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Default avatar.png Gamebot: is this website not working properly now?

Helasraizam: Don't think so, I'm stuck on "validating your program and computing score"

Helasraizam: nm, guess it just took a while

daffie: nah it's def taking a dump

daffie: will be back later I guess

SasiKing: Clash Games Aren't starting for me

eulerscheZahl: that got reported already i guess staff isn't back from weekend yet

daffie: is the other stuff working yet ?

daffie: or still ?

MSmits: if you didn't, then that should be ok?

MSmits: wow scrolling

MSmits: so... good morning

MSmits: I'm in the train, dodging corona virus while headed to work :P

eulerscheZahl: you are supposed to climb the CG ranking MSmits

MSmits: I am, 36 now, i was 42 when the ranking change happened

MSmits: i'm just picking low pop multis so it is slow

eulerscheZahl: i mean you were supposed to have 3 weeks off, so i expected you to play CG and now you have to help others with IT

MSmits: ah yes, it's sad, but necessary

eulerscheZahl: you aren't even a network admin or alike, that's totally different from coding

MSmits: but i wont be at work often. Maybe once a week

MSmits: i will be at work troubleshooting and helping students remotely, but still will have plenty of time to code

eulerscheZahl: great

eulerscheZahl: which game is the next?

MSmits: Onitama

MSmits: any advice?

eulerscheZahl: another low populated game

MSmits: yes

MSmits: but i like it

eulerscheZahl: i'm minimaxing

MSmits: you

eulerscheZahl: not sure if it's the best idea

MSmits: 're almost always mm

eulerscheZahl: or random search

MSmits: true

eulerscheZahl: but i think trictrac has a minimax too

MSmits: i get discouraged to do mm

MSmits: I can make it work, but its never better for me

eulerscheZahl: feel free to find an awesome alternative how to tackle Onitama

MSmits: sure :)

eulerscheZahl: :)

MSmits: I'm struggling a bit with the board representation

MSmits: trying to make it fast

eulerscheZahl: rotating cards are weird

MSmits: not even looking at that yet

eulerscheZahl: was thinking a while how to even represent the board in the user input

eulerscheZahl: namely the cards, all facing in one direction or rotating when given in the input or ...

MSmits: hmm yes, are all the cards in the input sent to you as you would use them?

MSmits: or as they get used by opponent?

eulerscheZahl: the way the next player will use them

MSmits: ok, so the input for them changes

eulerscheZahl: so yours+neutral like you play them opponent like opponent plays them

MSmits: ok

eulerscheZahl: last week tonight with a white wall and no audience looks so weird

MSmits: havent seen it yet

MSmits: but all those shows are weird with no audience

MSmits: Seth Meyers was visibly insecure about whether his jokes were funny

MSmits: they were of course

MSmits: some comments were funny

MSmits: "Don't worry Seth, I laughed at all the appropriate times"

karliso: Transposition tables would be useless in a game like onitama?

MSmits: oh noes

eulerscheZahl: i rarely watch seth meyers

MSmits: karliso !

MSmits: hi :)

MSmits: hmm

eulerscheZahl: sounds like the beginning of a fight

karliso: Hi, I still haven't wrapped my head around minimax.

MSmits: transposition tables might have a use karliso

MSmits: but the turn timer is an issue

MSmits: there are many repeated states I think with the only difference being the turn counter

karliso: But in onitama there are little to no transpositions because cards change.

MSmits: so will you consider them identical or not?

MSmits: cards change of course, but there are not that many possible configs of the 5 cards I think

eulerscheZahl: the cards make a big difference

eulerscheZahl: you need some search depth to get repeating patterns

MSmits: yeah, I suspect transpositions are not worth it

karliso: Cool, that is what I thought too.

eulerscheZahl: i'm just guessing too, didn't test it myself

MSmits: btw, I think you can use variations of mcts with eval everywhere you can use minimax, or almost everywhere. It's just more work I think

MSmits: so if you dont want to minimax, you dont have to

karliso: I feel like mxts has advantage of CG because you can reuse the search tree from previous turn.

