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Default avatar.png FishyDEV: Hello WOrld!

mericho: hi

mericho: how can i work with this

Default avatar.png Dead_Eye: hii

mericho: i'm noob please help me

mericho: :100:

Default avatar.png Dead_Eye: haha

jacek: happy Caturday

eulerscheZahl: happy Codejam

eulerscheZahl: there's even D support

jacek: Dodejam?

emh: eulerscheZahl I started last night hehe

eulerscheZahl: are you trying to solve all problems?

emh: yes

eulerscheZahl: i decided not to try the last one (Indicium)

eulerscheZahl: time to avoid mines

LegendsOfCodeAndMagic: Is there a chance to go gold without tracking opponent paths?

eulerscheZahl: is there a chance to see you using your main account?

eulerscheZahl: for your question: i don't know the answer

LegendsOfCodeAndMagic: I will be using after my stream

eulerscheZahl: streaming OOC? or locam again?

LegendsOfCodeAndMagic: I will stream OOC and some other stuff today for my institutes open days for future wannabe student

LegendsOfCodeAndMagic: That's why I'm testing some stuff from this acc

LegendsOfCodeAndMagic: I will advertise later, but sadly it will be in Polish

LegendsOfCodeAndMagic: And more advertising like 'what in AI4Games we do in our lab'

eulerscheZahl: apart from that it's all about CG? or other sites like RAIC too?

eulerscheZahl: or competitive programming (codeforces)?

LegendsOfCodeAndMagic: Thank you that's nice idea I can mention thse two

LegendsOfCodeAndMagic: actually I'm only in CG cause I use it for teaching and stuff, and I'm not into the really competition programming

eulerscheZahl: CG isn't even that competitive, more about forming a community. try streaming a topcoder marathon, you'll most likely get disqualified

LegendsOfCodeAndMagic: An that's why I like CG

LegendsOfCodeAndMagic: and ability to create own games/puzzles

eulerscheZahl: yeah, the sdk is a great feature

dbdr: and learning from each other

dbdr: still you're not supposed to stream a legend bot

eulerscheZahl: i just did the interactive problem on codejam. usually it takes more time for me to do the stdin/stdout than to solve the actual problem

eulerscheZahl: sure, there are rules which ideas to stream/share. the top ranks are a competition

eulerscheZahl: this time codejam described and extra input line we have to read. but wasn't there, i guess they changed the protocol but not the specs

eulerscheZahl: or did i get lost in the wall of text? :thinking:

inoryy: silver boss sometimes crashes

eulerscheZahl: blame whoever wrote that boss

inoryy: shame you, whoever wrote that boss

LegendsOfCodeAndMagic: That give us all silvers some chance :D

eulerscheZahl: inoryy uses SILENCE a lot. maybe timing out as the tracker path grows

pb4: eulerscheZahl : you said chucknorris == csipsirip ?

chucknorris: yes

chucknorris: I was surprised that this nick is free. I had to take it

Lostrick: can anyone help me with the 3xN tiling?

Lostrick: it's medium but I don't know how to do it at all

eulerscheZahl: no, i said Csipcsirip = chucknorris (with an extra c)

AntiSquid: why no camel case chucknorris ?

eulerscheZahl: or pascal case

sohang: What is the meaning of "MSG" action?

eulerscheZahl: check the text below the player avatars on the sides sohang

eulerscheZahl: MSG your text that will print a text below your picture. it's just for debugging and has no effect to the gameplay

chucknorris: Jesus my bot went 2ply. but the oppenent was fighting vs himself

Famout: Haven't been back here in some time, time to try Ocean.

Default avatar.png tranculent: do we have 15 days to complete the Ocean challenge? Isn't that quite excessive time frame for the task or am I missing something?

Famout: As someone who is a casual here, I kinda like it.

Default avatar.png tranculent: Nah, don't get me wrong, I like it too, I was just wondering if I just over-simplify it is all haha

Uljahn: what do you mean by "to complete"?

Default avatar.png tranculent: Mb, not complete but "work on"

AntiSquid: are you gold yet tranculent ?

Uljahn: hehe

Default avatar.png tranculent: I'm not, I'm new to this website

Uljahn: you're supposed to compete, not to complete

AntiSquid: get highest possible rank by the end of the contest

AntiSquid: also get an avatar for +5% win rate bonus

Default avatar.png tranculent: right, thanks for the info :P

Famout: If you are new as well a bit of extra info for ya, each League adds a new twist to the game you need to code for.

