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Uljahn: Automaton2000: push the button :robot:

Automaton2000: i am going to try to get to gold

Default avatar.png Muffle9: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

MadKnight: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

namaska: Python 2 goodbay

MJSS: When the contests end, are the games added to the normal compete list?

aCat: yes

thibpat: hi :wave: I'm live again for more Ocean Of Code! I'll try to focus on pathfinding today

Nagatwin: what happened kovi ? :o

kovi: fine-untuning - or less lucky rolls

Nagatwin: Haha

Nagatwin: Yeah did

Nagatwin: did that yesterday

Nagatwin: you are ruining my rank I have ~0% wr against you

Nagatwin: chunknorris you should submit some more :D

Nagatwin: Sounds like we have different possibilites counters


Nagatwin: at least for paths kovi

Nagatwin: might be caused because I remove duplicate paths

kovi: could be

Nagatwin: aren't you ?

kovi: nope

Nagatwin: sounds liek you are generating tons of them compared to others ais

kovi: thx for letting me know early on i had problems with n^2 merging of them. i will look into it again

Nagatwin: you can merge linearly

Nagatwin: ;)

chucknorris: I'm trying my best Naga:p submit nr 914:

kovi: wow, twice as mine

chucknorris: yeah I got a little bit obsessed with that submit button

chucknorris: I'ts hard to tell the effect of my latest "critical" bugfix when the leaderboard is so random

wlesavo: i hope in legend it would be more stable

AntiSquid: it won't be wlesavo

AntiSquid: in fact expect 50 at the very least in legend by the end of the contest and expect it to be very random

AntiSquid: just 1-4 bots at the top might be stable

AntiSquid: but there's recalc too after the contest, which might, just might fix things

AntiSquid: but your last position on the ladder still matters when recalc starts

wlesavo: i see, thx

wlesavo: there goes my hopes for fine tuning

Nerchio: yesterday i was staring at my code for way too long and i couldn't find a mistake and today i found it in 3 minutes...

Nerchio: life of beginner programmer

aCat: Don't worry

aCat: after a few years it is still the same :P

Default avatar.png BlueBull: hello

Default avatar.png BlueBull: what to do about the reverse mode at clash of code

Default avatar.png yfprojects: just do real puzzles

Default avatar.png JBM: reverse it

Default avatar.png BlueBull:

AntiSquid: BlueGhost31 what's that about?

BlueGhost31: Hello AntiSquid

Nagatwin: That wild tag

AntiSquid: oh damn, again pinged wrong person, sorry, ignore me BlueGhost31

Nerchio: can i make the code bigger somehow :p

BlueGhost31: :wink: ok

aCat: OMG, top OOC games looks like extremelly boring chess

Default avatar.png Angola: so true

aCat: But strategies are different

aCat: which is nice

Nerchio: how many turns games last at the top?

aCat: 200-3xx it seems

Nerchio: and what do you guys think is the most powerful move/power?

pb4: Nerchio : as in if I had only one which would it be ?

Nerchio: yea 1 or 2

struct: Mine Silence?

wlesavo: move is the most powerful

pb4: checknorris : for real 914 submits ?!

pb4: chucknorris

Nerchio: i am in silver and at the moment mines are the biggest pain they limit the movement so much

wlesavo: chessnorris

aCat: It's - mine your part of the board and surface to never got to the nemy half :P

chucknorris: *923

wlesavo: mine more than half and you win

Nerchio: if you shoot a mine does it explode?

struct: no

Nerchio: I feel like if top level is about doing mines on your side of the map you should be able to clear them somehow :p

wlesavo: i think in the original capitan sonar this is the case, some way to balance the mines, although i like the way we have it even more

Nerchio: i need to watch some top games to make a decision :p

Nerchio: how did you guys tackle line of sight?

KTU_lyceum: i dont understand error free(): invalid pointer, maybe anyone knows?

RoboStac: it means you called free on an address that isn't allocated (often means you are freeing a null or freeing one address twice)

KTU_lyceum: but i dont use free

AntiSquid: add a if(pointerVariable != NULL) before that piece of code see what happens

RoboStac: maybe you are calling something that does

KTU_lyceum: k tnx

RoboStac: the other thing to check is that anytime you use arrays you don't go out of bounds as this can corrupt memory and cause weird errors

KTU_lyceum: yea maybe. I use vector inside vector, maybe i go out of bound. Tnx i think i know where to check :)

RoboStac: yeah, that could easily cause it (when vectors go out of scope they'll call free)

RoboStac: you can try putting #define _GLIBCXX_DEBUG as the first line of your code (has to be before includes) - might give a more useful message

pb4: ^

pb4: Won't give you the trace or line where the faulty code is though

pb4: but it'll tell you there is faulty code

KTU_lyceum: Great when you can get good advice fast :)

Default avatar.png WINWINWIN: Hi, I am a programming novice and I want to get started on poker chip race

Default avatar.png WINWINWIN: Can any1 give advice on how to move ahead from wood2 without any complex algorithms?

AntiSquid: try the contest WINWINWIN it's for everyone and there are streams on youtube / twitch on how to build a bot

AntiSquid: if you want to use less complex algorithms play a different game WINWINWIN, don't think you can do much in poker chip with just heuristics

Default avatar.png WINWINWIN: ok

AntiSquid: WINWINWIN this game is ok with just heuristics, no complex algorithms:

Default avatar.png WINWINWIN: Will start the contest, and botters of the galaxy, thanks AntiSquid

Default avatar.png WINWINWIN: but in poker chip race, I cant even get out of wood2 with just heuristics?

Default avatar.png WINWINWIN: If not, can you reccomend a good site to learn the relevant methods?

AntiSquid: you could if you do some maths

AntiSquid: check distance between objects

Default avatar.png WINWINWIN: Currently I move to the largest object just under my size

Default avatar.png WINWINWIN: How would I implement distance?

