to promote of course

kovi: he did the same to me. but then...revenge

Hjax: i think my current bot is much better than the wood boss, so ill promote as soon as the system sorts itself out

jrke: eulerschezalh in wood 1 or bronze

eulerscheZahl: yout bot was a noob in that game. frame 10, just go down and get the big pellet

Hjax: my bot is always a noob, its just a few lines of spaghetti lol

kovi: like everyone else's

jacek: i like how 2 pacs are stuck

jacek: and bouncing each other

Doju: Manhattan distance implemented. Thanks, Waffle3z

VicHofs: do the move commands automatically wait for completion?

Skolin: anyone knows how output in higher league will look like? can i make multiple move commands separated with ; in one turn as usual?

kovi: even though i was thinking of setting up some pacman codes in advance....but was too lazy

RoboStac: separated with |, but otherwise yes

Skolin: ah

Skolin: kk

Default avatar.png ArchilA: can some1 give me direction :/

eulerscheZahl: no manhattan either Doju. BFS distance

Grrec: @ArchilA what direction do you need, whats your experience?

Hjax: i have uploaded a slightly un-noobed version

Hjax: aka i changed a constant

Waffle3z: manhattan distance as a best case heuristic in an A* search

Doju: Oookay i've never heard of that, i'll look into it. thx, eulerscheZahl

eulerscheZahl: BFS = breadth first search

Default avatar.png ArchilA: @Grrec it's 0 :D could not figure out how to check if desired position is reachable

eulerscheZahl: as to cells next to each other can be far away if there is a wall between

eulerscheZahl: oh, you are doing an A*, i missed that


DomiKo: what are the odds

eulerscheZahl: just doing BFS from each cell in turn 1

Doju: Oh, right. For now i was just thinking of using something super simple without taking the walls into consideration

AntiSquid: what's new in wood1 ? not sure if i want to promote yet

jacek: thats a p*nis!

Doju: before i do something at least slightly more intelligent

AntiSquid: ban! Automaton2000 ban jacek

Default avatar.png fvla: read the bottom to see

Hjax: @AntiSquid multiple pacmans

Automaton2000: we dont have a bot that has a good idea to make it possible to get the best possible

Default avatar.png fvla: RPS pacman lmao

AntiSquid: that's it? just extra pacs ?

Default avatar.png fvla: RPS

Hjax: thats it

Default avatar.png fvla: pacs

Grrec: @ArchilA than if you are complete starting from 0 you can start with a simple approach like: find a random Pallet, save it and move their. If you reached it pick an other new pallet. Every Pallet is reachable and you can simple say "MOVE 0 10 12" to move their, without care about the path at the moment.

Grrec: This is my approach because im not so good as well. And I think it can give "ok" results for the start.

wlesavo: damn, so there are translations in map

AntiSquid: ok thanks Hjax

VicHofs: how the heck do u implement BFS on this thing lol

AntiSquid: with ease ?

VicHofs: -at all-

Nerchio: bfs might be expensive with multiple pacs later maybe?

Default avatar.png ArchilA: @Grrec just moving to random coordinates makes me sometimes to be stuck. is it possible to knownearest pellet position?

BenjaminUrquhart: what if I just treat this like tron with extra steps

AllYourTorpedos: can 2 pacs end in the same cell?

Default avatar.png fvla: no

MSmits: lol I thought I go take a shower and then my simple BFS bot will be in wood 1, but leaderboard is very busy :)

AllYourTorpedos: if they both try to move to the same square do they just not move at all?

jacek: they just bounce

AllYourTorpedos: kk

eulerscheZahl: Nerchio not if you cache it (ignoring other pecs)

AntiSquid: should have played with your rubber duck and toy waships for longer in the bath tub msontag

AntiSquid: MSmits

MSmits: yeah

jacek: msontag

Grrec: @ArchilA you could calculate the distance between each pallet and your pac. And take the nearest one. Calculation between two points should be easy. But Im wondering that you get stucked. Sure that its not simply a missing update on a new Pallet goal?

AntiSquid: too many palettes

Default avatar.png ArchilA: @Grrec probably so, coz i do not now how to check if there is pellet nexxt to me

eulerscheZahl: palettes? do you mean pellets?

Grrec: @ArchilA there are always many ways to check this. For example when reading all pallets simply check the distance to your pac. If the distance is 1 its exactly next to you. if its 1.4 its diagonal.

struct: 1.4?

struct: What distance are you using?

qx4mX: gotta collect those pallets


AntiSquid: look at the message above before asking me euler

Grrec: Talking about simple coordinate distances for the start. We are at completely beginner level @struct

struct: diagonal should give distance 2 using mantham distance

LoGos: ^

Waffle3z: abs(x2-x1)+abs(y2-y1)

Grrec: Will check what mantham distance is thx

Quidome: Manhattan

struct: yeah, sorry misstype

informathemusic: I just love it

jacek: manehattan

MSmits: rules.forOfWar = false;

MSmits: in the referee

wlesavo: lol

jacek: obfuscation

MSmits: at least we know there is no fog of war then

MSmits: just for of war

Doju: Actually i don't think i need numpy arrays for this

Doju: i can use my stupid pos.x, pos.y system, yess :D

Grrec: Wow this is so slow to submitting stuff. Please dont write simpler algorythms and stay at beginner level like me, thanks ...

MSmits: Grrec it will be mostly like that right now. Rest of the week will be much more quiet

MSmits: try not to submit when you didn't make any changes

struct: even play my code is slow atm :(

Grrec: Ah, yeah i ment only "Play" not subumit.

MSmits: I don't mind. Plenty of thinking to do and maybe some coding as well. Or read the referee. No need to waste time


BenjaminUrquhart: people submitting in bronze on csb

MSmits: oh

MSmits: promotions

VicHofs: guys I still don't really get the pellet position thing

BenjaminUrquhart: it's always csb

MSmits: it has a x and y position

MSmits: y increases downwards

VicHofs: Where is the information stored? Can I take it elsewhere i.e. a list?

MSmits: thats about it

MSmits: oh yes

MSmits: you can take it anywhere

MSmits: make a class for it, a list of pellet objects, a 2D array, whatever you want

Hjax: you read it x/y locations from stdin, and then you can do whatever you want with that info

jacek: use bitboards. ezpz

VicHofs: So if I understand this correctly there's a text file that contains this info

Doju: Is there a better way to having multiple movement logics in the same function than calling other functions with a million if else statements?

MSmits: just make sure you do read the input, that's critical. The game expects you to read exactly as much input as it tells you to. What you do with the input after, is up to you

MSmits: your process gets sent the input VicHofs

Doju: So "calculate_move("random")" or "calculate_move("closest")" for example

MSmits: you'll have to write that logic yourself

Doju: and calculate_move being: "if logic == "random": move_random() elif logic == "closest) : move_closest()

MSmits: but you can pass booleans

Doju: or something along the lines of that

MSmits: or enums

jacek: wtf is this

MSmits: thats the game :P

MSmits: btw, better not post links like that here

MSmits: if there's something wrong with visibility, you dont want thousands of players to see things they are not supposed to, before it gets blocked

Default avatar.png Joep: The play my code button doesn't work or something?

Grrec: What can I do against ""Only 1 executor running at the same time for a test session"?

MSmits: you started a game already

MSmits: with play

MSmits: it's still calculating

MSmits: cant start it again

Grrec: 10 minutes before? :(

MSmits: Grrec, just take a break until the servers get their :poop: together

MSmits: the start of a contest is like this, especially one that is hyped up as this is

dbdr: why was it more hyped?

MSmits: the video

Enknable: video?

MSmits: and it was announced during the last contest when a lot of people saw it

Default avatar.png Thiesjoo: Hey meneer Smits!

MSmits: well visible anyway

dbdr: yeah, chain contests is a good strategy :D

MSmits: hi Thies

Default avatar.png le_bra_james: hi

MSmits: This is one of my students, cool to see you here

MSmits: Thies that is

Default avatar.png Thiesjoo: Just trying for the PCC team

jacek: hi!

jacek: blink twice is msmits is torturing you

MSmits: Did you manage to join the team?

Default avatar.png Thiesjoo: I think so. My school says PCC with 7 members

MSmits: oh

MSmits: thats awesome

MSmits: I was a bit worried the game would be too hard for your classmates Thiesjoo

Astrobytes: Oh hey, your recruitment drive worked MSmits

MSmits: but I think you can do it, since you finished the Labyrinth

Default avatar.png Thiesjoo: I also think i can do it. We have a lot of time on our hands, so we will see

MSmits: seems like it Astrobytes

Astrobytes: Good stuff!

qx4mX: in wood 1 everybody just be blocking everthing xd

wlesavo: MSmits pulled a Cat on this one

Astrobytes: :D

qx4mX: does anyone know if this will stay open even after the first week ?

Default avatar.png Over9000: Me blocking three of my pacs in the bottom left:

Astrobytes: qx4mX Yes it will become available in multiplayer when the contest finishes

qx4mX: k ty :)

Default avatar.png fvla: Has anyone made it to Wood 1 or Bronze yet?

FrankR: sure

qx4mX: wood 1 yes

FrankR: just takes some time

ZarthaxX: fvla

Doju: Is there a way to turn type hints on in the ide?

Waffle3z: yeah I'm in bronze now

Default avatar.png Over9000: wood 1

Quidome: 39 in bronze

Default avatar.png fvla: Nice

dbdr: those collisions :D

Hjax: silver is locked right?

Default avatar.png fvla: These battles are slow...

dbdr: yes, no boss yet

Quidome: no ghosts then?

Hjax: there wont be any ghosts

Hastings: fvla: if you click the setting wheel in the player you can pick x2, x5, or x10 speed

Default avatar.png fvla: i'm not talking about that lol

Default avatar.png fvla: i'm talking about the automated battler to get me promoted

elderlybeginner: Any suggestion for a basic strategy in the contest?

struct: I guess you can do move to closest pellet in early leageus

Default avatar.png fvla: it is suboptimal game theory to give your opponent advice

Doju: Atm I'm going for the veery basic strategy of just getting the closest pellet

eulerscheZahl: yes, gets you to bronze

VicHofs: I can't even do that lol

Quidome: oh really

Quidome: ok, I am on it :)

Doju: VicHofs, random pellet, maybe?

Doju: I tried that though, it's veeery poor

VicHofs: No I don't have any issues with the logic actually

VicHofs: I'm just having trouble extracting info

Default avatar.png fvla: so many lulzy moments when my pac and the opponent's are just walking into each other

VicHofs: is the input() coming from a text file?

muy31: from the console

Hjax: whats the name of that runner tool people use to run test games as if through the web ui?

Hjax: to test against other peoples bots?

muy31: it's like typing in the lines

ZarthaxX: brutaltester?

Quidome: well, than everybody will be in Bronze very soon....

Jasperr: Oups An error occurred (#73): "Only 1 executor running at the same time for a test session". wth do I do now lol

ZarthaxX: or the benchmark

Hjax: ah it was the benchmark tool, thanks ZarthaxX

ZarthaxX: np

VicHofs: ok but if I call input() myself it'll read the first line always right

Qet_i: what i don't understand, is how to differentiate between coordinates of pacman (x,y) and pellet (x,y)?

dbdr: why do you want to differenciate Qet_i?

Default avatar.png cozmo: anyone sees pac's getting "0 visible" pellets?

Default avatar.png fvla: nope

Default avatar.png fvla: if that happens, the game already ended

RoboStac: or you are in brozne

dbdr: cozmo it's possible in bronze I think

Default avatar.png cozmo: Im in Wood 1

VicHofs: I keed getting "has not provided 1 lines in time"

Hoggins: that should be possible, wht no ?

Default avatar.png cozmo: and still im getting 0 visible

perseverent: Jasper are you writing in C?

Qet_i: so i can give my pacman a goal, which to reach. or does the print always take pellet's position?

VicHofs: does the move command already have a "wait" implementation?

Doju: you need to print out the coordinates where you want your pac to move to

Csipcsirip: at least tracking performance won't be an issue this time

eulerscheZahl: no more chucknorris?

struct: you dont think performance will matter?

VicHofs: yeah I know, but what I mean is if I give it a difference move command will it stop and head the other way?

VicHofs: *different

VicHofs: or will it go there and then move on?

Csipcsirip: no :( if u end up at top30 you can't use the nickname chucknorris.

JarredAllen: Giving a move command only causes it to move one tile

VicHofs: ok thanks

JarredAllen: If you want to pathfind to a location, you need to give it a move command every turn until it gets there

VicHofs: I keep timing out though

Default avatar.png ArchilA: how the hell do u check if u arrived and move to another location? :@

VicHofs: do an if check on your pac's location

VicHofs: and see if it matches your destination

struct: any CG staff online?

VicHofs: the algorithm is fine imo

Default avatar.png ArchilA: and where is pac's location? when i do x and y it does NOTHING

VicHofs: but I keep timing out no matted what

VicHofs: ArchilA I'm having trouble with that too

VicHofs: but apparently it's input from the console

Default avatar.png ArchilA: dammit, i'm going random -_-

BenjaminUrquhart: lazy

BenjaminUrquhart: I don't even have an AI yet

Erblinium: ss

perseverent: C default code has a bug

VicHofs: I can't even make it go random lmao

struct: random is bad

Default avatar.png lNitsua: C defaults bug is just missing an fgetc

struct: your bot will just go back and forth

VicHofs: yeah ik I'm not trying tho

VicHofs: How does timing out work

VicHofs: can someone explain this pls

RoboStac: if you take longer than 50ms(1second on first turn) to print a line you timeout

Default avatar.png fvla: i know i said that giving advice is a bad strategy

VicHofs: So basically I can't run any code before that

Default avatar.png fvla: but please learn to BFS

moidda: I cant seem to store the position of all the pellets

RoboStac: you can run a lot of code in 50ms

VicHofs: idk what's up here then lol

VicHofs: I'm just trying to assign a list before moving

VicHofs: but it's timing out anyways

moidda: Is there any problem in storing all the pellets?

wlesavo: 230 lines in wood 2, finally ready to submit

moidda: Im getting time out for that

VicHofs: same

Doju: uhh what

Doju: im getting "invalid literal for int() with base 10: '0 0'"

struct: damn wlesavo what are you doing?

Doju: on a line with just visible_pellet_count = int(input())

MSmits: bfs seems a guaranteed bronze

struct: even with no bfs

VicHofs: how do u implement bfs tho

Default avatar.png Over9000: woooo bronze

eulerscheZahl: you copy it from your ocean of code bot

Default avatar.png fvla: if you don't know that, go through the puzzles

moidda: Theres something called GOOGLE.

