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Zenoscave: 1 liners are possible

Zenoscave: bad metric

Zenoscave: also it is an introductory puzzle for a reason

Z_Doctor: different languages can also vary in length. I used Python myself.

Default avatar.png Nullergoj: How do I permentaly disable this chat bar? It capture my input all the time

Z_Doctor: Not sure about disabling it (besides maybe using some element blocker), but maybe the setting "Hide messages when bar is minimized" will help. @Nullergoj

Default avatar.png Nullergoj: great thanks

Z_Doctor: Not sure if it works, but if this message doesn't capture your input you're good,

Default avatar.png Nullergoj: well it did capture input :-(

eulerscheZahl: Zenoscave still timing out?

Z_Doctor: Chat doesn't capture input from, as far as I can tell

struct: hallo

wlesavo: damn, looking at bnc lb i regret not making it more robust with longer turns, so that the goal would be to minimize the pool at each guess

Default avatar.png UFIR: Heeeellou every body

struct: Hello

MadKnight: hihi struct UFIR

struct: hi MadKnight

MadKnight: how's your puzzle struct ?

MadKnight: u wanna play some DST struct ?

struct: cant im working on CSB

MadKnight: what's your new ideas for CSB ?

struct: No new ideas

struct: Im just trying AVX

MadKnight: are u still working on it ?

struct: yea

tekki: hi all

tekki: if i can help ?

struct: Im ok thanks

Devraj: stinky leg

Master_Zain: no

Aboy_: hii all

CSharp_Sama: sup

dbdr: nice kovi!

Default avatar.png JobraneAmami: hey

Default avatar.png JobraneAmami: this site is awesome

wlesavo: dbdr are you trying to optimize guess at smaller numbers or just choosing one from possible pool?

dbdr: my 318 is just one possible

dbdr: now I'm trying to do better for small sizes

wlesavo: i noticed that for example x0 with 1bull would give unreasonable amount of actions

wlesavo: and in this case its simple enough to come up with heuristic guess, which must be out of pool

kovi: are there fix testcases?

Tomer8: Hello World!

kovi: i get different result with the same random seed

dbdr: validators are random

kovi: cool

dbdr: do you do something fancy?

kovi: not much

kovi: no time for that

wlesavo: yeah, they generated after first guess with same amount of bulls and cows

wlesavo: certainly not the best approach, although robust to some extent, could be improved for sure

eulerscheZahl: god damn kovi :rage:

dbdr: how many subs do you all have?

eulerscheZahl: too many, but a lot of broken ones (timeout on 1 or 2 testcases) less timeouts now, as i improved performance

dbdr: i have 18 if I discount timeouts

dbdr: 25 total

eulerscheZahl: lots of high performant languages at the top

dbdr: surprise surprise :)

wlesavo: eulerscheZahl are you also yousing one of possibles for a guess on small numbers?

wlesavo: using

eulerscheZahl: yes but not saying that it is smart

wlesavo: so there is room for improvement

eulerscheZahl: with 1 bull/cow and 2 digits, i should probably test 2 unknown digits for further cows

dbdr: yes, but I'm afraid it's smalled compared to the noise

dbdr: more validators would help reduce the noise

eulerscheZahl: i have another idea, let's go private @wlesavo

dbdr: also remove the N=1 case, that's just random

dbdr: so this by itself adds a 5 +- 5 to interesting results

eulerscheZahl: noo, that would mean another leaderboard reset

dbdr: 5 +- 4 :)

dbdr: any change would, no?

eulerscheZahl: yes

eulerscheZahl: i it won't reset the leaderboard, so we have to ping julien again

dbdr: but if you remove N=1 and add 45 more, no need to reset

dbdr: sorry, i'm stupid

dbdr: needed indeed

wlesavo: dbdr im giving strict 5 for first test

eulerscheZahl: :D

dbdr: oh, the count does not matter?

dbdr: nice

eulerscheZahl: even if i try 1 1 1...

dbdr: need to find it I guess

eulerscheZahl: stopped right in time before the pastebin

dbdr: pro chatter

wlesavo: eulerscheZahl well yeah, but that seemed necessary

dbdr: years of training

eulerscheZahl: i appreciate the hardcoded 5 to reduce noise

wlesavo: well we could divide points by 10 and add 150 more test i guess :slight_smile:

eulerscheZahl: we could reduce the max frame count and increase the time per frame

eulerscheZahl: but it's approved, only touch it if it's broken

dbdr: if the top is random, it's half broken

wlesavo: yeah, i regret that, if i would change it rather would change the generator as well

dbdr: if you make it keep changing the secret

wlesavo: dbdr maybe you can actually over come the noise

dbdr: it becomes deterministic, no?

