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cegprakash: going live now

LelouchVC2: C++ for the win in shortest mode

Default avatar.png AaronHe7: python is better sometimes

CyberLemonade: hihi MadKnight

Default avatar.png AaronHe7: join clash pls

MadKnight: hey CyberLemonade

LelouchVC2: Sometimes huh xD

mark7: Hello

thibpat: hello :wave: I'm going live for more Twixt-PP, focusing on stopping these damn timeouts today!


LelouchVC2: I'm so dead

LelouchVC2: It's like they took double the time just to get 80 less characters and beat me :((

cegprakash: I've joined thibpat

MadKnight: or bash

ThePythonian: Yeah, I never really liked it that much, because it really just encourages spaghetti code

Default avatar.png occanowey: all of coc encourages spaghetti code

cegprakash: hi MadKnight

cegprakash: hi all..

cegprakash: I'm planning to stream bot-programming (random challenge) with a starter (boilerplate) code in CPP. If you're interested flip a table

Default avatar.png WINWINWIN: Hi, anyone know if you can overload a constructor in python?

Uljahn: you mean def __init__(self) and def __new__(self) ?

Default avatar.png WINWINWIN: Something like that

Default avatar.png WINWINWIN: def __init__(self, args1): ...

Default avatar.png WINWINWIN: def __init__(self, args2): ...

Default avatar.png WINWINWIN: So that I can have a different set of parameters to initialize an object

Uljahn: "You can't have two methods with the same name in Python -- and you don't need to."


Default avatar.png WINWINWIN: So I cant overload init?

Default avatar.png WINWINWIN: do I use __new__ then?

Uljahn: :upside_down:

LoGos: well you can "overload" by using named arguments

LoGos: or by using *args

JohnCM: **kwargs if you want to overload arbitrary arguments, and they will be stored in a dictionary.

  • args if you want to overload arguments in a predetermined structure, they will be stored in a set


LoGos: for example:

LoGos: and don't use __new__

LoGos: and delete

LoGos: unless you know what you are doing.

Uljahn: ^

LoGos: In my class I have seen people delete'ing all used variables

LoGos: to save memory

LoGos: as it was c++

LoGos: del* not delete

Uljahn: ah, those cargo cultists :relieved:

LoGos: Uljahn could you explain to me something about GA? I'm practicing it on Mars Lander

Uljahn: ye, go pm

c0cainee: is it just me, or the timer ain't working?

Uljahn: mine says next contest in 2 days 4 hours

Default avatar.png anid: Mine too

c0cainee: Clash of Code - Fastest mode

00MN 00SC

MSmits: it's the correct time

c0cainee: it's stuck

MSmits: oh the clash timer

c0cainee: I meant there lol

Illedan: MSmits, did you ever look into giving scores to smitsimax nodes based on the other nodes confidence?

IAmNoob: the contest is in 2 days and 3,5 hrs

inoryy: keep us posted

Astrobytes: :smirk:

Illedan: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

darkhorse64: I am playing with Mars Lander optim. I have reached 2300 with a GA and I wonder if I can get better without hardcoding

IAmNoob: i dont think so

BeardedWhale: darkhorse64 2300 fuel left?

BeardedWhale: I have 2089 without hardcoding

BeardedWhale: With just heuristics

IAmNoob: do you guys know a good method to make level

darkhorse64: 2313 fuel left over the 5 tests

BeardedWhale: That can definitely be improved without any hardcoding


bets if C# is broken for the contest will be accepted now

IAmNoob: why?

IAmNoob: why would it be brokn

IAmNoob: broken

AntiSquid: there's a notification on the compete button

inoryy: eulerscheZahl will break it

eulerscheZahl: CG plans to do an update directly before the contest

eulerscheZahl: i'm scared

Illedan: :scream:

IAmNoob: :grimacing:

AntiSquid: all code in since that will be only one left working :D

eulerscheZahl: test with D but don't touch my C#

AntiSquid: ah good point, all will be using D then :D

Illedan: I'll use Rush

Illedan: *rust

IAmNoob: i c++

AntiSquid: if they still work lol

Default avatar.png HotDidgeridoo_4aea: anyone code with GO?

AntiSquid: you got to minimax the prediction, test will screw up best languages first :p

IAmNoob: piece of S***, i was working on a problem and the site stopped

AntiSquid: you should be mad about it and complain

IAmNoob: :)

wlesavo: it would be fun if battle for first in C# will be held in wood 2

eulerscheZahl: no one accepts your contributions anyway IAmNoob

IAmNoob: yeah

IAmNoob: but i try

IAmNoob: and its fun

IAmNoob: and i help

IAmNoob: in a way

eulerscheZahl: upvote stats: -15, -7, -4, -11, 0, -5

IAmNoob: yes, yes, yes ,yes

IAmNoob: but it's better and better

AntiSquid: what's going on with BOGOL :/

eulerscheZahl: work in progress

AntiSquid: i can see that

AntiSquid: but have you seen the guy online recently?

eulerscheZahl: no

eulerscheZahl: but i haven't seen him before the puzzle popped up

eulerscheZahl: so that means nothing

AntiSquid: he is from your country, you have to find him and bring him back

AntiSquid: save the puzzle, save the world

IAmNoob: how can i make better contributions?

AntiSquid: learn from the other one

AntiSquid: s

AntiSquid: !!

Default avatar.png MayankBudhiraja: how to become better at coding?

ashelkov: learn from the other one

Jasperr: s

Jasperr: !!

wlesavo: wow, i thought chat is only available from lvl 3

Illedan: Just client side stuff

reCurse: "only"

reCurse: Isn't it pretty much "solve onboarding" and another puzzle?