MSmits: it's the most common pathfinding search algorithm. It's very easy VicHofs, you can google it

moidda: Why ask how to implement BFS

VicHofs: I've heard of A* lol

MSmits: A* is actually much harder

Default avatar.png RustyCrown: how to make text appear above a pac?

wlesavo: struct same pathfinding i used i ooc, it just seems to be easy to tune afterwards

Doju: I think A* is BFS but a bit fancier, right?

MSmits: yes, it's fancier

Doju: or a lot fancier, right

MSmits: and requires thinking

VicHofs: wait so it's harder?

VicHofs: wth

MSmits: not a lot fancier

MSmits: A* is harder

MSmits: bfs is super easy

struct: RustyCrown you print(MOVE id x y MSG)

VicHofs: ok so I should be able to figure this out

VicHofs: ty

Doju: afaik BFS is just looking at every possible path you can take

MSmits: can do in a few lines. Most work is getting the neighbors with if statements

Default avatar.png lNitsua: it pretty much just adds a priority queue to check. I think technically this only uses dijkstra because every movement is 1

Mentalist: hmm. random number of pacs this is gonna be funny

Doju: and A* actually applies some logic to it

Default avatar.png lNitsua: so you just incorporate how far you will be from your target

Mentalist: In bronze, everything is unlocked, right?

MSmits: yes

struct: ye

MSmits: which is a lot i feel. They could have done with another wood :)

Mentalist: good, because i dont want my code to go to waste

struct: bronze will be big this time

Default avatar.png RustyCrown: struct thanks!

Nerchio: i feel like i am too dumb to do efficient bfs

MSmits: yeah very different from ooc

moidda: Anyone facing problem storing the coordinates of pellets?

MSmits: I dont often get bronze in 3 hrs

Doju: argh, i still keep doing "if x = True" even though i've been coding for some months now

ZarthaxX: struct ruined my streak

tobk: is there fog of war in higher leagues?

struct: get rekt ZarthaxX

struct: ezpz

struct: fix it

Doju: (as opposed to "if x == True")


RoboStac: tobk - yes, you can only see pellets / enemies in a straight line

aCat: bronze rules in readable format if anyone want to peek

eulerscheZahl: why did you make screenshots aCat?

jacek: spoiler alert!

moidda: What is the constraint for width and height?

aCat: to have outside cg visible format

tobk: thanks, was asking because it's not mentioned in "whats in store in higher leagues"

eulerscheZahl: but now the text isn't copy-pasteable anymore

struct: public static int MAP_MIN_WIDTH = 28; public static int MAP_MAX_WIDTH = 33; public static int MAP_MIN_HEIGHT = 10; public static int MAP_MAX_HEIGHT = 15;

eulerscheZahl: and saving text as a jpeg, absolutely barbaric

aCat: :*

tobk: but you still know where all the opp pacs are, right?

RoboStac: nope

eulerscheZahl: only if they are in line of sight

Hastings: I've never used java before: is there a quick guide to compiling and running ?

RoboStac: you don't know what type they are either unless you can see them

Default avatar.png lNitsua: javac "" then java "filename" pretty sure

eulerscheZahl: clone repo, import maven project in eclipse/intelliJ

jacek: Hastings the faster would be to use intellij idea

eulerscheZahl: it's not a simple javac

Default avatar.png ArchilA: is it impossible to know that i arrived at x,y ?

RoboStac: you get your pacmans coordinates every turn

dbdr: did Waffle3z adapt his profile pic to the challenge, or it was already like that?

VicHofs: no just check your pac locaction

eulerscheZahl: adapt

eulerscheZahl: well done

dbdr: yes!

Default avatar.png ArchilA: i know, but i'm unable to do if x == something and so on

VicHofs: how do I mention someone in the chat

eulerscheZahl: VicHofs

eulerscheZahl: type the name

RoboStac: you need to store them in some way - it loops round all the pacmans reading them in 1 by 1

Default avatar.png ArchilA: @name

VicHofs: its cause the x for your pacman isnt a global variable

Hastings: Thanks a ton!

VicHofs: its not just auto set

eulerscheZahl: actually type the first few letters and then hit the tab key

VicHofs: oh ty

VicHofs: eulerscheZahl

solaimanope: in competitive programming C++ is preferred more than Java since Java takes more execution time Has anyone faced problems because of this?

Default avatar.png ArchilA: if x == 1 and y ==1 does nothing -_- can someone tell me why?

VicHofs: they're not global auto set variables ArchilA

VicHofs: you have to set them as something

tobk: in case you want o visualize your heatmap (assuming you are using such a thing) PGM format is really nice

Quidome: execution is not a problem in my opinion, garbage collect can be an issue

Default avatar.png ArchilA: u man 1's? i did, still nothing...

Default avatar.png ArchilA: does visible pellet count not go to 0 after some1 takes the pellet?

VicHofs: I can't share actual code, but you have to use the x and y for something before they are redefined for the pellets

VicHofs: ArchilA

Quidome: almost 1000 players submitted :)

AntiSquid: do i need to output the pacman commands in a particular order? i mean i output id, so am wonder if i can just do it any order i want

cmr624: what do u do when u move ur guy to a location but he doesnt move

AntiSquid: wondering *

AntiSquid: blackmail him cmr624

cmr624: blackmail him??

struct: Ok, if anyone is wonder

cmr624: hes just being disobedient

Default avatar.png Over9000: Nice, all my pacs blocking each other:

struct: You can see from one side of the map to the other

struct: ffrom the hole

Default avatar.png ArchilA: wow, i just randomly did a code :O but my pac is too stupid :(

AntiSquid: so it's a peeping tom hole !

MSmits: you get more pacs in wood 1 ArchilA, maybe one of the others will be smarter

Jasperr: anyone else having problems with "Play my code" occasionally timing out in an HTTP 504? or am i alone here?

AntiSquid: but does the order of your pacs commands matter?

VicHofs: yes

VicHofs: It's a while loop tho

AntiSquid: Jasperr mine does too, and i don't know why has nothing to do with the code that's for sure :p

Jasperr: good to hear xD

KobeL: AntiSquid, there's some other shenanigans going on with the competition but according to Thibaud they are working on it

tobk: are there more pellet values than 1 and 10?

LoganWlv: @tobk nop

Doju: Ooohh okay now i see why you don't do manhattan distance

tobk: then I know what to do with speedboost :-)

Doju: in addition to being very inefficient it gets you stuck

Mentalist: This is highly ambitious, but anyone know where I could find the resources to make something like this myself? Not the site, but a game that works like this PvP code.. I have experience in 2-3 game engines

Default avatar.png lNitsua: pretty sure they provide the source code in a github somewhere

Default avatar.png lNitsua: you could peruse that and get an Idea of what's done

Mentalist: Yeah, they give out github links to hte source

Mentalist: ill look into it

Mentalist: thanks INitsua

Doju: Ooh some really advanced AIs could try to deduce which strategy the opponent is using

Doju: This is quite interesting

KobeL: True doju, but runtime on those might be too slow if they have big pacman counts (not sure if they do, haven't checked)

Doju: lol i stumbled into someone who uses the exact same strategy

Doju: i think

KobeL: Very possible

Doju: This is so damn fun. Why haven't i participated in these before?

Default avatar.png lNitsua: you've been missing out then. I'm garbage and love them

Default avatar.png lNitsua: the last one has been my favorite. Then I think LoC was the next best.

KobeL: Yea first one for me too, loving it so far

Default avatar.png BJTrumpet: First real challenge for me too

Default avatar.png BJTrumpet: just got into Bronze, this is exciting

Ken_Fool: My first Challenge too, im rly excited looks like fun. GL to all

VicHofs: wth I'm getting this with python on the default code

VicHofs: ValueError: too many values to unpack (expected 2) at in <module> on line 14

wlesavo: pebpac

Doju: That's odd

Default avatar.png BJTrumpet: did you accidentally delete an input variable?

Doju: Maybeee.. you have commented out a line with input()?

VicHofs: nope

Default avatar.png BJTrumpet: should have my_score, opponent_score

VicHofs: yeah

RoboStac: the defaults working for me - are you sure you've made no modifications?

VicHofs: yep

RoboStac: (you can reset with a button in the top right)

VicHofs: Imma reset again then I guess

Default avatar.png BJTrumpet: honestly, copy/paste into an IDE and reset the code

Default avatar.png BJTrumpet: there's width/height input, row input, then score input

Doju: Oh, do I need to beat Blinky to climb the rank?

Default avatar.png Over9000: yeah

Default avatar.png rwilson: Doju - technically, no. Blinky could beat you 100% of the time. But if you have a better win % in the arena than him, then youll promote.

Default avatar.png Over9000: yeah, beat him on the leaderboard, not in the game

Doju: Ah, alright. So I need to beat him in the rankings and not directly

Doju: that makes sense

Doju: thanks

Hjax: yeah if you finish your calibration games and you are ranked above the boss, you will promote

MaxCompteTest: I wasn't expecting my simple bot to stay first that long

[CG]Maxime: ooops, wrong account :)

Hastings: We're trying, Maxime

VicHofs: woah I just whooped Blinky's ass lmao

VicHofs: 69 pellets lmao

Doju: Oh well I just got an evil idea

Doju: A bit difficult to implement but a brilliant one :P

VicHofs: My next goal is to get 420 pellets

Csipcsirip: haha funny drug number

Doju: I wonder if it'd be feasible to calculate maybee... a million? paths in the first second

VicHofs: funny drug number go woosh

informathemusic: Kobe , hows it going!

moidda: Submitted my code and won/lost some battles. How do I level up?

Doju: You need to beat the boss in the rankings

moidda: the one ranked 1?

Doju: No, the one highlighted

Doju: Blinky in the first ladder

VicHofs: blinky

Doju: Not sure if the name changes in the other ones

Doju: Because i'm still a noob and stuck here :P

moidda: Its still blinky :v

VicHofs: wait wth tho

cegprakash: it's Pinky in wood1

jacek: pie?

VicHofs: you only move up in 16 hours??

moidda: But I did defeat one blinky

VicHofs: It's not defeating moidda

Doju: Noo, it's in like a few minutes

VicHofs: u gotta beat him in the rankings

VicHofs: oh ok amen Doju ty

VicHofs: can you drop back down?

JarredAllen: I don't think you can drop down

VicHofs: ok cool JarredAllen thanks

moidda: Im in wood2. How many blinkys do I defeat to reach boss?

Default avatar.png Dinca: am I the only one who can't the test spring challenge?

Default avatar.png Dinca: I just press play and it doesn't start....and then I get network error

JarredAllen: @moidda You hit submit, and then you have to defeat more league participants than the boss to move in

Waffle3z: blinky is the wood2 boss. if you're ranked higher than it then you get promoted

JarredAllen: @Dinca I'm not getting any network errors

JarredAllen: So I think that's something unique to you

Default avatar.png Dinca: ok...let's see what I can do

moidda: @Waffle3z Im ranked above BLINKY still in wood2. Sorry for bothering its my first time

perseverent: the default works?

Waffle3z: you'll be promoted once your battles in progress reaches 100%

perseverent: just wait

moidda: Ow. THanks

JasperV: how do some companies get their logo there?

VicHofs: heck yuss Wood 1

VicHofs: Pinky's going down

VicHofs: are the visible pellets shared globally or ate they visible for each pac?

VicHofs: *are

[CG]Maxime: globally for all your pacs, you have a single program to control all your pacs at the same time

VicHofs: okeydokey

VicHofs: ty

Hastings: I'm on a maven adventure!

moidda: Promoted to wood1. Thanks to people answering my questions

GlitchyByte: Hello fellow gam... I mean coders!

VicHofs: same dif

angauber: what do you guys use to get the closest pellte, a* seems kinda bloated for 200 pellets

muy31: math.hypot

Waffle3z: bfs is good enough

muy31: i guess

rcar: manhattan distance. walls aren't real

muy31: yes

angauber: what ? you can go through walls ?

BenjaminUrquhart: my top tier AI:

BenjaminUrquhart: public Command getCommandFor(Pacman pac) {

       return Command.MOVE(pac.getLocation());

rcar: no, just being dumb. manhattan distance ignoring walls works ok through wood tiers though

ZeroByter: in wood tier my ships are constantly getting stuck against each other

VicHofs: your... ships?

muy31: lol

ZeroByter: ah wait this isnt halite, i meant pacs

ZeroByter: pacmans

VicHofs: it happens

ZeroByter: thingies

VicHofs: write code to deal with that scenario

ZeroByter: lol good idea i hadn't thought of that

VicHofs: -_-

Default avatar.png Over9000: Everybody getting stuck before round 50/200:

VicHofs: just... ok?

angauber: replace the enemies witha wall character in the map maybe ?

ZeroByter: yeh im trying to write some a* code to get pathfinding to where i wanna go but am a noob at a*, never used it before so it's not working yet, but im on the case

Default avatar.png cooljoseph: What is the sight radius?

BenjaminUrquhart: line of sight

VicHofs: maybe trying BFS might be better ZeroByter

ZeroByter: there is no fog of war

ZeroByter: k ill look into it

RoboStac: there is fog of war in bronze

VicHofs: I think you might waste too much time with A* but idk

ZeroByter: oh crap

elderlybeginner: ranking battles seems to work slow

Archibaldo: Is bronze the highest league right now?

VicHofs: they are elderlybeginner

AllYourTorpedos: is anyone else constantly getting 0,0 for the scores instead of the scores displayed in the game?

VicHofs: yes Archibaldo

angauber: ZeroByter yeah a* with 200 pellets.. it's gonna take some time

elderlybeginner: is it sever performance, code weakness or too many players at once sending code?

VicHofs: idk

VicHofs: you'd have to get a mod for that

BenjaminUrquhart: the first and the last

Default avatar.png nathanfranke: Who else is putting random changing text for above the pac men

Waffle3z: what's the command to do that

Doju: You just add it after the move coords

Doju: example: print(f"MOVE {} {x} {y} {x} {y}") displays the x and y coords

Default avatar.png Over9000: Am I blind or is this undocumented?

Waffle3z: MSG is a command in the source, where does it write to

angauber: It's now, in debug section

angauber: over9k

Default avatar.png Over9000: Ah I see there it says it

VicHofs: guys my stdout is showing my commands spearated by "|" but I'm timing out

VicHofs: as if the commands aren't working

VicHofs: what's up with that

RoboStac: are you putting the newline on the end?