MSmits: there are ways to do this with minimax, but thats rarely worth it

MSmits: I'm also not sure how much reusing the search tree helps with mcts. I'm sure it helps a bit, but you also fragment your nodes

MSmits: as in. your nodes are scattered all over the pool

karliso: Should negamax always be preferred over minimax?

MSmits: so your memory cache gets a bit less efficient

MSmits: karliso probably yes

ThunderbirdOne: so MSmits, paid leave eh? :D

MSmits: no, plenty of work =/

MSmits: but will do most at home

ThunderbirdOne: ah

MSmits: i'm in the train now

MSmits: off to work to explain to my colleagues how to work from home

eulerscheZahl: turn on your PC, log in there, open that

darkhorse64: I'm building a Onitama bot, too with bitboarding, treating the king position as a special case

MSmits: yes, i was going to do that as well

eulerscheZahl: nice, some new players

ThunderbirdOne: i'm still at the office

eulerscheZahl: so far only a hand full have really tried it

MSmits: the thing is though, you can also just fit 4 guys with uint8_t[4] in the same amount of space

ThunderbirdOne: but as far as i can see, there's about 5 other people on this floor :')

darkhorse64: Not for me but not an alibi bot anymore

eulerscheZahl: how many are there usually ThunderbirdOne?

ThunderbirdOne: eeh, just my team is already about 7 i think

ThunderbirdOne: and there's about 4 - 5 teams on this floor :p

eulerscheZahl: and why did you go?`:P

MSmits: he's the boss

ThunderbirdOne: I really don't have a decent desk at home atm

MSmits: or that

ThunderbirdOne: and they're pouring the floor as well, so I can't walk on it for the next 5 days :p

MSmits: great... dude coughing behind me

MSmits: stay home ffs

ThunderbirdOne: don't continue to work Smits, you'll just pass it on to all of your colleagues

eulerscheZahl: if you get infected, you have 0 days a week to go to school

MSmits: I'm ok so far

ThunderbirdOne: that guy behind you though

MSmits: this is true euler

MSmits: he's stopped for now

MSmits: i was in another carriage befoe

MSmits: there was this 60 yr old woman telling another she just has a flu, no worries, then snorted in a paper handkerchief

eulerscheZahl: aka tissue

MSmits: so i changed carriages. Not gonna do that again

MSmits: yes tissue, thanks

eulerscheZahl: oh dear, not getting any better

eulerscheZahl: how far do you have it to your working place?

MSmits: it's 35 min on train, then 20 min walk

eulerscheZahl: i guess the bicycle is not an option then

eulerscheZahl: too far

MSmits: nope

MSmits: 2 hrs if i was fast, but i get knee prolems with too much cycling

eulerscheZahl: and after 2h of doing sports i'm getting tired wouldn't be helping either when you have to stand in front of a class

MSmits: trying to cycle 2 hrs is a good test to see if you're infected with corona though :P

MSmits: nah it wouldnt but thats something i wont be doing till at least 6th of april

MSmits: just my colleagues there now

eulerscheZahl: or hold your breath for 10s (you will get it when you watched last week tonight)

MSmits: is that a different episode?

MSmits: I saw a corona episode already

ThunderbirdOne: yes, the hold your breath thing is just stupid

eulerscheZahl: corono II

eulerscheZahl: corona II

MSmits: oh ok

MSmits: holding breath doesnt make sense even

MSmits: because you wont get oxygen with or without corona when you hold your breath

dbdr: it's not about avoiding to catch it :D

dbdr: it's a way to test the state of your lungs

MSmits: I guess

ThunderbirdOne: coughing within 10 seconds could mean multiple things though

MSmits: by the time you detect it that way, there'd be plenty of ways

MSmits: just try a flight of stairs

ThunderbirdOne: flatten the curve

ThunderbirdOne: stay home

dbdr: it might actually be useful earlier

ThunderbirdOne: did you guys see that article with the "simulations" ?