Illedan: Should be from 40 and up only

eulerscheZahl: enough to block most users. it's easier to solve 1 puzzle than to connect with an external client

darkhorse64: 7 more "level up"s only and I can talk ?

eulerscheZahl: but Illedan can use the chat for a few weeks already

Illedan: :tada:

eulerscheZahl: btw where's the 2500XP for OOC? :D

Illedan: That's true

reCurse: The XP is a lie

Illedan: !

eulerscheZahl: Magu s got the reward twice (MM, A*C)

Illedan: Asking thibaud now

eulerscheZahl: i wouldn't have bothered :D

Illedan: More important than SC

eulerscheZahl: starcraft?

Illedan: spring contest

Illedan: What else are we going to call it?

reCurse: PAC?

eulerscheZahl: +1 for PAC

reCurse: At least that's what marketing keeps telling m e

Illedan: PAC it is

eulerscheZahl: 2 days till the contest. i bet he's furiously writing the statement

reCurse: No that's tomorrow

reCurse: err

reCurse: Thursday morning

eulerscheZahl: and Fr on thursday?

Illedan: *friday

Illedan: And prizes in 2 weeks

reCurse: Prizes already announced

eulerscheZahl: contest starts on thursday

reCurse: It's gamer RGB hardware

eulerscheZahl: spoiler: no tshirts

Illedan: Oh, I need that screen

reCurse: You get FPS increases the more RGB flashing

eulerscheZahl: that image you just shared on the forum reCurse... congrats, you have a fan

reCurse: *a* fan?

eulerscheZahl: a troll

reCurse: More like part of my fan club

reCurse: I get that at least once every week

reCurse: Since god knows when

Illedan: Didn't remove it by script yet?

reCurse: The notification yes

reCurse: But it's still in the bar

Illedan: Or is this the real reason for you having your offline setup? :P

reCurse: As if I needed more reasons

Illedan: True

reCurse: I even did a beautiful ooc viewer I barely used

reCurse: That's how cheap it is

eulerscheZahl: within the last 2 months i only got 7 CoC invites by 4 unique users :tada:

eulerscheZahl: your fan is my fan too

reCurse: Well I changed my tagline, inspired by yours

reCurse: Maybe it works now

eulerscheZahl: :D

Illedan: xD

Illedan: Got a screenshot of your beautiful ooc viewer?

reCurse: You like colored quads?

Jasperr: ooc?

Illedan: Anything is better than looking at my messy FB code trying to figure out why this idiot doesn't want to pick up the snaffles anymore

reCurse: Oh right FB

reCurse: Have to get back to that..

reCurse: zzz

eulerscheZahl: ooc = ocean of code @Jasperr

Jasperr: ty <3

Eysp: I invited a new friend today, but he does not have a chat pane on the side. Any ideas why?

Nanosplitter: Tell him to click the little arrow on the bottom right

Eysp: He says there is no bar there at all

Astrobytes: He needs to do a few puzzles and level up past level 3

Eysp: I'm trying to get him to send a screenshot

Eysp: oh, no chat until level 3?

Astrobytes: Yeah

Eysp: That makes a lot of sense then

Eysp: Awesome, thanks

Astrobytes: Think just one or 2 puzzles should do the trick

Eysp: Yeah he is 2 already just from the tutorial and stuff

Astrobytes: Cool beans

Eysp: Thanks

Astrobytes: No probs

IjustKilledutoo: hello

AntiSquid: how's it going lovely people?

Astrobytes: Badly. You?

AntiSquid: sleepy

cegprakash: eulerscheZahl u are rank 11 right now

Default avatar.png MohatuINfLamES: is there something called coding block

cegprakash: you'll become a red coder?

eulerscheZahl: rank 11 where?

cegprakash: topcoder marathon match


eulerscheZahl: oh, not finished yet

eulerscheZahl: was 16th before and one player passed me in the recalc already

eulerscheZahl: so i guess 17th

eulerscheZahl: screwed up at 2 points in my code

MSmits: out of how many eulerscheZahl

eulerscheZahl: 1. didn't use pythagorean distance

eulerscheZahl: got from 16.9k to 15.5k on seed 2 with just that one change

cegprakash: what :O phythagorean distance is better?

eulerscheZahl: about of 80 MSmits

eulerscheZahl: yes, such a simple change :/

MSmits: ahh ok, hard to say if that's good or not... not sure what kind of players compete

MSmits: if they're all topcoders, you did great

cegprakash: if u score based onn phythagorean distancne how will u choose the grid size? do u have restrictionns like only 2 or 3?

eulerscheZahl: and screwed up my beamsearch. tried a scoring function that was actually more expensive than expanding more childs

eulerscheZahl: mostly 2x2 and 3x3

eulerscheZahl: for larger boards i do a modification though

eulerscheZahl: try to get the corner tiles somewhere inside and then make a large rotation to get them to the corner

cegprakash: so u never care about the actual penalty?

eulerscheZahl: i do

eulerscheZahl: but i have a weighted scoring

eulerscheZahl: let me explain a bit more...

eulerscheZahl: i take a number (let's say starting with 1)

eulerscheZahl: and check where i have to move it

eulerscheZahl: so i greedily apply rotations to get it in place

eulerscheZahl: but there are multiple options that get the number closer to the target

cegprakash: yes

cegprakash: that's right

eulerscheZahl: so i can choose the one fitting best with other numbers that i have to move as well

cegprakash: mm

cegprakash: heuristics

eulerscheZahl: pythagorean distance makes me move diagonally

eulerscheZahl: so i have more options for later rotations

cegprakash: interesting

cegprakash: yes

eulerscheZahl: and when scoring the other numbers that i rotate, i also check when i plan to fix those

cegprakash: so solving 1 number at a time can work :O

eulerscheZahl: a number that i will fix very soon is more important than one that i fix at the end

eulerscheZahl: distance also matters (more than linear)

cegprakash: wait

cegprakash: what do u mean by fix

eulerscheZahl: get at the right place

eulerscheZahl: if i have a number 2 cells away from the target and one like 40 away, then the one with larger distance is more relevant

eulerscheZahl: i can get the dist of 2 later or might even break it again if i solve it now

eulerscheZahl: the dist 40 needs work for sure

cegprakash: oh so u identify what number to work on next?