VicHofs: i feel dumb now

VicHofs: ty

Denebil: Or | at the end

struct: | at end is fine

VicHofs: actually no nvm not working lol

AllYourTorpedos: what are the scores read in from stdin? they aren't matching the scores at the top in the replay

VicHofs: the commands are properly separated by | in the stdout it's just not going

RoboStac: share a replay?

VicHofs: from mine?

angauber: when you timeout your don't see any of your prints I think

RoboStac: yeah

VicHofs: sure thing

Jasperr: is cin.ignore() in C++ necessary?


janquo: can others see text over our pac?

Jasperr: My code seems to fail 50/50 without it

struct: Now that you mention it AllYourTorpedos I dont know :thinking:

angauber: janquo yes in replays

struct: Maybe it was for lower leagues?

AntiSquid: it's for the input JasperV,

aCat: janquo yes when watching the game

GlitchyByte: Anybody knows what version of Java is this?

AllYourTorpedos: @struct yeah idk

Jasperr: ty

JasperV: @AntiSquid to what is this a response? :P

VicHofs: MOVE 0 11 10|MOVE 1 25 2|MOVE 2 12 1 Game Summary: VicHofs has not provided 1 lines in time

AllYourTorpedos: i haven't even submitted a bot yet, so just messing around in the editor and the scores are always 0,0

VicHofs: this is what I'm getting, is it properly formatted?

AntiSquid: too many jaspers JasperV

RoboStac: the replay doesn't show anything in stdout

Jasperr: Yea I realized

VicHofs: the text is going out into stdout but no commands are being issued

RoboStac: thats what the other player output in that replay VicHofs

VicHofs: yeah ik RoboStac

VicHofs: oh ok

VicHofs: my bad dude

RoboStac: theres nothing in the red section

VicHofs: wait is it though?

VicHofs: because the numbers don't match

VicHofs: i.e. the stdout says 11 10, but Pinky's pac 0 moves to 21, 6

ShannonNorris97: In the contest, once you've submitted do you just leave it and it will battle people on its own?

struct: int playerScore = player.getScore();

       int opponentScore = gameManager.getActivePlayers().get((player.getIndex() + 1) % 2).getScore();
       lines.add(String.format("%d %d", playerScore, opponentScore));

VicHofs: yep ShannonNorris97

RoboStac: thats the closest square to 11,10

struct: I think its bugged

struct: RoboStac have you seen this?

ShannonNorris97: Ah sweet, thanks @VicHofs

struct: The score always gives 0

VicHofs: oh ok got it RoboStac

VicHofs: idk what's going on tho

AntiSquid: why are the submits too fast?

Default avatar.png Over9000: Are you doing very complex stuff? Maybe it's really a timeout? Like A* to 200 pellets?

angauber: it's 50 ms per turn

angauber: gotta go fast

struct: AllYourTorpedos seems like they never update the value that getScore() returns

struct: This might be a bug

struct: They update it one time only

struct: and is on endGame

struct: onEnd()

AntiSquid: :thumbsup:

Default avatar.png Over9000: I can never estimate what I can calculate in 50ms (or any time)

struct: The getScore() returns a different value from pellets eaten

AllYourTorpedos: ahhh gotcha

AllYourTorpedos: okay

struct: This probably will get fixed

AllYourTorpedos: oh

janquo: Do the time of computing your battles depend on how many times you've made submission already?

struct: if they intend to give the value

AllYourTorpedos: so we'll have to keep track of pellets eaten ourselves

AntiSquid: janquo i'ts the cg server

struct: at least for now

AntiSquid: everything is slow atm

struct: But from what I read in the statement

struct: they want to give

struct: Maybe they just forgot

Default avatar.png ArchilA: why my pac's do not move together? :O

AntiSquid: report bug on forums

struct: ok

angauber: struct what's that function you are talking about ?

struct: Which one angauber?

Jasperr: It seems like when I use cin.ignore() I no longer get HTTP 504's lol

angauber: getScore()

Jasperr: maybe its luck tho

struct: getScore()( is a function from SDK

AntiSquid: i guess there's no rush to get bronze today, submit will last an eternity either way

KobeL: Agreed antisquid! + leaderboards open up in 3 days+ anyway so plenty of time

angauber: sdk ? don't you need to read from stdin ?

AntiSquid: 3 days KobeL? did you mean silver?

AntiSquid: here's the leaderboard if you can't find it btw

Default avatar.png Over9000: angauber That's the driver code

Default avatar.png Over9000: Not what you get to see

angauber: Oh I see

Default avatar.png romrd468: Hi, with CSB what is the optimal times for speed other than straights

Default avatar.png ArchilA: any advice why my pac's do not move together? what kind of print do they want :/

Default avatar.png Over9000: | separated

KobeL: AntiSquid yea I mean silver etc, aka rushing bronze doesn't have any perks since you'll be stuck anyway

Default avatar.png Over9000: MOVE 1 2 3|MOVE 2 27 3

Default avatar.png SamuelTheBad: Check the output for your opponent, needs to be seperated by | instead of ending a line for each move

KobeL: Might as well just wait for everything to calm down

VicHofs: is our code manually evaluated at the end?

Default avatar.png ArchilA: oh, thank you

BenjaminUrquhart: VicHofs no

ZeroByter: got a* workin gyay

VicHofs: hmm

Default avatar.png romrd468: with CSB what is the optimal times for speed other than straights

VicHofs: any mods on?

AntiSquid: "calm down" and hide till legend KobeL :p

Default avatar.png ArchilA: @Pver9000 unsupported operand type(s) for |: 'str' and 'str' ;(

VicHofs: you probably put it without quotes

VicHofs: ArchilA

VicHofs: can u check that

angauber: you ca only concatenate variables that have the same type

Default avatar.png romrd468: with CSB what is the optimal times for speed other than straights????

Default avatar.png ArchilA: i have variables so no quotes there :/

JarredAllen: @ArchilA You're trying to bitwise-or strings

JarredAllen: I think that's your issue

VicHofs: so probably what angauber said

AntiSquid: you already aske romrd468 everyone is busy playing the contest

Default avatar.png Over9000: ... +'|'+ ...

Default avatar.png Over9000: not: ... | ...

Default avatar.png cguzman: any help, two double variables, I do : a / b and always get zero as result.

Default avatar.png ArchilA: oh

Default avatar.png Over9000: language?

Default avatar.png cguzman: java

angauber: are you casting the result ?

VicHofs: ArchilA looking into string formatting docs could help too

VicHofs: what language are u using

AntiSquid: see spring challenge 2020 romrd468

Default avatar.png ArchilA: python

angauber: VicHofs python I guess

Default avatar.png ArchilA: i have not even finished and it's sending me to submit -_- wtf

Nerchio: damn wood2 is so hard in pac

Default avatar.png cguzman: angauber, no.

Default avatar.png ArchilA: whatever

VicHofs: check this out it might help ArchilA

VicHofs: AntiSquid you're a mod here right?

angauber: cguzman ?

Default avatar.png cguzman: I just have return a / b;

Default avatar.png cguzman: and I got always zero

Default avatar.png ArchilA: @VicHofs tomorrow, too sleepy :/ thx anyway

angauber: then how do you know it;s 0 ?

Default avatar.png cguzman: a = 1 ; b = 2;

VicHofs: might be an issue with your vars cguzman

AntiSquid: yes VicHofs why?

Default avatar.png cguzman: because I print the result

angauber: never wrote a line of java but a and b looks like integers

VicHofs: AntiSquid is the boss code supposed to be public

Quidome: int 1 / int 2 is zero indeed\

Default avatar.png cguzman: they are double

Ken_Fool: mb integer division cguzman

AntiSquid: nothing to do with me vihofs, i just moderate chat

VicHofs: because it is and you could just copy it and maybe get to bronze lol

Default avatar.png cguzman: 0,5 no?

AntiSquid: and it's wood boss so who cares?

VicHofs: is that a disclassifiable offense?

Default avatar.png SamuelTheBad: i mean, it does say not to copy code, don't see how that's different

Default avatar.png cguzman: ok, I will check ... very strange

Doju: I feel like this is a fundamental flaw in my thinking. I need to pass the instance as a parameter in a method. Is that bad?

Quidome: return value also double?

AntiSquid: well not that i know of, but it's a wood boss so eh ? VicHofs

Default avatar.png cguzman: yes

AntiSquid: you can get better bots copied from streams if you want to copy somethin stronger VicHofs

VicHofs: yeah good point what I mean is I would recommend anyone having issues getting started to check it out if that's okay AntiSquid

Ken_Fool: if you divide double by int you get the int division and that result parsed to double, afaik

VicHofs: I don't wanna copy

VicHofs: just saying

AntiSquid: you could just read it

VicHofs: Doju how'd u even get to that?

VicHofs: are you passing an instance as a class attribute or somethign

VicHofs: *something

MindControler: I need help: im coding with c++, what is probably my mistake if i get few turns cerr output in one turn?

Doju: VicHofs so, I'm trying to tackle some primitive method of pathfinding by myself without looking it up

Doju: I have a Grid class that has a bunch of Cell classes

MSmits: hmm it is not entirely clear from the description whether a pac can both speed and move on the same turn

Doju: the Cell class has a method called get_neighbours(grid)

MSmits: I assume you need to choose

Nerchio: poor wood2 bot

Nerchio: getting smashed

Nerchio: 23 place :D

aCat: MSmits you can't

MSmits: allright

Default avatar.png Over9000: Well, that's the purpose of its existence, nerchio ...

Doju: And the Grid class hass a method where I call cell.get_neighbours

struct: acat are these people from your uni your students?

aCat: Nerchio he was below 120 hour after the contest started

MSmits: what if you have speed 2 and you want your pac to move into a corner and end in the same place it started at. Is that possible?

Nerchio: over9000 i know i just feel bad for it :(

Doju: so I need to pass the grid instance to the method

aCat: most of them

Hastings: MIndController are you appending std::endl to your debuggin lines? if not then it micht not be getting flushed in time

aCat: some current students, some past students

Default avatar.png Over9000: Isn't stderr usually unbuffered?

struct: MSmits I dont think you can make 2 different moves

VicHofs: hm

MSmits: no, but you can move two cells

MSmits: so you cant move back and forth doing this

aCat: yep you cant

VicHofs: Doju I think I know what u mean but can't u just index them in some way inside Grid

aCat: and when crossing junction youre not seing what was there

MSmits: bit annoying, you waste a speed turn getting to a dead end

struct: but you get 5 turns of speed

struct: iirc

AntiSquid: are submits supposed to finish before i die of old age?

VicHofs: like an array with Cells

Doju: I guess I could but that'd make the Cell method super messy

Doju: i mean the get_neighbours method

VicHofs: you mentioned using numpy earlier, did u try that?

VicHofs: inside Grid

cegprakash: is it possible to print messages for each PAC?

VicHofs: yes

cegprakash: how

aCat: after command befeore |

VicHofs: cegprakash just append the message to the end of each respective pac command

Default avatar.png Over9000: append to commands

cegprakash: cool

wlesavo: the horde of pacs shouting mudamuda is comming

Nerchio: haha

VicHofs: like this: "MOVE 1 21 53 smoke weed everyday"

VicHofs: cegprakash

JohnEnitnatsnoc: i want fucking editorials

JohnEnitnatsnoc: for

JohnEnitnatsnoc: clash of code

Astrobytes: no AntiSquid :P btw, love the new avatar! :clap:

Doju: VicHofs umm i'm not quite sure how indexing or arrays would help

JohnEnitnatsnoc: how should people learn

VicHofs: wlesavo thanks for the idea

cegprakash: I don't care about getting to bronze.. I just want to talk

VicHofs: I'm stealing it

AntiSquid: Astrobytes pacman nebula

MSmits: and sing cegprakash

MSmits: do your celine dion on twitch

VicHofs: Doju idk I'm out of ideas

Default avatar.png Peudoki: if I exit the submit screen, is it still submitted or do I have to resubmit?

SilverBlade: 2 pac

VicHofs: hadn't u implemented BFS before tho? Doju

cegprakash: I'm tired after a long stream MSmits

Astrobytes: AntiSquid I know, NGC 281, that's why I like it

MSmits: ahh ok

struct: Peudoki it still rns

struct: runs*

cegprakash: I just want to chill now

struct: you can even close browser

cegprakash: add some cool messages

cegprakash: instead of adding logics

struct: after you press submit it will play matches until it gets 100%

Doju: VicHofs no, I just had manhattan distance and it reeally doesn't work

AntiSquid: how do you know Astrobytes are you a stargazer?

VicHofs: right that's what I figured

VicHofs: I was trying to run BFS but I can't get it either

VicHofs: if I find a good resource I'll link ta

VicHofs: *ya

Astrobytes: AntiSquid used to be, not really into it so much now but I still have an interest

Doju: Actually you know what? I think what i'm doing is fine as long as it doesn't throw an error

Doju: aight thanks

ZeroByter: Just got into bronze and legit gotta implement rock paper scissors logic kill me now

Hjax: whats wrong with rock paper scissors logic?

ZeroByter: Nothing really, just kinda complex

Default avatar.png ArchilA: rofl

MSmits: don't post your pac-orgies, no 18+ stuff please

Default avatar.png ArchilA: :(

ZeroByter: :wink:

Astrobytes: PacBang

angauber: is there a hole in the rock paper sissors game LUL

Hjax: that sounds kind of pacaphobic MSmits :P

MSmits: sorry, it's not very modern of me

Astrobytes: Pacist

ZeroByter: Yeah MSmits, something you wanna share?

MSmits: lol Astrobytes

Hjax: so when will legend open? friday of next week?

Default avatar.png cooljoseph: Really, this whole game amounts to solving a poisson equation

AntiSquid: pacman rule 34?

Astrobytes: lol

MSmits: can pacs see through wrapped cells?>

Nerchio: this game should be 18+

Doju: Okayyy I'm starting to get to the point where I have absolutely no idea what's happening in my code anymore. Sooo, 200 lines in


Default avatar.png ArchilA: lol

struct: Is it me or do games seem too fast?

Hjax: too fast?

Ken_Fool: ^^ that is some party there

struct: sub 30 turns

ZeroByter: Yeah why do some games end before turn 200 and no error?

Default avatar.png Over9000: If you have more than half of pellets

Nerchio: because there is too few points on the map

BenjaminUrquhart: ^

ZeroByter: Ah

ZeroByter: Makes sense


ZeroByter: iAmSpEeD

Default avatar.png ArchilA: i do not even hope to pass bronze league :(

Astrobytes: Aim high ArchilA, try your best and you may be surprised what you can accomplish

PiterYeh: Hi!