AntiSquid: it's a harder game, there are over a thousand people in wood2 for a good reason :D

Default avatar.png WINWINWIN: :D

AntiSquid: just distance between two points (the center of the balls) and see if the sum of radius if the balls is smaller or equal to their distance then you know they collide

Nagatwin: Are you Winning ?

AntiSquid: you could maybe move them a bit at a time and check collisions

AntiSquid: honestly play a different game WINWINWIN, not the best to start with

Default avatar.png WINWINWIN: Started with 9 others, got to bronze in all of them

Default avatar.png WINWINWIN: CSB, GitC, CotC and some others

AntiSquid: then why not take them a bit further?

AntiSquid: what kind of game do you prefer anyway

Default avatar.png WINWINWIN: Where analysis of graphs and math knowledge is important

Default avatar.png WINWINWIN: Like in CSB where I am attempting modifications in Silver

AntiSquid: you can get legend in CSB with just maths

AntiSquid: no complex algo, few if else

Default avatar.png WINWINWIN: K, will try that, after some learning will come back to poker

Default avatar.png WINWINWIN: thanks AntiSquid

struct: You can always try and write a sim

struct: There is lots of info on CSB

AntiSquid: it feels like a long writeup for new starters maybe @struct

struct: You will need sim for poker if you want to go high

Default avatar.png WINWINWIN: Will look into that struct

AntiSquid: better if he just fools around with the basics until he feels comfortable ?

Nagatwin: Stop saying that AntiSquid its not that easy :p

AntiSquid: what isn't easy?

Default avatar.png WINWINWIN: Easy for him Rank 7!!!

AntiSquid: what did i call easy anyway?

Default avatar.png WINWINWIN: CSB legend :)

AntiSquid: ah it's just math and if else, honestly, just try a bit of tweaking your conditions

Nagatwin: :'(

Nagatwin: Not even gold

Nagatwin: I really have to spend time on this one but it is not appealing

AntiSquid: i only played it because back when i first started MadKnight was constantly asking people to play CSB

Nagatwin: He still does

Nagatwin: kovi + valgrowth spamming submits are dragging me down super fast

AntiSquid: the ladder is shuffled a lot

AntiSquid: i am above few people that i am sure have stronger bots atm

wlesavo: if euler wont resub he would have an ok chance to become a boss

kovi: i have lost tracking what help and what is not

kovi: ranking seriously depend on submit order

wlesavo: true, i tried to tweek some parameters and then went back to what i had, i guess the time is coming for drastic measures

Nerchio: where to see your number of submits?

Astrobytes: Nerchio Click on History, first row of the table

struct: results history


Astrobytes: hi struct

struct: hi

struct: I see publish on codingame option

struct: What is this

Astrobytes: Where?

struct: In CvZ

struct: I can do publish

struct: I think its a bug

struct: As long as the submit has 100% I can share it

struct: publish*


Nerchio: if the map is too open my tracking multiplies the enemy too much and times out :(

Astrobytes: Prune your results Nerchio

Astrobytes: struct, yeah I see it in other optims too. IT's greyed out tho, did you try pressing it?

struct: If I press it says published

struct: Also why does the history tab now has outdated?

struct: Is it due to languages changing version?

Astrobytes: Could be yeah, sounds about right

Default avatar.png navin89098909890: dfs

Default avatar.png navin89098909890: sdfsfaSad

Default avatar.png navin89098909890: ssfdfa

Default avatar.png navin89098909890: sadfdaf

AntiSquid: navin89098909890 ?

Nerchio: if only i could fix my timeout stuff :/

Famout: Ah the joy of being gone too long, racking my brain to remember easy tasks.

Famout: Like forgetting constructors don't get any return types at all, not even a void....

eulerscheZahl: wlesavo 01:33PM if euler wont resub he would have an ok chance to become a boss


IjustKilledutoo: hello

IjustKilledutoo: is anybody listening

Nerchio: hello

Famout: Partly, brain feeling warm so watching for distractions.

tobk: wonder what flavour of pac-man the contest will be. multiple pac-mans, or players control the ghosts? or something entirely different just loosely based on the theme...

AntiSquid: pacman title

wlesavo: zipman

AntiSquid: zetman

Nerchio: I lose on timeout against a guy that doesn't do anything but move and silence when he can haha

Ivan-Clark: Pinoy here?

Nerchio: because he doesn't give out any information except that

Famout: Still coding my first bit of ship now... not gonna lie that's gonna be its life at first.

Famout: To spend as much time underwater and hidden as possible and outlive most other boats.... Then comes coding in tracking and such.

wlesavo: Nerchio most likely you timeout because you do not prune/merge

Nerchio: i know i am making clones when they move and i have 1000 of them when they silence or something :D

Illedan: Hi

Illedan: Oh, soon 2k players \o/

wlesavo: hi Illedan, long time no sub?

chucknorris: any public ooc brutal tester compatible referee ?

Illedan: yeah wlesavo. Needed a little break

Illedan: and I'm working on some bigger changes

Illedan: We had a PR on the real one working with brutal tester afaik, chucknorris

Illedan: You can check the forum

Illedan: there is a post about this

wlesavo: kovi, you prefer crashing over suicide, dont know if its important but still

kovi: thx. yeah, if im out of places i crash

KarlTaal: Hey guys, can someone explain what is the speed vector in coders strike back? What does the x and y value represent in it?

Illedan: Position transitions happening this current round

darkhorse64: components of the speed according to x,y axes

chucknorris: hm Illedan found the pr, but its not working for me. can you show me the forum post about it? cant find it

KarlTaal: so where how much is added to my current x an y after this round?