Famout: So write code you can build on :p

Default avatar.png tranculent: that sounds cool, thank you :)

Default avatar.png tranculent: so far, I really like this website, the clashes and the Ocean challenge

Uljahn: eww clashes

Default avatar.png tranculent: what's wrong with them :D

AntiSquid: personally don't like being rushed, feels like having to swim to escape a shark instead of just swimming for leisure

Default avatar.png tranculent: yeah, fair point. however I feel like I am improving more that way

Default avatar.png tranculent: as in general I'm quite bad at solving coding challenges

Famout: Do what you enjoy, any coding is an improvement

AntiSquid: Uljahn just curious, when did you last improve your bot?

Uljahn: im improving it rn

Uljahn: arena bot is 8 days old

AntiSquid: using your bot as point of reference, since ladder was shuffled, just now made some changes

Famout: Goal for tonight is to shake off the rust, and get a simple A* pathfinding setup done so I can just putt my ship around the whole screen before needing to surface.

Lots will need to change, but seems like the best place to start.

Famout: ....And all the error checking code too, I miss breakpoints

chucknorris: debugging your code offline with dummy input can save a lot of time

Famout: I could see that

YannT: eulerscheZahl: you've got issues I think ;)


YannT: forgot to add back current position to path after surfacing? :p

eulerscheZahl: interesting, thanks!

YannT: :)

Default avatar.png Mr_YT: hi

b0ot: any idea why charCodeAt() wouldn't have worked in Javascript?

elderlybeginner: python:

elderlybeginner: python:

a = [14+0j, 14+1j, 14+2j, 14+3j]

inoryy: has to be something else, if I execute your code it works fine for me

eulerscheZahl: i didn't even know that python supports complex numbers :o

elderlybeginner: i'm using it for x,y grids, works wonderfully

eulerscheZahl: the problem here is just the python part. way too slow to be competitive if you want to simulate some turns

eulerscheZahl: (i'm aware that there's a python bot ranked above me)

inoryy: elderlybeginner use numpy instead

inoryy: unless there's like 50 people hiding their bots, I think OOC is one of the more balanced games in terms of languages

elderlybeginner: indeed, there was something else :joy:


elderlybeginner: I cannot remove elements that way, only coping now?

eulerscheZahl: you modify a collection while iterating over it

inoryy: what are you trying to do

eulerscheZahl: under the hood it's probably doing a for loop with the index

eulerscheZahl: 0,1,2,3

eulerscheZahl: and you delete element 0

eulerscheZahl: so the new element 1 from the loop is the actual 2

elderlybeginner: removing all elements with real part over 14

elderlybeginner: yes, I think I know what's going on now. Coping leftover without elements to cut off to another list seems the solution

inoryy: > a = [13+0j, 13+1j, 13+2j, 14+0j] > b = [x for x in a if x.real > 13] > b == [13+0j, 13+1j, 13+2j]

eulerscheZahl: b is exactly the opposite inoryy

inoryy: ha, you're right

inoryy: > b = [x for x in a if x.real < 14]

inoryy: but again, numpy is what you really want here

inoryy: w, h, pid = map(int, readline().split()) grid = [input() for _ in range(h)] grid = np.array([[grid[y][x] == '.' for y in range(w)] for x in range(h)])

Default avatar.png yfprojects: Which JDKs am I able to use with JRE 1.8.0 ?

Default avatar.png yfprojects: in Java

MadKnight: who knows who knows...

Default avatar.png yfprojects: Someone has to know

AntiSquid: i use intellj

eulerscheZahl: how does that help with the question?

AntiSquid: /kick MadKnight @_@

AntiSquid: do you mean me euler?

eulerscheZahl: yes

eulerscheZahl: not sure if i got the question right: the user wants to compile a program so that it can be executed with JRE 1.8

eulerscheZahl: with JDK 1.8 you are on the safe side

eulerscheZahl: it might be possible to use a higher version (in C# you can use some newer features and still compile to a lower .net version), but i don't know if that applies for Java too

AntiSquid: well i don't mind telling which jdk & jre i have but no idea how to check exactly

AntiSquid: i get this: javac -version javac 1.8.0_

eulerscheZahl: ~ javac -version javac 14-ea

AntiSquid: i think i used both 8 and 11 at some point (JDK)

Default avatar.png yfprojects: So the runtime environment is not connected to the development kid?

eulerscheZahl: you only need the JRE to execute a java program

eulerscheZahl: and JDK to compile it

Default avatar.png yfprojects: ...and the byte code stays the same?

eulerscheZahl: if you use newer language features (higher JDK version), you might not be able to run it with an outdated JRE

eulerscheZahl: (that is the person you share your binaries with)

eulerscheZahl: JDK = java development kit JRE = java runtime environment

inoryy: if I silence over multiple cells are all prohibited on the next turn or only the final one?