MSmits: pass into or, pass to silver?

Ken_Fool: get something doing something and that is an accomplishment

Ken_Fool: i do not expect to get anything working but i enjoy myself failing

PiterYeh: Does anybody know if there is a firefox extension to sync my local soiurce file with the codingame editor?

Default avatar.png ArchilA: @Astrobytes no time for it during day. just fwew hours at night... time to sleep :D

PiterYeh: i remember there was something like that for Chrome

Default avatar.png SamuelTheBad: PiterYeh

ZeroByter: Im using that Chrome extension right now

PiterYeh: SamuelTheBad Thank you :)

Default avatar.png SamuelTheBad: I'm in the web IDE and it seems to be stuck on a simple if evaluation... maybe I should move over

solistice: what do you mean "stuck on"?

Default avatar.png SamuelTheBad: I have debug statements before and after the if, it reaches before but never the after, nor the block after the if statement

Hjax: web ide executes code fine

Default avatar.png SamuelTheBad: and the if statement amounts to if(1 && (0 < (0 - 1)))

Hjax: its just a pain to develop in

Default avatar.png SamuelTheBad: >, not <

Default avatar.png ArchilA: erm, how do use these switch and speed things?

GreatTux: Q> is the pellet removed from the frame input once eaten by a pac ? Or do I have to figure it out ?

Hjax: yes you wont get the same pellet in the data next frame

GreatTux: thanks

cegprakash: wait wuut x is columns and y is rows?

AntiSquid: how to activate SILENCE on my pacmen ? Automaton2000

Automaton2000: is this chat for the first turn

MSmits: Game Summary: Only pacs with the SPEED ability enabled can move:

MSmits: i dont understand this one

Astrobytes: You need a BitStream and -3 * vel

AntiSquid: it's part of the puzzle MSmits, figure it out yourself, stop asking others

AntiSquid: duh

MSmits: :fist:

AntiSquid: (idk either, too confusing wording)

Astrobytes: :d

wlesavo: MSmits replay?

Default avatar.png Over9000: :vulcan:


MSmits: right at the start

Nerchio: damn your game looks different than mine

Hjax: @MSmits that just means at least one pac (on either team) isnt using speed

Default avatar.png ArchilA: so , how the hell do i use switch and speed things?

AntiSquid: yes

MSmits: ok but why dont my pacs move

cegprakash: use "MOVE" MSmits

cegprakash: this is how ppl will troll me

Hjax: where are they trying to go?

cegprakash: I'm not trolling u though

MSmits: rightly so cegprakash :P

wlesavo: MSmits its the recap of the second part of the turn

MSmits: oh

Hjax: you have to move someone 2 places away, because you only get 1 move command for your 2 "turns"


Hjax: somewhere8

MSmits: am i giving them a 1 move command?

MSmits: when they could move two?

wlesavo: yes

MSmits: silly

wlesavo: they moveone or two steps on the path you printed

Hjax: i dont really know what you are doing, they seem to stop and go randomly

MSmits: yeah

MSmits: I am messing up somehow

Hjax: i found printing out their target square above their heads to be very useful

MSmits: good idea

MSmits: thanks

BenjaminUrquhart: let me guess, text after the command?

Hjax: yep ben

AntiSquid: i have a more useful use for the pacman msg

Nerchio: starts with M

Default avatar.png SamuelTheBad: "wokka wokka"

Doju: Oh what? I just randomly got into the next league

BenjaminUrquhart: so "M id Message"

BenjaminUrquhart: ?

Hjax: my move commands just look like

Hjax: MOVE x y x y

Hjax: er

Hjax: move id x y x y

BenjaminUrquhart: ah

BenjaminUrquhart: found the edge case v


tg44: gosh I hate these rules... playing with a jvm lanng has huge throwbacks... random gc kicks, slow jvm warmup, tha 50ms resp time is super low

BenjaminUrquhart: this is why everyone uses C++

MSmits: umm you must be doing something wrong if you are doing the contest tg44

MSmits: you shouldnt need any gc at this point

BenjaminUrquhart: btw the referee warms up the jvm for you

MSmits: unless you already wrote a massive search

Nerchio: so in bronze you don't get updates for pacs you don't see anymore right?

Default avatar.png SamuelTheBad: yeah, they don't appear in the list

AntiSquid: and i thought OOC was bad

wlesavo: lol

Nerchio: but their id is the same?

wlesavo: track the pac

MSmits: yes

MSmits: id shouldn't change

Default avatar.png SamuelTheBad: same for any pacs you lose as well, which is turning out to be the bigger pain

Nerchio: ah so i can see pac id4

LelouchVC2: Is the pac worth doing solo?

Nerchio: kk

wlesavo: ids for pacs just range(pac_count) at first turn

tg44: I generate a pack-dist-value trio for every field, which is sometimes 1ms, sometimes 14 for the same scenario (for one pac, so if I get 5 its easily goes out of the 50ms)

BenjaminUrquhart: wood 1 on first legit submit, should also get me close to bronze

BenjaminUrquhart: but only because I designed my system with multiple packs in mind

BenjaminUrquhart: pcs*

BenjaminUrquhart: pacs*

BenjaminUrquhart: !

wlesavo: and with enemy tracker

BenjaminUrquhart: I didn't make an enemy tracker yet

Nerchio: enemy tracker nooooooooooooooooo

kovi: and still no torpedo?

MSmits: will we be able to throw lightning and use the speed force to phase through walls in silver?

Default avatar.png SamuelTheBad: so long as you've put enough levels in faith, yes

MSmits: mm k

wlesavo: MSmits at least in this game you can actualy teleport

MSmits: lol right

MSmits: btw i know what my bug was

MSmits: i was doing 2 BFS. Move to one cell and then move right back where i started. Thats why they froze

Astrobytes: Teleporting again? :P

Astrobytes: ah

AntiSquid: fixed messages : now i am ready to start coding

MSmits: what are you using so much calc time for

AntiSquid: check taget destination MSmits

AntiSquid: funny you fell for it

MSmits: check to see if is blocked by pacs?

MSmits: of course I did

Doju: Apparently you don't need to have a very good algorithm to beat Pinky

MSmits: nah

MSmits: I beat him easily with a "get nearest pellet" bfs

MSmits: no brainer bot

AntiSquid: i don't have any algo, not even bfs

AntiSquid: bronze with just go to nearest

MSmits: oh you just loop over all pellets and set it as destination?

MSmits: manhattan?

wlesavo: i got bronze without any distance calculations

Doju: that's what i'm doing currently

AntiSquid: well the wood wasn't complicated so no need for stronger bosses to give time to code rules

Doju: MSmits

MSmits: ah ok

MSmits: that seems more work than bfs :)

icecream17: just starting so much

AntiSquid: i guess you can just pick a pellet at random really bosses are exact opposite of OOC

MSmits: might be

BenjaminUrquhart: ok, I'm in bronze, time for everything to break

MSmits: dont think it'll break

rcar: bronze is not very different from wood1

MSmits: you will just not use speed

MSmits: also you will have your pacs scissored, rocked and papered

Default avatar.png SamuelTheBad: mine broke when my pacs started dying, but I've probably done it weird

BenjaminUrquhart: what happens if I try to command a dead pac

Default avatar.png SamuelTheBad: you lose instantly

BenjaminUrquhart: cool

MSmits: it might not appear in your list BenjaminUrquhart

MSmits: if it is dead

BenjaminUrquhart: I cache them though

AntiSquid: lots of things can break in bronze

LelouchVC2: Is the pac worth doing solo :((

BenjaminUrquhart: to prevent creating new objects

AntiSquid: pacs die, you suffer from bloody fog

AntiSquid: and so on

MSmits: BenjaminUrquhart then cache them as being dead and don't give them orders

cegprakash: Bronze here I come

MSmits: at the beginning of your turn set all pacs dead and only set them alive if they are in the list

icecream17: where is the game protocol section

tg44: hmm I changed sets to lists annd some lines went from 6ms to 0.03ms :(

MSmits: sets are bad to loop over

LelouchVC2: alright then

cegprakash: oh no fog of war.. enemy prediction yet again :@ :@

MSmits: no it's for of war

Default avatar.png SamuelTheBad: MSmits not meant for me, but that's way less complicated than I was doing, good plan

MSmits: public class LeagueRules {

   public int numberOfCherries = 4;
   public boolean forOfWar = true;

wlesavo: if of war

MSmits: SamuelTheBad cool

kovi: psyho on cg?

cegprakash: eulerscheZahl you brought in Psyho here

cegprakash: :O

Astrobytes: I thought he left CG?

AntiSquid: ping him more

Illedan: Who is psy ho?

LelouchVC2: do black people have souls?

Astrobytes: You've never seen him on other CP sites/competitions Illedan?

AntiSquid: lol cute

Illedan: Nope

Astrobytes: LelouchVC2 can you stop trying to bait everyone with semi-racist/racist comments every day please

AntiSquid: LelouchVC2 that one's mean

AntiSquid: south park jokes don't really work sorry

Astrobytes: Jokes out of context don't work, end of story.

AntiSquid: and i'd say no because i don't think souls exist

LelouchVC2: LOL, only reply when I say racist stuff

AntiSquid: i replied other time too, don't be such an attention seeker

Astrobytes: I've replied to you previously without a racist comment from you, please do something more constructive

AntiSquid: some of the other jokes weren't bad though

MadKnight: stop seeking for attention Automaton2000

Automaton2000: if you look at the difference in the end of the game

icecream17: Oops - I named something "Square" instead of " Cell" and didn't notice until now.

Default avatar.png StuykSoft: Anyone have a link to the original code? Accidentally yeeted a bit of it.

AntiSquid: LelouchVC2 are you playing the contest?

MadKnight: StuykSoft just hit Reset code button

icecream17: Press the arrow that's looks like "reload" at the top right of the editor

Default avatar.png StuykSoft: I don't want to lose all my code lmao

icecream17: Copy it

MadKnight: u got history of submits

Default avatar.png StuykSoft: *heavy breathing*

Counterbalance: hmmm.. inital maze size: 35 x 17

public static int MAP_MAX_WIDTH = 33;

Illedan: :D

Counterbalance: what are the max map dimensions?

AntiSquid: ya that got me too

AntiSquid: really annoying

LelouchVC2: No it's what I was asking about

icecream17: Ctrl+C Windows+R "notepad" Enter Ctrl+V Ctrl+S "quicksave" Enter

LelouchVC2: I'm not an attention seeker, but that doesn't mean I wanna be depraved ;)

BenjaminUrquhart: ?

LelouchVC2: I was asking if the pac was worth doing solo

AntiSquid: no, install visual studio and save code through visual studio ! then create a local git repo and commit it there icecream17

LelouchVC2: If you've answered, i didn't see it

struct: it is meant to be done solo

AntiSquid: what do you mean solo ?

LelouchVC2: It should be done solo? I thought it was a group thing

AntiSquid: all contests are solo

Astrobytes: LelouchVC2 It's a multiplayer contest, only you can write your bot

icecream17: Well, I have atom, but in my opinion the codingame ide is good enough.

LelouchVC2: :o i see

LelouchVC2: thanks ,3

LelouchVC2: <3*

Counterbalance: is the referee on CG not the actual referee or something?

AntiSquid: icecream17 the current editor is same as visual studio code it seems, so you could use that locally if you wanted to

PowerPixel: there's also this, but it's in beta :

icecream17: you changed your profile, interesting

AntiSquid: me ? pacman nebula

icecream17: It got the sync beta extension awhile ago

icecream17: But it took me a week until I figured out how it works.

icecream17: Even though all I had to do was press the button right there

PowerPixel: i personally like the CG IDE, even though it doesn't compete with Eclipse imo

LelouchVC2: It always turns my else statements into some weird function

LelouchVC2: CG IDE is my biggest enemy

icecream17: what language

cegprakash: I miss MadKnight

LelouchVC2: C++

BenjaminUrquhart: the new autocomplete is a hot mess

cegprakash: MadKnight stop hiding ur bot

MadKnight: i'm not i'm still doing stuff

AntiSquid: pacmen should shoot elemental missiles, ice fire lightning ... etc change my mind

icecream17: I used to have it, but I think pressed some keyboard thing and it doesn't autocomplete anymore

cegprakash: I love paper type more

cegprakash: scissor type looks like a fish

NormantasStankevicius: Is it me, but this contest for me is running into some UNusual crashes when testing code? might be the new UI changes???

elderlybeginner: how do you serve pacmans jamming?

NormantasStankevicius: it's something microsoft C# based tho

Zenoscave: Like CoreCLR issues?

NormantasStankevicius: yeah I think so

Default avatar.png Over9000: Just got this on stderr, and then timeout: /usr/bin/stdbuf: Resource temporarily unavailable

Zenoscave: I'm having C# bail a bit on occation too

Astrobytes: They updated it

NormantasStankevicius: these new ui changes are quite good, just I feel quite weird when they have datatypes with their name both being blue

Astrobytes: And some stuff isn't working

NormantasStankevicius: I opened this code and I said WT*

NormantasStankevicius: everything was blue

AntiSquid: so if rock BLUE collides with scissors and paper RED, do they all die? not very clear statement

icecream17: I wish there was a way to customize Codingame IDE

NormantasStankevicius: yeah

Astrobytes: icecream17 I think they are working on more customisation options for it

angauber: anynone having /usr/bin/stdbuf: Resource temporarily unavailable

NormantasStankevicius: NAISU!

NormantasStankevicius: angauber I think someone stated having that, try running the code again, I think it's new update bugs

struct: paper red should not die right AntiSquid?

Default avatar.png Over9000: That was me angauber

Default avatar.png Over9000: Running again, no repro

AntiSquid: ya ok, do both of the other 2 die struct ?

angauber: did you fix it Over9000 ?

struct: Im gonna try to find

struct: give me a bit

Astrobytes: 1

Default avatar.png Over9000: Just run again angauber

Astrobytes: @struct

Hastings: Alas, it is time to make my code actually remember the maze

Hastings: I had hoped this day would never come

NormantasStankevicius: what?

NormantasStankevicius: you mean store it in a grid?

Hastings: ye

NormantasStankevicius: ahhh that is quite standard tho, a bit annoying sometimes

NormantasStankevicius: but powerful

Hastings: I've reached 33rd in bronze by just going to the nearest pellet, but I don't expect to go much further without some kind of intelligence

LelouchVC2: Umm

LelouchVC2: When it says "Looks like you're ready for the Arena"

LelouchVC2: If I submit now what'll happen?