eulerscheZahl: yes


eulerscheZahl: just play it on a larger testcase. that explains my strategy best i think. watch a replay

cegprakash: so while u are moving 1 u suddenly change ur target to say 5 because 5 is too far from it's target than 1 to it's target

cegprakash: ?

eulerscheZahl: no, i solve the 1 completely

eulerscheZahl: but while solving the 1, i still have an eye on other numbers

eulerscheZahl: you can't just move the 1, you move at least 3 other numbers together with it

cegprakash: so u have 1600 eyes

eulerscheZahl: no, just a local view for my rotation

cegprakash: what's the use of keeping an eye

eulerscheZahl: and bruteforce with depth 2 in order to maximize the gain on other numbers while moving the 1 to the target

cegprakash: oh so u make some rotations that does not involve 1 while solving 1

eulerscheZahl: when i don't look at the 1 only but also the other numbers affected by my rotation, i get get them closer to their location as well

eulerscheZahl: saving moves later when i fix those

eulerscheZahl: but when fixing 1, i always rotate the 1 and get it closer to the target

cegprakash: yes I get that

cegprakash: but u always rotate a grid involving 1

cegprakash: or sometimes u do rotations without 1

eulerscheZahl: always with 1, until the 1 is in place

eulerscheZahl: then i never touch it again

cegprakash: mm

cegprakash: so sometimes u rotate diagonnally sometimes vertically sometimes horizontally


eulerscheZahl: that's siman (4th)

eulerscheZahl: our strategies are somewhat similar but he has a better implementation

eulerscheZahl: and my order is a little different, not doing the spiral

eulerscheZahl: more like a diamond. corners first, then moving towards the edges

cegprakash: nice

cegprakash: so this strategy is just a guessinngn

cegprakash: we need to try all

cegprakash: to find one

cegprakash: I never thought we could really get any board to 0 location penalty

cegprakash: so I just submitted a pleb search bot with mannhattan distance

cegprakash: it does huge rotations as well if it improves score

cegprakash: and I don't give priority to any rotation at all.. just any random rotation which improves score

cegprakash: I saw ppl like u getting 70+ score on first submission

cegprakash: and mine was at 20% after working hard to fix my sim.

cegprakash: and then I lost hope.. these guys must be smart

eulerscheZahl: i have a working sim too

eulerscheZahl: but there is no way to write a full search on this

eulerscheZahl: so there are lots of heuristics involved to solve 1 number at a time

cegprakash: mm

eulerscheZahl: but a sim to find the right moves. improving the rest too while solving that one number

cegprakash: but Psycho got a huge lead

eulerscheZahl: yeah, impressive

cegprakash: that makes the leaderboard scoring suspicious

eulerscheZahl: Psyho btw. no c

eulerscheZahl: he won(?) halite in the past

eulerscheZahl: at least ranked really high

eulerscheZahl: 2nd

cegprakash: it says fake psyho

eulerscheZahl: it's the real one

cegprakash: wow he works for OpenAI

cegprakash: I love OpenAI bots on DotA

cegprakash: that must be a nice job for him

cegprakash: I really have no idea if future of AI will have a space for me to work on because my AI sucks :D

cegprakash: I'll go live after 15 minutes on will do 2 clashes

inoryy: what are you discussing?

eulerscheZahl: topcoder marathon 117

inoryy: wow it's still alive

eulerscheZahl: good visual summary

cegprakash: no system test inoryy

eulerscheZahl: choose a square and rotate it in a given direction

eulerscheZahl: arrange the numbers. rotations of larger squares are more expensive

eulerscheZahl: and there's a penalty for not fully solving the board

inoryy: cool

eulerscheZahl: yeah, was fun

eulerscheZahl: system test in progress

eulerscheZahl: for almost a week already

cegprakash: haha

inoryy: lol

cegprakash: bcoz eulerscheZahl wrekt their servers

eulerscheZahl: it's 84 contestants. that's a lot

cegprakash: lol

cegprakash: u can see lot of active challenges and past challenges with cash prize to fix marathon judging

cegprakash: they build their product with their product :P

cegprakash: instead of hiring ppl

cegprakash: finished my dinner starting stream in 5 mins

Default avatar.png KillZoneUK: who's competing?

Default avatar.png KillZoneUK: And who's already done this before?

Default avatar.png KillZoneUK: :sweat_smile:

Default avatar.png KillZoneUK: :money_mouth:

Default avatar.png KillZoneUK: please dont hack my computer

Default avatar.png KillZoneUK: anybody in here???/

Astrobytes: No.

Default avatar.png KillZoneUK: guess not

Default avatar.png KillZoneUK: what are you guys doing??

Default avatar.png KillZoneUK: :thinking:

Default avatar.png KillZoneUK: anyone here??

Astrobytes: No.

Default avatar.png KillZoneUK: WooooHoooooo

Default avatar.png KillZoneUK: yall too uptight in here

Default avatar.png KillZoneUK: need to RELAX

Astrobytes: no.

Default avatar.png KillZoneUK: no.

Default avatar.png KillZoneUK: yes.

Default avatar.png KillZoneUK: function();

Default avatar.png KillZoneUK: what is 5 + n?

Default avatar.png KillZoneUK: int arg1 = in.nextInt();

Default avatar.png KillZoneUK: can someone explain?

Astrobytes: No.

Default avatar.png KillZoneUK: Yes

Default avatar.png KillZoneUK: Astrobytes can you say something else other than no.

Astrobytes: No.