Illedan: Nvm, chucknorris. It was only to run the project locally :( Did you check the forks made to the repo?

darkhorse64: I am not sure I understand your question. The referee updates your position

Illedan: correct KarlTaal

chucknorris: yes I checkedand found the brutal tester fork. but no info about the usage

Illedan: Did you use brutal tester earlier?

chucknorris: yes. it worked. but for this one, it runs the game with default bots

Illedan: Wierd :/

chucknorris: ahh okay it's forking. forgot to checkout the right branck :p

chucknorris: but I have to set my timeout to like 35ms not to have timeouts

Default avatar.png WaterDrinker: Is there any way to opt out of shortest code in clash of code?

informathemusic: Hello World!

chucknorris: pb4 should we be afraid or it was a lucky roll aigan? :p

AntiSquid: no WaterDrinker

Default avatar.png rwilson: WaterDrinker 99% certain there is not. CodingGame change COC not TERRIBLY long ago... you used to be able to pick, now it's all in 1

YannT: I made a brutaltester version of the referee

YannT: mainly you just have to add this class into the project and build the JAR


chucknorris: thanks, it's already working. except it timeouts more oftan than in cg

chucknorris: much more often almost every time

YannT: yes it does, I fixed that too

YannT: with:

YannT: gameManager.setTurnMaxTime(200);

YannT: at the top of Referee.init()

chucknorris: GameManager - Warning: too many turns and/or too much time allocated to players per turn (30000ms/30000ms)

Exception in thread "Thread-1" java.util.NoSuchElementException: No line found

Default avatar.png eax.qbyte: How to disable this discord thing?

YannT: chucknorris: weird, it doesn't do that for me

YannT: maybe your bot stalls or something?

Nerchio: people in silver started using mines makes me so sad

Nerchio: my bot would have to be completely reworked to beat it :D

Nerchio: top silver is like 70% mine use

semera: Could I somehow save my learning data to file between games? Or I have to simulate whole environment in my computer?

Default avatar.png Liftyee: nani

blasterpoard: semera you can download the source code of a game from github; however the problem with ML is usually the character limit

blasterpoard: (your submitted file can have at most 100k characters, I think)

semera: thanks!

semera: Do you have link, I found several "solutions" but not a simulator/game

blasterpoard: which game?

semera: Coders Strike Back

blasterpoard: yes, that one is a bit tricky to find... gie me a minute

blasterpoard: semera this one works afaik

blasterpoard: there is no official code for CSB

semera: thanks

blasterpoard: to run multiple games

icecream17: do we have to install JDK and Maven to run it locally?

blasterpoard: well, there are releases on the github page...

icecream17: i don't know much about how github works though....

MadKnight: it works ezpz

icecream17: how do you download? what is cloneing and branch? what is mdn-- install or something? how do you run something after you download?


blasterpoard: download the jar

icecream17: okay i have the jar file....

icecream17: double click or open doesn't do anything

blasterpoard: now there's a file that says "read me"

blasterpoard: read it

icecream17: where? it's not a folder

blasterpoard: (I give up)

icecream17: Type = "Executable Jar File" but "Open" just changes the mouse cursor and then the mouse cursor goes back to normal and nothing has happenned

Nagatwin: you can't execute a jar file likt that

icecream17: err.. what do you do

icecream17: ok i googled it and it says i have to have java runtime environment or something

icecream17: or use decompression software, idk

icecream17: oh well i'm downloading ti

icecream17: "Java Setup" Welcome to Java... etc Is this the right one?

icecream17: The loading bar is stuck at 95%

icecream17: ok it's done. feel like i'm monologing now

icecream17: aww... it still doesn't work. can't open

icecream17: i give up. i'm just gonna download the zip file under it

icecream17: yay! the readme. But it's a .md file, which i never heard of

tobk: Markdown

tobk: Just read it as plain-text or convert to nicely formatted HTML with `markdown`

icecream17: i don't know what you mean by the second one, so i'm just doing plaintext

icecream17: "cg-brutaltester is a Java local tool to simulate the codingame multiplayer IDE" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nagatwin: Hey maybe this is not made for you and you should stick to the IDE

icecream17: =(

icecream17: but yeah i'm missing something when java -jar cg-brutaltester.jar -r "java -jar cg-referee-ghost-in-the-cell.jar" -p1 "./myCode.exe" -p2 "php myCode.php" -t 2 -n 100 -l "./logs/" is "simple"

eulerscheZahl: if you use the latest brutaltester version for ghost in the cell, you have to specify that you use the old referee format

Nerchio: how do you counter mines when you don't know they are there since you didn't pinpoint enemy location? ^^

Default avatar.png rwilson: Nerchio how closely are you tracking the enemy?

Nerchio: right now it's very good but if they use silence it still takes quite a while before its super accurate


Nerchio: I make agents for each starting cell of the map and their moves including silence splits so i dont know can't get better tracking

Nerchio: also sonar :P

Default avatar.png rwilson: so you're likely keeping their total path remembered to do some consitency checks?

Nerchio: each of the agents has map of visited cells yes

AntiSquid: my rank improved? lol

the leaderboard is all over the place

Nerchio: i guess when you pinpoint exact location of the enemy you should go back in action queue to see where he placed mines?

AntiSquid: maybe i find the mood to finish my rewrite

Nerchio: kind of backtrack

AntiSquid: ZarthaxX you're below me

Default avatar.png rwilson: Nerchio - consider making a map of POSSIBLE mines ... walk all agents path, drop mines from them at TURN X where appropriate

AntiSquid: fix it :p

AntiSquid: MSmits too

AntiSquid: emh also

Default avatar.png rwilson: Nerchio - in the end you'll with the possible mines , but a lot more than really there ... if you can avoid them all, then you've avoided the real ones. ... yeah - exactly what you mentioned ( walk their action Q to figure it out )

Default avatar.png yfprojects: ping emh

kovi: top10 is balanced now

Nerchio: i am still in silver so mine players are not sophisticated i guess i should just add killer instinct against them

Nerchio: if i have their exact location just go there and kill :P

ZarthaxX: AntiSquid why are you looking at me permanently? lol

ToastyZ: Damn, only 1 lesson that kinda teaches you how to "code"

ToastyZ: Kinda lost ngl

DrizzlyBear: if there is a move and a torpedo in the same turn, is the order determined by the order in which those commands are given, or does one always precede the other?

aCat: dbx - by the commands order

DrizzlyBear: thanks!

aCat: This cat happy to help ^^

aCat: ToastyZ sorry it's rather page to train your skills on various topics than to leran coding from the scratch :(

Astrobytes: CGForEDU ;)

eulerscheZahl: was supposed to fill that gap

eulerscheZahl: but wasn't a great success

Astrobytes: Is not part of the update?