AntiSquid: click submit

AntiSquid: find out

LelouchVC2: ;-;

LelouchVC2: You're putting my life in danger

AntiSquid: JUST DO IT

LelouchVC2: did xD

AntiSquid: no dead pacs till bronze, i promise

LelouchVC2: Alright <3

LelouchVC2: My first contest

struct: yes AntiSquid


struct: That one updates viewer mostly

AntiSquid: so all that can die will die


struct: yes

AntiSquid: eatCherries();

what is this

struct: cherri = big pellete

Default avatar.png SamuelTheBad: Is it even PacMan without ghosts though

AntiSquid: ya i noticed that ealier no ghosts

icecream17: i hope i'm not rushing in this contest in the wrong way

struct: Game looks fine to me as it is

LelouchVC2: won 9 out of 13

LelouchVC2: Is what I think this means

struct: Only thing I would like would be bigger maps

rcar: +cannibal pacmen, -ghosts

icecream17: Ooh, what about those ghost that move randomly but earn you points?

LelouchVC2: Is blinky a bot?

Default avatar.png Over9000: yea

LelouchVC2: nice, i like blinky

Default avatar.png Over9000: You have to be ranked better than him to advance to next league

LelouchVC2: I see :O

Default avatar.png Over9000: Can I do SPEED and MOVE for same pac on same turn?

struct: no

Default avatar.png Over9000: I see

Rafal.Py: I started getting the following error: Standard Error Stream: /usr/bin/stdbuf: Resource temporarily unavailable

Default avatar.png Over9000: Just play it again

Default avatar.png Over9000: Worked for me at least

LelouchVC2: How do you know the position of your pac?

icecream17: Next visiblePacCount lines: Six integers: pacId: the pac's unique id mine: the pac's owner (1 if this pac is yours, 0 otherwise) x & y: the pac's position

LelouchVC2: Ahh, thanks!

Default avatar.png SamuelTheBad: Being able to see your opponent's comments is pretty next level

LelouchVC2: LOL

BenjaminUrquhart: SamuelTheBad you can't read them in code though

Default avatar.png SamuelTheBad: Yeah, I mean the messages above the pacs. There's some interesting variety there

Nerchio: i think something is wrong with compiles i timeout and there is no reason for tha

thethiny: I was in the middle of fixing my code when I got promoted, now what I was working on is gone -_-

PowerPixel: Nerchio: same

thethiny: @Nerchio Max Heap is very small

thethiny: 4 recursive calls and I timeout

icecream17: When a Pac does MOVE and there are 2 shortest paths which path does the pacman take

Nerchio: random

thethiny: for me it was going back and forth in place lol

icecream17: 5 people above the boss right now in wood2 lol

Nerchio: =/

Nerchio: thethiny what does it mean they changed something?

thethiny: What do you mean?

Nerchio: i mean i shouldn't be timing out

Nerchio: so something is wrong

thethiny: We're timing out because they also don't want us to have too many calls, it should execute fast.

thethiny: So our solution shouldn't be recursion, but node-type solutions.

Nerchio: recursions are fine if you can manage your time

thethiny: I know but the time seems to be small

Nerchio: 50ms

thethiny: I tried to see where I time out

thethiny: and I'm timing out only when I exceed Max Heap

thethiny: what language are you coding in?

Nerchio: java

Nerchio: how do you know max heap size

PowerPixel: i'm currently using Java and my code times out as well

PowerPixel: sometimes

BenjaminUrquhart: Runtime.getMXBean().somethingsomething

Enknable: '/usr/bin/stdbuf: Resource temporarily unavailable'

thethiny: I don't know the max heap size, but what I did is call a recursive function (with memory) 4 times and it times out

thethiny: when I decreased the calls (if depth > 2: return) the timeout is gone

rcar: you've got 50ms per round and 768MB memory to work with

PowerPixel: i don't use recursion anywhere tho, and it never times out when testing it against the IDE bot

CanisLupus: same issue here '/usr/bin/stdbuf: Resource temporarily unavailable'

solaimanope: can one pac do both move and switch at the same time?

BenjaminUrquhart: wait nvm

BenjaminUrquhart: Nerchio

BenjaminUrquhart: this has some useful methods

Earthborne: <rant> gosh I hate that Python forces 'self' </rant>

thethiny: Don't use classes

thethiny: :P

BenjaminUrquhart: there's also some stuff in java.lang.Runtime

Earthborne: Might think that's their intention when making it so frustrating

BenjaminUrquhart: google it ig

rcar: python has its flaws, but explicit self is definitely not one of them

LelouchVC2: Im sitting here trying to code the distance formula then it takes me to the next league

LelouchVC2: Like I was caught undressing

Earthborne: No I actually appreciate it somewhat, and I tend to force myself to use "this" in Java even when it's not necessary

Rafal.Py: my code was working 4 hours ago, but now it stopped...

LelouchVC2: You're code has aged beyond reason

Rafal.Py: I can't find where I screwed up

LelouchVC2: Give it 4 extra hours and it'll obliterate the website

Rafal.Py: I don't feel like laughing about it though

Beerus: :laughing:

Earthborne: But when I spend hours debugging just to find out I was missing a 'self', I need to hate it a bit

rcar: hours of debugging to find a missing self is a PEBCAK problem

Nerchio: so how do you print msg?

wlesavo: hm, getting timeouts with error on first turn /usr/bin/stdbuf: Resource temporarily unavailable

is it related for the stress on the servers?

icecream17: grid.pegs? why did i name it that?

Nerchio: wlesavo i have the same sometimes

Earthborne: true :worried:

icecream17: Is there a better name for "pellet" and "floor"?

BenjaminUrquhart: um

BenjaminUrquhart: dot

BenjaminUrquhart: surface

LelouchVC2: "food" and "walkway"

Default avatar.png Over9000: yummy and notwall

struct: wlesavo report it on forum bug thread i guess

LelouchVC2: "smoking" and "nonsmoking"

thethiny: Now I am timing out as well @Nerchio

Rafal.Py: wlesavo, just try again. It happens

thethiny: /usr/bin/stdbuf: Resource temporarily unavailable

LelouchVC2: Get the default code and compare you're changes

Earthborne: What, I had a game where I timed out, but when I sent the parameters to the IDE I won

LelouchVC2: Implement your changes one at a time until the code breaks, then you'll see what you did wrong

LelouchVC2: CG is supposed to make sense?

wlesavo: struct there are some treads about this on the forum already, different games related

struct: yeah I see

struct: but on thibaud aswered that they fixed it I think

Default avatar.png AaronHe7: if pac mans collide do they both die?

angauber: no

thethiny: I pressed Replay in same conditions and it worked, there's an issue with the server I bet.

icecream17: Oof. I have an array for all the pellets I can see, but i

icecream17: can't know if i ate it yet....

moidda: Having trouble printing position for multilple pacs :/

Default avatar.png Over9000: I have reported the stdbuf error here:

moidda: One pac doesnt receive any command

rcar: @moidda are you doing multiple commands separated by |

Wei-1: after Scala 2.13, the initialization for Scala had become even longer... my Scala bot will time out even with the default code...


LelouchVC2: what league are you guys in right now?

angauber: the visual debugger is bugged x) the x pos of pacs have a +1 offset

Default avatar.png BoBot: lol I got /usr/bin/stdbuf: resource temporarily unavailable in one run...servers really are overloaded?

Default avatar.png SamuelTheBad: ...the default bot just timed out when I hit replay.

BenjaminUrquhart: servers are broken

PowerPixel: LelouchVC2: Wood 1 rank 42 bc i suck

BenjaminUrquhart: that's all folks

elderlybeginner: timed out error is annoying

PowerPixel: Apparently, there's also issues with C

cegprakash: how do I avoid zig zag :( :( :(

gregballot: It's a bug right ?

gregballot: the timeout thing

Default avatar.png BoBot: the number of people participating is amazing though

Default avatar.png SamuelTheBad: Yeah. I've been going insane trying to fix this incredibly simple thing, 99% sure it's just the servers now

gregballot: It happened to me, but I don't see how it can happen

PowerPixel: gregballot: most probably

Enknable: can you see how many?

BenjaminUrquhart: PowerPixel

moidda: @rcar thanks. My bad didnt notice

BenjaminUrquhart: you output "null" at some point and get killed

Wei-1: ok, hearing so many people also timeout does make me happier

Illedan: Yeah, they are looking into it

Wei-1: cool cool

PowerPixel: BenjaminUrquhart it's not me tho :^)

BenjaminUrquhart: but that is you

PowerPixel: i'm still Wood 1 what

BenjaminUrquhart: I can play with the top 1000 players

BenjaminUrquhart: since there's around 700 in bronze, I can play with the top 300 wood players

PowerPixel: oh, i see

PowerPixel: well i dunno how that can happen tbh

solaimanope: Is there any tool to locally test the code?

BenjaminUrquhart: your pac reached a dead end

BenjaminUrquhart: solaimanope

BenjaminUrquhart: not sure if anyone made the referee compatible yet though

Counterbalance: code like ` -> !pac.isDead())..filter((value) -> (value.getNumber() == pacNumber)).findFirst().get();` instead of player.alivePacmen.get(id) doesn't help server load either

solaimanope: Thanks

LelouchVC2: How the hell do you control more than 1 pac

PowerPixel: you do

Rafal.Py: for look?

BenjaminUrquhart: command 1 | command 2 | command 3 etc...

Default avatar.png AlexRSS: Has anyone else gotten /usr/bin/stdbuf: Resource temporarily unavailable in the pacman challenge?

BenjaminUrquhart: yes

Default avatar.png BoBot: yes

BenjaminUrquhart: known issue

Counterbalance: yes

PowerPixel: yes

Rafal.Py: Yes try again

LelouchVC2: Yea, but you only get coordinates for one?

Default avatar.png Over9000: yes

Astrobytes: Yes, it's a known issue

BenjaminUrquhart: I think the answer is yes

Rafal.Py: LelouchVC2, you have a loop for i in range(visible_pac_count):

Rafal.Py: you get all pacs in it

Astrobytes: Possibly BenjaminUrquhart :D

Rafal.Py: if mine:

PowerPixel: the server seems to be unable to handle the laod, and tries to access stdbuf but fails because another program's already accessing it, just a wild guess tho, i'm not expert

LelouchVC2: I see :o

Default avatar.png AlexRSS: Agh, is it a problem I've done or is it on CG's end and I just keep trying?

LelouchVC2: Thanks, i see now

Rafal.Py: k gl

PowerPixel: the laod btw

BenjaminUrquhart: my raking is dropping aaa

PowerPixel: the load** smfh

Astrobytes: AlexRSS CG issue

solaimanope: I have seen that initially all empty spaces will have pellets. Will this remain during rest of the competition?

AntiSquid: /usr/bin/stdbuf: Resource temporarily unavailable AutomatonNN Automaton2000 fix it

Automaton2000: i would like to know how it is done

AutomatonNN: eulerscheZahl is there a way to see the problem with the same problem

BenjaminUrquhart: ah yes the euler ping

AntiSquid: i find the message itself more amuzing

AntiSquid: seeing the problem with the same problem, how to do the contest inside the contest

PowerPixel: recursion be like

Nerchio: so you can't see around the corners yeah?

BenjaminUrquhart: recursion be like recursion be like recursion be like recursion be like

BenjaminUrquhart: no

Default avatar.png 0x464d: Hello, can someone help mep?...I start with a lot of pellets score but almost at the end suddently the score CHANGE A LOT and finnaly i lose. I can't understand why?

PowerPixel: ah yes, buffer overflow

Waffle3z: you timed out so you lost

Default avatar.png 0x464d: But why time out??

BenjaminUrquhart: crash or you took too long to provide output

PowerPixel: does your code time out when you test in IDE ?

Default avatar.png 0x464d: what's mean that?

BenjaminUrquhart: there's a time limit

PowerPixel: timeout means your program didn't output anything before the time limit

Default avatar.png 0x464d: 0x464d has not provided 1 lines in time

Default avatar.png 0x464d: that line?

Counterbalance: solaimanope looks like it:

icecream17: yes

elderlybeginner: nah, seems like a bug for me; have the same

PowerPixel: which is 1s for the first turn and 50 ms for each others

Uljahn: rip CG

cegprakash: what is the visibility range?

Uljahn: line of sight

cegprakash: yeah what is that

Default avatar.png SamuelTheBad: also they have eyes in the back of their head

cegprakash: is it like 3 or 4?

Default avatar.png Over9000: as far as you can see

Default avatar.png Over9000: infinite

Default avatar.png SamuelTheBad: A straight line until it hits a wall

cegprakash: oh

Default avatar.png Over9000: but just horizontal/vertical 'til wall

cegprakash: but for some reason I am able to see diagonal

Default avatar.png Over9000: Maybe there's another pac seeing that stuff?

Default avatar.png Over9000: Or it's a super-pellet?


Zenoscave: unforuntate

Uljahn: what is line, Automaton2000?

Default avatar.png Over9000: Or maybe wa can see diagonal, I'm not actually sure

Automaton2000: have you read the input

Default avatar.png AlexRSS: is there any way to run a line by line debug of my code in the CG editor?

BenjaminUrquhart: no

Astrobytes: No

Zenoscave: AlexRSS only if you run the program locally with the inputs given

Zenoscave: Which involves error printing the inputs given

wlesavo: only 28 computing, huh

Astrobytes: pewpew hi Zeno

Zenoscave: pew pew Hey Astro

Default avatar.png AlexRSS: Seriously? How the hell is that not a feature

Zenoscave: You're welcome to write your own coding websites with debugging added

Astrobytes: Gotta think outside the box AlexRSS

Zenoscave: Give it a try

Uljahn: just use debug printing why even run line by line?

Zenoscave: Uljahn tricky memory bugs

Astrobytes: ^

MadKnight: it would be a heavy task for the servers AlexRSS

Uljahn: tricky == bad data structure design

MadKnight: and the servers are already struggling running all the bots in release mode

icecream17: Hey, i'm in wood. Does the typeId ever change?

Counterbalance: yes

Counterbalance: in bronze

Zenoscave: probably in brinze

Default avatar.png AlexRSS: Alright, that's a fair enough answer. Still frustrating trying to figure out exactly where this is giving up without it

Default avatar.png Spookiel: Is anyone else having trouble with their Pac-men moving at the same speed as the bots?