AntiSquid: all

inoryy: ouch

pb4: You're playing inoryy ?

Counterbalance: yfprojects for jdk 1.8 and older you can specify -source and -target; -target 6 for instance produces bytecode for java 1.6. For jdk 1.9 and up, there's a -release flag, which does the same but also links against the correct runtime (so java 9 code will be linked against the java 8 libraries if you specify -release 8)

inoryy: pb4 a little bit on the weekends :)

inoryy: I see you're taking it seriously this time?

pb4: I got hooked

pb4: Didn't think I could enjoy an imperfect information game

pb4: But it strikes the right balance of """opponent detectability""" and most importantly "should I do this action knowing that I'll reveal myself"

eulerscheZahl: i'm curious what CG has in mind for their next planned contest in May

eulerscheZahl: and what this is about

dbdr: not a reverse engineering puzzle ;)

Astrobytes: Would be nice if it was a finished version of that pacman multi

Default avatar.png JBM: There Is No Pacman Multi

Astrobytes: Not a finished multi

dbdr: The Cake Is A Lie


eulerscheZahl: i asked thibaud, he says that game has nothing to do with it

Astrobytes: Shame

Astrobytes: Might be PacMan racing... :smirk:

AntiSquid: better that way, since some people already knew about it

eulerscheZahl: pacman strikes back

AntiSquid: do the ghosts revive in pacman?

Default avatar.png JBM: yes

blasterpoard: inb4 we get a pacman skin for kutulu

AntiSquid: premium members only

YannT: how can I play in IDE a replay when I only have a link to it (it's not from my last battles tab)

blasterpoard: YannT your best bet is copying enemy commands into a file and making a PHP bot out of them, I think

eulerscheZahl: hardcode your opponent


YannT: eww

YannT: no way to emulate the "send to IDE" feature? :(

Default avatar.png JBM: there most likely is, but nobody's take the time to package it yet

Default avatar.png JBM: well.. and publish O:-)

eulerscheZahl: is the opponent the most recent version of that player?

eulerscheZahl: and is it deterministic?

eulerscheZahl: you know that you can set the seed for a map, right?

YannT: no, how? that'd be all I need

eulerscheZahl: left: settings: expert mode

eulerscheZahl: then in the player selection in the IDE

YannT: ohhh

eulerscheZahl: options -> manual

YannT: perfect!

eulerscheZahl: seed=<xxx>

eulerscheZahl: you see the seed in the details below each replay

eulerscheZahl: you are on CG for almost 2 years somehow i assumed you would know that :D

kovi: lets ban undeterministic bots

kovi: i haveto guessdebug more and more in last few days

YannT: once you don't have any bugs anymore and all features are in, it becomes a winrate game anyway

AntiSquid: TODO: add more randomness

kovi: yeah, when i dont have bugs, i will do that for revenge :)

AntiSquid: run fixed seed in IDE / locally and submit without fixed seed

dbdr: YannT you can get the seed from the replay

dbdr: and then set it in the IDE

YannT: yeah I got it, it works :)

YannT: I honestly didn't know about export mode

YannT: I'm an expert now

eulerscheZahl: scroll down in your chat dbdr

dbdr: sorry, was already said

dbdr: yeah :D

AntiSquid: fake chucknorris on leaderboard, real one would be #1

kovi: but he is #1 leaderboard is lagging behind

kovi: (or plain wrong)

YannT: I have rewritten my eval

YannT: not sure if better or terrible :o

AntiSquid: "Game Summary:Not enough charges of SILENCE" Someone tries to play silence every turn .

MadKnight: it's still not enough

eulerscheZahl: don't you do offline testing to evaluate that YannT?

YannT: I did, it seems conclusive

YannT: but also my bot does weird shit sometimes

YannT: so I have zero confidence :p

YannT: more testing and tuning is required I think

AntiSquid: if (x = 1) again this bug T_T

eulerscheZahl: some write if (1 = x) to avoid this

eulerscheZahl: personally i'm not a fan of it

dbdr: others use a proper compiler with sane options that detect it

dbdr: why waste your time on this?

dbdr: in C, -Wall should warn about this, no?

kovi: lucky rolls

icecream17: how would you do offline testing

eulerscheZahl: clone the referee repo, add your own bot in the test/

icecream17: ?


Melf: Dose anyone solved MIME Type in Python? I have a problem to print "UNKNOWN"

MadKnight: i did Melf

MadKnight: what's the problem ?