ToastyZ: @aCat

ToastyZ: The help was much appreciated

ToastyZ: :ok_hand:

eulerscheZahl: part of what update?

eulerscheZahl: it's still maintained and used for some stuff like the SDK documentation

Default avatar.png Tunez: Can the battlefield size be not 15&

eulerscheZahl: but not attracting as many users as CG itself

eulerscheZahl: you need content to attract coding newbies and users to motivate the more experienced coders to write an article

Astrobytes: eulerscheZahl the CG platform update, I thought they were updating techio along with it. Might be mistaken.

Astrobytes: Yes good points there

eulerscheZahl: i don't know if there are any plans to

eulerscheZahl: in the past there was also a "playground of the month" awared with a raspberry pi

AntiSquid: finally top 100 again lol :D

eulerscheZahl: but i think they gave up on that now

Astrobytes: Wow, never saw that one. Wait, I think they were incorporating platform features *from*, think that's where I got the thought

eulerscheZahl: your playgrounds are linked on your profile now

Astrobytes: Yeah I saw that. They should link them to multis and puzzles if they're on a relevant subject too I guess

eulerscheZahl: they are

Astrobytes: That's the only one I think, other than M Smits PM on XR

Astrobytes: I mean link it via keywords. Pathfinding, etc

inoryy: I'm still salty they spent so much time on and let CG die out a bit in the process

Nagatwin: kovi top 10 is balanced cause im finally in :p

eulerscheZahl: get out

dbdr: die?

eulerscheZahl: dbdr what wizardry is that parcellite? it remembers my clipboard even when i restart my computer

dbdr: there is this things called hard drive

dbdr: can hold files

dbdr: magci I know :D

eulerscheZahl: wow, do i have that=

dbdr: who knows?

struct: any tutorial?

inoryy: it was much more active couple of years ago, and was much less active about 2 years ago when pretty much their whole dev team was on

inoryy: I'm glad to see they've turned around

dbdr: my first contest was Mean Max. so it's true I never experienced a CG-made, non-community contest

AntiSquid: maybe next contest is CG original again?

Astrobytes: Both platforms have a lot of potential but they kind of work best together

dbdr: supposed to be

eulerscheZahl: true, CG lost some users. not sure if it's because got more attention. but i really enjoyed the CG contests

struct: FB and WW were preety good

AntiSquid: well there also a list of comapnies that were hiring along with the contest, did that have anything to do with activity?

AntiSquid: there was *

dbdr: kovi, are you climbing slower than before?

eulerscheZahl: 3500 users on a 8 day contest (GitC), tsirts for top50+best in each language. about 20 sponsoring companies that you can choose to contact you when you did well

eulerscheZahl: and a camera drone for the winner

kovi: slower and cant get to top

dbdr: weren't you top 3 half and hour ago? :D

eulerscheZahl: they decided against sponsors for community contests as they don't want to earn money with the work of the community. maybe that's a part of the story why the player count dropped

YannT: kovi: with this game there's a lot of variance

dbdr: I also started to lose a match here and there against lower ranks. I guess the level is just increasing slowly

YannT: there's something to be said for letting it sit a while if you wanna see if something's working or not ;)

dbdr: legend will be nice :)

Nagatwin: Yeah :D

AntiSquid: also random

eulerscheZahl: i have yet to decide if i will like legend

eulerscheZahl: depends on my side of the cut

dbdr: :D

dbdr: fighting a boss has its charm

inoryy: I mean, bugs in website and in games were left unfixed for months at the heyday of dev

darkhorse64: Does someone remember how many ppl were directly eligible to Legend for UTG ?

dbdr: I think locam is the best comparison

dbdr: same length

YannT: they can't cut top10, that would mean like wlesavo or some bot like that would be gold boss, it feels like too high a bar to pass :p

darkhorse64: LOCAM was top 10 ?

YannT: no locam was like top30

dbdr: something like that yes

inoryy: plus there was a huge gap between WW and MM, and after MM

YannT: but people in #fr have been saying they will likely take the top10 for legend in this

YannT: seems crazy

eulerscheZahl: after MM was BotG

darkhorse64: #31 atm

eulerscheZahl: the statement alone was a turn-off to some

inoryy: yeah, took like half a year to get to botg

inoryy: I remember periods where general was completely dead

AntiSquid: slow process to get to the final game

YannT: I joined for locam, I must've been one of the only ones who actually liked that contest :)

AntiSquid: also the SDK wasn't complete

kovi: dbdr: i can get 3rd, but not higher bad submits pushed jolinden too high

YannT: I don't better when I have time to work on stuff

**eulerscheZahl slaps YannT around a bit with a large fishbot

YannT: I'm not good at like speed BFS coding

dbdr: kovi how awful ;)

darkhorse64: I think that wood bosses were too strong: the Wood 2 should have made random movements and random shooting

AntiSquid: locm was nice

YannT: or other floodfill blitz contests :p

AntiSquid: it's all personal preference YannT, who cares what others like?