dbdr: It might just make it solvable

eulerscheZahl: random is necessary to avoid hardcoing

wlesavo: dbdr thats what i meant, continuous secret changing

reCurse: Random is making rankings a joke though

reCurse: So pick your poison :P

eulerscheZahl: i know, both isn't optimal

dbdr: well, you can pick random among those possible and not proprosed

eulerscheZahl: but submitting a lot to get the perfect score sucks more IMO

dbdr: reCurse: a multi also has randomness

reCurse: It's pretty different and I think you know that

dbdr: the question is, what is the standard deviation?

dbdr: I'm saying it's a quantitative question, not qualitativ

reCurse: There's the third option of making an optim into a multi but some don't like this one for some reason

dbdr: maybe 1000 rounds would be needed, maybe a million, to detect skill. but should be possible

wlesavo: i just thought of a way to make it multi

reCurse: I wish I could ban people for frivolous reasons like "invited me to a clash 10 times in a row"

dbdr: let's make it a multi-optim-golf-coc ;)

dbdr: -contest

wlesavo: -classic puzzle

eulerscheZahl: others get more CoC invites than me? great!

dbdr: schadenfreude

eulerscheZahl: i hate that invite feature

eulerscheZahl: or is it a bug?

struct: Just go Yavalath, no rng

dbdr: write a firefox extension to disable it ;)

jeanlepelican: notes de méca

jeanlepelican: :sneezing_face:

Default avatar.png TheFlyingTopHat_a4ec: d

Stigma: yo struct

Stigma: u PT huh

struct: hi

struct: Sim

Stigma: props !

struct: obrigado

Default avatar.png JulRemaud: Hola segnorita

Stigma: XD

Stigma: señorita

Default avatar.png JulRemaud: Wie gehst du ?

Default avatar.png Kayd33n: someone can give me the solution of mars lander please i m in class

Default avatar.png Kayd33n: and my teacher is boring

Marchete: while(true) print("4 0");

Default avatar.png Kayd33n: ty bro

Default avatar.png Kayd33n: and the second line pls ?

Marchete: sorry it was print("0 3"); print("0 4")

Marchete: it depends onthe language

Default avatar.png Kayd33n:

Marchete: While True

Marchete: Console.WriteLine("0 3")

Marchete: Console.WriteLine("0 4")

Marchete: more or less

Marchete: End While

Marchete: you get the idea

Default avatar.png Kayd33n: okay thank you for your help sincerlly

kovi: oh, i missed a nice discussion about bandc

kovi: i think fix score on len1 is nice

kovi: more testcases would help somewhat help the variance (but no-end of contest can still allow weeks of spamsubmits)

dbdr: even that can be fixed with enough validators

dbdr: try to get a 6 from a die 100 times in a row. you have as many tries as you want ;)

dbdr: it will even be hard to be much above the mean

dbdr: or for a more CG example, it's like saying you can solve high level NS with a dump MC, just add enough CPU ;)

dbdr: stats do not work like that

kovi: true

dbdr: of course it's still a question, how many is enough

kovi: oh wait, i have dumb mc on NS, maybe that is why im so low :)

dbdr: :D

kovi: wba

kovi: what was that bull-cow count (first response?) thing, what wlesavo mentioned?

eulerscheZahl: you guess a number (e.g. 1234567890 on the last testcase)

eulerscheZahl: and then the referee generates a number that has 3 bulls like 1235678904

eulerscheZahl: and that's the secret then

kovi: always 3 bulls or what?

eulerscheZahl: depends on the validator, but there is one with 3 bulls, 7 cows

eulerscheZahl: even 2 validators in think

eulerscheZahl: i didn't do the math, but it might be interesting to add a 0 to your initial guess for having less than 10 digits

eulerscheZahl: then the referee generates a number with a 0 in it (for the cow) with a bit of luck

eulerscheZahl: and the 0 has less possible places

eulerscheZahl: but we would need more knowledge about validators to tell if it's good to have a 0 or not

kovi: oh i understand, the number of bulls on first response is the secret

kovi: or both bulls and cows?