MSmits: no, link it !

dbdr: you climbs stairs more frequently than hold your breath for 10s


MSmits: btw, I am teaching a simulating/modelling class, for several years now, it starts in 1 week and the first subject is a flu epidemic


eulerscheZahl: pay wall

dbdr: maybe you reached the limiit?

eulerscheZahl: oh, i got it

eulerscheZahl: clicked "free" and accepted their ToS

ThunderbirdOne: yeah

MSmits: thanks for link, it;s really interesting. I knew all that, but good to show others

dbdr: looks a bit like PCR

MSmits: yeah

dbdr: since they all have the same size, they bounce :D

ThunderbirdOne: hehe, i just like the visualisation

MSmits: btw, train arriving, ttyl, looking forward to onitama!

ThunderbirdOne: it makes it so much easier to comprehend

ThunderbirdOne: and also easier to explain the whole "flatten the curve" thing

dbdr: yes, it's a good one

eulerscheZahl: the simulation reminds me of CSB days

eulerscheZahl: when people were building game engines

dbdr: something else than bots?

eulerscheZahl: engine for their bots before your time on CG

eulerscheZahl: sethorizer, SwagColoredKitten, MK, lurkin, ...

eulerscheZahl: TheSauce

eulerscheZahl: so many lost members but some other cool people joined

ThunderbirdOne: what happened to Swaggy anyway?

eulerscheZahl: no diea

eulerscheZahl: idea

Default avatar.png DragonS: why won't my code submit? all the test are okay

dbdr: was the referee secret?

eulerscheZahl: yes

dbdr: I think submits are broken DragonS

Default avatar.png DragonS: :(

eulerscheZahl: reported already

dbdr: temporarily

Default avatar.png DragonS: okay thx

eulerscheZahl: staff (thibaud) reacted with :eyes: so he saw it

dbdr: master Thubault move :)

eulerscheZahl: Thubault?

dbdr: Thiibault

dbdr: Typo

dbdr: by the way, did you know there was a language called TypoScript?

dbdr: and that's not a typo :D

eulerscheZahl: :D

eulerscheZahl: esoteric language i guess

dbdr: no. for TYPO3, a CMS

dbdr: I actually saw TYPO3 in a list of CMS I was considering for that chat log site

dbdr: but did not install it

dbdr: an esoteric language where you need to make typo sounds fun though :D

ThunderbirdOne: ah CMS systems... i have a love/hate relationship with them

dbdr: I used Drupal many years ago

ThunderbirdOne: worked with Umbraco, Sitecore and ...

dbdr: turns out it's probably still a good choice if you want to program your own modules

ThunderbirdOne: another one that i've forgotten the name of :')

dbdr: :D

dbdr: never heard of those

ThunderbirdOne: used to work at an agency that just built content sites for customers

ThunderbirdOne: so it was CMS non-sotp

ThunderbirdOne: they're all .NET CMS systems

dbdr: ah OK. open-source?

ThunderbirdOne: umbraco is

dbdr: a lot of what I saw was php

ThunderbirdOne: the other ones not

dbdr: including Drupal and MediaWiki

ThunderbirdOne: yeah, my php colleagues would primarily use Drupal or Wordpress

ThunderbirdOne: and then if they would do custom stuff, that would be done with

ThunderbirdOne: aaah, shit.. what was that framework called

ThunderbirdOne: symfony!

dbdr: heard that name :)

ThunderbirdOne: that's about as far as it went for me too

Default avatar.png DragonS: okay submit works now

dbdr: cool, thanks for the info DragonS!

