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Default avatar.png xiaowa: p

Javatacos: does anyone know can you shoot other peoples mines?

Default avatar.png sean12: hello

Manvir: can i have a hiiiya

Swagboy: Can't Javatacos

Default avatar.png Hemingwaycn: :grimacing:

Default avatar.png Hemingwaycn: how can i debug the ocean of code at my local ide

eulerscheZahl: my workflow: make the bot print every input given directly to stderr

eulerscheZahl: then copy all the error output to a local textfile

eulerscheZahl: use that textfile as input for your local execuation

eulerscheZahl: i automated that process to download the replay and extract the error stream into that file instead of copy-pasting by hand

Default avatar.png Hemingwaycn: thx

Default avatar.png Hemingwaycn: and i want to take a breakpoint, can i do that?

eulerscheZahl: you can do whatever your local IDE supports

struct: euler hi

struct: you have deduplication for states?

eulerscheZahl: not really

eulerscheZahl: i have but it's broken

struct: i see, I wonder if its worth

eulerscheZahl: pb says it's not

kovi: theoriteically there is no dedup

eulerscheZahl: only little pruning but takes a lot of time

eulerscheZahl: movement order can matter if you track mine placements

kovi: and possibility for same path is rare

eulerscheZahl: yes we got slightly different results on a test match

eulerscheZahl: i got 2064 and he got 2028 (don't nail me on the exact numbers)

eulerscheZahl: at least it was really close

eulerscheZahl: egaetan: you've got 41/2064 i've got 41/2024

eulerscheZahl: close enough

eulerscheZahl: good that dbdr archives the chats now

struct: doesnt seem worth it then

eulerscheZahl: i do a cleanup on SURFACE

struct: Are you going to change that?

dbdr: happy it is useful :)

eulerscheZahl: no plans yet

eulerscheZahl: first i gotta track myself to reveal as little info as possible

struct: by cleanup, do you clean possible mines placed aswell?

eulerscheZahl: i don't have a mine history for the opponent

struct: So you dont take into account mine action from opponent at all?

egaetan: hi eulerscheZahl, we have got a difference in number of paths ?

tempux: Is it against the rules if I push my code into a public github repo?

Uljahn: ye, i'll be disqualified

Uljahn: also those who copy

Uljahn: *you'll

tempux: ok, thanks

kovi: finally

barbora: :thumbsup:

Tunga: Why it is forbidden to push codes into github?

Tunga: Is it because the game is ongoing?

MadKnight: Tunga only to public repos cuz somebody can find your code and steal it

Default avatar.png RonaldsZ: Hey, does clash of code shortest code mode count whitespaces?

Default avatar.png RonaldsZ: So that would mean that I have to delete all the whitespaces for shorter code>

Default avatar.png RonaldsZ: ?

EleetCodeR: What to do if we get stuck and need help? can we ask others for help?

dbdr: what are you tuck with EleetCodeR?

EleetCodeR: some issue with test cases 3 and 4 of Power of Thor...even though code seems correct.

dbdr: sure, you can ask

EleetCodeR: I am guessing I can't show my code to understand what i am doing wrong?

Nixerrr: EleetCodeR You can past your code here, it'll auto-convert to a pastebin link

dbdr: you can alwasy try. depends how long it is

Nixerrr: The most common issue ppl have with those is not updating thor's coordinates

Nixerrr: *paste your code

EleetCodeR: oh understanding was subsys will provide updated thor co-ordinates after every it was showing on console..let me try... will ask you if i still can't get it

EleetCodeR: Thanks alot guys.

Tunga: MadKnight you mean even the puzzle codes are forbidden to publish or competitive codes only?

struct: damn pb4

struct: What have you done?

pb4: lucky streak

pb4: not much compared to the push 10mn ago

pb4: which was 5th...

struct: Damn but its 2 points difference still

struct: Anyways you are doing good, for a type you are not good at

Default avatar.png RonaldsZ: Do languages in shortest code CoC have some coefficients?

Default avatar.png RonaldsZ: for example c# needs like using system and all that stuff

Default avatar.png RonaldsZ: python doesn't

struct: no RonaldsZ

Nixerrr: Tunga Code of currently running competitions

Nixerrr: So you'll be kicked from Ocean of Code if you post your code to a public repo

Tunga: I aint even compete yet, I was just curious

Tunga: Thanks for the answer tho

Tunga: pb4 are you a dota player/fan, your avatar is dota hero's picture: io

pb4: wut ?

pb4: I don't know dota

pb4: I'm crap at all those games

AntiSquid: Tunga that's the codingame logo with blue background .

pb4: ^

Tunga: :D

Uljahn: stop being a dota fan and become a CG fan

AntiSquid: and dota is super hard to play, if you don't have 7k MMR at least you're considered bad

Tunga: Uljahn, I am not dota fan, I became code fan later on. I was a gamer like 20 years after quit completely

Tunga: I was a semi-pro gamer, I dedicate so much time for that non-sense

AntiSquid: i just don't understand "pro-gaming" these days shit like clash royale is considered competitive, when it's pay to win

Tunga: I was 5k when top pro players are like 7k

AntiSquid: 9k - 10k ?