eulerscheZahl: bulls + cows i guess but you would have to ask wlesavo for details

kovi: ok, i hope it doesnt matter

kovi: (as usual i would like to focus on the real problem, not hardcode - test/system abuse)

eulerscheZahl: same

kovi: 313

eulerscheZahl: donald duck?

kovi: oh i have been there already

eulerscheZahl: feel free to go back to 313 and declare it as your new best

kovi: yeah, i needed the better score, cause i got stuck in bender

eulerscheZahl: at least you solved it

eulerscheZahl: not as hard as marchete says

kovi: its hard. so many times i fail on validators

kovi: without referee i would have given up

eulerscheZahl: do you know if timeout or correctness?

kovi: both

struct: How much ms per turn_

struct: *?

Skyrhon: hello world o/

struct: hi

Default avatar.png ZaWorldo: hi Skyrhon

eulerscheZahl: struct for bulls and cows? 50ms

eulerscheZahl: guess why i use C++ instead of C# :P

MSmits: because you like it?

dbdr: masochist!

eulerscheZahl: because i like the speed

eulerscheZahl: damn, dbdr got me too :(

dbdr: top 2 = Hungary :)

dbdr: TBali's turn for a triple

dbdr: RoboStac are you using Rust regularly? learning?

eulerscheZahl: if you want to make a triple, my money would be on T1024 or Vadasz

eulerscheZahl: even if they are mostly inactive without contests

eulerscheZahl: oh, TBali is even from Budapest as well

struct: euler have you ever tried avx?

eulerscheZahl: no

reCurse: Why is it bulls and cows anyway

dbdr: yeah, it's sexist

Astrobytes: I always knew the game as "Mastermind"

MSmits: same

AntiSquid: time to delete the multi for the sake of progressivism

MSmits: mastermind is with 4 places always I think

struct: I never heard of the game

reCurse: Now that's a name I haven't heard in a long time

MSmits: and with 6-8 colors

Astrobytes: Yeah, but we still called variants the same thing

MSmits: ah ok

dbdr: Mastermind is a commercial game, based on bulls and cows

kovi: nice dbdr

dbdr: kószi :)

kovi: i knew i had to spam early for this game :)

eulerscheZahl: i know mastermind too but the version i know has colors instead of digits and you can use the same color multiple times

dbdr: how much did you spam?

kovi: few dozen

kovi: with minor improvements

kovi: cant tell if it is better

dbdr: I did local sim

dbdr: so I can tell

kovi: some improvements are toward spamability...

dbdr: increase variance?

reCurse: I'm having some accountant ptsd showing up

kovi: yeah

eulerscheZahl: i don't

eulerscheZahl: skipped that contest entirely

dbdr: I wasn't born

reCurse: Got beaten by people doing rng spam

eulerscheZahl: hypersonic already had a had timing considering my exams back then

eulerscheZahl: first master semester

struct: almost done

kovi: my worst (non-timout) submit today is 6th place

kovi: nevertheless its a huge range, almost 7% score

AntiSquid: no tie breaker for score ?

dbdr: submit date, for display

kovi: still split for leaderboard?

dbdr: same CP though

kovi: oh, didnt know

kovi: then early spam doesn't matter

dbdr: CG does fix stuff eventually :)

reCurse: :thinking:

MSmits: this is so annoying. I fixed a timeout bug during a submission. I resubmitted, but one game from the earlier submit was still in the list

MSmits: so i thought I still had the bug =/

dbdr: yeah, that happens constantly

kovi: yeah

dbdr: closing and reopening the panel works around

MSmits: yeah i noticed

kovi: hmm, td needs some attention

dbdr: lost #1 ?

MSmits: you mean euler needs to fix something, more players need to join or you need to work on it kovi

kovi: not even #2

dbdr: :O

kovi: khao and then gabbek took over

dbdr: you asked for it ;)

kovi: true

dbdr: never saw Gabbek before

dbdr: but lvl 33, not a noob

struct: _mm256_i32gather_ps hurts me so much :/

dbdr: #15th at locam, not much else

kovi: im lvl22 noob :)

dbdr: but a guru :)

MSmits: I have a c++ question

MSmits: say I have this:

MSmits: uint64_t boards[2];

MSmits: and i do this:

MSmits: memcpy(boards, _boards, 4 * sizeof(uint32_t));

MSmits: is this undefined behavior?

kovi: its ok

MSmits: the _boards is uint32_t

MSmits: array

MSmits: [4]

kovi: you just need to consider endianness

MSmits: how do I consider that?