Default avatar.png DragonS: :)

Default avatar.png DragonS: but i did now get any exp and stuff for the solution

tekki: :)


toctou: :relaxed:

toctou: 73 megabyte example:relaxed:

toctou: after windeployqt

dbdr: modern systems are often quite wasteful, overly complicated :(

toctou: qt have system auto link and auto copyng having dll in you code

toctou: opengl-sw 20 megabyte

Default avatar.png yfprojects: Do you guys know how much workspace a codingame program gets?

wlesavo: dbdr i'd advice you not to take him seriously, he got banned from #ru, so he is probably gonna annoy people here for a while

Astrobytes: wlesavo he's been annoying us for weeks now ;)

toctou: wlesavo booling me

wlesavo: Astrobytes its just a small glance from what was happening at #ru

Astrobytes: Yeah I heard about it

dbdr: is #ru very active?

wlesavo: yeah, quite active

toctou: ou

wlesavo: dbdr are you asking to include us to your logging app? :wink: that would be nice

dbdr: yes, I was wondering about that

dbdr: no you're recorded as asking for it ;)

dbdr: so I'll do it


dbdr: seems working :)

wlesavo: hehe thx, appreciate it :slight_smile:

Uljahn: yfprojects: the code size limit is 100k symbols

Default avatar.png yfprojects: Thank you! But I meant working memory. Sorry.

Uljahn: click the link then

Default avatar.png yfprojects: Oh, didnt see th column!


Astrobytes: Ducknaro, as I asked you yesterday, can you please stop spamming the chat with CoC invites

Ducknaro: sorry

Ducknaro: i don't now

Ducknaro: sorry

Ducknaro: really

Astrobytes: OK, it's cool

wlesavo: dbdr added a link to euler's puzzle search to tools, if thats ok

dbdr: sure, great idea. thanks wlesavo

struct: hello

MadKnight: hihi struct

Default avatar.png yfprojects: Hi

MadKnight: hihi yfprojects what are u gonna code today ?

Default avatar.png yfprojects: Bender - episode 1

Default avatar.png yfprojects: I am currently debugging

Default avatar.png yfprojects: and you? are you coding too?

Default avatar.png yfprojects: MadKnight?

MadKnight: yea some server stuff in c#

MadKnight: what's the problem with bender 1 ? what doesn't work ?

Default avatar.png yfprojects: Only some small mistakes nothing I not able to fix. But thanks.

MadKnight: did u solve those infinity loop cases ?

Default avatar.png yfprojects: Yes, I did. i hope my simple solution is enough, but thats not causing a problem right now.

jang888: shining hopper

Default avatar.png FuSheng: hey guys

Default avatar.png FuSheng: um smith you here?

Default avatar.png FuSheng: or any1 who remembers me?

Default avatar.png FuSheng: my project is working on a donkeycar

Default avatar.png FuSheng: i was able to use the web controller to move the car around a tra

Default avatar.png yfprojects: Well, there is a button "Participants". So you can see who is there.

Default avatar.png koderKARUPASAMI:

ThunderbirdOne: itt's a lot of work :p

MSmits: oh, i thought you meant you'd have nothing to show for it at the end. And they didnt make the contest into a multi, so that made sense

MadKnight: saw an old woman today buying a hitload of cigarettes in shop

MadKnight: people are preparing, Automaton2000

Automaton2000: you need to do something with that

MadKnight: preparing for a sprint in CG botting Automaton2000

Automaton2000: haven't seen him in a while

gattonero1052: clash of code crashed?

gattonero1052: oops..nope

Default avatar.png Philbot: 11 days contest?

struct: eventualy

Default avatar.png Philbot: don't patronize me son

struct: you ask I answer

struct: The contest has been delayed so many times

darkhorse64: Just once

darkhorse64: but 10 months in waiting

struct: utg was 10 months ago?=

Default avatar.png Philbot: that's like giving birth

Default avatar.png Philbot: UTG was 4 months ago

Default avatar.png Philbot: but not offichial

eulerscheZahl: we had to wait much longer for the return of code4life

Astrobytes: That was over a year no?

darkhorse64: My bad; you are right four months

struct: utg was in october iirc

Scarfield: it was :)

AntiSquid: utg was october, 4 months ago, Automaton2000

Automaton2000: automaton2000, convert it to the nearest wreck

AntiSquid: UTG successfully converted into a wreck

farzher: why is clash of code 15min when it says flash is 5min

Scarfield: For SmitsiMax in CSB, should I eval the pods entirely seperate, or would it help also including a combined eval for both pods of each player?