Tunga: pro-gaming = if you gather money from playing

AntiSquid: i mean the top mmr of dota

Tunga: After some time later, matchmaking gone completely nonsense and some players became 8k - 9k

AntiSquid: at the end of the day, playing in a team is completely different than solo

Tunga: I dont know now but when I quit like 2 years ago, top players almost 10k in rate of mmr

Tunga: Playing with random team sucks because matchmaking fixing the games of yours as a lose or win with looking your previous games

Tunga: If you win 3 games in a row, you should expect a lose

Tunga: When I started the game, there is no mmr rates, there is only win rates like %55

Tunga: I was like %58, then mm gives you %43 wr teammates and make you lose against %52 %53's

struct: I used to play lol

struct: It was the same

struct: but bigger win streaks

Tunga: Then, fire nation attacked

struct: like 10 wins

struct: 10 loses

AntiSquid: you need to join hubs

Tunga: what is hubs?

Tunga: LOL is started by a guy who is a partner of dota 1

Tunga: There were 3 guys at start

Tunga: Then it ll be 3 games, HON (which is lost the battle against other games), LOL and Dota

struct: pb4 is it still the same code, sorry for ping

Nixerrr: I'm a semi-pro wacky wheels player

kovi: pb4, stop spamming, you are my nemesis and keep pushing me down :)

mchl12: pb4, keep spamming, you are my saviour and keep pushing me up :)

RoboStac: the top positions will all get reset in a few hours anyway when you change to silver

RoboStac: so unless he's really pushing you down it shouldn't matter :)

emh: Silver is at 18:00?

pb4: I'm pushing everyone down :punch:

pb4: :innocent:

RoboStac: you aren't pushing me down!

RoboStac: I'm safe in my not even in wood 3 yet place

kovi: will you join robo?

RoboStac: probably

kovi: :ok_hand:

pb4: mchl12 : all my versions struggle against you :(

pb4: submits can be very random

pb4: I repushed the same version

pb4: still 6th at 75% games done

kovi: refresh is slow

pb4: 3 elo difference between two submits with the same code :sweat_smile:

struct: damn

struct: 3 is a lot

pb4: 3rd submit, same code

pb4: I had 43.7 and 40.7

kovi: as you plush me down more and more, you can get on me less and less ;)

kovi: gain

pb4: sorry :sweat_smile:

Tunga: How can he push you down?

Tunga: With getting more points ?

struct: if he beats he pushes them down

Tunga: It is bot duel ?

struct: yes

struct: His bot plays vs other players bots

Default avatar.png ForgottenDictator_3ce7: hi I'm a newcomer, I was wondering that if I can't solve a problem could I see the solution? Or I can only get stuck

Nixerrr: You only get to see other people's solution if you solve the puzzle

Nixerrr: However, you can ask for help here

Default avatar.png ForgottenDictator_3ce7: Got it! Thanks:grinning:

emh: what? added one little timeout check and went from 12th to 50th.. hmm. or it's maybe too random..

Scarfield: any idea how many will be let into silver when it opens?

struct: 30% maybe?

struct: Like 150 players

Quidome: Is it allowed to use MOVE and SILENCE on the same turn?

emh: Quidome yes

struct: yes

Quidome: interesting, thnxs :)

kovi: looks better if i dont play vs. pb4 :)

Quidome: does a triggered mine set of another mine when it is 'damaged' by the explosion?

Scarfield: nope

Quidome: a pitty :(

Scarfield: neither will a torpedo trigger a mine

Scarfield: could be interesting though :)

Quidome: we had this effect in the previous one ...

Default avatar.png yfprojects: that would give you more info about the opponent

Quidome: When is the next league opening and on what for conditions?

Default avatar.png yfprojects: And the mine placement would have to be different

Scarfield: if you click on the Bronze League, you can see the date of the next league opening

Scarfield: i think the time is usually 18.00 paris time (?)

Scarfield: so later today

emh: are there any changes to rules scheduled?

Scarfield: and no new rules after bronze

emh: oh ok

Quidome: where do you see that?

emh: no mine nerfing?

Illedan: No changes.

Illedan: Only bug fixes

Scarfield: Top of statement: Welcome to the Bronze league!

In Bronze, you can now use MINES. There won't be any additional rules.

Scarfield: in ille mentioned before :)

Scarfield: Quidome in the top just by the count down

Quidome: found it. thnxs

Quidome: what are the conditions for entering?

Quidome: silver

Scarfield: getting a higher score than the player bot that is chosen as bronze boss

Quidome: bronze boss is not active yet?

Scarfield: el structo said it could be around top 150 silver bots instantly to silver, and the highest ranked player that isnt pushed to silver, will be set as boss for bronze

Scarfield: well the bot that player has, the player will still participate as normal

Quidome: Aha, nice system

struct: The player that is the boss is also promoted

Scarfield: oh nice, didnt know that

Quidome: so you don't have to fight your own written boss :D

Scarfield: yea makes more sense that way :)

emh: I'm at 100k limit now btw. gotta clean it up a bit. have some unused stuff. 3173 lines

Quidome: :thumbsup:

Quidome: 3000 lines i have only 350...