Melf: if i print("UNKNOWN") it says Failure Found Nothing

Melf: if i write "unknown" it fails with found: "unknown" soo i think there might be another problem.

eulerscheZahl: YannT payback time here's a bug of yours:

eulerscheZahl: siman crashing too

eulerscheZahl: and YannT again

eulerscheZahl: wanted to check for timeouts of myself actually, YannT has 22 in 500 matches


YannT: eheh yeah I've noticed, if life==1 and no available tiles, I timeout :D

Salenger: wow ranked 816 at coders-strike-back gold league

AntiSquid: only looks like a good rank because of the few hundred thousand players

AntiSquid: oh nevermind, it's stil under 100k

eulerscheZahl: and CSB has a low ratio of players who really try

eulerscheZahl: we are great at motivating people

eulerscheZahl: keep going Salenger!

YannT: I'm actually thinking of putting log(x)*5 for a thing in my eval function

YannT: this is either genius or completely stupid, probably the later ahah

eulerscheZahl: i went with exp(-x)

kovi: what is x?

YannT: oh that's terrible, that will not do at all

eulerscheZahl: i won't tell you what my x is

kovi: i asked yannt, not you ;)

YannT: pretty sure I figured it out :p

YannT: we're doing the same thing essentially I think

kovi: i had log idea for something, but forgot already what that wss

AntiSquid: hi twitch

eulerscheZahl: aCat forgot to ?disableChat or hide the avatars

eulerscheZahl: oops, even streaming under his real nick :blush: sorry

SavinVadim: Streaming now

AntiSquid: SavinVadim polish stream

eulerscheZahl: nice costume :D

AntiSquid: :p

AntiSquid: yes SavinVadim

AntiSquid: from anywhere

icecream17: SavinVadin your bot shot itself 6 times in a row

YannT: alright, running cgbenchmark using the power of logarithms

chucknorris: thx for the log idea btw worked well :p

YannT: lets see if MATHS can improve ranking

chucknorris: I still have terrile winrate against pb4 tho

YannT: it would indeed appear to work better with MATHS

YannT: I still have the issue of acting a bit like a suicide bomber sometimes

chucknorris: yeah I'm thinking about adding some maths to my code. and a bit of science

YannT: noo never add science

kovi: what is with this logarithm again?

YannT: you'll end up like MSmits coding around impossible possibilities

eulerscheZahl: adding math + science is considered as cheating

YannT: alright, new eval is a go

YannT: it's annoying how the line numbers in crashes in the IDE don't correspond to anything

Swagboy: Yes this or no lines sometimes

Swagboy: What I've been doing, on a Vry advice, is to print all input for some game in order to play them on local

YannT: could not be bothered yet to set up something like this

Swagboy: I think I won some time all in all

Swagboy: But not quite sure because of some input formatting headaches

Vry: Swagboy, you ping me? :D

YannT: eulerscheZahl: the power of MATHS appears to be working

eulerscheZahl: oh no, another user who will give me headache

Default avatar.png duckquackduck: for ocean of code, only one player move per round?

Default avatar.png duckquackduck: either you or the opponent?

eulerscheZahl: yes, it's a turn-based game

Default avatar.png hackerjl: hi

Default avatar.png hackerjl: hello

Default avatar.png duckquackduck: thanks, so each game loop, is your turn only? (as in you only get a gameloop when you can make a move?)

Default avatar.png duckquackduck: hello hackerjl

eulerscheZahl: yes, your bot will only be executed on your turn

Default avatar.png duckquackduck: ahh, cool thankyou eulerscheZahl!

Swagboy: Vry acknowledging you for some advice!

Default avatar.png SabertheLost: The readline function that is avaiable in the TypeScript version of the ide. How do I get a similar one to that so that my visual studio code does not complain?

YannT: I think we sqhould consider not pushing all at the time time...

YannT: we're cramping each other's respective styles :p

Counterbalance: Salenger you'd have to implement that yourself. I have code for nodejs if you like but I'm not sure i it's useful for typescript

Counterbalance: ohh that was meant for SabertheLost

Default avatar.png SabertheLost: Yea, i was, that he murdered my name :)

Counterbalance: tab completion :(

Default avatar.png slamo: can you surface and move in the same turn?

eulerscheZahl: yes you can Salenger

Default avatar.png SabertheLost: That sounds strange, the hole point of surface is that you stand still and do not move. At least in the board game.

eulerscheZahl: and to kill

Default avatar.png SabertheLost: what, so you can surface, move , shoot and move silence in the same turn+

struct: as long as you dont repeat the same action

Default avatar.png SabertheLost: but move and silence (aka move) is in my opinion the same action and should be be possible at the same turn

eulerscheZahl: i don't see a problem with allowing both and disallowing now will result in justified complains by those who implemented using that feature

Astrobytes: You can SILENCE with 0 distance though

struct: They are considered different

Default avatar.png SabertheLost: Same with surface', your moving to the surface not forwards.