Scarfield: so instead of each pod searching for its own optimal series of actions, there will be an added element of team play

Astrobytes: Separately iiuc, cooperative behaviour will emerge naturally where optimal

struct: I cant remember

struct: ping MSmits

Scarfield: yea it says so in his article, but i remember him mentioning he changed something since writing it, and i thought it might help.

jacek: you want to summon tee MSmits?

jacek: Yavalath!

Scarfield: lol :)

Scarfield: 2 2 is the best starting pos

Scarfield: should be easy enough to test i suppose - "just" need to code the smitsimax part :p

MSmits: huh, what?

struct: he wants to know

struct: if he should add coop to eval on CSB

struct: for smitsimax

MSmits: mmh coop. My eval is not the best, but the travelled distance of the runner is part of the blocker eval, in my case

MSmits: so I guess that's coop

MSmits: and also the travelled distance of the opponents runner (as a negative modifier)\

MSmits: also, what I changed was:

MSmits: I stopped doing the dynamic normalization

MSmits: my exploration parameter is supposed to fix everything, including the score normalization

MSmits: the thing is, if your scores are betwen -1 and 1, then an exploration parameter of somewhere between 1 and 1,5 is ok

MSmits: if your scores are between -100 and +100, then an exploration parameter of 100 to 150 does exactly the same thing

MSmits: so just experiment with that and find the right parameter

struct: so are you saying your eval is between 1 and -1?

MSmits: oh and a score range of -100 to +100 is exactly identical to a score range between 10300 and 10500

MSmits: no it's not struct

MSmits: I'm saying it doesnt have to be

MSmits: it can be anything, just fit the exploration parameter appropriately

MSmits: for uttt the scores are between -1 and 1, but it doesnt have to be either

MSmits: if in uttt, your loss score is 94 and your win score is 96 and your parameter is 1, then it will play *exactly* the same game as when your loss score is -1 and your win score is +1 and the parameter is 1

MSmits: it is stupid to choose a score range like that, but it will have no effect on your bot

MSmits: maybe you would lose a tiny bit of performance due to the loss of efficiency, negating a win/loss is cheaper if it is -1 or +1, but its probably negligible

MSmits: since, in CSB it is very inconvenient to try and fit scores between -1 and 1, I suggest you dont even try. It's not necessary

struct: I will have to try

struct: I think I have an idea

MSmits: why

Default avatar.png j-nila: what

struct: Not -1 and 1

MSmits: oh ok

struct: i think i know what you do

struct: Ill try and see if thats it

MSmits: it's no secret, if you ask me I will just tell you

struct: Well if its no secret

MSmits: I'll never share whole bots, but I'm pretty open about most things

MSmits: if you dont want to throw everything on world chat, you can also just pm and ask

Default avatar.png j-nila: how do i remove this join us on discord thing

Default avatar.png j-nila: help

MSmits: I click the cross and then most of it is gone

MSmits: still a small bar I guess

struct: ublock origin

struct: and block it

Default avatar.png yfprojects: there is an arrow pointing upwards

MSmits: oh yeah that arrow

struct: M Smits Ill pm you after I try it and if it doesnt work

struct: I won't need it right now anyways

struct: Just remember need to fix avx collision search with checkpoints

MSmits: sure, I'll write a response. PM is easier because I can do it asynchronously

MSmits: brb prime minister addressing the nation

AntiSquid: wow :o

AntiSquid: totally need to watch it live, it's not the same if you watch the rebroadcast of the PM

MSmits: last time was in the 70s, it's pretty unique

MSmits: was a good speech

MSmits: basically explaining what the next few months are gonna be like as far as he knows

Scarfield: I have finished the sim for CSB, and was wondering about how to do the eval, I saw your comments, and actually thought having a designated runner/blocker wouldnt be the best approach for smitsimax?