Scarfield: but your lines are each 200 chars long :p

Quidome: :sunglasses:

Quidome: emh's bot is way better than mine. Have to write some more :P

emh: hehe

Andeagi: is there some kind of way to print messages to debug without having the game considering it an illegal move and doing SURFACE ?

Scarfield: what language are you using, you can error print, or add "|MSG debug stuff"

Default avatar.png [TK]: Andeagi> fprintf(stderr,"debug message you like");

Secundus: at what time does the silver league start?

Andeagi: ok thx :)

Scarfield: in 4 hours i think (?)

Secundus: thx

Secundus: almost 800 line of code and not even a single comment. thats surley how its supposed to be, right? xD

mchl12: Yup, that's how you do it

MSmits: does the IDE work for you guys?

Csipcsirip: nope

MSmits: ah ok

struct: play my code does not work

735487: no

MSmits: ok, it's not just me then :)

BeeGee: same

emh: my submit stopped as well as IDE

Astrobytes: yeah just got the same

Ferris: me too, An error has occurred during compilation/execution

ToshiTuringMachine: Oups An error occurred (#510): "An error has occurred during compilation/execution.". Please contact

Secundus: same

ToshiTuringMachine: oh ! also automaton is off?

ToshiTuringMachine: world is falling apart

Astrobytes: Pinged staff on discord

Nixerrr: Automaton2000 AutomatoNN

Automaton2000: imagine you have a good one

Nixerrr: Just asleep

Astrobytes: You missed an 'n' for NN

Astrobytes: AutomatonNN

AutomatonNN: what is the problem with your bot?

Nixerrr: Ah ok

Nixerrr: They're annoying :/

Astrobytes: 'n's in general or the bots? :D

Nixerrr: haha the latter

Astrobytes: lol, agreed

Nixerrr: I'm a fan of thrice repeated consonants at the end of nicks as you can tell :D

Astrobytes: haha true!

AntiSquid: inivte spam me to clash of code = ban AutomatonNN

MSmits: AutomatorRR

AutomatonNN: good luck with that code

Astrobytes: that has a good sound to it MSmits

MSmits: yea

MSmits: how is your ooc bot Astrobytes?

MSmits: I've only started to try and make silence work today

AntiSquid: how do you enjoy the game MSmits?

AntiSquid: is it good?

MSmits: I like it yes, but I am not that far into it yet. Still working on tracking

Astrobytes: 195th bronze, still just silences. Need to refactor some stuff and add... everything lol

MSmits: got a long list

MSmits: but taking it easy

MSmits: I worked on uttt earlier :P

AntiSquid: i have rand() % 2 charge torpedo @Astrobytes

Nixerrr: That's what I call persistence

Nixerrr: MSmits

Nixerrr: How long have you been tinkering with your uttt bot now?

MSmits: years?

Nixerrr: Nice

MSmits: on and off

Nixerrr: You're my idol

MSmits: this one should be nr 1 if i submit it, but I want to add some more things

Astrobytes: lol AntiSquid, I just removed the random stuff from my bot last night

pb4: Do you have error 510 in IDE ?

struct: yes

MSmits: yes pb4

pb4: damn

Astrobytes: yea, staff are on it pb4, reported on discord

pb4: I wanted to test this feature...

MSmits: would you have preferred if it was just you pb4?

pb4: does it work when you submit ?

struct: submits stuck I think

MSmits: dont think so

struct: test it locally

Astrobytes: no, submits are frozen also

struct: you have referee with viewer

pb4: Ok

pb4: Thanks

struct: can play vs an old version of yours :)

Default avatar.png Zpooks: It's very active here, 'ello.

MSmits: hi Zpooks

pb4: Online ? I'm not well versed in the setup of my own referee/viewer from the CG source

AntiSquid: welcome to CG Zpooks, enjoy your stay

pb4: Hi

struct: nah, not online

Default avatar.png Zpooks: Haven't tried CG since university, solving these problems feel so different compared to day2day work.

struct: but I think its working now pb4

struct: ah not

struct: :(


struct: Maybe submit old version

struct: and then play new verssion vs the submited?

struct: I think it should work if you are in a hurry

AntiSquid: almost 1000 bots in the arena

Astrobytes: Should be more by end of weekend, lots of people still busy with work

AntiSquid: busy with wood2 boss

Astrobytes: Is Wood2 boss hard? I slipped through when it was broken, annoyingly

baltilius: Hi, am getting An error occurred (#510): "An error has occurred during compilation/execution.". Does anyone else experience this?

WildSmilodon: Is anybody else seeing : "Oups An error occurred (#510): "An error has occurred during ..."

YannT: yeah I think we're all getting it

Astrobytes: Yep baltilius, WildSmilodon, staff are working on it

baltilius: okay Astrobytes, thanks

Astrobytes: np

darkhorse64: Before it was nerfed with SURFACE every 50 turns, it was quite efficient at tracking you

Astrobytes: Ah OK.

Astrobytes: They nerfed Wood1 boss too I think right? I never had any problem with beating that one

aangairbender: I am also getting #510 error

TetraktysPhi: #510 compil: for several people indeed, CG is looking at

aangairbender: and sometimes 73

aangairbender: error #73

TetraktysPhi: even for a default code, so it's not our code bt a platform pb

wlesavo: working again

emh: do we have to resubmit?

wlesavo: oh nwm back to 73 error

wlesavo: worked for a couple of runs

Astrobytes: Progress! :P

emh: submit completed

Astrobytes: Yeah all seems to be up and running again now

Default avatar.png Zpooks: Hallelujah!