Nagatwin: I did not get LOCM at all

YannT: I mean I will admit during locam, by the start of the last week most people were just "done" and bots pretty much stagnated

inoryy: anyway, hopefully, they're done with the nonsense and CG contests are back for good

Nagatwin: tried a bit but sounded not rewarding enough for the time spent, maybe I had the bad approach

YannT: so it was a tad too long maybe

darkhorse64: floodfill is easy: MSmits article on says all

YannT: but on the other hand 10 days doesn't feel like enough if you've got other things going on

Astrobytes: inoryy they said 2 CG contests per year + sponsored contest iirc

Nagatwin: 10 days is short

Astrobytes: *sponsored contests

AntiSquid: Nagatwin it was during summer time too, motivation would obviously be lower without a lockdown

inoryy: wait what's the difference between CG contest and sponsored contest

darkhorse64: 10 days to reach legend for OOC for those who do not make the cut

Nagatwin: 30 is fine for games like that I think, with a lot of possible improvments

Astrobytes: One has a sponsor and one doesn't :D

AntiSquid: was UTG a sponsored contest?

eulerscheZahl: es

eulerscheZahl: yes

inoryy: ah in that sense sponsored

inoryy: cool

inoryy: glad to hear

Nagatwin: AntiSquid we should make more lockdown to free some time for contests

eulerscheZahl: they said single-sponsor contests

eulerscheZahl: and thibaud mentioned a new staff member (i think Nanna) responsible for getting more of them

Astrobytes: Yeah that rings a bell

eulerscheZahl: sleeping time when i'm up early tomorrow, i can submit without everyone else interfering

inoryy: they could also just crowdfund prize pools

eulerscheZahl: no, they crowdfund girly coders

Astrobytes: lol, og CR

eulerscheZahl: correct

Astrobytes: Would crowdfunding the prize pools really work?

inoryy: CG has many professionals (just look at the company top for OOC), I'm sure at least some of them wouldn't mind helping the site out

Astrobytes: Ah OK, sponsored funding, thought you meant user-wise

Astrobytes: *corporate funding I mean

AntiSquid: they wanted to promote a charity back then with each new community contest

AntiSquid: ours was kids ... which made sense, but then for some reason they went to girls only

Astrobytes: Not everyone supports every cause, as they found out

inoryy: I did mean user-wise, Astrobytes

Astrobytes: Re-reading I see that inoryy, but what would motivate them to donate? I mean, if you have a cause they don't support, they won't do it. Otherwise it's just donating money so someone can win X.

AntiSquid: were you here when they had an ML "puzzle" Astrobytes ?

Astrobytes: The image recognition one?

AntiSquid: ya

Astrobytes: I've been here since 2015 AntiSquid, I just didn't do anything for ages until og CR

Astrobytes: Why did they remove that one anyway?

inoryy: I don't mean donating to a cause either, although I think the CR thing was an okay idea as well

inoryy: I mean literally to the prize pool and/or to cover dev time

inoryy: Re: why do it - is supporting a website you've used for free potentially for years isn't motivation enough?

Astrobytes: (I did too, even though it's not a popular opinion)

Astrobytes: Yeah I would say it is, but, all people are not quite as altruistic

Astrobytes: *equally altruistic

inoryy: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Astrobytes: It would be worth a shot though, if people can donate 10s of dollars to someone streaming CoC on YouTube then CG must be in with a shot right? :)

inoryy: I've definitely spent money on much less deserving things

Astrobytes: Exactly, I doubt there's anyone who hasn't, but... people ;)

RockyMullet: Yeah, I'd be willing to financially support CG with donations

RockyMullet: not why they dont do it, maybe tis bad PR for the clients

RockyMullet: make them look like beggars or something

RockyMullet: trying to be the devils advocate here

inoryy: that's kind of true but then again their contests stuff is almost completely separate from CGForWork stuff, aside from the occasional private contests

RockyMullet: Maybe the amoun of money they would get from it is not enough for the effort it would take to make it

RockyMullet: maybe legal stuff

RockyMullet: cause lets say we are like 20-30 who gives like 20$ every 3-4 months because we feel like it

RockyMullet: in the end its not that much money

inoryy: $1k / year is still > $0 / year :P

inoryy: but I get your point, I'm sure they've at least thought about it before and opted against it

struct: subscribe for 1 Mill lines of code limit

inoryy: I would honestly pay monthly for better NN support

RockyMullet: a good exemple of it is hear in canada our healthcare is free, and there's often been discution of asking just a little money to avoid abusers, but just managing the money would cost more money then the money they'll get

Astrobytes: Not sure a donation-based model is 'begging' as such when you get all this

RockyMullet: to be clear, I think its a good idea and I would donate, im just trying to understand why not :P

Chewie2k: yo guys

Chewie2k: I'm stuck on the Power of Thor ep 1

Astrobytes: Oh totally RockyMullet

Astrobytes: and hi btw :)

Chewie2k: I am very bad at coding

RockyMullet: hey :wave::grinning:

Illedan: hi

AntiSquid: all money donated back then went to the charities afaik, their expenses are covered through what they usually do

Default avatar.png MelodraMarco: Hey Chewie. What's bothering you?

AntiSquid: are you talking about millionaire charity owners RockyMullet ?

RockyMullet: Yeah AntiSquid, that must be it, the amount of moeny they'd get from donation is probably insignificant compared to they're other sources of income

Chewie2k: This Power of Thor code

AntiSquid: ^ was around 1500 euros i believe

RockyMullet: hu I dont know about that, there was a conversation about donating to CG to support them

RockyMullet: Or maybe I misunderstood :thinking:

AntiSquid: ah that's a different thing then

AntiSquid: guess i overlooked some bits of the conversation

AntiSquid: i got new better strong faster pathing though

AntiSquid: stronger *

RockyMullet: I still dont do any pathfinding, maybe thats why im stuck in silver

icecream17: me neither....