Default avatar.png KillZoneUK: Astrobytes do you have any balls between your legs

Default avatar.png KillZoneUK: :joy:

Default avatar.png KillZoneUK: no.

Astrobytes: My sides are splitting.

metahom: hysterical

Default avatar.png KillZoneUK: loool

Default avatar.png CrazyPumpkin: hello

inoryy: Automaton2000 No.

Automaton2000: don't understand why it is not my problem

eulerscheZahl: cegprakash did the stream already start?

cegprakash: i just started

cegprakash: I need to check my mic

eulerscheZahl: we can hear you

eulerscheZahl: i hear your mic recording the stream audio and sending it again

eulerscheZahl: now it's fine

Default avatar.png Mak1000: Hello guys

Default avatar.png Mak1000: Any Java guy here

Default avatar.png Mak1000: ?

eulerscheZahl: just ask your question and skip the small talk

jacek: C# user spotted

eulerscheZahl: i know java too

eulerscheZahl: it's like C# in boring and verbose

Default avatar.png Mak1000: Well great

Default avatar.png Mak1000: Yea i know but try 8

Default avatar.png Mak1000: Why gave up on Java ? lol

cegprakash: hey eulerscheZahl can you here me properly?

Nanosplitter: I would give up on java for c# any day if it wasn't required for my university

cegprakash: or should I talk louder or reduce music volume?

eulerscheZahl: annoying music as usual

Default avatar.png Mak1000: Hahahaha

Default avatar.png Mak1000: Any Maths guru here lol

eulerscheZahl: :thumbsup:

jacek: java AND maths guy? does it exist?

eulerscheZahl: ceg invite zarthaxx

Mak1000: That is what you think

ZarthaxX: do NOT ceg

eulerscheZahl: fun clash: shortest mode and the CG timer is broken :D

eulerscheZahl: i bet he will submit

eulerscheZahl: ignoring shortest

eulerscheZahl: lol

eulerscheZahl: i knew it!

eulerscheZahl: you will lose now ceg. it's shortest mode

IjustKilledutoo: hello

IjustKilledutoo: i need a programmer friend

eulerscheZahl: your audio is better now ceg. and i forgot my twitch password

cegprakash: hey IjustKilledutoo join my twitch stream


eulerscheZahl: you have some permanent background noise

IjustKilledutoo: hello @eulerscheZahl

eulerscheZahl: like a fan or some other electric device

IjustKilledutoo: hello euler

eulerscheZahl: hi IjustKilledutoo

Astrobytes: It's his fan euler, pretty warm in Chennai ;)

IjustKilledutoo: hi i m following you lets chat there

IjustKilledutoo: hello @Astrobytes

Astrobytes: Hi

Default avatar.png DiL: Hi

Default avatar.png DiL: I cannot use disableChat in query string anymore... timer doesn't work... someone knows why?

IjustKilledutoo: hello Dil

eulerscheZahl: the bug about the broken timer is reported already

IjustKilledutoo: okay

Default avatar.png DiL: oh thanks! sorry to push it, I just found it :-)

MadKnight: what timer doesn't work ?


eulerscheZahl: showing 0 at the top

eulerscheZahl: that clash timer

eulerscheZahl: oh i pinged ceg

eulerscheZahl: sorry

Default avatar.png DiL: the clash timer always shows 0 if you use disableChat

eulerscheZahl: no matter if you disable the chat or not

eulerscheZahl: it shows 0

Default avatar.png DiL: wait... now i didn't use disableChat and timer is working fine for me

eulerscheZahl: cegprakash trailing whitespace

Insufficient: ok question about limitations of minimax

Insufficient: i know MCTS is better for ultimate tic tac toe but im learning this method first on that game

Insufficient: in python3 i can only look 2 turns ahead or i timeout sometimes

Insufficient: so i get an idea about order of differences

Insufficient: have any of you guys got a c++ minamax for this one that can look 3+ turns ahead?

eulerscheZahl: with python MCTS won't get you far either

eulerscheZahl: there are minimax bots in legend

eulerscheZahl: some players got around 8-10 i think (probably not in the first turn with huge branching)

dbf: I read somewhere that dbdr has minimax in UTTT

eulerscheZahl: zenoscave has one for sure

dbdr: dbf correct

eulerscheZahl: also: haven't seen you in a while, welcome back

Insufficient: ok, so they probably also have a much smarter value function, but can you look like 5 moves ahead in c++?

cegprakash: eulerscheZahl u were trolling when u wanted me to invite ZarthaxX right?

dbf: thanks, eulerscheZahl :)

eulerscheZahl: of course, wanted you to troll zarthaxx

dbf: mostly spend my freetime learning algorithm tasks, so had not too much time for contests :)

Default avatar.png Lopear: one manul

eulerscheZahl: like codeforces?

dbf: no, mostly books with some excercises

eulerscheZahl: slightly related: kotlin heroes on may 29th

eulerscheZahl: classic algorithmic problems, 2.5h duration

dbf: need to learn kotlin, lol )

ZarthaxX: dont troll me

ZarthaxX: im a good bear

eulerscheZahl: last time i coded in java and used the kotlin converter plugin from intelliJ

dbf: dbdr I don't like your minimax for uttt because I can't reach first place in java because of it :)

Astrobytes: lol, what a cop-out

Astrobytes: :D

dbf: is a java code also a valid kotlin code?

dbf: like with groovy

eulerscheZahl: can be converted mostly

eulerscheZahl: you have to add some forced allow-nulls

dbdr: :D so you'll be happy when i RIIR dbf

eulerscheZahl: dict[key]!!

dbf: on my job I copy-pasted java into .groovy files to run them without compilation on server

eulerscheZahl: :D

dbf: dbdr, yes, please

dbdr: one day

eulerscheZahl: RIIR? recode it in rust?