Default avatar.png icecream17: I made it to bronzer league overnight! Probably because i was 2nd

Default avatar.png icecream17: I finally escaped wood! 1st try! 374/432? oh no

AntiSquid: top 10 promotion to silver

AntiSquid: coz why not

eulerscheZahl: wrong

Illedan: Game updated

wlesavo: yeah, it was unexpected seeing all those tooltips

wlesavo: i wondered how we could survive all the damage :slight_smile:

dbdr: hm, the last frame is still not visible?

wlesavo: damn, now there are just too many tooltips

Illedan: I did what everone wanted :P

Illedan: It is dbdr?


dbdr: I don't see a frame with me at 0

dbdr: it appears and is immediately covered

Illedan: in that replay you can see the torpedo hit

Illedan: You couldn't do that earlier

dbdr: 192 is covered

Illedan: There is no action in 192

dbdr: I see the hit in 192

dbdr: at 191 torpedo is charged


dbdr: are you seeing something different?

Illedan: Chared at 191 and used

Illedan: And then you see the explosion

Illedan: and then you see endscreen

dbdr: not in my screenshot

Illedan: I see the same on 191 yes

Illedan: 191 is the frame of the torpedo

Illedan: 190 is the move

Illedan: 192 is endscreen


dbdr: 191 torpedo charge is 3, so it's not fired yet


dbdr: is that if you're fast enough eulerscheZahl?

Illedan: I can see the full explosion before seeing endscreen

Illedan: What speed are you playing it at?

dbdr: I expected a frame you can stay on

Illedan: 10x?

dbdr: speed 0

dbdr: arrows

Illedan: Oh, you want even 1 more? :P

dbdr: yeah I guess :D

dbdr: really, when you analyze a situation, don't you do frame by frame?

eulerscheZahl: when you pause and go step by step, you see the cell where an explosion happened, but instantly covered by the endscreen

Illedan: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Illedan: I'll try to add one more

dbdr: thanks!

eulerscheZahl: dbdr just wants to see you break the engine

dbdr: otheriwise, the life is removed at the right frame now, thanks for that!

dbdr: the cover hiding the last frame is a problem on many games

dbdr: I guess CG could fix it once for all by adding a special frame for it

Illedan: ^

Illedan: But wont happen this contest

Illedan: Or even a button to hide it

dbdr: no

Illedan: I even let you submit in the contribution and you didn't let me know then :(

dbdr: that was several hours later, didn't think it was relevant

dbdr: and I still think it did not matter for that bug since the bug was before my bot even ran for that turn

AntiSquid: so what changes are made apart from tooltips ?

dbdr: sorry if you missed the info

AntiSquid: any changes regarding gameplay?

Illedan: Nothing regarding gameplay

eulerscheZahl: boss 2 change

eulerscheZahl: wood2 that is

Illedan: even though some bots broke, because they provide invalid input.

AntiSquid: and game will stay the same for the rest of the contest i hope? :p

JFB: strange - my last battle is with marked silence (it looks as old version - even length is 200 not 300) ...

dbdr: maybe old matches?

JFB: No - last one - 1 min ago

eulerscheZahl: "200 not 300" ?

eulerscheZahl: 300 what?

eulerscheZahl: can you share a replay?

JFB: steps

Illedan: 2 MSG is not longer allowed and an empty MSG is noth either


dbdr: MSG eval(\'winner = \"dbdr\"\')

eulerscheZahl: you timed out

dbdr: for MSG??

dbdr: isn't that free form?

JFB: But why they are SILENCE marked - not only life losts?

Illedan: Some players used MOVE N|MSG YOLO|SILENCE N 4|MSG MORE YOLO

eulerscheZahl: because the poll said that users want more tooltips

eulerscheZahl: personally i voted for only life losses in the tooltips

dbdr: so now the people who don't will complain :/

dbdr: *some people

AntiSquid: of course

JFB: OK - so it is ew change, right, just innow?

AntiSquid: the others would also complain if they wouldn't get what they want

dbdr: exactly

AntiSquid: so it's only reasonable to complain

dbdr: non sequitur

JFB: OK - it looks just stragne - game 5 min ago was without silence - now is with. But Ok - if ppl like it ...

AntiSquid: maybe some don't even understand what they voted for, happens a lot in the real world

dbdr: oh yes...

JFB: For me it is not a problem - simply wants to know do it is bug or feature ;-)


Illedan: Let's see if we suddenly get 15 votes for Life only :joy:

eulerscheZahl: there's a reason why i linked to the results directly, not the poll

eulerscheZahl: but i see you can get back and vote

wlesavo: if you didnot yet

Illedan: I can't vote again

dbdr: I like how CG designed tooltips to be yellow on a yellow background (for past ones)

eulerscheZahl: i set the checkmark to only allow 1 vote per IP

dbdr: orange on yellow, at most

eulerscheZahl: UTTT tooltips :rolling_eyes:

Illedan: :D

dbdr: I think I even reported that as a bug on github for uTTT

eulerscheZahl: Illedan don't forget to update

dbdr: why is it related to uTTT?