RockyMullet: implementing mines had close to no impact on my bot

RockyMullet: that was a bummer lol

AntiSquid: i don't have a real pathing in the arena and it's mid gold

AntiSquid: i am rewriting my bot, want to make a stronger one

RockyMullet: yeah, I feel unless you do a real agressive bot, I dont see the point yet

icecream17: I have a function that takes 0.7ms that's called a LOT of times when I silence

AntiSquid: this one is just a pile of bugs with a decent predictor and some if else, not sure how i got so high with it lol

AntiSquid: so you can get gold with quite little i guess?

icecream17: I'm jumping around the 200s and 300s and can't go up

icecream17: I did it!

icecream17: Sorta. It used to take 55ms with silence and 57 positions, and now it takes 43ms

darkhorse64: This is a good incentive to switch to C++. I can handle several thousands paths

AntiSquid: i meant tracker, not predictor, i don't predict anything yet

AntiSquid: several thousand for loops !

icecream17: i think my "checkPath" function is too slow. but i don't know how to optimize it or anything

RockyMullet: yeah, what I think I might do is run my own tracker code on myself, to guess how likely the enemy knows where I am to use silence better

AntiSquid: i don't have self tracking either in the arena

icecream17: selfTracking sounds hard.... also if i silence and the opponent silence the time doubles

darkhorse64: My tracking involves a lot of fancy ops per paths and I track also myself

AntiSquid: self tracking is as hard as enemy tracking

Default avatar.png rwilson: RockyMullet ;) working on that ATM - great idea -- though I need to use it more to avoid giving away my position by taking a stupid turn

darkhorse64: Write once, use twice

icecream17: probably easier bc you've already made it. but still hard and probably buggy, and i don't feel like it

RockyMullet: rwilson yeah could also be used for that

RockyMullet: well the basic dumb tracker, where you check all position to see if they bump into walls is not that hard to implement on yourself

AntiSquid: no more TypeScript bots above me, first mile stone achieved \o/

Default avatar.png rwilson: icecream17 are you checking all paths for all points currently?

icecream17: yes, but lots of logic removes most by turn 10

darkhorse64: Tracking = silver, eval shoot + self tracking = gold 100, eval move = top 30

icecream17: "eval" is something i hear a lot....

AntiSquid: i don't have any self tracking though

RockyMullet: what do you mean by "eval shoot"

icecream17: i just shoot where the opponent is most likely to be

struct: shoot does not only make damage

AntiSquid: some very bugged target picker for torpedo and mines i do have

darkhorse64: find the best shoot more damage to him, less for me

AntiSquid: shoot eval would be a target picker i guess RockyMullet

RockyMullet: oh yeah, I dont try to not get shot right now

icecream17: sometimes i place a mine down, and the code says "mine is at a place that it actually isn't"

RockyMullet: probably another problem of my bot

darkhorse64: also probabilistic shooting

AntiSquid: if what you said is true, i should get top 50 with my new movement picker, but i really doubt it darkhorse64

RockyMullet: I do discrimate the enemy position based on the shot position, assuming he wont shoot imself

icecream17: can't assume that nowadays

RockyMullet: but I see a lot of games I lose because me and the enemy shoot at each otehr every 3 turns and I lose by 1 hp

Default avatar.png rwilson: RockyMullet even in silver, they'll take a little dmg themselves if it lets them win ;)

darkhorse64: good motion is really important and has a measurable impact

RockyMullet: my bot goes always to the right...

RockyMullet: another problem lol

darkhorse64: turn the wheels

Default avatar.png rwilson: RockyMullet - have you made sure your bot can "move torpedo|torpdeo 1 1" when it's at cooldown of 1 ?

icecream17: 23rd? almost at gold

icecream17: rwilson i stealing that idea

RockyMullet: yeah i do that

Default avatar.png rwilson: noticed that agressive torpedo tactics tended to favor those who minimize time between shots ...

Default avatar.png rwilson: but also, it FEELS to me like it's a bad idea to shoot first unless you're going to win

RockyMullet: in my torpedo targeting I keep if I need to move first or shoot first, and I dont allow to shoot first if my cd is not 0

RockyMullet: rwilson yeah my last significant improvement was to not shoot first unless im sure of a hit

icecream17: ugh for all of silver 2 bugs "no positions", "torpedo or mine blowup didn't happen" have eluded me

Default avatar.png rwilson: icecream17 - second one sounds like maybe position / command problem

Default avatar.png rwilson: are you checking what the referee is saying in the logs? trying to place mine where it can't ? or is it some other message?

icecream17: "> Mines: [7 6]" Onscreen: [7 7]

icecream17: i account for move and all that

Default avatar.png rwilson: ahh ... so you think you've placed it at 7,6 but it shows 7,7?

icecream17: yeah. and sometimes i try to explode the same, [correct] mine but twice

icecream17: i'm gonna submit so i save my code so i can revert back to the code that gets 235th or something

Default avatar.png rwilson: ;) it does sound like a bug with the accounting for movement. I had issues with that sort of thing till i split up the commands ( enemy and my own ) and process them 1 step at a time, instead of as a group

RockyMullet: Awww I cant trigger random pos to confuse the enemy, rude

RockyMullet: I had to try it :P

icecream17: If someone triggers a mine early on the number of positions greatly reduce

icecream17: or they should

icecream17: huh. i thought my code became worse, but the rank improved from 334th and is already at 309th

RockyMullet: I guess, but people dont trigger mine early that often

RockyMullet: you have to be close to the enemy and know where they are, doesnt happen often

RockyMullet: early i mean

Cappefra: I trigger mines based on their density on screen and the number of possible positions of the enemy

Cappefra: just to get statistical random hits

RockyMullet: hum, yeah maybe I should do that too

icecream17: not sure if i explode mines too much

RockyMullet: I only trigger mines on sure hit

Cappefra: I used to do that too but then I noticed how often the enemy goes close to mines after they silence or something

Cappefra: in general when their position is still too uncertain

icecream17: also, a lot of times the opponent keeps going left straight into the mine, but i explode when they are 1 square away instead of 0

icecream17: wonder if i should wait 1 turn before exploding

Cappefra: Still I think my biggest one-submit improvement was when I changed the movement to zoning

Cappefra: reduced the surface rate a bunch

icecream17: my movement is really... complicated

icecream17: but amazingly it's bug free

RockyMullet: mine is ridiculously simple, its "always go right, if you hit a mine, not go left"

RockyMullet: I probably should focus on improving that

Cappefra: mine's gotten kind of complicated too

RockyMullet: and its actually the change that got me straight from wood 1 to silver