Zenoscave: Was correct

Astrobytes: I always aim for brinze league

Uljahn: easy brinzy

Zenoscave: :+1:

Zenoscave: that's the way to do it

Nerchio: so you guys also have random timeouts or its just java

Counterbalance: c++ too

elderlybeginner: python3 too

Counterbalance: ide and arena

Nerchio: so annoying :D

Astrobytes: Brinze->Solver->Guld->Lagend

PowerPixel: and now the bot in IDE times out for me

Default avatar.png JBM: weed

BenjaminUrquhart: Guld

elderlybeginner: mostly second round timeouts thou

Zenoscave: rip CG

Default avatar.png AlexRSS: Yeah, timed out for me as well

thethiny: It times out of the 2nd run approx

Default avatar.png AlexRSS: Refreshed and now it just gives me a red error saying "Only one executor allowed" if I try and run

moidda: Does anyone know the constraints for width and height?

cegprakash: moidda it's dynamic

Counterbalance: MAP_MIN_WIDTH = 28,

Default avatar.png AlexRSS: I give up. As always I love the concept of stuff on here but the bloody environment being so unstable ruins it

cegprakash: AlexRSS what problem are u facing

moidda: Counterbalance where did you find such constrains

Counterbalance: moidda in the referee

Default avatar.png AaronHe7: yeah run code breaks the game

Astrobytes: AlexRSS wait til later if there are platform issues

cegprakash: what language are u coding AlexRSS

cegprakash: I don't get any issues Astrobytes

moidda: Oh. The statements had constrainst. I just did not notice. My bad

cegprakash: that's what I told you

Counterbalance: moidda here and here

Astrobytes: cegprakash some people are getting quite a few ceg, CG are working on it

Counterbalance: the constraints weren't there before in the description

Enknable: first day jitters

struct: Will probably be fixed tomorrow

Enknable: it happens

struct: I hope the score will also be fixed tomorrow :)

struct: ah tomorrow is saturday _(

Zenoscave: struct what's the score bug?

struct: :(

Counterbalance: today then

Waffle3z: today is saturday

cegprakash: AaronHe7 try printing logs on errorstream

struct: score and opponent score is always 0

Zenoscave: ...

Astrobytes: hi Enknable :wave:

Zenoscave: Whoops

struct: They dont update it

cegprakash: are u able to see something on standard error stream AaronHe7

Globy: Hello there,


Enknable: hey Astrobytes!

Enknable: hows the pellet hunting?

solaimanope: I am getting "/usr/bin/stdbuf: Resource temporarily"

Default avatar.png AaronHe7: No it just never runs

Default avatar.png AaronHe7: stuck on "play in progress"

AntiSquid: no way to know if you killed someone or they ran off round the corner right?

Astrobytes: Slow Enknable, I'm on strong painkillers so I'm coding like a moron :D

Astrobytes: You?

Counterbalance: Lulemair new Date().getTime() gives you milliseconds

Enknable: damn whats got ya in so much pain?

icecream17: Oh no! I timeouted with: /usr/bin/stdbuf: Resource temporarily unavailable

Default avatar.png StuykSoft: This: /usr/bin/stdbuf: Resource temporarily unavailable

Default avatar.png StuykSoft: annoying asf

Globy: Counterbalance, I saw on stackoverflow that it's not good to do this, kinda lack on precision and all :/ Is it the only way ?

Counterbalance: there's other ways, but I didn't get them to work

icecream17: .getTime()?

solaimanope: I am getting /usr/bin/stdbuf: Resource temporarily unavailable a lot

icecream17: I just create a "time = new Date()"

Astrobytes: Lower back issue, Enknable. Thankfully nothing too serious (had some tests) but gotta take painkillers for a bit. Not fun but I'll live!

Zenoscave: Known issue solaimanope

icecream17: And do "new Date() - time"

solaimanope: Zenoscave is there a solution?

Globy: Same problem. But looks like it's the only solution, so I will take it ! Thanks !

Counterbalance: Lulemair process.hrtime() didn't work at the time, maybe now it does (I bailed on using JS years ago because of garbage collector timeouts when the server load was high)

Zenoscave: Wait solaimanope. Servers are overloaded

Enknable: You never know, Astrobytes. Some painkiller eurekas could be coming your way :)

Globy: Are timeouts an issue from codingGame btw ? Sometimes I get this at the first round, and the program doesn't even get to the loopGame

icecream17: not usually

icecream17: that codingame video must've created too much hype

solaimanope: Thanks Zenoscave. Does this problem occur in rated matches too?

AntiSquid: 1600 first day icecream17, last contest there were hardly that many at the end of first week afaik

Counterbalance: yes, unfortunately - so leaderboard is a bit unreliable atm

Astrobytes: I highly doubt that one Enknable :D Giving myself 10 or so minutes before I crash out lol

AntiSquid: k good night, prolly 3k by tomorrow when i wake up

AntiSquid: ah it's already friday, nvm

Astrobytes: gn Squidster

PowerPixel: is it only me or the bot is broken ?

Astrobytes: Since the bot is yours it is most likely you

PowerPixel: doesn't even tell me i didn't output anything in time

PowerPixel: lmfao no i meant

BenjaminUrquhart: struct thrilling gameplay

PowerPixel: the test IA

moidda: Ok, I was improving my code and suddenly got promoted to Bronze

Counterbalance: yeah that sucks

Astrobytes: :D You're outputting something bad perhaps? Which language PowerPixel?

Default avatar.png RubenFilipe: the servers are not doing so well

YannT: several nodes are crapped out yeah, there's random crashes at the moment

Astrobytes: Yes moidda, that happened for me from W2 to W1

PowerPixel: Out of system resources rofl

Astrobytes: It should all be fine later today/tomorrow

YannT: and the shops are closed tomorrow so good luck getting more ressources

Astrobytes: :D

Astrobytes: Not here

Astrobytes: VE day tomorrow right?

PowerPixel: Astrobytes

I'm writing my bot in Java

Astrobytes: Probably a server issue if your code was working fine previously PowerPixel

PowerPixel: ye, i could run my code just rn

struct: Zenoscave the score bug was fixed

YannT: Astrobytes: yes :)

Astrobytes: We don't even get a holiday in UK for that YannT!

Default avatar.png AaronHe7: is anybody writing in c++

jthemphill: I think most people write C++ for these challenges, since you can usually turn compute power into better moves

YannT: Astrobytes: weird! sounds like the kind of thing that would warrant one

YannT: isn't it when you put on the poppies or am I confusing things?

Default avatar.png ZomBMage: Nah, that's rememberance sunday

Astrobytes: That's Armistice Day, 11th November YannT

Default avatar.png ZomBMage: VE day is some stupid thing some stupid people in our country made up to boost morale

YannT: ahh okay :) I just remebered that there was a thing in the UK with poppies, but not when it was :)

Astrobytes: No ZomBMage VE day is celebrated across Europe

Default avatar.png ZomBMage: Oh is it a whole europe thing

Astrobytes: Um yeah, VE = Victory in Europe

Default avatar.png ZomBMage: Ohhh yes

Astrobytes: :D

Default avatar.png ZomBMage: I mean the way us brits seem to be doing it this year makes me want to curl up in a ball and cry

Astrobytes: You know it man

Default avatar.png ZomBMage: i am not having a picnic on my doorstop thanks >:(

YannT: it's the day the nazis surrendered

Astrobytes: Anyway, I'm out now

Astrobytes: Totally banjaxed

Astrobytes: See you all tomorrow :)

YannT: :wave:

Enknable: Later Astrobytes :fist:

Default avatar.png McArcher: adjacency list vs matrix?

solaimanope: Why does the game skip turn 3, 5 and 7 here:


KCrown: ANyone getting thsi error? Standard Error Stream: /usr/bin/stdbuf: Resource temporarily unavailable

Default avatar.png McArcher: yes

Default avatar.png McArcher: servers are fucckerrred

KCrown: oh :P

KCrown: thanks McArcher

Default avatar.png TenYearOldCommitter_4b8d: yeah

Default avatar.png McArcher: no problem bb

Default avatar.png McArcher: now has any tested speed of list vs matrrix for this problem?

Enknable: Edmonton!

Default avatar.png McArcher: ya bb

Enknable: you're the first Edmontonian ive ever seen here lol

Default avatar.png TenYearOldCommitter_4b8d: So, is this "/usr/bin/stdbuf" error common?

PowerPixel: yes it is

PowerPixel: for the moment that is

thethiny: I found it dating back to Sep' 16

thethiny: that's 2016

Default avatar.png TenYearOldCommitter_4b8d: Yeah, found that post but didn't know if it was mostly fixed or not

icecream17: NOOO i did an infinite loop in the console =(

Default avatar.png TenYearOldCommitter_4b8d: ctrl-c?

Default avatar.png McArcher: haha

PowerPixel: it's server load most probably

solaimanope: Does having speedup mean non-speed-up bots will skip one turn?

BenjaminUrquhart: no

solaimanope: Streams of turn 3 and 5 are not shown here. Do you know why?

icecream17: How do I decide where to go?

wlesavo: frames are not necessarily turns

Default avatar.png McArcher: yes they are

icecream17: 1 frame = 1 action

wlesavo: gn

jthemphill: are height and width essentially constant?

Nerchio: no

icecream17: wow

thethiny: to the guy who asked how can you see diagonal:

thethiny: Super-pellets are so bright that they can be seen from everywhere!

ZarthaxX: Nerchio nice profile pic

ZarthaxX: and nice rank

Nerchio: thanks

Kellthazar: Hello, guys. :)

solaimanope: icecream17 if that's the case, then why did streams of turn 3 and 5 are not shown here

PowerPixel: gn

Default avatar.png RubenFilipe: gn

ggjulio: Hi, i'm new on CG. Is A* pathfinding fast enough for 5 pacman ? (I never done it before. Not sure if it the best algo to try...)

Nerchio: you can get away with easier algos than A*

Nerchio: but if you want feel free to do it :p


Default avatar.png RubenFilipe: JPS

ggjulio: Nerchio Minimax ?

TrentT: Easier algos such as?

Default avatar.png RubenFilipe: although JPS probably isnt the best here

Nerchio: for movement? bfs is fine

Default avatar.png RubenFilipe: I did bfs

Default avatar.png RubenFilipe: but probably something better would be in order

ggjulio: Nerchio First time doing bot programming, so yes, problably my choices sucks :joy:

Nerchio: I did a couple of challenges already and for movement bfs was decent for most of them

Waffle3z: since you get a full second on the first turn you can probably precompute every shortest path

Nerchio: in terms of grid

Default avatar.png RubenFilipe: yeah

Default avatar.png RubenFilipe: even if u cant, lighthouses ( i dont rememeber the name) with A* can do the trick

Default avatar.png jaroldeen: What is this error??? /usr/bin/stdbuf: Resource temporarily unavailable

elderlybeginner: reload

Default avatar.png RubenFilipe: but I thinnk you are right, pre-compute them all

Nerchio: you can do that yes

VicHofs: what would be better than bfs in this case bro

Nerchio: but you dont need to optimize before you actually reach timeout problems

Default avatar.png RubenFilipe: y, sure

Default avatar.png RubenFilipe: I don't really know what comes next as well

Nerchio: especially if its someones first challenge

Nerchio: then optimization before anything else is not recommended

rcar: seriously. you can still be near the top right now with basic strategy and manhattan distance ignoring walls

ggjulio: Okay, thx ! Will try it, I want to learn it anyway.

rcar: save a* and bfs for later if you're still in wood

Nerchio: bfs is bread and butter for challenges its not too hard also

ggjulio: okay

VicHofs: just to get some opinions, did you guys implement the map as a list, matrix or what?

Default avatar.png RubenFilipe: matrix

BenjaminUrquhart: combination matrix and map

jthemphill: my "battles in progress" is stuck at 0%, and my ranking on the leaderboard is stuck at wood 202 despite what looks like a 90% winrate. Is this happening to anyone else?

Nerchio: the servers seem to have some problems

jthemphill: :cold_sweat:

icecream17: me too. think the server is struggling

LelouchVC2: The server trying to hold the mass of the world

icecream17: nevermind, it updated, i'm 8th

jthemphill: oh okay yeah 24th now

BenjaminUrquhart: the jvm doesn't have enough memory to start

BenjaminUrquhart: reeeee

Nerchio: yeah java is not doing so well today

Nerchio: i hope it will be fixed when servers stabilize

Default avatar.png cooljoseph: Is there a way to use header files for c++?

jthemphill: just copy/paste all the code, it's what #include does anyway

Default avatar.png cooljoseph: Yeah, I guess. I just wanted it more organized

jthemphill: i sometimes like to organize things on my local machine, then inline everything when i put on the website


Default avatar.png Ceej: I keep getting: /usr/bin/stdbuf: Resource temporarily unavailable

BenjaminUrquhart: known

icecream17: wow, in js there's "try", "catch", and "finally".

poInT: seems servers are ded :)

BenjaminUrquhart: yes

Default avatar.png Illuminait: is that whats happening? keep getting timedout on my code running

Default avatar.png Illuminait: been looking forever trying to find the loop it was stuck in

Default avatar.png RubenFilipe: might be servers, might not be

Default avatar.png RubenFilipe: i get timeouts on server as well, and sometimes the error people are complaining about usr/bin/etc..

Default avatar.png Illuminait: well, im workin on the 'coders strike back' and even the boss timesout sometimes

Default avatar.png RubenFilipe: that's coz he's bad.. :D ... (jk)

Default avatar.png Illuminait: "/usr/bin/stdbuf: Resource temporarily unavailable"

BenjaminUrquhart: would anyone be upset if I set up an autoresponse for that

icecream17: Is this allowed?

BenjaminUrquhart: ?


LelouchVC2: Everything is allowed

BenjaminUrquhart: why would it not be

LelouchVC2: You can kill your opponents and become #1

icecream17: Phew! Finally, I will never ever timeout because I crash.