dbdr: yes. rewrite, canonically

eulerscheZahl: close enough

cegprakash: eulerscheZahl there was still some noise during the stream

cegprakash: :(

LynxNoix: Hi guys

cegprakash: i think the noise is coming from laptop's fan

eulerscheZahl: an external microphone would help i guess

dbdr: you streamed eulerscheZahl?

eulerscheZahl: no

struct: it was ceg

dbdr: ah ok

eulerscheZahl: i only had a guest appearance on another stream once

struct: You streamed 1 time before didnt you?

struct: right

eulerscheZahl: code a la mode aftermath

eulerscheZahl: commenting on my bot

dbdr: cameo :)

eulerscheZahl: with a crappy microphone (or audio settings in the system)

eulerscheZahl: so sometimes the first word of my sentence was muted :D

Astrobytes: I remember that

eulerscheZahl: and speaking in real time with the streamer, while the image was about 30s behind

Astrobytes: The dude was completely misunderstanding you

eulerscheZahl: oh, didn't know you saw the stream too Astrobytes

Astrobytes: Yeah I saw some of it

Astrobytes: Some American guy, forgot his name

Default avatar.png DiL: it seems now the timer issue has been fixed! wow, thanks everyone

eulerscheZahl: would be stressing to have a permanent 0 during the contest

Default avatar.png DiL: totally :-)

cegprakash: hey eulerscheZahl

cegprakash: can u be my guest

cegprakash: during my stream

cegprakash: on Thursday

cegprakash: u can make some jokes on my code

cegprakash: u'll have a lot

cegprakash: co-cast with me

eulerscheZahl: i'll be busy with my own bot during contests

cegprakash: alright

eulerscheZahl: and you haven't seen me on the other stream

cegprakash: lol

eulerscheZahl: took me a simple "can you hear me" and smits said "i can hear someone with a german accent"

Astrobytes: hahaha

cegprakash: then smits is the guy I want

cegprakash: I want to be trolled

cegprakash: roasted

Astrobytes: I'll troll you in the chat ceg

Astrobytes: Since you asked nicely :P

cegprakash: :D

cegprakash: how is my Indian accent jokes apart

Astrobytes: Fine? I have no trouble understanding you at all

cegprakash: good :D

cegprakash: so I have hopes to get job in other countries

Default avatar.png DiL: does anyone has good resources on learning dynamic programming (with python)?

Astrobytes: You can definitely get jobs in other countries, your English is fine

cegprakash: hey DiL if u understand arrays/multi dimentional arrays u can understand DP tutorial on any language

cegprakash: u don't really have to search for Python tutorials on DP

cegprakash: just search on youtube for DP tutorials

Default avatar.png PetrutV: how is the ranking in clash of code calculated? or is it just time based?

struct: Depends on what type

struct: fastest and reverse = speed

struct: shortest = code length

jacek: its based on place

struct: Then it depends on ranks of other players

jacek: if youre 1st, doing it in 1 minute or 2 minutes doesnt matter

Default avatar.png DiL: thanks cegprakash! i'm ok with multidim arrays, I'll keep on searching good videos, maybe I havent find a good one

Uljahn: Your rank in Clash of Code depends on your score which is computed with a TrueSkill-based system. Winning (resp. losing) a clash will increase (resp. decrease) your score by an amount which depends on the players you faced in that clash.

cegprakash: DiL also search for recursive DP implementations. I always do DP using recursion as the code looks so clean

cegprakash: it's difficult for me to think a DP problem in array.. because I always look a DP as a DAG (directed acyclic graph)

cegprakash: and imagining a DAG in an array is little difficult for me

cegprakash: so whenever u see a DAG, you can apply DP there DiL

Default avatar.png DiL: ehi thanks a lot! these are the kind of tips I'm looking for

cegprakash: this you won't find on any tutorial

cegprakash: only very strong DP guys will teach DP = DAG

cegprakash: I'm one of them :D

Astrobytes: So modest :D

cegprakash: Astrobytes show me any DP tutorial which talks about DP = DAG

cegprakash: u can rarely find one

Astrobytes: I believe you man!

Default avatar.png DiL: cool, so what's your youtube channel? :-)

cegprakash: wait.. I'll share..

Astrobytes: Interesting way to view it actually


Default avatar.png DiL: I struggle a lot with DP, mainly because I force myself to think to tables as a way to apply DP

cegprakash: there are 3 parts of videos

cegprakash: for the first part enable subtitles

cegprakash: I put in the subtitles by myself

cegprakash: :D

cegprakash: adding subtitles is a hectic job

cegprakash: :D

Default avatar.png DiL: I'm definitely check it out. thanks again... I'll let you know about it:-)

cegprakash: cool :)

PluckyPenguin: evening / morning all how's it going?

Default avatar.png JabrailzadeAli: hello

Default avatar.png JabrailzadeAli: what's up everyone

AntiSquid: AchrafLy

AntiSquid: acat ?

AntiSquid: oops sorry to the other guy i pinged

Dhruv-Garg79: hello guys,

Dhruv-Garg79: does anyone know how to find distance b/w two nodes in BFS without using parent.

Default avatar.png zades:

Default avatar.png zades: i think this might help

MSmits: if you just need the distance, you keep a property "travelled distance" on the nodes.

MSmits: the moment you hit your target, you also know the distance

MSmits: but this might actually be slower than just keeping a parent and backtrack at the end, counting nodes

Astrobytes: Info here:

Astrobytes: stupid pastebin



Astrobytes: hi MSmits

MSmits: the optimizing bfs link assumes you know the algo already

MSmits: hi Astrobytes

struct: Hi, I have a few doubts on mcts still

MSmits: ok

struct: So when I create root

struct: should I auto expand?

MSmits: your selection function will stop when it hits an unexpanded node. That should be your root

MSmits: should happen automatically

struct: So when it select unexpanded

struct: I expand and do rollout?