RockyMullet: so it was way worse before that lol

Cappefra: yeah movement's almost more important than everything else, until the point where everyone moves well

Cappefra: I move like a nokia 3310 snake and tend towards unvisited areas, with deadlock avoidance

icecream17: 1752 to 1985. my behavior doesn't change if i get torpedoed or hit by a mine, don't know how i should react, but probably more conservative

icecream17: *nevermind the numbers at the top accident

icecream17: gosh, i don't know how to explain my moving

Default avatar.png FlatVampire_a187: ii'm new here. i can't figure out how do i dubug my code

icecream17: i'm sorta new too but i guess you can check a lot of variables and function in the error thing

icecream17: i've heard of "explain to a rubber duck"

Default avatar.png FlatVampire_a187: oh. i'll thy it out

icecream17: i have a checkPath function i use to check whether a silence is good, but i call it 4 * possibleOpp.length times and it takes too long.

Default avatar.png rwilson: icecream17 - are you pre-pruning the most recent step first? or checking the whole path?

Default avatar.png rwilson: [here last time] -> water -> water -> island = don't bother checking 3 & 4 length silences

icecream17: yeah i do that

icecream17: can't move 1 N, can't move 2 N

icecream17: but 4 * possibleOpp.length is misleading, more like "all the paths that seem good"

Ifthel: Correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't checking the whole path avoid branching and maybe be faster?

icecream17: unfortunately reputting "ohno (silence check)" in order behind the other checks such as torpedo and mine is too hard

icecream17: i have a string "WSSEESSSSEN" and i have an array with the offsets

icecream17: ugh nevermind

Default avatar.png rwilson: icecream17 - ? repeating after torpedo check? and By the way --- I suggest you look at your movement & avoid locking yourself up in a corner too soon

icecream17: my floodfill timeouts too

icecream17: so i'm stuck with search 2

Default avatar.png rwilson: :( i take it you've got some timing checks to bail out & not 'timeout' ?

icecream17: nope

Default avatar.png rwilson: i've not seen you timeout yet... but shrug...


Default avatar.png rwilson: i didn't put timing in there at first... early way I simply limited to a depth/count

Default avatar.png rwilson: like, only let the flood fill go for 50 or 100 spaces instead of the full ~200 board

Nerchio: i do flood fill for my movement so for 4 possible moves i check how many from there

Nerchio: i only faced timeouts when following enemies path but at some point i just reset it with current known positions

Default avatar.png rwilson: icecream17 - ooof, that doesn't looke like it SHOULD have been a timeout from floodfill for movement --- less nasty bug...

Default avatar.png rwilson: Nerchio - :thumbsup: definately like the ... ' oops, lets just start over' for timeouts / errors

Nerchio: I mean the best is to have efficient working algorithm :D

Nerchio: but tracking silence splits is a pain for how much resources it needs

Default avatar.png rwilson: Nerchio - you're doing the individual agents? right? or propogating a single potential wave of possabilities ? hybrid?

Nerchio: every non-island position at the start creates an enemy object that moves independently

Nerchio: so agents

Nerchio: it works well the only problem is when somebody just spams silence and does nothing else

Nerchio: then on open maps where you need more time to narrow down agents it might timeout

Nerchio: that's why at some point i cut some agents and start new ones from positions currently known for possible enemy

Nerchio: sadly new agents can't remember their previous path

Default avatar.png rwilson: Nerchio - so essentially a particle filter for localization ... i might need to try a version with that.

Nerchio: i am fighting for gold right now

Default avatar.png rwilson: same

Nerchio: top2 in silver but fights against cpt haddock are 50/50 =/

Nerchio: since I don't really run away from opponents very often it's who hits first

Nerchio: and i don't track mines at all

Nerchio: i feel like they are very good

Default avatar.png rwilson: FWIW... haddock seemed to be vulnerable to silence spam ( at least for a while - i've noticed him change at least once not long ago )

Nerchio: first atm

Nerchio: keep your fingers crossed for me :D

Nerchio: hm Haddock himself spams silence a lot

Nerchio: my silence is not very optimized so I don't spam it that much

Default avatar.png rwilson: good luck ;) yeah, longest battles i've seen where silence spam dances in open water with no mines ;)

Nerchio: essentialy it just takes random distance, random direction and goes there if it can

Nerchio: so it might go into bad positions or waste space

Nerchio: damn i lost 5 out of last 6 games

Default avatar.png rwilson: Nerchio i think mine is similar ... ISH .. OUCH :(

Nerchio: I added killer instinct to my bot vs mine spammers

Nerchio: if i see their exact position i just go and try to win fast :p

Nerchio: i also have a rare bug where my bot forgets it cant go somewhere

Nerchio: it happens really rare but i am not sure why can't debug it

Default avatar.png rwilson: Nerchio - can or, can't?

Nerchio: it walks into islands sometimes but it happens once in like 20 games

Nerchio: not sure why haha

Nerchio: damn 2nd place :( lost too many games

Default avatar.png rwilson: LOL ;) into islands ;) ouch ...

Nerchio: yea i start with an island map and then i just add to it positions i've been it

Default avatar.png rwilson: ;) little worse sounding than my rare bug ... I forgot to mark my staring point as visited, so RARELY it would try to walk on top of it and get killed by the referee

Nerchio: rip gold dreams :D

Nerchio: it's my first competition i think if i get gold it will be enough

Nerchio: maybe if i fix the island bug i can make it

Nerchio: will try to debug it now

AntiSquid: competition = nothing is ever enough

Nerchio: i know i am saying i will quit my bot for the past 4 days

Nerchio: and i still do it many hours :D

Nerchio: should probably add mines to my bot

YannT: mines make killing the gold boss easy I think

YannT: he doesn't try to avoid them

wlesavo: gold boss?

icecream17: what's happening in gold?

AntiSquid: gold boss tomorrow

icecream17: i'm amazed at everyone.