Zenoscave: new league today!!!

eulerscheZahl: i still prefer the blue vs yellow over red vs orange. despite invisible tooltips

eulerscheZahl: i'm not colorblind, but some games make it really hard

Zenoscave: 20 min from now yes?

dbdr: blue vs red would fix it, no?

eulerscheZahl: yes

dbdr: 20 min - 20 min + 4 hours

Zenoscave: bah

dbdr: confidence interval

eulerscheZahl: why 20min? 1h 20min i think

dbdr: right

Zenoscave: was past contests always at 4PM UTC ? I may be rememberin incorectly

eulerscheZahl: 6pm french time

eulerscheZahl: changing to daylight saving time will be on this weekend

AntiSquid: they could promote people to new league without resubmitting, then there would be less lag, but maybe this is wishful thinking :thinking:

eulerscheZahl: yeah, your wishes are getting ridiculous

dbdr: league is not that big

JFB: So silver league is open?

Zenoscave: pb3+1 is wrecking

dbdr: only CSB is a big problem no?

AntiSquid: it still lags dbdr

eulerscheZahl: but yet JFB

AntiSquid: always lag, even with 100 promotions

Zenoscave: 1h18m


dbdr: lags what? IDE matches have priority over submits

Illedan: Zenoscave, yeah wala got broken because of that MSG killer

Zenoscave: MSG killer?

Illedan: He prints 2 MSG on double command turns

AntiSquid: what was the issue with MSG ?

Zenoscave: ouch


AntiSquid: i don't see the issue with that, does some of it get sent to the enemy ?

dbdr: two MSG

Illedan: No, but after refactorization it is no longer valid

Illedan: But I see it as a good idea

dbdr: yes, two MSG make no sense

Illedan: I'll let players set their message :)

Illedan: twice

Illedan: To change msg between commands

Illedan: Show the first one found first

dbdr: ah, yes, with frames it does make sese

Illedan: Then swap between commands

Illedan: Easy to fix now after refactorization :rocket:

AntiSquid: locam had message after every card move (not saying it's smart, but no issue there imo)

dbdr: but it does not introduce a new frame right?

Illedan: nope

dbdr: cool

dbdr: kovi #1

dbdr: ah, pb3+1 in resub

pb4: coming

dbdr: still gg for kovi, improved recently

Zenoscave: pb4 you have timeout against me

Zenoscave: want replay?

pb4: Yes please

pb4: this push ?

pb4: If it's from 30minutes ago, I fixed the bug

Zenoscave: It was recent but I'm not sure which.


Zenoscave: just in case

pb4: Yep

pb4: this one is fixed :)

pb4: Thanks

Zenoscave: of course :+1:

kovi: wow, this time pb4 pushed me up

pb4: dat randomness though

pb4: Previous push went tup to 43 elo

dbdr: are there more games in silver?

dbdr: or just gold?

Zenoscave: yeah you were killining it

pb4: Repushed the same code, stuck around 38 elo at 60%, but it won't ever get first

JFB: Wow - 1000 players :-)

Illedan: :tada:

Illedan: pb4, wala giving you some free elo

Zenoscave: gz Illedan and eulerscheZahl

Zenoscave: and G-Rom

ZarthaxX: gz Zenoscave

Zenoscave: for? thank you

ZarthaxX: for pewpewing

ZarthaxX: :D

Zenoscave: PEWPEW

Astrobytes: gz ZarthaxX

Astrobytes: for Zarthing

ZarthaxX: oh thanks

Zenoscave: gz ZarthaxX for ban reporting

ZarthaxX: Astrobyto boi

ZarthaxX: Zenoscave my pleasure :)

wala: Thanks Illedan . I've fixed my bug

eulerscheZahl: you've worked around the referee bug/breaking change

mlomb: Maybe the actions could be in a darker color than the life lost I will be easier to tell apart while scrubbing

eulerscheZahl: that's not that simple with the SDK

Illedan: Don't think that is possible no :(

mlomb: :S nvm then

eulerscheZahl: you only tell that there's an event affecting a given player and define the player color in some config

kovi: what was fixed?

kovi: (btw, i also liked the life loosing marks better)

eulerscheZahl: and no way to add extra dummy players for more colors without breaking something else

Illedan: That is possible eulerscheZahl?

eulerscheZahl: no Illedan, would screw up elsewhere

Illedan: Ofc, but I wonder if we did from the start :P

eulerscheZahl: e.g. 4 players in selection, even if only 2 get to play

eulerscheZahl: did you vote for the tooltips kovi?

kovi: where?


eulerscheZahl: community decided

wala: kovi you can't print multiple messages (that was my bug. it was working yesterday)

kovi: oh i c

kovi: multiple msg? that is op

Illedan: I will add it because wala makes sense

kovi: definitely need the nerf

Illedan: :D

dbdr: oh, you can change the player colors using the SDK?