MSmits: also, I doubt endianness matters here, I am using this as a hash

MSmits: if I am always copying the same way it doesnt matter right?

kovi: first 32bit will be the highest bits of the firts 64bit

MSmits: ohh ok

kovi: (in 99.9% of todays hw)

MSmits: hw?

MSmits: hardware ah

Astrobytes: hardware

kovi: almost always little endian

MSmits: doesnt explain my problem I think

MSmits: I get weird time outs on a TT in checkers

MSmits: my state is 4 uint32_t boards and i was copying it into uint64_t, then making a hash key out of it

MSmits: endianness wont matter there

dbdr: 4 * 32 bits into 64 bits?

Astrobytes: uint64_t[2]

MSmits: yeah sorry, what Astrobytes said


MSmits: doing this

dbdr: why do you think this is related to the timeout?

MSmits: because when i remove it, i dont timeout

MSmits: it's probably a side-effect i havent considered

dbdr: Note: if foo then true else false => return foo

dbdr: just simpler

MSmits: oh

MSmits: yeah i dont know many syntactic tricks

Astrobytes: return (s1.boards[0] == s2.boards[0] && s1.boards[1] == s2.boards[1])

dbdr: it's not really a trick, is it?

MSmits: no, it;s shorter

Astrobytes: Also, structs are public by default

dbdr: just a normal return

reCurse: It's code golfing

dbdr: code elephanting?

MSmits: well cool, I like shorter code. I'll change that thanks

reCurse: That's not very inclusive towards elephants

struct: Also you can name stuff with only one letter

Astrobytes: Elephantist

dbdr: it is, big = good :)

struct: struct A{

struct: #define struct s

struct: s A{

dbdr: MSmits we can't fix your timeout, but we can golf your code

dbdr: apparently

eulerscheZahl: struct deleted {

reCurse: delete struct;

struct: soon

reCurse: struct() = deleted;

MSmits: yeah, thanks dbdr and Astrobytes, not sure why i didnt see this myself. Probably because I copied it from a googling spree at some point

dbdr: not as bad as your loop written as a recursion ;)

MSmits: that was funny

kovi: :)

MSmits: i did actually code that myself

MSmits: i think it started as something which made sense to be recursive and then i simplified the code to the point where its a loop

MSmits: but its still recursive

Astrobytes: Was this your infinite loop you had a short while ago?

MSmits: no that was oware i think

MSmits: this is checkers

MSmits: i have infinite loops a lot

dbdr: dump idea, but could that be related to timeouts? ;)

struct: Everyone has

MSmits: this time I dont know if it is an infinite loop dbdr

MSmits: it's just a timeout that happens when i activate TT's

dbdr: though linux is supposed to run infinite loops in less than 5 seconds

dbdr: but on CG that's still timeout

MSmits: I see

reCurse: run infinite loop in finite time

reCurse: cool

dbdr: it's THAT fast ;)

MSmits: it's like how mathematicians invented holes in the ground that are infinitely deep and you can fill them with 3 buckets of water

dbdr: or infinite surface and volume 0 :)

MSmits: oh did i mention this checkers timeout only happens when I activate the TT *AND* turn on optimizations?

reCurse: Run it locally

reCurse: CG is not a debugging environment

MSmits: yeah, i should do that. My VS compiler will have different optimizations though. But I may get lucky


dbdr: you have a linux vm don't you?

MSmits: ubuntu, i am not touching that. It's for homework :P

MSmits: i hate working with it

Astrobytes: You know you wanna use gdb

Astrobytes: Deep inside, there's a yearning

MSmits: no :P

reCurse: Fun for the whole family

reCurse: Coronavirus doesn't sound so bad in comparison

Astrobytes: Speaking of which, I have 'flu. Keep yer distance

Astrobytes: On the plus side, I get some time off

Astrobytes: To wallow in the feeling of being run over by a truck.

reCurse: Wondering if I should cancel my april trip in germany :/

struct: yes

Astrobytes: Might be prudent for now tbh

reCurse: Flight tickets already booked :/

Astrobytes: Business or personal?

reCurse: Personal

Astrobytes: Hm, no refund? Can yo uchange the date or anything?