Default avatar.png PsyStorm: yeah but you don't need a DIVE move either

AntiSquid: all actions being possible same turn is absolutely fine imo

YannT: the power of MATHS is workiiing :D

AntiSquid: the slow leaderboard update is really irritating

RickHodder: question, i'm trying to set up external code editor, i have installed the chrome extension, but i dont know what the next step is - i'm using vscode

Counterbalance: have you read ?

AntiSquid: i still don't beat boss, fail! :/

AntiSquid: 1 win !! finally lol

eulerscheZahl: i thought you like touch bosses you were even against nerfing wood bosses

Zenoscave: just not tough for him ;)

AntiSquid: only maybe if they are female and good lucking, otherwise no

eulerscheZahl: more a sadist than a masochist

eulerscheZahl: good lucking? i'm tempted to risk a strike by suggesting a typo correction

AntiSquid: the issue, is if i commit to something and then it gets nerfed it's really annoying, also wasn't complaining about the boss

AntiSquid: just rambling about my failure

AntiSquid: hhaaha

AntiSquid: well your wrote touch instead of tough

AntiSquid: also what strike? i don't get it

AntiSquid: actually you get a strike, reach 1000 and you're out

eulerscheZahl: didn't even notice my typo

eulerscheZahl: in baseball it's 3 strikes

eulerscheZahl: on youtube too i think

tempux: did anyone used python for codejam?

eulerscheZahl: wlesavo did

Zenoscave: Shit i forgot codejam again

RoboStac: I did

eulerscheZahl: still running

Zenoscave: great

AntiSquid: go use python Zenobia

Zenoscave: lol

AntiSquid: Zenoscave

AntiSquid: :/

Zenoscave: I didn't know go was written in python

AntiSquid: i'll see myself out .

eulerscheZahl: 6h remaining, you need 30 points

tempux: I seem to get runtime error on codejam for the sample test cases

tempux: using python

RoboStac: are you using f strings?

tempux: yes

RoboStac: yeah, their python is out of date and doesn't support them

tempux: oh okay

tempux: thanks

tempux: i solve first two using c++

RoboStac: they're still using 3.5

eulerscheZahl: and i thought CG is slow at language updates

tempux: I didn't want to reimplement the third one with c++ again

tempux: :thumbsup:

Default avatar.png Liftyee: can you surface, then dive, then move in the same turn/

Default avatar.png Liftyee: ?

eulerscheZahl: dive = silence? yes you can

RoboStac: yes, you can do all 7 actions in one turn, you just can't do any single action more than once per turn

Default avatar.png Doubt_Cloudy: does the order of actions matter? like if all the tiles are previously visited, is move then surface instaloss but surface then move ok?

eulerscheZahl: order matters

Astrobytes: Yes

eulerscheZahl: also for your torpedo range which changes after moving

eulerscheZahl: or to fully charge and then directly use your torpedo

Default avatar.png Doubt_Cloudy: oh so u can shoot at your old spot then move to a new spot before handing over turn to opponent?

wlesavo: damn, my fatality is bad, it does not consider quite a few possibilities

eulerscheZahl: yes Doubt_Cloudy

Default avatar.png Doubt_Cloudy: ooh ok

eulerscheZahl: i'm willing to exchange my killer move vs your movement wlesavo

wlesavo: eulerscheZahl :smiley:

kovi: top is quite packed

eulerscheZahl: where does the top end for you? below #6?

wlesavo: eulerscheZahl i would say my movement was in part inherited from number shifting

eulerscheZahl: hm, interesting

wlesavo: but looking at the top there are probably quite a few better ones already

YannT: I have good fatality but I also do non fatal suicide bombing sometimes :p

YannT: SILENCE 4 | TORPEDO *dead*

wlesavo: i try not to torpedo after silence

YannT: I take a more hands off approach to bot management, I prefer to let it express its creativity :p

YannT: and apparently it has the heart of a kamikaze, who am I to judge

wlesavo: that is somethong a wise god would say :slight_smile:

struct: close fight at top still

eulerscheZahl: i don't expect to see a clear winner with 2 points ahead at the end

YannT: coming for you kovi :D

struct: you are probably right

YannT: -0.01

struct: I wonder if anyone is hiding

eulerscheZahl: i'm hiding my submarine but torpedoes still hit me

struct: fix it

YannT: speaking of hiding, I try to calculate torpedo options when there's like 200 possible ennemy positions and it takes a bit of time apparently

AntiSquid: is there no perfect or semi-perfect hiding?