Illedan: yeah

Illedan: config has playerColors

struct: yes

kovi: nice submit zenoscave

dbdr: I guess this is the default

struct: yellow red are default for

Zenoscave: thanks

dbdr: seem pretty familiar

struct: yes, most of multies use these colors

struct: even CSB

Illedan: I'll be off 1 hour. Let me know on discord if anything :fire:

Illedan: bye

Zenoscave: bye bye

ZarthaxX: holy Zenoscave nice rank

ZarthaxX: this is your tshirt time

Zenoscave: THERE ARE TSHIRTS!?!?!?!

eulerscheZahl: are there tshirts this time?

eulerscheZahl: :D

ZarthaxX: no..

aangairbender: in no tshirt contest

ZarthaxX: idk

ZarthaxX: lol

Zenoscave: noooooooooooo

eulerscheZahl: not revealed yet, if there is anything to win

Zenoscave: don't mess with a man's heart like that

dbdr: masks

eulerscheZahl: thibaud said here on the chat "we'll find something" that's all i know

struct: :pray:

struct: I still need to get legend :(

eulerscheZahl: Zenoscave wants that shirt?

Zenoscave: very much

ZarthaxX: they will send masks

ZarthaxX: and alcohol

eulerscheZahl: we are anonymous

Zenoscave: I think he means masks for the virus eulerscheZahl

ZarthaxX: yes

ZarthaxX: thanks for the clarification lmao

eulerscheZahl: no alcohol => anonymous alcoholics

Zenoscave: ohhhhh

Zenoscave: thanks for the clarification as well

ZarthaxX: i just wanted to help zeno with his little problem..

Zenoscave: broken submit pb4?

pb4: Yup

pb4: I'm refactoring my sublime text and testing stuff in CG IDE

pb4: I was a bit hasty in submitting the CG IDE code :D

Zenoscave: oops

pb4: It's back

pb4: without the off-by-one error...

eulerscheZahl: so hiding doesn't start today?

struct: it starts on day 1

Zenoscave: ;)

eulerscheZahl: it starts tomorrow, but maybe someone has an off by one on the date

Zenoscave: you have packages for sublime text?

Zenoscave: pb3+1

pb4: Yup

Zenoscave: any published?

pb4: uh ?

Zenoscave: on package control


pb4: Yes, all

Zenoscave: cool

pb4: sublimerge, clang format, easyclang complete, sublimelinter, etc..

wlesavo: so when does tryharding starts

pb4: yesterday

eulerscheZahl: we'll see people battling for the top till the last weekend

blasterpoard: 20 minutes before the deadline, I guess

eulerscheZahl: blasterpoard has bad memories :(

Zenoscave: wlesavo nice submit

blasterpoard: nah, I just went for cheese that time instead of playing properly

blasterpoard: and made #4 bot overnight when it didn't work in the end xD

eulerscheZahl: you image was not a cheese

wlesavo: Zenoscave some mine escaping, still quite random

AntiSquid: hardened tofu boards

Zenoscave: mine escaping. smart idea

wlesavo: basically i estimate possible damage for a move

blasterpoard: btw when will you guys start surfacing before silence when fighting?

Zenoscave: wdym blasterpoard

wlesavo: dont think its always a good idea, just removed that

AntiSquid: he wants you to surface and then silence

Zenoscave: that sound like bad idea

Zenoscave: or as an escape mechanism?

blasterpoard: local testing says it's actually very good

blasterpoard: gives over 70% winrate vs bot that doesn't do it

blasterpoard: ofc not always

Zenoscave: My bot just blindly moves. no escaping/attacking yet

wlesavo: i used to silence right after surface for watever reason

Gajowy: can you just stay in the same place forever and only use the torpedo?

Zenoscave: Try it

blasterpoard: Gajowy no, you need to charge abilities by moving

kovi: im sure everyone will surface

Zenoscave: don't try it

kovi: i just didnt wanted to start

kovi: till last day

blasterpoard: that is gold stuff, not legend stuff

kovi: true

wlesavo: i tried to use surface to escape minefields, but its kinda hard to balance

dbdr: Zenoscave you're #15 with just moving no attacking?

struct: I say replays of him using torpedos and mines

struct: I see*

Zenoscave: yes

Zenoscave: I mean I don't target my movements toward any point

Zenoscave: I still torpedo

wlesavo: struct yeah, also just went to check that there are attacks :slight_smile:

Zenoscave: I mean I don't move toward opponent on purpose

wlesavo: i used do target moves, but it looks like a bad idea in general, only if for some finishing blows

Zenoscave: Kinda stuck on what to add next

wlesavo: do you track mine history for trigger filtering?

egaetan: Illedan my Bit is suddenly broken

emh: ohh.. full replay line is back I see

Zenoscave: trigger filtering?

egaetan: the gormat for MINE has changed ?

emh: and I got used to the new sparse one

Zenoscave: egaetan only one MSG

Zenoscave: Mine only takes one arg

Zenoscave: just N/E/S/W

wlesavo: Zenoscave when opponent triggers a mine you can tell if some candidates were around that possition

egaetan: ok time to correct and resub

Zenoscave: Oh yeah I do that

kovi: oh, i start 3 days ago, i totally missed the old one

wlesavo: or if they couldnt ever plant there

Zenoscave: I use it for finding their location only though. no mine avoiding

wlesavo: well estimation of damage is pretty simple if you track mines, but i dunno how to optimally implement it in strategy

wlesavo: egaetan what was the old format?