MSmits: maybe it isn't, it's just what i have

MSmits: i do designate a runner during eval

MSmits: so every time a pod receives score, it might have a different role

MSmits: I know Robo does this differently for example

Scarfield: ah okay, makes sense

MSmits: I think he designates runner and blocker at the start of the turn

MSmits: that also works

MSmits: many variations are possible

MSmits: same as the moves you allow

MSmits: many players allow shielding in deeper layers of the search

Scarfield: i figured the runner/blokcer role would emerge from the search, but feel like i should maybe "enforce" team play a bit, will just have to play with it i guess

MSmits: my bot only does shield as a first move during the search (so depth 0 in the current turn) and after that it is not allowed

MSmits: yes, just experiment

MSmits: one big thing is how you prune moves

MSmits: I think my bot does well because there are many move sequences I dont allow

Scarfield: havent decided what to do about shields yet, but that seems like an easy start to prune - the shield depth 0 i mean

MSmits: basically it is like this

MSmits: a search for a pod, is maybe 7 moves in a row

MSmits: and each pod has its own 7 moves

MSmits: i dont allow the following

MSmits: 1) power 0, turn right

MSmits: 2) power 0, turn left

MSmits: that's completely pointless and increases branching

MSmits: be careful about doing this sort of thing while on full power, alternating turns (left/right) might be useful with full power

MSmits: catching a quick checkpoint on the edge of the pod etc.

MSmits: but on 0 power, alternating turns is useless

MSmits: at least in smitsimax, on minimax it would be different

MSmits: smitsimax is an incoherent search, you dont directly respond to the opponent, so alternating turns cannot serve as a response

Scarfield: was just about to mention i saw Pens pods do that, but he is using minimax iirc, makes sense it wouldnt work with the incohence

MSmits: there are several move combinations like this, that are useless

MSmits: right, since, during the search the move is only chosen based on UCB1

MSmits: and not on the opponent choice in that particular rollout

Scarfield: yea, but the pruning will have to wait a bit, still only just finished the sim, but its nice with some input :)

MSmits: of course, the net result over many rollouts does lead to a response to the opponent, but there is no use keeping useless move sequences

MSmits: good luck :)

Scarfield: ty, btw didnt you mention that you reduced your depth?

MSmits: from 8 to 7

MSmits: but it depends on many things

MSmits: I suspect that if i had an avx sim, it would be 8 or 9

MSmits: just fit the parameter

MSmits: start with 7, it's a good value to start with, can always try different ones

MSmits: integer params are super easy to fit

struct: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

struct: My collision search is working fine

struct: but the apply is not

MSmits: apply move?

struct: apply collision

struct: like bounce

MSmits: ah you mean you have the collision time

struct: yes

MSmits: i could share my function, but you use avx, so thats completely different

struct: yeah

struct: Without avx it works

Ducknaro: hi

struct: hi

MSmits: 33/47 students in my physics class signed up so far, going well :)

MSmits: was worried teaching long distance wouldnt work, but at least I'm not getting ignored

eulerscheZahl: any direct consequences for your students if they ignore you?

MSmits: I will call their parents

MSmits: but i didnt say that yet

struct: and they will have to play Yavalath

MSmits: that would be a reward struct

eulerscheZahl: oh right, you can do that with minors

MSmits: yes, most of them are, not all

MSmits: 17 is the median age of my students

MSmits: very few 18 though

MSmits: some are 16, very rare few 15 because they skipped years in primary school

struct: omg

struct: It works

MSmits: nice, got a replay yet?

struct: not yet

MSmits: kk

struct: at least the first test

miszu: Hi all, question for utt. I am trying to avoid using list or map in C++, what is a good way to compute all possible moves in a state? I am using bitboards for it.

ThatOneTqnk: let's get it

struct: I dont know why I was worried about of by 1 errors

tekki: coucou

Default avatar.png JBM: russian here

struct: privet

Scarfield: туалетная бумага для всех

Default avatar.png JBM: yay

Astrobytes: Спасибо!

AntiSquid: BAN

miszu: Rush B

AntiSquid: Automaton2000 ban these russians, also kick and then ban the toilet paper advert guy

Automaton2000: so much to learn about a subject i go all out. not just look at it

735487: who knows why getting toilet paper so many is important? do i need to go and get it also?