BenjaminUrquhart: to be clear, we are not advocating the assassination of the 10k registered participants to get first place

BenjaminUrquhart: I prefer a hard crash simply because they're easier to spot in replays

VicHofs: of course not haha

  • under breath* fuck

BenjaminUrquhart: :eyes:

BenjaminUrquhart: :gun:

BenjaminUrquhart: ew

VicHofs: :heart:

icecream17: oh no

BenjaminUrquhart: 🔫

BenjaminUrquhart: I totally didn't just find the unicode for it

VicHofs: your loss they only have water guns

LelouchVC2: LOL

LelouchVC2: ♥☻☺

BenjaminUrquhart: *squirt*

BenjaminUrquhart: :heart:

VicHofs: ouch


BenjaminUrquhart: AutomatonNN fix the servers

icecream17: :no_mouth: Σ\\\\\\---->

AutomatonNN: are you not doing the contest release ?


icecream17: AutomationNN Automaton2000 who will respond faster

Automaton2000: thats the way to go though

BenjaminUrquhart: it's always gonna be 2000

icecream17: it almost looks like the same account

BenjaminUrquhart: nah

icecream17: my biggest win ever:

VicHofs: yo what lmao

VicHofs: how did Blinky time out

LelouchVC2: Cause Blinky was busy checking out Pinky

Enknable: bots aren't perfect, just ask Automaton2000

jthemphill: I think anyone can time out right now because stdin is slow for everyone

Automaton2000: but i was thinking about

VicHofs: umm... are these NLP bots?

Enknable: Automaton2000, you gonna let him say that about you?

Automaton2000: so that i can get legend

VicHofs: here's hoping Pinky's just as inconsistent

sparky: automaton2000, perl or php?

Automaton2000: is there a way to get the score

VicHofs: why are the bots asking the questions here lmao

TrentT: AutomatonNN Can you help Vichofs

AutomatonNN: i noticed that the way i do it is a bit of a problem with that as it is

VicHofs: Automation2000 can you help AutomationNN help me

VicHofs: AutomatonNN can you help Automaton2000 help me help AutomatonNN

Automaton2000: they mean the exact same thing

AutomatonNN: what do you mean by the anti-bomb?

VicHofs: damn you're good

BenjaminUrquhart: icecream17 which leage

BenjaminUrquhart: league*

icecream17: wood2

BenjaminUrquhart: get out of there sir

VicHofs: BenjaminUrquhart wbu

BenjaminUrquhart: bronze

VicHofs: nice

icecream17: alreadt 453 lines but my bot is bad =/

NinjaDoggy: ._. 453 lines wood 2 bot

VicHofs: dude you're overdoing it lol\

LelouchVC2: Wtf?

NinjaDoggy: even bfs + minimax wouldn't be that long

BenjaminUrquhart: I have 487 lines

VicHofs: You can get out of wood2 with no extra lines of code

LelouchVC2: 453 lines? How'd you manage?

icecream17: Check it out:


struct: icecream17 you want ban?

NinjaDoggy: lol struct

LelouchVC2: Idk why you're using dynamic memory

NinjaDoggy: leave the poor wood 2 man alone :(

icecream17: oh I didn't fit all the code. oh well

BenjaminUrquhart: don't share code

LelouchVC2: My bots are doing pretty good

icecream17: ok

LelouchVC2: Share code

struct: NinjaDoggy just go to closest pettel

struct: Game will change a lot on bronze

struct: It also works for wood 1

VicHofs: I mean dude shared wood2 no one really minds probably lol

NinjaDoggy: D: pettel = animal home D:

Default avatar.png Illuminait: 450+ lines of code, and servers acting up, just a coincidence surely

LelouchVC2: LOL

BenjaminUrquhart: I got to bronze in 1 submit using closest pellet

NinjaDoggy: yes more lines of code = wharder on server :)

VicHofs: BenjaminUrquhart wth seriously

BenjaminUrquhart: yes

struct: yes

VicHofs: I did it too and got to wood1

NinjaDoggy: lame -_-

struct: im around 370 with move to closest

VicHofs: now I'm tryna implement BFS to see if I get a boost

NinjaDoggy: not gonna submit till I have BFS precompute + minimax done :D

struct: NinjaDoggy dont forget

struct: there will be fog of war

NinjaDoggy: ?

NinjaDoggy: ahh yeathat sucks

NinjaDoggy: but at least my BFS can be used right

BenjaminUrquhart: not really a fog persay

NinjaDoggy: cuz map is known

VicHofs: what is this fog of war tho

struct: not a fog?

VicHofs: how's it gonna get implemented


struct: Like this

NinjaDoggy: wait it's

NinjaDoggy: line of sight?

struct: yes

NinjaDoggy: ahhh tyty

NinjaDoggy: nice to keep in mind

VicHofs: is that different from what we have now tho?

struct: on wood 1

struct: you can see all pellets

VicHofs: oh

VicHofs: didn't knwo that

NinjaDoggy: what about pac mans

VicHofs: what about wood2

struct: also the big pellet is always visible

NinjaDoggy: do you only sees ones in line of sight?

struct: same for pacmans

struct: So only big pettels are not affected

NinjaDoggy: ok no biggies just gotta change eval function then :D

VicHofs: the big ones can be seen from wherever?

struct: yes

VicHofs: damn ok

struct: board max is 33 so doesnt fit in int32

NinjaDoggy: wowwww

struct: vertical is 17 so it doesnt fit in int16

struct: is this on purpouse???

NinjaDoggy: how could they T_T

BenjaminUrquhart: it's varying sizes

struct: This must be on purpouse :p

NinjaDoggy: it's k

NinjaDoggy: just store it in 9 64-bit numbers

VicHofs: idk if they'd go that far

Waffle3z: you can probably special case the edges. top and bottom are always solid

struct: 0 and height you mean?

Waffle3z: 0 and height-1 yeah

Waffle3z: they're all walls

LelouchVC2: I need ur mother to call me, it's urgent

NinjaDoggy: is it also guarenteed that it's a maze so like no 2 wide?

BenjaminUrquhart: ye

NinjaDoggy: ok so...

Waffle3z: mazes don't have cycles and these do but yeah there are no open squares

Waffle3z: there can be squares that are walls

NinjaDoggy: max number of columns is really just 16?

NinjaDoggy: or is it 17 D:

LelouchVC2: Honestly, idk why you'd need the map

Waffle3z: if the max height is 17 then the max number of rows that aren't walls is 15

NinjaDoggy: it's 8 actually right?

NinjaDoggy: cuz u can't have 2 wide

NinjaDoggy: 2 height chunks

Waffle3z: 14 I guess since it's always odd

Waffle3z: I mean 15

Waffle3z: is it always odd? that might not be guaranteed

NinjaDoggy: honestly though...

NinjaDoggy: who cares :P

LelouchVC2: Can you catch something like "is blocked from entering"?

VicHofs: NinjaDoggy do u main Genji

thethiny: Guys how do we move up the Rankings exactly?

LelouchVC2: having a sexy bott

VicHofs: Submit your code and beat the bot

NinjaDoggy: VicHofs lol I used a few years ago XD

VicHofs: NinjaDoggy awww why'd u quit bro

VicHofs: I main that mf

thethiny: There's no "bot", it's just someone who's #1 and I keep winning but I don't see my Ranking change

VicHofs: Yeah there is

NinjaDoggy: cuz every hero blizzard released made genji's life worse XD

thethiny: Mada Mada

VicHofs: what language are you coding in? thethiny

thethiny: Python


VicHofs: thetiny bot's name is Blinky

thethiny: I need healing

thethiny: I'm in Bronze, not in Wood

VicHofs: oh.

VicHofs: well silver hasn't unlocked yet

VicHofs: it's only on the 11th

thethiny: But at least I should increase in rating, right?

VicHofs: ranking yes

VicHofs: why?

thethiny: which isn't happening

VicHofs: huh

VicHofs: idk then

thethiny: I'm stuck on 291 even though I have a 10 win streak

VicHofs: let's ask the bots

Durkin: beating more people in total than another bot will place you ahead of them in the ranking. Beating a person wont necessarily make you higher than them

VicHofs: Automaton2000 yo help out my boy thethiny

Automaton2000: it's not like there's a lot of stuff

thethiny: Makes sense, thanks Drukin

VicHofs: see he's useless

thethiny: lol yeah

Waffle3z: I don't think the ranks update after every game

thethiny: Like Mercy Mains when there's a Pharah

AFrenchGuy: I would say that the better your bot, the longer your games, so you might expect a little delay when you get to higher grades

VicHofs: :heart: thethiny

Waffle3z: your submission isn't in progress anyway though

VicHofs: what'd u guys implement to get to bronze?

VicHofs: some guys said they got there with just nearest pellet lol

Waffle3z: go down the path with the highest value

VicHofs: but I'm still working on BFS to get there.

AFrenchGuy: That is greedy algorithm

AFrenchGuy: that won't last

VicHofs: yeah I'm not trying to do that

Heaty: Yo! I just joined. Hows it going everyone!

Waffle3z: it's a start

PeaceMoreZ: Hey

VicHofs: but I did get past wood2 like thta

PeaceMoreZ: how's it going with you

Heaty: Needed a distraction from work so here I am. I was going through the site and saw y'all chattin so yea, had to drop in.

Heaty: Happy coding! Cheers

TrentT: Automaton2000 Say hello to Heaty

Automaton2000: so you would have to read the rules :d

Heaty: Yes, I am going through that now.

VicHofs: Automaton2000 tell AutomatonNN to tell Automaton2000 to tell everyone good luck

Automaton2000: do u use instead ?

AutomatonNN: what do you think about the contest?

TrentT: Automaton2000 is a mod that can answer any questions you have

BenjaminUrquhart: woah a coherent response

Automaton2000: anyone can help with a puzzle?

VicHofs: can you help me Automaton2000

Automaton2000: let's say you have a working sim

VicHofs: ok, then what? Automaton2000

Automaton2000: well it is the end of the day

VicHofs: ...yes?

Heaty: Automation2000 is just adorable

Waffle3z: Automaton2000 is hard to spell

Automaton2000: so it could be a bit confusing

VicHofs: hey AutomatonNN can you write my code for me I'm tired

AutomatonNN: eulerscheZahl is there a way to see the replay in the code golf code

MathieuLapointe: we had starter pack before any one know where they were ???

VicHofs: why do they resemble players more than actual players

VicHofs: players are more helpful tho

DeWill: hehe...

Heaty: Hahaha! I just misspelled Automaton2000. Oops!

Automaton2000: and it did not work

Heaty: Hahahaha!! That is just adorable!

icecream17: Automaton2000 who are you

Automaton2000: u need to get to top 100

BenjaminUrquhart: yes

Default avatar.png fvla: this is trash, this Emacs mode...

struct: you can change it

Default avatar.png fvla: I just discovered that there's a way to replicate Emacs commands, but I can't even do ctrl-n (down/next line) without opening a new window

LelouchVC2: It's suuch a bother to get these retarded bots to not bump into eachother infinitely

Default avatar.png fvla: There's Vim too, but there's no way I'm stepping within 10 meters of that

icecream17: i wish my floodfills dont always timeout. how do people do it automaton2000?

BenjaminUrquhart: LelouchVC2 there's a simple solution once you reach bronze :P

Automaton2000: that would be nice to talk to people who are at the top of the leaderboard

LelouchVC2: BenjaminUrquhart really? So I shouldn't bother to fix it now?

VicHofs: Automaton2000 please stop

Automaton2000: if you have enough time to do all this

Default avatar.png fvla: wait until bronze

BenjaminUrquhart: well you should bother

Default avatar.png fvla: you have a lot more options then

LelouchVC2: That's the only thing making me lose some of these rounds, my bots start humping eachother

Default avatar.png fvla: imo, you should build up complex behavior like that when you have all the rules

Heaty: Automaton2000, where is automatonNN?

AutomatonNN: i dont know what it is this time

Automaton2000: i think i might need to change my code to get the validators

Default avatar.png fvla: please don't remind me of Code MENT

LelouchVC2: Don't remind ME of code ment

Default avatar.png fvla: "humping each other"

LelouchVC2: *rolls eyes*

toby666999: hello,everyone!

icecream17: every time i try to floodfill it times out. i guess im stuck in wood again. sigh

Default avatar.png fvla: Floodfill?

icecream17: closest pellet

Nanosplitter: You don't really need anything complicated to get into bronze

Default avatar.png fvla: just BFS better

Default avatar.png fvla: as in, look up an algorithm

LelouchVC2: how many 1st place battles do i need to get into bronze ffs

Default avatar.png fvla: and copy/paste and adapt it

BenjaminUrquhart: enough

Default avatar.png fvla: patience, lelouch

LelouchVC2: Patience is a virtue

Default avatar.png fvla: it takes a stupid amount of time to run it all, just go grab a drink or someting

LelouchVC2: Which I do not possess

Default avatar.png fvla: pro tip

LelouchVC2: Alright <3

LelouchVC2: Thanks :))

Default avatar.png fvla: play a game, watch something, anything but waiting lol

LelouchVC2: I luv these infinite loop bumps, gonna grab some food

Nanosplitter: I got into bronze using just a cartesian distance formula to find the closest pellet, it's not the most efficient but it's more than enough to beat the boss

BenjaminUrquhart: I flooded

BenjaminUrquhart: kappa

Default avatar.png fvla: seriously, you don't flood fill or cartesian distance; you BFS

VicHofs: I'm trying to implement BFS too but it's my first time doing it

Default avatar.png fvla: which language?

Nanosplitter: That is most efficient, yes

Default avatar.png fvla: whatever you say, my answer is google

VicHofs: Python

Default avatar.png fvla: easily googlable

Nanosplitter: But it gets much more complex when you don't have the whole board at your disposal

Default avatar.png fvla: and then adapt it to grid

Default avatar.png fvla: ofc

VicHofs: Yeah I am doing that

Default avatar.png fvla: but i would argue that it's not actually that much more complex if you know what you're doing

Nanosplitter: But getting from wood to bronze is super easy with using cartesian distance

Default avatar.png fvla: that's really sad, to be honest

Nanosplitter: And also the vision your pac has in bronze is only straight lines so cartesian distance for that works well too

Edrevan: why sad ?

NinjaDoggy: wai you dont get the grid later?

NinjaDoggy: ._.

Nanosplitter: You do get the grid

Nanosplitter: But not the pellets

NinjaDoggy: bnut if you have grid you can bfs it

Default avatar.png fvla: cartesian distance in some edge cases will make it so your bot will go in some stupid directions with no pellets

Nanosplitter: Yes, but still plenty good enough to get to bronze

Default avatar.png fvla: who cares about getting to bronze

Default avatar.png fvla: the real battle starts here!