egaetan: i wrote MINE DIR MINE

wlesavo: oh ok

emh: I'm still at my father's house. finding delicacies in fridge room like beer expired 1998. today's special a 1.25 l Christmas beer expired 2002 or so. celebrating Silver

emh: prematurely

Astrobytes: I like your style emh

AntiSquid: well aged lol

emh: thanks :)

AntiSquid: any army food in there? lol

emh: we have 3 freezers. mostly self-fished seafood

eulerscheZahl: remember to call the museum when it gets older

AntiSquid: stuff like this is what i mean:

Astrobytes: I only recently threw away my emergency food and water rations as they expired (used to do a fair bit hiking and stuff)

AntiSquid: there's videos of people opening really old army food boxes and trying them out :D

eulerscheZahl: not sure if i want to click that link

AntiSquid: canned / pasteurised / powdered

Ayo35: kareem

emh: cool AntiSquid

AntiSquid: ok that wasn't best example, there are some better preserved ones

kovi: time?

AntiSquid: he tastes peanut butter from 1957

emh: hehe

Astrobytes: Imagine he found some ancient surströmming or lutefisk... would be some video

emh: yay!

mlomb: new league!

Astrobytes: woop

emh: inoory is Bronze boss?

eulerscheZahl: promoted!

eulerscheZahl: better than captain Nemo

dbdr: oh, a completely new top

eulerscheZahl: my first match directly vs kovi

eulerscheZahl: great start :D

emh: euler same :)

dbdr: great choice of opponents

kovi: but emh won

emh: yup hehe :) luck

emh: and a loss now kovi

emh: how many matches will there be now in Silver?

emh: 32 at 6%

emh: so 500? I guess the percentage lags a little

emh: though

BenjaminUrquhart: silver opened and I'm not in it

BenjaminUrquhart: sad

BenjaminUrquhart: time to fix thigns

BenjaminUrquhart: things*

AntiSquid: fix it ! :D

kovi: where is dbdr?

AntiSquid: lol some submitted after silver opened, they wreck the boss and mass promote

dbdr: i'm here :)

BenjaminUrquhart: asking for extra frames AntiSquid

kovi: is there a different meta in current top?

BenjaminUrquhart: kovi

dbdr: #15 at 23%

BenjaminUrquhart: my submits stopped

BenjaminUrquhart: hm

dbdr: I think it's not stabilized yet

dbdr: wait for the end of the submits

dbdr: wala is #23 right now

kovi: wow

dbdr: again, not significant yet

Default avatar.png jrke: int(j)

Default avatar.png jrke: ;

BenjaminUrquhart: yay I found tracking bugs

pb4: how is wala so low ?!

JFB: He has bug?

BenjaminUrquhart: leaderboard is unstable

emh: or he doing limbo

BenjaminUrquhart: "Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ArithmeticException: / by zero" found the bug, not sure how this happened but ok

BenjaminUrquhart: theoretically I should never be dividing by zero but I guess some edge case breaks it

wlesavo: so who is the bronze boss?

BenjaminUrquhart: unsure

BenjaminUrquhart: definitely isn't me

JFB: Maybe eulerscheZahl hnows ?

JFB: *knows

eulerscheZahl: i don't

JFB: Why???

eulerscheZahl: i only know that it was planned to rank around 200

wlesavo: but at some point we will know that?

eulerscheZahl: because it wasn't communicated on the private discord server, that simple

JFB: :-)

dbdr: silver: exactly 200 ppl :)

eulerscheZahl: take a guess who it is, then play user vs boss in the IDE

eulerscheZahl: i don't even know what languages the boss uses

BenjaminUrquhart: bronze boss is getting rekt

wlesavo: boss should be with a fixed seed for sure, right?

BenjaminUrquhart: python3

wlesavo: otherwise it would be not very convinient

BenjaminUrquhart: oh eulerscheZahl can we still break the game by using SILENCE 69

eulerscheZahl: deterministic bosses are highly preferred

eulerscheZahl: no

BenjaminUrquhart: :thumbsup:

emh: right after Silver opened I saw inoory just below boss with exact same score as boss. dunno if that's an indication. is he python3?

JFB: SILENCE 69 - it looks as a name of porno film ;-)

Astrobytes: lol, better than Silence of the Clams I suppose


emh: well they both start at 7,7 at least, but probably a lot of people do

emh: inoryy is it you? are you Bronze boss? how can we know? what does the fox say?

eulerscheZahl: try twice with swapped starting positions emh

eulerscheZahl: on the same map

AntiSquid: ocean of silence 69

emh: both games end at turn 50. 1 0 vs 0 1

emh: vs

emh: inoryy is Bronze boss looks like

eulerscheZahl: boss exposed

wlesavo: heh, that was fast detection

AntiSquid: it's not a strong boss so whatever

eulerscheZahl: it's the bronze boss

AntiSquid: i mean it's not a higher league boss

dbdr: it's practice in Boss hunting

Waffle3z: how often do new leagues get released in the 10-day contests?

eulerscheZahl: every 2 days

dbdr: every 2 days

AntiSquid: every 3 days

wlesavo: 2 people alredy broke bronze carantine

dbdr: :D

eulerscheZahl: monday, wednesday, friday

eulerscheZahl: cintest from frida to monday

eulerscheZahl: contest

Astrobytes: who's Frida? :P

AntiSquid: tante Frida

eulerscheZahl: the nanny from ducktales

dbdr: Kahlo

emh: tante means aunt in Norwegian

Astrobytes: ducktales omg

dbdr: and french emh

emh: ohh

AntiSquid: and german

dbdr: you speach french AND watch Kaameloot AntiSquid??