YannT: who would've thunk it

chucknorris: hm I dont even try to shoot yet when there are more than 9 possible locations

eulerscheZahl: when you invest all your energy in hiding, you can't fire torpedoes anymore AntiSquid

eulerscheZahl: because you have to charge them too

AntiSquid: isn't silence + mines a good idea?

YannT: silence spam means you don't have time for mines

AntiSquid: don't spam, do both .

AntiSquid: 9 in total or 9 around you chucknorris

chucknorris: I only shoot when the hit chance is 100% I know its not really good

Swagboy: Mine spams means the opp know where your mine where dropped from

YannT: AntiSquid: doing both is pretty much the meta... mine spam is something else ;)

YannT: it means you don't silence or very little, and that's usually not good

kovi: nagra did great doing mine spam for quite a few days. but with mine avoidance he is down

AntiSquid: but that's what i asked YannT

AntiSquid: chucknorris your twin:

chucknorris: nice

wlesavo: yeah, nagra did really good without silence, i think he can do better using it though

linjoehan: did yall do google?

YannT: you're not determenistic chucknorris?

YannT: or did I just bug something :p

chucknorris: no my bot is not deterministic. and has a lot of bugs too :D

YannT: ah, that explains why I can't reproduce a thing then

icecream17: I don't feel like doing ocean of code anymore....

YannT: take a break and come back to it?

AntiSquid: hey icecream17 i hate it from day 1 and i am still at it

AntiSquid: well i mean day 1 of contest, when i first tried it i didn't notice how annoying silence is

AntiSquid: but why not play some other multi then? there's massive variety icecream17

Albeast: /message dadbeast

icecream17: if you just move and silence at random directions and track and put random bombs every 20 moves, after 300 moves you're set to win

teccles: What's the current contest like?

AntiSquid: well you remember unleash the geek?

teccles: Vividly

AntiSquid: kinda like that one, but more things to take into account imo

AntiSquid: and i think i enjoyed that one a little more

teccles: Thanks :)

blasterpoard: teccles incomplete information once again

kovi: hey teccles

teccles: Hey!

kovi: almost turtlish game

teccles: Cool. So, bots are heuristic rather than heavy search?

kovi: for now yes

teccles: Ah yes, two weeks in and python is at #3

AntiSquid: that's an exception

teccles: Hey it's captain sonar!

teccles: That's a great game

YannT: it is :)

YannT: sounds like a new challenger has entered the arena :grin:

blasterpoard: #2 is taken

wlesavo: i was #1 for couple of days even, right before gold :slight_smile: but yeah, slipping down now, have not much time to improove

Zenoscave: Ah 23 points so far on GCJ I'm stuck with a Wrong answer on the Parenting problem

struct: it has a few differences teccles

struct: here you cant destroy mines

wlesavo: blasterpoard for a sec, some tops are resubing

teccles: Oh, if #2 is taken I guess I'm out

blasterpoard: wlesavo I was talking about teccles taking it once again

NinjaDoggy: lol teccles the #2 god :P

AntiSquid: a lot of random atm

icecream17: Hey, I have an idea, what if you have 2 different modes? One for silence players and one for everyone else?

teccles: Which is weird, because consistently getting #2 is clearly impossible :(

wlesavo: oh i see, out of context

kovi: that is why you won halite 3 :)

AntiSquid: but you'll always be second to the best!

teccles: Oh, UTG is live and my bot is still there!

teccles: I might flip a flag and see if I could have trivially won

blasterpoard: it was reopened at around the same time the contest started

AntiSquid: now they automatically push the bot to the multi

blasterpoard: not much time to do anything yet

blasterpoard: btw if you'll keep submitting your utg bot, I'll go down to #20 there

AntiSquid: just need some luck @_@ RNGesus heed my call

teccles: I won't keep submitting it - just changing one setting to see how much I should kick myself

AntiSquid: go go jbl ! push me drop boss ! :o

Astrobytes: Pray harder to RNGesus AntiSquid

Zenoscave: AHHHH I can't figuer out my bug on GCJ

Astrobytes: oh teccles has finally arrived

teccles: Maybe. Not sure if I'm joining.

Astrobytes: Pushed for time or not keen?

AntiSquid: i shall kick/ban Automaton2000 as an offering to RNG deities

Automaton2000: and see what they do with the way i do it in a while

teccles: I kind of decided to stop doing these

The_Duck: D: why?