VicHofs: fvla let him do his thing we do BFS

Default avatar.png fvla: lolmao

Waffle3z: the real battle starts at bronze where you have the full rules

struct: some people just want to get full rules before starting to code

Durkin: what? the whole point is getting to bronze right now, get the rest of the rull set

Default avatar.png fvla: he is at bronze lol

Default avatar.png fvla: in that context, you don't care about what you did to get to bronze

Edrevan: fvla you gotta start somewhere. Not everybody has the skills / time / intuition required to do high level algorithms immediately

struct: yeah

struct: I do not

Default avatar.png fvla: yeah, you're right

Default avatar.png fvla: sorry

Edrevan: in most contest many people don't even make it out of bronze ^^

VicHofs: I don't either but I'm tryna get BFS down first

Default avatar.png fvla: BEE EFF ESSSSSSSSSSSSS

Edrevan: there's actually a guy that gets into top gold / legend in most contests while only coding like 4 or 5 hours for the whole thing

Edrevan: no fancy algorithms : just clever heuristics

Edrevan: to each his own ^^


Default avatar.png fvla: BFS isn't what I'd call fancy, honestly

Default avatar.png fvla: there are some really cool things you can do with heuristics though

NinjaDoggy: which genius came up with the idea of using a space to represent empty space :(

icecream17: argh, im too tired and bfs seems too complicated. i'm gonna try to find something else

thethiny: Make a copy of the board and modify it the way you wish, you don't have to stick to their standard

thethiny: @icecream17

thethiny: def bfs(grid, start):

Nanosplitter: or math.sqrt((x2 - x1)**2 + (y2 - y1)**2)

thethiny: yup lol

BenjaminUrquhart: I've gotten every single variant of an out of memory error today

BenjaminUrquhart: eee

thethiny: lmao

BenjaminUrquhart: the stdbuf thing

BenjaminUrquhart: a full on OutOfMemoryError being thrown

BenjaminUrquhart: and now

BenjaminUrquhart: Error occurred during initialization of VM Cannot create VM thread. Out of system resources.

icecream17: what does path and queue mean?

NinjaDoggy: lol

NinjaDoggy: at the memory error thing

NinjaDoggy: not the question ._.

struct: Nanosplitter i think you have wrong type of distance

NinjaDoggy: queue is a datastructure that lets you add stuff to the end and remove from the front

NinjaDoggy: and the path is the sequence of grids

struct: should be abs(x2 - x1) + abs(y2 - y1)

thethiny: **2 = abs

thethiny: math.sqrt( x ** 2) is abs

Nanosplitter: Yes

struct: this is not the same

struct: math.sqrt((x2 - x1)**2 + (y2 - y1)**2)

struct: as what I pasted

thethiny: it is the same

thethiny: abs(-3) = 3

icecream17: i only know js so only array, which is like "list" in python. and yes, i could check each pellet and take the distance, but i've already tried...

thethiny: math.sqrt(3**2) = math.sqrt(9) = 3

Default avatar.png orlp: (1j**2)**0.5 == 1j


Default avatar.png orlp: :^)

thethiny: x**0.5 = 1/x

Default avatar.png orlp: eh no

thethiny: damn im bad at these

thethiny: what is it then

Default avatar.png orlp: x ** 0.5 == math.sqrt

struct: 3-1 = 2 + 3 - 1 = 2 == 4 2**2 + 2**2 = 8

Default avatar.png orlp: x ** -1 = 1/x

struct: sqrt(8) is not 4

thethiny: okay :^)

Nanosplitter: I'm just using the distance formula, what's wrong with that?

thethiny: @struct

struct: manhattan distance

rcar: you're using euclidean distance and this is manhattan distance

icecream17: i thought it was euclidean

Default avatar.png orlp: if you can only move up/down/left/right

Default avatar.png orlp: it's manhattan

Default avatar.png orlp: abs(y2 - y1) + abs(x2 - x1)

Default avatar.png orlp: also known as L1 distance

icecream17: but the grid is a torus, bc pacman

Default avatar.png orlp: sure, but that's left as an exercise of the reader :)

Default avatar.png orlp: for*

Nanosplitter: Ohhhh that makes sense

icecream17: i should probably restart. ugh.

icecream17: gn

GeekNbOne: What does the battle in progress pct mean?

MathieuLapointe: c++ easiest way to translate the string to grid ?

MathieuLapointe: we had exemple that i no more find

struct: you can do a for loop and check each char in the row

MathieuLapointe: ok thank you long time did not coded

NinjaDoggy: is there a way to get what's given to stdin?

struct: This is what I do in STC MathieuLapointe

rcar: other than reading from stdin?

struct: its similar to read


Javatacos: anyone else getting "Error occurred during initialization of VM" all the time?

BenjaminUrquhart: yes

Javatacos: just too many people on?

thethiny: @Mathieu in C++ a string is an array so by default it's a 2D array, just assume it's that and move on

thethiny: it becomes grid[y][x]

thethiny: not grid[x][y]

MathieuLapointe: haha so many answers strugling to read them all thank you all

Default avatar.png orlp: is there a maximum width/height known?

Default avatar.png orlp: like, as in a constant

struct: 33 17

Default avatar.png orlp: will it always stay that size?

Default avatar.png orlp: it doesn't say it in the problem as far as i can see

struct: its in the referee

Default avatar.png orlp: where do I see that?

struct: unless they change the referee those are the max


Default avatar.png orlp: ohhh we can run this challenge locally?

Default avatar.png orlp: I might implement DQN then

BenjaminUrquhart: how many matches do I have to have in order to get a leaderboard rank

BenjaminUrquhart: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Default avatar.png RubenFilipe: Do PPO, there it is adversarial in the bigger leagues I think

Default avatar.png orlp: are we allowed to share code from the referee?

BenjaminUrquhart: yes

BenjaminUrquhart: referee is public anyway

jthemphill: I think the server isn't updating league rankings properly

Default avatar.png orlp:

Default avatar.png orlp: for those struggling with getting toroidal manhattan distance right

Default avatar.png orlp: although this assumes that only the x direction wraps

MathieuLapointe: @orlp ho good point pacman warp to other side

Default avatar.png orlp: but since the challenge itself specifies that...

Default avatar.png orlp: or well, the referee

jthemphill: I wish the system would check your solution against the boss a hundred or so times and short-circuit you out of the league if your bot clearly beats the boss

Durkin: eh, problem with hardcoding to beat a boss flaw, 'specially if someone found an issue and mass-posted it

BenjaminUrquhart: 70 matches now

BenjaminUrquhart: no ranking

BenjaminUrquhart: aaaa

thethiny: Same here, been since 2 hours so far

thethiny: no ranking

jthemphill: i feel like the current system would already push you out of a league if you exploit a boss's flaw

Durkin: think the current rankings is a ratio of your matches won over total compared to other players. Might do it if the boss is poor overall, but still relies on being better compared to the boss at beating everyone else than specificly beating the boss

jthemphill: i guess... i don't particularly care about the competitive integrity of lower leagues? I just want to play with the rock paper scissors mechanic, and right now that mechanic is gated behind ranking computation shenanigans

Durkin: god yeah, looking forwards to that, looks so goofy and I'm ready to have my ass kicked /o/

MathieuLapointe: just googled flood fill toroidale went wrong

Default avatar.png RubenFilipe: there aren't vertical wraps around the field right?

struct: only horizontal

JRiedl: nope, only horizontal

Default avatar.png RubenFilipe: thanks guys

BenjaminUrquhart: doesn't stop me from handling vertical swaps anyway

elderlybeginner: servers lagging?

MathieuLapointe: #BenjaminUrquhart why ^

BenjaminUrquhart: very

solaimanope: ranklist is not being updated for more than 1 hour

Default avatar.png RubenFilipe: I think the referee doesn't handle vertical wraps

Default avatar.png RubenFilipe: how many people, when debugging, start looking at the Boss, and go crazy thinking they have weird bugs?

jthemphill: every time

Default avatar.png RubenFilipe: thanks, I feel better now

berries: this is a really dumb question but im new to some of this but how is the grid set up, is it just one long string callled row or is row an array to show the grid

berries: because how the grid is initialized confuses me a bit

NinjaDoggy: nothing is done for you

NinjaDoggy: you just read input

NinjaDoggy: and format it the way you like

NinjaDoggy: input format is at the bottome

NinjaDoggy: "game input"

jthemphill: the row is a single line, but it's in a loop

jthemphill: so you're looping through one string per row of the grid, from top to bottom

JamesMarkus: Can anybody help me out with this?

berries: does row get replaced or is it concatenated on

jthemphill: row is replaced

NinjaDoggy: JamesMarkus the reason why it "stops running"

NinjaDoggy: is because when you do System.ou

jthemphill: @berries you can print row to stderr, it's just a string

NinjaDoggy: codingame's gonna catch it and use it as your turn output

NinjaDoggy: so yea use System.err.println() instead

JamesMarkus: ah thank you

berries: okay thanks

ggjulio: Sometime, I lose with a timeout. But each time I load it in the ide, There is no timeout.

BenjaminUrquhart: server is struggling

ggjulio: Okay, does it count ?

ggjulio: In the leaderboard

JamesMarkus: I changed it to System.err.print and it still only runs the loop twice

Oioi: There is a server problem right now. My working code 6h ago is not working any longer

berries: im just getting a vm thread error

VicHofs: turns out Pinky times out too

JamesMarkus: Yeah, I was thinking that might be the case. Sometimes I get an OutOfMemory error, sometimes I don't

MathieuLapointe: how do i send cin to my class in c++ syntax question i guess but i dont find ...

thethiny: what's your question exactly?

berries: maybe ill just take a look at it again tomorrow lol

jthemphill: @MathieuLapointe the starter code handles parsing from cin/stdin already

thethiny: I lost to HKit by 1 point :(

jthemphill: womp

LelouchVC2: I had a draw because both our bots crashed at startup

thethiny: lmao

Default avatar.png a_bar: Hello, can someone give me a hint on how to output in the format MOVE 0,18 9|MOVE 1 21 2. I'm trying to use lists to store my move but I get my result in '[ ]' which is not acceptable

BenjaminUrquhart: python?

Default avatar.png a_bar: yes

VicHofs: try f-strings a_bar

BenjaminUrquhart: print(*moves, sep = "|")

BenjaminUrquhart: make sure there are no bars in your commands

BenjaminUrquhart: and that should work

BenjaminUrquhart: don't ask me how it performs idk

VicHofs: my bot's actually doing pretty good as is but I really wanna get this BFS going before bronze lol

eulerscheZahl: Console.WriteLine(string.Join("|", actions));

BenjaminUrquhart: System.out.println(String.join("|", commands));

VicHofs: what

Default avatar.png a_bar: Now I'm getting the output like MOVE|5|1|1|MOVE|7|1|1|.

BenjaminUrquhart: imagine using BFS this post made by someone who uses BFS

BenjaminUrquhart: er

BenjaminUrquhart: a_bar how do you create the list

Default avatar.png a_bar: move+=["MOVE", x,y,value]

Default avatar.png a_bar: it makees sense why my output is like that

JamesMarkus: My code works on an online compiler (obviously with some tweaks), but I can't get it to work here. Any help?

BenjaminUrquhart: move.append([...])


BenjaminUrquhart: as for the output

MSmits: yay i converted my 500 line bot to c++. Now I can sleep.

MSmits: by the way good morning eulerscheZahl

BenjaminUrquhart: print(*map(" ".join, moves), sep = "|")

BenjaminUrquhart: don't hurt me

BenjaminUrquhart: I'm not a pro python dev

Default avatar.png a_bar: light years ahead of me anyway

LelouchVC2: What language was it originally MSits?

MSmits: C#

VicHofs: did you convert it manually

MSmits: yes

LelouchVC2: I love C# ! Why'd you need to convert?

ZarthaxX: smito

VicHofs: you absolute madman lmao

MSmits: I dunno, I suspect I will be searching at some point

VicHofs: is there any way to change every instance in the onlline IDE?

VicHofs: *online

BenjaminUrquhart: search and replace?

MSmits: actually, I just couldn't sleep... common contest problem and c++ conversion was on my list. Couldn't think very clearly, so the conversion was low hanging fruit. It's pretty brainless stuff

LelouchVC2: Copy the code onto an IDe

dbdr: did you stay up all night MSmits? :D

VicHofs: yeah every instance BenjaminUrquhart

LelouchVC2: and then copy it back when ur done

MSmits: i honestly tried to sleep dbdr

BenjaminUrquhart: ctrl/cmd + f

VicHofs: LelouchVC2 that's the whole point of the question tho lmao

MSmits: could not, too hyped

dbdr: lol

dbdr: it's a nice state to be in too, right?

BenjaminUrquhart: press the leftmost arrow to drop down a replace text box

LelouchVC2: XD If your browser doesn't support replacing keywords then no choice

BenjaminUrquhart: it supports regex too last I checked

LelouchVC2: Damn, really?

BenjaminUrquhart: CG has its own search and replace

VicHofs: oh thanks BenjaminUrquhart

MSmits: it's not bad, got most of my work done dbdr, will catch some sleep in the afternoon

VicHofs: didn't know it had that along with searcg

VicHofs: *search

VicHofs: pretty handy

dbdr: you can try aphasic sleep

MSmits: I have an AI class at 9:00 (in 3 hrs), but I already did every assignment, so it's just mandatory presence

Huday.object: lmao

MSmits: I'll sleep on zoom :P

LelouchVC2: Sleep in my arms :))

Waffle3z: play a loop of yourself staring near the screen

eulerscheZahl: does everyone get random timeouts in turn 1?

LelouchVC2: Yes, not particularly turn 1

Waffle3z: it's always only been turn 1 for me

twray2: i have, yes

VicHofs: just put a cool background and sleep no one's gonna bat an eye

LelouchVC2: But everyone is getting the time outs

MSmits: you missed the server problems eulerscheZahl

MSmits: with your normal sleeping schedule

VicHofs: I'm getting them too

eulerscheZahl: thanks, then i won't investigate on my code

MSmits: you normal person, you

BenjaminUrquhart: server problems are still here

eulerscheZahl: i lost to the squid even

BenjaminUrquhart: it takes an hour to get a leaderboard ranking after a submit

dbdr: it's not fast now either

dbdr: strange, with 29 computing on the challenge

MSmits: no it's the old bug

MSmits: we had it before

BenjaminUrquhart: eulerscheZahl k found code problem for you

BenjaminUrquhart: Bad command: Invalid Input: Expected MOVE <id> <x> <y> or SPEED <id> or SWITCH <id> <type(ROCK|PAPER|SCISSORS)> but got 'MOVE 4'

MSmits: where it times out randomly before the game starts

MSmits: resource something

dbdr: yes, I saw a compiler error

eulerscheZahl: BenjaminUrquhart that's my old bot which i just fixed