AntiSquid: what

AntiSquid: where did that come from?

dbdr: then it's a coincidence :D

dbdr: who's tante friday for you?

dbdr: there, reverse mistake

Astrobytes: hehe

eulerscheZahl: hm, in the English version Frieda is called Mrs Beakley

Astrobytes: Correct

eulerscheZahl: did you recognize the German name of her?

AntiSquid: that's personal dbdr

dbdr: ok

Astrobytes: yea, I used to work with some German guys

Astrobytes: Not that we sat around watching Duck Tales much but

Astrobytes: y'know

eulerscheZahl: i see

Astrobytes: That's how I got into Rammstein

AntiSquid: i see rammstein more like a good source for memes

Astrobytes: They're epic live

muy31: Is anyone else's code over 1000 lines?

wlesavo: i did, just slightly over

wlesavo: emh had 2700+

muy31: It's really annoying to continuously scroll

AntiSquid: i have < 500 lines and i didn't refactor

muy31: isnt it

emh: wlesavo yes 3188 now

eulerscheZahl: i decided to split my bot into multiple files

muy31: you can do that?

muy31: im using java, so that would help

dbdr: you can NOT do that?

eulerscheZahl: yes, and a script to merge them into a single one

Astrobytes: as long as you recombine them into 1 file for CG yeah

muy31: oh

eulerscheZahl: for java there is

AntiSquid: muy depends what IDE you use, but usually (including CG IDE) there's tiny arrows on the right side and you can collapse the functions

Astrobytes: There's a Java one in the forum

muy31: i thought multiple files in CG

eulerscheZahl: just run it as a post build event

Astrobytes: damn euler, beat me to it

eulerscheZahl: hah :D

wlesavo: wow, robo joined

eulerscheZahl: nice

Kathrin: what's going on, my totally stupid code ended 10th in wood yesterday, and was promoted to bronze this morning and just a minute ago to silver. Guess, if I do nothing, I'm legend by the end of the contest

eulerscheZahl: wood boss replaced, was too strong

eulerscheZahl: always hard to choose the right skill without having lots of users to compare to

eulerscheZahl: even harder with the short preparation time

dbdr: hard boss + nerf later seems ideal to me

eulerscheZahl: especially for a longer contest

dbdr: yes

eulerscheZahl: otherwise bronze would have been huge

Kathrin: I think I will not rely on my luck and boss nerfs, Time to learn the seek part of "hide and seek"

eulerscheZahl: that's easier than hiding

Wishmaster_89: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

**Wishmaster_89 slaps wishmaster_89 around a bit with a large fishbot

**Wishmaster_89 Hi

ZarthaxX: hi

Zenoscave: pew pew

Astrobytes: byte byte?

Zenoscave: true

eulerscheZahl: quak quak

Pedro1994: Hi, quick question do you know what I should take to do GUI for c++ (I use eclipse but I can change, Qt seem fine but its not free)

Astrobytes: coin coin

Zenoscave: For the love of god don't do GUI in C++

Zenoscave: unless it is required

eulerscheZahl: qt is not free?

Zenoscave: basic parts are

Astrobytes: It's.... messy


Default avatar.png wizzwizz4: QtEditor seemed at least gratis last I checked.

Pedro1994: there is a free trial but i dont know the limitations

Zenoscave: I believe wizzwizz4

Zenoscave: is right*

muy31: i cannot believe that this entire time i never checked if where i am firing my torpedo passed through an island

muy31: so how do you check that anyway?

AntiSquid: uhm lol ?

ZarthaxX: pathfinding

AntiSquid: !!

muy31: ZarthaxX I'm sure that is way to complicate for that

muy31: *way too

muy31: complicated

AntiSquid: it's more like you have to check it that way

Astrobytes: muy31 it should have been obvious from the image no?

muy31: can you torpedo around corners?


muy31: move 54

eulerscheZahl: there's even an image in the statement to show where you can shoot


muy31: oh yeah forgot

eulerscheZahl: thank you Astrobytes

muy31: still, pathfinding seems unnecessary for just that

Wishmaster_89: can't pass through islands

muy31: that instance barely happens

eulerscheZahl: but it does happen

Astrobytes: ...

eulerscheZahl: and screws up your tracking when you expect the opponent to take damage

muy31: yeah

muy31: so i timed out next turn

eulerscheZahl: i don't know what to say...

muy31: when opponent was "nowhere on the map"

wlesavo: muy31 you can also lose candidates thinking they could not fire through the island

muy31: candidates?

wlesavo: possible positions

eulerscheZahl: possible opponent positions

muy31: oh

muy31: well no, i see max of 4 steps