Astrobytes: ^

AntiSquid: GOLD :o

teccles: They eat my life and I think there might be better things to do with my time

AntiSquid: not kicking Automaton2000 though, hehe, scammed RNGesus

Automaton2000: i cant do anything with them

teccles: But then again, I don't actually *do* better things with my time :)

Astrobytes: lol

The_Duck: I love having my life eaten by these :)

Astrobytes: gz Squiddo

The_Duck: I am sad I am only now getting to this one :(

AntiSquid: 2 weeks time though

kovi: game is will recurse join aswell?

AntiSquid: thx astro, looks like i will be glued to the bottom of gold though

Astrobytes: Better than stuck at 2nd silver at least ;)

teccles: Is it possible to look at the rules for this game without joining the contest?

kovi: afaik if you dont submit you wont be "counted" as playing

struct: but he cant see all rules though

Astrobytes: structs bronze rules pic incoming

blasterpoard: teccles

teccles: Awesome, thanks

struct: I dont have the url anymore Astrobytes

Astrobytes: shame on you! :P


AntiSquid: cut off text oops

AntiSquid: ok ignore it

Astrobytes: :smirk:

pb4: teccles even better :

pb4: Select league 4 at the top right

teccles: Cheers

icecream17: Wow! The error appeared as early as move 10 - and the opponent didn't even silence! yay!

icecream17: welp i'm going to the ocean


YannT: *banzai!*

MostComplicatedUsername: Random torpedo for the win


icecream17: so i was working on astrobytes idea to make damage arrays, and i realized... instead of shifting, just add the specific damage from a space before the oppmove, then add the damage from the space after the move. you don't need to total damage array.

**MostComplicatedUsername Has no idea what icecream17 is talking about

icecream17: Torpedo hits, then move, then mine,

icecream17: so the torpedo damage, then shift the position only, then take mine

teccles: I think I'm out of this one... I don't quite have the energy for it right now. Good luck everyone!

AntiSquid: thanks

icecream17: whoa how did your username disappear

NinjaDoggy: anyone on right now willing to answer some questions about tracking silence? :)

icecream17: you can't

icecream17: but track as much as possible!

NinjaDoggy: @YannT are you still only tracking positions?

Astrobytes: icecream17 I think you tagged me in error

icecream17: so it wasn't your idea..? but i'm sure in the chat/// nevermind just know i stole some idea from someone

AntiSquid: nothing stolen, it was shared 24/7 in chat and on stream

icecream17: hmm should i keep track of who i get ideas from?

Astrobytes: Not me no, I think I remember the conversation though

YannT: NinjaDoggy: no paths

YannT: I was tracking only positions in like

Astrobytes: icecream17 you don't keep notes?

YannT: bronze

icecream17: ..................................(error: timeout)

NinjaDoggy: hm...

NinjaDoggy: so you're very approximately tracking silence then?

NinjaDoggy: since paths give you a lot of information about silence possibilities

Zenoscave: I drop any path after the first 900 or so

NinjaDoggy: for example if someone does silence N 1 followed by move E

YannT: if you're talking about the replay, this is a case of me suiciding to avoid an ennemy mine

icecream17: no..... sorry

YannT: obviously not ideal behavior

NinjaDoggy: does your code rule out the possibility of silence W 1?

NinjaDoggy: no i'm talking in general, not about replay

YannT: ah, no it doesn't

YannT: of course not

NinjaDoggy: hm... ok

NinjaDoggy: cuz that's the decision i'm trying to make right now

YannT: in this case I used silence to "jump over" a mine, except it left me with 1 life and nowhere to go to :p

NinjaDoggy: trade of between run/code time and robustness

NinjaDoggy: ahh rip

YannT: I don't consider silence 0 as an option for myself

NinjaDoggy: ok thanks

Zenoscave: I dropped around 20 ranks :/ I am not doing well in gold

NinjaDoggy: i feel like even top gold bots

NinjaDoggy: are tracking quite poorly :/

NinjaDoggy: like not making use of damage taken from torpedo to eliminate positions

NinjaDoggy: and stuff

Zenoscave: then come beat us up

NinjaDoggy: will do :D

Zenoscave: We do that though...

NinjaDoggy: ok maybe there's not as much info as I thought from the replay then

AntiSquid: it's more annoying than it looks

wlesavo: NinjaDoggy you are quite wrong

icecream17: tracking paths is how much better? 1.7x?

icecream17: also, does the month-glass in the top left actually go down over time? i can't tell, too slow

MostComplicatedUsername: Don't think so

MostComplicatedUsername: Cus there's less than half left and the hourglass has more than half at the top

wlesavo: NinjaDoggy the numbers printed out are usually delayed one turn, but overall pretty acurate and reliable across all the players

Zenoscave: wlesavo do you see much wrong with my bot? I'm running low on ideas

AntiSquid: purchase a fix it toolkit from MadKnight

Zenoscave: MadKnight how much will that cost


MadKnight: fix it toolkit ?