Default avatar.png JBM: you need to configure your client properly

735487: why people in many countries do that?

Astrobytes: amurushkin greed? stupidity?

amurushkin: I just lazy to type nickname ofter after reconnects

Scarfield: saw someone say it gives people some sort of feeling of being in control of the situation, but yea

Astrobytes: I think it started with a rumour about toilet paper being manufactured in Wuhan

amurushkin: Astrobytes: I think so but who knows. maybe i dont know something

AntiSquid: when you have no pasta left to buy, you gotta make spaghetti out of something else /s

AntiSquid: toilet paper is white and al dente

amurushkin: really? such paper manufactured in many cities at my country

Scarfield: multi bene

Default avatar.png JBM: just use soap and water, it actually works better

Astrobytes: amurushkin Yes of course, it was just fake news

amurushkin: ok i understand now

Scarfield: yea the french had this correct all along :p

Default avatar.png JBM: not quite sure how this is related to the french

Astrobytes: Bidets?

AntiSquid: this is the only scenario i can think of where you really need a lot of toilet paper:

Scarfield: this "foreign" danish comedian was like, wtf danes, if you got shit on your stomach, would you just wipe it of with some paper, and think it is clean?

Default avatar.png JBM: are bidets a french thing?

AntiSquid: but it's for a stupid prank

Scarfield: and yea bidets was my point

Astrobytes: I think so JBM

Scarfield: i think it is french yea

Default avatar.png JBM: it's more of an "old people thing" to me

Astrobytes: I'll never forget the first time I was confronted with a bidet

eulerscheZahl: it's an anagram for bitset

Default avatar.png JBM: you could just have ignored it as much as it ignored you

Default avatar.png JBM: or use it as a poop stool

Astrobytes: I did. Once I found out it was for washing my arse I was mightily put off

AntiSquid: aren't bidets just to comfort the bumhole?

AntiSquid: french still buy toilet roll no?

Default avatar.png JBM: sure

AntiSquid: of course you do

Default avatar.png JBM: and the not-roll variety, depending on your roo; equipment

AntiSquid: here is proof:

AntiSquid: french raid toilet rolls in supermarket !

AntiSquid: therefore the bidet is used for something else

Default avatar.png JBM: some did yeah

Default avatar.png JBM: including at my nearest supermarket

Default avatar.png JBM: as zuck would've put it

Default avatar.png JBM: "dumb fucks"

AntiSquid: who is zuck?

Astrobytes: My local is empty too, so I'm told, since I can't leave the house for another 7 days

Default avatar.png JBM: some startup guy

Astrobytes: The AntiChrist you say?

AntiSquid: can only think of mark zuckerberg

AntiSquid: but that guy looks dead inside

Default avatar.png JBM: that would be the correct one

Astrobytes: He needs some gold paint

Default avatar.png JBM: another nice ref

RGN971: 8888888888888888888888888888888888888

eulerscheZahl: "I can't leave the house for another 7 days" what did I miss? are you infected?

Astrobytes: Yeah I've been isolating for a week now

Astrobytes: Infected with something at least, feels like bad 'flu

eulerscheZahl: i see

AntiSquid: so did you code a bot during this time Astrobytes ?

eulerscheZahl: feeling better already?

AntiSquid: i would .

Astrobytes: Yeah I've been working on stuff

Astrobytes: No I feel like shit, to put it mildly

AntiSquid: i need to stay extra to assist with some stuff regarding this corona virus circus

Astrobytes: Sleeping a lot, can't stand up for longer than a few mins

eulerscheZahl: yeah, sounds like a flu

eulerscheZahl: i hate that feeling

Astrobytes: Have a dry cough and chest is a bit heavy but nothing to worry about so far

eulerscheZahl: what feels weird to me: we have a flu that's dangerous to a small percentage (as in deadly), get we take a lot of actions against it

eulerscheZahl: at the same time: climate change? we can't risk losing our jobs

Astrobytes: I know right, seriously

AntiSquid: probably it's about how immediate the treat appears to be

Astrobytes: Action on climate change would make a lot of incredibly wealthy people a bit less wealthy, and loosen their grip

Astrobytes: They only care about short-term as Squiddy says

jaecode: less planes flying from virus = climate change action :)

AntiSquid: less cars too

AntiSquid: i mean cars on the road, not flying cars although we all expect them i bet

jaecode: hey do we lose points if we use a hint on the practice puzzles?

jaecode: I

struct: no

AntiSquid: what points would you lose?