reCurse: There's usually no refund

reCurse: No idea about the current situation

reCurse: Kind of hoping the airline just cancels it for me

Astrobytes: That depends yeah. I'm not sure, it's all a bit chaotic rn

dbdr: there are predictions 50% of the world population will get infected

MSmits: the problem is not the virus I think

dbdr: why cancel a trip because of it?

dbdr: you can also catch it at home

MSmits: reCurse doesnt want to get stuck in some quarantine

MSmits: if he's quarantined he wants to be home

AntiSquid: idk how they came up with the 50% statistic, but it gives Thanos vibes

dbdr: quarantine is not too bad if you have a laptop, is it? ;)

reCurse: quarantine or just getting the virus and rolling 1 on the disease check

MSmits: true, you can still do uttt in a hotel in Germany

Astrobytes: Well I've been advised to self-isolate now since I have 'flu

MSmits: flu or cold?

AntiSquid: well they want to set up me and the rest of the team with VPN so we can work from home, but that won't do shit for me since my wife is a nurse

Astrobytes: Influenza MSmits, I know the difference

reCurse: Remote controlled droid nurse

MSmits: just checking, many dont

reCurse: That's the future

Astrobytes: I specialized in cell biology ffs MSmits :D

MSmits: oh, right :P

dbdr: mission from your bio

dbdr: *missing

MSmits: it says bio information

MSmits: he has a lot of information about bio

Astrobytes: Yeah, it used to say biology. Then I got lots of bioinformatics questions

reCurse: Just ignore

reCurse: Like clash invites

Astrobytes: So changed it to not bioinformatics, and inory y kept spamming me about bioinformatics

Astrobytes: therefore...

MSmits: that sounds weird, I almost never get physics questions

reCurse: Dead field

MSmits: ow

Astrobytes: lol

AntiSquid: so what questions are suitable to bother you with Astrobytes?

MSmits: I wonder what would happen if i changed it to astrophysics

MSmits: I am guessing they would still ask them to Astrobytes =/

Astrobytes: lol MSmits

reCurse: You need to beat the trend

reCurse: Change it to deep physics

MSmits: how deep?

AntiSquid: if MSmits changed to astrophysics, i'd ask Astrobytes about cell biology on Mars

Astrobytes: AntiSquid, questions relating to pharma GDP,GMP and wildlife conservation I guess

Ronto: Hi i‘m a total noob can someone give me tips of how i should start learning to code

reCurse: Not here

MSmits: Ronto, if you dont know any coding at all, codingame will be just out of reach

MSmits: you should know at least a bit

AntiSquid: either google for coding tutorial or just do this

Astrobytes: lol, my astrobytes comes from astrocytes, rather significant cells in the CNS

Ronto: thanks

MSmits: cell nucleus... something?

Astrobytes: "star-shaped" hence the 'astro'

Astrobytes: No, they kind of contain neurons

MSmits: oh

Astrobytes: Glial cells, gets quite complicated.

Astrobytes: Not really my area, but I liked the name

MSmits: it's a good name

struct: having a fun experience with csb sim and avx

struct: not

reCurse: Gogo delete

struct: not over yet

MSmits: if avx was fun, everyone would do it

reCurse: So almost nothing is fun

reCurse: Noted

struct: I think its fun

AntiSquid: better pre-order your next set of toilet paper rolls

MSmits: why preorder?

MSmits: are they special yet-to-be released advanced toilet paper rolls?

AntiSquid: maybe it's just a UK problem


Astrobytes: We're having a job getting tissues for my grandad (Alzheimer's, nose runs constantly) cause idiots ahve cleared the shelves

MSmits: sucks :(

Astrobytes: The toilet roll thing started because of some shit meme right?

AntiSquid: wait it's not just UK


Astrobytes: Something about world shortages because all TP is made in Wuhan :rolling_eyes:

MSmits: do you know that your hero captain picard is also the poop emoji?

AntiSquid: it says international shortage

MSmits: I learned this recently

AntiSquid: AutomatonNN do you have enough loo roll ?

AutomatonNN: so i'm trying to do the damn bot for a bit and get to silver in a contest

Astrobytes: MSmits... is this something to do with that movie about.... em, emojis?

Default avatar.png Wilster: alternatives to tp?

MSmits: yes, apparently

reCurse: I heard printing out php code works too

Astrobytes: Never seen it. But that's admirable.