MadKnight: wait i got a link

Zenoscave: sweet


MadKnight: here's the fix it toolkit

Zenoscave: thanks

Zenoscave: I'll use it now

MostComplicatedUsername: ummmmm

MostComplicatedUsername: :no_mouth:

MadKnight: MostComplicatedUsername u don't know don't starve game ?

MostComplicatedUsername: Nope

MadKnight: BAN


MostComplicatedUsername: Um

MadKnight: struct plays it too

MostComplicatedUsername: Sorry?

MadKnight: what

MadKnight: i was just trolling

MostComplicatedUsername: Oh

MostComplicatedUsername: Well

MadKnight: don't take it seriously lol

wlesavo: Zenoscave well the meta is mine escaping, your bot does not seems to do that

MadKnight: MostComplicatedUsername do u like open-world survival kind of games ?

MostComplicatedUsername: Yes

MostComplicatedUsername: Like Subn

MadKnight: try don't starve MostComplicatedUsername

MadKnight: u might like it

Zenoscave: How do you track mines? just probability of placement on each action?

AntiSquid: ya MostComplicatedUsername just write his username in your blacklist-booklet, one day you'll meet him and pay him back, no need to be so serious now

wlesavo: Zenoscave well you can have all the possible possitions, just average the damage and you good

Zenoscave: Thanks

MostComplicatedUsername: um

MostComplicatedUsername: okay...

kovi: but that makes harder to remove all when one is triggered

Zenoscave: how? Position to int hashmap

Zenoscave: when one triggers set value to 0

wlesavo: Zenoscave when one is triggered you have to remove phantoms as well but accoint for duplicates as well

wlesavo: accounting

Zenoscave: got it

Default avatar.png DEIZ21: guys how many lines your code is? :)

Default avatar.png DEIZ21: mine 1700

icecream17: i have 1614 but also a 120 line comment at the end

Zenoscave: 120 line comment!?

icecream17: yeah just put ideas and explanations and possible useful code in there. also to debug

icecream17: mostly to debug actually

The_Duck: when you use silence, can you cross over your own path?

Zenoscave: no The_Duck

kovi: no

The_Duck: ok cool

The_Duck: and do all the squares that you pass over count as "visited"?

Zenoscave: yes

kovi: yes

icecream17: weird how you both answer at the same time

Zenoscave: not really

The_Duck: thanks both :)

Zenoscave: :+1:

kovi: my msgs displayed with 20+sec lag in forum

Zenoscave: same here on occasion kovi

MadKnight: just use random

MadKnight: > How do you track mines? just probability of placement on each action?


Default avatar.png lNitsua: does the IDE for ocean of code save non submitted code?

Default avatar.png lNitsua: without submitting?

Default avatar.png lNitsua: I lost some non submitted code, and I did a lot and don't want to lose it

The_Duck: so you can move and silence in the same turn right?

Default avatar.png superfx12: I dont think you can

mlomb: you can

The_Duck: hm, my opponent seems to be doing move + zero-distance-silence in the same turn but maybe I am confused

Default avatar.png superfx12: really?

The_Duck: oh ok you can

Default avatar.png superfx12: He is charging silence

Default avatar.png superfx12: He is not using it

The_Duck: his output looks like


Default avatar.png superfx12: Oh, I dont know then

mlomb: He charged the torpedo, then silenced and moved 0

Default avatar.png superfx12: And you can silence 0?

mlomb: not moved*

mlomb: yup

The_Duck: ok so I assume also "MOVE N TORPEDO|SILENCE N 4" is also allowed?

mlomb: yes

Default avatar.png superfx12: That changes everything ive done

The_Duck: cool thanks mlomb

Default avatar.png superfx12: Yea, thanks!

mlomb: you can do any combination you want, as long you have cooldown and don't issue the same command twice

mlomb: also you could use "MINE" and not move at all

Default avatar.png superfx12: Yea, I thought it was Move/Silence Charge | Other action

Default avatar.png superfx12: Can you Move|Silence|Tropedo?

Default avatar.png rwilson: yes

Default avatar.png rwilson: at least 1 action and at most 1 of each KIND of action ( move, surface,torpedo,sonar,silence,mine,trigger )

Default avatar.png rwilson: FYI - anyone can confirm for themselves by browsing through through the referee code listed in the rules

Default avatar.png superfx12: Thanks going to look through it!