MSmits: yes

MSmits: you can use various methods to identify an unexpanded child

Dhruv-Garg79: Thanks MSmits, zades and Astrobytes. I finally did it using dist array. where dist[des] = dist[source] + 1;

MSmits: I used to look at visit count, but that may be bug prone. Now I just use my childindex property, if it is 0, then its unexpanded

struct: and the expanded child in that expansion matter for ayntihng?

MSmits: Dhruv-Garg79 good

struct: expanded childs*

MSmits: what do you mean struct

struct: So I selected a unexpanded node

MSmits: oh, you mean for the rollout?

struct: I expand and do full rollout

struct: yes

MSmits: you rollout from a child

MSmits: you can select the first one, but random selection could be better

struct: So the backpropagation will start from that child right?

MSmits: depends on how you code it

MSmits: my backpropagation doesn't go back

MSmits: goes from the top to the bottom

MSmits: i keep track of all nodes i selected

struct: Yeah I do something smilar

MSmits: and just loop over them

MSmits: that makes it so you dont need a parent reference

MSmits: makes a big difference if you have a node pool of 25 million nodes

Astrobytes: I forgot about that trick

MSmits: and none of them need the 8 byte reference

MSmits: 8 byte * 25 million = 200 mb

struct: So you talked about the random selection

MSmits: yeah i never actually do that

struct: I should do that while parent visits < x right?

MSmits: either i just pick the first one

MSmits: or I pick all of them and do a rollout for each child

struct: full rollout seems nice

struct: for each child I mean

Astrobytes: The random selection was Smitsi-specific iirc

MSmits: it's important you do the UCT thing when all children have been visited

MSmits: Astrobytes no i think it's a mcts thing

Astrobytes: For the first few turns

MSmits: you're supposed to select randomly to avoid bias

MSmits: for example if you're navigating a maze and your move generation always does a move left first. Then if you always select the first move, you'd be going left an awful lot

struct: Currently I use UCT, even if a children doesnt have visits

MSmits: depends on the game what the effect is

MSmits: that's going to crash you

struct: I just give it inf score

MSmits: there is a division by visit count

MSmits: ah why bother using UCT at all before at least N visits... there is no point

MSmits: you have no statistics

Astrobytes: In your smitsi writeup you select randomly before using UCT, so you have something to work with

Astrobytes: For like first 10 or so

struct: I use before N visits

MSmits: ohh right,

MSmits: I did do that

jacek: UCT for 0 visits is just inf

Astrobytes: ^

jacek: so each child will be visited eventually. unless you do some fixed low FPU

MSmits: Astrobytes I think this was mostly to avoid some sort of weird resonance, where both players keep selecting the same nodes. Random fixes that

Astrobytes: Kk, gotcha

MSmits: the thing is that when both players select a bad move, it's just as good as when both players select a good move

MSmits: so if they always select the same move, you're never gonna know what good moves are

MSmits: mcts does not have this problem at all

struct: I wonder how much will the mcts "fix" will change my bot

MSmits: if we're talking about UTTT, you wont see a difference, except you win more and rank higher

Astrobytes: lol, no difference

MSmits: if it works correctly that is

MSmits: well it's hard to know what a good move is aside from the obvious try to get 3 in a row

MSmits: and block the opponents

icecream17: Hey, at the compete section there's a 1 like its a notifications

Astrobytes: It's just the updated contest page

MSmits: Worked all day in the garden today so i dont have to do anything for 2 weeks :P

MSmits: maybe tonight or tomorrow I prepare all classes for next 2 weeks. There arent so many

Astrobytes: I've got an emergency x-ray at hospital tomorrow for my back, hoping I'm gonna be OK for contest :/

MSmits: sucks :(

MSmits: glad they could make time for you, a lot of stuff has been postponed

struct: The "make children" function in my mcts is the most expensive

Astrobytes: Our area is not hit too badly thankfully

struct: 40% of my code is wasted there

MSmits: with me it only used about 5% I think

MSmits: selection uses a lot though

struct: Yes but I dont think you call it 1765467 times :p

MSmits: during the game, not in the first few turns

MSmits: hmm

MSmits: I call it half that many times in the first turn

struct: Dont forget its not the true mcts

MSmits: right

struct: Mine is something different

MSmits: you did weird stuff

struct: I thought it was like this :(

struct: What I get for not reading

MSmits: you're not the first

MSmits: Maddy did this too

MSmits: on his first mcts

MSmits: pretty common mistake I guess

struct: In my defense it makes a bit of sence

MSmits: sure

MSmits: allright gotta go do some stuff, ttyl!

struct: cya

struct: and thanks again for explaining

Astrobytes: laters

icecream17: =O there are prizes?

struct: at the bottom

icecream17: Private clashes can have a lot more players. Hmm...

AntiSquid: wtf is going on Astrobytes? thought you would be more fit

AntiSquid: is it the sedentary life style ?

Astrobytes: I appear to be having some kind of spinal compression

AntiSquid: but how from what sinc when? is it something from years ago that just got worse with age?

Astrobytes: Getting numbness in my leg and face, as well as the back pain. No it's relatively new. Since this year

struct: damn :(

Astrobytes: I am normally fit and healthy

AntiSquid: well fingers crossed, might just be aftereffect of the virus ?

Astrobytes: No I've had some symptoms prior to the virus

AntiSquid: :/

Astrobytes: Meh. I'll see what they have to say, not gonna waste time speculating.

AntiSquid: get well soon

Astrobytes: Thanks man

AntiSquid: even Automaton2000 wishes you that

Automaton2000: i know what you mean

AntiSquid: see?

Astrobytes: lol

cegprakash: I'm streaming again.. I took my sister's headphones

Astrobytes: With permission I hope!


AntiSquid: why was that detail important lol

AntiSquid: are they pink ?