Astrobytes: hahahahaha

MSmits: lol

Default avatar.png Wilster: clash of code printouts work

Astrobytes: MSmits, also the voice of CIA deputy director in American Dad

MSmits: oh cool, i dont watch that show, but I know it

Astrobytes: It's funny. But I know you prefer Aladdin songs so all good :P

MSmits: just 1

Astrobytes: :grin:

MSmits: hey, it's awesome

MSmits: underrated too

Astrobytes: That's like saying, hey I hate Celine Dion, but 'My Heart Will Go On' was amazing!

Astrobytes: (just winding you up :D )

MSmits: well, it's not hate. I just dont generally like disney songs. I know :P

MSmits: oh... I tested it with only the insertion of the state. So i dont do any TT except inserting states and it times out

MSmits: I think I run out of memory

MSmits: thats why it doesnt happen with optimizations off

MSmits: it's too slow to fill the memory

MSmits: yep, just reduced calc time and i get no timeouts even with TT's on

Astrobytes: just download more memory. ezpz

Astrobytes: :smirk:

Astrobytes: But how are you running out of memory? It can't be that large surely

MSmits: yeah I am not sure how it happens, my node pool only requires 360 MB

MSmits: and that includes many unexpanded nodes

MSmits: only expanded nodes get hashed

reCurse: And don't call him shirley

MSmits: I am confident about my feminine side reCurse

Astrobytes: reCurse I actually considered appending that to my sentence

Astrobytes: Classic

AntiSquid: MSmits's anima :thinking:

MSmits: anima?

AntiSquid: the feminine side ?

Default avatar.png AnAn3434Messi: print("hi")

Default avatar.png AnAn3434Messi: python

MSmits: thats anima?

AntiSquid: yes

MSmits: ok

MSmits: always learning new things here

AntiSquid: The anima and animus are described in Carl Jung's school of analytical psychology as part of his theory of the collective unconscious. Jung described the animus as the unconscious masculine side of a woman, and the anima as the unconscious feminine side of a man

AntiSquid: ya sorry for using weird words

reCurse: That sounds like something from the 20s

MSmits: good old Carl

Uljahn: foreseen otaku culture

Astrobytes: All that from an 'Airplane!' quote

MSmits: ahh I got it. Insidious bug. I reused code from Yavalath where you always know the child count from the empty hexes

MSmits: so i forgot to hash the child count for checkers :P

MSmits: just got the child index, but it then had 0 children

barbora: Hi, anyone played multi great escape? I am experiencing very strange behaviour in a 3 player mode. After one of the players finishes, it looks like my code gets executed several times in my turn - it prints the output several times to cout during my move on the same given input.

darkhorse64: Your code does not take into account the fact that you switch to a two player game

barbora: oh right, I don't get that parameter in the loop

barbora: thanks :)

Default avatar.png LumpySpongeOfWisdom_20d9: hi i am new in these website and i don't know how this website work

Default avatar.png LumpySpongeOfWisdom_20d9: any help

AntiSquid: if you need any herp type Automaton2000

Automaton2000: what do i need to be in silver

Default avatar.png LumpySpongeOfWisdom_20d9: where i should type

AntiSquid: here

AntiSquid: in chat

Default avatar.png LumpySpongeOfWisdom_20d9: thank you

Default avatar.png BlackFireFr: everybody using python in clash of code

ThePythonian: Yeah, of course, it is the language of the future

ThePythonian: I mean, name something you can't do in python

Default avatar.png BlackFireFr: I love it too

Default avatar.png BlackFireFr: Only thing is speed

ThePythonian: Yeah, you have a point

Default avatar.png xyq: where are you from

Default avatar.png xyq: hi

tekki: AutomatonNN you don't say hi?

AutomatonNN: i see the boss in the contest and the only way to see is that the problem is that the contest is on

tekki: xyq is our new friend AutomatonNN

AutomatonNN: : F

tekki: Automaton2000 ya des casse-couilles dans le coin?

Automaton2000: yeah, i feel like they are in the same spot

tekki: so AutomatonNN?

AutomatonNN: eulerscheZahl is there a way to check the analogy with the code with a string of a variable named by

tekki: give them a hug AUtomaton2000 ;)

Automaton2000: none of the other stuff

tekki: AUtomatonNN war is coming?

AutomatonNN: ah ok

tekki: be ready AutomatonNN :)

AutomatonNN: when the world is the expected solution to the problem?