AntiSquid: what hints are you refering to ?

Astrobytes: No, but make sure you learn something from them and don't just blindly use them

jaecode: in the challenges there is a hint button, too scared to press it

eulerscheZahl: puzzle hints in the easy section

jaecode: I passed like 5 of them without using hints at all...

AntiSquid: always aggressively press hint

eulerscheZahl: these hints only exist for the very first introduction puzzles

jaecode: oh ok good to know

jaecode: just wanted to get some practice in on this site since I got an interviewer request to complete it for a job... never used this system before

Astrobytes: There's a sample test on the site no?

Astrobytes: So you know the format

jaecode: is there?

Astrobytes: There used to be one on

Astrobytes: Maybe they changed it, they've been working on that side of things for a while now

jaecode: Thanks, I'll check it out. Since all they sent me was a link that starts it with 100 minutes to complete.

Default avatar.png icecream17: At I only output 'A' but it passed all the tests

Astrobytes: Well, definitely brush up on any areas you might be lacking in within the puzzle section before you do it, and good luck jaecode

jaecode: will do

Astrobytes: icecream17 It's an optimisation puzzle, so you have to try to optimise your score

Default avatar.png icecream17: oh i see

Default avatar.png icecream17: wow interesting. okay bye


Master_Zain: @antisquid thank you

struct: Does anyone else have scrolling problem on IDE?

struct: if I scroll a lot it stops scroll for a whiel

struct: with mouse wheel

Astrobytes: Donno, I try to only copy/paste into it usually. Seems OK?

struct: Oh well, sim almost done

struct: Hope is tomorrow

struct: Is always tomorrow :p

Astrobytes: lol true. You've made some good progress though

struct: pod collisions are working

Astrobytes: Thought you finished the sim?

struct: I have sim finished but not with AVX

struct: AVX working with collisions now

Astrobytes: Ah OK

struct: But still need to add checkpoints

Astrobytes: You're using a Smitsi on it right?

struct: I will try yeah

YurkovAS: struct collision time with avx?

struct: yes YurkovAS

struct: everything with avx

struct: except smitsimax

Astrobytes: I was just gonna ping you YurkovAS, did you just improve on CSB or what. I didn't check the LB for a while

YurkovAS: Astrobytes yes, find small improve

struct: What search are you using YurkovAS?

YurkovAS: smitsimax

YurkovAS: csb - very hard game :smiley:

struct: you should try Fantastic Bits then ;)

tekki: hello world

Default avatar.png AnAn3434Messi: System.out.println("hi");

sashaboulouds: print("lol, which langage is this??")

Default avatar.png AnAn3434Messi: That language is Java

Default avatar.png AnAn3434Messi: And the language you wrote is python

pedroslrey: .

pedroslrey: .

pedroslrey: .

ThePythonian: del brain

Default avatar.png EmilHuzell: has anyone solved shadows 2 using trilateration?

Default avatar.png TheWaterCooledSkater_cead: i,m a newer and i wangt to make some progress

TransExterminator: poop

5IGI0: oh ! hein voilà

TransExterminator: go on codeforces there are better problems there

5IGI0: hm

5IGI0: give link pls

TransExterminator: im talking to other guy

TransExterminator: just google it

Default avatar.png lotosmui: how i know if the id on the loop is my id?

struct: what game?

Default avatar.png lotosmui: platinum rift

Default avatar.png lotosmui: episode 2

struct: they give you your id

struct: at the start of the game

struct: on first turn

Default avatar.png DavidLC: invite me

Default avatar.png DavidLC: helo

Default avatar.png DavidLC: hello