YannT: (I did mean silver boss though, for passing gold)

AntiSquid: why icecream17

YannT: just do mines and you're probably good

icecream17: just curios

AntiSquid: you can go to the full leaderboard and watch everyone's last games

icecream17: not really helpful

AntiSquid: so maybe there's some ideas to steal from YannT while he is in chat

YannT: I have ideas, but at this point they all boil down to "rewrite everything in not kotlin"

icecream17: i have an idea. blow up all mines, silence, make a mine, and then torpedo before you give up (if you have to surface and you have 1 life)

YannT: becauise everything I try either doesn't do much of anything results-wise, or I don't have enough performance to make it work well enough

YannT: because at some point the GC screws me and I randomly timeout

icecream17: I found this game where i lost at move 275

icecream17: turn 736

AntiSquid: that's an achievement, the game only has 599 max turns

icecream17: i meant "frame" or something

Default avatar.png Angecide: Hi, is it possibe to go back in league. I was playing average tic tac toe and suddenly I got forced to bronze league which means I am playing ultimate tic tac toe, but I am not done with average tic tac toe yet. I was still optimizing my code, so is there a way to go back to wood league and play the normal ttt?

AntiSquid: no you can't

Default avatar.png Angecide: damn

AntiSquid: you can download the game from github and set it up locally and then manually select the league

Default avatar.png rwilson: coughaltacountcough

AntiSquid: or create new account

AntiSquid: or delete current one and remake it

Default avatar.png Angecide: like delete current progress?

Default avatar.png Angecide: or current account?

AntiSquid: everything, but i don't recommend

AntiSquid: is agencide some sort of chemical to kill agencies ?

Astrobytes: *ange not agen

Default avatar.png Angecide: ye, nothing special about the name

AntiSquid: pesticide for unrequested job offer calls :o

AntiSquid: oh, it's late Astrobytes

Astrobytes: Yeah I feel that man

Astrobytes: Brain's melting

Default avatar.png Floryan: I was wondering if theres is a better way to organise your code than to have 18 classes in this tiny file editor?

Nerchio: haha

Nerchio: i did everything in 1 class then i realised its a bad idea

Default avatar.png Floryan: I coded everything using interface, enums and classes like i would do usually but its really annoying to find something if everything is in a single file

Default avatar.png rwilson: Floryan - check the forums, some fellow CG'ers have made tools to let you split out the files...

Default avatar.png rwilson: i don't think all languages have something yet, but you might find what you need. but it does IMPLY that you're going to use an external editor & upload with something like ( CG Sync or CG Local ) ... as you can't split file with native Web IDE in CG

icecream17: is there a way to run multiple games at the same time without submit?

Default avatar.png rwilson: i've not used it, but "CG Spunk" is a Chrome extension by a fellow CG'er that has a 'batch run' option

Default avatar.png rwilson:

Default avatar.png rwilson: ... and has FireFox option too..

Astrobytes: that doesn't work any more afaik, brutaltester or CGBenchmark or a homegrown runner is your best bet

RockyMullet: hum, just not using silence as soon as its ready got me from 28th silver to 6th

RockyMullet: was worth

RockyMullet: 0.8 points from the boss, I might drift :eyes:

D4yBr3ak: can you silence then move in the same turn?

darkhorse64: Use it in combination with the result of your self tracking

RockyMullet: yeah that would be next step

RockyMullet: now I just check if, from my curent position, I dont have much place to go

RockyMullet: making it useless

RockyMullet: but using the self tracking would be way better

Default avatar.png rwilson: D4yBr3ak - yes ( move | silence | torpedo ) ... or whatever you like... just has to be at LEAST 1 action, and no more than 1 or each KIND

D4yBr3ak: that mean i can silence 4 cells right and go 1 up?

D4yBr3ak: for ex

D4yBr3ak: and thanks for the help

darkhorse64: Yes but you cannot a mine and trigger it in the same turn

icecream17: i justed checked the global leaderboard

Default avatar.png rwilson: D4yBr3ak :) and just to be clear with darkhorse64 , you can't trigger the mine you just layed, but you COULD mine 1 5 | trigger 12 12

darkhorse64: +1

D4yBr3ak: ok that's great, thanks

RockyMullet: statement says that silence can move 0 to 4, how can I move 0 ? since I need to output a direction

Default avatar.png rwilson: SILENCE N 0

RockyMullet: oh im dumb

RockyMullet: cause I always do a silence to replace my move, but it means im not recharging anything

RockyMullet: so I could instead, move and recharge, then do a silent 0

RockyMullet: would mean I recharge everything faster

Default avatar.png rwilson: definately a tradeoff

RockyMullet: the result would be same except I would charge faster, I cant see how this can be a bad change

Default avatar.png rwilson: RockyMullet - ;) if you move less, you give away less infor about where you are -- and you can live 1 turn longer each time - so potentiall less dmg from surface

Default avatar.png rwilson: RockyMullet - BUT .. you're sitting still - enemy can close the gap or lay more mines, etc... = tradeoff

icecream17: does anyone know where you can practice floodfill?


icecream17: thx

struct: I wouldnt do recursive floodfill though

struct: I think it recommends it

icecream17: ok

Zandy156: Is it just my bot's luck or are mines not that important?

struct: mines are crucial

struct: pb4 you here? Found a replay with maybe weird action

pb4: shoot !

struct: maybe its not weird

struct: so imagine you have 3 hp and enemy 1

struct: would your bot take 2 hp from you and 1 from enemy

struct: on purpouse?

struct: Its a win so it doesnt matter

struct: I guess

pb4: does my bot write "ik" in his message ?

struct: yes

struct: lol

Illedan: :D

pb4: Then you're spot on

pb4: ik = instakill = I don't care about anything else

Zandy156: Does anything like health or turn count affect ranking? or just winning vs losing?

struct: just win lose

struct: 6-0 == 1-0

Zandy156: How many players can we expect to start in legend league when it opens?

struct: I would say under 20