AntiSquid: sorry too much celine dion in your stream

Astrobytes: lol, he's doing that just to troll us

Astrobytes: +he likes it...

Astrobytes: I sincerely hope I'm OK for the contest so I don't miss the opportunity to troll ceg on twitch :D

AntiSquid: cegprakash at the very least give baby metal a try lol, still better than celine dion

Astrobytes: Gawd Babymetal lol

AntiSquid: ikr

Illedan: BabyMetal \o/

Astrobytes: That better be a Troll-edan

AntiSquid: stream with baby metal on :D

Astrobytes: lol ffs

Astrobytes: Music still too loud cegprakash, or did you turn down your mic?

AntiSquid: the headphone are to protect his ears from the song

AntiSquid: he might even have ear plugs underneath

Astrobytes: hahaha

Astrobytes: Does he realise he's in Fastes mode?

Astrobytes: *Fastest

AntiSquid: cegprakash try coldplay, it's normal music that isn't bad, you might enjoy it


icecream17: let's do a private clash where everyone joins

Illedan: wtf Astrobytes :P

Astrobytes: :D

AntiSquid: hey i like it lol


Illedan: ^

Astrobytes: I was gonna post

icecream17: diagonal = hypotenuse

icecream17: = c^2

AntiSquid: oh a mash up ... kinda weird though, i prefer the disturbed song on it's own

Illedan: True, but that version is actually good

AntiSquid: seriously it ruins it for me :/

AntiSquid: no offense

Astrobytes: Yeah no offense but it's just as bad as the ones I posted :P

icecream17: i'm on a school account and it says "video has not been approved yet"

Astrobytes: Well...

Astrobytes: maybe not *quite* as bad

Illedan: You going to GA that one? :P

Illedan: cegprakash

Illedan: Binary search works though

Illedan: but :snail:

Astrobytes: FASTEST mode

Astrobytes: :P

Illedan: shhh

Astrobytes: :D

AntiSquid: if you train a model on it, it should know the result immediately !

icecream17: i never knew watching someone else code was so exciting

Astrobytes: Should have used the D

Illedan: 2 more min, can he do it

Astrobytes: Who does fastest in C++? Not that I clash any more but... seems ever so slightly counter-intuitive :P

icecream17: why not... redactedMathFunction(diag)

Astrobytes: Aaaaand not eve using namespace std;

Astrobytes: *even

AntiSquid: 32 sec

Astrobytes: "Oh no"

Astrobytes: :D

Illedan: Nope, no more time :P

icecream17: suspense

icecream17: TOP 3!!!!!

AntiSquid: no idea what the puzzle is

icecream17: You have diag and ratio between 2 sides are are trying to get the length of the sides

Astrobytes: cegprakash save some time and use using namespace std; if you must use C++

Astrobytes: So no more std::

AntiSquid: ah! but wait isn't that easy icecream17 ?

Illedan: You have to find the contribution to see the testcases

Astrobytes: Oh I see cegprakash

AntiSquid: listen to the background guy regarding the sneezing

AntiSquid: :joy:

Astrobytes: I heard something about handwashing

AntiSquid: is that ceg-metal ?

Astrobytes: It's 100% better than Celine Dion/instrumental Titanic soundtrack

Astrobytes: But ceg still has to do some singing for his contest stream

AntiSquid: Astrobytes cegprakash

Astrobytes: FFS

Astrobytes: AntiSquid I raise:

Illedan: cegprakash, diff is wrong?

Illedan: The radio you multiply with is not correct

AntiSquid: Astrobytes

Illedan: Width and Length should not be equal on 16:9 :P

Illedan: cegprakash

LelouchVC2: 16 = 9, how could this possibly be misconstrued?

Illedan: cegprakash, look at your error printing..

Astrobytes: AntiSquid I win

Illedan: cegprakash => you print equal length and width for all values

AntiSquid: but that's just random @_@

AntiSquid: thought we do some sort of metal / metal wannabe theme

Astrobytes: Yes, these are some punk band singers

AntiSquid: :/

Astrobytes: Fair enough:

AntiSquid: Astrobytes

Astrobytes: goddamn I hate that song

AntiSquid: :D

AntiSquid: so i win? :thinking:

Astrobytes: meh

AntiSquid: ok do i win now?

AntiSquid: :joy:

AntiSquid: cegprakash play that song i just linked

Astrobytes: WUT!

Astrobytes: (very NSFW btw)

LelouchVC2: Are the top 10K ranked automatically in the dev team?

AntiSquid: lol that's just annoying :D

AntiSquid: wdym LelouchVC2 ?

struct: What do you mean LelouchVC2?

LelouchVC2: I keep getting notifications

Astrobytes: Good video. But yeah, I hate Dani Filth's voice

LelouchVC2: About accepting and rejecting contributions

reCurse: Ah you reached the damned level

AntiSquid: wait i think i know one that sounds more annoying Astrobytes

reCurse: Congrats, you will get those all the time

reCurse: Just kidding, they fixed it eventually

LelouchVC2: LoL, nice. I guess it's automatically once you reach a certain rank


struct: You can mute those notifications

struct: :)

LelouchVC2: 😂😂 Thanks

Illedan: cegprakash it is reversing the hypotenus formula

reCurse: Used to be all the time though

reCurse: Was fun

LelouchVC2: Thanks for the link, saved my life

Astrobytes: ceg massively overthought this

struct: Yeah, now we can only hope for Clash setting

Astrobytes: AntiSquid It cannot be more annoying than Coin Coin

Illedan: cegprakash, first line is before I move the formula around.

icecream17: Most annoying song? That's reminds me...

LelouchVC2: "Invite me to Clash, earn a free ban!"

LelouchVC2: LMAO

Astrobytes: Oh actually AntiSquid

cegprakash: lets do more tomorrow guys

cegprakash: it's 3AM here

Astrobytes: Get some sleep cegprakash

Illedan: :zzz:

cegprakash: that colon thingy in input :(

cegprakash: I don't want to mess up something like this during Thursday stream

Astrobytes: Just delete the stream and deny it's existence...........

cegprakash: haha

Illedan: :D

Astrobytes: :P

Illedan: I'll stream the contest next week

struct: D stream?

Illedan: The stream!

Astrobytes: The only stream I usually watch in full during the contest is JBM's Haskell stream

LelouchVC2: I tried learning haskell for about 20 minutes

Astrobytes: Because I'm FP-curious and it's entertaining

Default avatar.png JBM: a true fan

cegprakash: okay my volume is too less

LelouchVC2: is there a "real" tutorial for haskell?

icecream17: i wikipediaed it.

Astrobytes: Real?

LelouchVC2: A good one I guess I mean

LelouchVC2: if you've learned haskell

Astrobytes: I'm very basic (ahem) in Haskell, I know a wee bit of Scheme and Racket

struct: Why do you want to learn haskell?

Default avatar.png JBM: why not?

LelouchVC2: I heard it was an interesting language. I guess I'll leave it till later

struct: Im just asking, its always easier to get into it if you have an idea to do with it

AntiSquid: 2nd sunday legend stream Illedan :p

Illedan: :D

Default avatar.png JBM: you can do, like, all CG puzzles

Astrobytes: I find Haskell quite elegant

LelouchVC2: I heard it described as a lazy language. Hopefully I'll get to it before I die

Astrobytes: At least to a noob such as myself

Flyingkid: Will we get to code in Swift soon :upside_down:

Default avatar.png JBM: yeah i like it too

Flyingkid: ooh nvm its already there. where have i been. lol

LelouchVC2: In the shadow realm

Flyingkid: is it even shadow realm anymore. i think its called VRAINS or something now

Astrobytes: whoosh

AntiSquid: for a moment i thought it's tickles in chat, Flyingkid's avatar looked similar

Astrobytes: He's not doing any contests anymore afaik :/

AntiSquid: i thought its just ooc

Astrobytes: He wasn't sure. Have to wait and see I guess

LelouchVC2: Yea, Yu-Gi-Oh has like 10000 generations now

LelouchVC2: I liked GX because they brought Yugi into it in the beginning and end - and it also gets dark

LelouchVC2: But not hooking up with the hot chick to run off to see spirits pissed me off

Astrobytes: Yu-Gi-Oh? Sounds like you've got a stomach complaint or something

pmeikle: it's heavily implied i'm pointing a gun at you!

LelouchVC2: You've never seen it??

AntiSquid: are you saying teccles is a voice actor for yugioh?

Astrobytes: No

pmeikle: the english version of yugioh is way censored lol

LelouchVC2: Damn, childhood destroyed

Astrobytes: I have never seen it

LelouchVC2: Go watch yu-gi-oh

AntiSquid: talking to LelouchVC2

Astrobytes: No

pmeikle: yugioh abridged on YT, is funny

Astrobytes: How old are you

LelouchVC2: teccles?

LelouchVC2: I'm 12

Astrobytes: I am 37

LelouchVC2: Lol, I'm 20 😂

LelouchVC2: I say I'm 12 in video games

AntiSquid: yugioh is a very old japanese cartoon, i've watched it when i was 12 - 15 or so it aired on TV

LelouchVC2: Nice! I loved that show

Astrobytes: It must have passed me by squiddy

LelouchVC2: GX was a way for it to live on

LelouchVC2: But then it started doing some weird shit with ghosts and motorcycles

AntiSquid: plot twist Astrobytes i later realized it's just a monstrous advert for a children's card game

LelouchVC2: And every new generation had longer hair than the last

AntiSquid: the entire show is a fucking advert with a good plot for first season

Astrobytes: Like Transformers, with a plot

LelouchVC2: Yea, it's for a card game, but it was so good

Astrobytes: Except Transformers didn't even have a card game

LelouchVC2: Pokimon has a card game

AntiSquid: it's like pringles had a cartoon basically Astrobytes

LelouchVC2: Listen to my demo <3 :


Astrobytes: Brb, cat's attacking my bass

Astrobytes: nvm, all good, was a moth

LelouchVC2: Lol! Nice pringles ad

Astrobytes: gotta love a bit of Rick and Morty

Astrobytes: Anyway, I'm out. Early trip to the X-Ray department. Laters all

AntiSquid: is that your site your voice LelouchVC2 ?

AntiSquid: bye AstroBoy58

AntiSquid: astrobytes gone nvm

LelouchVC2: @AntiSquid Yea :))

LelouchVC2: Idk how to make my message directed to a specific person xD

AntiSquid: nah it's cool, much better than my personal site

AntiSquid: (i don't have one)

Default avatar.png mpt: Took me days to do the Nintendo challenge. Very hard indeed...

Default avatar.png yashjain27: hye guys

Default avatar.png yashjain27: im new to this

Default avatar.png yashjain27: i got a google interview question

Default avatar.png yashjain27:

Default avatar.png yashjain27: i felt that this was wayyy too hard for an interview question. any thoughts?

Uljahn: Automaton2000: pls respond

Automaton2000: i need to read it

Uljahn: ok

KiwiTae: yashjain27 not too hard to be honest

Default avatar.png fvla: this is easily solvable using dynamic programming

OrdoFlammae: I'm having a lot of trouble with the Ghost in the Cell puzzle, where the input for 'entityCount' is always zero. I'm not sure why this is. I'm using Clojure, but I don't think the language should affect anything.

Default avatar.png fvla: if you haven't made significant changes, then restore default code

LelouchVC2: These clashes get so retarded

LelouchVC2: I'm sitting here with working code having to make like 10 conditions for spacing because the tests can't deal with it

LelouchVC2: If there's an extra space at the end, the tests shouldn't freak out!